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February 8, 2019

The World is Suffering with a Feverish Hate


We will make our disclaimer at the top of the article by admitting that the illness from which most of the world suffers has not taken over the world completely as of yet. The feverish hatred the world is suffering from has numerous differing but equally vicious strains which allows it to take on different forms, shapes and have differing symptoms. Sometimes the caustic form of this affliction simply jumps before you making some wonder from whence did such hate return. One form of this virulent affliction is often reported as being merely anti-Semitism. This also has become the catch-all-phrase by which some intending far more harm are simply represented as being merely anti-Semitic. This has even gotten to the deepest point with their condemnation of Israel, Judaism, Judeo-Christian ethics and all which has developed under the protective culture of the Western World insisting that they can structure a more equitable world based largely upon Socialism and an ideal means of sharing the wealth. They use the same bromides that Capitalism is the system the Jew uses to control the world and steal wealth from everyone. Then there is the accusation that the Jews are behind every war such that they can gain wealth by selling the weapons to both sides. Some have traced this canard back to Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim who invented the Maxim Machine Gun (see image below) whose basic design was utilized by both sides and all the armies engaged in World War I and took an inordinate number of lives on both sides. The actual sale of the designs for the Maxim Gun came from the arms merchants who procured the drawings from Maxim and then in turn sold these to Germany, France, Britain and other nations each one under a different name all while giving a commission to Sir Maxim which was included in the original licensing agreement each had signed. The only problem with blaming Sir Maxim for this reputed claim against the Jews in general is two-fold, first, the uncertainty of Sir Maxim’s actual religion and secondly, the accusation dates back far before World War I and the invention of the Maxim Gun. But whenever it comes to hate, who lets facts get in the way or reason to be employed at all, they would just get in the way.


Maxim Machinegun Trenches and No Man’s Land

Maxim Machinegun
Trenches and No Man’s Land


Modern anti-Semitism has its roots in the simple need to denigrate the Jews so as to allow for reason to portray the new faiths born of Judaism to become dominant and replace the Jews as the primary monotheistic faith. This became true of Christianity and their doctrine of replacement theology. Islam picked up from this claim of the Christians and amped it up to make their claim as being the final revelation and thus replacing both Judaism and Christianity. The problem is that both faiths, Christianity and Islam had a special and visceral hatred of the Jews and Judaism with both faiths for millennia being desirous of eliminating the Jewish faith and its adherents so as to complete their mastery over the Jews and proving that the Jews had been forsaken by Hashem. This is partially the reason that the Vatican refused to recognize the State of Israel because if the Jews have returned to their ancestral homelands, then maybe Hashem had not forsaken them and this would invalidate much that the Catholic faith held as true. This argument goes double for Islam for there is their claim that the Jews are accursed and secondly is that Israel came into being as a result of the defeat of the Ottoman Empire who allied with Germany and Austro-Hungary in World War I. During the Protestant Reformation, the new and claiming to be more pure faiths, which came into being, all held to be even more against the accursed Jew making for fertile ground for the massacres of Jews and their being hounded and chased from nation to nation and even continent to continent. In Europe, this hatred culminated in the Holocaust, the mutated child of the universal Christian hatreds and condemnations of the Jews. In the Middle East, North Africa and the remainder of the Islamic World, this hatred has yet to ferment into its final most virulent form, but it is rapidly reaching that phase.


Anti-Semitism has morphed in modernity into anti-Zionism and hatred for the Jewish State of Israel. The desire to believe the claim that the Jews swept out of Europe and stole Arab lands to build their state drives to further their hatred. The dates often used are in the immediate end of World War II and the Holocaust, though until the British left the region, they prevented most Jews from reaching the Promised Lands forcing them to remain in internment camps until after Israel was declared on May 15, 1948. What the propaganda does not bother to inform one of is that the Arab and Muslim States deported, chased out or made life so difficult that fleeing was the only real option, often with little or nothing of their possession their families may have accrued in the over thousand-years residing in these lands. These refugees very quickly became clearly half of the population of the State of Israel by the mid-1950’s. Since that time, there have been numerous other influxes of Jews of color, one might say. These include the Ethiopian Jews, the Bnei Menashe of India or any of our other lost brothers and sisters. When people speak about the Jews can simply return to the European countries they came from, they are ignoring a solid plurality of Israelis who are either natural born Israelis with many whose families trace their roots back to the era of King David and King Solomon with a few who go back even earlier. The Ethiopian Jews were facing horrid persecution to the point the government incarcerated entire villages for their protection, and most of these have been brought to Israel. While there remain many, Bnei Menashe are still residing in India and doing well, but those who have chosen to make Aliyah do not desire any return to India. The original eight-hundred-fifty-thousand Jews from across the Middle East and North Africa would also face extremely bad reception should they ever attempt to return to their nations of origins. The canard that Israel was born out of the consciences of the Europeans after the Holocaust is also patently false if for no other reason; they may not even be anywhere close to being a majority of the population.


The numerous accusations leveled at Israel in general and the Jews, both within and outside of Israel, have only become more heightened as the Arab World, with their oil wealth, has pressed hard in pressing the propaganda that Israel is simply European guilt imposed as punishment on the Arabs. The reality is that Israel was fought for in a political struggle which made great headway with the Balfour Declaration, a letter of assurances won by the Zionist cause. This was followed by the San Remo Conference, several other treaties, the establishment of the Mandate System, the White Papers leading to the formation of an Arab State (Jordan) and a Jewish State (Israel) sharing the Jordan River as their border. The Arabs refused this and immediately attacked the Nascent Jewish State with the armies of six Arab countries, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Miraculously, Israel survived and eventually, as it appeared that Israel was closing in on expelling the Arab forces beyond her designated borders and thus denying Arabs of at least some claim of victory, occupying regions, sections of Judea and Samaria as well as Gaza. That is mostly what has led to the current fiasco with the claims that Israel stole Palestinian Land when conquering Palestine, a neat trick as such a nation has never existed and the only nations to use Jerusalem as their Capital City the Twelve Tribes of Israel and later Judea after the Assyrians conquered the norther Ten Tribes. But the Arab claim that the Jews have never resided in this region since they arrived. Well, oddly enough, that is mostly true, but it is mostly true about the Arabs as well. The Arabs did not arrive on the scene in Israel until after 625 A.D. The Jews were dispersed from Judea as punishment for being so rebellious before 150 A.D. and before that the Judeans, formerly the Hebrews, had resided in this regions, despite a number of conquests such as the Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Caliphate (Arabs), and Ottomans and finally the British, as you can see it has been an active region with a myriad of changes. The Jews have been dispersed by Rome and yearning to return to our ancestral homeland ever since. The return was never honestly possible and it took a number of miracles which had been foretold by Torah and the commentaries from across the ages in several separate Talmud and other writings. Still, there are anti-Semitic people who will claim that the Jews are an invented people with no actual history of living anywhere special, they are an accursed people who have been sentenced for their grievous sins to forever roam the world being chased from place to place, country to country, always persecuted and always too weak to stand proud and refuse to be threatened any longer. This is the big problem many have with Israel, Jews, well armed and fully capable of defending themselves and their religious rights. There is this dichotomy between people claiming, ‘How could the Jews of Europe simply allow themselves to be herded and then slaughtered,’ against ‘Does Israel have to be so forceful and militarily powerful and fully capable of defending her people from attack.’ Come-on people, it has to be either one or the other, there is no middle ground as much as is claimed. Should the Arabs lose a war against Israel, which has actually happened at least four times and possibly much more depending on definitions of Arabs fighting and losing, the Arab world continues almost unchanged as it is enormous compared to Israel (see map below). On the other side of the coin, should Israel lose just once and then it is all over to be immediately followed by the slaughter of as many as seven or more million Jews should the Arabs defeat Israel. There is the reality, as far as the Jews being taken and absorbed into some other nation’s population. We are painfully aware of how quickly all of Europe and very likely the United States and Canada along with Australia and most of the remainder of the world would shutter their borders claiming they had taken in more than their share of refugees and the Jews should try any other country, just not them. This was the case more often than not during the Holocaust where a large number of the Jews who successfully escaped, they did so by undertaking perilous journeys over mountains and other natural and manmade obstacles’ all in the name of safety and refusing to give up on living free, with an emphasis on living. Another large falsification of history was that the Jews by a large majority did not fight back against the Nazis. In numbers approaching forty-five to fifty percent of Jews were members of resistance groups with the best known being the Bielski Brothers who managed to feed, clothe and support often as many as two-thousand Jews from toddlers to the extremely aged with quite a number requiring varying amounts of assistance just to walk or move from place to place. They did this while the Nazis searched for them often their daring exploits saved their fellow Jews. The reputation that Jews are timid little creatures who are afraid of their own shadow is another misnomer put to rest by the existence of Israel.


Israel and the Arab World

Israel and the Arab World


Another reason that some hold a grudging hatred for the Jewish State is they fear the jews will turn around and inflict upon them retribution for the pains and injuries of the past. Trust us that Israel is not in the business of retribution of the grievous errors committed in the past, there are more than sufficient current problems to go after without digging up old and baring old wounds better left to rest in peace. The difficulty is that many of the people who the Jews have no intention of harming cannot believe that the Jews are not vengeful, as they would retaliate were the roles reversed. These fears then drive a form of pre-vengeance where they accuse the Jews of intending to do what they believe would be the normal actions were they facing a similar situation and finally had the ability to take the upper hand. This actually strikes to the heart of much of the anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism around the world today, often held by people who have never met knowingly a Jewish person in their lives, a completely error-filled belief in what it is to be a Jew and what a Jew, or Zionist or Israel collectively would act, think, feel, believe or even give a second thought. Ignorance drives much of anti-Semitism, anti-Israelism and anti-Zionism.


New Jersey Representing Israel in Middle East New Jersey City’s name on the top Israeli City’s name on the bottom

New Jersey Representing Israel in Middle East
New Jersey City’s name on the top
Israeli City’s name on the bottom


The final misconception should have been dispelled by the map above nearer the top of the page. Immediately above for this discussion, we have a little gem of a map replacing Israel with something of common size which people, especially in the United States or have ever visited the central east coast of the United States, we used the state which most resembles Israel right down to being almost the same size, New Jersey. The locations of the cities are not exact, but they are referenced to matching places in New Jersey. The area of New Jersey is twenty-two-thousand-six-hundred square kilometers and Israel measures in at twenty-thousand-seven-hundred-seventy square kilometers, a difference of less than ten-percent. Many people believe that Israel is this fairly robust and expansive nation which had greatly expanded borders as they displace Arab after Arab and Israel expands her borders. This is so false it is almost laughable except for the fact that it is a real problem and a belief which many refuse to shake even when the reality is explained. Israel had an age of Empire under David and Solomon, and after the Six Day War and through the Yom Kippur War Israel held the Sinai Peninsula which is three times the size of Israel, and Israel returned the entirety of these lands including the oil reserves found beneath. This peace with Egypt and the return of the Sinai Peninsula was the origin of land for peace, a concept which has failed and left Israel vulnerable to the hatred spawned through lies and misrepresentations of who the Jews are, what Israel is, and what is the driving force behind the Jewish State. Here is a little something stated succinctly by Jay Leno in the picture below which a quote which cuts to the core of the situation with Israel and how the misconception can start.


Jay Leno Speaks Out


Of course, the average anti-Semite resists any and all arguments and simply refutes any defense provided by Israelis or Jews as simply misinformation or some form of that devious Jew propaganda we use to twist people’s minds. If the Jews had some form of propaganda which twisted people’s minds making them simply love Israel and the Jews without understanding why, do you really believe we would be permitting the attacks from the European Union, its member states, the United Nations and across the spectrum of their NGOs, Agencies, and agenda driven conferences whereby Israel is always condemned. The Group of 77, a block of over one-hundred developing nations which virtually always votes with the Arab block, especially when it comes to Israel, and this came to the fore when they selected Mahmoud Abbas and the Nations of Palestine to hold their leadership position. Add onto this the fact that the Jews are accused of being the leading figures in two spate groups who are mutually exclusive, but as the jews are a diverse group when it comes to politics, both sides can point to prominent Jews in both camps, as there are likely prominent Catholics, Protestants, Muslims and any other group found on both sides. This is the debate between nationalism and internationalism. During World War II, it was the nationalist Nazis and the internationalist Russian Communists. Both groups were supportive of forms of socialism, but one was German nationalist while the other were the internationalist Communists. Both nations desired world rule but the Germans desired everything in the name of Nazi Germany while the Communists desired the world ruled by the State which would set everything for every area in the world in the name of the people but actually serving an elite corps. Neither is the cup of tea for most Israelis but we do value the identity as a nation, the Jewish nation which has numerous minorities within and the sole nation where the Jews are the majority. While there are almost as many Jews residing in the United States, they constitute a mere two percent of the population, in Israel with a slight numerical advantage; the Jews are a whopping three-quarters of the populace. The Jewish People have had a consistent presence in Jerusalem and throughout the Shomron until after the 1948 war and Jordan evicted each and every Jews stealing their land and appropriating it to the Jordanians who they forced to relocate into these regions, an International crime. But, once again, when people decide to hate and blame others for their misfortunes and often self-inflicted difficulties, their chosen target will be the Jewish People simply for no other reason beyond old habits die-hard and will morph from being the view of the paleo-conservatives but is now pouring ever more quickly and in fierce torrents from the leftists. The new face of anti-Semitism can be found in the woman’s movement, with Louis Farrakhan, with the newly elected Muslims, particularly the Sudanese claiming they are Palestinian refugees, and they have likely been added to some lists so as to legitimize the claims. That is how much of this new version of an old hatred starts and it will only grow worse. There is an optimistic view, worse is better than some times from the history of the Jewish People, especially during the times the Greeks demanding the Jews forget Torah as they banned its use and went further in banning circumcision. This has been a trend in Europe along with making ritual slaughter illegal in other nations. These are all old tactics through which they make obeying Torah a crime and eventually the Jews will leave their faith, or they leave the region with such laws. Either way, these actions allow for segregation of the Jews by other means. These are the less than subtle moves to force Judaism from Europe once more which will only serve to be the final fall of Europe into darkness with their Jews all deported or having left of their own volition. Will the United States follow? Perhaps they might right along with Canada, and then the world shrinks if you are a Jew.


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January 2, 2019

Jews Are no Different than We Have Ever Been

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The anti-hate groups get all flustered over Islamophobia but could not care less about other religious groups being targeted and slaughtered all over the world. The anti-hate groups get all up in arms over sensitivity for Blacks and immigrants of all kinds but could not care less about the oldest immigrants whose reason for being far from their homelands dates back to the Roman Empire efforts to destroy them by spreading then throughout their empire and beyond. The anti-hate groups claim to be concerned about anti-Semitism but when the opportunity arises when they can speak up, silence. They talk about Israel being the oppressors of the Palestinian Arabs ignoring the facts which tell of their being ruled by their own kind. In Gaza, where there is no Israeli presence, they chose to have Hamas as their government and dedicated their entire economy not for their own well-being, but for the destruction of Israel and the murdering of Jews. In the Shomron (West Bank) they are ruled by the Palestinian Authority under its dictator Mahmoud Abbas who robs the people of the unequaled aid the Palestinians receive from the world (see graph below). The world is obsessed with the BDS Movement which is actually just the internationalizing of the Arab boycott of Israel. The entire idea to employ the rest of the world was begun by Yasser Arafat and continued by Mahmoud Abbas with ample assistance from the United Nations.


Graph of Aid Money to Palestinian Territories and other needful locations

Graph of Aid Money to Palestinian Territories and other needful locations


The tropes against Israel specifically and Jews in general have a long history from both Christian Europe and Islamic Middle East and North Africa (MENA). These are all familiar such as the Jews have all the money and they are all wealthy, one claim we can definitely prove false. Another is that the Jews control all the governments, are responsible for all the wars including the Arab against Arab wars, that they control the media and all sorts of other exaggerated to the point of ridiculous claims. How, you tell us, can a group which is a mere 0.2% of the world population garner so much power when half the world’s people have never ever met a single Jew? Marches which are organized and populated by the all-so-liberated-left such as the Women’s March or the Chicago Dyke March have decided that the Jews who love Israel or even simply wish to display the Star of David cannot join their march because the Jews are oppressing the Palestinian Arabs which they do not rule nor do they have any control beyond providing them free electricity, natural gas and other utilities. All one need is to look for the groups supporting the BDS Movement including Jewish groups as leftist Jews are more Leftist than Jewish. And these are but the tip of the iceberg. Across Europe and throughout the rest of the industrialized developed world anti-Semitism is rising at ever increasing rates with it approaching levels previously only witnessed in third world nations and even to the level of some of the more mildly anti-Semitic Muslim world. Jews are leaving Europe with a fairly significant number making Aliyah and coming home to Israel, as reported in this article with concludes echoing that the number of languages, particularly European, one find spoken in large numbers in the main Israeli cities is unavoidable to anyone paying even the slightest attention.


The increasing anti-Semitism is due to a new breed of anti-Semites who originate on the far left of the political spectrum, the ones claiming to be so sensitive, inclusive and understanding. The main problem with most of these individuals is two-fold, first they know next to nothing about Judaism and its laws and mostly benign philosophy which includes ruling out proselytizing while second they know absolutely nothing about the settlements after World War I which set up the establishing of the Jewish State which was incorporated into the United Nations Charter in Article 80 and that the Arab world approved of this at that time settling for their getting over 99% of the lands which constitute the MENA nations and the Jews receiving less than 1%, a one percent which has now become too much for these same nations. The sickening part is what occurs regularly in the General Assembly, Human Rights Council and the various other United Nations agencies and their near universal repulsion and vindictiveness against the nation of Israel. The treatment of Israel is worthy of a nation which does not belong and is not supposedly protected as a member nation of the United Nations. The only reason that Israel is not universally condemned regularly by the Security Council is largely due to the threat of the United States using their veto to prevent such injustices. When the United States removes this obstacle, we fully expect that there will soon thereafter come a vote to evict Israel from the United Nations and claiming that Israel is no longer a nation of which any of the world supports or believes has a reason or the right to exist. Fortunately, this will not bring an end to the Jewish State, but it will free Israel from any restrictions of what the world thinks or demands, as they will have proven their animosity from which they speak making all their concerns superfluous. That will be the validating reason for Israel to finally simply do what is best for Israel and allow the world to meet with great urgency and condemn her from the United Nations. After you have set a nation adrift claiming it undeserving of a life raft constructed from universal laws and mutual concerns and respect, how can you then expect the same body making demands of said nation threatening to claim they are terrible, did not the expulsion already not make that evidently clear? Israel will finally be free to turn a deaf ear to the caterwauling coming from Turtle Bay (UN).


The world is inexorably sliding ever closer to having no Jews left who have not returned home to Israel. Will there still be people who by birth are considered Jews? Probably so. Allow us to elaborate on this theme. Despite what Hollywood claimed or what the main story-line of history claims, when the Hebrews left Egypt with Moses, not all the Hebrews, the people who would become Israelites leading eventually to Judean which became simply Jews, a mere twenty percent of those considered to be the children of Jacob left the ‘comfort’ of their situation in Egypt. The vast majority remained in servitude in Egypt which validates that they were not excessively mistreated if one looks beyond killing of every first-born male child. But wait, there’s more. When Cyrus the Great defeated the Babylonians, he declared that the Judeans, we were on our way to being Jews, which included the tribe of Judah and Benyamin as well as their priesthood of Kohanim and Levites, again a mere twenty percent left and the other eighty percent decided to live in the extreme comfort of the Persians. It was this eighty percent which Haman desired to murder where the intervention by Queen Esther prevented, that led to our celebration of Purim. The twenty percent who returned to Israel built the Second Temple and resumed following Torah while paying a tribute to Persia for their protection. So, one would expect that we should expect that merely twenty percent of the world’s Jews would return to Israel ending this Diaspora. The reality is that we are rapidly closing in on having half of world Jewry already residing in Israel and have even found numerous of the lost Ten Tribes from the Assyrian conquest of the northern kingdom where they dispersed the Israelites and until recently they had been largely unheard from. These tribes returning is another sign that the redemption is coming, but approaching soon according to Hashem is not the same as soon for you or me.


So, once again, Israel finds herself surrounded by nations all desiring her destruction. After the Exodus from Egypt, Israel sat between the Egyptian Empire and the Hittite Empire. The Egyptian threat remained on her southern border through time and is still there today, it is just a very different Egypt with virtually no link to ancient Egypt except for the great structures which have survived the ravages of time. The Hittites were replaced by the Assyrians, who conquered the northern ten tribes, who were replaced by the Babylonians, who conquered Judea, who were replaced by the Greeks who were themselves conquered, swallowed whole, by the Roman Empire who attempted to destroy the Judeans after their third revolt against Rome, one of which successfully freed them of Rome for a brief period and then way too many Roman Legions settled that issue, and Rome dispersed the Judeans throughout their empire and some were sent beyond the borders of Rome with the intent of completely destroying them erasing them from history, just as they had the Carthaginians. Met anyone from Carthage lately, we neither. The rest of Jewish history is a litany of ill treatment, persecution, exploitation, and systematic eradication, genocide, whether in Christian Europe or, as mentioned above, Islamic empires of the MENA nations. After the defeat of the Ottoman Empire, German Empire and Austria-Hungarian Empire by the Allied Powers of World War I, there was a drive to return lands to their ancestral indigenous peoples. There were a few peoples who were left out of these plans such as the Berbers and the Kurds amongst others. The Jews made claim to the region which was our ancestral homelands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea and the region east of the Jordan River where the tribes of Reuben, Gad and East Manasseh were located (see map below). The British pressed an agreement where the Zionist Congress relented the claim to lands east of the Jordan River in exchange for the worthless guarantee by the British, the League of Nations, and the Mandate System that the remainder of the lands, those west of the Jordan River, would remain completely under the authority and control of the Jewish State and this would be protected including restraining outside immigration. We have all seen how well that worked out and that the ramification should not even be an issue beyond where to place the Arab Palestinians so they can make a new life outside of the lands promised the Jews. The problem came when the world awoke and thought, what have we done, we allowed the Jews to return home which makes everything we believe problematic. Ever since, the world has done everything except invasion by forces from every continent (even including Antarctica).


Twelve Tribes of Israel and the Original Borders for Israel

Twelve Tribes of Israel and the Original Borders for Israel


We foresee a time where Israel will have as few friends as a red-haired, freckled stepchild and even fewer willing to ally with her. This will soon thereafter lead to the point where during some great cataclysmic world war; an agreement will be reached to settle the differences between the two sides for a period of time while they all attack the single nation which had not taken either side, Israel. So, for a while the entire world, with the exception of Israel, will be involved in a war more destructive than any previous war and after much of the earth has been all but destroyed, and large segments of the world’s population incinerated in the conflagration, the nations will decide that they wish to end the conflict, but neither side will be willing to take the blame for the destruction and both will claim the other side provoked or actually started the war. Then their representatives at their presumed peace talks will hit on a great idea; let’s blame the Jews, Israel. They must have been responsible, as they remain untouched by all of the destruction. They did it so they could sit on the sidelines and rule the world after all was over. It is like the two children each wanting the other to try the new cereal on a commercial when they decide to give it to their younger brother, Mikie, because he hates everything.


This is the conflict spoken of in all too many prophesies, and we do not have to tell you what the end results will be, you already know them as well as we or you really need to read your holy books and learn something they did not teach you at that high-priced college which filled your head with meaningless mush. Sure, you know all the microaggressions and recognize every trigger word. You can find the safe space on your campus, and for those who have graduated, you have found a place where you can hide at work and use it as your new safe space. Other people have realized that there really are no safe spaces in the real world and a smaller number have found ways to cope while even fewer simply grew beyond the need for safe spaces. You also understand intersectionality, a subject we covered here, here and here, and some may have found that you ran afoul of this repulsive and divisive concept. If you ever attempted to join a protest and you also wished to display the Star of David, you found yourself on the wrong end of intersectionality because the Star of David indicates two things that those good people who obey all the restrictions and narrow their views to match what they are told, namely Israel, the world’s most accused transgressor of all that is intersectionality proper, and Judaism which means the Jews, they who are the one-percent of the one-percent making them double-white and thus completely unacceptable under the rules of intersectionality. Intersectionality is the glue which binds together BLM with anti-fa, with the Women’s March, with LBGTQ, with The Council On America-Islamic Relations (CAIR), with elements of Colored People (NAACP, with Gun Sense In America and so many more and recently even the Nation of Islam and Farrakhan; something which is so very unfortunate but also defining. The definition given for intersectionality which we found is; intersectionality is the interplay between any kinds of discrimination, whether it’s based on gender, race, age, class, socioeconomic status, physical or mental ability, gender or sexual identity, religion, or ethnicity. Well, that is true except for Israel and anything too Jewish, though there was a single exception in the list, namely, National Council of Jewish Women, which is a group so far left that their idea for the practice of Judaism officially coincides directly with the platforms of the Democrats and the Social Democrats, as we are sure there are many well-meaning members who actually practice Judaism as it is in Torah, though we suspect that some do have a small amount of discomfort following Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez and Tamika Mallory specifically and that they are allied with CAIR through intersectionality. The fact that there are Jews such as Bernie Sanders who actively work against the state of Israel because of their politics is beyond understanding to us. Those Jews who, mistakenly in our minds, believe that Israel should not exist and the Jews are to wait for the Messiach to come and do everything for them, found the nation of Israel and magically transport them there and make the world all love them, that is great and they are risking being left out of a great miracle. Even these Jews, when a small number of them go so far as to work for the destruction of Israel, such as Neturei Karta, then you have crossed a line which is unforgivable. But we try to bury such disturbing events as their hugging the Supreme Leader of Iran because he is working to destroy Israel and pray for the day they will be made aware of their sins against Hashem by condemning their fellow Jews, their brothers and sisters, as being Jewish is a religion, a nation, a people and a family. When the Messiach arrives and they are ‘magically’ flown on El Al to Eretz Yisroel, then we will all be a relatively happy family and all will be forgiven, or so we pray. In the meantime and for the foreseeable future, Israel is as she has always been, under siege with threats almost everywhere we look and the Jews are being chased from place to place with nowhere else to turn and soon all the surviving Jews will have returned home, and then the remainder of prophesy will be primed to occur.


Beyond the Cusp


October 28, 2018

It is NOT About Land President Trump

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Our thoughts, prayers and condolences are with the community of Squirrel Hill and all of Pittsburgh after the horrific Synagogue shootings. Tomorrow we will give our reactions after we are able to digest this tragedy and all its ramifications. May Hashem soothe the bereaved and keep all in His loving care.


President Trump is attempting a make a Middle East peace plan, the so-called “Deal of the Century,” in the same way he would negotiate a deal along the Jersey shore. He wants to have each side take lands and agree on borders no matter which elements he is required to include. He tried the Palestinian Authority (PA) and they balked immediately and were quite abusive in their rejection. He tried Jordan and initially got the same response though more measured and polite. He has possibly decided that bribing Jordan will do the trick, he is wrong. Mr. President, we do not know any easier way to put this, this is not about land, this is about Jews. The Arabs made this so very clear in their little tête-à-tête which they held the September after their humiliating defeat in the Six Day War in 1967. They came out with what is known as the Khartoum Resolution and had the infamous ‘Three No’s’, which are “no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with Israel.” The Arab League expelled Egypt for a period after Anwar Sadat signed the Egypt-Israel peace agreement only permitting them back in as Egypt was then one of the more powerful Arab nations and still might be. The entire confrontation comes down to a few very simple and easy points to understand. First is that the region which is Israel had been Islamic territory for hundreds of years under the Caliphate and the Ottoman Empire and as such must never be permitted to fall into the hands of any others. This is a Quranic dictum. The Muslims also claim that most of Spain is actually called Andalusia and is also Islamic lands which they are anxious to retake under their control. One has to wonder if they also wish to sit at the Gates of Vienna once more as twice was not sufficient. This is a religious war over which religion is supreme, Judaism or Islam. Further, Jerusalem being the third holiest city in Islam is a recent development and only came about after the Jews took the entirety of the city in the Six Day War. There have been other third holiest cities in Islam of which probably the two most famous are Damascus and Constantinople. The third holiest city in Islam is reserved for the next city in importance which the Muslim hopes to conquer or control through any means necessary. The main point of any negotiation could not care where any lines are drawn and what the name of each tract of land assumes, it is about which religion controls the land and for there to be peace that religion must be Islam. One last point before explaining further, the worst possible case for the followers of Islam is for the, as they would refer to us, accursed Yahud to take control of previously Islamic land. That is why Mahmoud Abbas made claim that every inch of Israel is an Islamic Waqf, which in this usage means an indelible and indivisible part of property belonging to Islam.


This is the idea through which UNESCO made all of the Old City of Jerusalem a Palestinian Heritage Site and disavowed any meaning or significance of the area to Jewish history or of any religious significance to the Jews. They did the exact same thing on Hebron which includes some of the holiest sites in all of Judaism including the Cave of the Patriarchs and Joseph’s tomb. They also had the same declaration on Bethlehem which apart from its Christian heritage is also the location of Rachel’s tomb. The churches in the Old City including the Church of The Holy Sepulchre as well as the churches in Bethlehem including the Church of the Nativity are claimed to be Mosques and belonging to Islam with no relevance to Christianity. They make a big spectacle around Christmas and Easter for economic reason selling trinkets to tourists. Another little concept which it might be wise to keep in mind when dealing with the Arabs, Taqiyyah, which is a directive within the Quran which actually not only allows a Muslim to lie to advance the causes of Islam but actually compels them to lie. The odds are that should they say something to you which is pleasing and meets your expectations, the odds are they are employing Taqiyyah and when the time comes to sign any treaty they will claim they never ever stated what you claim you heard. There is an easy way to understand the position of a Muslim when attempting to make a deal, which is what you claim you desire to accomplish. The first thing is that you must give and they must receive. That is the most basic concept in their minds. They can promise you anything but are not under any obligation to actually fulfill their promises. Anything you even intimate is a possibility, they will pocket that as something you promised and no amount of protestations or reality will change that in their minds. When dealing with them if you promise to give them something in return for something they offered you and then they break off negotiations and later decide to resume the negotiations, what you promised is the new starting point and they get to keep whatever you promised while you get nothing because they did not mean what they said when they agreed to exchange something for your concession.


We realize that this does not sound quite right and is a form of negotiating with which you are quite unfamiliar. Allow us to recommend you read some items from American history which might explain some of what you are getting into when dealing with Muslims. Read everything you can find in the White House records by Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and any other records dealing with the Barbary Pirates and the two separate wars the United States was involved. You may even wish to read some of the commentary from our European counterparts from that period to get an idea at how useless the Europeans were in this struggle despite gaining from your efforts greatly. When Thomas Jefferson queried on why these attacks were being made on American ships when the United States had not entered into any conflict with the rulers of the Barbary Coast, Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja, the Ambassador from Tripoli, replied that Islam “was founded on the Laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Qur’an, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every Musselman [Muslim] who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise.” Needless to say, Thomas Jefferson was quite floored at this response and it was then that he searched out a copy of the Quran in English and read it to his amazement and abhorrence. That is also the Quran which Keith Ellison took his oath of office upon and may have been behind President Obama’s claims that Islam was “woven into the fabric” of the United States since its founding. Perhaps that last part just might give you an idea as to how far the Islamic practice of prevarication can reach.


Attack on Derne Under Command of General and Commander in Chief William Eaton

Attack on Derne Under Command of General and Commander in Chief William Eaton


Once you have made yourself more attuned to the people with which you are attempting to make a real estate deal and the fact that they are not negotiating anything remotely close to real estate, perhaps we can recommend some additional reading. Then again, you could simply have a long and uninterrupted sit down with your Nations Security Advisor as John Bolton is quite familiar with the history and this knowledge could be of much assistance. You might ask about the San Remo Conference and how the British when they received the Mandate decided that their Mandate to form a Jewish State in those lands did not explicitly state all of those lands, so they gave 78% to the Arabs and paid their debt to the Hashmites by giving them rule over Jordan and Iraq, King Feisal insisted that the British give both sons a kingdom. When the British gave the one son Iraq, they made a deal by which J. Paul Getty received total control of the Mosul oil fields and in return Iraq got to keep the lands which were to have been Kurdistan. This is why when the Kurds hinted they wished to separate from Iraq, it would have behooved the United States to have assisted so as to make good on a promise the world still owes to the Kurds. The British attempted to do the same to the Jews but we decided to ignore the State Department when they informed us that it would be inconvenient for us to declare independence in 1948 because as Jews we have been told it would be inconvenient too many times to care. You probably have noted that the State Department is not exactly a pro-American department and have opposed the greater good for a very long time starting with their tacit support of Hitler and Mussolini with their admiration of the efficiency of fascism. We have always believed that the State Department has always been a little to enamored with the idea of government control over everything. This may be why they also thought that Joe Stalin (Uncle Joe to the State Department) was such a wonderful guy and somebody the United States could take a few lessons from on how to run an economy. We can also tell you a little secret which is actually well known, the State Department thinks that Israel is just a royal pain and wish we would disappear and are willing to kowtow to Islam if they would take care of their Israel problem. Just ask John Bolton and he will probably tell you it would be in the best interests of the United States to recognize the borders Israel was at least promised by the British in exchange for their stealing away 78% of the Mandate lands, and that was that our eastern border was to be the Jordan River and Israel was obliged to recognize the right of everyone residing within her borders to practice their religion, have a business, equality on all economic matters, allowed to own land which means that they are to enjoy religious and civil rights without prejudice but there was one right which Israel could, should they so choose, reserve solely for Jews, political rights such as the vote and holding office. Now, obviously Israel did not choose to do so and gave full citizenship to the Arabs residing within her borders after the war to eliminate the Jews in 1948-9 fortunately fell short. Yes, we lost parts of Judea and Samaria as well as all of Gaza, but we saved our country to live and become the little giant she has become. What is really sad is how hard the world fights to deny us the small plot of land which is a mere 22% of the Mandate, but we all know what their motivating factors are, oil and hatred, an old and dirty hatred. Perhaps the solution would be to grant Israel the lands she was promised and tell the Arabs occupying our remaining lands that perhaps it is time that they moved on let us be. We know, that is way too much to expect from a world that would rather see us erased from the map.


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