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October 20, 2015

Islam is not the Problem, Islam is the Answer


When we talk about the refugee problem walking their feet across Europe, when we speak about a hard core group of people demanding that every governing body on Earth change their customs, change their laws, change their school curriculum, demanding the Judeo-Christian world turn everything upside down, and why all these impositions and so much more are occurring what is the answer? The answer is Islam and there is no problem in recognizing or even stating such is the case. When we ask what is the main source of terrorism in the world today, ask where the main threat to Western civilization comes from, ask what is behind most of the wars have at least one side driving them, and ask what is the driving force behind the world-wide increase in anti-Semitism, anti-Israel movement and anti-Zionist propaganda? The answer is Islam and there is no problem in recognizing or even stating such is the case. We could continue this little song and dance until we got to such trivial inconveniences such as taking of our shoes, watches, other jewelry, belts and hold our pants up while being zapped with more radiation than we have taken from any five year period in our lives in a machine which shows exactly how little we exercise and there is little else the person manning the machine ever really notices and play this to that extreme all aimed at the answer is Islam but we feel we have made our point.


What such an exercise as above is aiming at is that there is a problem with something in Islam that has the world all caught-up and turned inside-out and that is the real problem. The problem is not Islam as it is practiced by very probably one-billion-two-hundred-fifty-million Muslims out of the one and out of approximately one-billion-five-hundred-seventy-million Muslims total in the world today. That leaves a sizeable problem as that leaves three-hundred-twenty-million of what has been termed extremist Muslims who are driving, organizing and committing or having others over whom they have sufficient influence carry out terrorist attacks aimed at destroying our peace to such an extent that we will be willing to sacrifice any principle we may hold dear just to guarantee ourselves and our families and friends from the threat posed. This situation in which we find ourselves contemplating making sacrifices and other accommodations just to make life “safe” was foreseen by Benjamin Franklin, the closest of the Founding Fathers who could have qualified as a party animal, warned us of just such situations when he cautioned, “Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.” So, what is a worried and feeling threatened world to do?


The first thing which is necessary is to heed the warnings we are being given daily if we just seek them out. In order to seek them out we need to put some brave souls out there to do the legwork to discern what we need to know that the mainstream media might be glossing over in the name of political correctness, outright fear, avoidance of becoming a target as Charlie Hebdo and others have done and probably a myriad of other reasons both societal and legal. The nice thing is we each and every one of us can do our small part to keep ourselves and those in our social circles more involved and more knowledgeable on the threat in the world today from whatever source from toxins in our foods to workplace violence and extremists of any kind. The good news is there are some who could keep us informed on what is said in Arabic, Farsi and sometimes other languages as well reporting from one area which had had cause for upheavals which have been affecting the world more and more often as we move forward; and that is a groups named CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting) where even if you check their front page taking a new translation every say Monday, Wednesday and Friday and it will be remarkable how much more informed one can become in at most six weeks of this short but potentially vital regimen. Now that you are well on your way to becoming informed about many truths which you otherwise may not have known about, how about a sample of what we might find. I figured the best way would be to provide a montage which was prepared by Dr. Shmuel Katz in his editorial article titled Did The Free World Go Insane, and What Can We Do about It? For your convenience we will include his video below.





There is another small adjustment one need make if they are to understand what drives certain people and groups in our world today which is something the vast majority of us have thought simply absurd of an idea, world conquest. Believe it or not there are people and groups who envision themselves as the next Alexander the Great, Cyrus the Great or Genghis Khan and actually appear, if not actually pressing forward with their plans to conquer the world or a good chunk of it if allowed the opportunity. One such person is Russia President Vladimir Putin (Vlad the Invader), another, though less obvious about it as his dream is reestablishing the Ottoman Empire and possibly then the world, is Recep Tayyip Erdogan and lastly there is the Ayatollah and Supreme Leader of Iran Seyyed Ali Khamenei.



World Conquerors Left Side Alexander the Great, Cyrus the Great and Genghis Khan and Right Side President Vladimir Putin, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei

World Conquerors Left Side Alexander the Great,
Cyrus the Great and Genghis Khan and
Right Side President Vladimir Putin,
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and
Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei



People in the Western World have lived through three very serious changes to their civilizations what the rest of the world mostly has only experienced or are experiencing one or two of these cataclysmic changes which have made the Western World more cautious and less ambition or at least not likely to view world leadership as quite worth the sacrifices and carnage such a venture would require. The first was the Protestant Reformation which led to the concept of separation of religion and government where the government is no longer the supporter of any religion requiring their subjects to also be of the faith. In the West one is far less likely to hear the slogan “For G-d and Country” when engaging in a war. The second change was the industrial revolution which brought forth massive societal changes with less people required to tend to ever larger and eventually commercial farming leading to the urbanization of the workforce and the production jobs with the higher pay and thus standard of living leading to today’s megalopolis where one’s attachment is more workplace oriented than neighborhood oriented as the size of the cities and the work schedule make that less likely. The final change was World Wars and particularly how World War II came to a close with the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki which made any worldwide conflagration out of the question because there was always the check of multiple powers possessing these horrific weapons thus keeping a guard against over aggressions. The threat of nuclear war had the casualty rate forward per year dropped precipitously after World War II and will continue to remain lower unless there is a conflagration involving the Western Word as well as Russia and China and there again is the recipe for carnage on an unknown scale until the lethality of nuclear weapons finally entered a stage where they became a weapon of choice in not only every national armory but also a weapon made or developed and available to terrorist forces who could place such a bomb into a cement truck to trash truck and drive it almost anywhere and use it as their nuclear drop-off bomb. This is the fear which should grip every cognizant person knowing the threats of the day and the fact that proliferation of nuclear weapons is very likely to begin worldwide. The most unfortunate idea is that nuclear weapons are a viable first strike weapon of choice for much of the world which includes MENA (Middle East and North Africa), South-Central Africa, South America, and much of East and Central Asia. The reality we face, with the soon to increase nations with nuclear capabilities, is simply frightening and the possibility that some of these nations who have already conducted assassinations and aggressions using terror forces might also present these terror forces with nuclear technology, or potentially an actual nuclear weapon to use in a targeted attack with unimaginable carnage the result, and that may be an attack on any number of cities as who knows how many nuclear weapons the world will possess outside of the ‘big five,’ will be beyond knowledgeable computation. Whenever there is a discussion of this nature there is the answer that Albert Einstein gave when queried as to what weapons would be like if there ever was a World War III. Einstein responded, “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” That warning is one we must heed as a severe and honest warning and a suitable closing place.


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March 9, 2012

Looking Less Conspiratorial After All These Years

I have been telling people that anti-Semitism has existed but been suppressed and purposely kept below the radar as such acts were seen as shaming the locality where such acts occurred. Often the stories about the spraying of Nazi graffiti on Synagogues or the desecration of Jewish graves and other anti-Semitic actions usually received local mention with a minimal amount of coverage. Even other Synagogues were want to mention news of such acts perpetrated against other Synagogues in a concerted effort to allow Jews to remain comfortable in the thought pattern of such acts could not happen in our neighborhood. This thought process which stresses acceptance and refuses to recognize anti-Semitic activities in order to continue the comfort level of Jewish communities has been a staple of these communities throughout history. In each case, when the violence and unified reaction to drive the Jews from the community which eventually befell each neighborhood always caught the Jews acting surprised. Even when such events were working their way across a country or countries such as the Spanish Inquisition, the Russian Pogroms, and the Nazi Genocide, the Jews would watch as each small neighborhood fell victim but would remain convinced that such would pass-over their community as the non-Jews with whom they lived would not allow such to happen here. Yet, it always did indeed happen here.


When I would predict that the future would hold steadily increasing anti-Semitism I was called nearly every name in the book; crazy, insane, paranoid, hallucinating, mentally ill, conspiratorial, and an instigator. Even today many refuse to recognize what has become more evident and has become standard fare on numerous college campuses, the blaming of Israel for every societal and international ills and the Jews for economic ills and also as accomplices of Israel whether you are anything from an ardent Zionist to one of the group of Jews who join the blame Israel camp. One of the main avoidance mechanisms used by many non-Israeli Jews is to claim there is a complete disconnect between their community and anything done by Israel. Many go as far as to disassociate themselves from Israel and even echo every condemnation of Israel in an effort to cloak themselves in a protective armor through such efforts. I am very often dismissed when I tell many of my fellow Jews, who claim their disassociation with Israel, that most of those who criticize Israel and those who criticize Jews are both accusing both Israel and all Jews as one entity. I try to inform them that when somebody takes exception with Israel, they are actually taking exception with all Jews and vice-versa. When using either term “Israel” or the term “Jews” as the target of one’s disdain and hatred, they are using those terms interchangeably and one could just as well substitute the phrase “Israel and all those Jews” in place of either individual term. Giving such advice almost universally gets the response stating my obvious falling for all those paranoid conspiracy theories along with my complete lack of sanity or clear thinking and followed by an invitation to never bother them with such nonsense ever again. I oft comply which is made all the easier as these are the same people who tend to avoid any form of communication with me.


The most distressing of these events is so very few Jews that I know have yet to realize the truth of the admonition in the Haggadah used during the Passover Seder which plainly promises both the Divine promise of the redemption of the children of Israel in Egypt and reminding us that “Not one alone has arisen against us to destroy us. Rather in each generation, there are those that rise up against us to destroy us.” They choose to ignore the entire of Jewish history which provides irrefutable evidence of the absolute truth of the Passover admonition that the oldest of hatreds will never dry up and disappear but will rather plague every generation of the Jewish peoples. As things start to magnify and gain intensity until the anti-Semitism becomes impossible for any who is half conscious to ignore, these very same Jews will be the ones who will cry out from their confused awakening asking how this happened and where did it come from. It did not come from anywhere as it has persisted continuously from nearly the beginning of human history and has simply festered and spread as if it were an infection plaguing the human condition. The time to address anti-Semitism is before it blossoms and rears its head from the far reaches of the society and eventually takes a place in the mainstream thought of an active and sizeable group in society. The time to act against any hatred is before it becomes endemic while its numbers are manageable, not to wait until it breaks the placid surface of society and disrupts all kindness between people. But, as the one who has carried the warning for so long, I must ask not only when will the rest of society awaken but will they awaken or will they become overcome in their slumber such that they awake from their dreams to a fully evolved nightmare. Simply put, how do I get anybody to listen? If it is as difficult as I have found, then perhaps the death of civil society actually is unavoidable as mankind prefers rose-colored glasses, or possibly blinders, over taking off the tinted glasses and seeing the ugly truths that hide in the corners of our societies. Wake up, please, wake up as this time the war on the Jews will quickly expand to include the entirety of Judeo-Christian faiths. The next time is for all the marbles and the evil is playing for keeps. The sides are being formed in the current moments and the sides are disguised and all is not what it may appear. The time of choice is upon the world and to choose well will require open eyes and clear judgment. Choose carefully and choose by the character of those who surround each side through careful considerations from clear witness of deeds and intentions.


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