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October 13, 2017

No Time for Peace Talks and a Time for Quiet Actions


Yes, we know the song goes, “A time for peace and a time for war,” but we prefer to leave war completely out of this discussion, well, if that is at all possible. Right now Israel is in a position with which it has little experience. The world is actually taking a break from everything is blamed on Israel and instead is looking at President Trump, Republicans, Democrats, Congress, North Korea, South Korea and even Europe amongst other places not Israel. When the eyes of the crazed world look to the Middle East, they look at Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen and other locations not Israel. When you are being left alone, try and remain left alone. That should be the Israeli motto written on every piece of official documents. But the Jewish Home Party leader Naftali Bennett is proposing gradually ending Israeli military rule in Area C, applying Israeli law. This part is the good news which can be accomplished without any intervention, acclamation, consternation or other interference from the remainder of the universe. But Mr. Bennett just had to go and add offering full Israeli citizenship to the 80,000 Palestinians living there. We need to ask for just a little amount of clarification. Does that 80,000 Palestinians include everyone or would there be some restrictions whereby those affiliated with terrorism would be excluded? The information we have received is limited at this time, as the official declaration providing all the details was not available. As this will only apply to area C, we definitely support placing the region under Israeli Civil Law and removing it from Military Law and Governance and removing Central Command from their having total control over the entire region.


This would be the first step in normalizing Area C which under the Oslo Accords was to be placed under complete civic and security control of the Israelis while Area A was placed under complete Palestinian Authority control and Area B was under Palestinian civil control and joint security control. Since the collapse of the Oslo Accords, as they passed their five-year target for final agreement, Area A also came under joint security control at the behest of Mahmoud Abbas as he required IDF security assistance to prevent Hamas or others from taking control by coup and making his life expectancy much shorter. The Oslo Accords were arranged by a group of Israeli and American leftists behind the scenes and beyond the knowledge of the Israeli Knesset and was proposed as an agreement which was already approved and accepted by the United States. This turned out to be an exaggeration used to force the agreement upon an Israeli government which probably would never have accepted going forward with the idea had they been included from the start. Since then, the Palestinian and Arab propaganda has altered the perception of the original agreement such that much of the world believes that there used to be an Arab nation of Palestine rather than the truth that Jordan illegally held lands which under treaty and international laws belonged to Israel. The areas were called Judea and Samaria but Jordan renamed it the West Bank as Judea and Samaria has too much of a Jewish twinge in their names and Jordan claimed to have annexed the area. During the 1967 Six Day War, Israel liberated Judea and Samaria only to find that Jordan and other Arab nations had permitted thousands upon thousands of Arab refugees from 1948 as well as Jordanian citizens, some voluntarily and some by force breaking international law, to resettle in the Jordan occupied areas. There was never any nation of Palestine and the Palestinian Arabs are actually simply Arabs from the surrounding areas including Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt and further even to include Turkey. When making peace with Jordan, Israel even offered to return these lands but Jordan refused to reclaim the illegally held lands leaving them to their rightful owner under international law. The real reason was Jordan also refused to allow any of its citizens to return to Jordan claiming instead that they were now Israelis. The story changed once the world involved Israel in the Oslo Accords and the Palestinian State became all the rage ever since. It became such a great thing for the United Nations that they decided to change the celebration on November 29, 1947, from the anniversary of the day that Israel was initiated at the United Nations to Palestinian Solidarity Day where the world celebrates establishing Palestine in place of Israel and allowing the slaughter of over six million Jews. They never state it as such, but that is exactly what the entire celebration is all about, replacing Israel with another Arab state, this one called Palestine which would be the first nation by that name, nothing less.


Europe has latched onto the demand that the Israelis return to the pre-1967 War lines (they were not borders but armistice lines from 1949) despite the well-understood reality by any and all military commanders that such would be the beginning of the end of Israel. The combination of befriending the Arabs, preferring not to risk losing their precious oil shipments, and institutional anti-Semitism of Europe combined to bring around the attitude that Israel and her population is an expendable casualty if that is what needs to be to keep their status quo. The third world has accepted the Arab propaganda that Israel is nothing but an American pawn colonial outpost injected into Arab lands which have belonged to the Arabs since the start of time. Slowly, one disaster at a time, some of these nations after receiving vital and immediate Israeli emergency aid after natural disasters are learning a different truth. Still, Israel should operate quietly and discreetly going the extra yard to retain quiet whenever Israel is not in the sites of the world demanding concession after concession. Being ignored is a good thing as far as most Israelis are concerned and we like not being under the microscope readying us for dissection. This is the reason it would be wiser for this idea of Naftali Bennett’s to be quietly discussed within the cabinet and once its passage is assured, brought before the Knesset for basically quick ratification in quick and quiet votes and then presented as an accomplished fact. Anything placed on the floor to be debated will be debated in the halls of the United Nations, European Union, European parliaments from Britain to Finland to Italy and everywhere in between always claiming that Israel is oppressing and stealing lands when she is simply taking what always has been hers. But the world will never accept Israel having peace and secured borders as designated under the Mandate System, San Remo Conference, Treaty of Sèvres and international law which are from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea (see map below). That is what should be and just as there were migrations between Pakistan and India, Germany and France, Germany and Poland, there should be some responsibility for the Arab nations to repatriate their brothers and sisters and leave Israel in peace. Should such ever come to pass and peace be established and Israel granted her borders, then the violence will end.


Definitive Map of Israel


There is a group which demands democracy for Jordan or for a dividing of Jordan into the Palestinian Arab nation it was intended to be and the eastern third of the country to be allowed to remain under the rule of the Hashemite family. Mudar Zahran is a Palestinian Arab as are all the Arabs who reside in Jordan, who believes fully in the original Mandate System which declared that all 78% of the British Mandate east of the Jordan River would be the Arab Palestinian homelands while the remaining 22% of the British Mandate west of the Jordan River was reserved for the Jewish State. Mr. Zahran desires to install an Arab Palestinian democracy in Jordan either sharing the lands with an area ruled by King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein with the Arab Palestinian State. As Secretary General of the Jordanian Opposition Coalition, Mudar Zahran, proposes building a city on a grand scale capable of housing as many as all the Palestinian Arabs from Judea and Samaria which could then be returned to Israel as was the initial Mandate System ideal plan. Any Palestinian Arab desiring to remain in Judea and Samaria would still be granted citizenship in his Palestinian Arab state as most are already carrying Jordanian passports and identification papers or their parents carry such. They are not Israeli citizens and thus are only a problem for Israel that has no solution. Mr. Zahran has a plan which deserves being that solution.


Secretary General of the Jordanian Opposition Coalition Mudar Zahran

Secretary General of the Jordanian Opposition Coalition Mudar Zahran


Mr. Zahran’s proposal could work for the King of Jordan as he would remain in power ruling over as much as one third of what today is Jordan with the non-Arab citizens remaining in Jordan under the King having whatever form of government desired and with less of a security problem as the Palestinian Arabs would have their own nation bordering the King’s in the remaining western two-thirds of what today is Jordan. Any Arabs desiring to remain under the King may resettle and do so. Mr. Zahran desires having the Arab Palestinians all reside in his new nation which could even be named Palestine. As soon as he has established his state, preferably peaceably, then the Oslo Accords would be negated and Palestine established east of the Jordan River. Those Arab Palestinians remaining in the areas ruled by Israel would be Palestinian citizens residing in Israel as legal alien citizens and would vote in the Arab Palestinian elections in Palestine east of the Jordan River.


Obviously, the main opposition to this would be King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein of Jordan and he would require some form of compensation other than being freed from what amounts to a consistent threat to his rule. The remaining opposition comes from the remainder of the Arab world and Mahmoud Abbas and his Palestinian Authority (PA) kleptocracy. Abbas and the Arab world’s protestations are proof that their desires are more to cause Israel as much unrest and terrorism as possible even if it is at the expense of the Palestinian Arabs themselves. Their hatred of Israel and the Jews spills over into hatred for their own brethren, the Arab Palestinians who they are willing to sacrifice to a life of violence without rights or representation they themselves elected. Mudar Zahran wants to give the Arab Palestinians their own homeland even, or as well as, should it result in Israel having secure borders and an end to the terror threat run by Mahmoud Abbas and the remainder of the PA. Much of the world including thus far the Europeans, United Nations and the United States as well as Russia, China, the Arab League, Mahmoud Abbas and the PA all also oppose this solution either because it solves the Arab-Israel conflict at least for the Arab Palestinians, grants Israel secure and defined borders, and allows both Arabs and Jews to live side-by-side in security and peace. Funny, are not the ideals of Arabs and Jews living side-by-side in security and peace exactly the stated goals of every negotiation being held currently in bad faith? Here is somebody proposing a solution which provides exactly that stated as the goal of the entire world and because it will not lead directly to the destruction of Israel, nobody is willing to support it. Perhaps somebody should permit Mudar Zahran to meet with President Donald Trump in Washington D.C. instead of the President making another trip to the Middle East to pursue the impossible, a treaty where Israel agrees to commit suicide and the Arabs take all the land, which is the only solution which Abbas is willing to accept.


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February 8, 2013

President Obama’s Trip to Israel Raises Concerns for Many

President Barack Obama is planning to finally visit Israel on his trip through the Middle East in the middle of March. It is rumored that President Obama is seeking to have at least one joint meeting with both Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Abbas with the press allowed to take pictures and hold a short press conference. Many pro-Israel people who have followed the history of President Barack Obama and his early little surprises which he sprung on Israel likely have the same trepidations as do I. President Obama inventing the now infamous precondition of an Israeli building freeze on all lands beyond the Green Line was only the first insult. Then as Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was boarding his plane to fly to Washington for a meeting with President Obama, the United States President gave a short speech where he called for Israel and the Palestinians to resume peace talks and for the negotiations to utilize the 1949 Armistice Lines, also referred to as the 1967 Lines as President Obama referred to them, as the initial new borders with the possibility of minor adjustments made through mutual land swaps as allowing for East Jerusalem to be ceded to be used as the Palestinian capital. The implication was left that Jerusalem would be divided exactly as it were under Jordanian control before the 1967 Six Day War which would leave all of the Old City, the Temple Mount, and all access to the Kotel and the Western Wall, which is among the holiest of sites in Judaism, inaccessible to Israeli and the world’s Jews. Add the personal insulting behaviors shown Prime Minister Netanyahu and other Israelis in leadership positions by President Obama simply adds to the apprehensions that President Obama is planning the joint appearance before the press in order to launch yet another broadside against the Israeli positions thus further aiding the demands by Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinians of both Fatah and Hamas.

The additional rumors that Jordanian King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein may also be invited to the President Abbas, Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama meeting before the press simply makes suspicions grow to new heights. It is a very unfortunate and telling indicator of the trust which had been built between Israel and the United States has so casually been violated sufficiently in the recent past that a visit by high Administration representatives, especially a visit by the President, would set off alarm bells to be prepared for unpleasant surprises. The larger problem is that among the leaders of the world’s countries, nongovernmental organizations, international justice establishments such as the ICC and the ICJ, and international organizations such as the United Nations, NATO, the European Union, Arab League, Organization of Islamic Countries, Nonaligned Movement or other centers of power represent almost as serious and equally as concerning threats to Israel as are recognized terror organizations such as Hezballah, Hamas, and the international terror cells receiving direction through the IRGC. What makes this situation even more unfortunate is that Israel is almost equally guilty in allowing this situation to fester to the point it has reached largely due to their ignoring and leaving unanswered the persistent and vicious propaganda campaign which has denigrated Israel making her to appear as an evil entity practicing hatreds and racist policies stealing land and continuing in an illegal existence as Israel relied on the rest of the world resisting the accusations due to their lack of factual basis. Unfortunately, the constant battering and nearly incessant denigration of Israel’s reputation has been effective and with the current media accomplices in portraying Israel as such a malicious entity will take even longer to repair and has made any treatment used against Israel to appear legitimate. A good amount of blame for the current situation can be laid at the feet of the Israeli government and the lack of efforts by many of the world’s Jews who have been mostly passive in the war of words and reputation smearing. Thankfully there are some in the private sectors who have finally picked up the charge for defending all that is Israel and that the government has at least recognized the problem and recognizing you have a problem is the first step towards a solution.

The meetings in March will likely get a good amount of coverage here at BTC where we will hopefully have only good news. Since President Obama was reelected his attitude towards Israel has shown some indicators of improvement and hopefully it is actual truth and not a mirage showing me what I so badly wish to see. I would be glad should much of the world simply move on and leave Israel alone for a while rather than making her the central topic and most important issue and invest their precious time in actual instances of human rights violations and let Israel take care of herself. I know it would be too much to ask but if should the world really be interested in furthering a lasting peace between Israel and her Palestinian neighbors, could they just entertain themselves with the difficulties in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Mali and the rest of the places where there is far more violence being perpetrated on the peoples. Who knows, if the Europeans would simply allow Israelis to fund and care for their political groups and decide that they might better use their funds, which amounts to tens of millions of Euros, to address their financial instability and to buttress their sagging economies rather than buttress civil unrest in Israel and surrounding areas, perhaps that might help to solve both problem areas. After all, does Israel meddle in European affairs and fund civil unrest and protests which often resort to attacking law enforcement personnel and uprooting fields after the European farmers have planted a fresh crop? Then perhaps the European governments and the European Union can return that favor and keep their anarchists home. Thank you.

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October 22, 2012

Jordan is Next to Fall, Will Saudi Arabia Follow?

Pressures have been slowly building quietly and just below the sight of most Western observers which aim to topple Jordan’s monarchy of King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein. These pressures are being exerted by two competing forces, the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran through assistance by al-Qaeda. Contrary to what has served as a basic understanding in much of the West, al-Qaeda is allied with Iran in the power struggles for dominance in the Muslim World, something that initially makes little sense for those who placed al-Qaeda firmly in the Sunni camp. Slowly but ever so surely the base of al-Qaeda has drifted from its Sunni origins into an orbit with Iran and a balance in membership between Sunni and Shiite Muslims. This is making for strange possibilities which would have originally been unthinkable and for many purists is still beyond imagination. The current challenges for dominance in the Muslim World is being played out between the two main forces, Iran with al-Qaeda against the Muslim Brotherhood, in two major theaters, Syria-Lebanon and on a quieter but just as serious confrontation in Jordan. So, what are the likely results and what will follow in the future?

Syria has been front and center in the coverage of the Middle East with its violent clash which is destroying the entire fabric of society sending thousands fleeing over the borders or being murdered in the streets. Often civilians who are not among the combatants often become the targets of both sides as the civil war spreads through every corner of the country. The real problem is trying to explain the sides of this conflict as it is more than simply the rebel anti-Assad forces against the Syrian army which has remained loyal to President Assad. There are also the IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps) and Hezballah also fighting and supporting Bashir Assad while the rebel forces are actually several groups who, even should Assad fall, would soon be at each other’s throats conflicting over who would take over in a new government. Some of the Rebel forces are backed by the Muslim Brotherhood while others by al-Qaeda with still others belonging to other interests be they Kurdish, Christian or even aligned with Turkey.

The real question will come down to what will Iran do should Bashir Assad be killed or effectively overturned from office? Will Iran send divisions of regular army with supporting armor and air power or will Iran simply accept the loss of both Syria and Lebanon and their over-ground link with the Mediterranean. Iran has made huge financial and logistical investments in Lebanon as well as in Syria and should Iran lose their surrogate, Assad, in Syria they will also lose their supply line to support Hezballah which controls Lebanon as an Iranian proxy. Already interests in Lebanon which oppose Iranian and Syrian influence are threatening Hezballah leader Hassan Nasrallah over his using weapons and arms supplied Hezballah against the Syrian people despite his original claims that they were to be solely used against the Zionist Entity, Israel. Iran currently enjoys an unhindered path through to the Mediterranean through Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Iran is known to be using transit across Iraq to start to impose their will on Jordan. This has come about as the Bedouins have been steadily radicalized and their youth are no longer supporting King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein and his rule in Jordan. This poses an additional threat on Israel originating from Iran and is a result of the United States being unable to negotiate an agreement with the leadership of Iraq that would have allowed for continued American presence and prevented Iraq from entering into the Iranian orbit. This was facilitated by the appearance of a weakened United States no longer willing to lead in the Middle East. One thing which is becoming evident is that either through Iran and their surrogates or by the hand of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Jordanian monarchy is being undermined and is losing its authority and influence. It appears that the fall of Jordan to the more radical forces of Islam has already been written into the near future. That begs the question of what comes next.

The future will depend to a large extent on who will gain the upper hand in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. It will also depend on in which direction the Muslim Brotherhood and through them, Egypt, take in making alliances in the near future. Currently the main forces are the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Iran with their influences in Iraq and gaining influence in Afghanistan. The wildcards are Turkey and the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia. Turkey will eventually need to ally with either Iran or the Muslim Brotherhood and give up on their aspirations to return to their place as the leadership of the Caliphate as they were during Ottoman rule. The one thing that should be feared beyond all else would be a pragmatic alliance which joined together the forces of Shiite Iran and Sunni Muslim Brotherhood. This may become an alliance of convenience as both find themselves in competition with the Saudi Wahhabis for preeminence in the Muslim world. If Iran should manage to retain their grip over Syria and Lebanon along with their new found influence over Iraq, then if they add Jordan to their sphere the Muslim Brotherhood may have little choice but to join forces with the apparently rising Shiite Iran and put the Sunni Shiite differences aside. This would not be the first time this divide has been overrode in the interest of Islam and would lead to a force that would be difficult to contain should they also become nuclear armed. Should Iran become the obvious preeminent power of the Muslim world, then the countries of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) would be facing an unavoidable threat from said force. Bahrain and Oman would likely be the initial targets, especially the islands claimed by them and also by Iran in the Gulf, be it called Arabian or Persian which the winner will decide, and particularly those in the Straits of Hormuz. Once the smaller nations have been neutered and footholds be made by Iran one can expect that Iran would then begin to pressure Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. The Iranians do not need to necessarily conquer all of Saudi Arabia to gain their desired goals; they only need take the predominantly Shiite northwest of Saudi Arabia which includes the vast oil fields. The Iran can simply wait for Saudi Arabia to fall as their financial goose that lays the golden oil eggs in Iranian hands. In time Iran would then gain the real gem held by Saudi Arabia, Mecca and Medina.

As for which result would be preferable for the Western nations of Europe, the United States and the rest, it is more of a pick your poison than a choice between a positive and a negative result. Neither Iran nor the Muslim Brotherhood is amiable to Western interests. Both see themselves as the eventual rulers of all of humanity and both are incompatible with the freedoms and liberties that the Judeo-Christian world has become accustomed to enjoying. This has already been made evident by the riots over what in the West is viewed as a guarantee under the ideals of free speech. As long as Islam insists on the validity of their notion that the world will be rendered under their rule and that this is inevitable and it is the responsibility of every Muslim to work toward this goal, there is likely to be conflict existing in numerous places where Islam and the rest of the world border each other. Fortunately, there are some within Islam who have begun what they see as a necessary reevaluation of the tenets of Islam which call for the use of force and rejection of all who are not Muslim. The struggle for the heart of Islam between those who desire an Islam which is able to coexist with the rest of the world and those who insist that Islam is the sole religion of truth and all else is a blaspheme is the struggle which should be encouraged in favor of the former over the latter. The struggle between Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood is a disagreement without a difference as far as those outside of Islam are concerned. That is the truth that the powers in the West need to learn and understand. It unfortunately seems thus far to be beyond the capacity or understanding in much of the Western world’s leadership.

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