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January 28, 2013

Bedouin Land Giveaway Proves Netanyahu Willing to Cede Eretz Yisroel

The land giveaway driven through the Prime Minister’s cabinet on Sunday could only have been accomplished with the approval of Prime Minister Netanyahu. Even if this granting of large swaths of land from the Negev which are within the Green Line could be just one more sign that Netanyahu is willing to cede any land to any who demand it even if the land must be stolen from Jews or the State. This underhanded and sly move by Netanyahu and Begin is reminiscent of how initially Netanyahu remained in Prime Minister Sharon’s cabinet, let alone not working to force a vote of no confidence thus not preventing the ceding of Gaza causing all that has followed. Netanyahu did not depart from the side of Prime Minister Sharon until it was impressed upon him how remaining would lead to the end of his political career. It was not so much Netanyahu disagreeing with the disengagement and the removal of many thousands of Jews from their communities, homes, synagogues, and lives as his extraordinary sense of self-preservation. Now we all sit and watch the disengagement from great amounts of lands to the Bedouins simply because they had the audacity to build illegal cities, towns and residences and claim the land for themselves. Apparently it is only Jews which Netanyahu denies having rights to Eretz Yisroel. Now Netanyahu is forming a new coalition with what he describes as a broad inclusive base. This sounds eerily familiar to the words of Ariel Sharon when he formed Kadima taking Ministers of the Knesset and other politicians from a broad and inclusive base including people from Likud to Labor and anybody in between.

We have watched as the man who ran a campaign that went to great lengths to unleash a viscous and vile campaign of innuendo, slander, slights, and even lies against the nationalist religious camp of the Jewish Home. His slights continued after the elections as he refused to call the leader of Jewish Home until he made his contempt obvious. He did this to an extent that even led to the decline of the Likud-Beitenu joined party. The other parties who have seen the folly of appeasement and regard the Oslo Accords and the entire land for peace fiasco to be the dead letter plan that it is must assure that Netanyahu does not breathe life back into them under the pressures of the United States, United Nations, European Union and the rest of those who hold no regard for Eretz Yisroel, no love for the Jewish people, and no respect for the Israeli Leadership. Would it be such a terrible thing if none of the leaders of all of the parties were unable to form a coalition? Imagine President Peres having to resort to telling the nation that nobody was able to form a coalition and the only option he sees is to hold another election in six weeks. That would set a precedence which would be a wakeup call for all the potentates of power that maybe perhaps there is something even more important than political power, there is the integrity of the Nation of Israel, the nation which spent forty years in the desert for their lack of faith in themselves and their G0d.

My hopes and prayers are going to take on an emphasis beyond the normal that the people of Israel and those who are tasked to serve them to walk with care and know that it is the people and land they serve that is of supreme importance and without that their careers are nothing. We have sacrificed more land than any nation in history relative to their size all in the name of seeking peace. What had it gained Israel other than enemies standing closer to the heart of the nation and all poised for her destruction. Was the short period of peace gained which now is only worth the paper it was written on as long as Egypt lacks the power and resources to believe they could erase all of Israel and that cost us the greatest barrier to attack Israel ever had, the Sinai Peninsula. We returned the buffer zone to Lebanon only to be attacked repeatedly by Hezballah and have the United Nations, after giving their blessings on the return being complete, renege and grant the claim that Israel still must surrender even more properties. We settled and made peace with Jordan who later turned around and claimed to grant terrorists ownership of lands they had surrendered to Israel by treaty. Remember well that the entire world decided the claim by the terrorists was more valid than all the promises and agreements signed granting Judea and Samaria to Israel from the Churchill White Papers in the twenties to the Jordanian peace treaty in the nineties. With the entire world attempting to whittle the Jewish homeland down agreement by agreement until it completely disappears, Israelis must remain wary of those promising peace, peace when there is no peace. The only defense the Children of Israel can count on is their pride to claim, keep, and protect that which is rightfully theirs from the Sea to the River and elect leaders who will never compromise on the land given us by its one and only true owner, the L0rd our G0d.

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