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April 22, 2012

The Strangest of Oddities in the American Elections

One thing is sure about the coming Presidential Election cycle in the United States, it is going to have more than its share of oddities, surprises, wild claims, and simply unexplainable lapses of sanity. What may prove to be one of the least explainable lapses of sanity appears to be the rising support President Obama is receiving in polling from the Jewish voters and their inexplicable reasoning behind this support. Numerous polls have shown President Obama’s numbers slowly but steadily climbing among Jewish voters and the reasoning most often given is he is viewed as being very strong in his support of Israel. This claim stands in direct opposition to virtually everything President Obama has done regarding Israel and his treatment of Prime Minister Netanyahu. It ignores the supposed unintentional leaking of the Israeli negotiations with Azerbaijan where Israel was granted a lease on airfields situated just north of the border of Iran and Azerbaijan. Add to this that within a few days of this leak Israel found it necessary to publicly admit they had pulled most, if not all, of their covert operatives out from Iran due to fears that their existence and operations had become compromised. No mention was given as to what caused Israel to fear that their actions had been compromised or who may have been responsible necessitating this drastic move.

The reality behind this phenomenon is actually far more troubling than the result. American Jews, especially those on the left, have been drifting away from their traditional support for Israel and are blaming the Netanyahu Coalition Government for the lack of peace talks supporting the premise that Israel is the problem causing the breakdown in the peace process. This can be traced to the media and Obama Administration talking points supported by J-Street and many other pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel NGOs. Many American Jews have adopted the view that their liberal worldview trumps any concern or support for Israel and since the majority of those who support these leftist, liberal, progressive views also have taken oppositional stances on Israel. This forced a choice on the American Jews who have identified their Jewishness to align more with these very same political views than on the Hebrew Bible. Much like they see the American Constitution as an old, out-of-date, anachronistic, backward-looking document, they view the Hebrew Bible with much the same disdain and contempt. This is easily demonstrated by examining how American Jews view abortion, something forbidden by Torah except in the circumstance where the mother’s life is endangered, or observing the sacramental practices of their faith such as observing the rules of Kashrut, performing morning prayers with Tefillin (Phylacteries), observing and celebrating the Sabbath, and numerous other basic laws of Judaism. Visit any Synagogue on a Sabbath (Saturday) morning for prayer services and you will find the service held in a small chapel, or should they actually use the main room used to accommodate the High Holiday twice a year Jews, an almost empty room where the prayers might easily echo softly.

Their love and adoration for Israel is reflected in their loss of their heart for their faith. They have forgotten Jerusalem and no longer hold her as their primary joy. Ask these new age Jews if they remember Psalm 137 which reads,

If I forget you, O Jerusalem, May my right hand forget her skill.

May my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth

If do not remember you,

If I do not exalt Jerusalem above my chief joy.

What is unfortunate is these same Jews can recite for you the main causes of Global Climate Change and the other mantras of the left which they hold fast to as the guides for their lives. It is unfortunate but becoming a reality in the United States that the Jews have done such a marvelous job of assimilation that all too soon there will be no religious Jews left there. There will be Jews who recognize that they were born Jewish but have no idea what it means to live Jewish. And those few Jews who remember their verses and the prayers and still hold fast to their traditions, what will become of them? Simple, they will make Aliyah and no longer will they make the assimilated Jews uncomfortable.

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