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July 27, 2013

State Department Joining Palestinians to Assault Israel by Peace Process

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Last week Secretary of State Kerry exaggerating his accomplishments by announcing that the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process negotiations will resume in the next week or so in Washington DC. There are already cracks appearing in the façade of these meetings actually being about peace or to address any of the final status issues. What the upcoming talks will be addressing will be the what steps will be required presumably by both sides, though in all honesty the demands will easily exceed four-to-one in favor of the Palestinian desires, with Abbas attempting to persuade Secretary Kerry to squeeze concessions out of Israel in a concerted effort between the Palestinian representatives and the State Department. The first indications of this eventuality have already surfaced as Israel has been coerced into releasing close to one-hundred of the longest held terror prisoners from their prisons. Almost every last one of these terror prisoners have extensive Jewish blood on their hands and had been serving multiple life sentences and were among the prisoners which Israel placed on the refuse to release list when negotiating with Hamas in order to gain the release of Gilad Shalit. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has taken the step of announcing the intent to grant building tenders for one-thousand new housing units in the near future while negotiations are proceeding. Presumably this announcement is supposed to alleviate some of the doubts and pain which will be felt by many, especially the families and friends of those murdered by the to be released terrorists, when the terrorist release is formally announced and the actual names of those being freed reach the Israeli people. There have been rumors that these terrorists being released will only be the first of a series of prisoners being released with some estimates ranging as high as three-hundred-fifty prisoners over a the next few months with around one-hundred of the released including men held since before the Oslo Accords which were signed in September of 1993. This is an unprecedented concession by Prime Minister Netanyahu and crosses some definitive and hard red lines which will cost Netanyahu politically. If these terror prisoners who are released return to murder more Israelis and should no true peace result from these efforts, then Prime Minister Netanyahu may be ending his political life as many will turn against him for making a sacrifice that were understood as being beyond the cusp.


Even knowing the severity of this concession from Israel we fully expect that when the talks convene the initial thrust from the Palestinian negotiators will be to demand further concessions from Israel while the Israeli negotiators will push for taking the negotiations directly to the final status issues and the fashioning of an actual peace treaty. The Palestinians will present their demands not couched as preconditions or as demands but will claim that these are items that Israel owes the Palestinians because these were discussed previously and have become expectations that the Palestinians hold inviolable. Assuming that the Palestinian claims are to be taken as valid and truthful, Secretary Kerry has presumably given them in writing his guarantees that the borders of any Palestinian State will be fashioned using the 1949 Armistice Lines, also referred to as the 1967 Lines, as the default setting for the borders with mutually agreed land swaps to be permitted. This appears to have been a guarantee, again if it was indeed given, was provided without any consultation with the Israelis and would definitely be an indicator that Secretary Kerry may not be the impartial mediator advertised and may be more akin to being an additional negotiator for the Palestinians. This would not be all that surprising when one figures in the history of the State Department vis-à-vis Israel in the past. It was Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice who during an aside at the peace talks in Annapolis was quoted saying, “I know what it is like to hear that you cannot go on a road or through a checkpoint because you are Palestinian. I understand the feeling of humiliation and powerlessness. As a black child in the South, (she remembers) being told she could not use certain water fountains or eat in certain restaurants.” Secretary Rice included references to the Jim Crow South making parallels with the Palestinians being discriminated against and the Israelis as the majority whites of southern America of her youth. The error in her logic is simple to point out as Arab Israelis are treated equally and face the same freedoms as do Jewish and all citizens of Israel while the Palestinians are actually foreign citizens and not Israeli citizens. The vast majority of Palestinians either personally held Jordanian citizenship or their parents or ancestors held Jordanian citizenship and were disinvited by Jordan in order to allow them to claim to be Palestinians after the Six Day War placed these West Bank Palestinians into what had reverted to Israeli ownership and being called the names they held throughout history, Judea and Samaria. Palestinians are foreign citizens and thus are not given equal treatment as Israeli citizens. The more applicable comparison would be day workers from Mexico transiting in and out of the United States being stopped at the border crossing. But it is likely that if there is an existing bias from the representatives of the State Department, they are more likely to favor the Palestinians than the Israelis.


Already the Palestinians have made claims that they plan to confront the negotiations with more preconditions and expect that Secretary Kerry will assist them in realizing the meeting of their demands. It would be a very pleasant surprise if Secretary Kerry would insist that the negotiations proceed to reaching an accord on final issue items and work towards crafting a peace treaty that ends the violence and establishes a Palestinian State and satisfies as much as can be met for both sides. If both sides end up feeling equally shorted by the results, then there may be an agreement that represents an actual fair and balanced plan. Unfortunately, the most likely result will be no treaty and simply the Palestinians continuing to play the meetings and negotiations in order to force as many concessions from Israel as they are able; and when it appears that progress has been made towards an actual agreement, the Palestinians will let loose a barrage of demands they know are deal-breakers; and when Israel refuses to give them ample considerations with an honest attempt to actually give in on these preposterous demands of last refuge, as I like to call them, the Palestinians walk away, and if they follow Yasser Arafat’s modus operandi, they will start an intifada. Some examples of such are the full Right of Return for five to six million Palestinian refugees and their descendants, surrender of the entirety of Eastern Jerusalem including the Temple Mount, the Old City, the Western Wall and the Kotel Plaza surrendering any rights for a Jew to visit these and all other ancient Jewish Holy Sites, acceptance without any changes the 1949 Armistice Lines as the borders between the Palestinian State and Israel, and the right for the Palestinians to continue their resistance until the remainder of occupied lands are liberated which is another way of claiming that all of Israel is occupied Palestinian lands and they have the right to continue to use demonstrations, terrorism and other forms of resistance to liberate all the lands and if they allow any Jews to remain between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea it will be as Dhimmis living under the protection of the Islamic State. The final demand is not one they have ever presented in negotiations but is a popular claim and rallying cry utilized at demonstrations when they rally for the eventual conquest and superiority of Islam over all of what was previously Muslim lands as once lands belonged to Muslims it must always remain theirs and if lost no effort is to be spared in the reconquering of such lands. No matter if the initial negotiations are portrayed by Secretary Kerry to the press as making huge strides with peace being just around the corner, these negotiations will end with nothing to show for them except whatever concessions are squeezed out of Israel and hard feelings. The one sign that peace might be attainable will be when once and for all Israel refuses to grant concessions in exchange to sit and talk. Israel should only offer any concessions in exchange for signatures on a real and enforceable peace and nothing less. Giving concessions even to please the United States mediators in order to facilitate negotiations is a waste of position and signals the weakness of desperation which will only lead to more concessions but never to peace or truthful, honest dealings.


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