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December 23, 2015

November 6, 2012

Let’s Not Talk American Elections

Instead, how about a wish list for after the elections and Inauguration Day as to things we would like to see from the next Congress and the Administration. There must be a list of things we would like to see that would be a pleasant change or new innovation over the current state of affairs or recent history. I, for one, would really think it would be rather nice for the United States Congress to pass a budget through both houses, especially with some encouragement and pressures from the Presidency. Then it would be an even greater surprise to have such a budget signed and actually be stuck with and spending to stay within the given limits. See, isn’t this fun. There surely have to be tons of other things we can add to the list and if I miss anything you might be wanting, then please add it in a comment. And now for a few more items we were able to put together.


It would be nice to have the United States be a leader in the world again, but not any of this leading from behind or being the cowboy on his high horse brandishing guns. Rather could we please have the United States lead by example, showing the world good management of government power and spending. Further responsible actions by the United States could include rewarding those who contribute to world peace, harmony and practice human rights while withdrawing trade and other economic interactions with those countries who act with malice and belligerence with their neighbors; spread terror and threats throughout their regions; deny their citizens their human rights, dignity, and pursuit of freedom and prosperity free of governmental interference with all laws established in an effort towards equal treatment for all and respect for all religions, races, genders and private proclivities.


It would be a difficult and daunting journey but worth the efforts to restore feelings of brotherhood and wellbeing between the different political factions within the United States and finally dismiss the tensions and distrust which have been the defining emotions of the 21st Century thus far. There has been way too much animosity which definitely was evident from the number of commentators and spokespeople who often raged with flaming passions spiting fire and insult with every breath. It was evident even in the manner in which the news often was tainted more with high handed use of attitudes in place of simple facts. Hopefully we can soon watch the news expecting truthful information instead of the politicized propaganda that has been passed for news in the race to the elections. May we soon return to having one country where differences are discussed and not bandied as cries and hostilities. Basically, can we have a grace period replete with calm and pleasantries for a change.


Perhaps desiring the world, or even just the United States to turn from the bundle of puzzling inconsistencies and weird, unpredictable unknowns ruling our lives transforming into something that makes sense and offer an obvious and clear path forward is asking far too much, but if we don’t at least request we will never acquire such a world. May the voices of the least among us no longer be lost in the cacophonous din and instead ring clearly and be answered. If we could just have the actions of our leaders have a calming effect and the government at all levels no longer inflict calamity upon our lives. And lastly, can those who speak for us and to us speak plainly and no longer couch hidden meanings and speak in circles obscuring true intentions within doubletalk and newspeak. Plain, straight talk with sincerity and heartfelt compassions steeped in truth become the language of government such that they deal in a straightforward manner full of honesty and good tidings. Think of the joyousness and benefits which could be a new normalcy if we could just have a nation that lives up to the founding Principles of the United States.


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