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January 15, 2019

America and the World at Pivotal and Vital Crossroads


The direction and future of the United States of America will be decided in the next two decades with each election telling the direction the nation will choose. We have all heard that there are two Americas, one cosmopolitan in the major cities and the other a rural-religious sector. These two sectors are at odds with one another. The cosmopolitans of the cities favor a more nihilist view that everything is relative and no one culture is superior to any other. Through this view, they favor universalism and the eventual submission of the Constitution to world bodies and singular world governance. The rural religious have exactly the opposite view seeing the United States Constitution as the bedrock upon which the nation rests. They believe, as did the founding fathers, that the Judeo-Christian roots upon which the United States was built and became the powerful nation that she is are a necessary component through which the Constitution is supported. The divide between these two viewpoints was in full evidence in the last Presidential election in which one group swallowed their moral conviction as they found themselves looking at choosing the lesser of two evils. One candidate had a moral history, which was deplorable at best, and the other candidate had honesty issues and then, the main reason they rejected that candidate, there was the full support of the leftist, nihilist, anti-Judeo-Christian ethic and universalist views. One candidate was further rejected because of what many in their party supported while the other candidate had been rejected by much of their party, the elites, which the rural voters probably saw as advantageous.


This divide is only going to grow with the rural-religious losing eventually simply due to the population of the cities growing and rural regions slowly losing their small farmers who are being replaced by large industrial farming which can produce more food per acre and thus are better suited for survival while many farming families children are seeking higher education in order to take jobs in the cities. Within a century there will be virtually no rural-religious left except for what many will look down on referring to them as political Luddites. The eventual effect of this can be directly traced to the education system and the effect making it a national system under the control of the Deep State in Washington D.C. instructing every school what they must include in their educational curriculum. These requirements were items such as sex education, elimination of any references to religion (especially Judeo-Christian while exempting Islamic Quranic teachings), gender sensitivity, racial sensitivity, gender variations, acceptance of all forms of what had previously been considered sexual deviance, and including reading material such as “Heather Has Two Mommies” and similar material. But the curriculum of the public school system is benign when compared to the indoctrination offered as supposed higher education in the major colleges and universities. Here is where the future leaders are trained and here is where the New Age curriculum is taught with any student showing any signs of deviation from the approved teachings reprimanded and driven into compliance, silence or failed out of college or university.


Deep State

Deep State


The major institutions no longer teach critical thinking or platonic rationality but instead teach compliance with the far leftist doctrine, universality, equality of all cultures, rejection of religious belief, nihilism and condemnation of the history of the United States as being too powerful and bullying the world. They are taught that the United States was not a force for good because good is relative and thus there can never be a force for good because good means different things to different people. This has an added instructional belief that what is considered to be moral and good by Judeo-Christian ethics is false because it has oppressed people in the past and the reality is that all the other belief systems in the world which were presumably oppressed by the United States really should be given equal treatment and placed before Judeo-Christianity as that has been the main force which has destroyed much of the world. They are taught that the advanced industrial nations are only wealthy because they stole the wealth of the poor nations. Thus, it is taught that the conclusion is that the industrial world owes the third world an equal share in the wealth produced. Further, the most primitive cultures are denoted as superior as they do less harm to Gaia, the goddess of the Earth, and that the developed world has caused most of the pollution and are still responsible for the destruction of the earth. Global warming and climate change being anthropomorphic is presented as established fact and some places use Al Gores’ book, Earth in the Balance, as a text and allowed to be set as validated truth despite almost every prediction in the book having been proven false.


The youth have no record in their short lives and are unaware of how far the United States and the developed world have come in cleaning the air, water and general environment. Fortunately, we are old enough to remember smog and air quality hazard warnings and some select rivers catching fire and lakes so choked with plant life that fish could not survive. All of these have become history because the people of America demanded this of industry and they complied. Much of what the youth are taught about pollution is complete fabrication. They are taught that it was because the government forced industry to comply with air quality and water quality standards that they cleaned up their act. The reality is these regulations came after much of the cleaning up had been done and were put in place more as campaign material than as effective restrictions on industry. Yes, there were the minority who had not caught up, but major industry such as most production and power companies had met or surpassed the required standards before the legislation had even been written and many believe that the standards were written such that the vast majority of industries were already meeting them. This was actually a means of forcing smaller competitors into financial difficulty making them more easily bought out by the larger conglomerates. But many of our higher educational institutions are beholden to those same conglomerates for a large share of their funding and thus remain relatively untouchable. This is why in an economics course the company one is supposed to make ‘widgets’ and not cars or furniture.


The future of the United States is going to be a slow but inexorable slide towards universalism and in favor of single world governance. This is what is being fed to the future leaders and the election of President Trump will likely be regarded in history as an unexplainable exception where the United States rebelled against the eventual unification of the world under one governance with one religion. What religion, you ask? Well, if you must know that has yet to be decided, but it will not be Judaism or any of the various Christian faiths, they will have been discarded for something more nuanced and accepting of the masses being governed by their intellectual elite, as they are better suited for knowing what is best. The future government will be an oligarchical plutocratic meritocracy where the world is governed by an extensive group of bureaucratic departments which are controlled loosely by the usual power brokers, the wealthy, the major corporations and a selection of self-appointed oligarchs. Elections will be meaningless as no matter who the people elect in their local elections, those elected leaders will be compelled to perform under strict guidance from those in the overriding international bureaucracy who have been determined to know what everyone needs and they will control production, distribution and all of the levers of power. Any local elected group who attempts to exercise independent rule will simply be starved into compliance by strictly regulating food, energy or any other vital necessity. This exercise of totalitarian control will not be intended to force these recalcitrant elected leaders to comply but to persuade the electorate that these people are unsuitable to hold elected office.


There will be a few select regions or even some nations, which will refuse to participate in this overarching governance and will demand their independence and self-reliance. They will have to give some power to the world governance in order to trade with them and thus receive those materials, be they raw material for production, produced material, foods that are not native to their region and other specifics. There may even be states which decide that they would be better off ruling themselves and since the United States Constitution will have become nothing more than a museum piece on display at the National Archives alongside Ross Perot’s copy of the Magna Carta which he will possibly leave them in his will, so there will be nothing preventing their secession. Truthfully, even under the Constitution a state is permitted to choose to secede from the United States as the states joined the nation voluntarily and are permitted to exit should they choose. The Civil War always comes up when this is taught. President Abraham Lincoln was very likely the most unconstitutional President the nation ever had as he all but threw the Constitution aside for the duration of the Civil War otherwise he would have had to allow the South to secede and be the Confederated States of America. If you were to ask us which state might choose to go their own way, we can name two, Alaska and Wyoming as both of these states have populations which are ferociously independent simply because of the conditions in these two states demands total-self-reliance. As for countries which will probably remain outside any world government, that is a far more difficult question. Possibly Israel might decide it would be better to go it alone for two basic reasons, first it would be impossible to remain the Jewish State and also be included in the world governance. The Vatican would also remain independent though they would probably demand a seat at the table. India and China have the populations and the ability to feed their own people such that they might demand some level of independence. Other than these, your guess would likely be better than ours.


The world religion would be required to allow for two things, a totalitarian style rule by the chosen elite and without any deistic or divine entity, as the all-powerful being will be the super-world-state governance which will be a bureaucratic nightmare yet will mange to function despite itself. If the framers of the system which will eventually be installed are intuitive and intelligent, they will make sure to allow for some amount of freedom at the more local levels. The problem is even if such is in the initial design, over time the bureaucracy at the top will usurp that power and steal any independence they originally maintained. Eventually this governance will fail and the world will break again into regional nations with the added change that there will be a trend towards greater cooperation as after the years under a single governance there will be less differences between the separate regions. Then again, the future could also hold a coming of World War III and we will all be thrown back to the Stone Age with small pockets of people surviving the conflagrations which will result. Either way, the freedoms which many currently enjoy is going to be taken from their children and their children one way or the other.


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December 23, 2018

Steps to Real Israeli Deterrence

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Establishing deterrence has been a topic of debate amongst the Israeli leadership. There is one main problem, and that is the fact that currently the Prime Minister is also the Defense Minister as well as holding two other Ministerial positions making him almost a majority all by himself. Israel is currently in a frightful position as it appears that Prime Minister/Defense Minister/almost the entire government in a person Bibi Netanyahu has been struck with a dreaded condition we refer to as Galutitis, which is defined as being frozen to inaction over an overbearing fear of what others will think or possibly react. In the case of Netanyahu, his fears appear to be over what the Europeans will think, say or do. He is so tuned into what the world including the always-oppositional United Nations and its numerous appendage organizations, that he freezes when the time comes to approve military action. The result has been that he orders the military to use roof knockers, to allow everyone in a location to be struck time to depart the building, that includes the terrorists and their leadership, so that when the building is struck, not a single hair on anyone’s head is even singed. So Hamas launches rockets which in the last barrage did kill one Palestinian Arab living in Israel illegally, karma, and did cause a degree of damage while the IDF struck a number of Hamas structures resulting in virtually no casualties. Hamas aims to murder as many civilians and had one shell recently land in a kindergarten a mere twenty minutes before it opened to tens of children, and Israel does everything possible to only strike empty buildings. This is not the means to establishing any deterrence.


So, what would it take to establish a serious deterrence which would allow for Israel to feel a prolonged period or possibly even permanent peace? That is a sticky proposition. When the main aim if those who are attacking you is to die in the process such that they gain immortality in their next life with seventy-two raven haired perpetual virgins and endless wine which does not ever make one ill but simply provides a pleasant sensation where there are streams, waterfalls and fields of grass in a pleasant atmosphere and every day is perfect; then threatening their lives does nothing as death is their ultimate goal after killing as many innocents as possible. This is often why terrorists refuse to surrender and start shooting at an entire platoon of IDF soldiers simply to get to the virgins and perfect lush green land with streams and waterfall. This fact that the terrorists often enter into their attacks hoping to end up dead and there have been a fair number who would continue attacking even after police or IDF forces came upon the scene often charging at the armed official personnel screaming “Allahu Akbar” with their weapon in the ready attempting to be shot and killed. Some, even after being shot and injured and caught being surrounded by IDF soldiers all of whom are armed only to have these injured terrorists jump to their feet and attack the soldiers repeatedly for as long as they are physically able in their attempt to be killed and sent to a better life. The problem Israel faces is how to deter people to whom death is a desired end. This is the dilemma facing Israeli leadership and is not going to be an easy one to find a solution as threats to the actual terrorists will be absolutely useless as there exists no threat which would actually deter their attacking Israelis, and often Israeli unarmed civilians.


Since the terrorists are seeking immortality in the next life which they are told they will be guaranteed such rewards should they die while attempting or actually murdering Israeli civilians, guaranteeing that any terrorist caught in the act will not be taken into custody but instead will be shot dead at the scene of their attack would probably encourage more rather than less terrorism. What should Israel threaten, that they will catch all terrorists and treat them with kid gloves and place them in a place where we will keep them well fed and medically treated such that they have a long life in this world? Obviously, Israel is going to have to think outside the box, so to speak, and find something which the terrorists will fear sufficiently such that they will be forced to think twice before committing any acts of terror. Israel attempted house demolition which the Palestinian Authority (PA) answered by building new homes right where the destroyed house used to sit. The PA has also promised to provide the terrorist, should they survive, or their family, should they succeed in reaching that life after with or without the promised virgins and perfect green and water-filled world, a salary based on the numbers of Israelis killed and other particular bonuses for certain other delineated options, which is greater than the average salary of PA employees, for the rest of their lives or as long as the PA continues to be so generously funded by Western nations, particularly European nations and the European Union. In Gaza, the economy is in such a state that unless you are in the business of smuggling items for Hamas and Islamic Jihad or other support of their terrorist war, that you are left living a life destitute simply because the governance is a terrorist group which diverts virtually all the provisions, materials provided for infrastructure and cash flow into their terrorist endeavors such as building tunnels within Gaza, infiltration tunnels into Israel which get destroyed, rocket production, mortar production and whatever is the most recent terror weapons which has established an upper class. The terrorist efforts which is the main goal of Hamas and Islamic Jihad takes virtually all of the economic production leaving nothing for a healthy working class in Gaza so the people have mostly lost hope and simply follow the government line that their poverty is caused by Israel and only by destroying Israel and murdering the Jews will their lives improve. To the north, Hezballah is funded and armed by Iran and attacks Israel when ordered to do so by Iran and for that there is no deterrence unless the fanatic leadership in Iran can be threatened, and even that is not necessarily guaranteed that it would work.


If at this point you are thinking that each of the three terror fronts poses different forms of threat, each with its own formula and that none of them could be deterred by any of the normal routes which have proven to be deterrents in the past, you are quite perceptive. There is only one thread which runs through all three threats, they are in specific regions and all their eggs are pretty much in one or two baskets for each group. Hang with us as we build this up and assemble the only means that Israel has to deter aggressions against her people and secure her borders. The first threat which should be addressed should be either the threat in Gaza from Hamas and Islamic Jihad or the threat in the Shomron where the PA governs. The first thing one need recognize is that both of these zones are ruled by terrorist groups despite what Britain’s Jeremy Corbyn says. The first fact which need be established is what were the intended borders for the Jewish State derived from the 1922 San Remo Conference and agreements reached between the British and the Zionist Congress to permit for the Arab state of Jordan east of the Jordan River and the Jewish State of Israel west of the Jordan River before the British gifted the Golan Heights to the French Mandate region giving it to Syria and denying it to Israel. The best way to establish this is to show the map below which shows exactly what we are describing. Any final determination which actually will provide Israel with defensible borders and fulfill the promises made between the two World Wars in a number of treaties, will serve to provide additional security for Israel. With this understanding of the reality under International Law and enforceable by the United Nations under Article 80 of their Charter where they assumed the responsibility for the establishment of the Mandate systems established after World War I by the League of Nations, can guide the final determinations as to what borders are required satisfying all the necessary requirements. All of this is easily proven and does not recognize any additional Arab state west of the Jordan River or in Gaza and under these established laws, while there must be no interference in the religious, economic and numerous other rights of the Arabs residing within the Jewish State, the rules of these treaties allows Israel to refuse them political rights. This means that while Israel must be as cordial and allow the Arabs and any others who are not Jewish to continue with their lives largely unaltered, Israel is not required to permit them to have the vote and could do as they have allowed the Arab communities to rule themselves in local areas but not have the vote in national elections, this is how the Arabs are in the annexed eastern Jerusalem, they can vote in Jerusalem elections but not in Israeli national elections. Now to discuss the deterrence which must be found if Israel and the surrounding Arabs can find some way of coexistence without either side attempting to murder the others.


Map of the lands promised to the Zionist Congress and inviolable and sacrosanct for all time by Great Britain and the League of Nations as an addendum to the Mandate System which makes this promise also enforceable by the United Nations and considered equal to a treaty through Article 80 of the United Nations Charter. This was also considered as an element incorporated to the San Remo Conference which is also applicable in modern times.

Map of the lands promised to the Zionist Congress and inviolable and sacrosanct for all time by Great Britain and the League of Nations as an addendum to the Mandate System which makes this promise also enforceable by the United Nations and considered equal to a treaty through Article 80 of the United Nations Charter. This was also considered as an element incorporated to the San Remo Conference which is also applicable in modern times.


The initial step to forming a safe and secure Israel comes from responding to any assault upon the body of Israel such that it ends any threat from the region which is causing the distress. For argument sake, this paragraph we will be looking at Gaza and addressing the PA in the next paragraph. Eventually, even if Israel completely ignores all else and continues providing electricity and natural gas to Gaza despite their not paying for these provisions, Hamas or Islamic Jihad will be ordered by Iran to launch attacks on Israel. Upon the second, no later than the third, day of rockets raining down upon innocent Israelis and regardless of whether they are striking only in the Negev Desert or have the temerity to strike Tel Aviv, Haifa and/or Jerusalem, Israel should announce an ultimatum that if the launching of projectiles, even including the incendiary balloons and kites, does not completely halt by sundown, then the people of Gaza may not see the next sunrise. When one of these ultimatums is ignored, which actually will probably be the first time, then Israel should completely destroy every site used by the terrorists, destroy every rocket making machine shop, level the homes of every Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders’ homes, destroy the mall, the water park, the fancy restaurants and everything which those who live comfortably off of the terror war treasure and then the next morning make the final announcement. The final announcement will be simple, the population of Gaza has to decide what they want. If they wish to remain, then they will accept Israeli law and rule living in peace, then they will feel the benefit of real governance which is not based on terrorism and the destruction of Israel at the cost of the people and their futures. Those who wish to depart and begin their lives elsewhere, Israel will provide a small incentive to assist with their beginning anew. The amount could arguably be anything from twenty-five-hundred dollars to as much as twenty-thousand dollars, using dollars so that the currency would be accepted anywhere on the planet, and we promise not to chase after you. Finally, anyone who refuses both offers and plan on continuing the terror war, know that Israel will solve these threats in a biblical manner. For those who are unsure what that means, it means we will come and kill you, your family, your animals, your vehicles, your home, your business and those of your family and all those who assisted you and their families. That might provide an idea that Israel has decided the war from Gaza must end and are taking back the area as we were promised we could by the world when in 2005 we disengaged from Gaza to provide the Palestinian Arabs a chance to prove they could live in peace and instead they gave us terror wars and no peace. The entirety of the leadership of the various terror groups, should they survive the night, will be sent packing with a warning that should they return, they will be shot on sight.


In the Shomron where the PA believes that, they were promised that Israel could be forced back within the Green Line by the Oslo Accords. That is about as wrong headed as they could misinterpret what was stated. The region was divided into three regions, Area A, Area B, and Area C. Area A was recognized as belonging to the PA and where they would rule without Israeli assistance or interference unless they desired such. Area C was to be given for Israeli settlement and to become part of Israel. Area B was the region where cooperative rule was the case and was the region where borders were to be determined with the PA and Israel each being able to claim parts of that region. Even before anything further comes along, Israel needs to annex all of Area C leaving Areas A and B and even small regions of Area C such that these regions are interconnected making a smooth border between what is Israel and leave the remainder to the PA. This should be done immediately as it would provide a wake-up call for the leadership of the PA, also known as Mahmoud Abbas, that Israel was done with his games and the false negotiations which has been used to drive Israel from lands which are legally hers. The reality is that all of these areas belong to Israel under International Law unless Israel officially disengages from the land in permanence, something which Oslo Accords was not establishing. Should the PA through their various means of instigating a general uprising, usually incited with claims that the Jews are destroying the Dome of the Rock or desecrating the al-Aqsa Mosque just as Mahmoud Abbas did causing the stabbing Intifada using the video below, then Israel would be required to act. Such announcements are used by Mahmoud Abbas and the other leadership of the PA use to cause an uprising which they then claim is completely caused by Israel. Upon such instigation in the future, Israel need warn Mahmoud Abbas that Israel will no longer tolerate such instigations fomenting terrorist violence. Should he continue or allow the leadership to continue to foment terrorism, then Israel should simply remove all of those who are part and parcel of the PLO and other terrorist functions in their regions. Israel could then inform the leadership and security forces of the PA, should they persist in their calling for violence and the death of Israelis, they will no longer be welcomed within the borders of Israel which does include their regions. Then, should they ignore that last warning, the final warning is that they have until sunset to leave Israel including all the lands west of the Jordan River or they will be eliminated. That night, the IDF under guidance and direction of the Israeli intelligence, they should arrest all of the leadership of the PA, PLO, Fatah and the security forces simply eliminating all of those who resist. The next morning we would then place these leaders on an aircraft and take them to a prearranged foreign nation where they would be allowed to take refuge knowing that should they ever set foot within Israel ever again, they will be shot dead. Then the remainder of the people of the PA will be provided the same options as were described be given in Gaza. Israel should also offer the same incentive for anyone living in Israel who would rather live elsewhere.



Hezballah in Lebanon is a completely different situation as they are the military anti-Israel and anti-Zionist solution and continuous threat to Israel. Hezballah follows pretty much the same rules and follow the same usage as does the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) with the one basic difference being that the IRGC is used to perform attacks anywhere in the world such as the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina building bombing in Buenos Aires (see image below). The IRGC is also suspected of the bombing of the Israeli embassy in the same time period in Buenos Aires. As Hezballah is located in Lebanon, they are not in lands which were in any way promised Israel. Their attacks, as they are now a major part of the governance in Lebanon, are now also a state of war between the two nations. Additionally, the United Nations Security Council established and empowered UNIFIL to establish and enforce a demilitarized zone in southern Lebanon in order to end the threat from Hezballah and prevent their establishing bases and attack formations along the Israel border. A simple answer is that they absolutely failed and should be removed before they are used by Hezballah as human shields for their command and control bunkers which many are built adjacent to UNIFIL offices and depots. Past Hezballah usage of civilian housing from which to launch rockets, for ambush sites and storage of munitions, rockets and other equipment necessary for their attacks conveys their propensity which infers that they would use the UNIFIL forces as human shields. Since the UNIFIL presence is in no way any deterrence to Hezballah actions along the border and in the future could become human shields, they should be removed and declared a failure. This would be wise as a means of preserving their lives and cutting the cost of an otherwise useless effort.


Results of the July 18, 1994 AMIA Bombing in Buenos Aries

Results of the July 18, 1994 AMIA Bombing in Buenos Aries


Hezballah is currently armed with one-hundred-fifty-thousand rockets and, using Iranian provided guidance packages, have started altering their larger rockets into guided missiles. Any provocation by Hezballah need be taken up initially with the government of Lebanon. They would need to be told that they are responsible for preventing attacks by Hezballah from their territory. Israel should then issue a declaration of war against Hezballah and Lebanon as a response to provocations coming from within Lebanon. The reason for declaring the war on both parties is due to the fact that they are inseparable and in order to fight Hezballah, it becomes necessary for Israel to attack much of Lebanon south of the Litany River, the Bekaa Valley as well a southern Beirut as all of these are regions used by Hezballah. Israel should also inform Hassan Nasrallah, the promoted leader of Hezballah, that he will be one of the first targets which Israel will strike. He probably believes that because he almost never comes above ground that Israel does not know where he is hiding, he should not be feeling so safe. When it comes to Hezballah, there would be no use using the same offers used for Gaza and the PA region as the members of Hezballah are in the pay of Iran and chose to exist solely for the sake of the destruction of Israel upon orders from Iran. There is no means of deterrence possible concerning Hezballah because they are an arm of the Iranian military world forces and they are dedicated to destroying Israel, a similar desire as their Quds Force which is dedicated to the capture of Jerusalem. With Hezballah, there are no incentives which would influence their actions as they are under orders as they come from Tehran and the Iranian government, specifically their Supreme Leader Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. When the time comes that Iran turns Hezballah loose on Israel, the only choice Israel will need make is whether they desire expanding this coming war which is unavoidable, should they also take out as much of Iranian leadership as is readily attainable. As far as Hezballah is concerned, Israel should use all the force which is readily available for targeting Hezballah positions throughout Lebanon, Syria and anywhere else they may be located even to include Iraq. Once the entirety, or as close as humanly possible, of Hezballah forces, rockets, launchers, weapons stores, manufacturing and other infrastructure has been utterly destroyed, then Israel will need to face Iran and either extend the war to include Iran and their leadership, their military locations (especially the IRGC bases) and anything which does not cause the people to pay a price as they are not the enemies of Israel. Were we the ones who made these decisions, we would probably advise Iran that we have identified those responsible for the causing of the war with Hezballah and that perhaps they had made a potentially fatal mistake. Then we would select the most fanatical of those people and allow for them to have some terrible accidents. But any conflict with Hezballah need to be fought as a war between two nations, as Hezballah has already stated that they control the military of Lebanon. Israel could inform the Lebanese military that those forces which remained in stand down they would not be attacked but as soon as they appeared to be taking action, they would be targeted. Hezballah must not have any of its leadership and none of its military equipment surviving any conflict down to the last bullet. It needs to be a complete war with no quarter given from the very beginning as Hezballah has grown into an existential threat to Israel and as such, it cannot be permitted to have any abilities remaining from which to rebuild, period.


The final word on deterrence for Israel, that comes down to announcing a policy of no quarter for those who try to harm our people. The next step is to follow through completely on that promise. The price of targeting Israel must be made very expensive for any party which decides to target Israel. The tamping out flare-ups attempting to do the least amount of damage and completely avoid casualties of our enemies has proven completely ineffective. Continuing in this exact same scenario while our enemies continue to gain abilities to cause us more and more harm and casualties, then Israel will eventually be facing threats which will surpass anything we are capable of surviving. We have seen this with the continual increase in the threats from Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezballah to such a point that they each may not be capable of destroying Israel, but should all our enemies combine their forces, then the survival of Israel could be challenged. That is why Israel must take the stand that we will no longer suffer these malevolent threats with benign responses. We must meet force with far greater force and threats with total destruction such that none of these threats survives their attempts to cause us such threats. Never Again used to have meaning and it is time to return to such an approach to the threats out in the world as they are only going to grow with time, so it has come time that Israel return to the motto of Never Again.


Beyond the Cusp


November 15, 2018

Looking at Gaza and What Was Learned


What was learned is actually yet to be learned. Outside of Israel, very few will ever acknowledge any knowledge they gain as time passes. How do we know this? That is easy, they have yet to learn what the average Israeli, even many in the most insular of places such as Tel Aviv, already know and their leaders pretend that these facts do not exist. This knowledge is that the Hamas threat, backed by Islamic Jihad and Iran, just as the threat from Hezballah in the north, will continue to threaten the people of Israel until our leaders simply take their nerve and act instead of postponing the inevitable which only gains levels of danger each time it is permitted to continue to exist. When Hamas first took control of Gaza by ousting the Palestinian Authority and murdering virtually every member of Fatah left behind, their greatest ability was to launch rockets almost reaching five to ten kilometers into Israel threatening the closest towns, cities, villages and kibbutzim. This range and the corresponding size of the warheads has grown more deadly between every confrontation to the point where today they can strike as far as Jerusalem and Haifa which includes all of the Tel Aviv metropolitan region and the vast majority of the heart of Israeli production, power generation and residential regions. Their threat is only exceeded by Hezballah and Iran, while Hamas will continue to build and extend their threats which may soon be capable to strike anywhere in Israel. Just as Hezballah in the north can strike Eilat at the southernmost tip of Israel, Hamas will soon be capable of striking the furthest point from Gaza, the Golan Heights. The average Israeli realizes that the threat from out of Gaza has become a threat to every person in Israel, yet the political class is refusing to face the threat and be rid of it, once and for all. Instead, they brag about having brought quiet while Israelis know that they appear to the rest of the Middle East to have whimpered away from confronting Hamas and the people in Gaza are dancing and celebrating their cowing of their nemesis. Israelis are, in all too many cases, picking up from the attack, mourning their losses, recovering from wounds while some have lost everything. The Gazans are dancing in the streets, passing out sweets, lighting bonfires and whooping it up in glorious celebration of their great victory. It does not take a genius to figure out which side feels like victors and which feel closer to the vanquished.


In Israel, we witnessed the limitation of a political class more interested in avoiding any severe conflicts and preventing any larger loss of life. Their aim is not so much to win, but to not suffer any losses which can be brought up in the coming elections and having to answer probing questions. What they were considering in their seven-hour plus Security Cabinet debates was how they could survive the onslaught by Hamas and Islamic Jihad rockets, mortars and attempts at border infiltrations without using the IDF and ending it as quickly as they were able no matter the price in pride and projecting power which might prevent the next attack. By ending the rocket attacks by any means necessary and relying upon the Iron Dome to prevent most of the attacks from striking within populated regions minimizing loss of life, property damage and the things which can be utilized against them in the coming elections. Any attack from Meretz or the Zionist Union claiming that a Likud government was far too timid in their response is easily countered by claiming that the threat of IDF incursion was used behind the scenes to end the attacks as fast as possible thus projecting competence relying on short memories by the average voters. We all understand that the vast majority of people vote for the same party election after election, even those who make a show of their considering other parties seeming to be honestly pained in their considerations before voting for the same party as always. This has kept much of the power structure intact for approaching a decade with all the appearances of continuing. The announcement that the Security Cabinet reached their decision by a unanimous vote was another part of Israeli politics where by putting out that the entirety of the Security Cabinet agreed to the actions, or lack of actions, places the blame or credit evenly amongst all the parties in the coalition such that none can claim of their being holdouts who demanded a different action than the one taken.


After the Security Cabinet broke their confab and announced their ‘unanimous’ decision to agree to the demands to end, the protestations came by select members of the Security Cabinet claiming that the decision was anything but unanimous. Their party membership is left to decide for themselves whether their leadership weathered the insistence from those pressing for compromise and conflict avoidance very likely backing the meeting chair, Bibi Netanyahu, and the members of Likud who were chosen for their ability to add gravitas to their party chair so as to impose his will on the other members. We can be fairly sure that the length of the meeting was primarily due to two competing reasons. The first and most obvious is it takes time to repeat the same arguments over and over ad-nauseum until the outliers finally caved and settled to agree rather than continue a fruitless fight. The second is that while the meeting drags on, those pressing for not acting militarily know that the United Nations and Egypt, along with whomever else feels like piling on, are waging their negotiating tools to end the Hamas and Islamic Jihad rocket assault. We are still in the dark as to exactly what Egypt and possibly Qatar may have offered to Hamas and Islamic Jihad or potentially Iran in order to end the rocket barrages. There is a very good chance that this will never be known by the general public and we are going to have to simply hope that nothing was demanded from Israel in concessions.


What the Israeli people hopefully learned is that their leadership is not necessarily the most effective leadership. What they still do not know is whether the temerity is on the part of their political class, their military leadership or both. The one thing they do know is that they cannot do very much about the military without first shaping their political choices in the manner they wish their military leadership to assume. This is due to the reality that the political leadership often decides who becomes the leaders in the military though the military does make the offers for who they believe are up for promotion. One of the difficulties in Israel for change is that both the politics and the military leadership are much like the Supreme Court, self-replicating in the choice of who can be offered to assume leadership. The Supreme Court has a large influence in the choices made for new Justices; the Military controls the promotions and often prevent any who are not supportive of the current command in reaching the rank of general, and with Israeli politics moribund by the limitations of their form of parliamentary governance, until the election of Prime Minister is taken from the President choosing which party forms the coalition and allows for the popular election of the Prime Minister, then Israel can expect politics as usual. Israelis main choice is between leftists, who propose the Two-State Solution as the miracle cure which by granting the Palestinian Arabs a state of their own their desire to murder Jews will miraculously come to an abrupt halt, or the right, where they claim they will prevent the establishment of any Palestinian terror state specifically on the heights overlooking Tel Aviv along the Green Line and through strength prevent rocket attacks such as what just transpired. In any coming elections, the left will run on their ability to pacify the Palestinian Arabs by granting them a state of their own completely free of any Israeli interventions and international recognition, something Abbas has been establishing rather well on his own except he is unable to establish borders, for now. On the other side is the right which will claim they lead through strength and will actually point to this recent rocket assault and claim their working through strength was why the attacks did not linger on for a week or longer. They will also largely run on their opposition to the Two-State Solution and their protecting Israel from the founding of a terror state within which there could be no intelligence gathering by the IDF and any intervention would become an invasion of an actual nation which could then bring condemnation through not merely the United Nations, the media and numerous European governments and others but could include imposition of sanctions imposed by the World Courts which would condemn Israel as an aggressive government refusing to recognize the legitimate borders of another country.


We learned yesterday that Avigdor Lieberman, leader of Yisrael Beiteinu, resigned from his position of Defense Minister, removed the party from the coalition and is demanding new elections. His demand is mostly posturing unless he can get another party to leave the coalition as he joined the coalition late after it was in existence and thus had the necessary sixty-one plus Knesset Ministers, thus the coalition is simply returning to their original slim majority. Whether his announcement will do anything beyond possibly bring his party additional support whenever elections do come is yet to be seen. There will be no rush to elections at this time with the memory of the rockets so fresh in Israelis minds and their having some trepidation of being under threat still fresh. Lieberman is resigning in order to place a huge exclamation point on his claims that he disagreed with the Security Cabinet and that the decision was at the very least one Minister short of unanimous. Lieberman has been talking up ending the border riots by invading Gaza and sweeping all of the terror production, rocket stores and other weapons while also collapsing the entirety of the tunnel and bunker systems which interconnect much of Gaza underground while arresting the leadership of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other related terror supporters. Lieberman’s protestations fell upon deaf ears, specifically the closed ears of Prime Minister Netanyahu who appears determined not to alter the threat conditions which have made him able to appear to be the only leader capable of addressing these threats. Netanyahu has spent quite some effort in appearing to be unafraid of using the IDF should any of the threats along the Israeli borders attack. That is currently in doubt within the Israeli public, and not just because Lieberman claimed he did not agree with doing nothing and called for an intervention to punish Hamas and Islamic Jihad and possibly even retaking Gaza completely placing it under Israeli rule. It is also not because Lieberman left the coalition punctuating his denial but because we also had denial of agreement over the choice by Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked, both from Jewish Home. This begs the question of who was the individual who released the statement that the Security Cabinet had reached a unanimous agreement on accepting the Hamas and Islamic Demands that they be permitted to continue launching rockets to around 3:30 or possibly a little past, they claimed they would stop when they could on or around 3:30 which resulted in closer to somewhat after 4:00, while Israel was to stand down immediately and if not, then Hamas and Islamic Jihad would end their barrages somewhat later, or not, or, well, they would let us know. The end of the rocket barrages turned out to be relatively soon after the promised time and Israel remained in their reserved stand-down posture. That was the great deal after a seven-hour debate which was imposed by the United Nations and Egypt, and we are told that this was our government keeping us safe. Why are we not so much comforted?


Dead Falcon Found in Tree with Twine and Incendiary Device Attached

Dead Falcon Found in Tree with Twine and Incendiary Device Attached


The good news is that once the rockets stopped we have had relative quiet. Why do we say relative quiet? Well, because there is still the difficulty, the challenge, the peaceful protests according to the European Union and other places which are not exactly friends of Israel, what we call the violent rioting which has launched thousands of kites and balloons with incendiary devices attached which has laid waste to great swaths of southern lands which border Gaza in Israel. Farms have lost their entire crop for this year to the flames. Entire areas of our forests have been turned to charred remains. Wildlife reserves have been equally ruined by infernos which killed unknown numbers of wildlife. The image above was one of the attempts to fly incendiary devices even further into Israel by attaching them to birds; in this case, the unfortunate victim was a falcon. Realize what this actually bespeaks, that these terrorists of Hamas and Islamic Jihad have absolutely no respect for life, human life, wildlife, any life which is in any way different than themselves. Their main speciality is destruction over construction. The main efforts that are manifest in Gaza is their rockets and the launchers as well as their tunnels under the border into Israel which, if Israel misses in detecting one, are to be utilized for kidnapping Israelis to hold hostage or for insertion of terrorist teams to maraud across parts of Israel destroying everything they are capable and murdering whomever they run across during their infiltration. The most frustrating reality about this situation is that the community of nations insists that Israel must continually live with terrorists perched on her borders with one idea in their heads, the complete destruction of Israel murdering the entire population in the process. These are terrorists which every other nation murders freely because terrorism is an aberration which is against civil society and thus must be eradicated for normalcy to exist in any society. Despite that being the rule of the world, Israel is denied their right to self-defense, even against terrorists. This will continue to exist for only as long as the Israeli government continues to have what we Jews refer to as the ‘ghetto mentality’ where we care more for what even our enemies and those who desire us dead care and say that doing what any normative people, person, nations would do in the exact same situation. What is required in Israel is political leadership which has a normal fighter attitude where they will do what is necessary to produce an atmosphere of normalcy and where threats are opposed with absolute resoluteness and the certainty that such will result in military responses forcing an end to all threats through strength and deterrent. Unfortunately, the leaders we have today are not all that different from the ones Moses had to march around the wastelands of the desert for forty years until a new generation had been raised which know not slavery, or in our case, the ghettos where Jews walked in fear, and had the resolution to do what needed be done. May this day arrive in our lifetime such that we can see our blossoming into a normative nation and these terrorist entities will be vanquished should they so much as look at us askance.


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