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May 25, 2017

Imagine Britain Making Peace with ISIS


Imagine Britain Making Peace with ISIS or Europe Making Peace with the Refugees
and then Answer why Israel Need Sacrifice for Arabs Against the Promises of the World?

Imagine if the United Nations, European Union, United States, Russia, China and many European nations gathered with British Prime Minister Theresa May and Islamic State (ISIS) Leader Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi invited in order to reach an agreement ending the differences between them and ending the terror such as the suicide bombing at Manchester this week which murdered over twenty youths and injured more than fifty more. Assuming that all the Islamic State is actually interested in is the Southwestern Shores with South London as their Capital City. The Southwestern Shores includes Southwest and Southeast England, West Midlands, and Wales (see map below). Currently the Islamic areas have been limited to cantons separated from one another leading to many being left under governance which has no relevance to their needs and way of life. The demand for the unification of these areas for Islamic rule separated from the normative British rule of law allowing for Sharia in these areas. This will require some transfer of populations and these Islamic areas should be free of all others and the Muslims will all be required to relocate within their newly found state. The British should be old hat at such measures and executing such a transfer after managing something very similar when establishing the nation of Pakistan for the Muslims separated from India as a means of settling the violence between the different religions and meeting the Muslim demands for their own region, their own nation. Such a settlement would allow for two countries for two peoples living side-by-side in peace and security. The terrorism and fighting must be addressed and ended once and for all. The attacks like the bombing in Manchester are a cry by an oppressed minority facing an Apartheid like treatment by an oppressive regime in which they have little chance of having their needs addressed. The tearing apart of the two societies must be brought to an end and an equitable settlement reached. These attacks are but an expression by the Islamic minority simply crying for their own area in which they can rule themselves. The numerous attacks do not need to be listed, but still some should be remembered such as the London Underground and Bus Bombing of July 7, 2005; the Glasgow International Airport attack of June 30, 2007; the Beheading of British Soldier Lee Rigby of May 22, 2013 and the recent Westminster Bridge with Palace of Westminster’s Houses of Parliament Entrance vehicle ramming and stabbing attacks which happened recently on March 22, 2017 just to list some of the most horrifically memorable. Time has come to address the base problems, which are the root causes for these attacks, and a fair and equitable solution must be reached. British Prime Minister Theresa May and Islamic State (ISIS) Leader Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi must meet face-to-face and discuss their differences and as a signal that the British are truly interested in making peace, all Islamic fighters held in British prisons should be released such that when peace has been reached, there will be no outstanding issues and this will be a signal of the British desire for peace and an equal settlement for both peoples. Of course al-Baghdadi would continue to claim he intends on conquering the world, which would include all of Britain.


Islamic State and British Isle Two States Side-by-Side Living in Peace and Security

Islamic State and British Isle
Two States Side-by-Side
Living in Peace and Security


Yes, this is as ridiculous as requesting that the European union give the refugees their own nation consisting of Greece and surrounding areas in the Balkans and Southeastern Europe for the influx of refugees to settle where they can rule themselves and the remainder of Europe for the remaining Europeans (see map below). This solution leaves many major European nations such as Poland, Germany, Spain, France and the Scandinavian nations as European continuity remaining intact such that the European Union can retain the cross border integrity. This also will leave a separation between the European and their culture and the Islamic culture of the refugees. There should be measures taken where longtime European Muslims who desire remaining as Europeans to be able to retain their standing. This will permit separate continental areas living side-by-side in peace and security. This would just as ludicrous as the suggestion above for the British Isles but somehow it is permissible and even considered preferable for Israel to surrender a fairly large size approaching one quarter of the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea which was promised to Israel when Transjordan was given to the Arab population to be ruled by the Hashemite family. This agreed upon compromise enabled the British to meet their promise to the Arab leaders made during World War I where they promised to give both sons of Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud their own kingdoms. This resulted with King Faisal to rule in Iraq and King Abdullah I to rule in Jordan meeting the British promise to the Arabs. To meet their promise to the Zionists the British Crown, contrary to much of their activities ever since, was that all lands west of the Jordan River were to be protected and given solely to the Zionists for the establish of a Jewish State. Yes, dividing up the British Isles would lead to a war where the might of the British Crown would be brought to bear against those demanding their surrender of half of London and the southwest of the British Isles. The same goes for the European union if they were to be demanded by the world to surrender the southeast of the European continent and transfer the populations from these nations into other nations around the remainder of the European Union would result in a war as well. Yet it is exactly these nations who are all but leading the demands for Israel to surrender nearly one forth of their lands to an Arab State which would be sworn to Israeli destruction. Making matters worse, the lands that Israel is being demanded to surrender would place this hostile nation standing on the highlands overlooking the central and densely industrialized and holding most of the residential occupancy of the Israeli population. Almost all of Israeli power production and almost all of their water treatment along with the vast majority of its industrial employment and production and lastly a number of nuclear power plants and also overlooking the Dimona nuclear research center and numerous colleges, schools and preschools that service the majority of the population. But we know the reason and it is one that most refuse to admit, so let us discuss this further.


European Union Made Refugee Friendly While Retaining European Continuity

European Union Made Refugee Friendly While Retaining European Continuity


Let us look at Israel and ask what people think immediately when you say Israel. The answer is obvious, the Jews. Israel is the Jewish State, right? Well, in all honestly, not totally. The Jews do make up 75% of the population, with Muslims making up 19.5% of the population, with Christians making up almost 2% of the population, with Druze making up 1.5% of the population and finally the remainder consisting of Hindus, Buddhists, Baha’I and others making up almost 4% of the population. Another misunderstanding is that Israel is made up mostly of Jews from Russian and European nations plus the Anglosphere. The truth is that close to half of the Israeli Jews derive from the Middle East and North Africa and the Islamic world which largely either evicted their Jews directly or by making laws targeting the Jews making their lives so difficult that they were basically forced from their homes. This is a very different picture than what is portrayed by the anti-Israel forces and even far too many of Israel’s friends. Israel does not even appear to be a European colony that is one of the first truths that visitors realize upon arrival. They witness people of every nationality including Ethiopian and Indian Jews, also Jews from Arab lands and from North Africa and the expected Russian and European ethnicity. They witness couples with children and many carriages being pushed by fathers almost as often seen as mothers. Often these strollers are accompanied by additional children and you will see rolling playpens when parent have more young children as this way they can bring toys and move more freely. For those visitors coming from Europe or the United States these numbers of children are reminiscent of their youth when they were children if they are baby boomers. This is a difference than currently in Europe, Russia and the United States where the numbers of children are below replacement rates while the rate in Israel is far healthier and above replacement rate providing a growing population. The fact that Israel is a nation which has a growing population is another reason that Israel can make arguments why she requires all the lands promised by the League of Nations and presumably re-promised by the United Nations. The world appears to have forgotten that the area of Israel they demand to give to the Arabs was originally stolen by Jordan in the 1948 War started by the Arabs in an attempt to destroy the newly formed nation of Israel and they declared their genocidal intent repeatedly for years ahead of the May 15, 1948 declaration of the establishment of Israel. They disregard that many of these Arabs are Jordanians which Jordan illegally forced to relocate and take lands and often houses which had belonged to Jews which they forced from their homes threatening to murder them if they refused to be relocated inside the remainder of Israel. Why is it that the promises given during the making of the Mandates, the establishment guarantees of the British, the League of Nations, the United States, the signatories of the Treaty of Sèvres and the writers and signatories of the United Nations and its Charter which includes their taking on the responsibilities from the League of Nations and the Mandate System, are so temporary; but demands on Israel are due immediately.


All the demands that Israel always must return all lands they gain after fighting a defensive war despite the rules of war under International Law are unique as no other nation is expected to act thusly except the United States who do so of their own volition. Israel is almost, if not, required by the world to return lands taken in defensive war and in this case to give away lands liberated in a defensive war that were stolen after Jordan was amongst the numerous nations which attacked Israel when she came into existence on May 15, 1948. Israel has returned the entirety of the Sinai Peninsula twice to Egypt, after their response to the blockade when Egypt cut off their access to the Red Sea in 1956 and again in response to the same action by Egypt plus the Egyptian forces massed on the Israeli southern border and Syrian forces along the north in 1967. The liberation of Judea and Samaria came when Jordan joined the Six Day War during the second day of the war after Israel implored them to remain neutral. Still, the world claims that Israel illegally holds Judea and Samaria ignoring the fact that Jordan illegally held it until Israel liberated, that is liberated, these lands in 1967. Why all of this enmity? If we are to claim it comes from the long history of anti-Semitism, then people roll their eyes and sigh, “Please,” dripping with all the sarcasm and impatience pleading that we not go there. Why such a drastic reaction? The reason is the knowledge that this is true and they do not desire accepting this truth and accepting reality which would give the Israeli arguments more weight. The entire game is do not give Israel an inch of credibility because they will take advantage of any credibility and then you know what will come of that. Our answer is, “No, we do not know what will come of such, tell us.” People then back away from the discussion getting defensive asking, what do we mean by questioning them. They pretend we are claiming they are being evil or deceitful. They know why they are being defensive and so do we but it really does not matter.


Mahmoud Abbas will save Israel as he will not accept any deal no matter how wonderful those managing the next peace process, be they for Trump, the United Nations, the European Union, Martians, the Greys or whatever group be they from Earth or from the stars. Abbas will very simply continue demanding more and more until the entire peace process is stretched into the sham it really has become. Even if President Trump finds some means of imposing an agreement on the Palestinian Arabs despite themselves, they will return to terrorism just as they have promised time after time. Mahmoud Abbas and other leaders from the Palestinian Authority and Fatah have all stated that the fight for the liberation of Palestine, all of Palestine will continue even after they make any agreement or peace with Israel. Their fight for the liberation of their lands will continue until every Jews has been driven from their lands from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. This has been their promise and they are the moderates, actually are. Hamas not only demands that all the lands be liberated, the Jews residing there killed and then every Jew on the planet murdered, they are the ones making Abbas a moderate. So, Abbas is a moderate because he does not desire killing Jews after wiping them out in Israel, that is really not that helpful folks. The fact that the world could not care less that the Arabs’ desire is to murder every Jew in Israel is another troubling fact. Their demands that Israel make concessions every time a new peace process starts simply because they realize and know that unless Abbas gains something he will not meet. They feel for their own pride and false name making they must force this meet despite knowing that Abbas will never make peace because their names must be added to those who managed to hold a meeting and get a picture of Abbas (or Arafat before him) and some Israeli Prime Minister shaking hand with them smiling behind them so they can be declared good peacemakers. Add in an Israeli Prime Minister, and we have had many, who simply adore having their names spoken in Europe and Washington with the title of good Jew attached making these sacrifices despite the harm it does to the Israeli people does not help. Eventually Israel will have nothing left to give, and we are about there, and then the Arabs will claim they have no other choice as the Israelis are not surrendering fast enough and they will start the next Arab-Israeli war. If Israel survives and has any lands that the world can demand they give away, we will start this whole process over from scratch. Eventually the Israeli people will have had enough and then the real solution will come and Israel will demand all that is legally hers. We do not want more and eventually will not accept less. Whether we gain it peacefully or forcefully is up to the leaders of the world but they are too interested in pleasing their Arab friends and their oil sheikhs and that is really a pity. The eventual finality of this masquerade is known to anyone with any knowledge of history, especially ancient history, and still they will all act surprised when this eventuality comes to fruition.


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February 11, 2017

Why Does Israel Continue to Exist Today?


Ask the average American irreligious or slightly religious Jew, many call them secular Jews or twice a year Jews who only visit the synagogue for the High Holidays and celebrate Hanukkah almost as if it were the Jewish Christmas even to having what they call a Hanukkah Bush (it really is a Christmas Tree with a six pointed star on top instead of a five pointed star). Ask the Jewish leadership of the Anti-Defamation League. Ask Rabbi Rick Jacobs, President of the Union for Reform Judaism. Ask Gideon Levy who writes for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. Ask J-Street, B’Tselem, Peace Now or any of the plethora of misnamed human rights groups which act as Palestinian Arab critical support and fifth column against Israeli interests. The list of people and groups one can ask extends throughout Europe and the entire world with an ever growing number vocally screaming foul over the latest law passed by the Knesset which makes the Jewish communities anywhere west of the Jordan River legal, even those in the, dare we say it, West Bank, formerly known as Judea and Samaria for close to three thousand years. All these protesters keep repeating that this law will destroy the Israeli democracy and disenfranchise Arabs in Israel. This is total bunk. The Israeli Arabs will not be affected by this law in any way or by any means, period. Arabs will still be permitted to work in any position they are qualified to and desire, they will continue to be doctors, nurses, lawyers, Ministers in the Knesset, judges including on the Supreme Court, drivers, construction, engineering or anything they can dream. They will still own their homes, live where they choose, attend schools of their choice, attend church, Mosque, Synagogue or other religious institution of their choice, drive, ride all forms of transportation, vote in all elections and everything else as citizens of Israel. Guess that democracy thing will survive.


I hear the yelling already, “What about the Palestinians voting?” Well, tell you what, whenever Mahmoud Abbas decides that elections are due, then they can have elections. Abbas is serving his twelfth year of a four year term which started in January 2005. The reason the Palestinian Arabs have not voted is because the Palestinian Authority, which means Mahmoud Abbas who has become its dictatorial ruler, has suspended their democratic processes as Abbas knows he would never win in a fair election and the deceit necessary to have him win is beyond his personal ability to manage as there are those standing ready for any opportunity to replace him. Israel has absolutely no control over elections for the Palestinian authority any more than it has over elections in Gaza ruled by Hamas. Where Israel is often faulted for the lack of opportunity to vote for their government by the Arab Palestinians, it has no validity and nothing to do with Arab Israelis who have full rights and do vote in Israeli elections. What happens to the Palestinian Arabs has more to do with their true intentions and the actual and real meaning and purpose of the State of Israel. We will try and clarify both in the remainder of this article and hope we can at least set a few misconceptions straight.


First, let us cover the easiest misperception, that Israel was founded to be a democracy. Not even slightly true. Israel was founded to be the homeland for the Jewish People. It is that simple. Read the Balfour Declarations (see image below) and you will see nary a word about democracy throughout. Read the San Remo Conference and again nary a word about elections, democracy or anything covering governance. Everything in every treaty, conference, document and even the Mandate Rules written by the League of Nations have no reference to democracy or anything about how the State of Israel was to be governed. The main points were that it was to be the homeland for the Jewish People and it could not deprive the residents residing in the land of their freedoms to own property, practice their religion and all civil and religious rights but says nothing about political rights. According to all of the laws etcetera regarding the making and founding of the State of Israel, the form of governance is completely unmentioned leaving it up to the Jews, the Zionists, to decide as they formed their nation. Technically, Israel could legally limit the right to vote to Jews or even to practicing Jews. Israel did not take that path. Israel gave full rights to their population whether Jewish or not. That is why Arabs are full voting citizens of the State of Israel as are many other peoples who were present or have been allowed citizenship as refugees from persecution. The Arabs who remained in Israel did not join the Arab forces who attacked Israel in the 1948 Arab War of Genocidal Intent launched by the Arab World on Israel’s founding morning of May 15, 1948.


Balfour Declaration and Initial Proposed Map and Lands

Balfour Declaration and
Initial Proposed Map and Lands


As a result of that war, what in Israel is euphemistically called the Israeli War of Independence and is celebrated as a victory as Israel survived, yet the reality comes to territory where Israel lost major parts of Judea and Samaria to Jordan who renamed that area the West Bank while Egypt took over the Gaza Strip. There were some Arab villages which harbored fighters which attacked the Israeli forces from behind the lines which lead to the Israeli forces dispossessing the entire village as that was the expedient way of addressing the situation most efficiently and immediately deciding that the villagers were at the least partially responsible for the use of their areas for staging a rear attack and that they were acting as a fifth column. Much has been misrepresented about these actions claiming that these villagers were dispossessed of their lands simply because they were Arabs and nothing else, ignoring their harboring of Arab forces which were planted in order to attack Israeli forces from behind and cutting off their routes of supply and assaulting the civilians claiming that every Jew was a legitimate target. These differences will never be resolved and can only be mitigated by what means will allow.


We have settled that the only real meanings behind the founding of Israel was to take some desert, swamp lands and rock strewn hills into the Jewish homeland. The few people residing in these lands at the end of World War I, a sparse set of peoples strewn here and there, were guaranteed their civil and religious rights such as continued ownership of lands, herds, business, residence and other properties as well as rights to worship in their traditional methods and follow their religions freely. The existing residents were not guaranteed political rights which were reserved technically for the Jewish People if this were the decision of the Zionist Congress upon the founding of the state. When Israel was founded on May 15, 1948 one might say that everything hit the fan as forces from more than a half dozen Arab armies and militias attacked Israel from every possible direction. Peace was not achieved for over a year and when the decision of governance was finally addressed the leadership from the Zionist Congress and the other groups such as the Haganah reached the decision to extend full political rights to all the residents in the nation, Arabs, Jews, Christians, Bedouins, Druze, Baha’I and other smaller minority groups all as one democratic nation. This was the first actual decision on using a democracy and it is notable that the democracy was all inclusive of those who were not opposed to the Jews having their own state. This is how and why Israel is a democracy.


When the State of Israel was founded, the Palestinian Arabs were not citizens of Israel but were Arabs residing in Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia as well as some Iraqis, Turks, Yemenis and others who were part of the invading forces and who remained on the lands or were actually driven onto the lands by their governments in order to make what have become known as facts on the ground. The claims that all of the Palestinian Arabs came from inside Israel is a common factual lie which has been repeated so often with such force and echo-chamber reinforced, the world now accepts it as factual. This is the main drive behind the two state concept as the claim is Israel owes the remnant of her invaders their own nation. This misconception has poisoned the waters so permanently that a solution would be difficult if this was the sole difficulty. There is a further problem in that the Arabs do not believe that the Jews have any right to a homeland within what they see as the Muslim Ummah. Their claim is that throughout all history, which for the Muslims begins in 625, there have been no Jewish lands within the lands they conquered and colonized. The reality is that the Arabs have the longest running and most extensive colonial enterprise in world history. They also are under the belief that the problem with the world is that it has not yet, emphasis on yet, come under the rule of Allah and the dictatorial rule of Islam. Until they are disabused of this notion, Israel, as well as the world in total, can never feel safe from the next Islamic offensive, something the Europeans should remember from their own history as Islam has attacked through Spain only to be turned at Tours by Charles “the Hammer” Martel and twice from Turkey Ottoman Empire being turned back at the Battle of Vienna, the first attack being stopped in 1529 and the second assault turned back by Polish King John III Sobieski in 1683.


Israel, conceived, initiated and founded to be the homeland of the Jewish People has faced the difficulty of a Palestinian Arab irascible obstinacy demanding they are the rightful owners of the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea and that the Jews have no rights in these lands and deserve to be exterminated. This has been their first, second, and final demand and they refuse to compromise and accept anything less. Their demands are often couched in coded verbiage such as their demanding they receive their 22% of the Mandate Lands. The western leadership will almost always take that to mean that they are demanding 22% of the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea this meaning Judea and Samaria or Judea, Samaria and Gaza. What Abbas actually means and has explained as his meaning is 22% of the entire of the Mandate Lands, the 22% which consists of all the lands not taken to make Jordan which was 78% of the original Mandate Lands, the entire of the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. Yasser Arafat and after him Mahmoud Abbas both demanded that Israel be destroyed and replaced by Palestine. Abbas has actually offered one compromise; his idea of a two state solution. His two state idea is for an Arab Palestine which will be completely free of Jews and an Arab ruled State of Israel where the Jews have no rights and are allowed to live at the indulgence of their betters, the Arabs which will include over five million Arabs brought from refugee camps from around the Arab world and even within Judea and Samaria and Gaza and who knows how many additional Arabs who simply claim to be refugees seeking economic betterment. Anyway one cuts it, finding a solution which will satisfy the Palestinian Arab leadership and their Arab League backers, it would require sacrificing the Jewish State making the Jews once again stateless.


The problem with the Arab reasoning is that history did not begin in 625 AD, especially in the lands of Judea, Samaria and the rest of the lands of the Twelve Tribes of Israel (see map on right below). The Twelve Tribes of Israel were founded when Joshua crossed the Jordan River and defeated the first Canaanite King of Jericho. This was followed with another victory at Ai and continued until the Holy Lands were conquered following numerous tactical routes first heading through the central Judean hills, then southward and finally the northern areas (shown in the left map below). This conquest began approximately 1275 BCE. Since that time virtually every conquering empire outside those in the Americas, China, Japan, and Russia but even to including the Vikings if one believes that the Greeks were originally Vikings who found the Greek climate preferable to Scandinavia, surprise, surprise, and their Triremes were modified Long Ships; they all have invaded and occupied without ever naming Jerusalem as a capital city even for a province unless the province was expressly for the Jews as was the case under the Persian Empire of Cyrus the Great. The Jewish People have an extensively long history uninterrupted with Jews residing in the lands and especially in Jerusalem constantly starting soon after the entrance of Joshua through the expansive times under Kings David and Solomon through the First Temple Period, their Babylonian exile of most of the population and their subsequent return and building of the Second Temple and expanding the Temple Mount and the remainder of their history through to the modern period. That is the real history and Israel was founded recognizing the entirety of the history, not just that which is fancifully convenient for the Islamic sensibilities.


Israel Through the Ages Joshua Enters to the Twelve Tribes

Israel Through the Ages Joshua Enters to the Twelve Tribes


Then there is the biggest fallacy of them all, that Israel conquered Palestinian Lands in the Six Day War in 1967. First thing is there has never been anything called Palestine for their land to be stolen. Palestine is the name of the region and the original use of the term Palestinian was for the Jews during the British Mandate period where the Arabs were referred to as Arabs or Syrians, Jordanians, Iraqis, Druze, Bedouins, Egyptians or other designation of origin or tribe. When Israel regained the lands of Judea and Samaria in the 1967 Six Day War they were not conquering new lands, they were liberating their own lands which had been occupied by the Jordanians since the 1948 War. The only occupation of Judea and Samaria was by Jordan and the claim that Jordan gifted these lands to the Palestinian Arabs is a great misconception, a great invention of propaganda. The lands were originally and always Israeli and were occupied by Jordan. One cannot give away stolen lands and thus Jordan could not gift the lands to the Palestinian Arabs as it was stolen land occupied illegally by Jordan. The entire world with the exception of Britain and Pakistan refused to recognize these lands as Jordanian. Even Egypt and the Arab League refused to recognize the Jordanian occupation. Lastly, Jordan signed a peace with Israel surrendering the occupied lands of Judea and Samaria back to Israel and it was not until two years after that treaty that Jordan officially claimed to have gifted the lands to Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Arabs. That makes these lands doubly not Jordanian to give as they were not even occupying the lands when they claimed to have given them away. What is next, the Iranians claiming they gave away Hollywood to the Arab Palestinians community of Southern California? That would be just as legal as the Jordanian claims to have given land they did not even possess at the time to the Palestinian Arabs and they even made the claim retroactive to attempt to grant it some degree of validity. That simply does not wash and the land remains Israeli until such time as Israel gives it away in a treaty, something seeming more and more remote by the day.


Beyond the Cusp


June 7, 2016

The Coming Internationalized Pressure in Israel Again!


We have all the signs one might need to realize that the fix is in and the demands will all fall on Israel. The understanding of those in Paris and those “experts” Makovsky and Ross at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) as well as an unsigned editorial on June 1, 2016 in the Washington Post all making the supposition that the first step towards a settlement requires concessions from Israel to make evident that Israel is serious about reaching an equitable peace with the Palestinians and allow Mahmoud Abbas to feel comfortable with even discussing the necessary requirements for a lasting peace. Never mind that Abbas has made evidently clear that no matter what the settlement and peace even to include Israel pulling completely back to the 1949 Armistice Lines (the Green Line) and redividing Jerusalem while also bringing every Jew from the vacated lands into Israel, the Arabs would retain the right to protest the continued occupation, code words for terrorism and assaults on Israelis. This demand to retain their right to violent confrontation is demanded despite Israelis leaving their homes, businesses and complete cities behind for the Palestinian who would still destroy everything in an orgy of obliteration as nothing touched by a Jew can be allowed to remain standing. This was exactly what happened in Gaza and why the quarter of a million dollars’ worth of greenhouses were destroyed and all their tubing and equipment used to make rockets which were returned to Israel in explosive volleys. But the demands are always for Israel to sacrifice and concessions and give in to any and all demands just to have Abbas laugh and spit in their faces and once again claim, “Not nearly enough.” What would be enough? Abbas has answered that in Arabic. Enough is the founding of Palestine from the (Jordan) River to the (Mediterranean) Sea where the land must be made Jew free. If that means a second Holocaust, then all the better as that would be a great start at quenching their bloodlust which Hamas defines as the murdering of every Jew anywhere on Earth they are found. But Israel must satisfy this vampiric lust that is the Arab Palestinian craving.


Never mind the history of the Jews living in Arab lands, a history every bit as bloodied and evil in its intents and rocky coexistence where Jews lived at the whim of every local potentate following the conquest by Islam of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) including the holy lands, which had been the Jewish homelands for over two-thousand-years by the time of their conquest, which were plagued with near constant violence as the Christian Crusaders attempted to liberate Jerusalem from Islamic colonization replacing it with Christian colonization which had been free of challenge as the Byzantine Empire for almost a millennia before the Muslims conquered the Jewish homelands. The lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea was the Israelite homelands from the time of Joshua and the Israelites who left Egypt approximately forty-years earlier in the Exodus and now conquered the lands the Torah stated was theirs by the decree of the Creator, Hashem. The Torah demanded that they expel the idolaters from the lands, smash and destroy their idols and high places and cleanse the lands of the abominations. There was no demand to murder or exterminate the Canaanites unless they came to fight and destroy the Israelites. They were only to be sent packing into other lands, something which three-thousand plus years ago there was more than enough for the Canaanites to resettle elsewhere and continue there idolatry and live happily ever after. There are claims that the Palestinians are the descendants of the Canaanites which is as ridiculous as their claim to have been descendants of the Philistines. The only problem is the Arabs of three-thousand-years ago were still worshipping their idols in the Arabian Peninsula largely in Mecca and Medina. There was no Islam and today there are no remnants or descendants of either the Canaanites or the Philistines. Now back to the insanity that is the unexplainable fixation the Western World appears to suffer from when it comes to Israel and their multitude of misconceptions.


Let us review a few basic facts, facts which are often just thrown out the window when it comes to appeasing any who wish to destroy Israel. The League of Nations and by Article 80 of their Charter, the United Nations, and the British Crown, and the Christian world at the end of World War I, a far more religious and knowledgeable of history, particularly Biblical history, and who realized that since the fall of Israel and subsequently Judea, both Israelite Jewish nations, there had been numerous empires whose land included ancient Israelite lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea including but not limited to the Babylonian Empire, Persian Empire, Greek Empire of Alexander, Ptolemaic Greek Empire, Seleucid Greek Empire, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Caliphate, Napoleonic Empire, the Crusaders, and Ottoman Empire but none of which ever placed even a provincial capital within these lands with them most often ruled from Damascus as the weather was milder and far more comfortable than the hot and dry lands which was the homeland of the Israelites, the Jews. The only peoples to make their kingdom centered on these lands with Jerusalem or Shechem as their capital city were the Israelites either as the tribes which formed a loose federation not united until the rule of King David and King Solomon. There were brief kingdoms when the yoke of either the Greek Empire or Roman Empire was briefly thrown off with the most famous being the Hasmonean Dynasty the product of the Maccabean Revolt which was the rising of pious Jews against the Seleucid king who had tried to eradicate their religious practices and force Greek idolatry onto the Jews and who placed idols in the Second Temple desecrating it further with the sacrifice of pigs in an effort to completely extinguish any religious attachment of the Temple with Judaism. Even that effort by the Seleucid king was initiated from Damascus as he did not care to reside with the Jews who he found particularly troublesome and stubborn as they refused to be Hellenized, well, a core of them refused and the ones that had become Hellenized were also murdered during the Maccabean Revolt. The Romans tried to stamp out Judaism as a religion as well and initially this resulted in the Bar Kokhba revolt which resulted in the overthrow of Roman rule ever so briefly. This was the Third Jewish–Roman War or the Third Jewish Revolt as if nothing else we were stubborn to the end. The Romans even used their ultimate weapon for destroying a peoples and their culture by erasing them from history through dispersing them to the far corners of their empire removing the majority from their native lands. This was done with the survivors of the Carthaginians after the Third Punic War and has anyone met a Carthaginian lately? This was the Roman’s most dire weapon as it robbed a people of any coalescing or binding legacy or even a core group but the Jews had their own secret weapon, Torah. With the Torah and the laws and recorded history there was a binding agent which was portable and went wherever the Jews went and no matter how scattered each Jew had the Torah, the same laws, the same legacies, the same promise of redemption and a return to Eretz Yisroel no matter how long it might take. As it turns out it took almost two-thousand-years but in May 15, 1948 (Iyar 6, 5708) the British left and from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea the modern state of Israel was born.


I know what some are saying, wait BTC people, what about Gaza and the West Bank, they were not Israel and they are between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea and they were Palestine. Well, actually no. What did happen was from November 29, 1947 after the United Nations General Assembly voted to allow the partition of the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea between the Jews and Arabs, in the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 when the trouble began. This was a non-binding resolution, as every General Assembly resolution, as only the Security Council is empowered to pass binding enforceable resolutions and then only if they do so under Chapter Seven as a Security Council Chapter Six Resolution is the same as the General Assembly, a non-binding resolution. With a non-binding resolution from the United Nations, as soon as any of the affected institutions, nations or individuals rejects the resolution it is immediately voided and can no longer be considered as having any validity. The British were leaving on the following May 15, 1948 divide or not. What happened was the Zionist Congress immediately accepted the partition as they were willing to take anything as that was better than the British being made to remain. The Arab League rejected it out of hand and made a call for Arab nations to gather and destroy the abomination to Islam which a Jewish State would pose. Seven Arab nations, a number of militias and an Arab Force under the Mufti of Jerusalem, the infamous Mohammed Amin al-Husseini who spent World War II in Berlin and demanded that the Nazis assist in the liquidation of the Jews in the Arab world after they conquered the world, a fait accompli in his mind as in Hitler’s. Things went in a different direction as history relates with the defeat of Nazi Germany and the Axis Powers. The Mufti commanded two Balkan Muslim regiments which were involved in numerous war crimes and the Mufti was initially listed as one to be tried in the Nuremberg Trials but the British removed his name and flew him to Jerusalem to take command of the Arabs who were fighting the Jews in a low-grade war as the British were preparing to depart. These were the forces he commanded and were within the Jewish lines causing difficulties and were one of the reasons that some Arab villages were forced beyond the front lines as they had armed and were preparing to assault the Jewish forces from the rear if left behind the front lines where the Arab armies were fighting the newly formed and not entirely regimented Jewish forces. When the fighting was finally halted the front lines divided Jerusalem and Jordan had occupied parts of Judea and Samaria which they renamed West Bank as Judea sounded a little too Jewish, the Egyptians held Gaza and the Syrians the Golan Heights. These Arab areas held by Jordan, Egypt and Syria were occupied Jewish lands as per the League of Nations, the United Nations, the San Remo Conference, and numerous other treaties and conferences which were held after the defeat of Germany and the Austria-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires after World War I. All of these and especially the British and French Mandates were recognized by the United Nations which is how Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel were brought into being and recognized by the world bodies.


Bet all that history and the fact that it was the Arab nations who occupied Israeli Lands never enters into their equations. There is a simple reason for this and it is best described by disposing another myth we have seen repeatedly of late, the myth that the United States has been the bestest of friends with Israel from the start and never even did anything that might have caused Israel distress or possibly led to its destruction. Granted President Harry Truman voted for and recognized Israel both in the November United Nations vote and gave recognition on the morning of May 15, 1948. What everyone ignores was that immediately after that the United States imposed an arms embargo against Israel. That’s right, as the Jews needed arms, any arms as they had very few and virtually no air forces or armored vehicles. The initial Israeli armored vehicle was a 50cal machine gun atop a 1930s car or truck. Israel turned to one nation for most of the arms they received, Czechoslovakia. Fortunately there were quite a few World War II tanks and some airplanes sitting in Czechoslovakia and they were willing to sell them at a budget rate as they knew exactly how it felt to be tossed to the wolves as an appeasement. Eventually the French and, believe it or not, the Soviet Union also sold Israel some equipment. Somehow, though out-gunned, out-manned and greatly out-numbered, Israel fought her heart out and while not winning, they survived with some lost territories to Jordan, Egypt and Syria. These lands remained occupied and without even a peep of demanding their “State of Palestine” while these Arab nations held these lands.


Then in 1964 the KGB assisted the formation of the PLO placing their well-trained duo of Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas, both trained in Moscow, in charge of their PLO anti-Jewish terror organization. You will never believe what their slogan was. They claimed that Israel was occupying their Arab homeland of Palestine. This is in 1964 and a full three years before the 1967 Six Day War where Israel liberated her occupied lands as well as conquering the Sinai Peninsula. Israel, the nation unwilling to sacrifice for peace returned the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt when the two nations made peace and ended their belligerency. Israel, in August of 2005 pulled every Jewish citizen from the Gaza and removed their IDF forces and even reinterred their dead to cemeteries within Israel and left the entire greenhouse industries intact for the Gazans to have some form of agriculture and production. The greenhouses were torn apart and used to make rockets. The Palestinian Authority lost the Gaza to Hamas which had won the elections and controlled the Palestinian Parliament. Mahmoud Abbas assumed office and his term presumably ran out in 2009 and the world awaits the elections for President, hint, don’t hold your breath as he knows in a fair election he will lose, and losing that election may cause him to lose more than just an election. So, Israel surrendered Gaza for peace and received Hamas and rockets and invasion tunnels. Now Makovsky and Ross are some of the people behind the international demands that Israel provide cement so that Gaza can be rebuilt. Small problem, Israel has been providing the cement but nothing is being rebuilt. Reports state that Hamas is appropriating over ninety-percent of the cement for the rebuilding of their tunnels including new tunnels supposedly reaching miles under the border into Israel. Thanks to the European and American wunderkind Israel is providing cement to Hamas to use to destroy Israel. This actually should be of little surprise as since 1948 much of the Western World governments in some form or another have adopted positions and policies which could not be any more injurious to Israel than if they were intentionally attempting to destroy the Jewish State. But we all know that the Western World could not be working to hurt Israel because Israel dictates policy to the Western World, right?


Left side map depicts the division of the Promised Land amongst the tribes and right side map compares the modern promised land from the Jordan west to the Mediterranean Sea compared to the maximum of area during King David’s and King Solomon’s reigns.


There has been a confab in Paris in order to find a new plan to restart the Palestinian-Israel peace talks. The good news is there were a number of nations participating and the Israelis would not be present to muck things up. The sad news is even with this perfect set of conditions it does not appear they will succeed. The Paris peace parley ended with a call for another conference by the end of the year. The Palestinians are unhappy because all they got was a lousy communique and a “non-binding” one at that. They had anticipated a supposed binding demand that Israel surrender at least Jerusalem and back to the Green Line pulling all Jews back with their retreat. All they got was a lousy T-shirt. Even the Foreign Ministers at the Paris Conference knew that there is no chance for peace and Israel is not the problem. When meeting in quiet rooms behind closed doors without the media and other outside interference they all know that the problem is that Mahmoud Abbas will only accept a complete demolition of Israel replacing it with an Arab State. The PLO had a similar plan but with one difference, they claimed that as soon as they finish cleansing the land of all things Jewish they were going to give the land to Jordan. They did not pretend they desired to have a nation to run; they just wanted the Jewish State dead and gone, all traces gone. The PA is the PLO with international recognition. That is the reality but in order to be able to claim that progress is being made and an intransigent Mahmoud Abbas and Arab World there is only one other hope, pressure Israel, threaten Israel, do what it takes to make Israel make moves knowing that no matter what Israel does it will not make a single iota of difference, Abbas will just say “No.” That is the reality, plain and simple, Israel pressed to make useless and empty moves because everybody knows that Abbas is the obstruction and it makes no difference who replaces him as the leadership of the Palestinian Authority are all hardened terrorists who desire only one thing, dead Jews and no more Israel. That is their minimum acceptable result and nothing short of that will change anything. Well, except if Israel does what she should have done on June 11, 1967 and reestablished rule over every inch of the previously occupied Jewish and Israeli lands from 1948 and end the ridiculous charade of attempting to mollify the unappeasable. It is and always has been a fool’s game and it is simply foolish to continue the charade not to mention dangerous. Give Abbas one last proposal where he gets areas A and B and when he refuses then simply push the Palestinian Authority leaders and fighters out into Syria and then offer to buy out anyone who prefers leaving otherwise they can either remain as resident aliens or they may choose to follow a procedure which will result in citizenship after a reasonable time and passing a background check. Any known terrorists will be invited to depart, an invitation which cannot be refused. That is the best and least injurious path to peace and with time this would lead to a lasting peace as Egypt and Jordan do not desire another costly war with Israel which leaves Syria and Lebanon. Syria barely exists as a nation and who knows who will be the next leader, if any, in Syria. In Lebanon the problem is with a terrorist entity backed by Iran, Hezballah, and they are currently engaged in Syria up to their proverbial necks. Once that war is finally resolved, perhaps Iran will not be able to continue to provide Hezballah with any further rockets and missiles and they will decide that threatening Israel is better than warring with Israel. If Hezballah instead decides war is preferable then Israel needs to end that problem once and for all even if that requires retaining lands to the southern shore of the Litany River, the Biblical northern border of Israel as can be seen in the map of the Tribes of the Israelites after their conquest of the lands. Israel has no desire to reach to the Euphrates River as was acquired by King David and King Solomon at the greatest extent Israelites had ever ruled. The Litani River would be defendable should Hezballah insist that they too will not rest until Israel is no more. Iran, you ask? The world will decide that problem as they are positioning to be a threat to places far beyond Israel and that is where the world had best start to pay closer attention, honest.


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