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August 20, 2013

Israel’s Internal Threat

This time around the assault against traditional Jewish values and those whose obedience to strict Torah observance is a group called “Free Israel”. And what is it they would like to free Israel from? They are demanding that the government refuse to provide funding for any Yeshivoth which have separate classes for boys and girls. Such restrictions are put in place for numerous reasons not all of which are strictly religious but for the most part it facilitates modesty and removes distractions which might interfere with serious studies. The reason behind having separate classes for boys and girls is unimportant as all that really matters is that those who send their children to these schools prefer to have single gender orientation is the crux of the matter.


The reason “Free Israel” people give for defunding these Yeshivoth is because these single gender classes cannot offer equal quality education in all manners as they point out in their petition we quote, “Separate classes cannot be equal in their nature, as classes for either boys or girls will have different numbers of students, different quality teachers, and different budget needs.” They further claimed that having separate classes also leads to double billing as such schools require two of every grade classrooms to permit this discriminatory separation of genders. This makes one wonder, are there no secular schools with a student population which requires them to have two classes for most, if not all grades? Should such schools which must be prevalent in Tel Aviv, Ashod, Netanya, Haifa and the other major cities be required to knock out the walls separating these doubled up classes in those schools which educate large numbers of students so as to assure that both classes have the same size, as they would not be one class, the same teacher, and all else which would provide these students with an equal but inferior education? There is a bit of nit-picking in this complaint and that is just a minor problem with their demands. Much of this complaint by the people at “Free Israel” seems more like petty complaints and personal dislike for religious Jews as the target of their complaint would mostly affect strictly religious Yeshivoth.


Actually, when one looks at the body of petitions, demands for legislation, complaints over funding and the plethora of other moves against religious Jews one would likely think that the Israeli minorities were behind many of these efforts but you would be dead wrong. The strongest and most visceral abhorrence of any and every-thing religious comes from other Jews. These Jews have as the basis of their form of Judaism secular humanism and believe in such niceties as fairness, equal outcomes, equality in income, wealth redistribution, and everything else far left liberal socialists all over the world support. These are the people for whom government is the singular route to addressing all of society’s ills, which is why they are petitioning the government to place an unfair financial burden on religious schools as these leftists are against traditional anything, not just traditions of a religious nature, and are all new age, new world, old progressive failed policies of government secular everything. They are also hypocrites as they claim to be for individual choice except for those individuals who choose anything which these progressives disapprove of. Perhaps if these progressive busybodies would work at perfecting their own lives and allow those who seek a different way to reach a perfect life live as they please receiving equal treatment from the government which these progressives like to believe is their personal weapon to wield against those they regard as those others who are just so old fashioned and un-fun. After all, Israel is the Jewish State and should be for all Jews, yes, even the strictly religious believe it or not as they will be the future of Judaism and the guardians of Torah, and like it or not, Torah is the central spine and the soul of Judaism without which Judaism is nothing but a social club.


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