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January 21, 2014

Which Would Have Worse Effect on Business in Israel?

A recent report told of around a hundred business leaders told Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu “The world is running out of patience and the threat of sanctions is rising. We must reach an agreement with the Palestinians.” Their claim is that Israel must bend to the demands of those behind the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement, European leftists, Arabists, and the bevy of other many of whose hatred for Jews fuels their hatred of Israel all of whom befriend the Palestinian demands not because of any love or actual affection and concern for the Palestinian but because they wish to harm and possibly destroy Israel. But is their panic well founded or are their fears misplaced as the deleterious effect on business from threats of boycotts are mostly idle threats while surrendering to Mahmoud Abbas and those who support his maximalist demand would result in more than a worse situation for businesses but also endanger the entirety of Israeli existence. Perhaps a patient and reasoned discussion of the two potential sides between standing for the right of Israel and calling the bluff of those who threaten Israeli academics and industry or giving in to the Palestinians in order to placate those who are threatening the Israeli economy should be considered before any discussions are held at Davos.


These threats are nothing new as there has been ever growing threats to boycott Israeli business or refuse to exchange professors and other academics if Israel does not make peace with the Palestinians. Very few of these threats have ever taken hold and many that have are quickly disavowed and risk having many members divest from their affiliations in protest as was the recent result of the American Studies Association (ASA) call to boycott Israeli academics. There is one surefire way that Israel could combat all the threats of boycotts or sanctions of academic, economic and social aspects of Israeli interests by simply taking some of these threats head-on and enact a return threat across all aspects which were threatened. Israel could threaten to withhold future technological discoveries and inventions which Israel holds the rights to such as drip irrigation, numerous medical and agricultural revolutionary discoveries, computer software, industrial production techniques, generic drugs produced in Israel and anything else especially those item which Israel may be the sole or main proprietor of and see how quickly these threats cease. The major reason that these threats are made is because there is no price to pay threatening Israel while taking the Israeli side is wrought with threats from Islamic terror. If these nations or organizations were made to pay a price for taking a political stance which threatens Israel if they do not surrender completely to the Palestinian threatening demands, then they would have to rethink the consequences of their actions and would likely remain neutral at worst.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the coin, try and imagine exactly how far Israel would have to bend in order to fashion a deal that Mahmoud Abbas would risk making peace. We have seen how no matter what Israel does, the Palestinians will always have one more demand ready and waiting. Israel made claim to Jerusalem and Jerusalem becomes a Palestinian red-line. Israel claims the necessity to have the IDF patrol along the Jordan Valley and the Jordan Valley becomes a Palestinian red-line. Israel claims the desire to retain the major settlement blocks and an exchange of lands and the strict enforcement of the Green Line as a border becomes a Palestinian red-line. Israel insists that the Palestinian state must be a demilitarized state and raising a Palestinian military with rights to hold training exercises with other Arab nations becomes a Palestinian red-line. Israel demands the right to be able to visit the numerous Jewish holy sites throughout Judea and Samaria and the denial of entry to even a single Jew becomes a Palestinian red-line. Israel could probably state they desire the sun to rise in the east and having it rise anywhere but the east might become a Palestinian red-line. The idea is the concept of allowing Israel to fulfill every demand of the Palestinians cannot be permitted to come true unless such surrender completely erases Israel as the state of the Jewish People. Actually, I am not even sure if the Israelis offered to surrender the entirety of Israel, may G0d forbid such a horrid sin from ever entering our leader’s minds, and have found and purchased some small islands in the Pacific Ocean; I would fully expect the Palestinians to claim their ancestral right to those very islands.


I would like to query these business leaders and the politicians who are supporting their demands and will accompany them to Davos for a weekend of hobnobbing with other select from among the pretty people, how far would you like Israel to bend to placate the Palestinian bloodlust, to the extent of great pain or past that until we break? Should we surrender the entirety of the Old City of Jerusalem including the Temple Mount and Kotel? How many millions of so-called Palestinian refugees should we admit to inside Israel? Should we believe United States Secretary of State Kerry that by flying drones over Judea and Samaria that this will prevent any terrorism or rockets from raining down on Tel Aviv and the heart of Israel? Where should we place the well over half a million Jewish refugees after we destroy the communities which Mahmoud Abbas demands we destroy so he can have a Judenrein Palestinian state? And when Hamas takes over Judea and Samaria and has assassinated Mahmoud Abbas and start raining rockets down on seventy percent of Israelis and even higher percentage of industry, businesses and infrastructure, will you join the IDF and help the rest of Israel do that which will have become a sad necessity or can we count on you to take a boat to Cyprus so you can safely fly to Davos and take a well-earned vacation from the carnage surrendering to Abbas and the Palestinians is sure to have wrought? There is no manner of making peace with the Palestinians which would allow for there to continue to be an Israel otherwise there would already be peace. Former Prime Minister Olmert made an offer that even totally satisfied United States President Clinton and the result was him watching the Palestinians turn their backs and walk out refusing to even honor a response. Then, in a move to respect the efforts that President Clinton had made, Olmert made one more last proposal that went even further and begged for a reply, a counter proposal for consideration and was rewarded with complete silence followed by the intifada. What more can we offer beyond the offer made by Olmert? Tell me what would force the Palestinians to make peace and allow Israel to remain my homeland? I await your proposal and am willing to bet that Abbas would find one more red line to demand. That’s just the way it is.


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