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January 14, 2018

Freedom of Speech has Died in America


Give me your children and I’ll change society in ten years. Please assist us, as despite most of us remember hearing this phrase or one very close, none of us could even venture a guess to who, what, when or where. Suffice it to say that something similar to this was said by somebody notable enough for us to remember having read, heard or dreamt it. In the United States, the children in question are school age and especially university age children where in all too many of these institutes of higher education there are safe spaces and speech codes where to even be accused of transgression is a guilty verdict. Where you have speech codes, you lack free speech, and it is that simple. The actual basis of the concept behind free speech is the guarantee that everybody, and it means everybody, can say what is on their mind about anything free of fear that saying so will result in criminal charges and the only possible repercussion would be possible loss of friends and a tainted reputation. That is free speech. It is not free speech if all you ever need hear are opinions with which you agree, or worse, you only get to hear what others have defined as acceptable speech, especially if these are also the same people who hold your future in their hands and within their gradebooks. Unfortunately, for all too many of American university students, the entirety of the above sentence is their reality day in and day out. Numerous of the leading and most prestigious universities such as many of the California University System, all too many Ivy League Colleges and too many other all too well known and sought after universities, there are speech codes, safe spaces and other politically stifling inventions which are being used by the leftist administrators and professors to control the environment while programming the minds of mush sent them presumably to be educated to think, not programmed what to think. The combination of speech codes, safe spaces and unipolar faculty all supporting a singular political bend and the end result is so easily predictable.


When speech codes are designed to support such concepts as global climate change (global warming) is fact, Palestinian Arabs dispossession, anti-capitalism, racism in American society, transgender rights, sexism and other leftist viewpoints and suppress any counter viewpoints combined with reinforcement from curriculum and safe spaces to turn to to escape any transgressions of the speech code or anything which might upset a student’s sensitive psyche and you end up with a host of programmed leftist social justice warriors turned loose each year on society and eventually they will change their world. And just in case you might be wondering, that is exactly the intent of the combination of programming tools being implemented at too many American universities. They take a variety of inexperienced, young students whose minds have yet to experience the realities of life in the real world and place them in an environment where everything is arranged such that only leftist, socialist, progressive political concepts are permitted and provided as accepted truth without allowing for any opposing viewpoints and after four to ten years of such programming send out little leftist, Marxist mind-numb robots all set to correct the world and repair all inequities using the knowledge given them.


Amongst the forty-five declared goals for the Communist takeover of America is to, “Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.” They can check this one off their list as the leftists have all but taken complete control of the textbook industry and the teaching institutions and teaching curriculum. The only viewpoint which, in the United States, is challenging the pure leftist agenda has been the Arabist Islamist viewpoint with an intensified curriculum of anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and soon to follow on, anti-Semitic viewpoint. On many campuses, the leftist and anti-Israel, anti-Zionist viewpoint and instruction have merged so seamlessly that in politics as a whole, the two have become partners in trade for numerous leftist groups to adopt anti-Israel, anti-Zionist views as a natural extension of their political viewpoints. In order to make such an environment and assure that the little mushballs entrusted to them in many universities, they have implemented the concept of speech codes which completely support the curriculum such that none ever have to hear a discouraging, or contradictory, phrase. In the classroom, the students quickly learn that to disagree with a professor’s political views risks failure or more critical grading at the least making receiving honor level grades a student adopts the professor’s political views as their default thought process. After a number of years, the higher the degree, the longer the years and the deeper the indoctrination and the longer a student adopts the leftist viewpoint, the more rote repetition of the specific political points held within, the higher the likelihood that the student adopts these views as their own out of habit and repetition. Of course, that is the intended result the professors are seeking from these general soft-sciences and social sciences curriculum as the textbooks and teaching staffs bear witness.


So, what does this hold for the United States and the future? Well, presuming that nothing is going to change, then the United States will continue sliding further and further left until some future President Obama will be the conservative candidate. Before somebody screams that, there will be a corrective slide which would prevent such, let us say that we can only hope that they are correct. The problem we have is after over a half-century of observing the world political stage, and the United States in particular, since the mid-Twentieth Century, there has been a steady and continuous with an occasional lurching back to the right which was all but immediately erased by the next leftist to be elected. As so many have attempted to point out, President John F. Kennedy in the 2000 elections would have run as a Republican with his agenda of lower taxes and building the military. Of course, what these exclamations ignore is that from the 1960 election to 2000, candidate John F. Kennedy would have endured forty years of the Washington Post, New York Times, mainstream broadcast television and all too many other leftist pressures that he very well might have been an entirely different President elected at the turn of the century and would not have run a campaign the equivalence of George W. Bush in 2000, he would have been a more electable version of Al Gore. But fear not, if social media and the uproar caused by the election of President Trump, no true history of conservatism, by an overwhelming number of youthful political enthusiasts, the educational programming is working efficiently and producing an enthusiastic force within American society. What will the future hold? That will not be difficult to tell.


United States National Debt 1940 to 2007

United States National Debt 1940 to 2007


One quick measure might be the above graph of the national debt by year. Up until 1960, the debt grows very slowly and then takes off with a short respite in the late 1990’s before continuing upward. This has been due to ever increased social spending brought on by both main parties with the sole respite coming when the Republican Congress forced a government shutdown under the leadership of Newt Gingrich and his Contract with America where the budget was briefly balanced. Still, even then, it was but a brief respite brought on by a conservative correction, something that was not managed even under President Reagan. The ever-increased debt has resulted not only from the initial Great Society initiated by President Johnson but the ever-added amounts and increased numbers of programs which have pushed the debt ever higher. The final number in 2007 was around nine-trillion and now a mere ten years later at the end or 2017 and the debt is now at twenty-one trillion dollars, a doubling and then some in a mere decade. Should the United States debt continue to climb as such and it will clear one-hundred-trillion by mid century assuming things are not brought under control and the ever-continuous slide towards socialism turned back. Does it appear that this might be the case? Well, in all honesty we fear the United States will spend itself into oblivion before it learns its lesson as every other attempt at socialism has resulted in the same end. That is a truly frightful realization and one can only hope that the United States is scared from failing while it might still be possible to produce their way back to solvency. It will take an extended effort and the electorate changing direction aiming to bring government under control, spending back within limits and fiscal discipline which has not been seen in over half a century. What the United States needs is four or five President Andrew Jacksons in a row as he was the last President to ever pay off the national debt completely, and he only managed to do so for a few months.


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October 25, 2017

Jewish Leftists and Israel


The first thing we must delineate is the definition of Leftist as versus left or liberals. The Leftists are a political entity of their own made up of many different factions. Some propose violent solutions such as a href= target=blank>AntiFa while some are Communists and still others are Fascists. The Jewish Leftists believe they are following the ancient Jewish directive of Tikkun Olam (Hebrew: תיקון עולם‎ literally translates as “repair of the world”) and making the world a better place by repairing the ills of their society. Most of their efforts are often in the areas of human rights and the rights of minorities. What they miss in their efforts is that a Jew performs Tikkun Olam when they improve their own selves first and make themselves into better people. They are to first seek inward improvements and a closer following of Torah and performing of mitzvahs (Hebrew מִצְוָה‎, meaning “commandment”), before diving into the external world. The problem is the same as with all too many people crusading to save the world from its evils where they find it far less personally challenging or disruptive to go seeking splinters in other people’s or group’s eyes than to address the log sticking out from their eye. If all the good-intending people of the world would expend their energies improving their own self, making their lives an example for others, then we would likely have made far better and more productive progress in making the world more gracious.


The Leftist Jews once adored Israel and touted its many virtues. They proudly extolled the medical marvels that came from Israel, the advances in food production in such areas as irrigation techniques and hybrid plants including cherry tomatoes and crops which grow with less water or permit the use of a mix of seawater and fresh that withstand the salt and other contaminants. Then there are the high tech fields and the advances in hardware and especially software and applications, a sort of repetition there. There have been numerous Apps for cell phones and other digital devices produced in Israel plus security software where Israel is a world leader as well as much of the development of cellphones and the systems which support them. These developments and others were oft the center of conversation between Leftist Jews and anybody who would listen even to the point of preaching to the choir. But somewhere in the last twenty years, things have changed and Israel has become an embarrassment for the Jewish Leftists. Israel committed a horrible crime, as they became a success. Israel has gone from the little nation challenged by giant foes in lands that were vast by comparison to the nation which can withstand anything threatening them and now are cast as the eight-hundred pound gorilla in the Middle East. Truth be told, Israel is probably more vulnerable presently than she has been since her founding in 1948 and those threats are only increasing in magnitude.


The modern Jewish Leftist now believes that Israel is a beast which must be contained and restricted within a cage plus declawed with having her fangs dulled if not pulled completely. Israel has committed the sin of actually defending herself and liberating the area which Jordan had illegally occupied and, despite being rebuffed by every nation except Pakistan and Britain, attempted to annex these Israeli lands into Jordan. Israel also liberated lands held illegally by Egypt, namely Gaza which Israel surrendered control to the Palestinian Authority (PA), the reconfigured Palestinian Liberation Organization terror group (PLO) made anew such that there could be an entity presumably free from any terrorist activities with which the world could deal to find a peace between the Arabs and Israelis. Hamas took over these lands in a coup where much blood was spilled in an Arab on Arab brief but bloody war. With Hamas now in control of Gaza ruling as the governing authority largely since the coup, one might refer to Gaza as Hamastan, a terror nation bent on the immediate destruction of Israel followed by the complete eradication of every Jew on Earth. The new Jewish Leftists believe that Israel has mistreated Hamas by starting wars where far more Gazan civilians died than did Israeli civilians and this imbalance points to the conceived fact that there must be something wrong that Israel committed as the stronger power. Yes, you read that correctly. The Jewish Leftist, like some other leftists, believes the stronger nation must suffer similar casualties otherwise; they must have misused their advantages in military strength and unfairly caused casualties on the other side. This belief leads to demands for investigations to find which commanders gave the orders to murder so many innocents.


When investigations cannot find any such person, these Jewish Leftists scream cover-up. Even when the United Nations investigates one of these alleged criminal battles, in particular Jenin, they found the Arab claims of mass numbers murdered to be false. The most interesting fact about Jenin is that the report from Secretary General Kofi Anon has been erased from the United Nations site or hidden away such that every link, including the one in the first paragraph of this UN Report, sent people to a “This Page Cannot be Found” error message. Another claim was that the town, city of Jenin had been completely destroyed and this was made largely by the media seeking to place Israel in a bad light. The media used graphic pictures (see below) taken from one particular end of the refugee camp where the battle ensued, and took similar shots which give the appearance that much of the city may have been damaged greatly. The truth is in the second picture, an aerial view (see second picture) which details the damage from the entirety of the city of Jenin to the actual area of the camp to the actual battlefield where there was the appearance of great carnage. The reality is the complete destruction of Jenin, as reported in the media with horrific pictures, was actually the leveling of an area by local tank fire, not aerial blanket style bombing as intimated, of merely one hundred meter sided square of the refugee camp. Many of the civilians caught there were used as bait often tied up in their homes so the IDF troops were required to enter to free them and then the house was detonated by the terrorists. This practice also added to the destruction.


Jenin Typical Media Image Shot From One End of Destruction To the Farthest End Making for Devastated Landscape

Jenin Typical Media Image Shot From One End of Destruction
To the Farthest End Making for Devastated Landscape



Jenin Battle Map and the Truth

Jenin Battle Map and the Truth


The Jewish Leftists do not care about the truth when the stories told by propagandists are so much more horrifying. Many belong or contribute to a litany of NGO’s which fight the fight against the “Israel Lobby” or “Jewish Lobby” which is credited with doing such evil in the name of Israel. AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) is widely regarded as the most powerful foreign-policy lobby in Washington D.C. and is painted as the most nefarious and underhanded group of lobbyists. Just about every negative stereotype imaginable is used against AIPAC. Our favorite claim is that AIPAC hides their true mission of support for Israel behind the screen of protecting those targeted or injured by anti-Semitism. AIPAC’s own name, The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, speaks for itself right up front. Their mission is to retain as strong a link of friendship and similar goals between the United States and Israel. Note the order of the names, they place American first with Israel a close second. They have an ally in the ZOA (Zionist Organization of America) who fight against all anti-Semitism including the defamation of Israel. Against these two groups there is a litany of NGO’s fighting against Israel and these are a list of some of these groups run by Jews, there are some we might not know of or have omitted by accident, we would not want to upset these Jews against Israel groups. >JVP (Jewish Voice for Peace) will lead our group of names followed by J-Street whose name is a spoof of the location of AIPAC and other lobbying groups along K Street in Washington D.C. around the Dupont Circle area. If Not Now is another group which has drank the Israeli Occupation Kool-Aid along with a broken sense of history and the truth having an obvious ignorance when it comes to the San Remo Conference which codified the Balfour Declaration and was then incorporated into the Treaty of Sèvres making Israel a fact decided long before World War II or even the rise of the Nazis to power. There are many more groups which include New Israel Fund which acts as a clearing house sending funds from donations on to other NGO’s many of which are virulently anti-Israel and/or anti-Zionist plus the top groups listed by the ADL as being against Israel which included Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER), American Muslims for Palestine, CODEPINK: Women for Peace, Friends of Sabeel-North America, If Americans Knew/Council for the National Interest, Jewish Voice for Peace (mentioned above), Muslim Public Affairs Council, Neturei Karta (a Haredi Orthodox sect which believes that Israel must await the coming of the Messiah to establish itself), Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation.


Many of these groups have large, if not predominant, Jewish membership and funding. There have been editorials which have claimed that the majority of American Jews either have negative feelings politically or ambivalent feelings politically about the direction Israel, both the society and the government, are headed. The Pew Research Group did an excellent article with graphs and other visuals depicting the differences between American Jews and Israeli Jews and what each find most important and what are the greatest challenges they perceive. The distance between the two groups and their perception of Israel are quite astonishing. Having resided in Israel for approaching half a decade, we can speak that we have found a large difference between the English speaking Jews we meet and the Jews we knew back in the United States. The Jews in Israel are equally upset with the lack of effort to accomplish what they desire each with their own government. Israelis are becoming more conservative and are very satisfied that President Trump won over Hillary Clinton and are relieved that Barack Obama is gone. American Jews have a completely the opposite view, they are gob-smacked that Hillary Clinton lost and that was the most traumatic event in their lives and they miss President Obama. Moment Magazine has an exhaustive article titled “The Growing Gap Between Israel And American Jews” which has interviews on the subject with interviews by Sarah Breger, Marilyn Cooper, George E. Johnson, Sala Levin and Ellen Wexler of the following individuals Elliott Abrams, Michael Barnett, Ethan Bronner, Steven M. Cohen, Alan Cooperman, Jonathan Dekel-Chen, Hasia Diner, Seth Farber, Yaron Gamburg, Susie Gelman, Lisa Goldman, Daniel Gordis, Yossi Klein Halevi, Samuel Heilman, Martin Kramer, Michael A. Meyer, Aaron David Miller, Marilyn Safir, Jonathan Sarna, Julie Schonfeld, Ofira Seliktar, Anita Shapira, Abraham D. Sofaer, Jay M. Stanton, Dov Waxman, Dov Zakheim and Neta Ziv. It is that growing gap which grows more definitive and stark as you look towards the youth.


That does not bode well and will bring about an intensely horrifying unintended consequence, growing anti-Semitism. Some of those who will fuel the fires of this coming anti-Semitism will be many of the disenchanted young Jews who see their religion as the problem with things that went wrong actually due to politics. What they will see is that many of the Jews from the older generation were too hooked into the political system and they will demand the opposite approach, that Jews avoid politics entirely. As one Jew turns against the other, non-Jews will wonder why it would be wrong to blame Jews when the Jews do such themselves. They will see the Jewish community filled with infighting. This will make the Jews appear weak and no longer organized making them vulnerable. If political and economic problems should arise in the United States, the old canards of the Jew controlled politics, lawyers, judges, banking, media, entertainment, music and you name it with a special problem with Jews as professors in academia. The backlash and run to blame the Jews will finally arrive in the United States and gain traction. This renewed hate for the Jews blaming them for the problems will not be from the right as we have always been told to fear. This time it will come from the leftists including some Jews who became so disenchanted that they no longer think of themselves as Jewish. They will learn eventually that once a Jew, always a Jew for up to three or even four generations. This will result in checking registers of deaths, births and other legal papers of grand parents and great grand parents seeking proof they were Jews and once found, then the entire family is considered contaminated and will be hunted down. This is what happened in Nazi Germany and there were a number of people, of families who had no idea that they were Jewish by genealogy. Read the comments on the Internet and realize that the anti-Semitism has been slowly rising and that movement is gaining speed. To the Jews who will be desperate for a place to which to run when the threats grow close, where are you going to go? Here is a little hint, Europeans will close their doors, the Muslim world will close their doors and about the only nation who will greet you with open arms will be Israel. Please, before coming to Israel, please try and free yourself from the political history which you will carry whether you know it or not. Effort to alter your political urgings will be required if Israel herself is to survive. Many Jews desire Israel to be the Lite America Brand but do not realize that a multicultural society would be the death of Israel and the only thing which keeps Israel strong is an underlying Judaism. Many will claim that they do not really identify as being a Jew despite living in Israel. That is next to impossible for anyone with even a smattering of Jewish knowledge. The one promise that Hashem gave us was that the land would bloom only for us, and that has been the case. Israel often to us feels as if the land itself loves the Jewish People and the majority of them love the land back as well as their guardian, Hashem. The IDF is but his right arm but once you come to Israel you will believe in miracles as they will be happening all around you and to, or should we say for, you as well.


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October 22, 2017

J’accuse and Your Guilt is Sealed


The new left is quite different from the liberals who used to make up the left. The new left is activist and refuses to permit people to oppose their dictums. Your religious beliefs are inconsequential in the world they are preparing for the future. Your political leanings must be corrected until you yield to their beliefs. Nothing can be permitted in opposition. Change has become the order of their day, their night and any time they spend awake. There can be no higher calling than the transition of society’s norms to match their beliefs. What is wonderful is how accepting these leftists can be when you talk their talk and walk their walk. They have their definition of a wonderful new age where everybody is completely equal. There will be no difference in treatment between men and women because gender, sexual is a word which they have deemed offensive so we cannot use such here, identity at birth is irrelevant to them as they can find one male and one female who are equal at any task. Power lifting, take the women’s world heavyweight record holder and some man who has never pressed weights in his life and has a figure so slight that he hardly seems to have muscles at all, the woman can out lift him so proof positive. Running, they can find a woman who is faster than some man. Whatever you can find and there is some pairing of a particular woman and a particular man where the woman is equal or superior. Tennis has already been established, as women are superior after Billie Jean King defeated Bobby Riggs. Let us look at some of the results of these policies.


This was sufficient proof of equality to permit women into combat units. Never mind that some of the enemies they may face believe that women captured on a battlefield are to be used for the pleasuring the capturing troops as their reward for such a prize. These enemies know that their brutalizing of their enemies’ women is a particular insult which is why they will use captured women in propaganda which proves their superiority over the enemy which is incapable of protecting their delicate flowers, their women. Many of the developed world, where these leftists run unchecked, are incapable of understanding that there are those in the world whose societies differ greatly from the developed world. These societies are less advanced and less sophisticated in their moral principles holding on to mores discarded by the developed world anywhere from a century to millennia ago. Acts which they believe to be normal practice and acceptable as a means of proving their superiority using their beliefs that men are superior to women and because of this superiority then a brave and strong man would protect a woman at all costs and capturing and debasing an enemies women was a measure of dominance.


Many soldiers in the developed world’s armies know this and, because of their knowledge, they will go to extremes to prevent any woman in their charge from being taken by the enemy, even at the cost of their own lives. Despite evidence presented proving this danger would be real, the leftists demanded that women be permitted to serve in combat units. But this posed an additional problem; the women who desired to serve in the combat units were largely incapable of meeting the physical requirements. The leftists were there with the solution, a lesser degree of physical ability with tests adjusted for, wait for it, gender be used where women only be required to perform at approximately three-quarters that of their male counterparts. Other than the different physical requirements, men and women are completely equally capable of performing the necessary requirements for combat arms units.


Some Marines were once asked what misgivings they had with women serving in combat units and universally they had two main problem areas. The first was the insensitive treatment, the outright vile treatment they would receive if captured which would place their unit in jeopardy as this would require their being overly protective of any woman or women in their unit even to the point that some said they might consider shooting their female compatriots rather than allow them be captured. These interviews disappeared from records within weeks of their being reported. Their other complaint was they really would prefer that another male Marine be expected to carry them from the field of battle when injured as the women would likely struggle carrying a two-hundred-fifty pound Marine who was a full foot taller than the female soldier. This had been a proven problem in training to the point that the women were only required to carry another woman in such exercises and if no woman was present, then the slightest and shortest male soldier would be their victim to carry.


But this demands that all inequalities be ignored because if you ignore differences and compensate for them making that the norm, then differences really no longer exist. Simply pretend that there is no difference and then no difference is noted. That makes all differences simply vanish as they have been deleted from reality. This has been carried over to marriage such that the gender of the people being joined in marriage no longer matter. Marriage can be between a man and a woman, but where is the fun in that. Marriage can also be between a man and a man or a woman and another woman, viva the lack of difference. Now there is another new rule for society, everyone must treat same gender partners in a marriage exactly the same as they would a traditional married couple. There must be no differentiating or else. So, if you are a baker, one of about fifty in a city, and you are known to be a religious person, a very religious person, then there will at some point be a same gender couple who will seek out your bakery demanding that you make their wedding cake. Should you refuse, then you are in for a heap load of trouble. You will be sued and driven out of business rather than simply finding another baker who would accept your business and happily bake your cake. You see, it is a matter of principle that everybody must accept your choice in marriage and those who refuse on religious grounds, especially on religious grounds, must be driven from the public square.


Even in the workplace, if there is a person where one member of a same gender couple is employed, then there is a dynamic which at some point is almost guaranteed to erupt with the slightest provocation, even unintentional provocations. The horrible side to this is that no provocation is actually required, just the individual believing there had been a provocation. What is really unique about same gender marriage currently in society is that it is the particular area of greatest sensitivity. Should the member of a same gender marriage feel they have had their special relations insulted and bring charges that they have been slighted over their relations, then the accused is guilty. The accusation in and of itself is sufficient proof of commission of the crime and the accused is basically finished and will forever carry the stigma of being an insensitive boor to be scorned by all. This is further guaranteed by those who will be charged with doing the investigation. The EEOC officer likely has their degree in gender studies or other equally prestigious area of social studies. They are trained to be capable of feeling the slightest tremor or disturbance in the polite requirements of their highly sensitized abilities. Many of them are over-zealous just chomping at the bit to find some inequality to level, some wrong to right, some offended person to defend, some reason to champion a cause and make a difference. Never mind that often that difference has a person who becomes the victim, but these victims deserve being victimized, as they fell on the wrong side of the new social constructs. Wait until you hear of some who choose to be gender free.


Things were so very different back at the front end of the new age when equality actually meant accepting one another for the person we were and trying not to be judgmental. This was during that long ago age of flower power and being groovy and dropping in or dropping out which often could mean the same thing. Back then there was a revolution in society where the past was to simply be left in the dust, the dustbin of history and a whole new world was going to be replacing the old where people were judged by their character, ability, and quality of their performance, their work and differences were to be respected. People were to be permitted their differences and if one felt uncomfortable with your lifestyle, then as long as they were polite and treated you with respect, then you were to respect their beliefs and not demand they approve of you just as they were not to expect you to reform to their beliefs. It was all about respecting differences and everyone living their life by their rules and allowing others to do the same. Life has changed and the world is now about forcing everyone to believe the true and enlightened path of leftist dogma. We went from no such thing as a set dogma and everybody was allowed to make their own rules for their life and nobody’s rules were any better, more respectable or more correct than anyone else’s rules and that was that to strict dogma demanding complete compliance dictated by the extreme left. Now you must be in with same gender marriage, open relationships and every last iota of the leftist menagerie of whatever is their latest decision modern society must now embrace. It is difficult to keep up with some of the changes society has taken and the speed of these constant demands which come at us from every corner.


Many people, far more than the leftists are willing to accept, are growing tired of their holier than thou preaching about how everyone is supposed to think and what we are to cherish and what is acceptable and what is not. Despite the overwhelming social media offensive which claims the President Trump was placed into the Oval Office by no less than the devil himself, or was a Russian President Putin, and is there a difference as social media says there is no diff, but the people who voted for Trump were not all people who actually thought he was the most wonderful choice possible, but they definitely knew he was not going to be another leftist, and that was all that mattered. There are a number of Republicans who have misjudged the anger running through the American electorate and others who have seen it for what it is and decided to retire and let somebody the people can believe in to hopefully replace them. Now for the interesting thing which deserves its own paragraph.


The Democrat Party will survive their plunge into the farthest left swimming pool they could find and then swimming to the left end of the pool. They truly believe in what they are representing, and good for them. They will pay the price for their plunge to extremism and will recover and return to just being the excessively liberal party. The Republican Party is a completely different matter. Should their mainstream old school leadership insist on trying to play Democrat lite, then the party will die, as it should. They have a choice that they need to make, either change their leadership and actually stand for something or become irrelevant. Donald Trump is just a symptom of a very disgruntled portion of American society who is sick and tired with being ignored by both parties. They are going to either be given control of the Republican Party or they will declare a new party and the Republicans will go the way of the Whig Party, the party they replaced when the Whigs refused to take a strong stand on slavery. There is no singular item which will spell the end of the Republican Party but the lack of ability to repeal Obamacare, their inability to address and pass meaningful tax reform, their inability to address illegal immigration, their inability to deliver all the items they had promised if only they were given the White House and both houses of Congress, they did not demand a supermajority, which the people granted them, their inability to put the brakes on John McCain and impress vote control of their party members as the Democrat Party does as simple as for the asking, their inability to be honest with their supporters is what will bring them to an end. There are a great number of people who are very angry and their distress is not going to wane, their determination will not be denied, and their fervor will spread as more people wake to the fact that the United States is in distress and unless things are turned around and changes, basic and desperate changes, are made and made immediately, within the Trump four years, then all will be lost.


United States has a Fever


United States debt went from five-trillion dollars in 2000 to twenty-trillion dollars by the end of 2017, which is quadrupled. George W. Bush doubled it in his eight years; and, just not to be outdone, Barack Obama redoubled the debt in his eight years. There is a President which should be emulated for his absolute intolerance of the United States being a debtor nation. He did not settle for simply balancing the budget with accounting gimmicks or actually balancing it for a year or two or showing a small surplus which would evaporate all but immediately. This President paid off the entire debt and on January 8, 1835, at a gathering of the so-called important people in Washington, it was announced that President Andrew Jackson had fulfilled his campaign promise and the entire national debt was paid in full. His methods may have been somewhat dubious but his desired aim was admirable. To get the current debt is not something which could be vanquished by any single President and will take the full attention and efforts of an extensive number of administrations but is something the people are going to demand Washington change as their economy starts to be affected as the debt causes financial ruin and threatens to destroy the United States. Have you ever wonder why savings accounts earn almost no interest? The debt is the answer. The interest rates are being kept artificially low so the debt will not destroy the United States. Should the interest rates rise, then the payment on the interest would accordingly rise. Currently the United States has barely managed to keep up with the payments at their current level. Double the interest rate to close to five percent and the interest payments would double. Redouble them to around nine percent, about half of where they were under President Jimmy Carter, and the interest payment would take over almost half or more of the Federal budget at current levels and force the United States to cut funding for programs and halve the military. Should they rise beyond that, well, let us hope that never becomes the new reality. The time has come in the United States to make balanced budgets and paying off principle and not merely the interest of the debt a primary concern. When a political party and politicians start speaking about this, we will know that just possibly the United States may be starting to heal itself because it is currently quite ill and has a disease which causes it to bleed the people’s financial future.


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