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October 29, 2018

Synagogue Shooting in Squirrel Hill


Eleven people, Jews, were killed and at least six injured including four police at the Tree of Life Synagogue located in Squirrel Hill, a largely Jewish community attached to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For me, this is somewhat personal as when I attended college in Pittsburgh I often walked the streets of Squirrel Hill eating an exquisite corned beef sandwich for lunch at least twice a month, weather permitting. I probably have at least walked by, if not attended services at, this Synagogue. The neighborhood in the early 1970’s was filled with unique Mom and Pop stores selling Judaica and anything else including two head-shops. The people were as wonderful and sweet as you could want to meet. I will always remember the pleasant walks with one of the most special people of my life. But this horrific attack was perpetrated specifically at Jews solely because they are Jews. The same old hatred and falsehoods, anti-Semitic tropes which our forefathers heard in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, and, sorrowfully, throughout the world were again found behind the hatred here. He hated the election of President Trump so that was the fault of the Jews despite the known tendency for Jews to vote for the Democrats. He was against immigration from outside of Europe and these were being brought to the United States by Jews, by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) which helps Jewish refugees relocate to the United States. The shooter, identified as 46-year-old Robert Bowers, tweeted moments before entering the Tree of Life Synagogue, “I can’t wait while my people are getting slaughtered….I’m going in.” His social media was riddled with anti-Semitism. He was reported to yell, “All Jews must die!” as he began shooting. The Synagogue was filled with Shabbat observers and a family and friends of a circumcision ceremony for their newborn son. This was an act of pure evil perpetrated by a person so filled with hatred of Jews that everything they saw which they thought was wrong was blamed solely and entirely on the Jews.


What is equally appalling is the immediate politicization of this indescribable propagation of hatred which took eleven lives while leaving at least another six with varied injuries. This was not about firearms, this was not about any elections, this was not about politics, this was about the oldest hatred which has infected humankind almost since the inception of faith in a single and unseen deity, Hashem. Bowers may have given a thousand different political reasons for blaming the Jews, a thousand different societal qualms for which he blamed the Jews, it does not matter the reasoning that he hated Jews as those were excuses to satisfy his desire for his hatred of the Jews to be justified so his act would be blessed in his warped, hate-filled mind. This is a condition which arises for varied reasons and through varied means. Sometimes it appears to be heredity as if in the mother’s milk, as is commonly said. This is often because they heard Jews blamed for every ill that befell somebody in their family or it was a common theme in their community. This is what has roiled the Middle East and North African nations and what infected Europe, especially Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. Then it can be learned at a later point where it is initially launched by some defining moment or act in the person’s life. Then there are times it just arises seemingly out of nowhere with little to indicate from whence it came. This is often the hardest to understand and is also one which can have the most dangerous implications, as there is no prediction or predilection which serves as a warning that the person has such hatred. This instance, there was plenty of warning signs, just nobody did anything to bring the potential threat to the attention of authorities. That would not have likely resulted in any actual actions, but it is nice to think that warning of somebody who is threatening a community within our greater communities would serve to prevent such acts. The problem with anti-Semitism is it is pervasive enough that if the authorities had to keep tabs on every anti-Semite, they would have little resources to perform any other duties. Anti-Semitism is one of the problems which can only be defeated through education for the time being until we gain a far deeper understanding of the human mind and how we learn to hate. It is as Martin Luther King purported, another hatred formed through bigotry and as baseless as the rejection of people of color and all the mindless and baseless claims he fought against. It was as he stated at a speech given by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on October 27, 1967, at a Civil Rights rally in Boston, Mass as he stated, “When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You’re talking anti-Semitism!” He recognized this and far more as also stated at the above link.


Burning Israel Star of David


This shooting will be with the Squirrel Hill community in general and the Tree of Life Synagogue for the foreseeable future as such wounds leave scars which come to mind every time you think of one of the victims or see their relatives and close friends. Such is the nature of these horrible events. There will be the store operated by one of the affected families which will be closed forever leaving a form of dead space even after the new store opens in its place. Certain things in the community will never be the same. What will be the worst remembrance of this trauma will be for the family of the young newborn who was a mere eight days of age and whose bris and naming ceremony was destroyed in an instant of stark terror. This was exactly the same as terror attacks read about which happen in Israel and the trauma to the neighborhood and the congregations will be just as permanent as our memories of such events here. We can share in the indelible feelings of helplessness and victimization which ran through those when the first shots rang through the Synagogue. That sickening feeling deep in your gut which makes you want to wretch while all your mind can think is how can I and those around for whom I care simply disappear and be as far from right here and right now as possible, and you know that no such thing can be performed by mere human beings. Prayers might be running through your head and their content never had more urgency or meaning and those who survive will thank Hashem just that much more sincerely for the time being. Life becomes that much more precious and feelings that much more intense and for many time all but stops and their every movement feels as if they are moving through molasses as it appears to be slowed to almost an enormous effort is being expended to move ever so slowly. Your hear beats faster and so hard you can hear the blood rushing past your ears on its way to the brain which is reviewing options before you can clear your head to control those thoughts. Some moments pass quickly when you remember them but time becomes almost your enemy as it either passes too slow or so fast and you cannot react at that speed. Nothing makes sense and things can even begin to swirl and you feel feint and unable to clearly see what and where things are. Then everything, if you are fortunate, gels and thoughts are crystal clear and you seem to regain control and are able to move with an alacrity which feels as if it is beyond your normal abilities. Then, when you are finally at the end of the threat, and you calm yourself enough to collect your thoughts and emotions and you look at your watch, only fifteen minutes have passed but you feel like it was at least an hour long ordeal. The human body reacts in some ways beyond understanding when one is placed in such a situation where conditions have no resemblance to normal. The feeling of relief at having survived such an ordeal is short-lived as the realization comes and you see that not everyone was as fortunate. Then the reality of the cost of what one just survived but by the grace of fate and Hashem sets in and the melancholy and soul-searching begins. We start to try and find a reason for why we survived and these eleven friends and fellow congregants were not so fortunate. We then find the wounded and, if we are able, we assist them and see that four of them were police who rushed to the scene and you feel gratitude for their heroic efforts which assuredly saved many, possibly oneself. That fills you with the gratitude of living and you once again mutter thanks to Hashem for sparing you and hopefully all those you hold dearest. Not all are that fortunate and they are near their lost loved one completely broken and destitute wondering why not themselves instead. The full gamut of feelings will be found with every person finding their own little place within their consciousness which will provide them even the smallest amount of peace for each moment. Reason cannot account for nor provide any explanation as there is no understanding of why, what or any way to make a better explanation because nothing justifies away the hurt and the horror. Yet, in retrospect, there will be a thousand reasons all of which will prove insufficient, as there is no explaining hate, not pure and unadulterated hate which is at the core of anti-Semitism. There is no reason for such hate and there never has been any reason for such hate but it has endured as the explanation for inadequacies, inequalities and every other complaint held by the anti-Semite because it is easier to blame the Jew than to search within themselves.


We could try and continue to explain the actions of Robert Bowers and explore the range of thoughts and reactions of the Congregants present and the police and community who responded to the shooting, the police by rushing towards danger and the community pulling together at the vigil to show solidarity and support for those who died and those who survived as they too will carry the emotional scars on top of everything else for quite a time to come. This was a series of events which the news will dissect until the next tragedy replaces it in the news cycle. Pittsburgh will run with this just that bit longer than the rest of the nation and the world. It will also be carried longer here in Israel as we feel such events as tragic and hope that Jews will realize that they would actually be safer here in Israel. Many find that difficult to believe, but it is actually true. For the Jews of America, if you wish to see what will be your future, just watch Europe as they are but a decade, if that, ahead of the United States and what you witness there you will witness at home in the near future. We do not even desire to think of how many more like Robert Bowers are out there in the United States or across Europe. They are an unseen threat often because they associate with a select group who either completely agree with their every complaint about the Jews or really could not care less one way or the other about their talking evil about the Jews because they are not Jews, they know almost no Jews and thus they do not really care about the Jews. That is another thing about many people to whom the Jews may as well be those aliens from Zeta Reticuli whose saucer just crashed and are setting up house somewhere in the mountain of central Wyoming. This is often why such people who fester such a burning though baseless hatred within are seldom brought to the attention of the authorities. Their acquaintances often simply think of their anti-Semitic ramblings are nothing more than their means of expressing their frustrations and doubt that they are truly serious, let alone actually going to act upon such feelings. These are the way some simply explain their shortcomings or the things which fail to meet their expectations. They did not get a raise because of those Jews, of course. The news which they do not like or reports which show events celebrating something they hate politically it is because of the Jews. That is just their expression and what does it hurt. The problem is that there does exist a percentage of anti-Semites who just might act upon their hate which is what happened in Pittsburgh.


Aliens from Zeta Reticuli

Aliens from Zeta Reticuli


Often people think of the Jews as being as alien as our little friend pictured above. There are people who believe that Jews look different and that they can pick them out in a crowd. Some believe Jews have tails or horns or whatever feature which denotes them as less human. I was fortunate in life as a nearly two meter tall one hundred kilo male, not many people actually desired to strike me. I have had a few instances when it was necessary to stand up for a less size-endowed Jew and it always shocked the anti-Semite that a Jew would not only talk back but actually call them out on their hatred. None had ever decided to take me up on stepping outside, which is to my liking. But none have ever bothered my Jew of less physical dimensions again after our exchange of words. That too is a good thing. Jews, for the most part, are not overly physical and prefer cerebral methods to the use of force, at least in the United States. This is odd as the person responsible for the scientific art of boxing and heavyweight champion of England in 1792–1795 was a Portuguese Jew named Daniel Mendoza. This was back in the day when it was bare knuckle boxing where there were no gloves and the rules were quite simple. The rules were you started with round one and each round went for three minutes with one minute between rounds and you added one to the round counter until one fighter was knocked out or unable to meet the bell and submitted. Mendoza lost his crown to “Gentleman” John Jackson who found his way to victory by seizing Mendoza by his long hair and holding him with one hand while he pounded his head with the other. So much for the “Gentleman” part of his name. As we stated above, there were not very many rules. But all the Jews of the past also had one thing in common with Jews of today, they still were faced with anti-Semitism, the mindless hatred of the other as defined by the Jew. Jews have been the other because it was easy. They lived separate from the rest of the people in a community which often was walled in. Here is the odd thing, the wall was not for the protection of the Jews inside as they did not erect the wall. The wall was to protect the rest of the world from the Jew and to provide the Jew with a limit as to where they could proceed and not be threatened, but dare to leave the ghetto and the Jew had to be wary and very careful as he was on forbidden ground and only at the mercy of any who might lay eyes on them. These walls were built by the Christians and the Muslims to protect themselves from “Jew contamination” or something like that. Sure, there were periods when the Jews were permitted to mix freely and live amongst the rest of the peoples, but they were never permanent and are proving once again to be temporary. This was a wake-up call which will not be heeded for what it portends. This was a call to return to their only real home where they can live more easily as observant Jews, where they are the majority. This was an Aliyah call telling them that Israel is their real home. For every excuse you might have as a Jew for not returning home to Israel, there is a reason to return to Israel which probably belies that very reason with one exception, your aging parents or grandparents require your remaining where you currently reside. What you will not believe is that once in Israel, providing you come with an open mind and expecting little but to be amazed, then you will find that Israel is truly the home of every Jew and welcomed by a community which speaks English as the British saw to that by colonizing almost every corner of the world. Come and spend a month starting, as too many Jews will, in Tel Aviv and once you have had that experience, then visit the periphery. Go to places such as Jerusalem, of course, and Hebron, the Dead Sea and all the other tourist stops and take in the history and the sights. Then visit Tzfat which is a town of artists, Nahariya, which is a beach town largely for other Israelis, Eilat, as it is the southernmost tip of Israel and also a beach resort, and any number of other places not usually seen on the tourist posters. Israel will surprise you as it has a diverse number of places which have their own personality. We love Nahariya and when we visited to get a feel, we were fortunate to stay in Nahariya and were here for the Purim Parade. We definitely advise making it to some smaller town during Purim as the celebration is one of the times of the year that we all come together and celebrate. Holidays in Israel are so completely different than in the United States as in Israel the Jewish holidays are also national holidays and that too is something to be amazed about. Israel, to put it simply, is the Jewish State, period. And it is perfectly safe as Israel does put a great effort into protecting us to the best of their ability.


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October 10, 2018

Judaism is a Liberation Movement and not a Suppressive Movement

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Many far leftist Jews are fleeing from Judaism under the misconception that Judaism is a restrictive, suppressive, supremacist and exclusionary religious force. Nothing could be more incorrect, but then they see Judaism through the lens of strict laws of the Orthodox and the lifting of the Commandments by the Reform movement. They are taught that the Reform movement is the freeing of Judaism from the restrictive and closed-minded world the ultra-religious Jews have formed. They go further in claiming that the ultra-religious Jews resided throughout Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa in closed and often walled or fenced communities separating them from the remainder of humanity. This was depicted as these communities being exclusionary and oppressive, forcing the turning inward of the members of the Jewish community. But is any of this accurate or is it a misrepresentation of the facts?


The first thing which requires understanding is the picture of the Jewish People throughout the regions where they reside are all restricted and enclosed by walls or merely fences. This was true, but for a very different reason. The enclosing of the Jewish communities was not built by the Jews to keep out all ‘others,’ but was erected by those others in order to separate the Jews from their pure neighborhoods. These walls and fences were to keep the Jews restricted from the rest of society protecting their people from the Jew and not built by the Jews to retain their purity. If one of the outsiders would marry a Jew or Jewess, they would be considered compromised and their children as less pure than a pure Christian, while in the Muslim world it was considered advantageous to take a Jewess as one of your wives as long as the children are raised as Muslims and never are told that they are Jewish by definition. But exactly what does Judaism have to say to the remainder of the world, to those who are not Jewish?


Judaism has what is probably the earliest pluralistic faith. The Jews are tasked with keeping the Commandments given to the Israelite Tribes at Mount Sinai through Moses, the lawgiver. By keeping these Commandments, the Jews will be granted good fortune and the ability to show to the world what living a true Torah life is good. The Jews are not to impose these Commandments upon the non-Jews but instead to simply request that non-Jews at least follow the Noahic Code. This means that the Jews only ask that everyone else simply follow what have been called the Seven Codes of Noah and not the six-hundred-thirteen Commandments from the Torah. Hopefully, this comes as a relief to all non-Jews. Jews are supposed to prove that living by the laws of Hashem are for the good of mankind and are the way to living a life which will be rewarded. But it does not stop there, as there is more, there is always more, but you will be surprised if this is all new or the first time you are hearing these truths.


Noahic Codes

Noahic Codes


Judaism actually does request one thing from all of the non-Jews. This request is that they allow us to live in our lands unthreatened and in peace. In exchange, the Jewish People will share everything discovered and all advancements and other truths as they are revealed to the Jews. We do not demand or even request that any non-Jew convert and will actually question why anybody would desire to convert as being a Jew requires much from any Jew while Judaism requires little from non-Jews beyond our freedom to Serve Hashem unhindered. We wish that we be basically left free to follow Torah and tending to our needs. We do not desire to tell others what they must or must not do. We do not desire to tell people how to live, only to provide a simple guide to what Hashem defines as a good and righteous life, the Noahic Code. Judaism does not demand that we proselytize but simply requires that we explain to those who ask, nothing more. Even when one takes an interest in what it means to be a Jew and what Judaism teaches, we simply answer their question without any implication that they consider converting and when they may request to learn about converting, we are instructed to question why they would even desire converting when that makes one’s life far more restricted while they can adopt whatever parts of Judaism they find applicable without converting and thus make their lives far more relaxed. Even once they start to learn the two years of instruction, on average, required to be mastered before one is admitted to join the Jewish People, we ask repeatedly what is driving them and are they sure this is what they really want. Yes, that is true, we actually make conversion fairly difficult and also requiring they show a knowledge and desire to commit fully to Judaism and the Commandments, even far more than many Jews actually follow, and pass testing which is administered by a board of selected Rabbis depending upon the region and level of religious observance, Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist or other. Not every level of observance recognize the conversions performed by the others. In the meantime, allow that the Jewish People are to require only that they be permitted to perform their religious rites and attend to their religious obligations without being hindered.


The Jewish People do not have any designs on world conquest or domination of any kind. Once there was an expansive stage within Judaism, where the Israelite Empire under Kings David and Solomon conquered a region of land depicted below. Even after conquest, while Jews were granted superior rights but as long as the conquered peoples paid their tithe, their taxes, to Jerusalem, they were permitted to continue in their normal lives. This was the Greater Israel which stretched from the Euphrates River to the River of Egypt, which has often been interpreted to mean the Nile where it actually referred to the river which was the border with Egypt, called the Wadi of Egypt. There is no desire or reason which would have modern Israel demanding more lands than what was promised by the series of councils, conferences, treaties and mandates which were conceived and enacted after World War I and well before the Holocaust. This proves beyond any doubt that the desire of the Jewish People to return to the Holy Lands was real and founded well before the Holocaust and World War II and that Zionism predates even World War I and was only spurred further by the indigenous peoples’ movements after World War I.


Greater Israel the Kingdoms of Kings David and Solomon Between 1050 and 930 BCE

Greater Israel the Kingdoms of Kings David and Solomon Between 1050 and 930 BCE


The fact that at the end of the Seder service there is a prayer which states, “Next year in Jerusalem,” a desire stated after numerous other prayers and services, is indicative of the Jewish People’s desire for the return to their ancient homelands. These are only the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea east and west, the Wadi of Egypt which is the current border between Israel and Egypt, the Blue Line which defines the border with Lebanon despite the reality that the traditional border for Israel’s northern border was the Litani River, and the east end of the Golan Heights with Jordan. This is the dream of the Zionists and nationalist Jews, nothing more or less. The Zionist leadership worked with the victorious powers after World War I, particularly Britain which produced the Balfour Declaration which was the kickoff of the eventual founding of the Jewish state of Israel. The promise to the Jews came as part of the redrawing of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, the German Empire and the Ottoman Empire, the three losing powers from World War I. The United Nations adopted the Mandate System which promised the above boundaries for the Jewish State. Once these lands are permitted the Jewish People, then it is thought that a period of peace may come to much of the Earth, but this unfortunately appears to be something which much of the world refuses to permit.


The Jews in these modern times have only a desire to build ourselves a homeland within its honestly restrictive size to the most and as far as we are able. We hope to unravel the mysteries in physics and the challenges of space. We desire to find the most advantageous means for growing crops, producing potable water, cures for diseases, treatments for cancer, the means by which humankind can achieve advances unthinkable in our times which will become evident in the future once we have attained the knowledge to imagine these wonders and to serve as an exemplary civilization through which the entire world can learn to live together in harmony for the mutual advancement. Somehow, people have taken this curiosity for desires to prove we are superior to others and lord over the world. This is untrue as we hope only to enlighten the world by setting an example which is so desirable as to have the world choose to follow our examples but not to have them bow to our lead. We will have sufficient challenge ruling over ourselves and finding the correct path we can follow which is defined by Torah, which is in and of itself a sufficient challenge. We could only expect the rest of the world to pick and choose those parts of our example which serve them best and would never expect any other civilization or group to adopt all the challenges of Judaism.


Star of David Ornate


The only request which the Jewish State, the eventual home for the vast majority of Jews, has is that we be permitted to live in peace within the borders promised to the Jewish People by the Mandate System. This would simply require for the sizeable groups of the Europeans to decide that Israel and the Jews are not the greatest threat to humanity. This would simply require for the vast selection of Arab nations to decide that they are not threatened by Israel and to reside beside us in peace and mutual prosperity. This would simply require for the United Nations to end its dedicated hatred and selecting Israel specifically for condemnations and sanction. And finally, this would simply require for the other religions to decide that Judaism is no threat which wishes to take over the world and simply decide that there is more good which will result from a Jewish State than any possible threat it could pose. If the United Nations General Assembly is any indication, it will require one-hundred-twenty-plus nations out of one-hundred-ninety-three member nations to stop supporting every motion against Israel simply for political or hateful reasons. In the end, such alterations in world vision could be the beginning of a new future in which all will reap rewards from befriending Israel.


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June 29, 2018

Another Brave Jihadist Strikes Young Girl

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The title says it all, but we will go into greater depth anyways. His target was young Shuva Malka who had committed the crime of appearing to be a religious Jewess. Fortunately, young Shuva is recuperating in the hospital with her parents grateful to still have a living daughter (see photo below). Shuva was waiting at a bus stop about two weeks ago when she was noticed by her soon to be active soldier of Allah. This brave soldier waited until young Shuva was alone. This warrior of Islam snuck up behind his victim and stabbed young Shuva nine times to her upper body from behind. Feeling assured he had finally murdered his Jew assuring his place in Heaven, her attacker continued on his trip returning home. Luck had been with him, well, except he failed to attain his guaranteed place in Heaven and thank Hashem little Shuva survived her ordeal, her harrowing experience where her pain will remain with her for weeks, maybe even longer. May Hashem see that this is the worst ordeal Shuva faces and have the rest of her life be blessed with nothing but love, kindness and the blessings of a warm and devoted family, blessed and dedicated husband and loving, sweet, healthy children by her side through a long and sweet life.


Young Shuva Recuperating in Hospital with Grateful Parents

Young Shuva Recuperating in Hospital with Grateful Parents


Now let us speak briefly of this brave soldier of Allah. Nur a-Din Shinawi is a twenty-year-old terrorist from Jenin. What is it about Jenin that all too many of these refuges of humanity are produced. Picture the scene of this twenty-year-old man attacking such a young girl as small as Shuva and attacking her from behind sneaking up to attack his hopelessly smaller and weaker target. Then his audacity of exclaiming to the police, the Shin Bet, that his attack was warranted because of the insult shown his mother when she was entering the Temple Mount. He also stated he thought he had made certain he had killed the young settler then he fled the scene. Upon hearing that the police were chasing him, he planned to kill one of the policemen with his other knife which he was carrying for this purpose. This was all to avenge the fact that a kipah wearing policeman’s having made a security check during which he made contact with his mother, and that insult had to be avenged, at least this was his reasoning. He claims that since this event his hatred of religious Jews has constantly increased. Thus when he saw young Shuva he made the realization that this was the opportunity to carry out the attack he had planned before to settle the insult of his mother. This twenty-year-old man actually reasoned in his mind that attacking a young girl probably half his weight and size would aggrandize his stature and act as revenge for his mother being checked before entering the Temple Mount, a place where everybody ascending the Temple Mount are often searched and checked before being permitted entrance to this sensitive area.


Now allow us to give our reaction to this event. First, the excuse that his mother was checked by security personnel when entering the Temple Mount, something which likely happened fairly regularly, assuming she entered the Temple Mount regularly, was hardly an infrequent event. This was probably just the best excuse he could come up with under pressure to explain his actions. This was simply his chance to gain stature with minimal chance of personal injury. Here was a safe route to gain the promise of heaven as he has probably heard regularly from the Imams, his friends and others all referencing the Quran. Is it actually in the Quran that murdering a Jew guarantees one a spot in heaven? The truthful answer is actually it does not say their is a guarantee of heaven which can be attained by murdering a Jew. Still it is stated in an all-encompassing paraphrasing of the Verse Of The Sword from Al-Tawbah which stated, “Fight and slay the pagans (Usually Jews and Christians) wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem of war” – Sura 9:5 But more likely he heard how it was proper and expected of him to kill Jews at every opportunity from Palestinian media, schools and from every area within his society. References to the Palestinian media anti-Semitism and even calling for their killing can be found here, here, here, here, and even instructions reported here. If videos are more your partiality, well below find a few we selected.



We close in praying that young Shuva Malka will recover completely both physically and emotionally with no lasting harm. May her life be filled with light, laughter and may her life be a blessing. We hope that her family will also recover from the shock and other ramifications of this terrorist evil. May the nation of Israel not need to suffer these attacks and may we find peace with or peace despite our neighbors. We prefer peace with our neighbors but this is their choice as we are ready to find a solution as soon as our neighbors realize we are not leaving and this is our ancestral home we were promised with return to before their prophet was born. We are willing to share the land and provide them with the many benefits of coexistence. We would be very happy to provide them with resident alien status if only an Arab country would provide them citizenship or the Palestinians would settle for borders, peace and mutual respect and safety. Shuva, may your life find beauty and love in all that touches you and may Hashem bless your life.


Beyond the Cusp


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