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January 9, 2019

Were Israel Ignored by the World

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We can only wonder what the world would do if they were persuaded to simply leave Israel to deal with all matters within her promised borders. The world promised the Jewish People through the Zionist Congress after World War I that the Jewish People would be granted the lands from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea and from the Lebanese border to the Wadi of Egypt with Eilat as their southernmost tip and port on the Red Sea. The Jewish interests were to provide all those residing within the defined region many freedoms including social, financial, religious, residential, medical and other freedoms with one very glaring exception, political freedom. The Jewish State would be permitted to have self-rule independent of the influences of any others residing within their borders. Israel, upon annexing the remainder of Jerusalem, took steps to permit the Arabs, formerly Palestinian Arabs under the Palestinian Authority (PA), the rights to vote in local elections from within their neighborhoods to the general elections of the Jerusalem city elections but not to permit them a vote in national Israeli elections. This restriction is well within the permitted limitations of International Law. This is also the concept which would permit Israel to annex the entirety of the Shomron (West Bank or Judea and Samaria) while permitting the Arabs formerly ruled by the PA to vote in local elections while being restricted from national elections. These former PA Arabs would be granted limited political powers while restricted from influence of Israeli national elections for the foreseeable future. This would be granting them status as legal resident aliens with the added bonus of voting for their own governance within their communities.


This would be granting them additional political rights to those foreign workers residing in Israel who have no political rights whatsoever. This would be the compromise which would give these PA Arabs more freedom and they would benefit in numerous socio-economic domains. This is the inevitable end result of the reactive actions by the PA whereby they have refused to accept any offer of peace which permits the Jews to have any rights whatsoever. This refusal has robbed the PA Arabs of economic freedoms and restricted their lives beyond belief which have been made even more restrictive by the BDS Movement having succeeded in forcing the destruction of numerous Israeli activities beyond the Green Line which resulted in the PA Arabs losing numerous employment opportunities which would have paid them far higher wages than otherwise available to them. This is presumably how these BDS activists assist the PA Arabs by preventing their having job opportunities which would offer them improved economic conditions. The prime example was when SodaStream required the construction of a new and larger production facility bent to BDS Movement pressures to locate their new facility within the Green Line costing about five-hundred PA Arabs their higher paying positions, that is helping these Arabs. Oddly enough, was Israel left to their own devices concerning the Arabs currently ruled disastrously by the PA, their lives would generally improve both socially and economically. They would actually be allowed to vote for the people who would hold political office, something Mahmoud Abbas has prevented since 2005 when Hamas won general legislative elections. This will soon become the sole alternative which even the skeptics in the European Union, United Nations and around the world will decide that is the best alternative once Mahmoud Abbas leaves office. He is in failing health and has left no indication who might be his successor. This is going to lead to a disintegration of the PA Arabs as each city and numerous leaders of the military wing and terror planning all vie for the top spot. These struggles for being the next ruler of the PA leader supreme will very likely break into internecine violence resulting in chaos and a war similar to what has poisoned Syria in the past few years. This will result in many who heretofore demanding that Israel never ever intervene in the PA Arab affairs now insisting that Israel end the violence and restore order and bring the violence to an end. After Israel has restored order, the world will likely demand that Israel then remove all her forces and should the Israeli government react by doing as requested, the violence will once again break out as there are too many chiefs all of whom will refuse to be subordinate to any other leader. Eventually, the world will relent to permitting Israel to annex everything and restore order and break the PA Arab region into separate regions to be ruled by local leadership which, hopefully, will result from elections which Israel will oversee while also inviting the world to join in the oversight.


Once this has been settled, a similar situation could be granted to Gaza once Hamas, Islamic Jihad and numerous other militant and terrorist interests are defeated plus the criminal enterprises brought to an end. This will be something which would require things which we would prefer to simply hope never become necessitated. Also, the threats posed by Hezballah will require being addressed and muted permanently and independence returned to the nation of Lebanon which is currently being ruled indirectly by Iran and Hezballah. Once the borders of Israel have been established as promised in the agreements made after World War I, implemented by the League of Nations and taken on under Article 80 of their Charter by the United Nations, then the Arabs within Israeli rule will benefit as their economies will not be devalued by the diversion of funds to invest in terrorism for the destruction of Israel and instead will be returned to the Arabs themselves. Israel will also benefit by no longer having to be at a ready footing ready for conflict to explode at any given moment due to conditions beyond her control. The Arabs will receive further benefits as infrastructure in their regions is repaired, improved and even provided for the first time making their lives better and having greater health as they will be granted the same health benefits currently enjoyed in Israel, for better and with all the challenges Israelis face themselves. This will cause one glaring problem, what will the world do if they are no longer attempting to discredit Israel and cause Israel sufficient challenges in efforts to ally those wishing to destroy the Jewish State. We feel assured that the world will find something upon which to spend their disdain on a daily basis. But Israelis will be very happy to be left out of the daily news cycles and only make news when they make a new discovery, invent some medical procedure, write some brilliant computer codes, breed a new crop capable to thrive in an arid environment, find a better means of collecting solar power or any of a myriad of other advancements in areas where Israeli specialists excel. That will make us feel like we have finally found our little Heaven on Earth.


Star of David Ornate


So, now that we have established much of what would be required for the world to reach a point where they were able to actually desire allowing Israel to live without near daily condemnations, what would be in it for the world at large? This is something which is more difficult to predict with absolute accuracy, but we will give it a go. The first, and most obvious answer, would be to look at the list above. Israel is well respected in the fields of computer engineering, programming, agricultural engineering, botany, medical sciences, electrical engineering and virtually every field of the hard sciences and fairly adept at the societal and people sciences including sociology, psychology, behavioral studies, anthropology, economics and the other studies. Israel has already established her expertise in agricultural practices which Israel has shared with numerous African nations. Israel has also been active in disaster relief in such places as the Philippines, Nepal, the United States, Japan, Indonesia, Haiti and recognized for aid around the world. Israel is recognized for her expertise in the areas of science and technology leading to many inventions through which the world has benefited greatly. Then there is the relatively long list of discoveries and inventions which Israel has made and given the world. Imagine what further such wonders which could be coming from Israel if her economy was not siphoned into the urgency to defend her borders and to address terrorism from within her borders. Yes, we in Israel would really love to have peace allowing for making these discoveries and even expanding into other areas but the world would also enjoy our finally becoming just one nation doing as it is able for the betterment of the world.


We realize that Israel will remain one of the central nations upon which the world will always be watching. We would prefer that the attention be over what would come out of Israel to the benefit of humankind next. This is the way we would wish to be seen and would actually do everything we are capable of doing for the advancement of sciences and all the peoples of our planet. Israel would be even more able to provide disaster relief and even disaster mitigation in order to prevent many of the difficulties caused by disasters. Israel might develop a means for coating with the ease of paint, and possibly in many colors, which would strengthen a building making it less likely to buckle under the stresses of an earthquake. Despite residing with a shore-front which is largely calm and tsunami free, as the Mediterranean is not often violent, Israel might still make developments in tsunami mitigation as a way to provide ways of lessening the destructive powers of such disasters. Israel would not be limited to disasters and the relief which Israel is expert in providing, but would continue to excel in the fields of agriculture, computer sciences, physics, chemistry, mathematics and numerous other fields as listed in the links above. Israel at peace might even lead the world to find the means for living in peace.


Actually, in some ways there is evidence to why Israel is at the center of much of the world’s attentions. The most obvious is that it is the home of the Jewish People, a group which has historically have been a group watched for any number of reason both for expected benefits and sometimes for less altruistic reasons. The Jewish People have been at the center of many events throughout history. Were Israel to live lives of pure Torah, we are taught that we would live in balance with the world and the world would live in balance with us. Of course, such a concept is unprovable as to have the entirety of the Jewish People, even just those living within Israel, to live by the six-hundred-thirteen commandments is a desire which is probably completely impossible, even if you get all of the Jews within Israel to get onboard with this as their target in life. Torah does claim that if the entirety of the Jewish People were deeply involved in the study of Torah, then the world, the entire world, would live at peace. There is a problem with this concept, Jews, even when studying Torah, require food and somebody needs to raise the crops which would take them from Torah, and that leaves out everything else required to maintain a population. All insanities aside, Israel is not all that different from the rest of the world’s nations. Her people wake up in the morning with many not completely functional until they have had their morning coffee. Israelis, mostly, head off to work, some straight from their abode with a plurality, if not a majority, stopping off at their synagogue for morning services. Almost all of those attending morning services will, along with a few others, attend evening services before heading home for the night. We have our share of Israelis who have problems falling asleep while others sleep like proverbial babies. Whoever came up with the sleeping like a baby ever had to get up in the middle of the night to tend their newborn who actually does sleep like a baby, and wakes up in the middle of the night like a baby. Israel is also a convenient nation being both a relatively new country and one with nearly four-thousand years of history, a history which has often place Israel and her people, the Jewish People, at the center of the world’s attention. The Jewish People were at the center of the Pharaoh’s attention, were a special people who were given much freedom by Cyrus the great only to become the obsession of another Persian named Haman, were a rebellious people which troubled the Greeks and then the Romans, were a people to be condemned and converted for the Christians and then the Muslims, and the obsessive target of the Soviets and the Nazis where the Soviets claimed the Jews were the fascists while the Nazis claimed the Jews were communists. Somehow, the Jews were both the fascists and the communists each for the other making the Jewish People what we have been all too often, the enemy for one and all no matter where we lived. The Jewish People have never really been permitted to simply live no matter where we lived and often we had very few places or nowhere that we would be permitted to hide. With Israel as a Jewish People’s homeland and where the Jewish People have the ability for ruling themselves, so now Israel is where any Jew can hide, or can we. No, even though Israel offers every Jew a home where they can be comfortable but the world is determined to make that comfort as uncomfortable as possible. We can predict one thing, once the world finds a means for permitting the Jews to live in their land in peace and security, then the world will then have the tools for their living with one another in peace and security. We just pray this world comes sooner rather than later. We know it will come as Torah tells us that this age will come, when the Messiach comes and settles the earth under Hashem’s final judgement. That may be great or cataclysmic, and that too will depend on how the world regards the Jews and Israel.


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December 17, 2018

The Hate Tsunami Against Jews and Blaming Israel


Many wish to differentiate between anti-Semitism, anti-Israelism and anti-Zionism. We will admit right up front, criticizing Israel does not immediately qualify one as anti-Semitic but that there are means of researching to see if their reasoning was driven by anti-Semitism. When one only criticizes Israel while ignoring every other of the ills in this big, wide and often very afflicted world; that just might be a significant hint of anti-Semitism. On the other hand, anti-Zionism, the denial of the right of Jews, and only Jews, to desire and work in support of their ancient homelands, that most definitely is anti-Semitism as there could not be any other name for such a specific denial outside hatred. Anti-Semitism was prematurely pronounced dead and buried by the Allied Powers of World War II. Their presumption was that the everlasting memory of the horrors of the Holocaust would live in the world consciousness thus ending all shreds of anti-Semitism on the entirety of Earth. There were a few problems with their presumptuous. First, there were those on this little blue marble swirling in the ink-black void of space who actually cheered Hitler as a hero, whose leaders insisted that they were the appointed to finish what the Nazis started and the rest of the world had memories which, even with pictures and reminders, fell far short well within the first half of a century. Are there people who remember the horrors, of course. But nobody thought to teach it to the future generations, well, at least not too many in this current generation if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is representative. The troops which were so unfortunate as to walk unexpectedly into the camps liberating them and who saw the human skeletons and other horrors, something normal people prefer not to even wish to contemplate, had nightmares for years yet never conveyed the full horror any further than a quarter century, and then they were forgotten and the world forgot their horror along with their former heroes. The specter of anti-Semitism has returned with a vengeance and morphed into two additional forms, anti-Zionism and anti-Israelism.


What is really disconcerting is reading how anti-Semitism in all its forms is on the increase every time reading the news. Reading things like the fact that one in five youths between the ages of 18 to 34 in most of Europe state that they had never heard of the Holocaust. More than one in four in Europe believes that Jews have too much influence on business and finance. Jews are still accused of having caused much of the conflicts and wars around the world. One in three Europeans admits they knew little or nothing at all about the Holocaust and use the Holocaust to promote their positions and goals. Over 25% in Europe feel that manifestations of anti-Semitism in their countries come in response to Israel’s actions. About one-third in Europe believes Jews have too much influence on the media. Just last week, former president of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili, excoriated Moshe Klughaft assailing the Israeli political consultant as a “money-grubbing Jew,” and “dirty Jew.” Then there is the entirety of the Arab Boycott gone global as the BDS Movement and the entirety of the anti-Semitic declarations regularly pumped out by the United Nations General Assembly and the related tentacles of the United Nations. Not to leave out the United States, where in 2017 there was over a 50% increase in reported anti-Semitic crimes and attacks over 2016. Now, in 2018, in Squirrel Hill, a gloriously lovely neighborhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, eleven Jews were shot dead during a Bris on what was hoped to be a festive Shabbat morning. This was the worst murder of Jews in United States history. We can only wonder if that horror-filled Shabbat is simply the symptom of a world growing slowly but surely to an old, an ancient disease which robs the mind of reason and instead pours in an illogical hatred of a people who are less than 0.2% of the world’s population. They claim that they have reasons for their hatred, as this minute number from within the world at large is responsible for every ill that the world suffers. They point to the accomplishments of individual Jews and then claim those who contribute so much to the welfare of the world do so to hide their crimes.


Burning Israel Star of David


Perhaps the world should get to know all of the Jewish People. We are an ancient people who have had to manage to survive numerous empires which wished our flame to be extinguished. Some of them might be recognized by the few who have studied some history, the more the better. Naming just a few, the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Caliphate, Inquisition, Ottomans, Nazis and a slew of others. Most are no longer with us and those which are, are no longer empires. But survival also provided the Jewish People with experience in numerous occupations which we had no choice as we were denied ownership of land and eventually were denied even life during the Shoah, the Holocaust which people are so conveniently attempting to forget and bury as ancient history. Sure, there have been many smart Jews as we have always demanded our children read and education was paramount. What is hidden behind the awards and the lauding of discoveries is that there are a fairly sizable number of Jews who lack mental acuity. Some are unable to read or do elementary mathematics. Some have Mucolipidosis, Niemann-Pick Disease, Familial Mediterranean Fever, Crohn’s Disease and a number of others just an unknown to the public at large and even to many Jews. There is a slightly above normal percentage of Jews who suffer mental diseases which many blame to the limited gene pool from remaining a separate peoples. Mostly we take care of one another not relying heavily on outside assistance as with our history such has been not exactly reliable as it has often been withdrawn with little or no warning. One of the familiar accusations against the Jews is that they are all wealthy. Well, if Torah is what the accusation were about, then we would definitely be guilty though we willingly would share the knowledge within and have through the ages. But they mean financially. They also claim that the Jews control governments and all have some secret union from which they all benefit greatly. If by this last accusation they mean we assist one another, again, of that we are guilty.


I was blessed in an unusual manner in that for most of my life I was one of those wealth challenged Jews. I did not live in the main Jewish neighborhoods and very often, the closest Jewish residence was over five miles. While in Wyoming, I believe the closest Jew may have been a day’s drive. This allowed me to reside among largely American Christians and as I have blonde hair and blue eyes, I do not readily get identified as Jewish. This allowed me to hear first hand what many people would say amongst their friends about Jews. If it were a person with whom I was friends or in a group of friends and one person I did not desire to embarrass, I would not mention anything about their comments, though those who knew of my faith would always have their heads swivel towards me when these comments were made waiting for my explosion. Never did I lose my temper about such things with very few exceptions. It was interesting to watch reactions when I asked people after such a comment how they explained my. They would ask me what I meant and that would be when I identified as Jewish. The usual reaction was something like you’re kidding or no way or other expression of disbelief. At times when none of those in the group knew I was Jewish, the challenge question was always to say my Jewish name, which I readily provided and corrected them that it was simply my name given in Hebrew and not like any secret Jewish name. Some thought we had secret Jewish names we used when we met for whatever reason. What was remarkable was how many people I met in the United States, I lived in over forty states over time, who had never knowingly met a Jew in their lives. Yes, there are actually a fair number of Americans who had not met a Jew before they met me, what a representation I was and probably owe many of my brothers and sisters an apology. Their shock was finding out that Jews actually resided, not only outside the main Jewish areas of the city, but one actually lived right there in their neighborhoods. If I educated at least one of those I met, then it served a purpose and whatever the results, they served Hashem as all serves His purpose. In this, I can know, even if I may never understand, that hopefully my small efforts might be seeds which will help some to spread understanding, I pray.


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October 18, 2018

When Will a New Israeli Leadership Arise?

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Yesterday, a rocket fired out of Gaza was missed being intercepted by the vaunted Iron Dome. Yes, it does miss every once in a while, which is why its efficiency is approximately ninety-percent, which means it misses one out of every ten. Of course, this will be investigated and will eventually lead to additional lines of code or changes in lines of code so they will be adjusted in order to increase that efficiency. That particular missed rocket landed within a major city, the city of Be’er Sheva, making this event more important and requiring an entire article leading to the general question of the title. This rocket had measurably more explosive in its warhead than previous rockets of the same variety. Making matters even worse, the rocket struck a residential area damaging homes and causing light injuries and numerous people suffering from shock, all of whom were treated at the area and then transferred to Soroka Hospital for further care. Below are a number of pictures of the damage taken from this article from Arutz Sheva where there are additional pictures and a video of the aftermath. This could have been a far more tragic attack launched from Hamas ruled Gaza. For the harrowing account of mother and her three young boys please read this article and send the family prayers and help if you are able. Gaza may as well be a terror country where the people are held hostage to their own hatreds which are capitalized upon by their leaders who tuck away hundreds of millions to billions of dollars while the majority of the people suffer. This vicious attack could have easily murdered a dozen people or more if Israel did not have an early warning system. The sirens are sounded within seconds of the detection of a launch and they are activated in the region where it is tracked to strike and to which Israelis are trained to immediately head for the closest shelter. For those Israelis in an unfamiliar area, we are trained to simply follow the largest group as they probably know where the shelter is located. Israel invests in warning systems and the Iron Dome interceptor system as to us every life is precious. In Gaza where Hamas runs the show, they spend their investments in tunnels through which to attack and kidnap Israeli citizens and rockets with which to terrorize Israelis and disturbing many nights sleep for countless people. But we have talked about these terror marketers too often and, to be honest, are as tired as writing about it as the world is in hearing about these terror rockets et. al.


House Struck by Hamas Rocket First Picture

House Struck by Hamas Rocket First Picture


House Struck by Hamas Rocket Second Picture

House Struck by Hamas Rocket Second Picture


The Mayor of Be’er Sheva was quite upset and likely, this may have led to speak a truth which honestly required saying well before now. Speaking in an interview with Reshet Bet, Danilovich said, “This reality is untenable. What’s been happening in the Jewish towns around Gaza for many months already is an impossible reality. A sovereign country cannot allow this to be its routine. This is a routine that we are not willing to live with, and the State of Israel must provide solutions.”


There were official responses from the higher level of government from Jerusalem. Let us start with Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who was quoted speaking following a security assessment of recent rocket attacks, said that Israel is “not prepared to accept the level of violence that we see week after week…We have exhausted all the options, all the possibilities, and now the time has come to make decisions. We must strike Hamas hard, and this is the only way to bring the situation back to normal and lower the violence…” Yada, yada, yada, we have all heard these boilerplate comments after every attack. The only difference is if they claim the rockets did not rise to a level serious enough… or if the terror comes from Mahmoud Abbas’s goons it goes, this was a lone wolf who we will track down, or , we have the terrorist in custody and there will be consequences and we may raze the family’s house. These responses need to be rejected by the Israeli people and a demand needs to be raised throughout the country for the government to take these attacks as seriously as do those injured, traumatized or who, when it becomes tragic as many attacks recently have caused, families having to bury the victims of these terror attacks. Elections will be upon Israel within the next year and perhaps we should demand during questioning at every event for the candidate standing before us to explain what they will do about terrorism, why they will do this about terrorism, how they will do what they propose about terrorism and finally, how and why should we be patient while they actually continue to blow smoke at us and continue collecting their fat salaries while not honestly protecting Israel and her precious people?


The time is the immediate future that Israel has the backing from the world, or at least sufficient cover from some directions which may or may not ever return to such favorability in the remainder of time, and can actually finally end the threats once and for all and completely declaring the State of Israel with the boundaries promised after World War I. It is time for Israel to take the entirety of our land and return those who are our enemies to somewhere beyond our borders permanently. The time is now to act and not to wait for our enemies to get tired of the response of bombing unmanned guard posts, empty training fields at 3:00AM or striking places with an aim of doing minimal damage with no casualties if possible and still having something which can be made to sound impressive if stated with the right descriptors. According to Channel 10 news, “No Gazans were killed in the IDF’s retaliatory bombing, since the IDF’s jets only attacked empty guard posts and fields.” Really, that is a retaliation? Who exactly was this aimed to intimidate and exactly how would that intimidation be executed exactly?


There was another person quoted who after the Be’er Sheva attack was Former Knesset Member Dr. Michael Ben-Ari called on IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot and the cabinet ministers to resign stating, “You’d be surprised. It seems that restraint and acceptance in the face of terror are increasing desire for more. The IDF is attacking empty bases, and the results will be very bitter. Eizenkot and the security cabinet should hand in the keys.” He was referring to Hamas, but his comment could come after any of the numerous recent and heartbreaking attacks. This is ridiculous permitting our enemies to simply take potshots at our people and our just hoping for the best. This muted and hypocritical attitude of demanding that the IDF choose targets which will cause the least numbers of casualties on our enemies. Their attacks are targeted to cause the maximum murders, not just casualties, but dead Israelis. The terrorist who murdered Ari Fuld was shot by Ari Fuld who chased the terrorist, despite suffering a fatal knife wound in his back slicing through vital organs, as did possibly two other security personnel preventing him from also murdering a second Israeli, a woman who was fleeing for her life. On the border of Gaza, every day is riot day and see how much of the Israeli fields and homes one can launch kites and balloons in order to burn to the ground Israeli fields and homes and even, if the rioter hits the Hamas jackpot, maybe injure or murder an Israeli. They also throw grenades at the IDF troops and positions and some even fire bullets at the IDF positions. These are the riots with murderous intents that the Europeans and leftists the world over claim are peaceful protests against Israeli occupation. There are no Israelis in Gaza and no IDF in Gaza and have not been since August of 2005. The blockade of the terror enclave was not initiated until 2007, when Hamas took control of Gaza in a violent coup. But why let reality get in the way of condemning Israel.


That condemning of Israel is another reason for Israeli leadership to finally end the charade of responding to terrorism claiming that the attacks are taking their toll when the reality is they simply make the leadership laugh and entice them to continue to take every opportunity to attack and maybe murder Israelis. This deadly dance has been going on with the Arabs, as some Arabs who are Israelis have joined in attempting to murder other Israelis as well as those under the Palestinian Authority and Hamas working for the same end, has been going on ever since Prime Minister Rabin along with Simon Peres, Yossi Beilin, Yair Hirschfeld, Ron Pundak, Uri Savir representing Israel were conned by Norwegian officials Jan Egeland, the Norwegian Deputy Foreign Minister who provided political cover, facilities and finances for the negotiations, Johan Jørgen Holst as the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Terje Rød-Larsen as a Norwegian facilitator during the negotiations and Mona Juul as another Norwegian facilitator with aid and assistance from the United States Department of State initiated and involved Israel in the worst deal of Israeli history since splitting into two nations around 900 BCE, called the Oslo Accords. The Oslo Accords were initially to be a five year attempt at peace and then extended and eventually altered into the Roadmap and then the pressure under President Obama for Israel to surrender to the Palestinian Arabs and despite Israel actually attempting to almost completely surrender but fortunately the Arabs refused any solution because they desire only one solution, the complete and total destruction of Israel and the subjugation and then elimination of every Jew. This demand which they never actually stated in English while stating exactly that demand repeatedly in Arabic, knowing the United States Department of State, the European Union, the United Nations, and most of the world’s politicians and their advisors are all incapable of translating Arabic spoken by any Palestinian Arab into another language with which they are familiar. We know that is difficult to believe, but what other explanation could there be as it is either they had no clue how to find out what the Palestinian Arabs were saying in Arabic or a bias against Israel hoping to keep the façade going until the Arabs would have finally destroyed Israel.


The time for playing games with the lives of the Israeli people must end permanently and immediately. The leadership must take whatever steps are required to end as rapidly as the IDF can press these terrorists and the societies which support them past the borders of Israel. No longer is it acceptable to read neighbor’s reporting on the insanity of having the house next door struck by a rocket and having to thank Hashem and the early warning sirens for their and their friends’, neighbors’ and others’ lives. Please read the account of this where part of the explicit and traumatizing story read, “A rocket just hit my neighbor’s house. Went right into it and smashed through one of the boy’s 2nd floor bedrooms and their whole 1st floor…except for their safe room…” Where we live, the safe room is close but likely may not be close enough if the initial launch from the closest area would arrive before we could make it to safety. Given thirty or so seconds to catch the cat and herd the dog into the safe room may or may not be fast enough, but we live with the faith that Hashem will provide cover for that short amount of time. This town was mostly abandoned during the Second Lebanon War, which is what we were told by some who lived through the horror and rode it out in place in a safe room for the entire length of the conflict. Israelis would live in their safe rooms without complaint if the government were promising and actually going to deliver on removing all of these threats once and for all. This would mean pressing the Palestinian Arabs across the Jordan River or Golan Heights, pushing Hamas and Islamic Jihad into the Sinai and clearing Hezballah completely from the Baka Valley and the regions south of the Litani River thus ending the threat by Hezballah and then ensuring by whatever means are required that we never face such threats again and absolutely refusing to permit any of these threats back within or on our borders. Lastly, the Israeli leadership must inform Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and finally Iran that no such threat will be tolerated ever again and whomever attempts to place such a threat on the borders of Israel or claim they have a desire to erase Israel will be taken seriously as not just a threat but as an act of war and responded to accordingly. When the United Nations and European Union demand that Israel return to the previous situation, they are to be ignored and if they persist, then further steps need be taken. For the United Nations, simply resign from that body and as for Europe, ask them to choose a side and to choose very carefully as much could depend on their next words. Then, once the threats have been removed, Israel must simply declare her rightful borders as per the map below.


Map of Israel, Should Any of the Nations of the World Actually be Honest and Truly be Seeking Peace, which Can Only Be Attained Should Israel Have the Most Defensive Borders Imaginable

Map of Israel,
Should Any of the Nations of the World Actually be Honest and Truly be Seeking Peace,
which Can Only Be Attained Should Israel Have the Most Defensive Borders Imaginable


No longer must the leadership of Israel be more concerned with the lives of those from the regions of terror than they do their own population. Anyone in the government which is unable to take the necessary and required steps to assure the safety of Israelis into the future in perpetuity should be replaced by any party desiring in ruling our nation. The future of the people of Israel must be the first and foremost challenge for any Israeli government. When a government fails in this task, it needs to fall and allow the people of Israel to choose a government which will take that responsibility seriously. That is and should always be the first and foremost responsibility of any government, not just the Israeli government, and like any other nation, Israel has the right to take the steps necessary for the safely of her people. If none of the existing parties within the Israeli fractured and confusing compilation of parties is willing or able to make Israel safe from these threats, then maybe there need be a new party which is capable of providing the protection and safety for which governments are supposed to be assembled and elected to perform. This result is one that the people of Israel need demand of their political class otherwise the people need to take the reins of power with their own new and determined party.


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