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May 26, 2017

Just Try to Understand the Problem


We admit, perhaps yesterday’s article was a bit over the top to the point of borderline ridiculous. Just Try to Understand the Problem from an Israeli perspective just this once. We promise that once you fully understand how preposterously ridiculous the demands made on Israel are and the history of the actual problem that you will never view the Arab-Israeli conflict the same way again. The first thing one need understand is the Arabs know there is no such thing as a Palestinian and that they are just Arabs from any number of nations. The vast majority are from one of five countries; Egypt has the most followed approximately by Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. There are others from such as Turkey, Yemen, Tunisia, the Sudan and others even further away. But if you take in the Arab World, which consists of all the nations in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), then you would pretty much have them covered with the few stragglers from Turkey and the north-central Asian Muslim nations. There are also Christians, and Druze, though they make up a dwindling number as they flee from persecution by the Muslim Arabs. Israel, it must be remembered, has an Arab population making up just over 20% of the total population with the greater majority, 90%, being Muslims with the remaining 10% of the Arabs being Christians.


So just over one-fifth of the Israeli population is Arab and these are the Arabs who took Israel up on remaining here when the Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini, the Arab leader who spent all of World War II working alongside and in conjunction with the leaders of the Nazi Party and even raising two SS Divisions in the Balkans where they hunted down and murdered Jews and Serbs running concentration camps and it is rumored fairly reliably that Amin al-Husseini advised the Nazis at the Wannsee Conference and may have played a not so insignificant part in suggesting and getting the Final Solution to become Nazi policy. The Mufti of Jerusalem was known to protest vehemently against the plan to deport all the Jews to the British Mandate Areas which would have seen nearly ten million Jews sent to the area and saved six million Jewish lives. The Mufti of Jerusalem preferred dead Jews to Jews living in their ancient homeland. But none of this surprised the Zionist leadership or the Jews living in the Holy Lands. Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini was appointed by the British and worked with them to import tens of thousands of Arabs into the Holy Lands such that the Jews would never become the majority. In this way, the British could continue to deny the Jews their homeland claiming they did not constitute a majority and thus could not rule the lands. The Mufti also began pogroms against the Jews with the largest taking place in Hebron which was referred to as the 1929 Hebron Massacre which had a secondary uprising of Arab on Jew violence in Jerusalem. The most interesting thing was that the British authorities and troops stood by watching and when the Arabs appeared about to attack the British, the officer in charge discharged one pistol shot and the Arabs scattered. He could have ended the pogrom at any time with such a show of force but instead allowed it to continue resulting in sixty-seven Jews killed and around sixty were wounded with untold property damage. The cause behind the riot was Amin al-Husseini claiming that the Jews had attacked the Temple Mount and had damaged and were destroying the Dome of the Rock and the Mosques on the Mount. Does any of this sound even remotely familiar?


The chant in the pogroms of the 1920’s was ‘Jews destroying the Muslim shrines on the Temple Mount’ and then the chant driving the pogroms again in the mid and late 1930’s was ‘Jews destroying the Muslim shrines on the Temple Mount,’ particularly the Dome of the Rock. The First Intifada was driven by calls that the Jews were attacking the Temple Mount, though they changed their wording and used Haram esh-Sharif (Arabic: الحرم الشريف‎‎, al-Ḥaram al-Šarīf, “the Noble Sanctuary”, or الحرم القدسي الشريف, al-Ḥaram al-Qudsī al-Šarīf, “the Noble Sanctuary of Jerusalem”). The Second Intifada was driven by calls that the Jews were about to steal all the Arab lands and murder the Arab women. The logic behind this makes little sense as would not the reality be including the Arab men but in almost all societies the women are the more treasured and in Islam, they have that in spades. Since then the call whenever Abbas has desired stepping up the level of violence has been the Jews are desecrating the al-Aqsa Mosque. Abbas knows what he is doing as they have sold to the news crews that the Dome of the Rock can be substituted for the al-Aqsa Mosque. This permits the media to use a far more stunning and beautiful building in their reports while the truth is the al-Aqsa Mosque is a rather drab building on its exterior while the dome of the Rock has the huge dome covered in gold-filmed tiles making for a stunning picture (see pictures below). With the sun illuminating the dome making it absolutely radiant and claiming the Jews are trying to destroy this building works in Europe and around the world to cast the Jews as the destroyers of artifacts. It does not matter that there is absolutely no truth, it only matters that people want to believe the worst about Jews.


Dome of the Rock is on the Left al-Aqsa Mosque is on the Right One is Nice and Very Eye Catching The Other is Less Eye Catching thus al-Aqsa is Abused as an Armory and Used to Whip Up the Riots against Jews


Today the call to arms is the same with Abbas claiming that the Jews with their “Filthy Feet” to “defile our al-Aqsa Mosque” so “We bless every drop of blood that has been spilled for Allah,” (see video below). These are just some of what Mahmoud Abbas said on a television broadcast on Palestinian Authority television, a broadcast frequency controlled and gifted to the Palestinian Authority along with radio frequencies all of which they naturally refuse to pay their charges for the use of them. They believe that providing these services is amongst the numerous things that Israel owes them just for their existing. Here is the content which will be seen on the video provided by PMW (Palestinian Media Watch), “We bless you, we bless the Murabitin (those carrying out Ribat, religious conflict/war to protect land claimed to be Islamic), we bless every drop of blood that has been spilled for Jerusalem, which is clean and pure blood, blood spilled for Allah, Allah willing. Every Martyr (Shahid) will reach Paradise, and everyone wounded will be rewarded by Allah. The Al-Aqsa [Mosque] is ours, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is ours, and they have no right to defile them with their filthy feet. We will not allow them to, and we will do everything in our power to protect Jerusalem.” Make sure to note that Abbas claims that the Christian Church of the Holy Sepulchre belongs to the Muslims. This is simply standard procedure that any other religion being practiced within Islamic lands are simply poor forms of Islam and the Muslim leaders own their structures and at any time may alter them until they are presentable as Mosques at which point the Christians will be wiped out or converted by the sword, convert or die, and their structures finish their transformation and become actual Mosques. Without any further ado, here is the promised brief video.



The similarity between the Mufti of Jerusalem, Nazi Sympathizer and collaborator Amin al-Husseini and his use of the Temple Mount and Islamic structures to cause Muslims to riot and murder Jews and the use of the same strategy by both Yasser Arafat during the Second Intifada and Mahmoud Abbas who currently calls for defending the al-Aksa Mosque from Jews defiling it with their “filthy feet” and conducting Satanic rituals within the Mosque to incite riots currently, often leading into Jewish holidays, using the exact same wording is just too much to be ignored as this trend of using such lies to rise up hatreds just repeats continuously with the world all but ignoring the ruse and joining Abbas in cursing Israelis, particularly Jews. This is why Mahmoud Abbas started the rioting on the Temple Mount in parallel with Jordanians demanding that Jews be banned from the Temple Mount because their presence is what is causing the rioting. The Jordanians absolutely appear to ignore Mahmoud Abbas and his instigating the riots because the two are working together to close the Temple Mount to Jews. In the past year Abbas has called for Temple Mount rioting starting just before the Ninth of Av, the memorializing the destruction of the First and Second Temples and near uncountable other catastrophes that the holiday remembers but the Holy Temples are the most important element and climbing to visit the Temple Mount on that day is of great magnitudes of importance to many, if not most, Jews, especially those in Israel. These riots continued at varying levels of intensity for over two months so as to include Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur which are also known as the high Holidays. These are another time where many would wish to visit the Temple Mount but the rioting increased a few days before Rosh Hashanah continuing through Yom Kippur with Jordan once again demanding of the Israeli government to work with the Jordanian provided Waqf which makes Islamic ruling decisions over the Temple Mount through the good graces and allowance of Israeli government as a means of proving to the Islamic world that Israel is not hostile to their religious sensitivities. Sukkot is the next Jewish holiday and is one of the traditional Pilgrimage Holidays when the Jews were required to come to Jerusalem for religious observances where the priests, the Cohens and Levites, were required to perform sacrifices and distribute the edibles as divided by instructions from the Torah. This feast might be referred to as a religious Bar-B-Q with Kosher meat and all rules of Kashrut observed by all. Once again, as Sukkot approached, the rioting increased and again Jordan claimed the reason for the rioting was that Jews were allowed on the Temple Mount and demanded that the status quo be maintained.


Here is the dirty little secret, there is no such status quo, status quo simply means that Jews be refused permission to enter the Temple Mount. After the Six Day War Jews, Christians, Muslims and anybody who desired could enter the Temple Mount from any open entrance and walk around freely. That was the original condition and thus would, if anyone was being honest about this including the Israeli government, would be the status quo. As time went and the Arab leaders learned that if they rioted and demanded Jews not be permitted onto the Temple Mount that the Israeli government quickly responded and enforced their desires, then the rioting started to increase. As the rioting would increase, when it was finally allowed to die down there would be demands that the status quo not be altered and the restriction on which entrances Jews were permitted, and later that spread to all non-Muslims, became more and more restrictive until now there is one discreet all but hidden entrance that non-Muslims must use which is accessed through a makeshift bridge which the Israelis have petitioned for permission to repair and been told if it collapsed then the Jews will have to climb the rock face of the wall to reach the entrance. Simply rendered is they will then have finally pushed the status quo to only Muslims are permitted on the Temple Mount and UNESCO will be proven correct, it will have become an Islamic Waqf, an Islamic restricted Muslims only place. This will also affect Christians and any others desiring visiting this holy and ancient site. But that is slowly becoming an impossibility. And there is one person to blame that it started in this direction, General Moshe Dayan who advised that in order to not disturb Jordan and make return of Judea and Samaria (West Bank) to Jordan to make peace the first step would be to permit the Jordanian officials who made up the Waqf to continue as the arbiters and custodians of the temple Mount. With time, they became the enforcers of restrictions and slowly increased their power and now are on the verge of making the Temple Mount into Islamic holy grounds where no non-Muslim may tread.


The real problem here is the timidity within the Israeli leadership, particularly Prime Minister Netanyahu. Often it appears that Prime Minister Netanyahu is more concerned with his remaining the virtual King by keeping the situation precariously balanced such that nobody desires taking the weight of leadership and thus as long as the Likud Party has the sole leader proven to be capable of at least not making things worse, then they will lead. Bibi Netanyahu also tends his personal garden, also known as the Likud Party, planting people who support him high on the list keeping them around him in the Knesset with a couple who appear ready to take the reigns of power should he decide to step down but also who know their power came from Netanyahu so they would never challenge his leadership. Those who would challenge his leadership and are capable of being a real challenge get buried on the listings somewhere past forty or even fifty thus never making the Knesset and soon fading from the scene, as they have no seat of power or position to garner support or media coverage. Then there are the supporting parties. Most honestly have not the ability to challenge Likud and even the strongest of the opposition parties have little chance of defeating Likud as proven in the last Israeli election where the entire reelection team which guided President Obama’s successful reelection campaign were unable to garner even mild support for the Labor Party and those who would have assisted their rule and Likud crushed them with one speech a day or so before the election by Bibi, that is the reality of Israeli politics today. Is there any hope? Oddly, the answer is yes and would require one of three events for such to become reality.


The easiest is for Jewish Home Party’s Naftali Bennett to actually run placing his party and himself as a direct challenge to Netanyahu and make a real go offering real change and a direct plan to solve the Arab situation by decapitating the Palestinian authority, sending Mahmoud Abbas to anywhere which would accept him and holding elections within six months in Judea and Samaria to establish local leaders and a central government which would be overseen by the Israeli government with the Ministers of the Economy, of Defense, of Finance, of Health, of Education, of Justice, of Transportation and of Construction all assigned to assist in the ruling of the Arab areas making sure the financial workings actually went where they would most help the people. The education system would necessarily undergo a massive transformation from incitement to actual education for a future, a productive future. The roads and utilities would undergo a complete refurbishing with new roads and power, water, gas and other utilities extended to all. People would actually be billed and expected to pay for the utilities used and they would be cut-off for nonpayment. The economy would be overhauled and the current monopoly held by Abbas’s two sons, Tareq and Yasser, would be splintered and new ownership would be arranged by choosing the best qualified from amongst the other employees who remained after the removal of the power structure of all of the Palestinian Authority which includes Fatah, PLO, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Islamic State, Muslim Brotherhood, Hezballah, IRGC, and other terror and foreign power’s agents. With such changes, the Arabs would actually have a future and so would their children and within a generation or two things would change so drastically that the idea of destroying Israel would mostly evaporate. But there is always the chance that Naftali Bennett is too comfortable in his position that he does not desire the challenge and responsibility of leadership. This should have the Jewish Home Party seeking new leadership. We have suggested one from amongst their ranks and a popular figure in Ayelet Shaked. When recently interviewed she was asked about just such possibility and her response was that she did see a future where she might seek to be Prime Minister but for now she desires raising her children first and maybe then taking a grasp at the golden ring. We would have only one question for Ms. Shaked, “What kind of Israel do you desire for your children. If it is a prosperous Israel without threats from within as well as without and Europe and world institutions grasping at our throats, then perhaps she might consider serving Israel as an important part of raising her children.”


Currently many of the problems facing the Israeli government are self-inflicted problems. The fact that they were allowed to develop to the point where the national security of the country is at stake and some might even claim that the nation itself is in danger of being turned upon by the world and at least the United Nations and other world institutions and NGO’s. The first step Israel need take is to institute rules whereby any NGO receiving over one third of its funding from outside of Israel, be it from other NGO’s, individuals and especially governments or world institutions such as the European Union and United Nations and its agencies, then it must seek licensing from somewhere other than Israel as they would no longer qualify as Israeli. This would include monies received from the United States even including Jewish foundations, Jewish community service groups or even Synagogues. Such restrictions would make Israeli limits on foreign capital being used in the name of Israel through various NGO’s as is currently the case, perfectly in line with the rest of the nations in the developed world, especially the ones in Europe where they are fighting such laws as they are the number one benefactors of being able to pretend their financed NGO is Israeli despite the bulk of its funds coming from European nations and funds. Another step would be to remove the current money skimming excuse for governance called the Palestinian Authority and send its leaders into exile and informing them that should they return they will face embezzlement charges, money laundering, misappropriation of government funds and a myriad of other charges with the fullest punishment possible being sought with the intent of imprisonment for the remainder of their lives. Let them understand that simply leaving and buying a villa and retiring living the good life would be advisable. Allow the individual towns and cities to elect their own leadership and have everything overseen by an elected Arab governance with Israeli oversight as explained above. And finally granting the Arabs residing in Judea and Samaria resident alien status as almost all have Jordanian passports and identification papers or their parent have such. Let them know that terrorism will not be tolerated and anybody caught and convicted of terror related crimes will be deported immediately after serving their sentenced time in prison. Further, let them know and prove through actions that Israel now considers their areas as part of Israel and services will be improved to meet those anywhere in Israel. The Arabs also must know they will be charged for power, water and other utilities the same as any Israeli and will be treated equally. They also need to know that Israeli laws now apply in all areas. The Jordanian Waqf will be given an ultimatum, either permits their decisions to be overseen by Israel or pack up and return to Jordan but they will no longer refuse equal treatment to all on the Temple Mount and that is a final decision. Lastly, the Arabs will be informed that with time there may come into being a means of gaining Israel citizenship but that all terrorism must end before that can even be considered. Lastly, Jordan will be requested to renew the passports of their former citizens and to issue passports to the children and grandchildren as requested but solely for those Arabs residing in the areas which they once occupied. Make it known that Israel is aware and can easily prove that some of the people and their families who currently reside in Judea and Samaria were forced to relocate and live there as facts on the ground making the area appear Jordanian and that this is a crime against humanity and it really would be messy for such accusations to appear in the World Court of Justice.


With time, many of the citizens who desire may actually become Israeli citizens after going through some schooling on Israeli and Jewish history such that they would understand why this area is so precious to the Jewish People and why Jews are a people as well as a religion and a nation, probably the sole people fitting all three definitions. Also, there will be those Arabs now that they can sell off their land and homes and can move freely who will desire to return to their original country where they have families and fellow tribespeople and where they would feel more comfortable. To these people Israel promises to give them some degree of aid, not enough to make then independently wealthy, but make the move more comfortable but they would also sign a promise of never returning. Israel would ask that the United States, United Nations and European Union and any other groups or nations assist these people in restoring their lives and returning home. Israel will have fulfilled her part. Even those who go seeking brighter shores anywhere in the world that, once they have received all the necessary paperwork and acceptance to immigrate, then Israel would offer them a similar assistance package to make the move easier on them. These packages are not bribes as they are insufficient in size to ever be seen as such, they are to aid the people in relocating. We assist Jews coming to Israel, often far less than they might hope, but the least we can do is assist non-Jews desiring to leave though we invite all to remain and build a bright future in Israel.


We are sure we overlooked much, and this would make a start, but first the world need stop with their mad rush to destroy our little nation. We have returned home and here we are to stay. We have yearned for centuries, millennia for some, to return to Eretz Yisroel and to Yerushalayim and now that we have, we are not moving. Remember, for the largest part, none of you desire having Jews within your borders so leave us alone within our borders. And while we are on borders, the promise was everything west of the Jordan River and short of Gibraltar, well, maybe just the Mediterranean’s edge though the next land mass is Gibraltar. Oddly enough, Israel actually desires to improve the life of the average Arab family residing in Judea and Samaria. To that end, we should remove those who are stealing any chance for a future from their children by refusing to educate them and instead inciting them making them weapons in their futile fight. They seldom sacrifice their own, but freely throw the rest of the people’s children into a caldron of fire, sacrificing them to Ba’al just as was once the way in these lands before the Jews arrived. They would sacrifice their children to a stone effigy as part of religious celebrations serving their leadership. The leaders chose their children for sacrifice from the families which they believed required an attitude adjustment. Then they held the celebration whipping all into a frenzied hysteria much like the instigation from Mahmoud Abbas does with the broadcasts on television and radio which augments the education indoctrination system. The population now consists of mostly those raised with that indoctrination but Israel is willing to attempt to salvage those they can. Retrieving those who have been raised under the throws of Ba’al is never easy. When Joshua entered these lands, he was instructed to kill all the followers of Ba’al as they were beyond being retrieved. Joshua still tried to save those who he thought were retrievable and that is how some explain the problems we face today. The Arabs living under Abbas and his henchmen need saving more than anything else and Israel is willing to give them the required effort. The world need take the first step and permit the removal of the evil within their midst, the Arabists who sacrifice innocents for their personal gain, and that is all that would be required.


Beyond the Cusp


May 23, 2017

President Trump Defines the “No Preconditions”


The Knesset has approved meeting and reviewing some or all of the “No Preconditions” at the request of President Trump hours before his arrival in Israel yesterday. These were the “No Preconditions” which are presumed to permit Mahmoud Abbas to claim he has gained the Palestinians certain items and even a potential new route for terror entry into Israel as part of the agreement for possible talks between the Palestinian Authority (PA) leader and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu as agreed upon initially with the understanding there were to be no preconditions in order to hold the talks. Now we know what “No Preconditions” exactly means when defined by the Trump Administration and it appears President Trump has agreed that “No Preconditions” means exactly the same as what no preconditions meant to President Bill Clinton, President George W. Bush, President Barack Hussein Obama, Yasser Arafat and also Mahmoud Abbas. Now, as usual, Prime Minister Netanyahu waited until hours before President Trump was to arrive to reveal exactly what the “No Preconditions” were to be and the Knesset, with limited time to discuss and digest the ramifications and potential disaster which might be derived from meeting the “No Preconditions” as defined and explained thus far, agreed on accepting the “No Preconditions” just in time for the arrival of President Trump. So, perhaps we should discuss what exactly these “No Preconditions” are as far as has been released and the potential ramifications of these “No Preconditions” on Israel and her security.


The “No Preconditions” are designed, in theory, to facilitate the Palestinian economy, which is another means of saying increase the money skimmed from every venture by Mahmoud Abbas’s two sons, Tareq and Yasser, as their companies benefit from virtually every venture undertaken under their father’s tenure. These “No Preconditions” are being sold once more as “confidence-building measures” meant to assure Abbas that the Israelis are sincere about trying to make peace. One might ask where are the signs that the PA and Abbas are interested in making peace? Of course, anybody familiar with the history of the PA and Israeli relations and peace process already know that there is absolutely no interest by Abbas or the PA or the entirety of the Palestinian elite in making peace as were they to make peace the remainder of their lives would be shortened greatly as well as the lives of relatives and anybody found to have anything to do with making any form of agreement with Israel. This has been why Israel always has to meet these “No Preconditions” and the PA just has to make demands under the ersatz of “No Preconditions” and the United States will always come through and pressure Israel into meeting them. In a statement released by the Trump Administration it was stated that President Trump “has been encouraging both sides to take steps that improve the environment for peace making. He has expressed particular interest in taking steps to improve the Palestinian economy in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.” The Gaza Strip, oh this is going to be great, we can just feel it. There will be no problems making things better for Hamas and there will be no chance that Hamas will use anything provided to make more tunnels into Israel and manufacture more and larger rockets and possibly, if given the right economic assistance, accurate missiles as well.


Trump and Abbas Making the Deal

Trump and Abbas Making the Deal


Another effort amongst the “No Preconditions” is the enlargement of a Palestinian industrial zone on the edge of the southern West Bank. This would be one that is relatively close to Beersheva with Dimona and the nuclear reactor just a little further removed, but why worry. Another of the “No Preconditions” put into motion will be the streamlining transit procedures at Shaar Ephraim, a busy crossing point in the northern part of the occupied West Bank for Palestinian workers with permits to work in Israel. If such a streamlining comes with additional personnel and equipment such that the levels of security are not compromised, as no terrorist has ever attempted to enter Israel using another Palestinian Arab’s work identification and crossing during one of the busiest times hoping to get past hard pressed and rushed screeners trying to approve the workers as quickly while remaining vigilant for unauthorized individuals. Why should the Trump Administration worry about terrorists entering Israel when there are photo ops and a potential agreement where Israel gives and the PA takes and everyone smiles and Trump claims to have made the greatest deal ever. What could possibly go wrong. And there is even one in here that will interest Jordan. The bridge linking the PA areas to Jordan is to be opened 24/7 for crossing into and out of Jordan. Again, who is going to pay for the extra screeners and other expenses, let me guess, Israel.


But wait, there are two really wonderful ideas that simply cannot go wrong. First is a “No Precondition” that cannot go wrong. They want Israel to look into the possibility of extending Israel Railways services to the northern West Bank city of Jenin. You know, the same Jenin that was, and still is, such a hotbed of terrorist activity that the Israelis during the war to end the Second Intifada fought an hours long battle against terror forces while going house to house in order to prevent civilian casualties and risking planted explosives and families forced to remain in trapped homes waiting for the IDF soldiers to enter and then exploding the home in attempts to murder both the soldiers and the families inside. This brought on the myth of the Jenin massacre which even a United Nations task force proved was a complete hoax and that almost all the casualties were fighters, with Israel having twenty-three dead and fifty-two wounded and the PA had fifty-three dead (forty-eight combatants and five civilians) and numerous wounded with no definitive count given. So, sure, let us extend the Jerusalem rail lines to Jenin and see what might possibly go wrong, sounds simply marvelous. What is the final “No Precondition” agreed upon. This one is according to Haaretz and it is a great one. This “No Precondition” calls for allowing PA construction of major city centers throughout the sixty percent of Judea and Samaria under Area C, which was under the Oslo Accords to be under complete Israeli control, and no PA construction was to be permitted in this area.


It is also the sole area where there are next to no PA Arabs residing but with this plan that can all change and there will be thousands of new facts on the ground making it next to impossible for Israel to retain anything of Judea and Samaria and will all but assure the pre Six Day War lines will once again be forced upon Israel. Education Minister Naftali Bennett and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, of the Religious-Nationalist-Zionist Jewish Home party, “objected vehemently” to the building plans and we would like to join their protest and add a cherry on top just to make our feeling better emphasized. In truth there is much in this that we find abhorrent and of committing Israel to taking steps which border on a guarantee that there will be a major war between Israel and the Arab world where the weapons from the $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia that President Trump just signed will come in very handy on the Arab side. Further, the weapons provided to Hezballah, otherwise known as the Lebanese Army, by President Obama which included Abrams Main Heavy Battle Tanks will also work well for the Arabs and any weapons provided in the near future, which we know will be coming down the pike real soon, with Jordan and Egypt will come in handy when they decide that getting in on the death of Israel is far more important than their peace treaty plus any weapons left in Iraq and whatever else will all come in to play. This next war if Israel is pressed back to the pre Six Day War lines will not be a replay of 1967 but a replay of 1948 where over a half dozen Arab armies attempted to destroy Israel and they nearly did. That was the war which gave Israel the problem areas of Gaza and Judea and Samaria being claimed by Arabs when Israel was to have been from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea and those were her borders on that bright sunrise on May 15, 1948, mere minutes before the onslaught was to commence and by some miracle of Hashem Israel survived. A similar miracle came in the Six Day War where Hashem again gave Israel her victory against overwhelming odds. Israel does not desire any more wars and simply would accept peace if it would mean peace and not as a ruse to reset the pieces on the board to try once more to destroy Israel. This is why some of the “No Preconditions” are so dangerous.


Beyond the Cusp


May 20, 2017

With Abbas Just Wait and It Will Come


President Trump has confidence that his great abilities in business to have conquered, as well as written, “The Art of the Deal” and believes he has gained an opening towards an Arab-Israeli deal. President Trump has mentioned that Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas has agreed to begin negotiations with Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu with no preconditions. President Trump has the particular pleasure of not knowing anything about the modus operandi (MO) of the PA and Muslims when negotiating with infidel. The very first thing President Trump is about to learn is, it is not only permissible for a Muslim to lie to an infidel when negotiating, it is a religious requirement. While PA leader Mahmoud Abbas may have promised to start negotiation without preconditions may be a fresh start for President Trump, we here at BTC have been down this path with Abbas before and with Arafat before him. When President Trump meets with Abbas during his upcoming trip, Abbas will wait until late in their meeting and apologize for bringing this little problem up which will need addressing before any negotiations can start. He will then speak of some Israeli requirements, which they must meet as were discussed before and Abbas will tell President Trump that he considers these points settled and will wait for Trump to assure that Israel meets these obligations. Prime Minister Netanyahu will then have the displeasure of informing President Trump that these demands have been made numerous times before and never been agreed upon by Israel, despite what Abbas may claim. Prime Minister Netanyahu will then need to explain that when Abbas said he would meet without preconditions, that did not mean he was willing to meet free of complications or demands that Israel surrender numerous points as a requirement for holding negotiations and for Abbas these are not preconditions, these are requirements. Further, President Trump must be shown how in the past that once Israel meets these demands, there will be more demands before every meeting and along every conceivable step in the process and these demands will continue until Israel finally has to refuse to meet one of the Abbas demands. President Trump should also be forewarned that at the point Israel finally says no more, that immediately afterwards the world media will be informed how it was Israel that refused to meet their obligations and that refusal was Israel destroying the negotiations, which were making such progress. Progress means Abbas was getting his demands met and the American President was being his tool with which to beat Israel into submission.


The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump

The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump


President Trump is about to face a new means of deal-making. The art of the deal in the Middle East is completely different from anything he has known since he moved from Brooklyn. This will be very similar to the turf wars of the President’s upbringing where borders were fluid and only the strong or the foolhardy dared speak. In the Middle East with Abbas, President Trump is regarded as a fool so willing and hungry to make a deal, any deal, for which he will force the Israelis to jump to anything Abbas demands just so he can have his signing on the White House lawn or at the United Nations before the General Assembly. President Trump is simply another idiot American all full of bluster and easily guided and tooled against Israel as Abbas can demand everything he desires as long as he makes them sound like the individual steps to a final deal and not just the steps for this opportunity to gain new concessions before walking away without giving up even a single point while pocketing at least all of Area B and half of Jerusalem drawing the line just as it was before the Six Day War allowing Abbas to prevent the Jews from even coming within sight of the Western Wall or the Old City when he closes half of Jerusalem to non-Muslims. Abbas desires gains of either these territorial gains or the release of a thousand terrorists, just not Marwan Barghouti, as he would be a challenge to Abbas remaining in power. We will not know which or what combination thereof of these types of demands we can expect, but we can know what will be the deal breaker which Abbas is already priming a way to phrase this demand such that it sounds all so reasonable. The main two are the demand for the pre-Six Day War lines without any changes and all Jews removed including half of Jerusalem or the release of all prisoners plus the repatriation of the refugees into their previous homes. What he will allow President Trump to believe is that these refugees are to be resettled in PA areas, but what Abbas means by bringing them home is resettlement within Green Line Israel with full citizenship immediately. Both of these demands are fully understood by Israel and are deal breakers which is why Abbas will demand them at some point and then scream how Israel is unreasonable and demanding everything and that is why peace is impossible. Further, it was Israel that broke off the negotiations by their refusal to honor their obligations when the PA demanded what was rightfully theirs.


President Trump will also likely approach Prime Minister Netanyahu and ask what assurances would Israel require to make such a deal with Abbas. Then President Trump will write down these assurances and promise to have Congress vote on them which will make them as good as a treaty, though they will only be a Presidential letter which Congress voted to say they agree with the President just as was given to Prime Minister Ariel “Bulldozer” Sharon by George W. Bush which is still willingly enforced by President Trump which proves the lasting property of such letters. Of course it would be an insult to blame President Trump over the fact that President Obama basically told Netanyahu that the Bush letter to Sharon was between Bush and Sharon and neither man was still in power and thus the letter was meaningless. It would also be poor form to point out that should Hillary Clinton be elected after Trump serves his eight years and two terms that any letter he provides would be turned into simply another piece of worthless paper and even were it an actual treaty, it would still be worthless as far as almost any Democrat President would be concerned. Prime Minister Netanyahu would be put in the uncomfortable situation of telling President Trump that any letter he were to write would never be enforced should a Democrat win the White House, and eventually that will be the case. It is a sad truth that Israel learned in the most difficult way possible, but it was a lesson learned.


There are going to be many concepts and truths, which President Trump and his advisors and members of his Administration are going to need to learn. Many will be meeting these confounding and confusing truths about the Middle East, Islam, the PA and the Arab-Israeli conflict. One item that Prime Minister Netanyahu must show President Trump is the Khartoum Resolution with its central concept, the Three No’s; “no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with Israel.” That this remains the central controlling factor and that Mahmoud Abbas keeps this agreement even to include that part of, “No negotiations with Israel,” simply by not negotiating in good faith. The Khartoum Resolution is simply one minor item adopted over the years but it took the PA and Marwan Barghouti to perfect another of their ideas. He took the Arab boycott of Israel and refusing to buy anything Israeli and made it into a universal concept bringing the entire world into the boycott. Marwan Barghouti was the originator of the BDS Movement, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction Movement designed for the economic and political crippling of Israel, driving them into oblivion, into extinction. Marwan Barghouti knew where to find his like spirits as he cast Israel not as the indigenous return of the Jews to their ancestral homes but rather as a British colony planted in the midst of the historical Arab domain to drive the Arabs from their lands in the pursuit of a greater Israel as designed by the British under Lord Balfour. Of course, that entire screed is complete lies and Barghouti knows that the Jews were in these lands for over a thousand years before Islam and the Arabs never left the Arabic Peninsula. Then there is one final Islamic concept that President Trump and his negotiating teams need to be aware of, that is the concept of Taqiyya as defined in the graphic below.


Taqiyya defined in plain and simple easy to understand terms

Taqiyya defined in plain and simple easy to understand terms


These are an introductory course in dealing with Mahmoud Abbas and the PA negotiators. There is the possibility that some in the Trump Administration are aware of these but most of them are in the State Department, and that brings us to the one item that Prime Minister Netanyahu is likely too polite to mention, but we are not so polite or held by convention. That is the United States Department of State and its history of un-American activities. The State Department back in the early and mid 1930’s was enamored with Heir Hitler and Benito Mussolini. The State Department saw their methods of private ownership of business but government control of production and the economy. Of course World War II put a dent in their enthusiasm. After World War II, the Department of State became a hotbed for Communism even to have one of their highest officials being a spy for the Soviet Union, Alger Hiss. The State Department was so socialist leaning left that they even thought that Alger Hiss was a perfect person to send to assist with presenting the United States and her interests in the formation of the United Nations. Eventually the Soviet Union collapsed and the State Department had to find a new anti-American direction in which to embark, and find one they have. The State Department is now pro Arab, particularly pro-Palestinian Authority, and vehemently anti-Israel. One of the problems is the State department is one of the go-to institutions where a President would logically turn before going on a multi-nation jaunt such as the trip President Trump is setting out upon currently. We have easily been able to trace the influences the State Department has had on the Trump policies. President Trump was valiant and strongly defended his campaign promise to move the American Embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to the Israeli Capital City of Jerusalem. As his trip started to approach there were leaks that President Trump was beginning to waver on moving the Embassy at this time. We are now within a week of President Trump arrival in Israel and the going policy position is that now would be the wrong time for moving the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as it would distance the PA from agreeing to negotiations.


Now we need to go for the reality of everything and bringing it all together. First up is the truth that Mahmoud Abbas has absolutely no intention of negotiating in good faith and will bolt from the negotiations the second anything appears to be coming to fruition. He will also change his position constantly all while demanding different and more things of Israel while dancing around making even a single compromise from his side. He will avoid saying anything that could be construed as promising to compromise with Israel or give Israel a single concession refusing to commit to anything. Anything that Israel even equivocates on is considered their promising to commit to making that concession. Even those things Israel refuses outright will be brought up subsequently as a remembering when Israel committed to make exactly that concession and demanding that Israel meet that sacrifice in the name of peace. Furthermore, even if the PA does get forced to make a concession, the next meeting that concession will be denied and the PA officials will go into a denial mode where at every opportunity they point out how Israel is making false claims and demanding that the PA surrender on a point, which is sacred to Islam. President Trump should expect numerous displays of the concept of Taqiyya used in every means and direction minimizing any sacrifices made by the PA while maximizing the concessions expected and claimed to have been promised by the Israelis. We are hoping that before President Trump leaves the Middle East he returns to Israel after his visit to Saudi Arabia and make a quick dedication of the site chosen in Jerusalem, even just in Western Jerusalem, for locating the new American Embassy to Israel thus fulfilling his campaign promise to relocate the American Embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and announce that it was his exasperation with the hollowness of Abbas and his arguments and that Abbas had convinced President Trump that there was nothing to lose by moving the embassy to Jerusalem as Mahmoud Abbas had amply displayed a complete lack of desire to honestly negotiate. One can wish, can’t they?


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