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January 26, 2018

Trump Accused, Tried and Convicted by One Source


Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) has thus far been the sole person who attended the meeting claiming President Trump made a reference to the nations of the Caribbean nation of Haiti and African nations which were disturbing, offensive and abhorrent. President Trump himself, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, and Sens. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) and David Perdue (R-Ga.) have all denied that not only did President Trump use the phrase but that nobody at the meeting made any such remarks. Senator Durbin claimed a few years back that a Republican Congressman had said to President Obama, “I cannot even stand to look at you.” Senator Durbin came out with egg on his face for that claim as not only Republican House leadership insisted that no such offense was offered and the Obama White House also backed the Republican protestations. The people who were at the meeting have claimed that Senator Durbin’s claim is false and we feel libelous as well.


What has become a circus around this issue has been the media. The media have carried Senator Durbin’s accusation front and center for a number of days now as if this was a fully backed and validated story and not a contested and likely false harassment of the President once again. The media has gone to such an extreme that they are basically calling into question Senators Cotton and Perdue as well as Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and President Trump into question accusing them of lying about the words exchanged at the meeting. The media has decided to take the side of one lone senator known for exaggeration and misquoting people for publicity while throwing two Senators known for decency and truthfulness as well as a the Homeland Security Secretary who has a clean record for trustfulness under the bus just to malign President Trump. What is so unfortunate is that most of the media have decided that there are no rules and no limitations on how far they are permitted to go just to making the President appear the boorish buffoon. Of course, this should not have really surprised anybody after the coverage received by President Obama by the media. There was nothing President Obama could do wrong and everything was absolutely wonderful under his presidency and only now has everything fallen apart. The media had even presented the record highs by the Stock Market and Wall Street as being the final result of President Obama’s economic policies. We will not even be surprised if we hear something similar to the blaming of President George W. Bush for the poor numbers economically put in by President Obama for all eight years and declarations that a two and a half percent economic increase was completely unbelievable considering what President Obama was left by President George W. Bush. Now we will probably hear that the approaching four percent gains, great news about manufacturing and lowest Hispanic and Black unemployment in years are now to be credited to President Obama and not President Trump.


The fact that President Trump eviscerated the Islamic State in both Iraq and Syria within six months has been credited to President Obama having already placed them on the run, a dream that has no relations with reality. One quote from President Obama about the Islamic State, he referred to them as Isil, was, “It will take time to eradicate a cancer like Isil. And any time we take military action, there are risks involved – especially to the servicemen and women who carry out these missions. But I want the American people to understand how this effort will be different from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It will not involve American combat troops fighting on foreign soil.” Here is a link to the BBC quotes from President Obama for further reading. Brett McGurk, the special presidential envoy for the global coalition to defeat ISIS, in a briefing with reporters said that Trump’s strategy in the battle against the jihadist group in Iraq and Syria had “dramatically accelerated” progress in the campaign. “As you know, the campaign against Mosul is now finished and in Raqqa, which I’ll talk to in more detail, about forty-five percent of Raqqa is now cleared,” he continued. “This is due to some key changes that were put in place very early on, three changes, and initiatives from President Trump.” McGurk further iterated, “What’s really happening in Raqqa—similar to what we saw in Mosul but on a smaller scale, the ISIS fighters on the ground are using these civilians as their own shields, as their own hostages,” The procedure appears to be that everything untoward from the Obama years is to be blamed on George W. Bush and anything good coming from Trump will be credited to President Obama. The media has mostly chosen a side in national politics and they will be selling their souls and throw everyone under the bus if it will serve to make the Obama Presidency into a miracle and produce their coverage as campaigns for the Democrat Party, and even then just the furthest left of the Democrat Party.


Crazed Charges Against President Trump


There is no recourse for the citizens of the once great nation which possessed a media the envy of the world. No longer as the media has become a servant in the machinery of the leftist Democrat Party. The mainstream media carries their water and runs interference such that they clear away opposition as best as they are able. By supporting leftist political agendas, the media has now turned their front-page news stories into editorials through which they pave the path for their preferred candidate while doing all that is possible to impede any true conservative. Anybody believing that we have seen the end of the fake news being used against President Trump has not dug around much or read the news much in the past ten months. There has not been the slightest effort to try and give Donald Trump even a moment of peace. But the seething vengeance with which the media has taken on President Trump, he has still managed to take the attacks and turn them back against the media making them appear as slanted as they actually are. As President Trump fights his way through the media, the Democrat opposition, the Republican opposition with only the silent majority backing him, he will continue to win and will slowly win the begrudging support from most of the Republicans. What the media is going to do to President Trump is campaign against him opposing his every effort often feeding on propaganda and lies quoting them as solid fact despite the rest of the people at the meetings never having heard the words stated by President Trump. This episode from Senator Dick Durbin once more feeding the media with an irresistible quote allegedly made by President Trump is just one more case where the media decided to take the word of a single person against the rest of those people who attended the meeting claiming to never have heard any such statement. When a people are unable to trust the media then there comes danger of the people being misled or worse, left without a truthful force reporting the news. They will have nothing on which to base their votes. When the media breaks down, tyranny steps into the breach and the people lose their freedom. The media has President in their sights and are about to unleash the hounds of war upon him. Will President Trump crack or face this with stalwart determination defeating this media vendetta and steer the nation forward. We see President Trump cutting numerous regulations and holding taxes low. The first test of President Trump’s resolve is arriving this week over immigration, Virtually all the members of Congress have taken the view that if they are able to permit the DACA people who were brought to the United States illegally by their parents, then they can declare a victory while President Trump will be denied his wall. The Democrat and media method for gaining their victory is to repeat the calls for amnesty for the DACA illegal aliens and repeat that they promise to look into the wall after the New Year. President Trump will face difficulty being reelected. What might be worse should he lose the Congress. To prevent any chance for impeachment, President Trump will need to retain forty-one supporting Senators and two-hundred Members from the Congress.


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September 14, 2017

Sheer Embarrassment from Washington


What or who can be described as sheer embarrassment from Washington can be answered in so many ways as the national capital is just chock full of embarrassments. Many people have referred to President Trump as the most embarrassing President in history. We might also nominate President Ulysses S. Grant as probably a good candidate to challenge for that title, but for this article, we will grant that there is plenty of potential that might be parlayed into a winning Presidency for the title. We will have to wait and see. But we were not referring to President Trump.


Then there is the media and the, as President Trump refers to it, “Fake news” giving them a run at the title. We know much of the news comes from New York or Los Angeles. Where that may prove true, and we would add Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston and other major cities, but the news, which appears to be most made-up, originates from Washington D.C. We have had our little disagreements with the media for longer than most and much of it with CNN and their reporting on the Middle East and Israel specifically. Even so, we are afraid that it is not the news media we are referring to in this article.


Then there are the reactions to the Presidency of Donald J. Trump from the entertainment direction and some of the most outlandish and outspoken actors and actresses. We have seen such things as a decapitated President, demands to assassinate the President and for assaults on the White House. The entertainment industry has had musicians actually ruin otherwise great performances by injecting political denouncements into their acts. These entertainers, singer, musicians, comedians and others have gone to such extremes that they have also been an embarrassment, but not what we are targeting.


That leaves Congress and they are the group which has gotten our attentions this time. It is particularly the Republicans who are going to receive our attentions. We understand the Democrat Party Congressional representation voting as a single point against the majority of things President Trump has lobbied Congress to pass. President Trump is, to them, the enemy who desires destroying everything they believe and have accomplished over the last eight years under President Barack Obama. Of course, the Democrats will vote against much, if not all, of the Trump agenda and their ability to hold the line unanimously is a credit to their part unity and vote discipline. If the Republicans were as supportive of their President as the Democrats are at opposing the President, then President Trump would be getting things completed and checking them off his to do list, as they would be done. The Republicans do not have that kind of discipline and the reason is basic, their leadership, at best, is conflicted over their support for the President. They are not attempting to hold their people to vote for the Trump agenda, as they do not respect him as their party leader. They view President Trump as an outsider and a one-off who was more lucky than having any political acumen. They do not believe he has earned their respect or the right to lead their party and thus do not feel obligated to work for him as they might one of their own. Their actions are going to cost them when elections come, especially if their electorate lives anywhere between the Appalachian Mountains and the Sierra Nevada Mountains, otherwise called Middle America. These were the people who sent Trump to the White House and they are likely not going to receive their representatives second-guessing their wisdom. This has made the Congress into a do-nothing Congress when the people voted for change and they are not receiving what they demanded.


The two items which the electorate was most eager to see enacted were the repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and tax reform including across the board tax reductions and simplification of the tax code even if that meant they would lose some presumed precious deductions. The people recognized that Obamacare was nothing more than the means by which the Democrats were attempting to force the enactment of a single-payer healthcare system run by the government and wanted no part of such a system. The people wanted their old system of healthcare returned to them while it was still viable rather than delays until the healthcare insurance industry had failed beyond repair, something which is no more than six months away by many estimates. Unfortunately, there are some core Republican elite members who agree with the left that the best healthcare is government run healthcare and that the people need to be given what these Republican lifetime Congress members believe is best for them, not what the people themselves desire. These lifers think they are more intelligent and wiser than the people they represent. Many of these people, they believe, are incapable of reasoning intelligently will hopefully demonstrate their ability for independent thought and replace these elite politicians who believe themselves to be superior to those they represent. Apparently there are those amongst the most well-known Republicans in Congress who have decided that being a representative of the people does not require representing the people but thinking for the people.


The other issue, tax reform and reduction, has not been given a good run as the Congress decided to run off and take their long Labor Day break, which lasts half of August and September, rather than do their job and address the IRS Code. We are willing to bet that most of the people these clowns represent would like to take three, four or even five weeks off to celebrate what for the regular people, you know, their lessers, get to celebrate as a three day weekend unless they use their vacation days. That is correct. The members of Congress who were unable to deliver on their seven year promise and the number one item they campaigned upon for almost a decade, the repeal of Obamacare, decided they required a month off to recover from their arduous debates and then inability to pass, not one, not two, but any of three different means for repealing Obamacare as promised. There was a reason why they had three different bills which they voted on in one day, rejecting one after the other, but allowing those who desired to oppose President Trump to each at least vote for one of the repeals or even two while making sure that they had sufficient opposition each time so all three would fail. This is an old trick that the members of Congress have pulled nearly forever. They make multiple versions of a bill they have promised to support. Then they all support at least one of the versions while the majority votes down each version. Then they can all go home and tout how they supported the single version they did vote for while disavowing that they voted against the other versions. This is how they deceive without actually being caught in a lie and more often than not the media only check to see if what they stated was true, not whether the spirit of their statement was true. The media and the political elites are all in the same party circles and become friends and friends help one another, that is only normal. Who wants new faces on their party circuit, that means getting used to a whole new person who will need breaking in and being taught how the games are played.


Congress will now get to play games with the tax reform packages. They will have numerous, possibly hard to count versions of tax reform and they will divide up between them how to vote so even the most contemptible Democrat will be able to tell his moneyed supporters how they fought tooth and nail to get them the breaks in the tax code they deserve. It is all about making the lies believable and having the right votes in place to back the lie despite their arranging the votes for just that purpose. We will hear reason after reason as to why there was no tax reform or that the loopholes just could not be removed because other members of Congress worked against your particular representatives in the House and Senate while they worked like dogs trying to make the new tax package more fair. Oh, how they worked themselves to the bone going to all the different Washington parties then showing up to work at the ungodly hour of eleven in the morning and going home at two-thirty so they would miss rush hour and oh the pains they went through. Oh, wait, they will never be that honest. They will try and pass the party which lasted until two in the morning as the time they were working the others in Congress to vote for their package which was just so fair and unblemished. Of course, the rich had too much influence and your attempt to be the super person of the little people failed. The poor Congress critter worked so hard between the events every night of the week.


Now, we will mention that there are the few people in Congress who actually are representing their constituents and the people as a whole, but these are the members who are easy to spot. The first thing is they are rarely in the news and their picture is almost never in the major newspapers. Next, they are the ones who most often have a party plant put against them in their primary and the party does all they can to supplant them and they are always the underdog. Some of these members of Congress are so egregious that they never receive any support from the national party or often the state party and even have their party work against them in the general elections as they feel it is better to have the opposition for one term and then they can run a party line person they can control the next election. If you ever find that you have such a person in the Congress, hold on to them as far too many in Congress are purely party functionaries. They do not represent their constituents; they represent money and party plain and simple. If ever there was a need for such people to be placed in the Congress, the next election is crucial. If it were possible to elect almost all members to Congress who had never been in politics before, that time has arrived if the nation is to be rescued.


There is a reason that the Congress is currently stymied and unable to function and that is being done on purpose. The political machine, and there is only one real political machine and both the Democrat and Republican Parties are parts of a single entity. The machine serves the major industries which have the capital to invest in making sure that each party gets their turn at the big prize, the White House. The machine every so often does manage to lose its iron grasp on the White House and must then rely on the Congress to assure that no real damage is incurred. The election of Donald Trump as President is one of those times that the machine lost the big prize. The fix was supposed to be in and Hillary Clinton was presumed to be the next President once the others, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio or even worst-case scenario, Ted Cruz lost and the uncontrollable Donald Trump became the Republican candidate. The machine had not counted on Hillary Clinton as their candidate and was counting on the Republicans to choose wisely, the people refused to be smart, imagine that. The machine had given the Republicans the nod as after eight years of a Democrat, they could read the tea leaves and the leaves indicated the Republican Party had the advantage in the race for the White House. When the Republican candidate turned out to be a rogue from outside the regular field, the machine had no recourse as the Democrats had given them a ham-handed candidate, as flawed as the Republican. They went with the horse they knew and could influence and would play the game; they went with Hillary. Their only hope was to convince the world that Hillary was popular which required her having high polling numbers and looking assured of the win. This may have backfired but that is something we will never know for sure. Now they have to deal with President Trump so the Congress must make sure he does as little damage to those who actually control the government. Let us all hope that they fail at this.


Capitol Cash Machine

Capitol Cash Machine


There is one thing people can do which will pay dividends down the road. If your have a member of the House of Representatives who has been in Washington over ten years, replace them. Once your Senator has served two, three terms at the most, replace them. Washington D.C. has a corrupting influence which taints anybody not raised inside the Capital Beltway as only those raised that close to purgatory are capable of resisting its powers. Those who come from outside soon have their guts torn apart and they are refilled with money and corrupt practices. Every member of Congress and their staffers cannot resist and act any other way because they almost all have lived beyond the normal laws. There is an easy means for telling if your members of Congress have taken the bait and become corrupted, their net worth. If your member of Congress was worth less than two million dollars before going to Washington and now are worth over five and likely twenty million dollars, then vote them out and fast. There is this neat little thing about being in Congress or a staffer; you are not subject to inside trading laws. This means you can buy stock in companies who are about to receive large sums of government contracts before the vote or anybody else knows about this and you can sell your stock in companies being investigated by Congress before the reports come out to the media or before they do not get that contract or their merger will not be approved, all things you know ahead of their actual occurrence. This allows you to trade stocks with great confidence and amass quite a large amount of wealth rather quickly. The catch is once you get onto this gravy train you will be voting your pocket and not your constituents’ pockets. This makes you a liability to your voters and the nation and makes you a bought person. This makes you toxic and you need replacing, period. We believe that most honest Americans would agree with this analysis, so please spread the world and let the people clean up the mess in Washington D.C.


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June 5, 2017

Terror Here, Terror There, Soon Terror Everywhere


There was another vehicle ramming followed by knifings in London. This time it was on the London Bridge, just a few bridges down from the Westminster Bridge where an attack had taken place just a short number of weeks ago on March 23, 2017 which ended on the foyers of the Parliament Building. This new attack ended also a few blocks into downtown London at the Borough Market near Jack Applebee, a local restaurant located in the market. Terrorism has been far from limited to London or the British Isles. Paris and France have been apparent targets along with the Normandy murder of an elderly priest Father Jacques Hamel, the Nice truck attack which mowed down Bastille Day celebrants murdering eighty four innocents and injuring hundreds more and all the way back to the Toulouse and Montauban shootings in March of 2012 where three French Muslim soldiers were shot down and the shooting at a Jewish school killing a Rabbi, his two sons Aryeh age six and Gabriel age three as well as the eight year old daughter of the school Head Master. Belgium and Germany have not been untouched and the United States has faced their share of attacks. Years ago, Israelis tried to warn the world that if the terrorism being faced by Israel was not denounced, fought and defeated that it would end up spreading to the remainder of the developed world and eventually the entirety of the globe.


Israel had not been the sole target, even back as early as the 1920’s, long before there was a state of Israel, any occupied land, and only a few of the earliest Jews had returned to their ancient homeland and still there were riots and pogroms in Hevron and Jerusalem as well as against some Jewish farming communities with the Mufti of Jerusalem giving the green light by rousing hatred claiming the Jews were defiling the Dome of the Rock and the al-Aqsa Mosque. These were the precedent for the rioting on the Temple Mount currently where Fatah and Hamas television and radio, frequencies provided by Israel no less, broadcast the Jews are holding demonic ceremonies in the al-Aqsa Mosque or trampling the Holy Places with their filthy feet (see video below starring Mahmoud Abbas). This video starring the man who in front of the television cameras in the United States with the White House as his backdrop told President Trump how the Palestinian Arabs were teaching their children and grandchildren to live in peace. As far as their teaching their offspring to live in peace, please take a gander at the videos at the end of our article, “Trump’s Chastising Abbas for Misrepresenting Incitement” where we placed seven enlightening videos from a Mickey Mouse look-a-like to a Bumble Bee and more. These were but a sampling and even more can be found with a search on YouTube if more proof is desired. Israel had bombings, vehicular rammings, drive-by shootings, car bombs, truck bombs, satchel bombs with cell phone detonators and stabbings all before they took the terror show on the road to the rest of the world. Back in the 1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s and through the 1990’s on to today where the threat is still ever present but Israel faces the terror threat head-on and fights it with intelligence work and ever guarding police and security forces and smart precautions which keep the population as safe as possible. The world basically treated the terror threats in Israel as something that only happened to Israel, it was a Jewish problem. When it spread to Jewish targets around the world such as the Hezballah attacks in Buenos Aires, it was still just a Jewish problem. Even the Hyper Cachet attack which came right after the Charlie Hebdo attack was referred to by President Obama as an attack on a grocery store when in reality it was a Kosher market struck immediately before Shabbat as Jews from the neighborhood would be buying their Shabbat meals and challah. Well, this, unfortunately for the world, is no longer just a Jewish problem, it is a human problem.



The world is not in the same boat as Israel has been for such a long time. Many in the third world have shared this problem of wars with Islam all around the southern areas of the Islamic world, a region known as the African Transition Zone, the region between the Islamic world and the Christian and Animist worlds, or simply the non-Islamic world which is spread before Islam to be conquered for Allah. These areas have been facing abduction of women and children, the torching of churches most often during services, a simmering warfare, attempted coups, terrorism, and other violence. Europe is now joining the African Transition Zone as the newest frontier for Islam. That is what the raised level of terrorism is all about. This is stage one of the slow takeover of the European continent and it appears to be slowly escalating as the numbers of Islamic refugees increases. The elitist leadership either is clueless or are complicit in the influx and are increasing the influx intentionally. Either way, the people of Europe are facing an ever-growing problem. The people of Europe will soon be facing a choice about whether their continent and their way of life is worth defending or if they will continue with the same weak and worthless leadership just because they claim they know what they may be doing. But this is a problem the people of Europe need to address and they would not take advice from the nation on the front lines even as they watch their own Jewish populations flee for the United States and Israel.


African Transition Zone

African Transition Zone


The other new frontier for terrorism is the United States. I realize that during the Obama administration there were almost no terror attacks, just a number of attacks by crazy people, lone wolves and other excuses, but never real terrorism no matter who claimed what. This will be news to many Americans and they will gladly blame President Trump when terrorism is finally reported by the media and called by what it really is, terrorism. This will be news to the American public which do not follow world news or realize that terrorism has become a worldwide problem. They will likely also start to join the blame President Trump simply because he opened their eyes and reported the reality. The person who reports the problem is often the person who gets the blame. The truth is that they often are simply the one who stopped hiding the truth just because he was not afraid to tackle the problem. President Trump will, with time, become the man who will lead this fight, but only if the American people allow him to do so. The problem is that there may be a majority of Americans who will elect the next President simply because he will claim that he can end the problem through negotiations. They really mean they can surrender the United States and allow Islam to walk in through the front door, back door and side doors. This was what happened during the Presidencies of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and accelerated under President Obama. President Trump has said that he will end this infiltration. With any support from the American people, he might save what is left of the country. Without their support, the country will be put back into hibernation mode by whoever replaces him when they simply claim that terrorism can be negotiated and Islam is the religion of peace.


Islam is the religion of peace and war. As long as the entire nation is under pure Islamic Sharia, Muslim Law, then everything can be peaceful. A nation can have a small percentage of non-Muslims as long as they pay their special tax (Jizya), allow themselves to have no protection under the law, always hold their head lower than any Muslim near them, and understand that they are Dhimmi, then there can be peace. But if the nation has any other law, then there can be no peace and there will be terrorism and violence and eventually Jihad, holy war for the sake of Allah. Oh, there will be many very smooth talking Muslims who will claim that what we say is horribly wrong and we do not know anything about Islam. That is called Taqiyya, the imperative that Muslims lie to infidel, that is the rest of us, for the sake of furthering Islamic supremacy. Islam is peace when Islam is supreme, provided everybody is worshiping the exact same form of Islam, Shiite, Sunni, or any of the other varieties. For two examples of nations with differing forms of Islam, there are Syria and Iraq, places with just a few problems between the differing beliefs in Islam. A world where Islam is in total peace is a world where everybody has the same Imam, and there is only one Imam. I wonder how large a population such a world would have, one?


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