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January 27, 2019

When Did Aggression Become the Catch-all Phrase?


What sent us over the edge, you might say it was an aggression, was an article titled, “Hamas Threatens Israel as IDF Prepares for new Clashes,” where Israel not automatically transferring Qatari aid money to the terror enclave was called an “aggression” by Hamas. Egypt also has not leaped forward and transferred the money, but that does not rise to the level of an aggression, as Hamas hates Egypt measurably less than they do Israel and the Jews in general. But we are not concerned about Hamas in this article as there will be plenty of time and reasons along the way, it is the over-application of the word “Aggression” to virtually any situation where somebody decides that they are displeased with a statement, position, action or virtually anything in their lives. Aggression no longer requires a physical act or even direct verbal abuse intended for the aggrieved person. Ireland is thinking of passing legislation codifying the BDS Movement’s actions of singling out Israel for economic sanctions because, we figure, the Irish have suffered Israeli aggressions because of the Arab-Israeli Conflict. Interestingly, none of the Arabs, terrorists included, seems to have raised the Irish ire to the level of aggression. But let us move from the Middle East to Europe and the United States.


Remember BREXIT? Well, there were articles who referred to the British even voting on whether they wished to remain in the European Union as an aggression. But the few references to the taking of a vote as an aggression were nothing after BREXIT passed. Now, as Britain actually follows through and pulls from the European Union, every step they take along the tediously long and drawn-out procedure for actually exiting the European Union will most certainly have some commentator referring to each step as an aggression against the brotherhood of nations which make up the European Union. But it gets worse when we look at many of the furthest left-leaning universities and colleges in the developed world, especially the United States. Freshmen are assaulted by the aggression police as soon as they arrive on campus. In many of these schools the freshmen are given a booklet about the do’s and don’ts about campus life and included are several pages listing the most common micro-aggressions. A micro-aggression is, according to Merriam Webster, “a comment or action that subtly and often unconsciously or unintentionally expresses a prejudiced attitude toward a member of a marginalized group (such as a racial minority).” There are further definitions and a whole page of related subjects which we are sure are absolutely fascinating. Wait a minute, I bet belittling a whole page of related subjects has to have passed somebody’s threshold as a micro-aggression. From our experience, a micro-aggression can be anything that any minority can claim they felt insulted, ignored, generalized, misidentified, threatened, hurt, felt a twinge of anger, or just about anything they desire to define as a micro-aggression.


Since the person committing the micro-aggression does not even have to realize that they may have misspoke, until the aggrieved party informs them of their faux pas, their societal egregiously poor manners and complete lack of sensitivity will continue. Just for clarification, if one is a straight, white, religious, male who has no gender identity disorders, does not suffer PTSD and is healthy in body and mind (in theory), then there is absolutely no means of committing a micro-aggression or other forms of aggression against them because of straight-white-religious-healthy-male dominated world which has provided them with every advantage and made their lives simple, easy and facing few barriers to success which impede all of those others who have been victimized for thousands of years by this horrible straight-white-religious-healthy-male dominated social order better known as the established order. Just in case you had any doubts, the established order is evil, racist, sexist, gender critical and simply through and through rotted and must be torn asunder and replaced with a nice, all-inclusive, reordered and equalizing social order where those who have been deprived are now the ones receiving all the benefits of established order and the straight-white-religious-healthy-male is punished for the millennia of oppressions and all the horrific aggressions their species has committed. This new ordered world will be defined by the most easily offended such that nobody ever will need to feel overlooked, unimportant or in any way made to feel different, well, except for those contemptible-straight-white-religious-healthy-males.


Then there are these trigger words. These are the new swear words which must never be spoken even in hushed tones. The least sarcastic article about “micro-aggressions,” “trigger words” and “trigger warnings” (these are the warnings which need be placed with descriptions of course material which may be found to be threatening or harmful or when a professor has been found to use language somewhat carelessly and thus garnered their share of complaints from students that they were threatened or harmed by their lectures) was in Psychology Today titled, “Microaggressions and Trigger-Warnings.” I have taught mathematics and electronics and am so very glad that this was back when things were a little less sensitive and students listened carefully to lectures to learn and not to pick out and choose certain otherwise innocuous phrases from the lecture to rush and report to the school sensitivity director. When I taught there were neither sensitivity officers nor many of the specialists which are required in schools now. There needs to be an advisor for every possible nationality or combination there of. There need be counselors specializing in just about every area where current society has apparently diverged with someone taking care of gender identification difficulties such as the boy who thinks he might be happier if only he were a girl and of course the school must have an advisor, counselor to help with the problematic and sensitive period while he finds his way to becoming she and everyone who has made fun or said anything considered to be less than uplifting and helpful has been properly reprimanded and these bumps smoothed out. The gender identification is one problem which is so prone to humor, but that would be a severe micro-Aggression, but we decided to use the picture below anyway.


Inclusive Bathrooms Boys Girls and Genderless

Inclusive Bathrooms Boys Girls and Genderless


New York City has decided to make the bathroom on the far right necessary as they are permitting a new gender for birth certificates, “X” and we are not joking. You can read about it from CNN coverage. From what we have gleaned between the girlish giggling and snickering was that this will permit the child, as they are neither boy or girl, to decided when they are older which gender is most applicable and to their liking, or would comfort be a softer and more welcoming denotation. This leads to what will, in the future, make for some interesting court cases. First thing is that there will necessarily need to be an age at which, if they have yet to do so, choose their gender, a decision which will hopefully last a lifetime, but even that is not assured. With the rules about gender, which we are told we are forbidden to scoff and poke fun as gender is serious and far more than the simple boy or girl classifications we were limited to back in the day, apparently one can awaken feeling so refreshed and decide their female mind wants to tackle the day but then the boss is in a bad temper and your reaction is to instantly access your male mind in order to handle that situation. Then, after work, one may decide that they wish to return to their female influence. It really can get confusing with gender now something to be chosen in the same way one picks their clothes out in the morning; you can decide whether you need a dress shirt or a blouse. The real victims will be those children who are given a birth gender of “X” and have to try at an early age to make a decision over what their gender will be with parents who are likely telling the confused child that their birth organs do not delineate their real gender. Thinking about this gender confusion, Facebook offers, at a minimum, seventy-plus genders from which one can choose. Over seventy genders to choose from, that is over twice as many genders as Baskin-Robbins offers in flavor of ice cream and might even be more flavors of gender than brews of coffee at Starbucks. Who knew anything in life offered more choices than Starbucks.


All of these things and much more are the result of a society in which everything is relative and nothing can remain as that stuffy traditional definitions that our parents lived with. No, everything has to be completely upended just to make everybody comfortable with whatever their idiosyncrasies may happen to include. Nothing can be considered beyond the pale and there must never be borders which limit activities or the growing plethora of definitions replacing every tradition. The worst possible crime in modern day America and Europe is that if it originated in any fashion from the Judeo-Christian ethic, then it must be torn apart, restructured, defined to include all deviancies, and dash any resemblance to what is considered white, male and Christian. Another item which must be told is that with throwing out Christian, they also desire to rid themselves of Judaism, particularly Orthodox Judaism. Reform, Reconstructionist and even Conservative Judaism can be accepted providing the people are willing to denounce Israel as one of the worst and most cruel nations on Earth who are oppressive of the Palestinian Arabs and even the entire Arab world. Fortunately, Jay Leno recently was posted on Facebook making a comment about that exact situation, and we just could not resist posting it here, and will probably use it as often as we are able.


Jay Leno Speaks Out


Here is the back-breaker of this entire leftist, progressive insanity where up is down and sideways can be forward or backward and it all does not matter. Well, for us normals, “normal,” that has come to have a denotation of evil about it in much of our crazed society, but for us normals, these new rules sound more like a game of make it all up as you go along. If you can give it a name, then it must be included as long as it goes against all traditions. The Bible is now considered to be some old book written by and for rich white people and thus to be discarded and replaced with anything which opposes those traditions. The United States Constitution, the British Magna Carta and just about every set of national founding documents, especially if they are written on parchment, are simply old stupid rules made up by rich white Christian (or Jewish) men and thus have no value. Shakespeare, Dumas, Chaucer, Dickens, Mark Twain, Edgar Allen Poe and every traditional writer which used to be the core of the English language have all been banned as they were written by white males who were probably Christian. We are waiting for them to decide they can teach math and physics without the input of white males such as Descartes, Newton, Euclid, Hawking, Plato, Riemann and a great number of white males. Our world is being thrown into a blender and nothing which was normative is permitted to escape the indelible rewrite of all that is good and decent by the far left. They have taken society, chopped everything up, flung every barrier away, renamed everything in sight and made standards a thing of the past, even decided, in some cases of select colleges, to permit the students to choose their own grades. The world many of us knew has disappeared and been replaced with what seems more like a cartoon world where nothing is fixed and the standards are what each individual chooses for themselves. The fact that this cannot and will not work does not matter to the leftist leadership, just as long as they despair those who they decided required dispairment, frustrating everyone who was dependent upon the former rules which defined society and our lives. Not any longer, as there is a whole new game in town and it has only one ruleset, anything goes as long as it is counter to all Judeo-Christian traditions and will destroy the white males. This is part of the great love affair the extreme left has with Islam, they share a disdain for the Judeo-Christian ethic and swear they will drive Christianity from their regions which they believe will soon include most if not all of Europe and the United States along with Canada. These delusional leftists firmly believe that when the right moment comes, they will be capable of switching the Democrat Party or the Social Democrat Party platform for the Quran and reestablish a new Islam which holds to their New World Order. If they refuse to awaken and read the Quran and understand how it is believed and known by Muslims, they will find themselves facing a very poor ending. Islam has turned itself inward to such an extent that it cannot be altered in any way. It will remain determined to conquer the world and replace Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hindu and every other religion, and that most definitely includes Secular Humanism. Those on the left who are sworn to Secular Humanism need to understand how Islam defines their belief system. To Islam they are idolaters or apostates, and to be honest, we are unsure which would make for the worse choice. The one thing we do know, both are cured in Islam by very similar means and both result in death. When the far left finally discovers the reality about Islam, we can only pray for the sake of the developed world that there will be sufficient time and resources for the developed world to rebound and find its way back to its founding roots and do away with all this new age lunacy. If they do not, then they will very likely learn the real definition of aggression, Seventh Century style.


Beyond the Cusp


January 18, 2016

European Union Should Worry About Europe Not Israel


By now the news has seeped out from under the big stone of silence which the European media and law enforcement attempted to tuck the night of mass rapes and sexual assaults across the length and breadth of Europe with Germany seemingly haven gotten the worst of it. Cologne was where the initial leaks began where once it reached more than half a thousand complaints by women who suffered varying degrees of assaults of a sexual nature. The police, media and especially the governance in Europe appears frozen as an animal startled for that moment before the fight or flight reflex takes charge and it decides which way it will treat this threat. Europe has seen this threat before back when political correctness meant you smiled over the corpses of your enemies. But they say Europe has changed, Europe has matured, Europe has grown and now Europe has invited their greatest threat from the past to infiltrate in numbers sufficient to be a disastrous additional front from within destroying their will to fight, or that is likely part of the plans by Iran, al-Qaeda, and Islamic State.


All three and possibly the Taliban and Muslim Brotherhood as well and who knows who else have placed so many terrorists and agents within the refugees coming from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey and other places around the Arab world plus Iran who will most definitely have IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps) units within the refugees coming from within the entire Middle East. These refugees are augmented with more refugees from North Africa and such failed states as Libya and others simply fleeing nations which barely function or have failed for years even before Libya of which Somalia and South Sudan are examples of places either with almost no rule of law or failed economies or both. The telling detail is the large percentage of young, single males who are well dressed with modern electronic devices and appear as if they have not seen any hunger or hardships and are unattached to any wives or children. The media like to refer to these young males as likely deserters from the Syrian, Afghan, Iraqi or Islamic State but definitely none of them could ever be terrorists planted within the refugees to set up their own cells and networks. Recent history has shown that the mix of Islamic immigrants with European society is a mix designed in the depths of the underworld, if that is not too Ancient Greek for everybody. But who could have ever seen such coming?


There have been many who saw the differences between the Islamic lands of MENA (Middle East and North Africa) and their warnings and in some of the most surprising places made their knowledge available for anybody with eyes and ears. One of the most evident examples came from the remnants of the Ottoman Empire itself. The nation made of that remnant was Turkey where the society were fortunate to have a leader with the clarity of vision and inspiration to draw up a Constitution which held Turkey up as the only true democracy amongst the Muslim Middle East though Turkey has been referred to as the nation where the transformation is made from European society to Islamic society. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk understood Islam and understood it extremely well and understood that the West had taken technology while Islamic nations had rested on their past glory and the Golden Days of Islam and believed they would always hold the advantage as the Quran told them they were unbeatable and the most advanced peoples as Allah would favor them forever making them triumphant in all conflicts with the Western World. Their stagnation had led them to the point where it was impossible for them to hold the upper hand as they were incapable of modern warfare. Atatürk designed a nation where the military was to enforce the secular nature demanded by the Constitution. Today Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is undoing all the safeguards and got an assist from the strangest of locations, the European Union and President George W. Bush. Both these entities instructed the Turkish military to stand down and warned Erdoğan of the impending military coup. This has led to the removal of the walking or driving rout from the Middle East into Europe, a pathway being used to overflowing with actual refugees for whom we have great sympathy as every Jew recognizes the agony of losing one’s country and losing every item of worth, value and sentiment because some other with a weapon, be it a tank, assault rifle or the town with bats, irons and pitchforks coming and you know that either you are gone before they arrive or you will suffer and then be murdered. The Syrian and other refugees streaming into Europe did not face being burned alive for their religion and their exiling force was their own kind, which makes it more difficult to understand.


The problem arises when the Europeans realize that they have invited wildlings into their midst. They have invited men for whom any women not covered from head to toe are automatically seen as a sexual target to be ravaged at will. This is what was witnessed on New Year’s Eve in numerous cities where these refugees, these unfortunates, these infiltrators decided that they would be able to get away with acting as they pleased as after all these women were kafirs and dressed to taunt and were asking for it, they wanted it, these beasts could tell, they could smell it in the air from all the perfumes and the clothing just said take me after all, these were not Muslim Women who know how to dress in protective coverings. These animalistic males can just recognize those harlots from a great distance and their wild emotions control them and they act according to their hormones and need not show respect or self-restraint as these are all kafirs and as such they deserve whatever they get. Their actions do not hurt the Ummah and thus are perfectly normal and who knows, maybe one might get to take one or two, maybe even hit the jackpot and corral four of these baby-making machines, as that is their sole purpose is to be enslaved by a real man, a Muslim man and taken home and used to make little Muhammads. One need not look any further than Rotherham, England, population 275,000, where between 1997 and 2013, at the least 1,400 girls, as young as eleven years old, in this relatively small English city had been repeatedly raped and the people and police and government and media all turned and looked away as there was nothing that could be done to these refugees under political correctness. One did not dare risk being labeled an Islamophobe, a racist. One needed to make the effort to adjust the society to allow for these men to live according to their custom even if that meant losing your customs of decency and your daughters basically became sluts for these foreign men to abuse and discard when they tired of them, then they could continue their lives and deal with the feelings of being a piece of filth not worthy of even a single consideration or respect. This is what Europe has just allowed to invade their continent and do so with the welcome mat out saying “welcome, we are here to accommodate you and your culture to any extreme and make excuses for your actions no matter how perverse and alien as it might be. What did these European politicians think was coming to dinner, Omar Sharif?


New Year’s Eve was just the sampler to see exactly how far they would be permitted to go by their new and honestly weak and enabling society. They had all been raised with the knowledge that any non-Muslim woman or any Muslim woman who dared flash an ankle, a wisp of hair, let alone jeans and a tank top was simply advertising that she too was ready and wanting to feel the satisfaction of their animal wilds. These were Western women who lived in a society where sex was accepted as something that people just did as they desired and as these were not proper Muslim women or they would be at home or escorted by a male family member. Here was a smorgasbord of carnal pleasures piled up one upon another everywhere one gazed. How could any male act any differently than to simply give in to those thoughts, those drives, those inviting and receptive women who were flaunting their sexual desires simply by their attire. How could any reasonable person expect the males from taking all that they could have with harlots in every direction, and kafir harlot at that so it did not matter as these were objects to be utilized in any manner one desired and there can be no recriminations and nothing illegal under Sharia had been committed as all these actions were halal. Prepare for more of this and eventually European women will be sporting burkas, or as some have referred to them as GP Medium Tents. They will learn their place and if they choose not to become targets of those irrepressible animal desires, they will know to be escorted everywhere by a male member of their family.


I can hear my European, and soon to come to the shores of the United States and Canada as Trudeau and Obama open the doors and allow these refugees to flood into the United States and Canada. For Europe these are just the advance troops as these males are a herd and travel in packs and act in packs and thus they can live the wild life as they will almost always be sure to have numbers no sane person, especially a gentrified European, would ever think they should use physical force to stop such actions as such would be undignified and simply you reacting bringing you down to their level. No, we Europeans have been taught to turn away and maybe file an anonymous complaint but what good would that do as there were already so many police doing all they could to prevent the event to spread to the city at large. These were good, politically correct, police officers being sympathetic to these males’ customs and culture as they were well trained. If it is something committed by an easterner, then one is presumed to be powerless to act as it is only their culture. They have just as much right to act as males wilding while you were to learn by accepting their broadening of your experiences in life. This is one that either you will have to continue to accept or take the uphill battle to change and educate these animalistic males on what it means to have self-restraint, a discipline they lack as Europe is about to realize. Perhaps these blinkered European politicians whose code demands that they accept all practices by these refugees as they may have some differences with European culture and who are we to judge with, expect and act so moralistic and standing-off, standing-down. Perhaps a little dose of the writings by Winston Churchill, a bit of a gentleman and a bit of raging emotions to often save England from herself has to say about Islam and Muslims in particular from his original, two volume set books titled, “The River Wars” published in 1899, but the selection was removed when the book was condensed into one volume and republished in 1902.



Churchill gated stride impugning the morning about to tackle the world and all its problems

Churchill gated stride impugning the morning about to tackle the world and all its problems



How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries, improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.


A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement, the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.


Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.


The question everybody seems to be asking is how far will such brutal and uncultured acts by rogue males roving the fields and planes of the cities and lands of the European Union free to do as ones urges dictate. The gentrified natures of European society took generations to apply and were very often enforced at gun or sword point but enforced did they become. There were laws and codes of conduct passed into law or enforced as the cultures which has now reached the point of acquiescence as violence, even in the defense of what is right and acceptable, was the last resort of the brute, the low-life and would never be utilized as there were laws and enforcement professionals known as police or bobbies pending on one’s location. Europe will not forever or even much longer take these actions and turn the other cheek. After all, nobody ever instructed that the cultured European men needed to exhaust all four cheeks before acting but in this case it will not matter as in the end sufficient numbers will decide that enough of this is enough. Store owners will tire of having merchandise stolen brazenly and with the defiance that five to a dozen may show to a single owner of an establishment who works alone or with a wife or other family member but none is a match for the looters. Reports to the police might, if one is lucky and the police know will follow up on the report expecting action. Still, in the end such acts will simply at first allow the shopkeeper to file a complaint and the city will repay the amount and the shopkeepers will be told that this is the price of doing business in certain areas and not to expect the city to compensate them forever, a threat of abandonment. But when the government finally condescends to do their function and protect the people and the wilding males are arrested, does the Islamic neighborhood admit wrongdoing? Do the Muslim Political groups admit they were in error? Is there even the slightest sign of contrition from the purveyors of Islam? Of course not. They claim religious freedom for them but not for all. They claim the protections of the law for them but not for all. They demand that the accusers be tried for hate crimes, but not the wilding males. They play the entire deck of victimhood cards and cry for equality when their equality really means their right to do as they wish and all others to comply and surrender to the forces of Allah. Say never Europe, or you are at your end.


In the end, and there will be an end, there will be one of two results. The first is obvious if one simply draws a straight line one realized that Europe may be overrun and become Islamic lands with all the depravity and such which comes to mind. Then within two generations Europe will resemble the Middle East right down to the economic structure which has befallen all who end up within the confines of surrender to Islam. But Europe seldom takes a straight-line course. What we witnessed was the first notice, a test one might say. These males will continue and escalate the situation until they are prevented from such acts by repeated enforcement of existing law. Does anyone honestly believe that the Europeans will not come to the aid of their women? Initially, yes, you are correct but after such events occurring repeatedly with each transgression proving to be more severe than groping and happening in malls, stores and out in the streets. It is hopeful that any woman out alone and unescorted will have a better than even chance of molestation or far worse unless the European men will act if their governments do not act. Once one location has resorted to violent confrontation, such a direction for the next town and soon the governments are going to need to address the situation and come up with a cure or the people will do so themselves; and their way of addressing the problem will be far from polite. There is a definitive probability that should these floodgates remain open and simply one fourth or one fifth of the refugees turn out to be single males, then this coming to the point of a crisis will happen sooner rather than later. The backlash of the New Year’s Eve has left a calling card that the Europeans can act if things are pushed too hard and the victims are willing to step forward. That leads to the final question which will be the most important question in these affairs. Will the Islamic society cast shame on these wildlings or will they see them as heroic figures for showing the Western leaders the true colors of a society under Islam and how worthless the European moralistic codes are once Islam comes to town. The reaction, blowback, fatal eruption will likely come from a small town where there have been more Syrian refugees settled than original citizens. These locals will react and likely it will escalate into violence. Once that line has been crossed it cannot be unwritten. This act or other acts of wanton disregard perpetrated by Muslim males will cause other flashpoints and eventually the entirety of Europe will be screaming by their actions that this is enough and Europe will not tolerate this behavior or culture. The pogrom on the Muslims who refuse to comply to European standards as they are will be removed by whatever means it might take. Sending them back to whence they had come will be the compassionate response while in other places the reaction will be violent and by the time the remnants are forced to leave after the main perpetrators of egregious actions beyond acceptable norms may very well pay with their lives in the end. Blood flowing in the streets of Europe is something which has happened before and there is little reason to believe it cannot happen now. This baptism of Europe may bring them to an appreciation for the restraints Israel goes to daily as the stabbings are still occurring three to five times a day which we hear about. Who knows how many are swept under the rug claiming that sometimes one must simply suffer until the acts of violence end on their own. That will never happen as it seems to be a bylaw of Islam that you continue and even escalate your acts against non-Muslims until force is applied and then you scream racism. That too will have a limited lifespan as there may be a reckoning coming.


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