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August 9, 2021

Expected Results from Shutdowns and Eviction Moratoriums

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The continuing of the eviction moratorium by President Biden, in the face of the Supreme Court warning they would rule such unconstitutional, could only be part of the plan to bankrupt as many small rental property owners as the Federal Government is able by any means necessary. Then there are the threats of shutdowns, intermittent shutdowns, lengthy shutdowns and other various impositions upon retail stores impacting the small business owners the hardest while favoring the large box stores, the people with lobbyists. Finally, as we reported here, the push to place a vaccine in any available arm is a straight forward scheme to enrich the officers and major stockholders of the three companies making the vaccines, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna and Pfizer. Reports have shown that at least three new trillionaires, with a tril, resulted from their successful work of providing vaccines at an unearthly price per shot, paid by Americans’ taxes. All of these could have been, and likely were, debated before even the initial call for, “two weeks to flatten the curve,” and were determined to be acceptable losses by those behind the COVID policies.



Those planning to change the United States into a more European nation emulating France, Germany, Italy and the rest of Old Europe are becoming desperate as Europeans are protesting the draconian COVID policies; so, they are unsure how much more American society will be prepared to tolerate. These socialists, potentially fascists, are spending additional bonuses for the unemployed with the current extension lasting through the summer. Then there is the coming ‘infrastructure’ bill and additionally the Pelosi attached budget-busting bill which is rumored to potentially include an immigration amnesty section plus additionally the HR1, the ‘For the People Act’ making many of the 2020 COVID adaptations to voting rules and laws permanent. These two bills are going to pass both houses of Congress as it has the support of the usual suspects. Many fear that these two pieces of legislation will initiate the end of the United States as we know it and thus the end of the world as we know it. Will the sleeping ones, the silent majority Reagan excited, the Tea Party and whatever self-proclaimed patriots decide to name their movement wake up, assuming they ever become motivated as it is getting late, and organize before it becomes too late. All there is to say is people should investigate how much of the Critical Theory, COVID world release, Biden financial policy and the open southern border is traceable back to Chinese interventions in order to bring Uncle Sam to his knees forcing an American surrender. President Biden is the American version of Neville Chamberlin.

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April 14, 2019

Israeli Elections Delivered Some Surprises


Yes, we know, Bibi again. This probably should not have surprised anybody, but still in the days leading up to the voting we heard the same mantra we hear from Bibi every time starting three to four days before the actual voting, “Vote for Likud or else we will end-up with a leftist government and they will make a Palestinian State. This gets many Israelis into a panic and they get this glazed look in their eyes and all they can seem to say is, we must elect Bibi or else the world will end. We have tried to explain that they do not have to elect Bibi, they need to elect as many right of center parties above threshold such that there are over seventy mandates between all the right-wing parties. But this is not how many, including Bibi, think. They do not remember that not that long ago the leader chosen to form a government was Ariel Sharon of Likud despite their being the second highest number of Mandates simply because the left-leaning party would not have been able to put together a coalition. Further, the Israelis forget that the step which comes after the elections is for each party list leader to provide a name of who they support for Prime Minister and the person most able to cobble together a coalition will receive the most recommendations and get to form a coalition. Were, in this past election, Likud and Bibi to have only received thirty-three mandates but the New Right received five mandates and Zahut received four mandates with the Combined right receiving six mandates (or just five), these extra seats for the other forms of Zionists would have provided, presuming the specialist and other parties remained the same, then the coalition would have reached the dizzying numbers of seventy-three, give or take a couple of mandates.


But this was not what Bibi actually desired. He wanted everything for himself without any strong party to his right forcing his hand. Bibi also wanted to push the New Right out of contention as there is bad blood between Bennett, Shaked with Bibi and he was out for some form of revenge. Bibi also knows that his last-minute hyperventilation that the sky was falling took at least one if not two seats from the combined right and pushed Zehut and its founder, Moshe Feiglin, out of contention as there is some history here as well. The other thing is Bibi desires keeping any number of Ministerial positions in addition to Prime Minister in his own pocket. As the last government was coming to a close, Bibi Netanyahu was the Prime Minister, Defense Minister, Foreign Minister and three or four other lesser ministries all to himself. We honestly believe that if Bibi were able to get away with such, he would take every position, department, assignment and everything else in the Israeli government to himself fully believing that he was best suited and able for every last position. The only thing preventing his also becoming the Ambassador to the United Nations and ten to twelve of the most important nations having relations with Israel is simply because of the technical problems with being in more than one place at the same time. Were he able to clone himself, he would become the entire Likud and hold the top twenty to thirty slots with his various clones. We can picture the Likud list having Bibi-Aleph, Bibi-Bet, Bibi-Gimmel and so on.


The one question we received when trying to explain the reasoning is that it only matters that Likud have a respectable showing somewhere around or over thirty with stronger showings for the rest of the right-wing blocks. The question was to name somebody who would be as capable as Bibi Netanyahu as Prime Minister. Previous to these elections the main answer was Naftali Bennett, an answer which many people found lacking. Thanks to Mr. Bennett deciding that the Jewish Home was not going to take him all the way to the Prime Ministership, he split leaving the party in the lurch. Despite the horrific results of losing both the number one and two people from the party list, Jewish Home came up with something which may prove vital in the future, a new leader untainted by political scandals and clean as a whistle, and that is as the man he has become in his life and simply being judged by that and without a care to his politics, which is very strongly Religious-Zionist. This was the man who stepped into the void filling it with what we believe will be a shining light for Israel in the near future. We are referring to the new leader of the Jewish Home, Rafi Peretz. Rafi Peretz has excelled in every position he has challenged, shined as a man of honor and principle and performed every position with competence and dignity. In his early years in the IDF, Peretz was a combat helicopter pilot, a challenge for almost any man. From there he eventually became the Chief Rabbi of the IDF and retired as a Brigadier General. After his IDF service, he founded a Yeshiva in Gaza. When the Gaza disengagement meant that he and his teachers and students would be required to relocate, he took a position of honor over politics and instructed his staff and students that they would leave without causing soldiers any difficulties and leave in an orderly manner with heads high. Rafi Peretz received much grief for not choosing to oppose the disengagement at least with passive resistance, but he was thinking of his students to whom he wished to cause the least amount of trauma.


After the disengagement from Gaza, Rafi Peretz reestablished his yeshiva and was still directing this school when tapped to lead Jewish Home through probably one of their greatest challenges. His name was all many people needed to hear which brought many back to Jewish Home and others who were still debating decided to remain as he commands that much respect from those who know him. We cannot claim to have met Rafi Peretz but simply from what people who were not even considering voting for Jewish Home had to say about the man, it was obvious that Rafi Peretz is a man of quality, dignity and straight up honesty. We can only hope that he will remain as the leader of the party, we are members of Jewish Home and never considered joining Bennett and the New Right as it never quite seemed like a good idea to leave the party we chose as it represented our beliefs in virtually every manner. So, for now we have another three and some odd to four years of Bibi Netanyahu and perhaps after one more term he will be ready to retire. Whether Bibi decides that enough has been enough or that he cannot get enough out of being the King, we will be presenting Rafi Peretz as our hope to one day soon take charge as Prime Minister of Israel.


It is good to be the King


For the moment, Bibi has won, again, and some claim that we will have elections again in six months. We would bet against this, but that is going to depend on many variables. The first variable will be what happens after President Trump finally releases his “Deal of the Century” and the following screaming, shouting, rejections and general animosity. Some are claiming that Bibi will accept whatever deal President Trump presents no matter how much Israel might be required to surrender. We would like to point out that it makes no difference what deal is presented by President Trump and his team of four who were tasked with hammering out something different than the plans which came before. The team consists of United States Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, Kushner’s aide Avi Berkowitz, Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt, four Jews, which may not have been the brightest idea President Trump ever had. We mean, you are attempting to sell a peace proposal to the Arab world and specifically, the Palestinian Arabs, the ones who have never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity, and you choose four Jews to put the plan together? Really? And better yet, at least two of them are known to be strong Zionist Jews. This works only if your plan is going to be something Israel would have trouble swallowing, so then you could point to the four and ask Bibi what more he could have wanted. But, as you have possibly heard, the plan does not demand that Israel give up half of her land, like that peace plan the United Nations attempted to sell to the Arab League on November 29, 1947 where Israel was to be cut in half, half for the Jews with most of that being the Negev Desert, half for the Arab Palestinians. The Arab League turned it down as they already had a plan for settling with the Jews, their invasion for the morning of Israeli independence when they envisioned eradicating all of Israel. They did try but something went wrong, the Jews fought back and managed, despite losing over ten percent of the entire population of Israel, to survive and hold on to most of their lands. They lost Gaza to Egypt and large parts of Judea and Samaria to Jordan who illegally annexed them renaming it West Bank to avoid the all too Jewish sound of Judea, with Samaria not far behind. The Trump Deal of the Century may be the deal which will break Bibi’s hold on the Prime Minister spot. Thus far he has been beyond the reach of mortal men, the Israeli media and legal problems which always appear to crop up when elections are scheduled. Time will tell, as it does with most everything, and eventually Bibi will retire and Israel will be seeking his successor. Obviously, we have just the man for the job, but we will have to wait and see. One thing we can say, it was a shame that Rafi Peretz was not able to receive much coverage with Jewish Home not organized as many of the key organizers left with Bennett believing they were leaving behind a party about to be thrown on the trash heap of history. It is funny how things turn out, Jewish Home is in the government with four, potentially five mandates and Bennett is wishing and hoping on prayers that he will miraculously worm his way over the threshold; otherwise, he made a very poor bet. The rest, as they say, is history.


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November 8, 2014

The Palestinians are the Poison in the Well

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The latest conviction from the Western world which has blamed Israel lack of peace with the Palestinians as the cause of the ever increasing threat of Islamic extremism and its latest manifestation, ISIS, has identified the symptom but misdiagnosed the disease. Even were Israel permitted a free hand to address the now rabid hatred planted by the Oslo Accords and nurtured on European and other Western money and endless facilitating, it would take at least sixty years of completely controlling the media, schools and other facets of Palestinian society to undo all of the damage wrought in just the past twenty years. One part of the problem is the enrichment of the top leaders who found that simply by fomenting anti-Israel and anti-Semitic hatred and violence they would be rewarded with such largess of Western funding that they were made into millionaires, and then billionaires, and now who knows the limit as Europe, despite facing a financial meltdown, still manages to reward Palestinian terror with now trillions of dollars in reward for their last war on Israel in the name of rebuilding Gaza. The lovefest which took place in Cairo under the name of rebuilding Gaza from the damage brought down on it by the Hamas war against Israel and the facilitation of the damage by Hamas using the dense cities from which to fire their rockets and place their fortifications while leaving tracts of farmland completely vacant and free from the ravages of the conflict was just the latest symptom of a world gone mad feeding the monster they have nurtured in order to destroy Israel. This combined with the sins of departing their responsibilities to bring forth a viable society into the areas which were left behind during the industrial revolution as they simply departed the colonies from which that revolution had been fed and maliciously configured the remains of the Ottoman Empire after World War I so as to impede any possibility for natural growth and peace by placing warring parties within the same type of false borders as the colonialist boundaries had sewn across much of Africa. This was the poison which forced each of these unnatural new nations to fall into the hands of strong dictators who were virtually forced to choose one tribe and strengthen that tribe into their police state enforcers which simply built the desire for revenge until that rage has finally broken loose and now leaves large areas of the world looking for a leader to lead their revenge against a world they see as having cheated them of their futures. Their enemy is the Western colonizers but in a brazen move to funnel the hatreds they so engendered made the claim that the reason behind their treachery was Israel placing the title of chief colonizer upon Israel despite Israel also having been formed from the same Western reconfiguring of the Ottoman Empire that brought much of the Middle East and North African nations (MENA) into being.

The initial poisoning was manifest with the nurturing of Arab Jewish hatreds by the manipulation designed by the British with the support of the rest of the Western world and was designed to prevent the necessity of fulfilling their promise which was made after World War I as set out initially in the Balfour Declaration and then adopted by the victorious powers from World War I with the San Remo Conference to restore a Jewish State in their ancestral homelands. The formation of Israel in 1948 initially saw a large influx of European Jews, the remnants of the Holocaust though that was not the initial impetus for the founding of Israel, simply the conflagration which provided a large influx of Jews who had nowhere else to go after they had been removed from their homes and many of those very same towns no longer desired their return as it meant also living with those they had so mercilessly betrayed often turning them over to the Nazi murder machine willingly and enthusiastically. This was soon followed over the first dozen years of Israeli existence of an equally large influx of Jews who were driven from their homes across the Arab and Muslim world from Iran to Morocco. This led to modern day Israel which is on the cusp of erasing the difference between the two main sectors of her population, the European Ashkenazy Jews and the MENA Sephardic Jews, as well as welcoming home the Aliyah of other fragments of tribes of Jews from the two main and other diaspora refugees. These include the Ethiopian Jews, the Menashe Jews of India and other tribes either from the Babylonian exile or the Roman dispersal or from other periods where tribes of Jews ended up separated from the main body of Judaism. The canard that Israel is a purely European nation is false as her populations comes from the far corners of the globe and have reemerged to forge a nation where all have been incorporated and now make up a single nation of people where such differences are being erased from the society. Nothing depicts this merging more obviously than the intent to merge the current Chief Rabbinates from its two separate positions into a single position marking the end of the final vestige of their previous separate roots. Unfortunately, as this unification is taking place the same did not occur across the rest of the Middle East and this led to the inevitable explosions witnessed since the beginning of the so-called Arab Spring which has become a tense Arab Winter with warfare now spreading further across from the endless carnage in Syria into Iraq and threatening to enflame the rest of the nations across the width and breadth of MENA.

One of the main manifestations of this roiling trouble is ISIS which has taken on a life of its own and presents a unique dimension of the problems plaguing the Islamic world. The initial threat of ISIS is not Europe, Israel or the United States but the Muslim people and societies it threatens with its own kind of remaking of the lives of those who are falling unwilling victims of their barbarity. ISIS was formed from the most radical elements of the Syrian Civil War which has made refugees of millions of Syrians and caused the death of approaching, if not surpassing, two-hundred-thousand Arabs of Muslim, Christian and other origins. The nation of Syria will not be capable of normalcy nor will it function as a normal nation for the foreseeable future even were the violence there to be resolved immediately, and that in and of itself is an impossibility. The poverty and inequities manifest throughout MENA with the small cadres of rulers living lavishly while their people are barely able to make sufficient living to survive, let alone thrive. These people see a Western world which they have been told in the propaganda by their leaders is the source of their poverty and misery so as to direct the wrath of a people cheated of a decent way of life at a foreign source thus taking the bullseye off of their backs. This, in turn, has been redirected by many in the Western world onto Israel who they point to as those in their immediate neighborhood who have a successful nation presumably built on the poverty of their Arab and Muslim neighbors, even to the distant nations of Iran at one end to Morocco at the other end. This hatred has been enthusiastically used by those who are currently impoverishing their societies as all that matters is that there is some ‘other’ who is to blame for the people’s misery and their leaders who are actually stealing from their people continue to take the wealth of their nation leaving the people suffering and being fed the tropes of traditional anti-Semitism such as the infamous forgery “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and other writings from both the Nazi and Soviet propaganda as well as even older propaganda from the Catholic Church, the Protestant Reformation, the Spanish Inquisition and even older vestiges from the Crusades all of which persecuted the Jews. These explanations are fed to a people hungry and demanding to know why they suffer such misery and poverty while they are witness to such apparent signs of great wealth throughout the world beyond their area and apparently enjoyed by some unexplained miracle by the leadership of their country. The excuses finally wore thin and the resultant explosions are evidenced across MENA and may spread even further southward into the body of Africa.

The efforts to deflect all responsibility for the situations in MENA and the main body of Africa away from the colonizers and onto one of the successful colonies that managed to build a prosperous nation after finally receiving their independence from the same Europeans as did their neighboring nations but who fortunately though having a similar problem of two very disparate tribes within their borders, the European and MENA Jewish refugees, they managed to mostly work to erase any vestiges of those differences and work past stigmas and other root differences and merge to form a complete whole and one nation rather than two warring tribes within a single border. Would some of the other Middle Eastern nations have had the advantage of only two disparate people, a solution or reaching a balance might have been possible. A perfect example is Iraq which has three major groups; the Sunni, the Shiite and the Kurdish, as well as other minor groups which mostly must seek refuge with one of these three main bodies. The current conflict in Iraq has exemplified this division of the nation with the Sunni and Shiite at war with each other and the Kurdish attempting to defend their semiautonomous region from their Sunni neighbors to the south currently being coopted by ISIS and from the Shiite government in Baghdad.

How all this is traceable back to the Palestinians and their conflict with Israel and why this is not actually caused by the Israeli inability to reach a peace with their Palestinian neighbors is actually simple on the surface but gets very confusing at ground level. The broader truth is that the Europeans needed to place the blame for the backwardness and poverty in the Middle East somewhere other than on themselves. As they had already fomented a hatred and burning conflict in the British Mandate areas pitting the Arabs against their Jewish neighbors and having fed that conflict with an aim to prevent there ever being a Jewish state founded and surviving, it was the easiest place to rekindle old hatreds, the same hatreds they bred half a century earlier across the 1920s and 1930s. They had some active support, though not actually cooperating as far as could be seen, from the Soviets who had their own problem of a Jewish minority which desired to leave the Soviet Union, who didn’t, and make Aliyah and return home to Israel, the phrase Jews worldwide have sworn for two millennia and stated at the end of every Seder at Passover every year with the phrase, “Next Year in Jerusalem.” When threats started to emanate from the rest of the Middle East the Europeans again pointed the finger of blame at Israel.

When the World Trade Center terror attack struck the United States and the United States attacked Afghanistan and then Iraq, then the blame really aimed at the Western nations, particularly those who allied with the United States in Iraq and eventually also in Afghanistan. This led to the target being replanted once again on Europe except this time the target was placed primarily on the United States and then Britain and Europe. The Europeans initially ducked under the protection of the United States and from that seemingly safe perch blamed their old nemesis, Israel. They used the exact same canards that had worked so well decades earlier. When the United States then withdrew from the Middle East that left Europe somewhat exposed so they increased their funding of the Palestinian terrorist culture and stoked the hatreds within the Palestinian society with an emphasis on the youth. The Europeans paid handsomely for textbooks which painted the Jews and Israel with the old canard that they stole their wealth from the less well-off neighbors, in this case the Palestinians.

Earlier in the Middle Ages it was the serfs and peasants who were vassals of a lord who also was in need of an easy target to blame for his vassals’ poverty stricken situation. The Jews made for a ready target as they were forbidden from owning or even working the land so had set up as tradesmen and merchants in the towns and cities. This initially made them the other for the peasants working the lands of their feudal lord. Later, when the feudal system began to disintegrate and many peasants and serfs sought their wealth in the cities they ran into the situation where the Jews owned the businesses and were more adept at running businesses as they had been doing so for the last two or more centuries and the Christians were just learning trades and being merchants. Again, the wealthy landowners had invested and were also part owners of many of the exclusive places in the towns as these towns and cities originated on their lands. Again the Jews made the perfect target for deflecting the hatreds by the gentry and aristocracy. This use of Jews as a target for the people’s hatred often went all the way to the top and was utilized by Kings and Queens when the economy hit bad times. This led to the Jews being chased from one place to the next always being the outsider, the other. Now Europe is using Israel, the Jew among nations, as the outsider, the other, the ones who are to blame and who have stolen the wealth of their neighbors. The difference this time is the Jews have nowhere to run to and have their own military with which to defend themselves, something that the Europeans have potentially tragically decided was no longer a necessity as they could depend on the United States to protect them. Now even their protector, the United States, has joined in the hatefest and are attempting to lay the blame for the problems in the Middle East and beyond on Israel.

With the monies being invested in terrorism against Israel to such an extent that the lesson the Arab and Muslim world has taken from this duplicitous game played by Europe and the Western world is that terrorism pays and it pays well. They have further figured that the terrorist leaders can blame the Israelis and, by inference, the Jews as well as targeting the United States while threatening the Europeans. The oil rich oligarchs are now spending their treasure to feed those who are blaming the Europeans and the United States while washing their hands of any ties and going through the motions of supporting the war on the very terrorism they are financing. The monsters they created have taken a turn and are also coming for the oligarchs claiming that they are not practicing a sufficiently pure form of Islam and thus have brought all the woe and troubles onto the people. ISIS is the current head of the terror snake demanding a return to the purest form of Islam they understand, namely the Islam supposedly followed by Muhammad and which propelled the Islamic conquest of the first centuries when Islam enjoyed its golden age. Their aim is to return to that time and their route will be the same as were the first leaders of Islam, across the Middle East then across North Africa and then into Europe except this time they believe Europe to be conquerable due to what they regard as decadence and weakness. The initial push into Europe will likely be taken attempting to crush the modern form of the battle of Khaybar as depicted in their protest in Europe and the United States as well as elsewhere that they chant, “Khaybar Khaybar ya Yahud, Jaysh Muhammad sawfa Ya’ud” (Khaybar, Khaybar, O Jews, the army of Muhammad will return).”

Where this escalating conflagration and clash of civilizations, Western extravagance against Islamic extremism, will end is anybody’s’ guess. Those who claim that the current conflicts are the precursors which will inevitably lead to the next world war may be correct though such a result is neither unavoidable nor the most likely result. All could change and change drastically should two things occur, the first of which appears to be a done deal. Should Iran become a nuclear armed nation and then also manage to merge the Sunni terror elements with the Shiite terrorists controlled by Iran such as Hezballah, then there is a definite probability for a universal clash of civilizations. The result of such a nearly worldwide conflict would most likely see Russia and China sitting on the sidelines simply waiting for the end and then picking up the pieces. The most probable winner of a war between a united Islamic army and the Western nations will be those nations which manage to avoid being entangled in the all-encompassing warfare which will likely destroy all who are included. The difficulty will be the managing to unify Sunni and Shiite branches of Islam which have been at war with each other over the centuries almost as long as the Muslims have had disagreements and wars with the Jewish People. This time around there is a distinct probability that Israel will manage to remain outside of the field of battle should the two cultures collide until the very end battle which will take place over the same prize that the last great series of conflicts between the Christian world and the Islamic world fought, Jerusalem. This likelihood has fed a great number of people to claim that this final battle will occur in the Valley of Megiddo. I am not that drawn up into such symbolism but who knows, there just might be some validity to their claim though the chance it would signal the final battle between good and evil, not likely as both sides will be populated with sinners and saints.

The larger likelihood is that the terrorist period will culminate in a series of larger conflicts, none of which anywhere near the level of a world at war but more like civil wars or a war between two or three nations. Much of the current strife being caused by ISIS could be broken down into its basic components which depict tribal differences with Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish fighting for control over lands where these tribes border each other. The chances of ISIS growing to the point they could engage almost any European power are negligible. ISIS would never get past Turkey in order to reach Europe. ISIS is most probably going to be beaten into submission attempting to win the multi-front war they are already engaging with, let alone finding their way to uniting the Islamic world and taking on the European Union with or without United States direct backing. All of this would end within a couple of years if only the nations feeding the individual terror groups, including the Western investments in the Palestinian terror machines, would simply turn off the spigot. Thus far these nations have seen no individual gain calling for their disavowing themselves of the terrorists they are supporting despite the little problem that they are bankrupting themselves for little if any gain. Perhaps economic necessity will bring about the end of the financing of terror, especially Palestinian terror financed by Europe, the rest of the West and the rest of the World if we are to be accurate. And yes, in some very direct ways even Israel had financed Palestinian terrorist activities by providing them with free electricity, water, and other vital necessities and all free of charge, how weird is that?

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