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April 11, 2018

Jordan Option Already Failed


There is quite a bit of chatter about bringing Jordan and King Abdullah II to be part of the solution replacing the PLO, Fatah, the Palestinian authority and Mahmoud Abbas along with all the slime in the Land for Peace formula as part of Trump’s Deal of the Century. Jordan was part of the 1948 invasion of Israel the very morning of Israel’s birth along with five other nations, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia plus the Arab Brigades led by the Mufti of Jerusalem and other irregulars from across the Arab world. Jordan was not initially part of the Six Day War but after hearing of the great gains and the approaching of Tel Aviv by Syrian and Egyptian forces, as reported on Egyptian and Syrian radio and television reports, Jordan ignored Israeli reports that they were routing the Syrian and Egyptian forces and attacked Israel to join in the glory of destroying the Zionist Entity. This was how Jordan lost their occupation of what they renamed the West Bank as Israel first liberated Jerusalem and the Temple Mount and then all of the Shomron all the way to the Jordan River. This left quite a number of Jordanian Arab citizens still in the Shomron which have been used by the Arab world to attempt and destroy Israel and wrest the heartland of Israel historically, Biblically and also found throughout the Torah knowing that this would make the eventual destruction of the Jewish State. If this is the idea President Trump thinks will make peace more readily achievable, he has another think coming.


Let us first speak about the one solution which includes Jordan which will actually work providing President Trump has the wherewithal to entice the Arab League and Jordan to accept such a solution. How this peace plan cares for the so-called Palestinian Arabs is that it reactivates or grants, for the younger generations, Jordanian citizenship allowing them to vote in Jordanian national elections as well as their local elections in their towns and cities. They will not be able to vote in Israeli national elections and in mixed towns and cities there will need to be arrangements made such that both sides are permitted self-rule. These Arabs will also need to be required to sign a non-belligerence agreement with Israel in which they promise to respect the rights and existence of the Israelis and that they forswear and renounce terrorism in all forms and recognize the rights of Israelis to reside wherever they choose. They will further admit to the knowledge that, should any member of their family commit an act of terror or be found to be engaging in support or commission of an act of terror, this will result in the entire family being deported to Jordan, or to Syria should Jordan refuse to accept them. This zero tolerance for terror will be required simply because Israel cannot be expected to allow those who harbor or support the individuals committed to terrorism to continue to reside within her borders.


The advantage for Jordan is they get some of their former citizens back but Israel will be tasked with keeping them safe from any foreign violence such as threats from Islamic State and other terrorist activities as well as normative threats. These individuals will most likely earn higher wages than the average Jordanian which means they will pay a greater amount in taxes to the Jordanian government. Israel will be absorbing any cost of protecting these areas from outside threats. The largest problem which the Israelis will need to fight against will be illegal immigration. They will need to prevent other Jordanians from entering into these areas of Jordanians increasing the potential for problems and especially the encroachment by terrorists which will pose a threat to Israelis and the Jordanians residing within Israel as resident aliens. This will be a difficult sell for the Trump Administration with most of the responsibility falling to Secretary of State Michael Pompeo (currently undergoing confirmation hearings), National Security Advisor John R. Bolton and Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis (a former four-star Marine General nick named “Mad Dog Mattis”) will be added to the entourage of Trump Team people pressing to impose his Deal of the Century. The success of any peace plan will be Arab acceptance and proving to Israel that their security will be assured in perpetuity and under their control and not being reliant upon foreign forces. In all honesty, it might be best if these three presented the deal and the Middle East team stands down allowing themselves to be advisors, not to be the front presenters of Trump’s plan.


President Donald Trump, Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, National Security Advisor John R. Bolton, Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis

President Donald Trump, Secretary of State Michael Pompeo,
National Security Advisor John R. Bolton, Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis


As far as Trump and his great deal of the century, the final deal to be presented allowing for the Arabs to have any say in the end determination of boundaries and the status of the Arabs residing west of the Jordan River, will be rejected by Abbas and the Palestinian Authority and demonstrations in Jordan will make King Abdullah II accepting the deal difficult. According to the original determinations made when the League of Nations and the allied powers from World War I determined the division of the defeated Ottoman Empire, the border between the Arab state of Transjordan and the Jewish State which would become Israel was along the Jordan River and the Jordan Valley south of the Dead Sea. This was the borders when the Arabs invaded on May 15, 1948 in their war to annihilate the Jewish State in its cradle. This war left Jordan occupying the Shomron parts of Judea and Samaria, which they renamed to erase the Jewish influence of the real names, while Egypt occupied Gaza. The Six Day War returned the borders which Israel was originally given and Israel also held the Sinai Peninsula and the Golan Heights. The Yom Kippur War when Syria and Egypt launched a surprise attack with Israel, resulted in the borders and lands Israel held as unchanged when peace was restored. Since then there have been very few changes with one large exception, Israel restored all of the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt when they made peace but Egypt refused to reclaim the Gaza which they had occupied returning the land to Israel. When Jordan made peace with Israel, they released their claims to the Shomron allowing the land to return to its rightful owner, Israel. Israel has since annexed the Golan Heights which was permitted under United Nations Security Council Resolution 242. When Israel returned the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt they satisfied the remainder of United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 that demanded Israel return lands, not all lands, and retain those lands required giving Israel secure and defensible borders (see map below). Israel would be within their rights to keep all the lands west of the Jordan River and even in returning the Palestinian Arabs to Jordan, as they are all either originally Jordanian citizens or their children. Thus far, Israel has not taken that route hoping in vain to reach an equitable peace. You cannot reach an equitable peace with those whose sole desire is to kill all Israelis and then every Jew in the world. That is why there has been no peace, not because, as the Europeans and leftists love claiming, because Israel wants to make a Greater Israel. The most Israel has ever hoped to attain is that which was promised her by the world in treaties from San Remo Conference to the 1924 Anglo American Convention. The British Mandate was divided between the Arab State of Transjordan (now Jordan) and the Jewish State of Israel with their border being set as the Jordan River, and that is what the world owes to Israel if their words have any truth.


Map of the lands promised to the Zionist Congress and inviolable and sacrosanct for all time by Great Britain and the League of Nations as an addendum to the Mandate System which makes this promise also enforceable by the United Nations and considered equal to a treaty through Article 80 of the United Nations Charter. This was also considered as an element incorporated to the San Remo Conference which is also applicable in modern times.

Map of the lands promised to the Zionist Congress and inviolable and sacrosanct for all time by Great Britain and the League of Nations as an addendum to the Mandate System which makes this promise also enforceable by the United Nations and considered equal to a treaty through Article 80 of the United Nations Charter. This was also considered as an element incorporated to the San Remo Conference which is also applicable in modern times.


President Trump will likely have some plan which will offer the Arabs lands west of the Jordan which would eventually be utilized as a beachhead for yet another war to try and exterminate Israel. This has been the pattern since the founding of the State of Israel. Every time Israel has retreated from lands, they have been utilized to attack and attempt to destroy Israel by her Arab neighbors. Now this has spread to Iran who is providing military support to Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza. The current violent rioting is simply an attack designed to breach the border defenses of Israel and send mobs marauding through southern Israel murdering every Israeli they are capable of finding. Yahya Sinwar, the leader of Hamas, threatened the Israelis stating, the people of the Gaza Strip will “eat the livers of those besieging” the coastal enclave, using an Arabic idiom that means to take revenge on someone. He further declared that, “The March of Return will continue. It will not stop until we remove this transient border.” The border violence is not intended to be peaceful and will not end without a great degree of bloodletting. The only decision will be which side will lose the battle and suffer the greatest numbers of casualties. As to who will lose the media coverage, that has already been determined by the coverage thus far. Israel, as is the norm in the European and leftist media, will be blamed for any result in which Israel survives. The only way Israel can make penance for the crime of the Jews returning to their ancient homelands and fulfilling the prophesies of said return is for Israel to allow itself to suffer utter and complete defeat. The utter destruction of the Jewish State is the desire of the new age secularist evangelicals as to permit the reestablishment of Israel to persist and for the Third Temple to be erected would mean that everything they claim is in error. Their insistence that there is no real right or wrong, that all things are relative and nothing can be absolute, is antithetical to the entirety of Torah and the Jewish faith. Their belief accepts the theory of supersession where Christianity replaced Judaism and Islam replaced Christianity and their beliefs have superseded all former religions as their secular humanism replaces all need for religion. Their world is one of relative truth where truth depends on individuals. There are no absolutes and the teachings of Torah are an anathema to this new breed where each person defines what is and is not permitted in their piece of the world. Relativism is in direct contravention of Torah which gives structure and definition to life directing that which is expected of each person and defines the paths of life.


Israel stands for the Torah and will reconstruct the order and meaning to life for Jews in Israel. The Torah is meant for all people but only need apply for now to Jews. Israel and the Jewish People do not demand that anyone other than the Jews live by Torah. Beyond the borders of Israel, the world may live as they please. There is no demand for the Jews to conquer the world or expand the borders of Israel. We simply want that which the world promised us such that we could live peaceably and study Torah. We wish nothing from our neighbors beyond the right to live. Our desire is for us to live and our neighbors to live and for each to follow the path they desire. Our ways are peace when peace is permitted but when war is thrust upon us, like any people, we defend ourselves. Gaza is the threat we are facing. Israel surrendered Gaza to the Arabs in hope of having peace. Israel retreated from southern Lebanon seeking to have peace. Both places now are threats to the survival of Israel, Hezballah in the north in Lebanon, Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza. Both of these fronts are currently backed, supplied, sided and following the desires of Iran. Iran has sworn to destroy Israel by any and all means at their disposal. Iran seeks nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them and the world can only surmise of the threat a nuclear armed Iran will pose not only to Israel, but to the world. If the world will simply allow Israel to keep the lands she was promised and to respect our borders, we will reside within, practice Torah, develop great discoveries in all fields and share these discoveries with the world for its betterment. Allow us what was promised and we will repay the world with wonders just as we have for the past seven decades. Imagine the discoveries and new methods in medicine and agriculture Israel could add to the world if there was no threat to her existence. Just as an example, one small item from Israel which most are unaware but many enjoy, Israel used agricultural science and bred the cherry tomato, and that is one delicious thought on which to close.


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April 6, 2018

Border Threats in the United States and Israel


Let us talk about the less threatening border. This is not to lessen the magnitude of the walking threat approaching the southern border of the United States. The caravan of over a thousand “undocumented marchers” who intend to mostly cross into the United States will officially become criminal entrants crossing the southern border within the month if their pace continues as it has since entering Mexico from Guatemala. Commentary over a BuzzFeed article written for Townhall by Timothy Meads was our source for this article and can be read here. Obviously, these soon to be “undocumented immigrants,” alias illegal aliens, as they cross the Mexico-American border whether they attempt to cross at an monitored border requesting asylum, as some have expressed their intentions, or if they attempt to cross clandestinely avoiding detection and making it to one of the many sanctuary cities or if a large group attempts to overwhelm a crossing point by rushing the border, any case will pose some form of challenge for the Trump administration. As the latest spending omnibus bill which again spent far more money than any responsible budget would have permitted, still did not decide to budget for the completion or even building a fair portion of President Trump’s Secure Border Wall, the border wall will not be erected by the time this caravan of people reaches the American border. One wonders if perhaps they will take a page from the Hamas Gaza confrontation manual and all rush the border at a single point in an attempt to overwhelm any Border Guards stationed at that point. How will the United States Border Guards react if they face a thousand people rushing their post on the border? Would they shoot the leading few in hopes to have the rest stop out of fear? Would they act as the Mexican Border Agent described in the article?

Taking a drag from her cigarette, a Mexican immigration agent looked out toward a caravan of migrants that grew larger with each step they took on the two-lane highway.
When the agent, who’d covered her uniform with an orange and white shawl, learned that the Central American migrants heading her way numbered more than 1,000, she took off for the restaurant across the street.
“I’m going to have a relaxing Coke,” she told BuzzFeed News.

We have to grant her that in her case as a Mexican border agent knowing that these migrants are headed for the United States, she figured it was none of her or Mexico’s business. The reality is that the United States neighbors to the south reaching far beyond Mexico to include numerous other nations, they all gladly have members of families to leave and make the long trek to the United States knowing full well that they will send back money to their family which works as another form of unfettered United States foreign aid which is free of any government controls such as financial pressures applied by the State Department. Some nations find the relatives sending back money to families back home often these funds accumulate to be in excess of direct American foreign aid. Still, President Trump had campaigned taking a strong position for ending the free and open border policies of the previous administration. President Trump campaigned on building an impassable wall and placing thousands more Border Agents securing the border. Well, President Trump, your first border challenge approaches.


Huge Caravan Of Central Americans Heading for American Border

Huge Caravan Of Central Americans Heading for American Border


Fortunately, President Trump’s Border Police will not be facing armed enemy approaching the border with intents of infiltration. The immigrant caravan will not be hurling large stones, Molotov cocktails, pipe bombs and other explosives at the Border Police as the Hamas “peaceful” demonstrators have from Gaza. The caravan of immigrants will not be hiding numerous members with AK-47s who will hide and attempt to shoot the United States Border Agents like Hamas terrorists did with the IDF soldiers (Israeli Defense Force) during the recent border clashes. From what we read, the majority of those in the immigrant caravan are planning on peaceably crossing the border, turning themselves over to Border Patrol and the American authorities hoping to take advantage of what they believe is American hospitality and liberal refugee qualifications allowing them to receive some form of amnesty as seekers of political or other asylum. Still, the whole confrontation, and that is what this is by any definition you choose, the whole thing could turn horribly wrong with the simplest of misunderstandings or if some of the immigrants in the convoy decide they prefer a confrontation. A single firearm discharge could cause a hail of bullets in response no matter who fired the first bullet. We can hope, and more than likely the Border Agents are well enough trained, that even a firearm discharge would not become a hail of bullets, but it would make everything very tense until the source of the discharge was found and addressed with appropriate actions. The problem an event such as a firearm discharge creates a situation where what happens in the immediate moments afterward can be very confusing and thus complicated. We can only hope the crossing of those in the immigrant caravan goes without incident.


In Israel along the Gaza border, the situation is very different. Here we based our commentary on a number of articles about the events from last Friday, March 30, 2018, and on this Arutz Sheva article. We have already seen from the continuation of the violent Hamas sponsored protests duped as March of Return that Hamas is intent on building the pressure. Where the continuing protests have been comparatively less violent than last Friday, but come this Friday, April 6, 2018, will be ramped up to at least if not a higher pitch with more violence. The reason we know that this is coming is because the Friday sermons are usually attended by more people as many shops close on Friday afternoons. This provides the Imams with a higher than usual emotional level for their sermons and these often are used by Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Palestinian authority, the PLO and many other groups including across much of the Arab world and Iran, to inflame their sermons with calls for violence against their enemies. In Iran, these sermons result in the great numbers of crowds gathering to chant “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” as well as sometimes “Death to the Jews.” In Gaza and the areas under the Palestinian Authority, these sermons result in rioting, attacks and increased terrorism. This added to the already continuing violence on the border is why we expect the rioting along the Gaza border to be more violent and threatening than the initial violence from last Friday. The media will be advised where to stand when reporting from Gaza as to where to stand to get the best shots of the peaceful protests and then their photos and stories will be edited and checked by Hamas moderators before they are filed. Any media not following Hamas protocols will have their permissions to report from Gaza revoked, if they are fortunate, and possibly worse. But what is the final goal of Hamas and Islamic Jihad with these protests and the ramping of violence as time progresses? That is a good question which requires an answer.


This is where the information in the Arutz Sheva article was helpful as it validated something we feared. Hamas reacted just as horrifically, if not more so, to President Trump announcing the moving of the American Embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel. We agree with the Arutz Sheva security source that Hamas could easily intend to continue to ramp the violence forcing a new war upon Israel. Hamas and Islamic Jihad have been rearmed to a level well above their levels of armaments they had at the start of the war in 2014 or 2012. Iran has also promised to keep Hamas armed to a level necessary for a full confrontation with Israel should they use any munitions in actions against Israel or other opponents. Apparently, the thinking is Hamas might initiate border violations with armed terrorists using tunnels and by crashing the fence using masses of bodies largely civilians allowing the armed terrorists to be concealed within the mass. The impression is that Hamas will make the great push forcing a potential war on May 14, 2018, to coincide with and overshadow the news of the American Embassy officially being moved to Jerusalem. This is where we come to a slightly different conclusion than the experts and Arutz Sheva.


Our date which Hamas and Islamic Jihad will use to initiate another war with Israel, if this is their intent, will be Friday, May 11, 2018. This date being a Friday will coincide with a natural day of increased activity and thus provide the numbers of civilians which they can utilize to facilitate their invading southern Israel. The reason behind our reasoning goes beyond just it being a Friday, there is more to it than just that one fairly large reason. By starting a war the Friday before the announcing of the moving of the American embassy could possibly force President Trump, we guarantee under advisement of the State Department, to postpone the announcement until a more appropriate and peaceful time when there isn’t any war ongoing. We can also guarantee that there will be one gentleman who will fight against the State Department demanding that President Trump complete the transfer of the embassy as scheduled, and that will be his new Security Advisor, John Bolton. Should Hamas and allies make such a mistake, we can only hope that the IDF is permitted to perform a cleansing of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and all the other terror and criminal elements and remove the oppressive rulers from over the people of Gaza. Then, once they have been removed and sent into exile or prison, then the people of Gaza will be free to leave and restart their lives wherever they choose. As reported in the Jerusalem Post, “More than 90 percent of Gaza Strip residents want to leave because of Hamas, Fatah spokesman Osama Qawassmeh said on Wednesday.” We are somewhat less enthusiastic as we believe it would be merely three out of five, or sixty percent at a minimum. Should Hamas press the violence to a level where Israel has no other alternative but to completely decapitate the leadership and remove those who have been oppressing the people under their heel, we can only hope that President Trump sticks to his schedule and that Israel manages to complete their operations and liberate the Arabs from their oppressors within the weekend allowing for full media coverage of the American embassy move. Hopefully, Israeli forces can restrict any success that the terrorist entities attempt along the border to such an extent that any infiltration will be limited and caught ending any threats these border threats may bring. They recently prevented an attack with a Kornet missile planned by Hamas to sink an Israeli Naval vessel. Reports of this arrest and preventions were covered by Haaretz, Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel and, of course, Arutz Sheva. We like reporting good news and hope that the American embassy move goes smoothly and on schedule and that, any attempts Hamas intends will be thwarted and the people of Gaza will soon be freed from their oppressive governance.


We intend to end on an up note, so here below is a quote from another Arutz Sheva article, this time by the respected Dr. Mordechai Kedar who has contacts and resources we can only dream about. The title of his article is, “Are there Arabs who like Israel? The answer is a resounding yes.” The article is full of interesting facts and decently good news.

I am going to tell just one story. Every few weeks a group of 3-4 people phone me from somewhere in the Gaza Strip and beg me to tell Israel to re-conquer the region, because their lives are Hell since the day in 2007 when Hamas pushed out the PA to take control of Gaza. In the past they had worked in Israel, earned decent wages and provided for their families. Israel as a state and the Israeli people treated them well, showed them respect and usually paid them fair wages for their work.


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April 1, 2018

Hamas March of Return and the Reality Behind the Affair


Hamas hoped they could gather as many as one-hundred-thousand Gazan and have them, read as force them, to walk in a mass to the Gaza border fence and with any luck push it over and invade Israel. Why would Hamas want them to break down the border fence? Easy, Hamas hoped to force the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) to have to shoot the invaders and Hamas hoped they might receive hundreds, or better yet thousands, of Gazans shot dead. They also hoped for thousands of injured, preferably bleeding, Gazans so they could take pictures and splash them all over the world media. Hamas even had chosen what they hoped would be their first victim of their planned sacrificial massacre. They sent this special infiltrator ahead of the rest and this individual crossed into Israel and stood to defy the IDF. The IDF met this initial Hamas operative and talked with her, that is right, a female. After hearing her out, the IDF took her into custody and returned her safely to her parents. This advance Hamas operative was a seven-year-old girl whom they hoped could be killed by the IDF and be their first, and probably most advertised to the world, victim of their attempt to infiltrate Israel by forcing crossings along the Gaza border. As far as Hamas succeeding at their goals, they failed on every front. They may have surpassed twenty-thousand but probably even fell short of that figure. Under twenty Gazans died in their mass exercise and even their inflated numbers place the injured at well short of one thousand. All of these numbers have mostly come from Hamas and European media as Israeli media was unavailable during Shabbat, which made them unavailable from sundown Friday until after sundown Saturday. Israeli commentary will likely come available today and will be available to the public. In the meanwhile, we can expect the Arab and Muslim world to attempt to play this as if it were the mass casualty event Hamas had planned. Already Turkey, Jordan and Egypt have condemned the Israeli actions as the use of “disproportionate force” and, according to Jordanian spokesman, Mohammad Momani, “excessive force against peaceful protesters who were marching to commemorate the Land Day and affirm their legitimate rights in accordance with international law and norms.” One can only guess how these nations would respond to over ten-thousand Israelis marching on their borders. I believe we all are fully aware that such a situation would result in a mass casualty event, exactly the kind Hamas desired.


Let us look at the entire event as dispassionately as possible. When the Arab world demands that Israel, as the occupying power, provide protection for such demonstrations, we need to answer with the truth. Israel disengaged from Gaza in August of 2005 and turned the entirety of Gaza with greenhouses intact over to the Palestinian Authority (PA). At this time Gaza became the Palestinian State, which has been touted by the world as the miracle that would prove the sincerity of the PA and the Arab’s desire for peace and to build a functioning nation. There was no blockade nor was there any examination of imports to Gaza while the PA was ruling Gaza. The immediate result of the granting independence to the Gazan population under the guidance and rule of the PA was the destruction of the greenhouses and the use of the irrigation pipes to manufacture rocket launch tubes and rockets to launch into Israel. There was an ensuing struggle between the PA and Hamas interests for control of Gaza, which devolved into total civil war and in the resulting coup; Hamas took control of Gaza sending the PA retreating back to Judea and Samaria where because of shared security responsibilities they were protected by Israeli security. In the ensuing period since the 2007 takeover of Gaza, Hamas has initiated three brief wars with Israel by launching hundreds of missiles into Israel targeting civilian locations distinct and separate from any possible military targets. Hamas has also built an entire complex of tunnels throughout Gaza linking rocket launching platforms, command and control bunkers, safe bunkers, and their main command center located in the subbasement of the Gaza Al-Shifa Hospital (image below). They place this bunker tactically so as to protect their elite leadership who hunker down below the hospital cozily safe in the knowledge that Israel will not bomb a hospital full of innocents. Hamas knows that Israel will go to great lengths not to shoot innocents which was the entire hope behind this march of the border. They were hoping that with the confusion, acrid smoke and noise of tires burning, bombs thrown over the fence, rocks also thrown at the troops and people pressing the fence while selected terrorists were assigned to climb the fence probably hoping that excitable youth would copy them and also start climbing the border fence. Hamas knew that anyone climbing the fence threatened to infiltrate Israel. So, what force did Israel use, read on.


Gaza Al-Shifa Hospital

Gaza Al-Shifa Hospital


Israel initially used tear gas and stun rounds to break up the people rushing the border. The people continued towards the border. When the rocks and explosives being thrown over the fence at the troops became a threat, the Israelis used rubber bullets. This deterred the masses, but it did not prevent the more hard core from attempting to scale the fence into Israel. When such individuals, most of which were likely terrorist agents using the demonstration as the intended cover for their infiltration, reached the point of entering Israel, those few were the ones Israel shot with live rounds. These were the less than twenty people total who died as a result of IDF action. Hamas admitted that five of those killed, Jihad Farina, Mohammed Abu Amaro, Ahmad Odeh, Saari Abu Odeh, and Musaav a-Salul, were members of Hamas’ military wing. According to International Law, every nation has the right to enforce their border. Were members of a drug cartel to attempt a new way of smuggling their drugs into the United States by hiding the couriers within a mass of people and walking the entirety at the United States border, the United States would do everything in their power to coral and prevent them from entering the nation and any who would attempt to run to infiltrate, they would be shot and killed. This was no different. Those from the mass of people who attempted to enter Israel were prevented from doing so. There was an exception to shooting the Hamas operatives who attempted to infiltrate Israel, and where we do not know her name, we do know that she was treated well and returned to her parents, as Israel does not shoot people indiscriminately, Israel only shoots when they have actual cause and threat. This is why out of around fifteen to twenty-thousand actual marchers, according to initial Israeli estimates, or if you prefer the thirty to fifty-thousand reported by other counts, gathered along the Gaza border along five separate locations (see map below), there were less than twenty deaths according to any report and anywhere from three hundred injured as initial reports claimed to the later estimates of well over a thousand injured. Let us seek an answer why the later estimates were so significantly higher than the initial estimates given by the hospital and clinics data.


Gaza Fence Assault Areas

Gaza Fence Assault Areas


The obvious answer is that Hamas later asked that anybody who was injured, including bruises or welts caused by rubber bullets or coughing from tear gas to report their injuries. These would include all who had any injury, real or imagined. Hamas can play games with injury numbers as injuries heal and therefore, injuries cannot be investigated a month or two down the line. Injuries do not always require medical treatment as injuries come in an infinite variety of severity. We can believe that the hospitals initially reported the number of people they treated for injuries, and that is one total. We could understandably even triple that number and believe it is a realistic number. Some are trying to multiply the initial hospital numbers five fold and more and these numbers should be viewed with a great deal of skepticism. Is it an actual injury if you were bumped and slightly bruised by other marchers? And even if such is so, is that the fault of the IDF? Those treated for welts and contusions caused by rubber bullets are IDF caused injuries. These people likely reached the fence and attempted to climb the fence or push the fence over. This resulted in being shot with rubber bullets and those who persisted after such a severe warning were the few who suffered a potentially worse fate. Hamas simply collected whatever numbers they could conceivably count as injured from their efforts knowing it is the one number they could enlarge without consequences and nobody could prove them lying. Let us now explain the final point, why Hamas did not bother to exaggerate the numbers who were killed, and this you will just love.

Do you remember the so-called Jenin Massacre? Remember the reported number of Palestinians killed started around twenty-five and within hours, they reached over one-hundred. By the next morning, the number of dead reached into the hundreds and some even reached as high as a thousand and even more. Then there was the Jenin investigation for potential war crime charges against the IDF troops and their commanders. The United Nations investigators found that the IDF numbers were the accurate estimates with a total of fifty-three dead (forty-eight militants and five civilians). Where the Palestinian and Arab estimates ran into difficulty when the audits are done by investigative agencies, they count death certificates and actual gravesites leading to hard data and realistic numbers. Hamas, and likely the entirety of the Palestinian terror groups, including the PLO, Fatah, the PA, Islamic Jihad and the rest, know that they must report actual deaths as exaggeration will not stand up to scrutiny which results in their appearing to be liars and thus making all their reported numbers suspect. Casualties can be reported in larger numbers when they are injuries, as injury can be defined to include everything from serious wounds requiring surgery to a simple scratch or bruise. So, the number of those killed will be somewhere between fifteen and twenty and the number of injured will be whatever number people decide to assign to the conflict. The problem is not over as Hamas has declared there to be extended protest until Nakba Day which comes in mid-May, with the promise of especially intense weekly demonstrations on Fridays. Expect grand protests with additional violence and threats on Israeli soil and peoples with these demonstrations as they continue and particularly those of Friday afternoon after prayers and the Imam delivery of particularly inflammatory sermons for the occasion.



The United Nations Security Council has declared a closed-door session as requested by Kuwait, as Jordan, Egypt, Arab League and Turkey accuse Israel of using disproportionate force against Palestinian demonstrators. There will be the usual denunciations of Israel for defending their sovereign territory. There is never an emergency closed-door United Nations Security Council session called by the other members when border guards shoot and kill drug and human smugglers crossing the southern or any other border. There is no emergency closed-door United Nations Security Council session called by the other members when illegal immigrants heading for the United States are shot crossing the Guatemala-Mexico border by Mexican border guards as Mexico takes their border very seriously. China is never investigated for shooting North Koreans escaping the totalitarian oppressions under Kim Jong-un in a closed-door session by the United Nations Security Council called by the other nations. There is only one nation which is investigated for protecting the inviolability of their sovereign border. It is only Israel who is placed under the microscope of international scrutiny, where even the most mundane acts are made out to be crimes against all of humanity and cause for continuous investigations. When Israel defends her border, investigations are demanded, when Israel imprisons terrorists who use vehicles to intentionally run-down civilians, the world demands investigations for Israel treating simple vehicular accidents as criminal events, when Israel responds to thousands of rockets by defeating the terror armies who launched the projectiles into her civilian areas she is investigated. One could almost believe that Israel would be investigated for holding election should the world dislike the resulting coalition seeking to replace the government with one more pliable and easily persuaded to take steps which might endanger the existence of the Jewish State. Perhaps even stating such is dangerous as it might give the world another idea on how to manipulate and strangle Israel leading to her final defeat and destruction. Europe would support such an end, the Arab and Muslim World would largely celebrate such an end and work to bring such about while the American people and the few nations who remember the great and timely assistances received from the tiny little Jewish enclave when natural disasters struck or the agricultural technologies and medical technologies provided by IsraAID and Save a Child’s Heart (SACH) asking only that these receiving the Israeli provided aid take the knowledge and use it to advance their nations and its health. There is no charges and no payment demanded as the smiles of those assisted is sufficient payment. The result of the United Nations Security Council closed-door session on Gaza will ignore the one truth which appears to have escaped the world, Gaza is actually the real Palestinian nation as Israel no longer occupies any of that land and had surrendered all claim to Gaza. Israel gave Gaza to the PA and Hamas took it in a coup and now rules in partnership with Islamic Jihad. Perhaps the United Nations Security Council will discuss the responsibility of Hamas to allow the reconstruction rather than use the concrete to build tunnels infiltrating Israel. Perhaps the United Nations Security Council will investigate why there is no economic development in Gaza and the numerous other oppressions executed on the people of Gaza by their rulers who spend every amount of aid they can take to destroy their neighboring country of Israel. Israel would love to be able to ignore much of what occurs in Gaza but when the government of Gaza spends well over three-quarters of their available resources for Israeli destruction and swears they will murder every Jew on the planet, is it any wonder that Israel is nervous when thousands of Gazans approach her border. Perhaps the United Nations Security Council can investigate these little truths and do something positive for a change instead of trying to fault Israel at every turn.


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