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April 5, 2018

What About the Children the Day After?


Sooner or later, and by now it most definitely will be sooner, there will come that day where the students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School will find the media gone and their old lives returning to reawaken them to reality. Almost to the last one, there may be one or two kept around for future use such as David Hogg, the well-groomed argumentative and sharp-tongued youth who never met a gun owner he couldn’t hate, they will be ignored by the media and be left with homework and plain old and ordinary “School days, school days, Dear old golden rule days.” The days after, and let us admit it, there will be a lifetime ahead of them of days after, will be the day after the legislation is voted down in the House of Representatives or killed in the Senate and unceremoniously the Second Amendment debate will close for this round, or perhaps we will get another Weapons Ban which will do nothing to lower the death rate of inner city youth in Chicago, the real meat grinder killing children using firearms. The children who have been used as the tip of the spear, the sad faces nobody could deny and the argument killers claiming whomever is against them is against G0d. Once that spear has been used and thrown, it hits its mark or it misses, then the world travels on waiting for the next tragedy to be used, abused and thrown away to try and create more government in our lives. These children who have been coddled and cared for their every need as if they were the stars in a Cecil B. DeMille extravaganza having their every wish catered to by a bevy of attentive leftists treating them as the media gold they are, for now, will wake up one morning back in sunny Florida waiting for their bus or slowly strolling to school and the cameras will be gone, the attentive leftists ready to meet their every whim will be nowhere to be seen, and their lives will return to normal and normal will feel so very empty.



Who will be there to pick up the pieces as the more fragile and susceptible realize that they really are just another school-child and the world no longer cares one whit about their mundane lives. It will not be their teachers, many of which are probably quite tired of having their students on the news spouting talking points while they sit in empty classrooms feeling unappreciated and left out. The few Second Amendment children will be carefully watching the fall of their classmates and they will be relieved that the circus has ended as they were spurned and vilified and are likely relieved to be done with their lives being twisted into monstrous things they are not. But the special children from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School will have to deal with their actual lack of specialness. These children will be left without grief councelors, without adoring media and fans cheering their every utterance and will be back in normal-ville feeling alone and many likely very depressed. Now they will have to come to grips with their emotions over the deaths of their friends in a community, which let them down when they had the power to prevent this crime and who were likely very uncomfortable with the scrutiny under which they were placed. We can only guess as to how much these children will be held responsible for the lives ruined as a result of their campaign for glory bringing the media in to inspect every angle of the story and grab anything they could and made it news-worthy. There was much not done from the school safety officer hiding in the parking lot to the police never charging this miscreant Nikolas Cruz with any of the numbers of crimes of which he was guilty and thus making his gun purchase impossible, to the FBI never following up on the reports of Nikolas Cruz making death threats on students and the entire litany from top to bottom which failed the seventeen dead and other victims of this heinous crime. These children will quite soon be facing the biggest letdown of their lives and for many these past few weeks will be the high point of their lives. That fact is maybe the saddest thing which will result from the child abuse being perpetrated in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School tragedy. Their school campus will seem rather small and lonely despite the school being quite a large complex (see image below). They will walk the quarter mile from their classes to gym and their four laps is a mile track or the tennis courts and then the halls where some will be filled with horrific memories and they will only have one another. This will be their reality until graduation, and then life will not become any easier or more glamorous.


Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School


These children have been abused and there will be no assistance to assist them in dealing with the abuse nor will there be much waiting to help them cope with the let down and the tragedy of the shooting, they will have become deserted and feeling friendless and worthless, but do their abusers care, not likely as they will have served their purpose and that is what counts. This has been the story behind previous abuses of people’s lives just to make their cause celeb more real and placing a human to be sacrificed for the cause out in front as the picture person for the cause of the moment. If the problem is cutting Social Security, there will be grandma who cannot afford to have new dentures made and eating hurts her so badly she weights a mere ninety pounds, it does not matter she always weighed ninety pounds, just that now she does. There will be the old man with no shoes living in a ramshackle home whose power has been turned off because he cannot afford to pay the bills, and a whole parade of other seniors whose inability to budget has laced them in a bad way who will be the poster people to prevent any cuts, so what if the deficit is twenty one trillion, what’s a few billion more. Once the legislation for cutting the funds, which actually is cutting the rate of increase which is what has basically already been done, these unfortunates return to their bad dentures and cold homes none the better for the experience. Maybe grandma got some free dentures but even if the power bills were paid for our old gentleman and he got some slightly more telegenic clothes, his power will be off again within six months as nobody sat down and worked a budget for him and there was nobody to pay the overdue bill the next time. There are stories of the ones left behind after the deal was done which are almost never had a followed-up. From the story of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shootings, David Hogg would make an interesting follow-up where we look into how his life turned out. Little things like did he get into the college he felt he should have been accepted? Where is his life ten years later? How does he feel about the many things he was quoted for saying now that he has had a job and lives on his own? Does he live on his own or is he in his parent’s basement? Then again, after this is over in a few weeks, will anybody really care where the great spokesperson, David Hogg, happens to be or what he has become, unlikely. That is part of the tragedy which will result. Sure, David Hogg might make a career of stating the case before the media, but there are limited spaces for such people, what about the other three thousand plus students who the media have overexposed and then will drop like clippings in the darkroom. That is the story which needs the real follow-up if just to reveal the aftermath of leftists invading your life, using you for six weeks or so and then discarding you like an old pair of socks that have one too many holes to be comfortable. Will anyone do this story this time; we doubt it.


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March 5, 2018

The Gun Debate Reveals Exaggeration Extremes


The gun debate has reached the level of ludicrous. Any solution anybody suggests gets taken almost immediately into the theater of the absurd levels so exaggerated then ridicule begins. In this poisonous atmosphere, there is absolutely nothing which could ever pass the ridicule of the extremes of every solution. The most ridiculed solution has been the suggestion that teachers be armed. Now the initial suggestion was that teachers who chose to and either have police or military experience and pass a test or a teacher who desires to assist in such fashion and have taken a course and also passed a proficiency exam, then they be permitted to concealed carry. The most foolish ridicule we found was that arming teachers sends the message to students that arming themselves to the teeth is the best way to avoid violence and would lead to weekly school shootings by heavily armed paranoid kids. Where do we start at picking this apart? First and foremost, the teachers are to carry concealed as in the weapons are not in the open for general viewing, so as far as the students are concerned, they will not know and the teachers would be instructed not to reveal whether they carried a firearm or not. This should not lead to students ever knowing even if any of their teachers are armed and that is how it should stay. The main idea of this is not as much for the teachers to act as guards, despite in the situation of a shooter, an armed teacher would be far better situated in guarding his class and keeping the door secured, but for any shooter to be uncertain as to whether there are armed teachers or other workers in any school and this would work as a deterrent against choosing any school as a shooting target. There is a reason that police stations are never attacked by shooters except in the movies. But the ridiculing also claimed that arming every teacher would result in far more carnage than a shooter would cause as the teachers would be shooting one another and their multiple missed shots would likely find other bodies and lead to an unimaginable body count. Nobody has ever stated that every teacher be armed and only those teachers who proved to be proficient with firearms were to be permitted to carry concealed. Further, one would think that the teachers would recognize the other school personnel and the majority of the students. But ridicule always beats calm discussion.


Another suggestion was that those who show mental difficulties to the degree of the Florida shooter at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Nikolas Cruz, such that they pose to turn violent should be placed into an institution and given professional assistance by trained medical psychological staff and physicians. The immediate argument was that there are too few such institutions left to treat any number above a very small few plus such treatment costs far too much. There are some valid arguments here but they exist because of liberal programs from the 1960’s and 1970’s where the vast majority of the mentally disturbed in state institutions were placed in outpatient care of clinics and made to reside in the general population and this led to the states mostly closing their state run institutions. This has proven to be a failed experiment which a simple search will present the evidence or you can read this lengthy article. The time is far past that the governments at the local and state level recognize that there is a rising number of mentally challenged individuals within the prison system, the problem which led to the initial building of state institutions, and others adding to the homeless numbers and those in shelters and many who have fallen from their assigned outpatient treatment centers who simply drop these souls as they are challenged with governments cutting funds repeatedly year after year. At some point, it would make sense to return to the state institution system which proved to be the most efficient way of protecting the mentally challenged. As we recently reported, the mentally challenged problems more in depth in our article The Left Denies Mental Problems the mentally challenged commit ten percent of homicides and are being incarcerated which was the initial reason when the state institutions were first built to provide cost effective treatment for the mentally challenged. So, perhaps the protestations should be placed aside and the problem actually addressed instead of ridiculed.


Another solution is one which comes up virtually every time that there is a firearm horrific crime, which is really simple sounding, just enforce the existing laws. The immediate reaction to this is what are you talking about enforce the existing laws, there aren’t any actual laws against guns and that’s the problem. Well, the first step is actually enforcing laws instead of ignoring them. For a full coverage of this problem all but leading directly to the recent Florida school shooting one needs to read The School-To-Mass-Murder Pipeline by Ann Coulter, and please do not let the author set you off from reading the article as there is a wealth of actual documentable information contained within. There are laws in virtually every district against people with mental illness from possessing firearms as well as laws against people with a felony or spousal abuse and other such convictions from possessing firearms. The problem is that often these problems are not reported to the FBI and thus never get the names placed on the denial lists in the instant background check which is often the sole item between a person and owning a rifle. Fortunately, or not, depending on your viewpoint, purchasing a handgun is far more difficult and the background check is far more extensive. Further, mentally challenged individuals who have personality disorders with tendencies for violence and are being treated are often not reported as their physicians prefer not to place such warnings on their background as such might prevent them from getting employment despite the fact that such lists are presumed to be only checked for employment requiring a security clearance or to be armed as in guard positions. Do the psychologists really desire that their troubled patients actually receive a firearm as part of their employment? If so, their licenses should be pulled. Part of the problem is lack of proper enforcement and reporting of items which would make one unable to receive or purchase firearms are far too lax to be efficient and thus inoperable.


United Nations Twisted Gun

Twisted Gun


There are also those who have simply stated that if concealed carry laws were such that anyone who could legally own a firearm, pass a full FBI background check, take a course in firearms safety, pass a proficiency test with their firearm, and pass a police department class and test on the applicable laws concerning the use by a private individual of a firearm in public, and make such relatively standardized across the states, then with more firearms in the possession of licensed concealed carry owners with the proper experience, then the chance for a shooter to be unopposed in an mass shooting would be less and thus they would be prevented from carrying out their mass killing sprees. Here we would like to add that one additional law need be passed which would permit these licensed concealed carry personnel to carry even in these “gun free zones” then all areas would present a potential shooter with the probability that there would be somebody armed to prevent their having a free fire spree. This is always referred to as the “Wild West” situation where there are shootings in the streets and outlaw gangs robbing the town bank and other really uneducated responses. Oddly enough, the “Wild West” was really quite tame. First thing was if you did not carry a gun, then you would not be shot even by the bad guys. The reason was simple, even if a bad guy shot an unarmed person, other equally bad guys would turn them over to that town’s sheriff simply because otherwise, there would be posses out all over the area seeking this lout and that would be bad for all the other bad guys. Further, most towns had their respectable areas and the less reputable areas with the saloons, houses of ill repute, and often the sheriff’s office as you place it where the business is. There would be a main street separating the residential area and the stores from the more restless area where the cowhands often let off their exuberance after a payday and the respectable people avoided for obvious reasons. Many of the smaller towns today have a similar divide, the two sides of the railroad tracks concept. This is especially true in towns where certain occupations such as running a gambling house or other such establishment or certain types of clubs are found which are all together in one area while the rest of the city or town is more respectable. If you wish to avoid trouble, you avoid these areas and if you are seeking trouble, you seek it in these areas. That ends our lesson on the so-called “Wild West” and the shootings every fifteen minutes myth.


There are more such flame wars going on on the Internet and probably between people at work and other places. The easiest thing to do is ridicule any solution by taking it to the farthest extreme and then poking holes in it. In logic, reductio ad absurdum (Latin for “reduction to absurdity”; or argumentum ad absurdum, “argument to absurdity”) is a form of argument which attempts either to disprove a statement by showing it inevitably leads to a ridiculous, absurd, or impractical conclusion, or to prove one by showing that if it were not true, the result would be absurd or impossible. It is traced back to classical Greek philosophy in Aristotle’s Prior Analytics (Greek: ἡ Εις άτοπον απαγωγή, ‘reduction to the impossible’). This may be a form of argument in debates in college or other school settings but it has no place in rational debate over legal and societal arguments. The simple truth is virtually any position can be ridiculed through this method and this system only functions if both sides are permitted the same polite and equal opportunity to destroy one another’s arguments and have it decided by scholarly judges. On the Internet and in social media we are completely lacking all of these items. There definitely are no scholarly judges, both sides are rarely given the freedom of rebuttal and using this tactic, and lastly it is usually not just one person who chooses to use this method for ridicule but more often a trolling attack with multiple people using often multiple sign-on identities all erupting to explode one person’s argument often after they have signed off and are not there to defend themselves or so outnumbered that their presence is useless. The Internet could be a place for sober and somber debate, but it really is nothing of the sort. It has become a place where people are dragged through the mud, torn apart and otherwise disregarded and treated as the worst pariahs. Perhaps, at some point in the future, when the world has attained a point currently only imaginable in fiction or futuristic idealized settings, the Internet will serve a debate format through which societies are able to rule themselves with some degree of decorum and dignity, but for the time being we will all face flaming at some point in our Internet experiences. Debating the gun laws and proper solutions is one of the fastest ways to get such treatment.


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