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May 18, 2018

Turkey Attacks Israel on World Diplomatic Stage, Again


Turkey is pulling what should be named the Mavi Marmara Maneuver once again. Allow us to give a quick refresher on the Mavi Marmara Affair. The Mavi Marmara was the lead ship in what began as just another break the Israeli Naval blockade on Hamas in Gaza. This one was organized by Turkey in cooperation with the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, actually a terrorist group. The entire convoy was carrying relief in the form of past dated medicines and unusable foodstuffs. When the relief was delivered to Gaza, Hamas gave it the treatment it deserved and simply burned everything. The Mavi Marmara was the only ship which attempted to dock at Gaza and was intercepted by Israeli forces who boarded her armed with paintball guns shooting pepper spray. The Israeli forces were set upon by the IHH terrorists armed with clubs, baseball bats, iron rods, knives, machetes and other weapons. They were forced to defend themselves with sidearms and nine terrorists were killed and an undisclosed number of injured Israelis. Some of the Israelis had to be pulled from the Mediterranean as they had been thrown overboard after being beaten and one had to be rescued from the ship’s hold where he was to be abducted. The Mavi Marmara was received in Turkey with a heroes welcome on her return (see image below). Turkey screamed bloody murder, literally, and pulled their ambassador and threw the Israeli ambassador and embassy personnel who were Israeli out of Turkey. They then had the audacity to demanded million of dollars in reparations for the families of the dead terrorists and an official apology. Israel caved to the Turkish treachery.


Mavi Marmara Received Heroes Welcome Upon Return to Turkey

Mavi Marmara Received Heroes Welcome Upon Return to Turkey


Israel desired to have good relations with Turkey so much that they paid the twenty-one-million dollar ransom demanded by Erdogan presumably to be given to the families of those killed or injured resulting from the IHH terrorists setting upon the IDF which boarded the Mavi Marmara to enforce a legal blockade of the Hamas terrorists in Gaza. Many advised Prime Minister Netanyahu to stand up against Turkey’s President Erdogan and refuse to pay the ransom for relations. The Security Cabinet, on the Prime Minister’s suggestion, agreed that relations with Turkey were worth the twenty-one-million dollars. It now turns out they were probably wrong. The problem is not so much Turkey’s people who treat vacationing Israelis well as they rake in the money. Turkey has some form of appeal to our fellow Israelis that we as Olim apparently do not understand. Since many of the Israeli vacationers are younger people, perhaps it is an ageism thing. Whatever it is, we would advise perhaps Greece if one must go abroad for vacation, otherwise Israel has everything from nice sandy beaches to desert sand to the sandy shores of the Dead Sea and; well, OK, we see the problem, sand. But many go to the shores of the Black Sea in Turkey, so it may not be the sand. Time to visit the Greek Islands instead of Turkey as they once again sent the Israeli Ambassador packing and pulled the Turkish Ambassador to Israel back to Turkey for new directions. While the Israeli Ambassador was departing Turkey, he was subjected to an undo security check as if he were a suspected terrorist. He was required to be patted-down, remove his shoes, carry-on baggage ransacked and other indignities all intended to embarrass Israel and make Erdogan appear to be powerful and able to disgrace Israel at will. We have included this video from Al-Jazeera which we are sure has some angle, especially in its coverage of Gaza and the history over the Mavi Marmara. The supposed tenth terrorist who presumably died did so after return to Turkey so for that we must take Turkey’s word for this.



These actions are all in the past, some of it recent. So what should Israel do about this insult from Erdogan, and that is what this is, Erdogan coming to the support of his Hamas friends and making a scene upon the world stage. Erdogan is seeking aggrandizement to make himself appear as the leader of the Arab and Muslim world and the reestablished Caliph of the Ottoman Empire. Erdogan often speaks of reestablishing the Ottoman rule over the Middle East initially, and then North Africa followed by the world, the routine by numerous Arab and Iranian leaders is well recognized and overplayed. The Mullah are doing it in Iran using their former glory as the Persians, Kaddafi did it in Libya, Nasser did it in Egypt, Arafat and Abbas have played it looking like fools as they did and the Saudis claim it as they hold the Two Holy Cities (we will have to wait and see what Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (Arabic: سلمان بن عبد العزیز آل سعود‎) will proclaim if anything as initially he appears to be taking an untride route for the future of Saudi Arabia. But the subject now is Turkey and its President for Life Recep Tayyip Erdogan. This would be the right time to knock this pretender to the Caliph of the Ottoman Empire down a notch and possibly change the picture of current affairs in the Middle East.


Turkey’s Erdogan is feeling like a big man in the world currently with his slaughtering of Kurds in northern Syria and taking his first steps to reestablish the Ottoman Empire. You do not need to take our word on this, take his quotes from an article by Jihad Watch. Israel need first make a clean break with Turkey by pulling all staff out of Turkey and leaving the embassy an empty shell of a building. This should be performed quickly and with stealth. A nation which can remove tons of actual information out of Tehran and bring it to Israel and allow the United States to view all and do that in one night can surely take out all Israelis working in the embassy in one night. Israel should advise all Israelis who work in Turkey that Israel will no longer be able to defend them nor protect them as relations have been terminated. When Turkey then retaliates, Israel should be prepared to terminate any Turkish airlines from service within Israel, close all Turkish consulates (unless that was Erdogan’s move) and expel all other services which are purely of Turkish origins. There will be those who will claim that this hurts Israelis financially, and this might be true but sometimes people get hurt when nations fight. But all of this is minor strategy. The final strategy could be almost devastating for Turkey, though it would require some assistance which we believe might be given willingly.


Prime Minister Netanyahu should dispatch somebody he can trust and who would be well received in Washington. The Prime Minister should not do this himself but instead allow another to take a risk, all be it with President Trump. This envoy would be empowered to state the Prime Minister supports the idea but only if help can be depended upon, as for Israel doing this alone would be a stretch. Should President Trump agree that this is the right time and the best way to protect people facing a genocidal maniac out to murder them, then this could be the time to recognize a new and deserving nation, Kurdistan. This Kurdish nation would be inclusive of all the Kurdish people and span parts of northern and northeastern Syria, northern Iraq, southeastern Turkey, and if this is to be the boldest move ever, a small part of northwestern Iran. The Kurds are a people under threat in all these areas. Turkey under the direction of Erdogan has used pogroms against the Kurds of Turkey, is currently sweeping norther Syria killing men, women and children in the Kurdish cities and towns and who knows how far he plans on going as he has mentioned his desire to add Aleppo and Mosul to his extending of Greater Turkey (see map below). Iranian backed Iraqi troops have pushed the Kurds and continue to do so in northern Iraq and the Kurds in Iran are not treated well and definitely are less equal than others. Establishing the nation the British were supposed to have made after World War I would be something whose time has definitely come. We have called for a Kurdistan before and it is almost a pet idea here. Another democratically ruled state with the liberties and freedoms that come with such a state would be a great addition in the Middle East. Stopping Erdogan’s genocide of the Kurds would also be a plus as the world does not need another Armenian styled tragedy as occurred from 1915 through 1917 in what would today be Armenia and northern Turkey. The Kurds can be saved and with the United States and Israel recognizing the new nation and providing any necessary assistance, the Kurdish People are likely to accept the invitation to this party.


Greater Turkey

Greater Turkey


One of the main reasons that the Kurds did not declare their independence after their survey in September of last year (2017), was because the United States State Department advised that they would get no assistance from the United States. We have a feeling that President Trump was not even advised of this opportunity for the establishing of Kurdistan or was poorly advised that it would be a terror state by State Department functionaries (also called the Deep State). Would such a nation be greeted in its region. Well, the answer is yes if an invasion by Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Bashir al-Assad in Syria all simultaneously but with no coordination between Turkey with the remainder who would be directed by Iran. Once the initial invading forces were neutralized and their advance halted, from that point forward we believe the Kurds would insist on protecting their own nation if given the tools. They would require the arming with heavy weapons of their entire military, which would be built from scratch. They would require air support until their own pilots were cleared to fly modern fighter jets. Once trained, judging from their experience against the Islamic State, the Kurdish militias were responsible for much of the defeat of the Islamic State which they accomplished largely on their own with only minimal assistance beyond air cover. The only condition which should be placed on Kurdistan is that anyone residing within their borders be permitted to remain providing they are supportive and not prone to terrorist activities. Founding the nation of Kurdistan would blunt Erdogan’s hopes to establish a Greater Turkey, which he would call the Second Ottoman Empire (the man has delusions), would establish a base to blunt violence, which is currently plaguing northern Syria, southern Turkey and northern Iraq, three hot spots on the globe. It would end Turkey’s current invasion of Syria and his likely planned invasion of Iraq. Ending Erdogan’s hallucinatory dreams of reestablishing the Ottoman Empire would also stave off a war between Turkey and Iran, one in which Turkey could invoke Article 5 of the NATO Treaty and drag the United States into the conflict. Apparently, the United States would likely be dragged into any conflict between Turkey and Iran, so as long as one will be dragged into a conflict, why not one which ends much of the violence and not takes it up a few notches and tempts a world war. Establish Kurdistan and it ends the possibility of a Turkey-Iran War when the two expansionist nations both want the same area, Mosul to be exact. Give Mosul to the Kurds as it used to be theirs before Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons to eviscerate the Kurdish population so his military could simple walk in without facing resistance. One more reason to protect the Kurds is by giving them their rightful country. The final reason it has to be a great idea is because the State Department hates the idea of recognizing Kurdistan because it would be the right thing to do, they always stand against the right thing as Israel can testify. The State Department advised President Truman to refuse recognition of Israel and to refuse to permit them into the United Nations and has been fully behind every harebrained idea which had derogatory effects upon Israel, our example is Gaza Disengagement which brought Hamas to our borders with their own nation of a sorts. Finally, establishing Kurdistan would really upset Turkish President Erdogan and do so to such an extent as to possibly have him burst a few blood vessels.


One last point which just came to our attention, and for some reason, we are absolutely positive that Erdogan had something to do with arranging this, though it is a feeling without definitive proof. What has occurred is that the UAE government, which led the investigation, seized the shipment of electronic equipment comprised of CSP 180/300 capacitors from Turkey to Iran in July 2017. Making matters worse, the Turkish company bought these capacitors from Celem Power Capacitors manufactured in Jerusalem, Israel leading the United Nations Secretariat to ask Israel to investigate the matter. A Celem company spokesperson responded to queries stating, “We will prove that we sold it to Turkey, to an orderly company. We don’t sell to enemy countries. Most of our sales are to Europe and the US, but Turkey is not an enemy state and there is no reason not to trade with it. In any event, if the shipment actually arrived in Iran, the Turkish buyer cheated us.” To us this appears as an attempt by Tukey to get these obviously Israeli capacitors into Iran thus implicating Israel after having erased any trace of their participation in the routing, which to us reeks of Erdogan manipulation of companies, people and facts.


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February 6, 2014

Let’s Talk Turkey

A number of years ago we discussed the coming  Turkey problem for NATO and suggested that NATO needed to review Turkey’s continued membership. Of course the leaders of NATO prefer to see Turkey as the prime and proud example of democratic form of government of an Islamic nation. Through this filter it became impossible to see clearly and not the direction Turkey was heading under the continued stewardship of Prime Minister Erdogan towards Sharia rule and closer ties with Islamist interests such as Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood. Of course the support Turkey showed to the Muslim Brotherhood in the recent difficulties in Egypt after the military removed Egyptian President Morsi from power and banned the Muslim Brotherhood was received in Washington as Turkey fully supporting the position adopted by United States President Obama. This view of President Obama is just another indication of the blindness to Islamic dangers posed to the freedoms enjoyed throughout Western nations but many, if not most, of the political class appear to be completely blind to the threats emanating from Islamic extremists.

Now Turkey has taken a step which will be problematic and difficult to ignore or explain away. A Norwegian ship, the MV Princess, conducting a search for oil and gas on behalf of Greek Cyprus, an internationally recognized state, was forced to leave the area by a Turkish warship. On Saturday evening Turkey claimed the MV Princess entered a Turkish naval zone, where it was warned by the Turkish warship TCG Giresun which forced them out of the area, as reported the Turkish news source Today’s Zaman. Cyprus announced Monday its intentions to complain to the UN over the incident. “This provocative behavior by Ankara in no way affects plans to exploit the hydrocarbons of our country,” declared a Cypriot government spokesman. This is just the latest of a running string of Turkish claims of natural resources regardless of the location being in the Greek south side of the Island. This incident should sound alarm bells throughout the capitals of the NATO nations almost as loudly as should the thus far ignored courting by Turkey of close relations and alliance with Iran which had been interrupted when the Muslim Brotherhood initially won the elections in Egypt which spurred Turkish hopes of forming a Sunni alliance between Egypt and Turkey. With the banning of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terror organization by the new Egyptian military backed government, Turkey returned to their previous wooing of closer relations with Iran. This seeking close relations with Iran has continued despite the controversies over corruption and graft that have threatened to even force Erdogan from office and has claimed a number of Ministers forcing some to resign.

Turkey has had difficulties beyond Cyprus and Greece, nations with whom Turkey has had a long history of discord, clashing claims and animosities. Added to the list of nations being targeted for animosity and threats is Israel. The discord began after the Turkish government supported the IHH, a reputed human rights organization which has terrorist ties, and their flotilla to Gaza headed by the Mavi Marmara which resulted in a confrontation between terrorists who assaulted IDF forces which had boarded the Mavi Marmara to enforce an internationally recognized and legal blockade of Gaza designed to prevent arms and other terror supplies from reaching Gaza by sea. The resultant confrontation resulted in a number of injured Israeli Navy sailors and nine Turkish terrorist fatally shot. Two of the injured IDF sailors were sufficiently seriously injured that they were cashiered from service and placed on disability. This confrontation was used by Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan to drive a wedge between Turkey and Israel which has yet to be mitigated.

Perhaps this latest incident will gather sufficient attention, especially once it is addressed by the United Nations that the leadership of NATO will review the Turkish membership and the viability of such membership continuing or perhaps finally coming to terms with the changes that have been evident for many years and finally cut NATO’s ties with Turkey and its Islamist leadership. There should be little expectations that President Obama will take any steps to initiate a review of Turkey as it has been intimated that Turkey Prime Minister Erdogan is considered to be one of President Obama’s closest friends from among the community of world leaders. Perhaps this will be an opportunity for Canada to step up and take the deserved role as leader of the free world; somebody needs to take the helm which has been abdicated by Washington and President Obama. We will wait and see but doubts are serious and high that NATO will not even take the time to have a discussion, let alone take needful actions. This has been the normal operation of the Western world recently to disregard taking any principled stands or acting on principles. It is easier to just accept any behavior than it would be to take a stand and make waves as the chances of finding support is close to nil. Perhaps expecting principled actions is far too much to demand from today’s elected ruling elite which is likely because the majority of the citizenry is sleeping through life avoiding informing themselves and seeking the truths about the world around them. Hopefully they will awaken and inspect their surroundings before it becomes too late. Winston Churchill faced a similar world that dismissed him as an old man and warmonger and ridiculed him until the time came and the chances for victory slight and called him to be the savior of the world. He has stated this tendency of the people when he spoke saying, “Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than live as slaves.” Where do you think we stand today?

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February 6, 2012

Turkey, Israel, Gaza, and Supply Ship

The biggest story in the Middle East happened this past week and almost nobody covered the story. Twenty months after the Gaza Flotilla fiasco where the Turkish IHH terrorists viciously attacked and attempted to kill or kidnap the IDF soldiers enforcing the legal embargo on Hamas in Gaza we are treated to the complete opposite sending real honest aid into Gaza under a self-imposed press blackout. This happened on a ship named the Mavi Marmara and instantaneously the entire world heard that name, Mavi Marmara, and it became synonymous with Israeli brutality. The whole world lauded the terrorists and condemned the Israeli IDF soldiers for weeks afterwards. The fact that the entire flotilla carried absolutely no useable aid did not matter. The fact that Israel still delivered the outdated and useless medical supplies and foodstuffs and Hamas never even bothered to pick them up allowing them instead to sit in the Middle East sun until they were finally hauled away as the trash they had been from the start never was mentioned. The fact that the entire Mavi Marmara Flotilla was a rouse cooked up to make a spectacle for the world to condemn Israel did not matter, the world jumped at the opportunity to make Israel the evil menace completing the plan just as it was meant to go down. But the new story today, twenty months later, will be ignored and virtually nobody in the world will hear of this story, this almost non-story.


Here we are, twenty months after the ship named the Mavi Marmara made headlines around the world and yet, when an honest to goodness aid ship from Turkey delivers aid for Gaza, according to protocols, and using the Israeli port of Ashod; was designed to be so completely ignored that the actual name of the ship was left unmentioned. The Turkish ship was reported to have carried aid worth $1.5 million worth of aid consisting of medical supplies, food and other basics. This part of the report was confirmed by Turkish Deputy Premier Bekir Bozdag as was the fact that Turkey had arranged with the Israeli Defense Ministry all details for the delivery of the aid last October. There was absolutely no attempt or even mention of the blockade of Gaza and every detail and effort was expended to assure this real aid was delivered in a timely and peaceable manner.


There were no heroic proclamations of defiance in the face of untold cruelty perpetrated by Israel by imposing the blockade. The only statement came from the Turkish Deputy Premier Bekir Bozdag who stated that, “innocent civilians not only die by shelling but can be killed by the strict siege they are being held under, which prevents the entry of food, medicine and other basic needs,” after confirming the safe passage arranged for delivery of every ounce of this aid from Turkey to the people of Gaza. The rest of this non-story occurs each and every day week in and week out. Rarely mentioned and often denied is that Israel transports literally tons of food, clothing, medical supplies and sundry other necessities into Gaza daily. There have been times that Hamas has refused to receive these supplies usually just before arranged visitations by international inspectors in order to convey the idea that they are living deprived of basic necessities, a story happily covered at regular intervals. But the fact that supplies are transferred into Gaza daily and that any country or organization wishing to send nonmilitary relief shipments into Gaza may do so through approved channels and all aid is inspected and transferred will receive no coverage. The fact that Israel actually sees to the well-being of a territory from which they have withdrawn every Jew within its borders and only has insisted to inspect the inflow of aid due to the endless barrage of rockets and mortars fired into Israeli towns and cities every week from an independent, Jew-free Gaza run by the Hamas terrorists is also seldom mentioned. Yet, you can rely on regular mention of any reprisals when Israel uses their military in measured attacks to destroy rocket, mortar and other weaponry warehouses and machine shops in an attempt to curtail their use against Israeli civilians. That makes the front page news as did the Mavi Marmara fake aid flotilla. Meanwhile, the fact that Israel allows aid in and Turkey is able to send a real aid shipment to Gaza through Israel without incident remains relatively unreported. That, my friends is the truth but I will most likely receive e-mails calling me a tool of the Jewish world lobby and I will be accused of being used and of lying. Sometime the most reviled thing in the world is the truth.


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