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July 11, 2014

Unsubstantiated, Deranged, Hysterical, Accusations Abound on Israel

When it comes to hyperventilating while spitting out preposterous accusations over Israeli actions, nobody can quite measure up to the absurdities which emanate from the mouth of Palestinian Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. Abbas has not let us down with his latest tirade describing the Israel defense against the escalated rocket fire by Hamas and other terrorists out of Gaza striking a number of civilian targets while the majority have either been intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-missile system developed and deployed by Israel. Perhaps the easiest way to critique his words is to simply quote the applicable accusations and then point out the complete lack of sanity or sense his hysteria contains. Chairman Abbas stated during a crisis meeting of the PA leadership in Ramallah claiming, “It’s genocide – the killing of entire families is genocide by Israel against our Palestinian people. What’s happening now is a war against the Palestinian people as a whole and not against the factions. We know that Israel is not defending itself, it is defending settlements, its main project.”


Taking Mahmoud Abbas’s inanities in order, his referring to the Israeli defensive responses to a general increase in terrorist operations by Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah, Palestinian Authority and likely other terror entities including the abduction and murder of three Israeli students; increasingly perilous condition traveling the roads due to the hurling of rocks from sling fired stones to blocks the size of cinderblocks and beyond severely damaging cars and causing injuries which have put two infant girls under age two in hospitals in comas, both released with one making slow and steady improvement and the other needing constant care as she has just barely regained consciousness, causing the death of Asher Palmer and his one year old son, Yonathan, and numerous close calls which have left many with related nervous disorders such as nightmares and panic attacks; knifings even included at the entrances to the Old City of Jerusalem and even near the Western Wall, carjacking and the ramping of the numbers of rockets out of Gaza aimed at civilian Israeli targets as being an attempt by Israel to commit genocide should be seen as ridiculous by even a casual observer. The fact that Abbas is making the accusation of genocide by the Israelis against the Palestinians from his office in Ramallah should be sufficient to cast doubt into the claim as he would be among the first that Israel might target if genocide were the Israeli intent. Additionally, the only actions Israelis have taken in Judea and Samaria has been the all-out three week search for the abducted youths who were kidnapped by Hamas operatives from within the Palestinian Authority areas of Hevron which did not result in thousands upon thousands of dead Palestinians and a virtual depopulating of the city of Hevron as any decently planned and executed genocidal attack would have produced. Even the death toll in Gaza, where Israel has escalated their response to the barrages of rockets proportionally to the rocket fire, has remained very low and not been the tens of thousands any genocidal assault would have caused. Some might even point to the fact that the Israeli attacks have mostly been targeting empty buildings and that when there might have been a chance that civilians were present at any of the targets that Israeli forces have warned the Palestinians in Gaza of the imminent attack so as to permit them to leave the area and move to safety. The worst toll of life from a single Israeli strike came when Hamas called for their own citizens to immediately flock to the location which Israel had just warned the members of the Hamas leader whose house was being targeted. This still resulted in fewer than ten fatalities despite Israelis calling the family members and having a drone drop a flare on the target indicating it was to be struck. As was pointed out by a British retired commander, the Israelis giving warnings to the Palestinians even to include members of terrorist groups who may be present at the location to be struck, providing the terrorist is not the target, is the worst method of executing a surprise attack.


Another claim by Mahmoud Abbas is, “war against the Palestinian people as a whole and not against the factions,” where by factions he means to indicate terrorist groups, an admission he refuses to ever concede. Abbas defines every form of attack, bombing, murder, arson, even hurling firebombs at checkpoints manned by civilians in an effort to protect their village from terrorist attacks as rightful attacks to cast off the yoke of Israeli occupation while should Israel actually defend themselves from an assault on their person Abbas defines such as a crime against humanity and a war crime and demands the world bring charges and prevent the Israelis, or as he sometimes slips up and says, the Jews, from defending themselves and impeding the Palestinian efforts to liberate the entirety of their ancient homeland, which means all of Israel from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. Thus far the entirety of the Israeli efforts since the massive and rapid increase in rockets fired at Israeli civilians living almost anywhere in the entirety of Israel, as Hamas rockets have reached the southern confines of Haifa which is well into the north of the country and close to as far as one can be from Gaza where Hamas is firing from, has been the areas from which the rockets are launched and related targets including the homes of the leadership of the terrorist groups responsible for the barrages which all lie within Gaza. The rockets have easily reached Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Bathsheva, and the central hub where the majority of Israelis and Israeli industry and infrastructure lie, and threaten the agricultural northern plains and there is a definite chance that Hamas or Islamic Jihad may have a limited numbers of rockets, or possibly missiles, which could reach the entirety of Israel to include the Golan Heights in the northeast corner and farthest points from Gaza. Another truth which will likely remain unmentioned, or at least not receiving the proper emphasis it deserves, is that Israel pulled up everything including the communities, IDF bases, checkpoints and training facilities, and even reburied the Jews from every cemetery which was within the environs of Gaza and turned the entirety over to the Palestinian Authority in August of 2005 and there has not been a single Jew residing within Gaza since then. Gaza is not an occupied or even contested area as Israel surrendered all claims and interests in those lands. The Palestinian Authority subsequently lost control of Gaza to Hamas in a short but bloody coup and as soon as terrorist strikes erupted from the Hamas controlled Gaza, Israel then place an embargo on the entirety of Gaza. The Israeli embargo is recognized and has been granted the blessings as completely legal by the United Nations and virtually every required review. There has not been even one single, lonely, errant, stray, or any other definition for a bombing falling within Judea or Samaria which make up what Jordan invented the name West Bank to blur the historic claims of the Jewish People to the lands Jordan occupied between 1948 and June of 1967. That puts an end to the claims that Israel is targeting the entirety of the Palestinian areas.


The final part quoted from the myriad of falsities being expressed by Mahmoud Abbas, among others, was, “We know that Israel is not defending itself, it is defending settlements, its main project.” With all the Israeli strikes falling within Gaza and the above offered proof that there exist no Israeli settlements or even a single Israeli, Jew or otherwise, residing or even strolling accidentally within the confines of Gaza, that the Israeli retaliation is purely a response to the barrages of rockets and accompanying mortar fire and has absolutely no correlation or other attachment or link to what are erroneously called the Israeli settlements. These statements and the others which have already been quoted by mainstream media worldwide attributed to Mahmoud Abbas with the intentions of purporting that his statements must be true as he is a man of peace and one who only speaks truth. Nothing could be further from the truth and this is something the world must realize and recognize if they desire to hold any valid position when they make demands of Israel. The impetus behind these outrageous claims and accusations against Israel by Mahmoud Abbas is committed in order to give blanket validity to any and every wild and erroneous accusation emanating from all points on the globe against Israel which will continue until Israel has been berated and belittled into ceasing their offensive before they have completed the destruction of Hamas and the other terrorists operating in Gaza. These efforts are being done in support of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and any other groups which are allied in the efforts to destroy Israel as the State for the Jewish People.


Already, echoing the emotion if not the literal words of Abbas, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon was quoted claiming, “I am alarmed by the new wave of violence that has engulfed Gaza, southern Israel and the West Bank — including East Jerusalem.  This is one of the most critical tests the region has faced in recent years.” Additionally he added, “Gaza is on a knife edge. The deteriorating situation is leading to a downward spiral which could quickly get beyond anyone’s control. The risk of violence expanding further still is real. Gaza, and the region as a whole, cannot afford another full-blown war.” All respect Secretary General, but give us a break. Syria for the past years was no threat to the region as a whole. ISIS marauding their way across Iraq crucifying and beheading opposition forces and innocent civilians as they go are posing no general threat to the region. The Iranian nuclear weapons program and demand that they be permitted as much as ten times the numbers of centrifuges in order to produce highly enriched uranium in massive quantities also could never pose as a threat to the region. Hezballah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda and Boko Haram all are of little if any threat to the region. But, of course, Israel responding to provocations of barrages of rockets and mortars at Israeli civilian populations and infrastructure is the only direct threat to the region. Well, excuse me!


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