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August 8, 2014

Hamas Israel Conflict Rant

As the violence recommences anew even before the three day truce had run its course, here are some thoughts from during the lull. Hamas held a huge victory rally in Gaza City yesterday. The celebration came later in the day after they had murdered tens of Gazans who were suspected of aiding the Israelis. What evidence was produced to prove their guilt? If they held any Israeli Shekels or had an Israeli SIM card in their phones or if they had refused to act as willing human shields during the battles between the IDF and Hamas they were found guilty of aiding Israel. Trial you ask? They needed no trial, the guilt was proven by the fact that any suspicions exist. There is no right to a fair trial in Gaza, it is guilt by innuendo and if you fall on the wrong side of a Hamas terrorist of sufficient standing, then you must be guilty so why waste time on a trial when there is a public hanging to be held. Add to this backdrop the reports from numerous troubled and angered reporters who expressed their protestations and disgust at having been threatened and intimidated to force them to cover the events in Gaza reporting that some casualties which they knew were terrorists as being civilians murdered by Israeli forces and not reporting or shooting film or pictures which revealed Hamas and the rest placing their launchers in civilian areas. They told how Hamas and Islamic Jihad had taken over one hospital after another to utilize as their base command centers and launching grounds. Don’t expect the stories their anger speaks of to receive any broad coverage as their home newsroom managers and editors will not find any interest in their revelations as these are not really revelations but just same-old-same-old been there done that.

So, what are the big news stories across the border in Israel? Well, we are experiencing some trepidation that Hamas actually will follow through on their threat and resume launching rockets into Israel when the seventy-two hour ceasefire expires as they are threatening. We are treating close to if not more than two-thousand Gazans even to include some terrorists passed off as civilians, though that matters not to our physicians and healthcare workers, they are simply fellow human beings in need of care, anything else can be addressed once they are healthy and lives not under threat. There are family reunions and celebrations as thirty-thousand IDF reservists were released to return home, and we all celebrate their joy and anticipate when the rest of our young defenders from the reserves are returned to civilian status and everything can feel completely normal again. It has been pleasant not waiting nervously for the Code red sirens to alert and send us scurrying for our closest shelter. We can go shopping without checking and determining our route so we will always be close to a shelter on our way to a store which has its own shelter attached or even better, inside the store. Not all Israelis are this meticulous and many have been through these situations enough times that they have learned that you can over-complicate your life taking out all enjoyment. Many of us remain troubled that so many people in Gaza died needlessly and were simply sacrificed in order to feed the Hamas propaganda mills to engender sympathetic coverage and lay an evil hue to the Israeli efforts. Some of us still try to understand why the world media complies so willingly and rejects any and every explanation for their actions. This will likely be discovered about the same time as we find an understandable explanation for why so many colleges, unions, municipalities and other government and private institutions fall victim to every Hamas and Palestinian propaganda. Some of us ignore it as just one more thing Israel as the Jewish nation will have to endure. Mostly we pray the rockets do not return forcing us to cause more destruction and misery on the Gazan people.

The frustrations I felt center around the near universal condemnations in the media and elsewhere of Israel and the complete pass shown to Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the rest of the terrorists are universally presented as benighted group of revolutionaries working to liberate their lands from colonial hegemonic occupation forces. The world media has attached themselves to this fiction and are selling it as if their own lives depended on it. Never mind that Israel was a British colony for over twenty years before it finally gained its recognition as an independent nation free from the British occupation which had been assigned as part of the Mandate system put in place after World War I. This view ignores the fact that never in the entirety of recorded history has there been a Palestinian nation in the area where Israel holds control or throughout the Middle East. The reason this perception sells comes down to Israel is an advanced, wealthy, progressive and capitalist first world nation in the midst of a sea of poor, second-world nations at best where the majority of their citizens live in relative poverty, thus Israel is cast as an oppressor nation rather than one of the newest nations on the block. Despite all of the various empires to conquer and occupy the region where the ancient Jewish lands existed, never did any of them declare a capital within the area under Israeli influence and control and absolutely no other peoples ever used Jerusalem as their national capital, period. But never mind the facts that prove otherwise, they claim to be a historic peoples called the Palestinians whose nation and capital city has been stolen by the Israelis. Ignore the San Remo Conference which was signed by the leader of the Arab world of the era and all that follows, history is just too boring for the modern socialite who hears the music of the web and will believe whatever they feel is right. It is all about things feeling right, not actually fulfilling international agreements and following the rules of law, rules are so yesterday. Who cares about such ancient lands as Judea, Israel or the Lands of the Hebrews and the history of the Bible. The Bible is just so, well, old, so very old. The Bible is even older than that weirdly worded thing written by those wealthy white slave holding men aiming to craft a nation where they could keep their wealth safe and continue to own slaves. Surely if that Constitution thing is inconsequential the Bible is definitely outdated and irrelevantly inconsequential by ten. How does one communicate with those who do not know about or care about anything older than yesterday? When nothing is relevant how can anyone make a case. When all that matters is fairness and fairness is defined by feelings and a belief that any less advanced or less advantaged people makes claims of oppression against any first world nation then the first world nation is obviously at fault as long as their guilt will not affect the comfort and access to the mall on the weekend. The world appears to have become even more shallow, callow and just perverse and at levels which would have been beyond imagination just a few decades past. What makes the Palestinian propaganda even more insane is that virtually every part of their story line is stolen from the actual history of the Jewish people right down to and including the terminology of “Right of Return” which is an existent set of laws that guide who is rightfully of Jewish heritage and eligible to come home and become an Israeli. The term many might have heard and be familiar with is making Aliya, which actually means to rise in level of holiness. The idea of Aliya applies to anything in Judaism where a person is thought to have performed an act which bring upon them increased holiness, even if only temporarily though it is thought that a remnant of that ascension will remain with the person. The most well recognized form of a person performing an act of Aliya is when a congregant is called to say the prayers before and after the reading of a section of Torah before the rest of the congregation. Perhaps it is the theft of Jewish history and the perversion of that history by the Palestinian terrorists that is a greater threat and danger than their terrorist acts and if you can steal a people’s history, you have also robbed them of their identity and tainted that which they find as their defining uniqueness. That perhaps is the meanest cut of them all.


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