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August 5, 2013

Who are Driving the Peace Process?

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What was made obvious by the years of no progress and no meetings between the Palestinians and the Israelis in order to further the peace process, as it is euphuistically called, is that the two sides had exhausted all avenues and concurrently decided not to further the insanity wasting time and resources in fruitless pursuit of an unattainable agreement. What is obvious to all of the world is not always what is pursued by politicians who, despite their comments to the contrary, are just as aware of the futility of actions which they pursue despite all reason. The reason behind these actions are usually two-fold; first they do not end up on the receiving end of the consequences and second they are able to claim they are pursuing some noble quest seeking to accomplish that which every previous attempt had failed to resolve or accomplish anything measurable but they assure that they are different and have the previously attempted and true answer. Their real motivation is the shining prize of great accomplishment that shines all the brighter against the background of all the previous failures and, in the case of the Palestinian-Israeli Peace Process, the nice shiny Nobel Peace Prize which just happens to come with a rather sizeable monetary reward as the cherry on top. One further point that makes attempts at this prize even more tenable is that one does not even need to actually accomplish anything as long as they are able to hold a signing ceremony as was the sole accomplishment with the Oslo Accords which resulted in Nobel Peace Prizes for both Simon Peres and Yasser Arafat.


So, who are the contestants in this round of repair the irreparable Palestinian-Israeli Peace Process? This time around the politicians contending for the golden ring are United States President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry. What makes this all the more despairing is that their method is the same old tried and futile path of forcing concessions from the Israelis while simply begging the Palestinians for any crumbs while promising to force Israel to give the Palestinians whatever they demand in return for favoring the third party with something they can wear as a cloak of great accomplishment. The problem is that the more one observes these expeditions into fruitlessness are that the Palestinians deal duplicitously not solely with the Israelis but with those third parties who imprudently entered the minefield of broken promises.


It becomes obvious at some point that the Palestinian enter into these numerous attempts throughout history with three specific aspirations they wish to attain, most important they wish to draw as many and as critical concessions from the Israelis as possible, exiting the negotiations at sufficiently early a stage so as to assure there have been no concessions required from themselves, and final to leave the negotiations at such a time and place as to maximize the insult to both the Israelis and whatever third party so foolishly initiated the entire process. Under Yasser Arafat the Palestinians had mastered this ploy and this is another accomplishment of which Yasser Arafat was a true master just as he was the father of modern terrorism. Since his demise the Palestinian leadership fell to Arafat’s second in command, Mahmoud Abbas who is a far cry from the original. This has been made even more evident in the most recent attempts at furthering the peace process in that the Palestinians under Abbas walk away from negotiations at the very start. In all manner of deceitful negotiating the current Palestinian leadership appears to lack the finesse and delicacy required to maximize concessions while continuing negotiations right up to the point where they themselves must make a concession. This would normally be a blessing as this deficiency minimizes the damage these negotiations should produce.


What negates the aforementioned blessing is that the protagonists in these negotiations, President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry, have absolutely no regard and even a possible undisclosed desire to maximize the concessions forced from the Israelis even to the point of causing irreparable damage to the Israeli people. This was first made evident as far as President Obama is concerned when almost out of the chute in his first term President Obama demanded the Israelis apply a formerly unheard building freeze on all Israeli properties, towns, and settlements in the lands acquired during the Six Day War when the Jordanians joined the conflict and lost the areas west of the Jordan River. This action by President Obama broke all existing limits on how far any third party would go in order to attain the cooperation of the Palestinians. Never before had anybody in their initial attempt at forging some amount of reconciliation between the Palestinians and Israelis taken the liberty to actually demand an Israeli concession as their introduction into the process. Such an initiative showed a complete and utter disregard for the Israelis positions and may also have been an indication of insults to come. When one also figures in that the very first foreign leader called from the Oval Office after the Inauguration by President Obama was to none other than Chairman of the PLO and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as well as the insults in appearances shown Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu when in his first visits to the White House in Washington DC as he was made to enter and leave meetings with the President by entrances other than the main entrance, an insult not foisted even on enemy heads of states which are antagonists of the United States as well as President Obama leaving in the middle of negotiations with the Israeli leader in order to have dinner with his family and doing so rather abruptly with instructions Prime Minister Netanyahu and his staff should take the time and reconsider their positions and attitudes and if they decided to amend their ways they should tell some functionary who would relay their acquiescence to the President’s demands.


Secretary of State Kerry, while not having an obvious record of anti-Israeli positions, has shown distaste for Prime Minister Netanyahu if only due to their differences in political outlook. The one act thus far which might tend to make one suspicious of Secretary Kerry’s opinion of the Israelis was his decision to appoint Martin Indyk as the mediator for the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations. Mr. Indyk was one of the politicians in the United States who as a former Ambassador to Israel was approached for his opinion on the Israeli disengagement from Gaza to which he claimed it showed great promise to lead to a full Palestinian state with new and friendlier leadership and a lasting peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians. This was the same disengagement that eventually led to Hamas taking over the Gaza in a violent coup and afterwards raining rockets onto Israeli towns, kibbutzim and farms neighboring Gaza. This was also the same disengagement which drove Netanyahu to resign from his Ministership position in Prime Minister Sharon’s Cabinet. Further, Mr. Indyk at the inception of these negotiations was a member of the board of the New Israel Fund, an extreme left, pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel NGO which draws its monetary support almost exclusively (records show near or over 80% funding) from the European Union, European individual governments, George Soros, Arab Governments and other extreme leftist anti-Israel NGOs. Put all of these pieces of evidence together and you have an accurate picture of a situation designed to maximize damage to Israel in the pursuit of false praises from extreme leftist interests and the Arab world. The one hope for Israel in these times and under these conditions including enemies whose hearts are hardened is for the L0rd to soften their minds such that they become unable to exercise rational thought and thus become incapable of taking full advantage of the opportunities which have potential to destroy the Jewish State.


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August 4, 2013

Why the Secrecy Mr. Secretary?

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United States Secretary of State Kerry has emphasized twice that the peace negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians will be held in complete secrecy from the Press and that both sides have been instructed not to release any information concerning any progress, problems, concessions, agreements, or probably even what the menu was for lunch. The clamping of such secrecy can only lead one to surmise that the negotiations are going to be controversial and that there will be positions resulting that would prove provocative and very possibly disheartening. Since Secretary Kerry has also pointed out that any information which may become public will not have any validity unless it comes from Secretary Kerry himself, and he added that he will not be speaking about the talks very much if at all, so anything that is stated by any media will be purely conjecture. Well, I almost feel like sending Secretary Kerry a thank you note for his kindness for putting the rest of the media with yours truly on a level and equal playing field. With such a challenge, how could one not make predictions and estimations of what will be the final outcome. Let the guessing games begin.


Well, my first supposition is that while Palestinian President and Chairman of the Palestinian Authority and the leader of the Fatah faction of the PLO which also includes the al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades terrorist wing Mahmoud Abbas may have been forced to declare he will forgo requiring the entire litany of preconditions of the Israelis before allowing negotiations to proceed, Palestinian Chief negotiator Saeb Erekat has made no such promise and will begin to threaten to refuse to return to the negotiations unless Israel meets the very same preconditions. Rumors have already been spreading on Saturday night when this article was written that he has already demanded that Israel once again implement a complete building freeze. Maybe you remember the building freeze was the brilliant suggestion from none other than United States President Obama at the beginning of his first term when he boldly announced he had the answer to the Israeli-Palestinian deadlocked peace process. President Obama had the impression that Israel was the impediment in the peace process and if Israel were to be leaned upon and forced to negotiate from a weak and compromised position that the Palestinians would receive their state and Palestine and Israel would then live side-by-side in peace and security. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu under pressure gave President Obama a ten month building freeze which Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas wasted almost the entire ten months waiting until well into the ninth month to agree to meet only to use the meeting to demand that the Israeli Prime Minister extend the building freeze until a peace agreement was reached. We will never know whether President Obama attempted to pressure Netanyahu to comply or not, but Prime Minister Netanyahu refused to bend to that further demand and the peace process remained frozen.


So, now Mr. Erekat has assumed the responsibility for running interference by demanding the imposition of the preconditions in order to avoid any possibility that any negotiations may accidentally lead to a peace agreement. His announcement that went along with his demand for Israel to reinstitute a building freeze Mr. Erekat said, “The talks have ended. The government of Binyamin Netanyahu is trying to scrap all what was agreed upon in previous sessions of negotiations. They want to take us back to point zero.” The next claim when pressed on why the Palestinians are attempting once again to push for preconditions, which if accepted by Israel would be a total surrender on every single one of the final status issues, will be to claim that he is not demanding Israel meet preconditions but rather these demands are for Israel to meet their obligations and he is only asking for the world to assist the Palestinians in enforcing these obligations which Israel has refused to meet. The Palestinian leadership does not desire to negotiate and will only accept a complete Israeli surrender, and by a complete Israeli surrender they do not mean to the pre June 1967 positions which are the Armistice Lines from the 1949 end of hostilities from the initial war to eradicate Israel. The only solution the Palestinians will ever accept is the complete eradication of Israel replacing it with their Palestinian state. Whether they will allow the Israelis to continue to remain within the Palestinian state as a protected Dhimmi people or if they intend to simply deport or worse every Jew currently living in Israel, their intentions have not yet been definitively stated. The only question is what will President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry, and the now apparently unemployed mediator Indyk going to do now that Mr. Erekat has walked away from the negotiations almost before they officially started. At least the Palestinian negotiating tactic has continued to be consistent, meet once for the initial handshake and walk away crying foul and demanding Israel unconditionally surrender by precondition. This has just begun to get interesting. How much abuse will President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry take from the Palestinians playing them in this disrespecting manner before they decide that they have been presuming the wrong side as the obstructionists and finally demand an initial concession from the Palestinians, that they actually negotiate in earnest and end their obstructionism? This will never happen though I do believe that the leadership of the United States will probably figure out the realities of the situation long before the Europeans even get clue one.


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August 3, 2013

Anatomy of the Peace Process

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The current rendition of the Palestinian-Israeli peace negotiations are in reality between the Arab world and Israel. The Palestinians are simply a manufactured peoples used to represent the Arab world against Israel with the added trait that by using their sock puppet the Arab world can pretend to be the powerless victim which was impossible when the negotiations were between the twenty-plus Arab nations against Israel. The proof that this ploy has worked and gained the approval of the Western world can be viewed when reading almost any coverage of the current Arab-Israeli conflict. No longer are there discussions of the wars where anywhere from three to seven Arab armies with as much as one-thousand-to-one advantages in manpower and equipment combine to attack Israel driving the Israelis into the sea and enter the alternate discussion in which the massive Arab consolidated forces are replaced with discussions of the downtrodden Palestinian youths throwing rocks at machinegun toting Israeli Defense Forces. It is these staged confrontations which have become famous news stories and are a major theme for the Pallywood fictional film producers. No longer is the Arab-Israeli conflict the giant Goliath Arab militaries against the Israeli IDF as David but now the IDF are portrayed as Goliath against the Palestinian cast as David. The peace negotiations are no different than the actual staged conflict. The Palestinians still represent the entirety of the Arab world and for that among other reasons cannot accept any final settlement which does not result in the eradication of Israel as a Jewish state. The sole reason that the Palestinians enter into negotiations with Israel is to force concessions from the Israelis and to grab headlines and have a ready stage on which to perform their grand opera depicting them as the victims of Israeli fascist persecution and oppression. Once they have drawn as many concessions as possible the negotiations come to an abrupt halt and all possible concessions that were implied to be given by the Palestinians lie unfulfilled and shattered on the ground while the world insists that Israel completely fulfill their concessions as they are obliged because their honor and the faith of the world depend on Israeli promises being fulfilled while nobody expects the Palestinians to commit to fulfilling their promises and compromises as they never have and never will, that is accepted as the norm.

So, exactly how will the coming final issue status negotiations play out? The first thing that has to be addressed is the difference in expectations from and placed on each side in order to make the negotiations even possible. As everyone following the news already knows, the entrance price for the Israelis is their obligation to meet the demand to release one-hundred-four worst of the worst terrorist prisoners from their prisons. Every last one of these prisoners are serving life sentences, many multiple-life sentences, and have been imprisoned since before September of 1993, the date that the Oslo Accords were signed. In return for the release of these prisoners which will be made over the space of time while the negotiations are progressing and are presumably to reflect actual progress in the talks, the Palestinians have agreed to allow the negotiations and to talk for at least nine months. There have also been intents from each side for the negotiations. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke expressing his hopes that this time the negotiations will be in earnest and a real and lasting peace with two states living side by side in peace and security will result. Abbas put it a little differently saying, “In a final resolution, we would not see the presence of a single Israeli, civilians or soldiers, on our lands.” To fully appreciate and understand Mahmoud Abbas one needs to understand what he means by “our lands” when he calls to have our lands free of any Israeli and we must understand what he means by Israeli. Israeli usually means Jews and occasionally means any non-Muslim while our lands is meant to be interpreted by Israelis, the United States, Europeans, and any other non-Arab observers while it is understood in the Arab world to mean all of Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea totally replacing Israel with the state of Palestine. The one challenge these negotiations pose for the Palestinian negotiators is that they must appear to be making progress and accepting the need for them to make real sacrifices and compromises. This merely adds another level to their normal means of negotiations. Now they need to actually appear to agree and make actual offers in order to keep the negotiations appearing to move forward until all of the one-hundred-four mass murdering terrorists have been allowed to return to ploy their trade.

So, how will this affect the negotiations and what will be different this time? The routine that we expect the Palestinian negotiators to use will precede something like the following. United States mediator Martin Indyk will begin the negotiations by presenting one of the final status issues for discussion. Then the two sides will discuss their positions and start to work towards resolving their differences. The Palestinian negotiator will take the initiative and demand one small Israeli concession and will work until that concession has been granted and then immediately make another demand. Eventually the Israelis will demand the Palestinians grant them something in exchange and there will be discussion as to what the Israelis would accept. After negotiations over this concession have proceeded to a point where even Tzipi Livni begins to show a measure of aggravation, the Palestinian negotiators will call for them to meet privately either briefly or until the next meeting. When the negotiations recommence, the Palestinian representatives will bring up the next subject neither confirming nor denying whether or not they agree to make the concession being discussed at the end of the last meeting. If they are challenged on this noncommittal, they will shrug or make some gestures that can be interpreted as acquiescence while refusing to actual verbalizing their agreement. They will continue going through issues pulling every last possible concession the Israelis are willing to provide while never actually committing by verbalized agreement to give anything in return always leaving the notion that they have conceded but without stating or signing anything that would cement that position. Once they have negotiated and made sufficient appearances of compromise and all of the terrorists have been released and there is nothing left that the Palestinians feel they can gain, then they will erupt over some point and leave the negotiations never to return.

In the aftermath of the negotiation Mahmoud Abbas will make an appearance demanding that the United States, Europeans, United Nations and the rest of the world hold Israel to making every single concession they had promised during the negotiations. This will become Abbas’s new rallying cry and a new argument he can present to the United Nations and individual nations who can be found to be favorable to the Palestinian cause in his continuing campaign to gain recognition of Palestine as a new nation even though it will have no independent monetary system and no fixed and defined borders. Eventually Abbas will demand the pre-June 1967 Armistice Lines as the border including half of Jerusalem including the Old City and Temple Mount and will demand that the Israeli towns and cities be destroyed and the Israelis forced from their communities. When the demands arise for the Palestinians to meet their required compromises Abbas will adamantly insist that they never agreed, signed or indicated in any way that they agreed to make even one single concession. Then by simply refusing to admit to any agreement and completely ignoring any compromise all the while still demanding for Israel to meet every one of their compromising concessions. The end result will be most of the concessions offered by the Israelis will be squeezed out of Israel in the name of retaining their honor and good name, not that all that many nations will treat Israel any better for having met their obligations and the Palestinians will remain obstructionist and refusing to meet even the most trivial of demands or concessions. Within a few months of the Palestinian stalking out indignantly from the negotiations the Palestinians will be celebrated as the side seeking peace at any cost and the Israelis will be cast by the media and much of the world as being the obstructionists preventing a final settlement between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Sometimes, no matter what transpires, nothing will ever change.

Oh, and we must not forget to inform our readers that United States Secretary of State John Kerry has a position that he has expressed. Secretary Kerry holds that Israel will have to withdraw from fifteen percent of the settlement blocks. These are not the outlying settlements that Secretary Kerry is referring to. He is referring to those towns and cities build right on top of the green line or in the suburbs of Jerusalem. What Secretary Kerry does not reveal is the reason for this position. Secretary Kerry knows that Israel will need to relinquish these areas because Secretary also holds that the Palestinians must be allowed to have their Capital City of al-Quds, also known as Jerusalem. Secretary Kerry will also push for Israel to relent ownership of all of the Old city of Jerusalem and all of the Temple Mount and the Kotel (Western Wall) which would result in all Israelis and Jews being denied the ability to visit these Jewish holiest of sites. This is what now stands as fair and unbiased mediating of the peace process. This is also evident when Martin Indyk was chosen to directly mediate the negotiations despite the small fact that his previous position was sitting on the board of the anti-Israel NGO, the New Israel Fund which receives a goodly portion of their funding from European governments, the European Union and George Soros and funds numerous pro-Palestinian NGOs and other organizations from behind a carefully chosen name to disguise their intents.

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