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December 29, 2014

Time for Israelis to Proclaim Their Dreams Proudly


The world has proven beyond any doubt that they have chosen sides in the Arab Israeli war, and make no mistake; it is most definitely a war where the loser loses completely in the small tract of land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. The idea of two states living side by side in peace and security is a miasmatic dream. The deadly nature of this concept was made all too tragically evident Thursday evening when eleven year old Ayala Shapira and her father were ambushed while driving the last few miles to their home and an Arab youth and young Arab adult threw firebombs at their car penetrating the interior and setting the vehicle ablaze lightly injuring her father and seriously wounding Ayala with smoke inhalation damage, severe heat damaged airways and third degree burns over most of her body, head and face landing her in the intensive care unit where she received the initial surgery of undetermined numbers of other in her future. She has stabilized but is still as near to death as she is life. Video clip showing the car as firefighters extinguished the flames and the body is shown after being extinguished and the warping of the frame and body panels are evidence of the ferocity of the fire all in our previous article “May These be the Last Victims of this and All Intifada.” European politicians largely have chosen to support the Arab claims against Israel to such a point that they echo any and every claim made by Arab authorities against Israel, especially the charges against the Israeli Defense Forces and other Israeli enforcement personnel, even repeating such charges even after they have been disproven and shown to be defamations holding absolutely no validity such as the claims of thousands having been murdered during the Jenin Massacre during Israeli sweep of Judea and Samaria on April 8, 2002, as we discussed in our article “Abbas Lays Plan to Turn American Public Against Israel.” There are some exceptions who are also vocal but are almost lost in the cacophonic debates and completely lost in the mainstream media which produces possibly an even more slanted coverage of all things Israel with Geert Wilders, and from a more personal story of an awakening experience weaves her story, Brigitte Gabriel.


It is sad that some of the most vocal defenders of Israel come from outside of Israel and the political field within Israel is largely silent on the international stage while there are numerous Arab spokespeople who are as vehement as they are loud who speak so often that at least one is quoted almost every day somewhere in the Western mainstream media while Israeli supporters and spokespeople are rarely given anywhere near as much mainstream media coverage. Further, not only is the media editorial content slanted favorably to the Arab narrative; but the same preference is evidenced in the reporting of stories and the inclusion of quotes in such articles as often there are twice as much content by spokespeople favoring the Arab narrative which is also given supportive commentary while almost all pro-Israeli spokespeople’s statements are challenged or left without any supportive commentary. The story in the United States is more favorable but there too problems exist. Many of the most vocal supporters of Israel are often derided not only on their views on Israel but derided for any and everything they support or even the manner in which they choose to give their support. One of the most visible examples might be Texas Senator Ted Cruz who is possibly the most derided and ridiculed members of the United States Congress. Another couple of Israel supporters who have been hounded by the media even after she departed the political arena are Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. What has always amazed as well as angered me has been the coverage and Jewish anti-Israel spokesperson receives and the fact they are lauded as being somebody whose opinion must be taken as the most serious and knowledgeable person on all things Israel because of their being Jewish by birth while Jewish supporters of Israel are often assaulted with marginalizing their opinion and even their facts often challenged even if they are simply challenged to give corroborative evidence one could pursue to validate their facts.


Despite such media difficulties, challenges and other obstacles, more Israeli supporters must make themselves heard by any and all possible and available means and to do so loudly and without any remorse or defensive timidity. Israel can no longer depend almost exclusively on the Prime Minister or a few members of the Knesset, party leaders and media personalities to make the case for Israel. But even if all of the pro-Israel members of the Knesset were to become active spokespeople seeking out every opportunity and even forcing the issue and making every possible moment into an opportunity to get the message out and defend Israel, this would still prove insufficient and would still pale as the media would still be critical of their support and use the fact that they are in the government of Israel their support should be expected and hold less weight for that reason. Already when Knesset Ministers who deplore and condemn everything Israel and specifically denounce the Israeli Defense Force in every action they take they are swamped by the media and are lauded and granted great praise and coverage often above the fold on page one. You read that correctly, we stated that Ministers from the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, condemn and denounce Israel and the Israeli Defense Force and the list of whose who is astounding. There is Ahmad Tibi who in a previous position was a close and trusted advisor to Yasser Arafat, the same terror master Arafat who initiated the first Intifada and the second Intifada. Tibi was also actively advising the Arab terror master and political leader, Yasser Arafat, who was also one of the Arabs who’s defaming and violent attempts at replacing Israel through military action was but one facet of his evil, as Arafat also arranged the assassination of the United States Ambassador to the Sudan possibly with assistance of his close advisor turned Minister of the Israeli Knesset, Ahmed Tibi. There is Hanin Zoabi who is possibly one of the most virulent of the Arab Ministers in the Knesset who opposes the existence of the Jewish State and was one of the people on the Mavi Marmara which was one of six civilian ships of the “Gaza Freedom Flotilla” during May of 2010. She had knowledge that there were terrorists onboard the Mavi Marmara who would be assaulting any Israelis who might board the ship with metal rods, baseball bats, knives and possibly handguns if things went as planned. Hanin Zoabi regularly leads trips to the leaders of enemy nations often in direct contradiction to direct policies even immediately after they were stressed to her personally by the Prime Minister. MK Zoabi regularly makes commentary during debate in the Knesset solely to provoke disgust and revulsion from other Ministers including one recent comment which could have been taken as humor except it was well known that the comment was meant as a challenge to the mere existence of the Jewish State and the existence of Jewish communities when she challenged that the Jews were fortunate that she and the Arabs permitted them to reside in Israel as all of the lands were rightfully Arab and Muslim lands. These were simply the two most well-known of the Israel detractors in the Knesset.


Where Israel really needs desperately to have speaking out and seeking public pronouncements and media coverage are her Rabbis. By Rabbis I am not referring to the Ministers of the Knesset who are also Rabbis but Rabbis who are knowledgeable of Torah and the facts surrounding the claims that these lands were the original homelands where Abraham and Sarah resided as did their children until the Egyptian period of the first exile and was the lands to where they returned as Moses led the Israelites and Joshua led them into their new home. Israel needs the world to hear the voice and certainty of a Zionist Rabbi giving an extensive and illuminating story explaining all that is Israel and its importance to the Jewish People along with further explanations concerning Jerusalem, Hevron, Tiberius and the other ancient cities which were intimate parts of the historic narrative and that the future of the Jewish People is very likely dependent on the existence of Israel. Most of the Rabbis I have encountered through life’s experiences have been very capable speakers, astute debaters and formidable debunkers when challenged while being extremely competent and knowledgeable far beyond my comparatively menial efforts here at Beyond the Cusp; but we all do the most we are able with what the good L0rd gave us. Until, and even after, the legions of Rabbis seek out the media and give them specific and deeply persuasive arguments, the rest of the Zionists and their allies of Israel in all walks of life wherever they may be found must take available opportunities to support Israel and explain to others the truths.


Do some research into the earliest times of the Zionist movements which continues today to bring more Jews home to Israel. Read some descriptions of the barren and forgotten lands turned into an uninhabited wasteland with a desert in the south and swamps and rock strewn hills and fields untilled and cities almost devoid of people which described the lands which would become Israel well after the description made around the late 1800s and back to soon after the fall of Rome. Samuel Clemens, also known under his pen name of Mark Twain, wrote a detailed description in his writings describing his trip around the Mediterranean titled “The Innocents Abroad” which included a section on the Holy Lands even to include details of Jerusalem. Research the Balfour Declaration, the San Remo Conference, the Churchill White Papers, the League of Nations treaty and the Charter of the United Nations Article 80 and the truth that it was not as a response to the Holocause that Israel became the national home for the Jews. Of all the treaties, conferences, papers and other legal proceedings, both binding and not binding, only Article 80 of the United Nations Charter came after World War II. The rest came well before World War II and the general knowledge from the news of the Holocause was made public pushing the formation of the Jewish State as these decisions and treaties and conferences were a direct result of persistent and loud protestations of the Zionists who refused to be quieted until their demands were addresses and satisfied. The decision to reestablish the homeland for the Jews would have eventually been reached as Jews would have continued to return home, as they had been doing since the mid-nineteenth century and is still occurring today and into the future.


The inflow of Jews making Aliyah this past year set a number of records with more French returning set a new high, the United States set a new high mark, the Anglo-speaking nations other than the United States set their new high mark and, almost needless to point out, Jews returning from everywhere combined to set a new benchmark. Israel, that small but innovative nation comparable with New Jersey in size, surpassed the entire United States to become the nation with the highest numbers of Jews with just over six million Jews. That number will increase significantly as the Jewish populations of Europe from Portugal to the Ukraine have been returning at rates well into two, three, even five times all previous record years. This has been part of the housing crunch which has been further stressed by the unannounced building freeze which has remain in effect despite the negotiations having collapsed simply to avoid exacerbating further relations with the problematic United States President. The next few years are going to be very decisive with many threats and actions posing challenges far more of a threat than past crises. Israel is in a decisive, vital and definitive period which at the far end we will be witness to either a land of celebratory rejoicing or a land so embroiled in a war for her continued existence while Europe remains silent in response to Israeli diplomatic inquiries while giving sympathetic voice to the Arab claims of Israeli illegal tactics, tactics producing victories instead of defeats. The more supporters of Israel who place her needs and reputation at the top of their arguments, the better the hopes that Israel will provide the Jews a much needed homeland.


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March 6, 2014

Michele Bachmann to Receive False Denunciations

Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann told Tony Perkins on the Family Research Center’s radio channel that many American Jews had “sold out Israel” by voting for President Obama in 2008 and 2012 which will bring on her accusations of anti-Semitism. Where the Jews voting for President Obama in 2008 could claim they were unaware of his stance on Israel, after his first six months in the White House, President Obama’s hatred, vindictiveness and malice for Israel was unmistakable to anybody paying even the slightest attention. President Obama dove into the Arab-Israeli peace process standing firmly in his intent to uplift and liberate the downtrodden and victimized Palestinians. President Obama acted in complete lockstep concurrence with the misconception that the Israelis were the sole blameworthy entity in the desperation and despondence of the Palestinian people which was locking millions of refugees, refugees only by the warped definitions of UNRWA, in decrepit and rundown camps removed from civilization and forbidden to hold most positions of employment or own property. It was working from this misconception that President Obama has pursued policy exclusively for the first year plus where he made edicts of positions that even the Palestinians themselves had dared not pursue. President Obama was the inventor of the idea of an Israeli building freeze, the return to the 1949 Armistice Lines, the surrender of East Jerusalem including all the holy sites and dismissing those who complained that under his ideas the Jews would be removed from many holy places as they had been before 1967 by Jordan.


Representative Michele Bachmann further stated, “The Jewish community gave him their votes, their support, their financial support, and as recently as last week, 48 Jewish donors who are big contributors to the president wrote a letter…to the Democrat Senators in the U.S. Senate to tell them to not advance sanctions against Iran. This is clearly against Israel’s best interest and what has been shocking has been seeing and observing Jewish organizations who it appears have made it their priority to support the political priority and the political ambitions of the president over the best interests of Israel.” She concluded, “They sold out Israel.” And the report by that Bachmann also described to Perkins her conviction that End Times, as predicted in the Bible, were coming. As proof, she pointed to Obama’s “threatening” of the Jewish state adding, “The nations of the world will come against Israel and the scripture very specifically says all nations,” Bachmann said. “[F]or the United States, we don’t have that experience until recently under President Obama with the United States not standing with Israel.” This last part will be used to prove that she is an off the wall Evangelical End Times fanatic who sees everything through her slanted interpretation of the New Testament.


Where everything Representative Bachmann said is based in fact, her statements will also be judged by those very same American Jews who she was revealing had placed the Democrat Party in general and President Obama in particular ahead of what is best for Israel, the Jewish homeland. What I can personally attest to is that she has a valid set of points even if these truths are difficult for some who see themselves through glasses which alter reality to fit their own conceptions even to the point of holding contrary ideals and thoughts. The one difficulty I faced in the United States was as a conservative and a Zionist I was unable to find a synagogue where I was accepted, especially since I am unabashed about my feelings and beliefs the world be damned, and often I was. Now, in Israel, I find where all the other American Jews who agree with much of my politics had gone, they are here living happily in Eretz Yisroel. Still, the American Jewish mainstream organizations are often liberal or leftist first and only Jewish either in crisis or if it does not contradict their political beliefs. Representative Bachmann is brave to have stated these facts but she is no stranger to controversies, much to her credit. I feel a sympathetic kinship for her views as I have often faced the barbs, slings and arrows from fellow Jews in the United States. The only mitigating news I can tell, and it is mostly a secret, there are more American Jews who are conservative and vote for conservative and Constitutional principles and do not give blanket support to the Democrat Party than most believe. I would meet these fellow Jews in quiet whispers when we were away from prying ears and eyes as to be seen speaking with the outspoken conservative Zionist Constitutionalist heartless person next to whom you never sit in Synagogue except on High Holy Days due to lack of empty seats as to be seen speaking with me could cast one as one of them. The Rabbi, G0d bless him, in my last synagogue did speak with me as it is part of his duties to make everyone feel welcome. The surprise which was likely as much a surprise for him was we agreed on many if not most principles and only varied in method of attaining them. He saw everything as a communal project and then slipped from communal to government where I would not make that connection and instead believed in the individual to do good if left alone and with sufficient resources by government. All I can do is offer my credit and sympathy to Representative Bachmann for speaking truthfully, an act that is almost always guaranteed to get you thrown into a pit full of accusations and disparages.


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