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August 18, 2021

Afghan Lessons for Israel and Other Allies

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This article will be addressing what lessons Israelis and their governing bodies absolutely need to use in revising the apparent policies and beliefs of many in the public. Some of the recommendations will necessarily surround items particular to Israel but most will be adaptable by other allies of the United States. The first point relates to the THADD radar system which the United States demanded be manned by American troops so Israel would not back-design the system and build our own. The ground-based system is reliant upon satellite interfaces and information for over the horizon capabilities; such an expensive support in orbital assets places such a price that the system is cost prohibitive. Further, if Israel required technical expertise to complete such a mission, does anybody doubt that such a system is technically possible but for the initial costs?

Other than the THADD system, there is nothing provided Israel by the United States which has not been in place since before President Jimmy Carter. I refer to provisions sufficient to arm any invasion force of the United States if required in the Middle East. Let us all pray that neither the United States nor Israel will be required to utilize these stores which were put in place sometime after the Yom Kippur War of 1973. There is also the implied, even oft mentioned, support the United States would provide without debate or question were Israel facing an imminent threat. The average Israeli feels assured the United States has their back. Despite my attempts to inform them that their faith was misplaced and that never would an American soldier be forced by their government to defend Israel no matter how dire the situation might become; hopefully, these Israelis are watching the disaster taking place in Kabul where thousands, if not tens of thousands, of Afghanis rushing every landing aircraft hoping to gain exit before the Taliban takes the airport. The military flights out are their only hope, as all civilian flights have been cancelled, which is logical as the safety of the aircraft cannot be assured. Then there are those still at the United States Embassy who are cut-off from the international airport and their trip to safety.

Afghanis Storming Planes Desperate to Exit Country Ahead of Taliban

There is an even larger problem existing, as there are, at a minimum, a quarter of a thousand Americans still within the Afghan borders. Was this surrender planned or was an order given either late Friday night or early Saturday morning to be out of Afghanistan before the morning news cycle for the morning rush-hour news. We wonder whether or not General Milley has found white-rage yet, or any form of useful rage for this situation? I can happily provide the ‘proper motivation,’ as my Drill Sargent would scream, “This man’s Army knows two things, how to kill people and break their things.” From my judgement, General Milley has lost sight of this simple but motivating concept, but to tell him this would be received as a microaggression from which General Milley would retreat to his safe place. As we reported recently, >, there are over nine-hundred Generals and Admirals, General Class Officers, many amongst them seek to command a front-line unit, even if their entire career was overseeing some unnecessary inventory control paperwork completely removed from warfare tactics. This number of General Class Officers is unnecessary as well as completely ridiculous. But these General Class Officers can reach the point where remaining in the military only serves to increase their retirement pensions, which is increased for those with combat command experience. General Class Officers have become the ultimate good ol’ boy’s club, and this is a club the United States must not continue to encourage and trim this bloat immediately starting with General Milley, maybe being fired will finally get some form of rage out of him.

Israel cannot rely on America going any further than they are currently involved with Israel. Our leaders have been informed that should troubling clouds swell upon our borders, the THADD and its supporting unit will be removed to safety. So, as soon as THADD might actually become desired, that will be the point it is removed. That should provide all the clues Israel should require to realize that we are on our own. We can expect that should war break out, the United States will begin meetings to discuss what response is required, all the time hoping that no response will be required. Perhaps this debate can be simplified as Israel would only ever require equipment of war, never would we wish to risk a single American soldier’s life due to being ordered to assist Israeli efforts. We have even gone so far as to suggest Israel return the yearly military aid monies and begin to manufacture our own aircraft or do so in a collective design and build with willing partners, including the United States if it were in their interest. The time has long passed for Israel to operate in her own interests such that our equipment is designed specifically for our particular and often unique needs and situation. The one warning I will continue to press whenever possible is that Israel must be independent from all outside control of our military equipment. With more and more military equipment using more software than ever before, thus supplying nations could potentially shut-down virtually all military systems remotely through satellites transmitting the necessary codes. This is another means for influencing Israel by making her military equipment unusable until Israel complies with what would obviously be overt impositions and forced surrenders. We have witnessed just such treatment before from President Obama when he refused to veto the sanctioning of Israel as he was leaving office. I doubt President Biden will wait any longer than the first opportunity and every opportunity thereafter. I simply wish to express my feelings, Israel, be wary, be afraid and very wary and learn to depend on no nation, trust only in Hashem.

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November 24, 2020

Trump Middle East Policy Urgency

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President Donald Trump had promised more wonders to come during the week of the Bahrain, UAE mutual recognition with Israel, a formerly considered impossibility and unaccomplished by all former administrations. Everyone was waiting in anticipation of Saudi Arabia also reaching such an agreement with Israel, the jewel of any Middle East policy. With the current and likely election results thus far, it would appear to be nixing any further developments. This would be a very sad conclusion when there had been such hope. But we are holding out hope simply because we foresee the coming foreign policy in the Middle East under a Biden administration may move the United States away from Saudi Arabia, her traditional friend, and lean to favoring Iran for these three reasons: because it was the policy under President Obama having the complete support by Vice-President Biden; President Trump favored Israel, Saudi Arabia and the traditional American friends in the Middle East; and lastly the President-elect remembers the dressing-down he received as a young Senator by Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Began. When Senator Biden threatened to cut aid to Israel, should Israel refuse to grant the Palestinians their every wish, the Israeli Prime Minister <a href= target=blank>replied</a>, “Don’t threaten us with slashing aid. Do you think that because the US lends us money it is entitled to impose on us what we must do? We are grateful for the assistance we have received, but we are not to be threatened. I am a proud Jew. Three thousand years of culture are behind me, and you will not frighten me with threats.”

Deep State and the Swamp

President Trump does continue in full capacity making him quite able to continue with the intended Middle East reorientation for about fifty days providing any treaty can make it past the Senate, something possible but unlikely. There is a high probability that a Biden administration will rotate away from the Sunni Arab world along with Israel while rejoining the Iran nuclear deal, which very well could allow Iran to become a secretly nuclear armed nation while provided a wink and a nod from the incoming State Department and the return of the Swamp. Should President Trump present normalization with Israel as the sole guarantee of an ally adequately equipped to defend them as well as properly presenting a solid opposition against the expansionist policies of Iran as executed by the IRGC, President Trump could simply present the choice to Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, current leader of Saudi Arabia, to either join the new alignment or face the new American Middle East policies favoring Iran basically alone. Trust that Israel is not expecting their newfound alliances to be warm, fuzzy, emotionally supportive or anything but Israel being a deterrent against any Iranian mischief. Soon after the noon hour of January 20, 2021, the United States will rejoin the Iran Nuclear Deal (JCPOA)</a>. This agreement originally made Saudi Arabia and the Sunni Arab world nervous fearing any possibility which could permit Iran going nuclear. Hopefully, for the sake of Israel as well as the Sunni world, governments and organizations from the rest of the world outside the Middle East will pressure Iran to remain a non-nuclear nation and not to become a nuclear armed nation. We hold out little hope for any assistance once the United States has their Middle East policies reversed from their present alliances. We might even resort to a word we really wish was not so applicable, ominous.

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October 24, 2019

Abbas Making Threats and Promises

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Mahmoud Abbas is doing what he does best, threatening Israel and promising imminent elections. These are nothing new to those who spend even the slightest bit of attention to the ongoing war between the Arab Palestinians and Israel. We have lost count on the number of times that elections for the Palestinian Authority (PA) legislative parliament followed by elections for President. We do know how many elections have been held under the authority of the PA since 2005, none. That 2005 PA election was won predominantly by Hamas, just as Mahmoud Abbas, PA representatives and Israel had warned the American administration. It was Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and President George W. Bush who insisted that the election be open for Hamas candidates claiming that such a terrorist entity as Hamas would never receive any number of votes from the Arab Palestinians as they desire peace with Israel, not the destruction of Israel. Well, apparently the Arab Palestinians supported Hamas in far greater numbers than the American experts predicted. There was to be a Presidential election after the parliamentary elections which was cancelled by Mahmoud Abbas as he understood he would lose the election and very possibly his life under a Hamas government. These were the same American officials who pushed the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza in order to allow the Arab Palestinians to prove their ability for self-rule. This led directly to Hamas taking over Gaza in a bloody coup after which the same American administrators warned Israel against retaking Gaza, which is odd as retaking Gaza was their solution to all Israeli protestations against the policy moves being pressed by George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice. There have been previous declarations of intent for elections made by Mahmoud Abbas with every one hitting what are often called obstructions and thus never come to fruition.


Abbas made another threat while addressing the United Nations where he warned that the PA will withdraw from all the agreements made with Israel. We can advise that this threat be ignored as it is impossible to break agreements which Abbas and the PA never observed in the first place. The promise to remove the destruction of Israel from the PA Charter is simply another lie reported by the New York Times as that clause remains. As is the usual response to Israeli actions which are well within international law, the Oslo Accords and the rules of conflict, the PA and Mahmoud Abbas immediately threaten Israel and demand the world jump onto their bandwagon against Israel and the Jews. We fully expect most of Europe and the European Union to back Abbas completely as usual. Much of Europe are marching in lockstep with the attempts to destroy the Jewish State. The closest that the PA came to altering and amending their charter was they voted once while President Clinton had observers monitoring their actions so they agreed to appoint a committee at their next meeting in order to rewrite the charter and bring it into compliance with the Oslo Accords. The committee was never formed nor was there ever any real intent to do so. They did enact changes to the charter making it even more difficult to make any changes in the future just in case a moment of weakness mixed with honesty ever took a grip on their leaders. There is one thing that Mahmoud Abbas and the PA can count upon, the New York Times will carry their water for them and report whatever they are told by the PA leadership and refute anything resembling reality which favors Israel.


Mahmoud Abbas to President Trump, “May your house be destroyed”

Mahmoud Abbas to President Trump, “May your house be destroyed”


There are a couple of things we can count upon in the upcoming future. First, there will be no elections for President and unlikely to be any for their parliament either. What will be the reason this time is anybody’s guess. Second, there will be no change in the animosity and terrorist attacks resulting from their “Pay to Slay” policy enacted by Mahmoud Abbas. Abbas has made crystal clear that if necessary, he would use every cent of funding to pay the terrorists even at the cost of not paying the government employees. That is just one of the items which too many governments, politicians and media elites ignore and refuse to report to the people instead laying all the blame for the problems in the Middle East on Israel. Further, the leaders in the world, both political and in the media, refuse to take the time to translate the speeches made by the PA leadership into English, French, German or any other language they understand. They act as if Arabic is some coded language beyond the ability to be comprehended. This is despite the many various NGO’s which translate much if not all the publications, speeches by PA officials and various news reports and videos. These include but are not limited to Palestinian Media Watch, Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America and Middle East Media Research Institute. These and the other NGOs which translate much of the news reporting and political speeches from the entirety of the Middle East and stretching to Northern Africa and provide those who actually wish to know reality the actual truth of where and why the Middle East is as it is. But far too many western politicians and leaders, specifically those on the extreme right and left and a growing number of the left-wing are taking stances opposed to Israel. These are the same individuals who will be turning against the Christians and others who believe in a moral code and specifically who believe in our Creator, Hashem.


Many are perplexed by these leftists and their stand against religion and the belief in a Creator. The reason is simple, they desire the world returning to a less civil time with idolatry, abortion, and a two-tiered society with them at the top and the majority all but enslaved as were the serfs in Europe. They want to be rid of the narrow morality of the Bible, both Jewish and Christian, and want to replace the Bible with their ecocentrism and belief that the world would be a perfect place if only there were far fewer humans infecting the planet. Because of their desire to be free of the morality which spawned from Judaism and was the basis for Christianity, they will and have embraced everything which wishes to destroy the Judeo-Christian world. This is the basis for the left and Islam allying and why so many Islamists are being accepted as the new leaders of the left political spectrum. Their first hope is the elimination of Israel replacing it with another Islamist Arab state run by the terror masters of the PA, Hamas or Islamic Jihad. But, for now, let it be stated that they will never desire to know the truth, as the truth would not comport with their desires.


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