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February 4, 2013

Syria and Israel as the Rumors Fly

It is rumored and pretty much understood that there were a couple of Israeli launched airstrikes against positions and assets inside Syria. There are varying stories as to what exactly was the target of these airstrikes. The initial rumor released by the newswires was that the Israelis struck a truck convoy which was to transfer SA-17 Russian manufactured anti-aircraft missiles to Hezballah in Lebanon. The Syrians claim that what was struck was a military research facility which was used to develop military technologies. Some rumors implied that the facility was a chemical weapons factory but such was not confirmed by Syria. It was recognized that the Syrian sources had a very good reason to deny that they had been preparing to send SA-17 anti-aircraft missiles to Hezballah as they had an agreement with the Russians that the sale of these advances weapons were strictly for use by Syria and would never be transferred to other users, especially Hezballah. Syria would not wish to antagonize their foremost weapons supplier and the veto in the United Nations Security Council which the Russian possess.

Israel, as is their usual protocol, has not admitted nor denied their involvement in the airstrike on Syria. In unofficial statements the Israelis have admitted that they had a high priority on preventing the arming of Hezballah with the SA-17 missiles and that they were not simply boasting when they had stated that the attempt to transfer either such weapons or any chemical weapons to Hezballah in Lebanon would be crossing a red line and would be treated as an act of war against Israel. Their basic position could be seen as claiming that they had prayed that such a transfer would not take place and their prayers were answered. Meanwhile, the Israelis have taken precautions against any retaliatory strike by positioning Iron dome batteries to the north of the country. They have one near Haifa and another placed in the Central Galilee. This has also raised the anxiety of many who live in the north though you would be hard pressed to tell as they continue with their daily lives as to act otherwise would be a form of defeat.

There have been numerous threats made against Israel from numerous fronts. Syria has claimed that they have the means with which to retaliate and strike a mortal blow against Israel and will decide when and how to take their revenge. The Iranian leaders have claimed their right to also respond to the Israeli aggressions and have promised to make Israel and the Hegemonic Force to pay for their actions against the Iranian ally, Syria. Translating, the Hegemonic Force the Iranians are referring to is the United States which is quite normal for them. Iran tends to blame Israel and the United States jointly for any action the Iranians disapprove by either country. They appear to believe that the United States and Israel confer and jointly act as one such that any act by either one damns both in the eyes of Iran. Iran also added that their retaliation might come in the form of an attack made at their direction by their ally Syria; as if Syria would need to be told to attack as otherwise they would forget. Also, Hezballah claims the right to retaliate against Israel for the unwarranted aggression against their ally Syria which they claim had endangered their people as well. With responses like this, it is no wonder why it is often thought that any action made by Israel might ignite the whole of the Middle East. There have been threats made against Israel by similar forces after one of them has committed a very serious terrorist attack which they fear will require an Israeli response. The hope is that Israel would forgo any retaliation if the consequences appear to be too dire. An additional reason for such threats is these terrorists know they can count on the United Nations, the European Union, many NGOs, and numerous individual countries to join their chorus and demand that Israel and all sides show suitable restraint. Strange is there is never a call for quiet and restraint when Israel is the subject of terrorist threats or other aggressions by neighboring countries near and far. Example is the numbers of times the worldly powers that be have insisted Israel take no actions against the Iranian nuclear program without first receiving the blessings from those who will never grant such permission. I guess when it comes to Israel and violent actions the world believes that concerning Israel, it is better to receive than to give. And to think that Israel does not appreciate such generosity.

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