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September 7, 2013

Obama Finally Unifies America

Getting Americans to agree almost in total is very much like getting cats to agree to act like a herd. Despite such an enormous challenge, President Obama has finally found the necessary message that has united the Americans just as it had been prophesized he would do after he was first elected as President. Granted, it took somewhat longer than the world was led to believe, but he has done so to such an amazing extent as to be unbelievable. We even tried here at BTC to remember any time where even seventy percent of Americans were united behind something and other than the early space program we could not think of anything as uniting as a Syrian intervention has instilled in the American populace. If the news reports are to be believed, and we kind of have to do so here by definition, then over ninety percent of Americans agree over whether or not the United States needs to respond at this time militarily to the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian conflict. Granted, their agreement is with each other and not with President Obama.


Of course President Obama is not all alone being against the wishes of the vast numbers of Americans. Oh no, he has lots of fellow travelers such as Senator John McCain to name one but by far not the only one. The Senate Arms Services Committee supported the President in his calling for striking Syria to send Syrian President Bashir al-Assad a message such that he will never even consider using such weapons again. What has been amazing is nobody has addressed exactly what is the plan should such a mission as proposed by President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry fails to convince al-Assad to never again use his chemical weapons. After hearing Secretary Kerry testify on the plans it does not even appear that he and the President are talking about the same mission plan. Just about every news report that comes along makes this entire episode seem even more like a complete SNAFU in the making. What escapes reason is that anybody up on Capitol Hill is still on board with striking Syria considering the mood of the American population. Perhaps this is a plan for imposing the best of all possible methods at term limits by having so many lifelong politicians supporting a strike on Syria and thus guaranteeing their loss at their next election bid. What will almost be amusing over the next week is watching as so many elected performing verbal acrobatics as they adjust and alter their initial support for the President and have to explain their newfound revelations of exactly how unwise involving the United States in the Syrian conflict could prove to become. Some of their moves and wriggling as they escape their old constraining positions to their newly found enlightened positions would probably have impressed Houdini.


Of course there is always the possibility that everything could go very wrong and the American people will be betrayed by their elected officials. Then there is also the distinct possibility that even should Congress refuse to grant their approval for President Obama’s intent to use military force against Syria as a deterrent against any future use of chemical weapons or other WMDs, that the President with the full backing of Secretary of State Kerry and Secretary of Defense Hagel will decide that he has to act in order to preserve what he believes is his and American credibility. Should President Obama ignore Congress, assuming that they refuse to approve his desire to strike Syria, and launch an attack, it would actually be in vain as he no longer has any credibility left. As far as the United States, as long as the Congress adheres to the will of the American people both them and the nation will retain their credibility, it will simply be in storage until President Obama leaves office. It really will be costly for the world as we all go forward for the remainder of President Obama’s term in office with the United States all but neutered regarding anything concerning world affairs. The world has slowly devolved towards increased chaos, if fortunately only at a slow rate, over the past five years since Obama became President. The real problem is the yet to be determined increase in the rate of future drift ever further with the United States basically out of the picture. What makes things really dicey is how quickly the entire world situation could be altered, irrevocably unraveling as events spiral as nation after nation react and choose to either fulfill their threats or back off and resume sanity. Unfortunately, history teaches us that at times such as these, sanity is often a very precious commodity in very short supply. Seeing over ninety percent of Americans together supporting a singular position is a wondrous sight, but it would really be a sad ending if they end up being ignored.


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August 29, 2013

Please President Obama, First Things First

President Obama please find a path around opening a new and unnecessary front within the Middle East. Instead of waging even a limited war and instead try and save lives which your Cairo speech and the Arab Spring which you supported so completely have left behind and are facing unimaginable sorrows, violence, persecution, and hatreds. When you were first elected you yourself spoke about a kinder, gentler America which was loved around the world and stood for peace and the betterment of mankind. You yourself scolded America’s past where we were perceived as warmongers who only knew how to rain death and destruction down on people who strayed from the path we had chosen for them. You went on an apology tour and now you threaten to continue with dealing out death and destruction, the very thing you once denounced. There are avenues right now that cry out for a hero to come and save innocent lives which simply wish to live in their homes in peace and security, worship as they choose, and have those simple things which you and I almost take for granted.


Unfortunately these unfortunate victims of sectarian violence no longer have their homes, their businesses, their houses of worship, or any vestiges of a normal life. And the only thing that you and your administration need to do, Mr. President, is allow them a Visa to come to the United States. These people are the Coptic Christians and if a brave and compassionate world leader would open their borders to the Coptic Christians then there are people who would see to getting them out of danger and to safety. It would require less planning and less efforts to provide this religiously persecuted minority a venue to freedom from persecution and the free pursuit to worship in their religion in peace and security than it will take to launch Tomahawk Missiles at Syrian military and government targets. There would also be less ramifications and danger to the delicate balance on which the current peace of the world is now teetering. Providing the Coptic Christians a route to freedom and liberty would gain you much recognition as the great transformational leader that you once claimed you strove to be instead of simply being just another President of the United States who resorted to bombs and missiles over diplomacy and new solutions.


Once you let loose the dogs of war on Syria over what many say was a use of chemical weapons by the rebel forces and not Bashir al-Assad there is no taking those actions back. Once the buttons are pushed launching your next kinetic action there will be no turning back. This Syria slap on the wrist tempts the fates and could set in motion a series of responses which would have the ability to fly out of control and cause results that nobody in their right mind could desire, unless the destruction of much of the world and the collapse of the world’s economies is one’s idea of a desirable end. Saving the Coptic Christians could only lead to be an example to other nations who could follow in kind and be the first wave in a sea change of compassion and consideration instead of an attack in the name of retribution. Is validating your “Red Line” threat worth risking kindling the instigation of war by Iran, Syria, Lebanon and numerous terrorist interests and other allies of Syria and Iran including both Russia and China, especially after that very same “Red Line” had been crossed twice previously as per intelligence provided by American allies Britain and France as well as Israel? Why this time and not those two previous deployments of chemical weapons? Please just pull back from the brink and instead make a gesture of kindness and compassion by extending a hand to rescue the Coptic Christians instead.


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April 13, 2013

Attacks Upon Israeli Side by Syria of Golan Heights on the Rise

The civil war raging between the three sides; those backing Bashir Assad, the Nationalist Rebels, and the Islamist Rebels; went almost two full years without a single round crossing the border to the Israeli side in the Golan Heights. Then, just a few months ago, there was a single mortar round which exploded in an open area fortunately harmlessly. It only took a couple of weeks before another mortar round strayed onto the Israeli side of the armistice lines. The next week an IDF (Israeli Defense Force) jeep came under small arms fire with slight damage being done to the Jeep and luckily no soldiers being injured. The sporadic straying of weapons fire from single bullet shots to machine gun fire, from a single mortar round to a half dozen mortar and artillery rounds, from what could be ignored as accidental stray shots to what is beginning to resemble intermittent organized attacks.

Things began to pose a more ominous nature ever since a squad of Rebel forces posted pictures and a video of them situated within the neutral zone with an IDF Jeep passing behind within a short distance patrolling the armistice lines. Then a group of the Syrian Rebels captured and held twenty-one United Nations Philippine peacekeepers that were released after a few tense days of negotiations. Intelligence sources have discovered that some elements from the Syrian Rebel forces have been seeking information including maps, troop positions, scheduled patrolling and other details which could be used to plan actions against IDF troops on the Israeli side of the Golan Heights. The Syrian Rebels stationed near the armistice lines in the Golan Heights region have already proven to have no regard for the neutral demilitarized zones which they have violated numerous times in the past month or so. The media has mostly ignored reporting most of these actions and there has been almost no mention which has combined these attacks while also noting the slowly escalating occurrences of these attacks. When looking at the slowly building events and taking in mind the attempts by Syrian Rebel forces to gain intelligence about the IDF troops stationed near the border one can only draw one conclusion, a confrontation is beginning to appear imminent. This is even further evidenced by recent threats of attacks to soon be implemented against the Israeli side of the armistice lines by Syrian Rebel groups.

Should the Syrian Rebels cross the border attacking IDF troops or Israeli villages, towns, kibbutzim or vineyards forcing an Israeli military response, what will be the reaction of the rest of the world, particularly the many groups which take great efforts to condemn every Israeli action even if done in defense of actual attacks? This is why the near blackout in coverage in the Syrian Rebels and possibly Syrian Army having slowly increased their attacks across the demilitarized area into Israeli held land is so dangerous. The lack of coverage of these offenses is similar to the manner in which the media ignores the rocket terror attacks out of Gaza and the rock attacks in Judea and Samaria (West Bank) which result in the world being shocked when Israel is finally forced to respond. Then the world becomes completely unglued and denounces Israeli aggressions and many of the public believe these fallacious charges of Israeli aggression as there is no context which covers the buildup of attacks to which Israel is actually responding and not initiating the violence. This is one of the most prevalent cases of propaganda and censorship by omissions. If the media simply never covers the aggressions against Israeli civilians or IDF positions and also ignores presenting the history leading up to Israeli responses and only reports that the Palestinians or, in this case, the Syrian Rebel forces are actually responding to the Israeli attacks, then it becomes easier for those defaming Israel to also misrepresent the situation and gain credibility when demanding sanctions and condemnations of Israel. Supporters of Israel need to make sure that these attacks emanating from Syria, whether they be from either Rebel forces or the Syrian Military, are reported and get into the public eye so should an Israeli response become necessitated the world will not be misled into the belief that Israel is the aggressor. This is a call for supporters of Israel and those who support the truth to write letters to the editor, posts to Facebook, Tweets and other media outlets informing of any Syrian attacks, especially if an actual article can be sourced. Actions taken now will pay dividends and relieve supporters of Israel of having to face an uphill battle against the anti-Zionist, anti-Semitic, and anti-Israel forces. The truth must be made apparent or the lies will rule the argument and Israel loses.

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