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April 10, 2016

Palestinians and Israeli Arabist Jihadist War


Mahmoud Abbas has two faces, one that screams ‘peace, peace but there is no peace’ to the West and they dutifully blame Israel for not simply giving Abbas all the lands he desires. Nobody ever attempts to discover the land Abbas demands as if they did they might soon catch their first glimpse of his other face. That is the face that demands ‘jihad, jihad, kill the Jews’ and take all the land from the river to the sea, Palestine will kill until free. That face is easy to find if one just translates his speeches from Arabic to English, French, whatever language the Western politicians need to understand what more and more Israelis have learned. There is a reason nobody from Europe or the United States translate Abbas speeches and the lessons taught using the textbooks dripping with Jew hatred that the Western nations are paying to provide and poison another generation and guarantee there will be no peace as long as the Jews are alive. There are those who believe that the reason nothing is ever demanded of Abbas is because all too many of the political class agree with what Abbas is instigating and know that as long as they berate Israelis and blame only Israel for the lack of peace then Abbas will kill some more Jews for them. One hopes that such is not the reality and that peace is actually what all sides desire and ignorance is the only reason that no demands are made of Abbas and the West actually does not know that the Charter never was altered and still calls for the death of all Israelis and the liberation from the river to the sea and nothing less is acceptable to Abbas or the Palestinians as they are assured by the lack of any real actions demanding both sides compromise and that all demands for concessions have and apparently always will be demanded solely of Israel. As long as they are never called upon to compromise and continue to vocally demand every inch of land with the erasure of Israel and her Jewish population then all must be on their side. One can only be confused that the Israelis have never bolted and rejected this status quo. Perhaps that time is way overdue.



Burning Israel Star of David


Perhaps the United States will finally elect a President who understands the lies upon which all previous Presidents have followed and finally break this fatal trend and strike out on a more realistic and fair path which demands both sides meet in the middle and that the Palestinians at long last actually change their charter such that it no longer demands the death of the Jews and the complete destruction of Israel replacing it with Palestine. That would require that the United States elect the candidate who would break with the past and actually seek a real peace and if Abbas refuses to compromise to simply walk away and free Israel to do that which removes the jihadi threat that Abbas poses and end the cycle of violence which is always initiated by Abbas and his band of jihadists. That would mean the removal of Abbas, Fatah, the PLO and the entire alphabet soup of terror mongers and allow those Arabs who would desire to live in peace to remain and those who act against Israel be deported and never permitted to return. This would also allow for replacing the texts and the hate that they teach and instead teach academics which would train the Arabs for gainful employment and a future of freedom and productivity. This would finally give the Arabs in Judea and Samaria to improve their lives and have something to live for which would have to be better than training them such that they only know how to die for Abbas and his war which he will never fight as he demands of them and he will not throw his life away attacking soldiers as he has the youth who he indoctrinates on hatred and chasing the afterlife as if that is the best future these youth can desire, it is criminal and is enough of a reason to rid the Arab society of his poisonous hate. But which of the four leading Presidential candidates would best walk that new path?


Since the Israeli leadership feels with good reason that Israel is dependent on the United States for too much to make a go without United States aid at this time, there is a sense of indentured servitude. One of the main reasons that this is so dates back to the deal where Israel accepted the United States promise to provide air superiority for Israel in the Middle East and bought Israel subservience with F15s and F16s if Israel gave up their designing and production of the Lavi fighter which was similar to the F16 but did not have the F15 strike capabilities. The F15s made that deal near impossible to pass up and Israel fell into the trap of dependence on the United States for their fighter and most other aircraft and the Israeli aircraft industry retooled to research, design and produce other military and civilian products. Now it would likely take Israel five to ten years to retool, design and start to produce her own fifth generation or even sixth generation, whatever capabilities and design features those airframes might entail. Likely the sixth generation fighters would be such that one pilot and gunner would control five other birds as well as their own and fly their own cover, and thus a dozen airmen would control thirty-six attack aircraft and with 360o helmets as the canopies of all the aircraft would be solid carbon fiber and Kevlar composite formed under aluminum skin making the aircraft bullet resistant and that much more difficult to shoot down. These aircraft would also have laser intercept such as the Elbit Systems C-MUSIC anti-missile Protection retooled and upgraded to divert and destroy all versions of antiaircraft missiles, heat seeking and radar lacking as well as ground-to-air and air-to-air thus removing much of the need for aircraft to need to use avoidance maneuvers as their inboard systems would remove the necessity. This could be just one of the systems incorporated along with stealth and low frequency anti-radar systems making the aircraft ultimately improbable to intercept or shoot down. But such designing and resting would take likely a dozen years to design and put into production and in the meantime Israel would need to depend on the F35JSF fighters she has already contracted for with the United States.


Meanwhile, what would the future most likely be like depending on each of the four Presidential frontrunners? First off, let’s take Donald Trump. He is the most difficult to gauge. Would we get the debate Donald Trump who distanced himself placing wiggle room between his foreign policies and Israel or would we get the AIPAC Donald Trump who proclaimed the United States had no closer friend and to whom he pledged his unfaltering support. The truth probably lies somewhere in between and just might be better on Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays while colder on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, who knows. One thing likely is whatever the relations, they would constantly be fluid which would mean that no might not always mean no, it might mean ask again next week and remember which are your good days. So, Donald is what he will be on many issues, a puzzle which will develop and change with time and mood, not necessarily a great thing.


Donald Trump


Then we have Hillary Clinton. We got a good measure of her approach when she lectured Prime Minister Netanyahu for close to an hour if not more about how when President Obama or herself told him to jump the only response they want to hear was, “How high?” Hillary did pay Israel some lip service when she was running, or should we say buying and collecting her consolation prize of Senator from New York. That was supposed to give her the Presidency in 2008 but apparently somebody was not in on that arrangement so she got another consolation prize instead, Secretary of State, which again was supposed to prepare her for a cakewalk to the Presidency but apparently somebody did not get the memo again, imagine that. So, Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation now being a wholly owned subsidiary of Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) will not exactly be all that enamored with Israel or Egypt and there will be more contribution likely coming from Iran just to complicate matters. Israel can expect tire tracks up and down the Prime Minister’s back with a Hillary Presidency along with more telephone berating demanding he toe the line and know his place. Should there be an election in Israel we can also expect the entire Democrat election machinery to set up camp in Tel Aviv and work diligently to elect whoever a coalition backing either the Labor Party or Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid Party depending upon who promises to be the best little soldier doing whatever they are bid to do.


Hillary Clinton


Next we will discuss Ted Cruz. Ted is the easiest of the candidates to predict only rivaled by Bernie Sanders. Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders are polar opposites when it comes to Israel. Ted Cruz has stated and can be believed that he will invite Prime Minister Netanyahu to the White House as his first act after being sworn in. The next item on Ted Cruz’s list will be setting in motion a grand White House dinner and possibly grand black tie ball. The meal will be Kosher and the prayer before eating will be performed by a Rabbi of note and probably recommended by the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA). Ted Cruz might just be the President who breaks with the past and ignores the State Department and might even clean out the State department which has often acted as the main functionary for America’s enemies. They appeared to back the Soviet Union and once it collapsed, they quickly swung over to support the Arabist and jihadists. Ted will be the first President to completely ignore Mahmoud Abbas and his litany of complaints and back Israel in their fight against the same Jihadist enemies the United States and the free world are facing. There is little if any difference between Hamas and Islamic State, Hezballah and the IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps), Fatah and the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization), Islamic Jihad and al Qaeda. These are all either Sunni or Shiite jihadist movements all of which desire an entire world under the boot of Islam; they just differ over which flavor of Islam, rocky road or peanut butter fudge ripple. Ted Cruz fully understands this and if he is smart and can get Allen West for either Secretary of Defense or, if cleaning out the State department is on the to do list, Secretary of State. With Col. West Israel will have another friend in high places.


Ted Cruz


This leaves Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders was born Jewish, or at least into what was a Jewish family. Bernie Sanders himself is not all that caught up in the Jewish thing; actually he appears to run from it as fast and far as he is able. On Israel Bernie Sanders is the one candidate who makes Hillary appear friendly to Israel. Bernie while in the Senate voted to defund Israel. He would quite possibly decide to save money by cancelling the Israeli order for F35JSF fifth generation fighters. He would then likely cut all aid to Israel as well as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey and the rest of the Middle East right before he slashed the Defense budget seeing it all as unnecessary and monies which could be better used correcting income inequality. Bernie would possibly cut all aid to the Palestinians until the leftist and his friends from the socialist camp demanded he continue or possibly increase the aid to these people as they deserved every penny and were not getting sufficient because if the United States supported them half as well as they had Israel all these years the Arab-Palestinian Israel conflict would have been resolved and Palestine would be freed from the river to the sea as it deserves. Bernie Sanders would be a disaster initially for Israel making them potentially endangered for the immediate future but fortunately Hezballah is quite preoccupied and Hamas is nowhere near strong enough to take on Israel and the Islamic State has sufficient problems holding what they have gained and also are in no position to attack Israel. Should Bernie Sanders walk away from supporting Israel it would take Israel less than a year to reinforce their position and be ready for any challenge and could then work on designing their next generation fighter. In the long run Israel would be ahead and more self-reliant and would actually owe Bernie a thank you visit where the Israelis could give him a demonstration of the new Israeli fighter which was going to make many decide to purchase from Israel and forgo the limitations and the leash which the F15JSF has connecting them permanently to the United States which requires regular uploads and downloads feeding the United States every bit of information on how the fighter was used, where it flew, when it flew and any other data including weapons loads that it carried on each mission and if they were deployed and any of the armaments fired and if so at what and whether they hit target or missed. Surely nobody could be concerned about the F35JSF relating such data during maintenance which it would require regularly. So, by cutting Israel off, Bernie Sanders might actually be providing Israel with the incentive to become self-reliant and self-sufficient for her own defense for the immediate and longer future.


Bernie Sanders


The one thing which was obvious from the start of the American primary elections, the only party which had any chance of offering a candidate who would back Israel even slightly was the Republicans. This stands in stark contrast to elections past where supporting Israel was a guaranteed given in word even if action was less convincing. Things have turned in the United States and we are witnessing the slow but inevitable erosion of the American Israeli love affair. The marriage is without a doubt heading for a divorce and Israel had best get their arms around this inevitability and begin to make whatever adjustments will become necessary and required. The first is get prepared to at the least make their own aircraft as American jets may not be forthcoming after the F35JSF, and that is a fact, not conjecture. We know not how much longer the Republicans will be able to be trusted to support Israel, but once they slide the end will be in sight.


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May 8, 2014

Would Loss of American Unquestioned Support Destroy Israel?

Periodically the almost automated support given to Israel without any real debate or question does come into review with some of the same expected sources challenging the basis for this aid. There are also the parallel claims of Israeli misdeeds, misallocation and other evil intents which Israel often uses American aid monies to facilitate. These claims often depict the use by Israel of American military aid in their struggles to abate, intercede and react to terrorism which often takes the form of limited military strikes on terror targets in Gaza as well as Samaria and Judea. The Israeli use of American military hardware such as Apache Attack Helicopters or F-16 aircraft usually top the list of complaints as they are the most readily applicable force extender. So, how devastated would the Israeli Defense Forces and Israeli society in general suffer should such aid actually be pulled by some future President or Congress due to any reasons from changing alliances to spending cuts or any other motivations. Surprisingly, under many such scenarios Israel might actually find themselves in a better position than the present status-quo. Yes, that’s what we said, better off.


First off, should the United States curtail most of its aid from Israel while continuing to provide the levels of aid, especially military aid, to Israel’s Arab neighbors would create a dangerous situation. This would not be as devastating as might first appear as currently, especially under the Bush and Obama Administrations the aid to Israel’s Arab neighbors has, when considered in total has significantly exceeded the aid received by Israel. Recently there were military aid packages which provided Saudi Arabia with a number of F16 fighters which brought them almost on par with the numbers of fighter aircraft as Israel would be capable of fielding. Another example was the supplying to Egypt of Apache Attack Helicopters in numbers approaching the numbers of Israeli attack helicopters. When considered including the Russian aid to Syria and Egypt where the Russians have claimed their intent is to provide each of Israel’s neighboring nations with military hardware comparable to the Israel military giving each parity with the IDF results in putting Israel at a distinct disadvantage should her neighbors combine their forces and coordinate an attack. Of course there will be those who, completely blind to historical examples will contend that such a possibility would be unthinkable considering the splintering of the Arab nations over the recent past. Anybody with an ounce of reasoning and devoid of any anti-Israeli bias would immediately see that the one unifying item which would overcome any and all differences and animosities of the Arab nations would be a plan and call for a complete and total war to eliminate the Zionist entity. Even previous United States military experts always explained and supported military support in the Middle East to heavily favor Israel due to the fact that Israel would most likely face attacks by all of her neighbors and not just each as a single entity, just as the previous wars since 1948 through the present proves.


So, wouldn’t Israel face an even more unbalanced and challenging situation should the United States take a position where they cut significantly their foreign aid packages, especially their military aid packages. The truth is as long as such cuts were universal and across the boards and not specifically aimed at Israel; such a situation might actually work to Israel’s advantage. Given that most of the recent arming of Israel by the United States has been offset by a similar package for Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and to a lesser measure Turkey, Lebanon, and possibly Iraq ends up making the forces which could potentially ally in an attack on Israel far more equipped numerically than Israel. This is ontop of and above the fact that Israeli dependence which has resulted from the United States offers from back in the early 1970s has left Israel basically dependent on the United States as Israel has not put any significant efforts into development of advanced fighter and other aircraft since that time. One might ask how and why did Israel end up in this less than enviable position. The answer revolves around the Lavi fighter jet. The Lavi was the Israeli equivalent, for lack of other comparison, to the F-16 as a single engine fighter jet and would have been poised as a challenge to American sales of F-16 aircraft in international sales. The United States offered the Israelis a deal which included not only F-16 fighters which would cover the main abilities of the Lavi and also F-15 fighter bombers which added extra capabilities to the IAF and promised to maintain such a military and tactical advantage over her neighbors in air superiority. Now Israel is no longer in a position to produce their own fighter aircraft as they are decades behind in practical experience as they have relied completely on the United States. Should Israel be forced to produce future aircraft in-country, there would be a lagging in the development of cutting edge aircraft on a level comparable to the promised F-35 fifth generation fighter Israel is currently scheduled to receive. This in no way implies that the Israelis would find themselves in an unenviable position and overmatched by the aircraft capabilities of her neighbors who would either continue receiving American aircraft or Russian aircraft. After an initial lagging period and as soon as Israel developed their fifth generation fighters and other aircraft and completed building the necessary infrastructure to produce these assets without dependence on other nations, then Israel would no longer be dependent on the United States, something which is proving to possibly become problematic.


There are numerous reasons that Israel would initially experience some serious difficulties and challenges to overcome but nothing that dedication and a sizeable but likely affordable and advantageous investment of engineering and manufacturing which would also provide Israel with a future market on the international arms market where Israel could give favor to those nations which support her instead of being dependent on any one provider for the tools necessary for her defense. Israeli development of an aircraft production manufacturing could also provide El Al a new, less expensive and domestic supplier of passenger aircraft which would also place Israel in a market that currently she is a purchaser and not a supplier. This would also give El Al a venue where they could request aircraft developed and built to their specifications and included the defensive abilities which currently have to be added to any passenger airlines bought by El Al. Having a manufacturer who would build these capabilities into the aircraft would necessarily also provide cost savings and also secrecy which in such areas is invaluable. Israel actually would be well served to move towards becoming self-dependent such that she is not reliant on any foreign entity for those items which are vital to the protection and further development necessary to provide protection and comfort of her people. Becoming self-sufficient would also be a necessary step towards freeing Israel from outside influences and vulnerability to demands from a provider of vital needs or funds. As Israel has become a leading nation in software and related technologies and had a healthy economic future, especially if their attention to cutting their deficits proves successful, that should allow for internal development for all items including military hardware as the current threats existing in the world could lead to a situation where Israel no longer would have willing partners who would provide those items necessary for her self-defense and abilities to intercede and intercept terrorist threats. With Iran poised to become a nuclear armed nation, providing they are not already so armed, the possibility of Iran forcing other nations to place a military embargo on Israel and deny her any military or possibly all aid will become something which needs to be incorporated in Israeli plans for the future.


The admonitions and adversarial statements by United States Secretary of State John Kerry and Special Envoy Martin Indyk placing all their blames and venoms onto Israel over the failure of the most recent negotiations could be a harbinger of troubling times. The facts are that many were capable of predicting not only the failure of the peace efforts but also give the steps, or likely the frameworks if not the actual steps, which the Palestinians would utilize to, as they defined their actions and intentions themselves, “blow up the peace talks.” Add to these items the insults and proclamations made by President Obama directed against Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and other Israeli politicians and statesmen as well as placing unreasonable demands and misplaced blame on Israel while demanding concession and surrenders by Israel beyond reason have all given an indication that perhaps American aid might not be as dependable in the future as Israel has depended upon in the past. The changing attitudes on College campi is another indicator of what the future may hold as it is from the students who are today holding mock checkpoints, building Apartheid walls, and acting out skits denigrating IDF actions to protect Israeli citizens from potential terrorist actions are the leaders of the world within the next few decades. The proof of this is on display as the students of the anti-war and other movements from the 1960s and early 1970s are the current leaders in the world and particularly in the United States and today’s students will climb into the positions of power in the near future. Looking at the university environment during Israel Apartheid Week and the activities which have spread across numerous colleges and will likely continue to spread give a likely accurate picture of the composition of the board rooms, parliaments, congresses, professors, media, and other positions of power and influence within the next quarter century. The picture this paints should be taken as the warning as well as the threat it really poses and should such a future come to fruition, Israel will be facing much worse than simply the refusal of the United States to continue to sell them fighter aircraft or other military supplies, Israel may find herself completely alone in the world and facing the Armageddon predicted in religious liturgies. Amazingly, the prediction of such a scenario coming in the future does not set me on edge or fill me with fears as I just have a feeling, call it a faith, that Israel will persevere and prove triumphant in the end no matter how extensive the threat or how dire the situations and I have no doubts in this conviction.


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