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September 2, 2013

Obama Falsely Using Israel as Excuse to Strike Syria

President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry both trotted out the White House’s excuse that Congress needs to approve Syria strike which has nothing to do with his real intentions. Israel has not requested not even actually wishes to have Syrian dictator Bashir al-Assad removed, especially as doing so would result in placing al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood on their northern border. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu responded way back at the beginning of the Syrian civil war when asked if Israel planned to act in any way to assist the rebel fighters by stating that Israel has no intentions of interfering in Syria’s internal conflict and that as far as Israel was concerned neither side presented a desirable outcome and that they would be just as happy to continue with Assad in power as he was a known entity which was unlikely to attack Israel. Simply put, they preferred the devil they know over the devil they don’t know which makes perfect sense when already there are unstable governments throughout the Middle East and Israel already has to adjust again to the changes in Egypt. There is no way that Prime Minister Netanyahu or anybody else in the Israeli ruling coalition who has officially, or even unofficially, requested for the United States to strike al-Assad or anybody within Syria. This is simply a false flag opportunistic misdirection whereby President Obama is falsely representing his desire to assist the Muslim Brotherhood replace Assad just as he supported Morsi in Egypt and place the blame when everything goes wrong on Israel. President Obama wants to strike al-Assad and then claim Israel made him do it when the world demands he pay for his meddling.


The last thing Israel needs is to have a bullseye painted on them tied to striking Syrian military sites further angering and providing a ready excuse to Hezballah and Iran to strike Israel. Things are precarious enough as Syria, Hezballah, Iran and any allies Iran can muster such as potentially Iraq all threatening to strike at Israel should the United States or anybody else strikes Syrian assets of al-Assad. With President Obama now singling out Israel as the motivation for such an attack also takes the eyes off his claim that the strike on Syria was for the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian military. Presumably the White House has been given intelligence which proves beyond any doubt that it was under orders from al-Assad that the chemical weapons attack was perpetrated. Thus far none of this damning evidence has been produced and we are all supposed to take President Obama’s word that it exists and is definitive. So, which is it Mr. President, is this attack you claim needs to be brought on targets of the Syrian military due to unimpeachable evidence or to help Israel despite the small inconvenient fact that Israel never requested or even intimated they desire such an attack. Israel gets blamed for enough things that the last thing they need is the President of the United States claiming that he is attacking one of Israel’s neighbors to protect Israel. Israel is perfectly able to protect herself and would strike Syrian assets if they wished such and do not need you pinning your desire to attack Syrian targets on their dime. Thank you but no thank you Mr. President.


Regarding the Syrian civil war and the Sunni Shiite struggle it had morphed into, Israel has made their position abundantly clear stating that they have no interest in this fight and their sole concern is that they will act to prevent any transfer of chemical weapons or weapon systems which might be game changers from being transferred or given to Hezballah as any weapons Hezballah receives are almost exclusively for use against Israel and thus their concern. Nowhere in their concerns was there any mention of chemical weapons being used within the Syrian theater, none. Nowhere in their concerns was there any mention of regime change pro or con. Israel’s concerns are simple, they will not allow Hezballah to receive weapons which could pose additional or new threats and they reserve the right to defend against any attacks which cross their border threatening Israeli civilians or IDF soldiers. Beyond that Israel will allow the different sides within Syria to fight among themselves for as long as they wish to continue just as long as they leave Israel alone. Such does not sound like Israel wishes for President Obama to ask Congress to allow him to strike Syria for anything remotely concerning Israel. So, please American Congress, both the House of Representatives and the Senate, please request that President Obama clarify the reasons he is seeking your support for attacking Syrian military assets and targets and if he insists on keeping to the story that he is doing it to assist Israel, please tell him no for us, thank you.


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