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October 19, 2012

Both of Our Fears Confirmed; One in United States and One in Israel

For those who still had faith in the media or in politics and have been paying attention this week has now been forced into the majority camp of the skeptics. The more obvious one, once it has been revealed to the public, was actually in Israel and had nothing to do with any debates anywhere in the United States. Last year much of the coverage attempted to sell the story line that the tent protests and related events were a popular uprising and had absolutely nothing to do with Israeli politics. They were sold as protests supported by the every-man and had nothing to do with protesting the Netanyahu government coalition. These were real people with real problems that the government needed to address seriously and immediately because the entire of Israel was represented by these protests which strangled downtown Tel Aviv for weeks. Well, something very unfortunate for this theory and the people who were selling it in Israel, they lied through their teeth. The list of candidates for the Knesset by the Labor Party was released today and surprise, surprise, former student leader Itzik Shmuli, well known protester Stav Shafir and  journalist Mickey Rosenthal who had covered the protest giving them glowing approval in every article. Short note to the Labor Party, we understand that you need to do what you need to do to unseat the Likud Party and Netanyahu along with his coalition from control of the Knesset. We even understand that you might choose to go to great lengths in order to accomplish your goal. Next time you basically sponsor, granted, not officially, but veritably sponsor protests to make the sitting party in power look unpopular and merciless and unfeeling towards the people of the nation of Israel, try and refrain from placing the leaders and key people or their in the bag journalist onto your candidate list for the Knesset in the elections a little over a year later. The reason should be obvious, even to the most blinded ideologue.

The other confirmed suspicion was not really all that surprising. We were treated to exactly how closely aligned with the Democrat Party some, nay, most of the mainstream press is and how far one member of the elite in this club was willing to go in front of the likely largest audience they had ever had watch them. This was the confirmation that second Presidential Debate moderator Candy Crowley produced in spades with her performance this week. Her performance stood in stark comparison to the impressive performance and ability to be almost invisible by PBS anchor Jim Lehrer turned in at the first Presidential Debate. The lowlight of Ms. Crowley came when she scolded Mitt Romney, sounding like an out of control old fashion schoolmarm scolding a petulant child, over his stating that the President had misspoke about the Benghazi, Libya Embassy attack claiming he had called it a terror operation the next day. As it turns out, fact checkers have since reported that Mitt Romney was correct, Ms. Crowley was incorrect in her damning accusatorial correction and President Obama had indeed misrepresented his next day reaction of the horrendous terror attack that killed Ambassador Stevens and three other American embassy personnel. If that had been the sole act of bias committed by Candy Crowley she could easily be forgiven for making a bad call and even doing so a little over the top emotionally, but that was just the icing on the cake of a night replete with one slight after another with virtually all were slanted in favor of the President. Ms. Crowley also allowed President Obama to speak for ten minutes more than was challenger Mitt Romney. It has been reported that at CNN there was a memo that revealed that this apparent favoritism was actually done to allow the slower speaking President Obama and Mitt Romney to use the same number of total words during the debate. I have yet to hear of anybody who has gone back and counted the word count for each candidate thus cannot comment about this claim other than to ask; really, equal word count and you expect anybody to say, “Yes, sure, that was the reason.” Then there was the count of interruptions which Ms. Crowley was very generous in handing out, not what many, myself included, desire from a moderator. The problem here was of the over fifty total interruptions were not exactly evenly handed out. The interruption count showed that Ms. Crowley generously gave Mitt Romney three, some even say four, interruptions per interruption she showered on President Obama. What was the worst was that for those who tuned in to watch and listen to the two candidates were treated to a debate which had three participants, two for President Obama and Mitt Romney for himself. Let us hope that we get a performance that is more like the professional performance turned in by Jim Lehrer and Ms. Crowley will be the exception and not the rule.

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