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June 30, 2015

The Thirty Days of Ramadan


While there are thirty days in the Muslim holiday of Ramadan as of the writing of this article we are merely approaching the midpoint of the holiday and have but a dozen days’ worth of news to pull from; thus, this is more like the Twelve Days of Ramadan. Perhaps it would be worth it for us to recall back in the days of the Second Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan where the allied troops were warned by the commander of the combined forces, the commander of each nations’ forces, and likely had the reminder driven home by every level right down to your squad leader. Then, additionally, whenever your squad was to perform a patrol the warnings were given in reverse starting with your squad leader to your platoon officer to your company commander and potentially to your battalion commander and, should one be extremely fortunate, your brigade commander to whatever was appropriate to the size of the mission and numbers of troops being dispatched. The warning would quickly sound like a broken record (for those who have never seen a turntable, let alone a record player, a broken record would have damaged tracks causing it to skip, backwards in this case, and repeat the same thing until nudged forward) warning the troops not to eat when Muslims were able to see your actions as this would be insensitive to their fasting during the daylight hours and eating after sundown. Be extraordinarily polite when dealing with a Muslim and be respectful of this holiday of ultimate importance in Islam, and whatever one did or whatever the circumstance nobody, they would usually emphasize this by adding, and I mean nobody, then continuing with the admonition, should discharge their weapon particularly aimed at a Muslim as such action would be desecrating and disrespecting this holy month of Ramadan. For some untold reason these rules of respecting Ramadan by restraining from any use of force was not part of the observance of those the allied troops in Iraq and Afghanistan were observing as they continued their usual ambushes and planting IEDs (improvised explosive devices which served a similar purpose as mines and were simply more ingenious in their construction and camouflage) or other steps of violence against the infidel troops besmirching not only their sacred lands but their sacred holiday by presenting themselves as targets forcing them to shoot at them during Ramadan.


Getting down to the serious discussion, Ramadan began on Thursday, the 18th of June, but with Islam using the same changeover of days like the Jews the start is actually the evening before at sunset and will continue until Friday, the 17th of July ending at sunset. Thus far it has been a busy first half of Ramadan despite the allied troops has almost completely disappeared from Iraq and being pulled out from Afghanistan. It was kicked off in Israel with the regularly scheduled rioting, vehement protesting any anti-terror activities such as checkpoints, despite their numbers being decreased for the entirety of Ramadan while concurrently issuing additional travel permits so that Arabs from Gaza desiring to worship at the Temple Mount could do so if they placed any importance on such activities being performed there. These passes were not honored for one entire day in response to rocket attack made the night of Tuesday, June 23 on Israel during Ramadan out of Gaza. The ramifications concerning Ramadan violence took a serious turn for the worse on the second day of Ramadan which was June 19 when Danny Gonen and a friend stopped their vehicle as they were leaving a spring they had visited to assist an Arab man who flagged them down appearing to be in distress. It was then when the Arab man upon approaching the vehicle opened up with a handgun shooting both young men and murdering one of the young men, twenty-five-year-old Danny Gonen, who died as a result of his wounds soon after being airlifted still in an unconscious state to Tel Hashomer Hospital. His friend, whose name has been withheld, received moderate to serious wounds with gunshots mostly to his arms and legs and was taken by ambulance for treatment at Tel Hashomer Hospital. His condition after arrival and treatment at the hospital was reported as moderately injured but stable expected to recover.


Just two days subsequent on June 21 a Border Patrol Officer was stabbed repeatedly by his Arab attacker with his most serious wounds resulting from a stabbing wound to his neck. Before losing consciousness the Border Officer managed to shoot and fatally injure his attacker preventing him from injuring others at the scene of the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. The officer regained consciousness after treatment some time on Monday and is expected to recover from his wounds. Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino paid him a bedside visit on Monday morning and was quoted to have told the officer’s family, “They told me what happened to him after the stabbing, it enhances his heroism.”


The next day, Monday, June 22, the body of a farmer, David Bar Kapara aged 70 years, was found in his orchards. David Bar Kapara was murdered by what was described as Arab laborers who illegally entered Israel seeking employment and who were likely told that David Bar Kapara and not having found work they struck out and murdered an elderly man little capable of posing any risk to his attackers, a craven and cowardly act. These individuals, when caught, should be charged with having committed a brutal and horrific act, murder of the most serious kind, premeditated as they likely demanded employment threatening David Bar Kapara, a seventy-year-old farmer who was the most innocent and helpless against such an attack by so many attackers and then beat him to death. They could have simply stopped at any time while he would have survived but instead continued the assault like animals in a killing frenzy. They deserve to be treated as the rabid animals their attack closely imitated with its depravity and brutality resulting in cruel murder on a defenseless elderly farmer without any provocation and resulting merely because of their frustrations, a motivation hardly the equivalence of their horrific actions.


Then come Friday, June 26, there was an assault on an IDF manned checkpoint in the Jordan Valley. The initial investigations have revealed the perpetrator stepped from his vehicle and proceeded to open fire on the soldiers without managing to hit any of them. A short but decisive gun battle ensued resulting on the attacker’s death and no injuries of the soldiers stationed at the checkpoint. This is being treated as another Arab terror attack. The terrorist was armed with a modified Carl Gustav automatic weapon pictured below. These attacks and attempted murders with one target having suffered fatal wounds have represented the unfortunate upswing in terror attacks both in severity and frequency with these attacks having taken place solely in Israel.



Modified Carl Gustav automatic weapon used in the Friday, June 26, 2015, assault on an IDF manned checkpoint during Ramadan celebration and observance

Modified Carl Gustav automatic weapon used in the Friday, June 26, 2015, assault on an IDF manned checkpoint during Ramadan celebration and observance



Come Saturday night an ambulance and its driver were shot upon while returning from Ofra driving on the recently opened new highway adjacent to Beit El in the Binyamin region of Samaria, north of Jerusalem. The terrorist was standing next to his car with its engine running when, without any warning, the terrorist brandished his weapon and opened fire hitting the vehicle three times but injured nobody. The terrorist then proceeded to fire at the next vehicle right behind the ambulance. After apparently missing striking both vehicles the Arab shooter decided to call it a night and climbed back into his vehicle and sped off out of sight. The ambulance driver was quoted revealing that, “We get a lot more attacks at the entrances to Jerusalem, where they throw rocks, firebombs, and other things at us. I was told that this was the first time they fired at an ambulance in this area.” Let us hope that was the last attack on that route from this day forward.


This weekend and start of the new week has seen more than its share of Ramadan violence. Still listing violence in Israel, on Sunday there were two separate incidents. The first incident there was nobody hurt or injured as the IDF and security sources prevented the attack by intercepting a woman, an Arab Palestinian, who was trying to cross the security fence from Qalqiliya into Judea-Samaria carrying a rifle slung across her back. During questioning the would be female terrorist revealed that Hamas had sent her to carry out a terror attack to shoot as many Israelis as she could before being captured or otherwise prevented from continuing her assault. Then early on Monday we suffered a far more serious attack when an Arab woman and terrorist stabbed the twenty-five-year-old female IDF soldier placed to guard Kever Rachael (Rachel’s Tomb) north of Bethlehem and south of Jerusalem. In the assault the IDF guard was wounded with repeated stabbings largely in her neck as well as other minor injuries. The soldier received treatment at the scene and was still unconscious and listed as serious when placed for transit to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem. During the trip, the female soldier regained consciousness and by the time she was transferred to the hospital she was listed to be in stable condition. She is expected to also make a complete recovery.


There was another attack Monday night first reported in the final hour before midnight and Tuesday morning. In yet another shooting attack these terrorists this time opened fire on a car near the community of Shvut Rachel where their bullets wounded four occupants in the car in which they were traveling. Of the four injured three were in light to moderate condition and the fourth suffered serious wounds. The most severely wounded victim was evacuated to the Shaarei Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem along with one of those in moderate condition while the other two victims were transferred to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital. These attacks were in addition to the return of rockets across the Gaza front and the barrages of rocks, bricks, cinderblocks and other various objects hurled at vehicles mostly in Judea and Samaria with recent outbreaks beginning within Israel largely thus far in central and northern Galilee. There also has been a marked increase in rockets fired by the Gaza terrorist outlets including Hamas and Islamic Jihad.


Israel was far from the only scene of Islamic Jihadist violence. By now it should be becoming evident that as Giulio Meotti in “Terrorists are not Barbarians, They are Enemies at War with the West” made evidently clear, this is not simply a bunch of lone wolf attacks or even coordinated attacks meant to simply scare and worry people but a bonafide war being waged by slow escalations with the eventual intent to make one last final thrust and depose every Western Government in Europe and around the developed world. These soldiers of this Jihad are slowly being placed in vital points to take out leadership and infrastructure thus causing maximum confusion and lack of leadership and then exploiting the chaos that results. In what many news services are covering as three completely separate incidents with nothing in common except that they have been declared by many government experts in the Western World are loudly and vehemently exclaiming that they have nothing to do with the religion of peace, Islam. Yet, in the weekend following a call by ISIS for their followers around the world to rise up and terrorize the world, and three responded. We have and will continue to be told that these three individuals had nothing in common with each other and these were isolated incidents which just happened as these three simply went insane each at their own time for their own reasons.


Tunisia is reporting that they have arrested the first of those who planned and carried out the beach terror attack in which at least thirty-eight people were killed. They have detained “a significant number of people from the network that was behind this terrorist” attack on a popular tourist resort in Port El Kantaoui. The authorities have also claimed to have identified 23-year-old Seifeddine Rezgui as the man who has pulled an AK-47 from its concealed location inside a beach umbrella and began walking along the beach shooting as he walked along the beach. During the same period there was an assault on a Shia Mosque in Kuwait City. This attack murdered at least another twenty-seven people and wounded over 200 others simply because they practiced a separate branch of Islam. Finally, in Lyons, France, Yassine Salhi, who has admitted to decapitating his boss and placing his head trophy style on the fence post at the gates to the factory, has been detained along with his wife, sister and one other person. The man beheading his boss and mutilating his body, being as disturbing as it may be, that is the worst of the story as the explosion caused by Yassine Salhi ramming and exploding his truck into the gas factory where he has been employed resulted only two injuries while the rest of the employees were evacuated with no further harm to people. This may result in having been a terror attack which also targeted the terrorist’s place of work and mutilating and decapitating his boss may also be classified as possibly the worst case of workplace violence. Even removing the French attack, the Kuwait and Tunis attacks murdered sixty-five innocent people thus far and let us pray for no more to be counted amongst the dead, and well over two-hundred injured. The fact that these attacks occurred almost immediately after ISIS leadership called for their followers to rise up and attack and terrorize those who are the enemies of ISIS and their version of Sunni Islam, a call that likely places two-thirds of Sunni Muslims as legitimate targets which has been proven by the numbers of fellow Sunni Muslims have been murdered after ISIS has taken some presumed Sunni areas where the people apparently were not quite diligent or exactly the same as the one defined by ISIS. The one item which the people need to start with their elected representatives is that they no longer jump immediately to the conclusion that nothing initially appears to be a terror attack and then dancing around the point avoiding that which is obvious to the rest of us as terrorism. They and their co-conspirators from the mainstream media must be forced to recognize that the so-called unwashed masses are literate these days and though we may not have gone to Harvard or Columbia Universities, we are thinking and smarter than many of them would believe and we can handle the truth (no matter what Jack Nicholson may declare). They need to trust the people as the people, as a group, will often come to a better conclusion than the five-hundred-thirty-five, thirty-six if we count the man at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, seem to be capable of reaching. The people would not write laws which one must pass to know what is in it and the people would write laws that make sense and not make laws because they had little else to do. I’d rather have a society designed by fifty to one-hundred land-owning farmers than a thousand lawyers, and thinking of it, was that not who wrote the Constitution of the United States that our modern day heroes are attempting to redefine to mean what they want it to mean and have a court which has recently twisted almost to if not past the breaking point. No, give me that original and unpolluted document even with the first ten amendments and allow a start-over for America, she will be better for the restart. Just as Israel would be at a greater advantage and healthier to return to their original constitution, not the one started as a conglomeration of “Basic Laws” which can be changed at whim, I mean Torah, the five books of Moses, even if it does mean no government making new laws, just using the ones written in Torah, all six-hundred-thirteen commandments.


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April 27, 2013

Is Boston Beginning of American Intifada?

Israel is at the front cusp of their third intifada. This one thus far could be labeled the brick, rock, block and fire bottle intifada since the attacks are being implemented using large rocks, bricks, cinderblocks, and gasoline filled bottles including a flaming cloth wick (Molotov cocktails). The mainstream media world-wide tends to refer to these attacks by completely omitting the Molotov cocktails and belittling the size of the rocks by using the terms stones or even pebbles. They also refer to those who are launching these projectiles as youths or young teens when in actuality there are young men up through age thirty-five and some are young teens. What they also tend to omit is the use of slings and that many of the road rock attacks are done by launching the large rocks from a speeding car at vehicles traveling in the opposite direction adding the speed of both vehicles to the impact providing often well over seventy miles an hour speed to the impacting rock compared to the windshield it impacts and often pierces.


Going back there has been two previous intifada in Israel. The first intifada was implemented by Yasser Arafat and consisted mostly on rock attacks, stabbings and shootings. The second intifada was called by Yasser Arafat and had been planned before he joined in negotiations which he entered planning on walking out and not accepting any offer even if it gave him everything he asked for. The offer he received would have returned 95% of the West Bank, all of Gaza, the eastern half of Jerusalem and exchanges of land to make up lands equal to the 5% of the West Bank being retained by Israel. Yasser Arafat walked out of the negotiations after hearing the offer without even giving any reason for his refusal or making any counter offer or amendment to the offer. Madeline Albright was filmed by news cameras chasing after Arafat pleading for him to please return and negotiate promising they could find an agreement he would accept no matter what he desired. He completely ignored her as if he had to accept anything he would not have been able to implement his intifada and he had already planned everything out. This second intifada was extremely violent consisting of car bombs, suicide bombers, suitcase and carrying bags left in public places containing bombs. Could such murder and mayhem actually ever come to Europe or America? That depends on certain conditions and actions that are taken in the near future and is worth an investigation.


The probability of Muslim terror has been found to be related to the percentage of unassimilated Muslim population within the general population. The theory is that when the unassimilated Muslim percentage grows to between ten and twenty percent and there is a potential for radicalization being fomented within the population of sufficient strength, it is likely to cause levels of terror attacks which would be perceived as a societal problem. This alone is insufficient as people do not act in such an antisocial manner without stimulus and causation. This could be initiated by sermons from radical Imams giving sermons in the Mosque or radicalized agenda being taught in the school affiliated with the Mosque. This has been witnessed in numerous locations through northern and central Africa where nations are divided with a strong Muslim centered population bordering a strong Christian or Animist population where most of the violence occurs on the border regions. So, should the population densities begin to attain levels conducive to potential, what forms would such terror take on?


To be completely honest, the Boston Marathon bombing is indicative of what can be expected. The targets would be more varied with any place where people congregate becoming a viable target. Such places would be restaurants on special days where there would be people waiting for a table and thus congregated in close proximity. IHOP on a Sunday morning or virtually any restaurant on Mother’s Day would be examples. Also fairs, circuses, sporting events, or grand opening events, especially new shopping malls would also be inviting targets. Targeting would often tend to be aimed toward places with ties to the community and places which people would normally frequent so as to maximize the affects at making people feel uneasy when doing normal everyday life events. This is what is behind targeting family eateries, shopping centers, sports events, and anywhere families would tend to congregate. The aim is to make life so uncertain that everyday life becomes a questionable event and thus public fears are maximized. An attentive and aware public can minimize the threats by learning the signs and indicators which should attract suspicions and then having law enforcement able to make a rapid response and determination quickly with removal or other resolving of any threat with minimal interruption to normalcy. The ability to interdict terror attempts is the best solution that can be applied as it minimizes the threat and that takes away the fear factor which is the entire motivation behind such attacks. Of course the best way to address the potential for terror is to facilitate the assimilation of all peoples making them integrate and become an accepted member of the community. The efforts of every community should assist assimilation and incorporation of all members and peoples as integrated, functioning members of an open and accepting blend of neighborhoods. Fortunately, America has a strong history of assimilation and acceptance.


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November 28, 2010

Obama Succeeds Changing Palestinian Israeli Relations

During the campaign and after taking office, President Obama placed changing the environment of the stagnant Palestinian Israeli Peace Process. His initial idea of pushing the Israelis to freeze building past the Green Line, even including around Jerusalem, definitely pushed the Peace Process into virgin territory. Despite the Israeli comprehensive building freeze, against the better judgment of many in the ruling coalition, had the affect of hardening the position of the Palestinians who adopted an attitude of noncooperation holding out for additional concessions. The end result of President Obama’s radical activist intervention was new hope for the Palestinian leadership who saw the potential for their dreams to be answered, finally have an American President who was placing new pressures and demands on Israel while not requiring reciprocal concessions from them. When after almost the entire ten month freeze had expired and it became apparent that no additional demands were forthcoming on the Israelis, Mahmoud Abbas met once in Washington where there was a great shaking of hands, then refused to further meetings until the freeze was extended indefinitely.

Since the expiration of the building freeze, which the Israelis fulfilled their entire commitment despite the ineffectiveness, there has been extensive maneuvering by both sides, making moves, stipulating positions, demanding concessions, pressing Obama to impose on the other side, standing on presumptive principles, expressing disappointments and claiming intransigence by the other side. Despite more heated friction between the two sides, they have hardened their positions and none of the heat generated has warmed the possibilities for peace. The appearances of give and take has mostly turned out to be more grabbing and attempting to take than even the slightest instance of giving. All of this frantic flurry of fakes and feints has resembled the Keystone Cops more than skillful negotiations by an experienced diplomatic corps.

The latest volleys released from each side have included demands that are more posturing than actual honest expectations. The Palestinians insisted that the building freeze be extended for as long as the negotiations were continued. Israel countered with extending the freeze for a set number of months providing the Palestinians recognized Israel’s right to exist as the Jewish State. The Palestinians stood firm that such recognition was absolutely beyond the pale. The Palestinians opened the next salvo demanding that Israel guarantee the return to the Green Line 1948 armistice lines. Israel restated their intent to never again divide Jerusalem, stating it is their eternal indivisible capital. The Palestinians claimed the Temple Mount and Old City of Jerusalem, once again declaring their Muslim roots and denying the validity of any Jewish historical claims.

While this vortex of accusations and demands continued, the United Nations refused to be denied their moment in the limelight. UNESCO stepped forward declaring Rachel’s Tomb and the Cave of the Patriarchs to be Mosques with no Jewish history or significance. Not to be outdone, the Palestinians followed this up claiming the Kotel, the Western Wall, was built as part of the al-Aska Mosque further stating that there was no archeological evidence to the contrary. Then, this past week the United Nations General Assembly voted to schedule another Durban Conference to be held in New York on September 21, 2011, ten days after the tenth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks. The stated agenda for the tenth anniversary of the Durban Conference is to revisit the agenda from the first Durban Conference held in Durban, South Africa where the Muslim and Arab countries supported by the non-aligned nations, numerous nations from Africa, and a plethora of NGO’s convicted Israel of responsibility for virtually every ill in the history of mankind, or at least since 1948. Also vilified at the first Durban Conference was the United States in particular, and the West in general. There was absolutely no mention of any other country having participated in any criminal activities or violence.

All in all, since President Obama took to the world stage to repair America’s image and bring peace to Israel, the Palestinians, the Middle East, and end human suffering wherever it was to be found, the world sure has changed. We have Lebanon on the brink of war, North and South Korea in the initial stages of war, the world economy in a total and complete shambles, anti-Semitism reaching levels not seen since World War Two, Iran at the cusp of becoming a nuclear power, and America’s image in the world reaching all time lows. President Obama sure has succeeded at far more than simply changing Palestinian Israeli relations, but the question is are these changes heading the world in the right direction?

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