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November 3, 2015

And Abbas Finally Speaks the Truth About Israel


While speaking to a special session of the Human Rights Council this past week, Wednesday, in Geneva, while Abbas requested the United Nations, the Security Council in particular as only they can provide what he is demanding of late, that the Human Rights Council demand and fully back his demand for international forces be sent to protect any Arabs, Palestinian or Israeli, from being prevented by police, Border Patrols, Israeli Defense Forces or Israeli citizens interfering in any way their attempts to murder freely Israeli citizens. Understand that these attacks may be targeting Jews but there is a statistical chance of one in four that the target attacked will be other than Jewish and a twenty percent chance of their target being a fellow Arab. Abbas’s speech had a number of goodies which we will post outtake pictures of the selected frames for ease of reading and include the entire video at the bottom for the less patient who are also fast readers, though one need not be too fast a reader I have been told.



Abbas Speech in Geneva October 28 2015 to Human Rights Council Demanding Peacekeeping Forces to Guard Terrorists Stabbing Israelis

Abbas Speech in Geneva October 28 2015 to Human Rights Council
Demanding Peacekeeping Forces to Guard Terrorists Stabbing Israelis



What is it that makes Abbas so irresistible that whenever and to whomever he desires to speak to, most especially United Nations, attached NGOs, and other Agencies instantly upon an Abbas request for special sessions are instantly coordinated? The next thing required to interpret Abbas’s brief brush with the truth is to do some rudimentary mathematics, a simple case of subtractions before delving into a little history.



Abbas United Nations Math which takes year 2015 subtract his desired 67 years erasing history to 1948 before Israel founded

This has been the never to be stated aim of the entire terror war from even before 1948 which was the year in which Israel was founded on May 15th, from even before the riots instigated and called for by the Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin Al Hussein who made calls for the riots on Arab radio stations declaring that the Jews were desecrating the al-Aqsa Mosque and were also preparing to destroy the al-Aqsa Mosque despite there being no evidence or potential truth to his claims. These broadcasts called for pogroms against the Jews of Jerusalem and Hevron as well as numerous places where the violence was somewhat muted but all in all the acts of rioting close to one-hundred-fifty Jews were murdered. In the main areas where any intervention might have ended the violence the British policemen did not open fire fearing that if they had shot into the Arab crowd, the mob would have turned their anger on the police. There will be those who may claim this source is tainted due to its presumed slant but we can attest that we have heard that it may have been a single shot from a British Officer which scattered the Arab rioters which was fired due to some of the Arab rioters coming uncomfortably close to the British section of troops who stood and simply witnessed the pogrom without any concern. The source Think-Israel tells a slightly different story themselves quoting with regard to Mr. Cafferata, both the Memorial Book and the testimony of the survivors record, with damning unanimity, that Mr. Cafferata did nothing for two hours. The Memorial book records: “From our knowledge, we say with certainty that it would have sufficed to issue a warning, or to fire some shots into the air, and the crowd would have scattered. It was only after there had been sufficient butchery, plunder and rape, and the pogromists were about to attack an English officer, that some shots were fired, and the mob dispersed at once.”


The 1929 rioting had been preceded by rioting in Jaffa in 1921 and on and off rioting and assaults since the first Jewish settlers arrived in Palestine in 1882 from Russia and which were also followed by further rioting incited in much the same manner in 1933, as well as consistently from 1936 through 1939 across the different places in what would eventually become Israel for one evening before the assault on Israel the next morning by seven Arab armies crossing the borders with Lebanon in the north, Syria the Golan Heights in the northeast, Egypt in the South, and Saudi Arabia and Yemen from the southeast and Iraq and Jordan from the east. Just in case anybody ever doubted what the actual real borders of Israel were as when she declared her independence, allow me to repeat without naming the armies which poured over them in the hopes of enjoying what was to be an easy genocidal murder of every last Jews but somebody forgot to tell the Israelis, they were Lebanon in the north, the center line of the Golan Heights in the northeast, the Jordan River to the east and a line extending from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea as if the Jordan River had continued that far as it most likely did a long time ago and the Negev Sinai border in the South with the Mediterranean Sea to the West. This means that Israel originally included the presumed ‘occupied lands’ referred to as Gaza and West Bank.


Well, as promised, the video itself for your viewing pleasure followed by some concluding remarks.





There are a fair number of people around this world of ours who are willing to grab ahold of any claim against Israel and run it into the ground and hopefully doing the same to Israel. Their blood lust to have Israel torn asunder, destroyed and further not all that likely to lose a moment’s sleep if every Jews were slaughtered in the process of Israel’s destruction. They will claim they have nothing against the Jews, only with Israeli policies and decisions and the violence they use to enforce their laws and protect the life of all Israelis, including the twenty percent who are Arabs and the other five percent who range from Bahá’í Faith to Hindus and from Buddhists to Shinto, from Christians to Mennonites and Jews to Zoroastrians and lastly also Muslims (all of which are growing populations in Israel and often Israel is the sole nation with growing populations as the rest of the nations in MENA have dwindling populations of all but for Islam for various reasons as they are all growing and enjoying the freedom of religion in Israel). These same people appear not to have anywhere near the same level of concern and critical spite for Syria, Islamic State, Libya, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan Nigeria, Cameroon, Ukraine, Myanmar, Mexico and numerous other places in the world; they just hold a special animus against Israel, the sole nation of the Jews. Many of these haters of Israel will claim they are not anti-Semites but merely anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and anti-Settlers who just happen to be Jews yet if asked if they would be willing and openly accepting to have a couple of million Jews emigrate to their country and they will suggest that perhaps a smaller amount, the percentage equal to their population against the rest of the world, crowding, you know, there is such limited space here and other reasons. Some might even use that all time favorite that the Jews would not be happy here and they would rather go elsewhere. There are claims that the Jews need to return to Germany, Russia, Poland and the other European nations and the United States, you know, where they came from, but that ignores close to half the Jewish population. The Jews who came to Israel when they were expelled, chased, nudged or elbowed out of their homes and businesses often permitted one or two suitcases per family or person depending on the nation and had their bags checked and any jewelry, monies or other items determined valuable like art or coin collections, were removed and not permitted to leave the country across MENA (Middle East and North Africa) most of which ended in Israel, all over eight-hundred-thousand plus of them over the decade that followed 1948 and they now make up close to half of Israel’s Jewish population. What are the chances that these Arab nations would accept them back and not simply exterminate them upon arrival and quite likely with the aircraft they arrived in? There is nowhere for the six and a half million Jews of Israel to go and there are about to be an entirely new influx of Jews from the Ukraine, Europe, and soon even the United States, Australia and the remainder of the Anglosphere. Israel with her original eastern border of the Jordan River straight down to the Red Sea as was promised by the British and that agreement signed onto by almost all of the Western World and even Japan and King Faisal. How much more is required to permit the Jews to have their nation returned, and not even the entirety of their ancestral home which crossed to over both sides of the Jordan once reached to the Litani River, and reached Euphrates River after the conquests of King David and the rule and management of King Solomon as depicted in the left most image below.



Left side map depicts the division of the Promised Land amongst the tribes and right side map compares the modern promised land from the Jordan west to the Mediterranean Sea compared to the maximum of area during King David’s and King Solomon’s reigns.



The right hand picture above depicted the aboriginal boundaries of the Jewish State which reached the Litani River to the North, straddled both sides of the majority of the Jordan River basin and surrounding lands and continued south crossing beyond today’s border into what today is referred to as the Sinai Peninsula. Considering the above pictures which defines the different states of existence of the Jewish State in its aboriginal state and the lands according to some decisions on aboriginal peoples and their rights to their former lands would allow for an enlargement of the boundaries Israel would be happy to see returned such that Israel return to her original lands the moment before the Arab war of annihilation which Israel survived but as she lost bordering on one-third of her land mass she cannot be claimed to have won, just merely survived.


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October 27, 2015

Israeli Choice Between Terminal Terror or Settling Our Lands


The current terror war, this third Intifada or stabbing Intifada, who cares what title these assaults aiming to murder Jews as declared by the Arabs are attesting, is a war which actually sprang into the world’s consciousness with the first Intifada (1987-88) followed with what the world thought was a lull followed by the second Intifada (2000-2003) which was also presumed to have been followed by another lull until this present Intifada. Somehow the world’s media has this ability to compartmentalize violence against Israelis into completely different realities depending on which groups are assaulting the Jews in Israel, and the target is always the Jews and when others are struck it is almost always claimed that it was collateral damage as the assailants were seeking to murder Jews and mistakenly figured that all Israelis were Jews. When it is Fatah and the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades then it is an Intifada. When it is rockets out of Gaza it is the longstanding occupation of Gaza that is fueling the rocket attacks completely ignoring the facts that Israel removed every military and civilian Israel from Gaza in August of 2005 in a military operation which nearly tore the country in two. When the attacks originate from Lebanon then it is Hezballah and their anger over Israeli occupation or threats of occupation presumably referring to the Sheba Farms despite the United Nations initial blessings when Israel pulled completely from southern Lebanon. The wars against Egypt, Syria and Jordan are other completely separate conflicts. Despite the reality that all of these apparent disparate conflicts being treated as completely unrelated, they are all part of a war which has been pursued since the first Islamic war against the Jewish tribes around Medina which Mohammad used to enrich his followers and finance their coming conquest of Mecca which was part expansion and part revenge for the eviction by the elders of Mecca of Mohammad earlier in his life when he attempted to gather followers after his inspired writings were revealed and he set to preaching and proselytizing.


This conflict would wane and return in waves over the next fourteen centuries but took on a whole new energy and level of intensity when modern Zionism initiated the calls for the return of the Jewish People to their ancient lands. This new drive by many leading Jews to reestablish their ancestral homelands in the Middle East was met by the forces of Islam who found an unexpected ally who was equally threatened by the Zionist cause, Christianity. Islam and Christianity shared an interest in preventing the Zionist cause to permit the Jews return to their ancestral homelands, specifically from reestablishing Jerusalem as their capital and most especially rebuilding the Holy Temple on the Temple Mount. The reasoning was should any of these, and especially if all of them, were to become fact, this would be considered to deliver a devastating reality making both Christianity and Islam, as replacement theological doctrines at their core, directly threatened as the Jews would have not only returned to their homelands but also have reestablished their covenant with Hashem by fulfilling their return as was forecast in Torah and other written Jewish commentaries. This was initially a battle mostly fought by the Christians as they had proposed the Jews rebuild their homeland elsewhere other than in Israel with the most favored locations in Africa such as Madagascar. The Zionists refused any location other than Eretz Yisroel with Jerusalem as their natural capital city. The British took the lead with the Balfour Declaration which presented support for the reestablishment of the homeland for the Jews in the Middle East. This led to a series of events at the end of World War I and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire culminating in the San Remo Conference and the Treaty of Sèvres which set up the Mandate systems where the British Mandate was set aside for the settlement of the Jews in order to eventually form their homelands. The British saw that the numbers of Arabs and their limitation on numbers of Jews permitted making the Jewish State an impossibility and using this as a bludgeon, they proposed for over three-quarters of the Mandate to be used as an Arab only state named Transjordan (now Jordan) with the guarantee that the remaining lands west of the Jordan River would remain inviolate for the formation of the Jewish State. But enough ancient history, what about now?


The Arab war against the Jewish State began long before there was even a Jewish State to fight against. There was Arab and British cooperation in the British actively assisting the influx of Arabs even to the point of granting numerous assistances to entice increased numbers of Arabs thus preventing there being a Jewish majority and thus making a valid argument against permitting the founding of a Jewish State. These efforts proved so effective that when the vote at the United Nations General Assembly to form an Arab State alongside the State of Israel on November 29, 1947, there were more Arabs residing west of the Jordan River than Jews, one of the overriding reasons championed by the British for the need to divide the land equally between Jews and Arabs with nearly two-thirds of the lands for Israel being made up of the Negev Desert. Despite the even split of the area with half for the Arabs and half for the Jews; the Arab League completely rejected this compromise as they declared that they would rather go to war to annihilate the Jews to prevent the formation of any Jewish State within any borders no matter the size, large or small. There had been Arab violence initiated by the man of recent media imbroglio over Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s commentary relating to the role played by the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin Al-Husseini, during World War II and the Holocaust while he relaxed during the war in Berlin as a personal friend of the hierarchy of the Third Reich and the organizer of the Balkan SS Division made of Muslims which were used almost exclusively to hunt and exterminate Serbians and Jews murdering millions in the process. Between the World Wars and continuing throughout the 1930s and World War II there were repeated pogroms and other violence against the Jews with the most severe events occurring in Hevron and Jerusalem. What was even more telling was the reason behind every Arab as they targeted their Jewish neighbors, just as is happening today, was the rallying cry that the Jews must be prevented from destroying or simply sullying the al-Aqsa Mosque. The more things change the more they remain the same.



Buddhas of Bamiyan before pictured on the left and being destroyed with explosives by Taliban forces on the right

Buddhas of Bamiyan before pictured on the left and
being destroyed with explosives by Taliban forces on the right



The latest violence will pass claiming its first dozen victims by the Sabbath, an unfortunate possibility to consider. The current violence is being predicated on the threat of Jews destroying or desecrating the al-Aqsa Mosque, a familiar call before setting out to murder Jews and destroy their stores and homes. As noted, the reasons used to whip up the Arab street are identical to the ploys applied almost a full century past when the Mufti of Jerusalem Al-Husseini called to end the desecration or destruction of the al-Aqsa Mosque by the Jews despite there being no threat of or attempts to destroy or desecrate the Muslim holy site situated off to one end almost in a corner of the extended plaza built by Herod. The al-Aqsa Mosque is not even claimed to be standing in a location occupied by either Temple and there are those who claim that there is no reason that the Temple, when built, will require the destruction of any structure currently on the Temple Mount. One thing which can be almost guaranteed is that there are no plans nor is there any desire by Jews or their leadership to destroy or desecrate any Islamic holy sites on the Temple Mount or anywhere else throughout Israel. One can only wish the same could be said for the Arabs as the recent arson and destructions at Kever Yoseph (Joseph’s Tomb) and the other desecrations and destruction of Synagogues and other holy sites throughout the Jordanian occupied areas of Judea and Samaria not to mention the other desecrations committed by the Taliban with the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddha and the more recent destructions and desecrations committed by the Islamic State amongst which was the burial site of Jonah. So what we witness is a classic case of projection which applies to far too many of the Arab claims of offensive behavior toward their religious sites and other claims of harm being simply the application of what their actions would be in similar circumstances upon whomever they care to besmirch in the name of claiming vengeance. Below are depictions of an earlier desecration, one of numerous such destructions additional to the complete destruction performed during the original occupation between 1948 and 1967 which required a complete rebuilding of Kever Yoseph (Joseph’s Tomb) subsequent to the Israeli liberation of Judean and Samaria during the Six Day War. Below that are two pictures from the recent arson assault made on the same Kever Yoseph presumably for the attempted destruction of the al-Aqsa Mosque, a desecration never even contemplated anywhere but in the mind of Mahmoud Abbas, the current holder of the position of incitement which was handed down from the Mufti Amin Al-Husseini to Yasser Arafat and finally passed to Abbas.



Destroyed Josephs tome after Palestinian assault and the tortured death of IDF soldier Palestinians allowed to bleed to death



Joseph’s Tomb Burning in the Night While Religious Jews and Sympathizing Humans Are Outraged at their Act Allowed to be the Status Quo

Joseph’s Tomb Burning in the Night While Religious Jews and Sympathizing Humans Are Outraged at their Act Allowed to be the Status Quo



Kever Yoseph or Joseph's Tomb s it burns once again desecrated as only Islam can desecrate the holy sites it deems unworthy of respect or even existing as it is not of Islam thus worthless

Kever Yoseph or Joseph’s Tomb s it burns once again desecrated as only Islam can desecrate the holy sites it deems unworthy of respect or even existing as it is not of Islam thus worthless



The Scene of Joseph’s Tomb Being Torched and Burned to the Bare Stone with All Things Righteous Destroyed Once Again and the World is Silent

The Scene of Joseph’s Tomb Being Torched and Burned to the Bare Stone with All Things Righteous Destroyed Once Again and the World is Silent



The repeated destructions of Kever Yoseph and the destroyed and desecrated synagogues throughout Judea and Samaria which were revealed at the end of the Six Day War plus the additional finding of excavations on the Temple Mount and construction of subterranean Mosques, or such is the claim, to replace and destroy all evidence of the First and Second Temples, proof of which has been the smaller items discovered from sifting through the tons of rubble dumped by the Waqf north of the Temple Mount. These piles of rubble are carefully searched and much of it sifted seeking the remains of any artifacts of which there had been success, limited success, but some finds making the entire efforts a success. Below is a montage of a few of the rubble piles and shown at the lower end are the efforts by the Israeli Antiquities Institute which took up with assisting the efforts when proof of their viability for actual producing artifacts though dating them has posed a challenge as it is often difficult to discern at what depth and period some artifacts represent. Many Israelis offer their time to assist with this painstaking labors of love and dedication to preserving whatever historical remains can be found.



Temple Mount Destructive Arab Waqf Excavation Dumping Site and Reclamation Sifting Inspecting Seeking Remains of Artifacts not Completely Destroyed as Intended

Temple Mount Destructive Arab Waqf
Excavation Dumping Site and Reclamation
Sifting Inspecting Seeking Remains of Artifacts
not Completely Destroyed as Intended



These attempts at removal of evidence of a Jewish history throughout the lands between the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea and in the name of accuracy it must be mentioned that the original tribes of Israel also covered much of the eastern side of the Jordan River as well, is ongoing. Meanwhile, the world remains fixated on the presumed and misreported plight of the desperately poor Arabs who refer to themselves using the terminology used by the British to describe the Jews during the Mandate Period, as Palestinians. One need go no further back than World War II and research the Palestinian Brigades which served within the British Military efforts in that war. These units were comprised almost entirely of Jews from the area of the British Mandate areas from west of the Jordan River. These units were often referred to also as the Jewish Brigades and these units though initially scorned proved their mettle in combat where they excelled and were rewarded with their share of the spotlight and with numerous unit commendations and individual medals.



Unit and Individual Photographs of British Jewish Brigade Troops Along With Unit Patches and Decorations Given Men and Units of the Palestinian Jewish Brigades which are Their Actual Reference

Unit and Individual Photographs of British Jewish Brigade Troops
Along With Unit Patches and Decorations Given Men and Units
of the Palestinian Jewish Brigades which are Their Actual Reference



This story brings us back to our starting point and the situation facing the still young nation of Israel, a nation which has survived three major wars with her neighbors of which the first coincided with the founding of Israel where the announcement was made one evening and the next morning came what seemed an impossible war where Israel survived. There have been a number of conflicts with the Arabs from the Palestinian Authority (PA) and before then with the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) which was founded in 1964 with the mission statement consisting of two main goals, the elimination of the State of Israel and the slaughter of the majority of her population killing every Jew. These goals came not to “liberate” any occupied lands as we refer to the lands formerly occupied by Jordan and liberated by Israel in the Six Day War in June of 1967 but to destroy all of Israel a good three years prior to that conflict. Make no mistake as that goal is still included in the PLO and thus the Fatah and the PA Charters calling for the elimination of Israel and her peoples by any and all means required. The major difference now is that the conquest and genocidal warfare against the Zionist Entity of Israel may be accomplished in stages and it is not required to destroy Israel in one grand step, though that would be preferable by the Arab leaders within Israel today and around much of the Arab and Muslim world. That is the intent of the current Intifada, was the intent with the wars with Hamas responding to elevated rocket attacks every few years, the two wars with Hezballah in Lebanon, the two major wars with Egypt and Syria with Jordan jumping in on the second day of the first war which was the Six Day War and Jordan sitting out the 1973 Yom Kippur War, and the flotilla assaults attempting to break an inspection routine which Israel legally under International Law has the right to inspect cargoes for weapons, explosives and other tools of war and terrorism.


All this history brings us to the seminal set of questions for Israel today; what would be the best and most desirable settlement of the now almost seventy year warfare and the over a century of hostilities which is simply the continuation of closing in on fourteen centuries of hot and cold warfare by Islam to supplant Judaism and Christianity guaranteeing the continued survival of the nation of Israel? What are the minimal acceptable borders Israel requires for her own survivability as that was the definition in the treaty which ended the Six Day War and was still in place after the Yom Kippur war as the situation resulting from that conflict changed not one iota other than the casualties taken by the nations engaging in that conflict, namely Egypt and Syria? Finally, is this preferred border worth the coming wrath from the world as a whole? Answering the first is an easy answer, peace, a real and lasting peace, which includes the Arab world and the Islamic world supporting the wars to eradicate Israel, with mutual recognition and acceptance of borders. The truth is that Mahmoud Abbas, the rest of the PA leadership, Hamas, Hezballah, Islamic Jihad, the Islamic State, Iran, the Saudi Arabian Wahabbists and numerous others both radical and moderate all refuse to accept the existence of Israel even to a single square millimeter of even a Tel Aviv beach considered as excessive Jewish independent rule. The only solution that has been stated as acceptable is the end of Israel as a nation and the Jews permitted to live must either convert to Islam or take the role of Dhimmitude, a form of servitude and secondary class existence including numerous degradations and no recourse through the courts. So, with this as the state of affairs it becomes obvious that Israel will only continue to exist for as long as her military might and intelligence networks are up to the challenges and this is a moment where the political class can make that task a little easier. So, how would that be accomplished and what would the map of Israel look like?



Eretz Yisroel the Israel Solution to Problems is One State Solution with Citizenship for Anybody Who Desires Living in Peace with Equal Rights Responsibilities and Worshiping as One Pleases

Eretz Yisroel the Israel Solution to Problems is One State Solution with Citizenship for Anybody Who Desires Living in Peace with Equal Rights Responsibilities and Worshiping as One Pleases



The depiction above of Israel includes all of Gaza, Judea and Samaria, the last two renamed West Bank by Jordan to remove the obvious references to the Bible and Judaism, you know in your heart and mind that Judea has to belong to the Jews just as Japan belongs to the Japanese, China belongs to the Chinese, Brazil belongs to Brazilians and Iran belongs to the Persians, well, maybe this last one is a bit confusing, but trust that it is true. The one alteration which could be permitted would be letting Gaza be a nation for any and all Palestinians desiring to remain in a Palestinian state run by presumably Palestinians ruling themselves since August of 2005. I know the claim will be thrown out that Gaza is already so crowded that there is no room even for Hamas and Islamic Jihad to place their rocket launchers except next to schools, hospitals, and residences. This begs two questions. The first is why do the leadership of Gaza continuously complain that they have difficulty getting their farmed goods to sell in Jordan and Europe or others desiring their produce. Obviously there is sufficient room for farms which means maybe it is not that crowded. Secondly, why does a map depicting density of the population show that Gaza had quite a large amount of real estate which is not built up but rather quite expansive (see map below).



Population density map of the Gaza Strip where the display shows large open areas with little population where Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other combatants could operate without threat to the population but instead choose to place the entirety of their rocket and missile systems within Gaza City, Khan Yunis, Deir al-Bala, and Jabalia Camp. The Israelis, on the other hand, set up well outside the inhabited areas such as Sderot to assure the civilians are in minimal danger though these efforts are wasted as Hamas and Islamic Jihad fire their missiles and rockets and mortars into the Israeli civilian centers hoping to murder noncombatants through their actions, both Israeli and Gazan which doubles the war crimes committed by Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the rest.

Population density map of the Gaza Strip where the display shows large open areas with little population where Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other combatants could operate without threat to the population but instead choose to place the entirety of their rocket and missile systems within Gaza City, Khan Yunis, Deir al-Bala, and Jabalia Camp. The Israelis, on the other hand, set up well outside the inhabited areas such as Sderot to assure the civilians are in minimal danger though these efforts are wasted as Hamas and Islamic Jihad fire their missiles and rockets and mortars into the Israeli civilian centers hoping to murder noncombatants through their actions, both Israeli and Gazan which doubles the war crimes committed by Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the rest.



There was a wonderful article which included one of the finest definitions and explanations of why Israel honestly is one of the few nations with a claim going back as far as it has and with an unbroken chain of traceable genealogy marrying the Jewish People with Eretz Yisroel and places the Jews as the aboriginal peoples to these lands. Below is said quote;


“Israel, rooted in the Jewish people as an Abrahamic people, is a prototypical First Nation or aboriginal people, just as the Jewish religion is a prototypical aboriginal religion, the first of the Abrahamic religions. In a word, the Jewish people is the only people that still inhabits the same land, embraces the same religion, studies the same Torah, hearkens to the same prophets, speaks the same aboriginal language – Hebrew – and bears the same aboriginal name, Israel, as it did 3,500 years ago.”


Most people would understand that that is the definitive answer to why the Jewish People have the best and most ancient claim to these lands, period. Lies were told by the Arab leadership where Abbas had claimed they had nine-thousand-years of Arab history and that there was not a single Jew anywhere in these lands before 1900. So, obviously from the demands, insistences, threats, and guarantees such as the Iranian statement from last month and repeated almost daily since announcing that Israel will cease to exist by 2025, Israelis have some serious and potentially credible threat and challenges facing them with a severity which for many would preclude civility yet we are demanded to remain more than civil, we are demanded to be accommodating without complaining. The world has demanded since the six day War that Israel, despite gaining the lands in a defensive war which technically, if Israel were a normative nation and not the Jewish nation, would have been permitted to retain any or even all of the lands conquered and would be within their rights to expel any civilians determined to be a threat to their state. Unfortunately for Israel we are not talking about a normal state, we are talking about the most despised and defamed state in the history of mankind. What is surreal is that Israel had not raised a finger in anger with the intent of erasing her neighbors and had fought only defensive wars since her founding on May 15, 1948. In response to the claims that Israel must return to the pre Six Day War borders is complete and utter garbage as the ruling agreed upon even by Israel in an attempt to placate the other nations of the world, something we have since learned is an impossibility and we will be hated until the last Jew cuts their own throat saving the world from needing to do so. Understanding this unmitigated, unmuted and unforgivable truth, Israel will be assaulted continuously in every forum be it the United Nations or the PTA in Podunk, somewhere around New York State and New England. There is nothing Israel can do which would not be decried as the most evil act in human history and should Israel return to what were termed the Auschwitz Borders by Abba Eban, there would be new cries for Israel to form states from within her own borders for the Bedouins, the Druze, the Egyptians, Moabites, Edomites, Ammonites, Arameans, Amalekites, and Hittites for starters. The world would never be satisfied until there was no Jewish State of Israel. Knowing this, the answer is plain to see.


The challenge is to find one to be the leader who is not afraid of pressure and is willing to sacrifice their good name and would be reviled in every history book written and used in classrooms world-wide, well, except in Israel. The only answer will be to offer a generous award of money in the denomination and type of currency of whatever land the Arabs would wish to go and live peaceably, if possible, somewhere other than Israel. Taking such funds would result in your inability to return and become an Israeli and would be on a list which would deny them entry. Any Arab wishing to retain their “Palestinian” identity would receive a somewhat lesser amount and be permitted to reside within Gaza which would be Palestine and the embargo would be lifted within one year of this settlement being enacted. The rest of the Arabs residing within the parts of Judea, Samaria and Benyamin which were previously under Jordanian occupation who desire to remain and desire to be Israeli citizens would need to initially sign a nonaggression agreement which would also need for them to recognize that Judaism has the same stature within Israel that Islam has in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Libya (or what is left of Syria or Libya), Tunisia, Turkey and the rest of the nations with Islamic majorities. These potential citizens would be required to take courses on Israeli culture and its legal system as well as a course which would cover all of Jewish history which they would be required to pass an exam which would include knowing the time of year, and main concepts for every Jewish holiday as they are also national celebrations. Their path to full citizenship would easily take as little as five years with no guess on the longest estimate for completion. There would be a very simple rule for any terrorist attack which resulted in injury where the perpetrator could choose to face a trial or may instead take the opportunity to leave Israel with his family but with a far less generous cash settlement for their required adjustment to their new lives. These terrorists would also be informed that should they ever be caught within Israel they would be tried on their former crimes as there would be a special provision for terror crimes which would see to it that there is no time limit on prosecution. Finally, those desiring to remain within Israeli borders from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea may remain as alien resident status which would be almost as an equal with the main difference being they would not be permitted to vote in any elections. These final borders would remain as the borders for Eretz Yisroel, for the State of the Jews, Israel. Only should another nation attack Israel or present a posture which was a direct and recognizable threat and all avenues including but not limited to the United Nations, European Union, United States, Russia, China and any other power who may be able of providing reconciliation or in some manner ameliorating the threat. Israel would let it be known that the claiming of her almost rightful borders, and the borders she was presumably guaranteed once the Mandates and the San Remo Conference and the Treaty of Sèvres as well as other League of Nations and other treaties all of which the United Nations became the guarantor of these agreements, even the promise by Britain to keep the lands west of the Jordan River as inviolate for the Jewish State; the International Law, the international treaties and the agreements, conferences and treaties between entities and nations all spell out the truth which is from the (Jordan) River to the (Mediterranean) Sea, all of Eretz Yisroel will be free. This may be a position which would bring unbelievable pressures to bear, especially on the Israeli Prime Minister putting such a position in place and the really sad truth is that much of that pressure would be coming from within Israel and worse still, from the Jews from the most left wing communist atheist urban secular Jew to the most religious be they Chassid or Orthodox, Religious Zionist or whatever in between, their scorn and lack of support though expected and technically understood would still be that wounds that never heal as such wounds between family are the most difficult to get past. Still, Israeli leaders and her people need to learn to chant whenever the mood strikes, “from the River to the Sea, all of Eretz Yisroel will be free.” Simpler yet, “Let my people go and worship and do as Torah demands, such will produce the same resulting borders.


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May 14, 2013

What Does Naqba Day Commemorate?

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There can not be a celebration of Israeli Independence Day without an Arab Palestinian commemoration of Naqba Day, the day of catastrophe. Taking the most cursory look these two days will always have to be observed on the same day but have completely separate views of the events from the day Israel declared their existence and what actually occurred. Israelis celebrating Independence Day are joyously remembering the declaration by David ben Gurion signifying the resurrection of an ancient land birthing its new incarnation for the modern day that would celebrate, honor, and reconstruct the ancient customs and traditions of the Jewish nations from two thousand to three and a half thousand years in history while incorporating those items from antiquity into a modern state where technology, scientific developments at the cutting edge of modern research also exist, ancient farming mixed with modern discoveries in order to produce the highest quality crops possible, and a blend between all that was with the hopes for what can be. The celebration of the declaration of this new and brave mix of challenges with promises of renewed hopes while fulfilling the prophesies of antiquity making a blend which melds items which should clash over anachronisms yet are smelted together forming something new and wonderful. Israeli Independence Day is the celebration of the realization of a people of their collective dream which has waited almost two-thousand-years to come to fruition.


The commemoration by the Arabs of Naqba Day are mourning not only the coming into existence of the Jewish State but also the inability of the invading Arab armies allied with the Palestinian Arabs to squash the nascent Jewish state and commit a genocidal massacre of the Jews while destroying their hopes. The Armies from Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon combined with the organized militias under the Mufti of Jerusalem with additional units coming from as near as Saudi Arabia all the way to as far as Yemen and Algeria in an all-out military push to utterly destroy every vestige of the new state of Israel. The war to extinguish the nascent state of Israel continued through cease-fires for over a year before the fighting was finally permanently halted with the front-lines as of the exact hour the cease-fire order passed became the 1949 Armistice Lines also known as the Green Line. The Naqba commemorates the simple truth which had sent shockwaves throughout the Arab and Muslim worlds; the little Jewish state of Israel had managed to resist the onslaught by these combined Arab forces against all the odds and stood defiantly holding more land at the close of the conflict than they held at the onset. The catastrophe was that despite massive odds and facing overwhelming military superiority of those forces gathered against them, the newly declared Israelis managed to initially hold out and eventually to push back and by the end of the conflict was routing the combined Arab forces. This impossible loss and the fact that Israel survived and the Israeli Jews remained and were not vanquished in a glorious slaughter reminiscent of Mohammed’s slaughter of the Jews of the Banu Qurayzah Tribe in the year 627 was the reason for the catastrophe, the Naqba, in the eyes of the Arabs, particularly the native Arab populations who had been promised all the wealth, possessions, lands, properties and all else that belonged to the Jews once they had been completely vanquished.


Another misconception concerning the reasons behind the whole concept of the Naqba was the Jews had pushed the Arabs from their towns, farms, homes and properties forcing them into refugee camps where they and their descendants continue to languish today. Some have gone as far as to claim that the Jews when declaring the state of Israel call upon their fellow Jews to rise and expel the Arabs and all other non-Jews from their midst and this was the impetus which caused the combined Arab armies to arrive to rescue the native Arabs from the planned Jewish slaughter. There was no organized extermination of Arabs conducted by the Jewish forces defending the nascent state of Israel. There is some truth to the claims that Jewish forces pushed Arabs from their lands, homes and possessions but most were usually committed due to security purposes. When Israeli units passed by Arab towns they originally attempted to bypass them and not interact. Should the residents attack the Jewish units then these towns were cleared in order to prevent an enemy force to gather behind the front lines of the Jewish forces. After having some towns attempt to allow these Jewish units to pass and then use a tactic of following them and engaging them from behind once the troops became engaged with the Arab front lines. This resulted in great danger and difficulties and resulted in the Jewish troops finding it necessary to at the least remove the fighting age males from any Arab town in order to keep a secure rear area free of antagonists. Even with this added situation, these removals proved to be fairly minor in scope with the vast majority of refugee Arabs resulting from the Arab population’s response to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem making a request for all Muslim Arabs to pick-up their families and move them to safety behind the attacking Arab forces. This was requested so that the advancing Arab forces could concentrate on simply shooting everybody they would meet simply assuming that all the Arabs had fled as told. In return for clearing the area so the Arab armies could have free-fire zones the Arabs were promised a generous share in the spoils of the conquest to come. The defeat of the Arab armies meant that these Arabs were cut-off from their homes and properties when the fighting ended. Despite an invitation to return to their property had they chosen to do so being extended by the Jewish ruling body, the Arabs were prevented from returning to their towns, farms, homes and belongings and were instead forced by their own brother in arms from the Arab armies into refugee camps where they became political pawns in a campaign of lies and distortions in order to work to destroy Israel.


So, the Naqba is less a result of action by the Jews and Israel unless you were to find fault in the Israelis defending themselves. What the Arab demonstrators commemorating the Naqba within Israel will never bother to tell the world is that their forbearers were among the Arabs who did not take up arms against their fellow Israelis just because they were Jews. Their parents, grandparents or great-grandparents remained on their farms or in their homes or possibly even fought alongside their Jewish neighbors helping to save the nascent state of Israel and remained within Israel with full rights and privileges as a citizen of Israel. Their main complaint concerning the Naqba was likely their regret that friends, family and acquaintances that fled at the request of the Mufti of Jerusalem were betrayed by their fellow Arabs and ended up being forced into refugee camps in the surrounding Arab lands. The vast majority of the Arabs incarcerated into the refugee camps found themselves in Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, and other Arab countries but there were no Arab refugees within the borders of Israel at the end of the fighting. No Arab refugee was denied citizenship in Israel, was denied decent housing in Israel, was refused a decent education by Israel, or was imprisoned behind barbed wire by Israel. These conditions were imposed by their brother Arabs who refused to allow them to return to their residences inside Israel despite the invitation which was initially extended by the Israelis. It was not until after time had passed and the Arab expatriation of their Jewish populations which within ten years of the founding of Israel had caused the immigration of over three-quarters of a million Jewish refugees entering and being absorbed by Israel. This is the reason that today there are no camps with Jewish refugees in Israel and the Israeli population consists of Sephardic Jews in near even numbers as there are European Ashkenazi Jews. Meanwhile the unfortunate Arab generations which have grown-up inside permanent refugee camps have served their purpose of extending the fiction of the Naqba caused by the Jews while suffering an Arab imposed catastrophe. Oddly enough, there are Arab refugee camps which exist today in Area A of the West Bank and within Gaza who are within areas under the complete political, security and physical control of Palestinian leadership, one group under the rule and restrictions by the Palestinian Authority while the other are under the rule and restrictions by Hamas. If either of these presumed defenders of the Palestinian Arab people would commit a simple act of decency by granting these refugees citizenship, they could relieve these tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of Palestinian refugee’s sufferings. Since the refugee camps consist of cement block apartments, all that would be required is granting them citizenship for these Palestinian refugees in their respective Palestinian societies which are already ruled by Palestinian leaders and their refugee status and demeaned lives would be transformed immediately to free citizens within an area of Palestinian autonomy. Now their condition being perpetrated any longer qualifies as a true Naqba.


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