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April 19, 2017

New York Times had Just Another Day in the Office


The New York Times (NYT) published without any cautionary notations an opinion piece written by Marwan Barghouti barely mentioning his incarceration of five counts of planning and making all preparations for five mass murder terrorist bombings and shootings during the Second Intifada. He was tried for five of the people who had been murdered in his attacks leading to five lifetime sentences. Barghouti is an idol of the extreme left who hold him as a freedom fighter against Israeli oppressions and as a revolutionary who would raise the Palestinian Arabs to new heights in the struggle for independence from Israel. Left out of their admiration is the small matter that Barghouti views all of Israel as rightfully Palestinian lands and has called for the extermination of the Jews of Israel giving their crimes against humanity as the principle reason. His support is similar to the admiration given Che Guevara, the murdering enforcer of the Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Che Guevara stated in an interview that he preferred murdering people over pursuing any other type of employment. We are willing to bet that Marwan Barghouti would make a similar statement about murdering Israelis. The problem is not that Barghouti was able to write and get this letter to the NYT for publication as it is their eagerness to publish without any notifications which might have given at least some consideration and pause of his accusations against Israel. Instead, the NYT simply noted his incarceration as if he were a political prisoner of conscience and not a murderer. Their notations the next day after receiving strong protests was less than comforting and was a far cry from a more fitting response of placing a written notice from the editor in the next day’s paper and the next Sunday paper and pulling the article from their web pages.


Marwan Barghouti made accusations, which were without merit and old canards reputed many times over. They were the same tired references of Israel. That Israel is a colonialist enterprise, which begs who the parent Jewish State might have been. That Israel is an Apartheid state which members of the South African government who suffered under the real Apartheid have called an insult to their suffering, as Israel is a free and equal society. That Israel has incarcerated him for solely political reasons so that he could not run in Palestinian Authority (PA) elections. The real reason he has not been able to run in PA elections is that since 2006 Abbas has cancelled all elections in order to remain in office. Abbas’s main fear is that almost anybody short of Benyamin Netanyahu, who is ineligible to run being an Israeli, running would win against him. Abbas fears Hamas winning the election, which would be a repeat of the 2006 elections. He also knows that not only would Marwan Barghouti defeat him but so would virtually every other candidate with a single possible exception of those who are not related to Abbas, such as Saeb Erekat, as he has remained loyal to Abbas to the end. Further, there were no political charges and Barghouti was found guilty after refusing to defend himself claiming Israel has no legal right to try him for the murder of its citizens and that Israel has no right to exist therefore should not be allowed to place him on trial.


Marwan Barghouti Wall Painting Demanding His Freedom from Israeli Incarceration

Marwan Barghouti Wall Painting Demanding
His Freedom from Israeli Incarceration


Another point stressed by Barghouti was that the only means of protest available to prisoners is the hunger strike hoping that their refusal to eat will gain media attention and raise awareness to the inhospitable and cruel punishments and random imprisonment performed by the colonial military forces of Israel. He does not mention that he is apparently able of reaching the NYT and being placed instantly in the next Sunday edition for maximum readership as an honored writer. He has done so previously with a letter to other world papers and all of given him royal treatment though a fair number did actually mention that his trial was for multiple murders and he was tried in a civil court with full representation and rights. He has also been covered with sympathetic articles in Haaretz often claiming his popularity amongst the Palestinian public is a mitigating factor under which the Israeli government should consider pardoning the remainder of his sentence should he win in any PA elections. This would be tantamount to somebody claiming that the United States should commute the sentence of Richard Speck or Jeffery Dahmer should either win an election to public office. Newsbreak for anybody demanding Israel should pardon Barghouti of his sentence, he was sentenced to five life terms thus one life term being removed still leaves him incarcerated. If anyone believes that an arch-terrorist convicted of five counts of murder, and with more blood than those five counts on his hands, should be released, they should seek morality counseling to see why peoples’ mean so little to them.


Israel is a democratic society with a legal system which protects the rights of the accused and which only prosecutes for crimes committed within the territories they are responsible for under International Law. Israel precludes prosecutions of any acts in Gaza short of acts of war, and even those Israel tolerates far more than any other nation on Earth. Israel leaves the majority of policing of the PA areas to their security forces with the exception of arresting terrorists suspected of having committed acts of terror within Israeli controlled areas. Even this would not be necessary had the PA lived up to promises signed for in the Oslo Accords where the PA was to cease incitement and work to prevent terrorism while arresting, trying and incarcerating terrorists. After witnessing the PA release terrorists within days of a guilty verdict, the Israelis had no other resort but to try these criminals in Israel when possible. At that point, the PA ceased even pretending to do anything about terrorism placing the entire onus on Israel.


Addressing the hunger strikes, according to International Law, the holding authority is to have a physician warn the hunger striker twice of the dangers to their lives should they continue their hunger strike. Should the prisoner continue to refuse nourishment from that point they are to be left to their own desired end, in simple terms, to die as a result of their actions. This is not what Israel does and they go against International Law and force-feed the patient upon the recommendation from a physician that such is necessary to protect the prisoner’s life and health. Israel has been condemned by numerous Arab leaders for taking such actions claiming that forced feeding a prisoner preventing them causing permanent physical health problems or possible death is something they consider torture. They believe that if a Muslim chooses to die for Allah, preventing such action is a criminal act denying their religious convictions. This is the strongest sign we have seen of their loving death while we love life. Apparently, we are not allowed to love their lives either, let alone our own. One can only imagine the international uproar should an Arab Palestinian die in an Israeli prison from starvation. The recriminations and accusations that the Jews starved the prisoner ignoring the countless articles in numerous International newspapers and other news services counting the prisoner’s days of refusing food in their hunger strike, it would be Israel’s fault and there would be demands for the Prime Minister’s head at the United Nations. This is not why we do not allow their deaths but because every life, even those of our persecutors are precious and even they are creatures of Hashem and worthy of life.


Marwan Barghouti will continue to receive the sympathies of the world as the picture child of Israeli cruelty. He is an intelligent individual who writes well and convincingly, that does not necessarily make him truthful. There is a parallel in the United States with the demands for the release Mumia Abu-Jamal protests despite his conviction of murdering a Philadelphia police officer execution style. Mumia shot the officer who was arresting his brother, and while the officer was kneeling injured, he walked up and shot him point-blank range in the head. There were witnesses who testified in his trial and there was little to no doubt of his guilt but he has become a folk hero of the same leftist who love Che and Barghouti. There is no telling who will attract the attentions, misplaced as they may be, of the youth, especially when lead by charismatic leftist leadership or their professors at university. There must always be a cause and when none is readily available, then one must be manufactured, and what could be better than wrongful imprisonment. On the other side, there will always be the enemies of the people or the cause or of the world itself. In the recent past in the United States, the police were being portrayed as the enemy to the underclass, especially false heroes. There were the cries of “Hands up, don’t shoot,” repeated even by President Obama despite autopsy evidence that this was a fraud and witnesses who at the scene refuted this story. After that at every police shooting there would be crowds forming screaming, “Hands up, don’t shoot,” no matter the situation. Then police started being ambushed and assassinated and even then, the attitude appeared to refuse to change.


Hands Up Don’t Shoot and Related Disruptions

Hands Up Don’t Shoot and Related Disruptions


In the international venue, the everlasting villain throughout the ages has been Israel. We faced the wrong end in Egypt, in Babylonia, eventually in Persia though Cyrus the Great was kind, under the Greeks, the Romans, the Christians in the various nations where things went from good to bad and back and forth while in the Muslim world the fates were just as fickled and today we are targeted by the European Union, the United Nations and the Arab and Muslim worlds as we are their favorite target when they are not fighting each another as they are now in Syria. Pick a time period and odds are there will be at a minimum one place where being a Jew is dangerous and being a Jew makes you a descendant of the Israelites and this Israeli by today’s standards. We hold out hope that the world will some day decide that the winners of so many Nobel Prizes and people who write so much software while sharing these discoveries with the world and also there to fight diseases and assist after natural disasters are worthy of a little slack and possibly even a touch of friendship. We hold out hope for the Messiah to bring the age of true and holy enlightenment where, as it is written in Isaiah 2:4, “they shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift the sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.”


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November 19, 2014

Senseless Anti-Semitic Slaughter in Jerusalem Synagogue

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Yesterday morning two Palestinian cousins who hold full Israeli citizenship carried out an act of brutal terror disrupting morning prayers at the Kehillat Bnai Torah Yeshiva Synagogue in Har Nof where they brutally murdered five and injured many others. These terrorists hold blue teudat zehut identity cards (resident identity cards which denote status and citizen by their color with blue meaning full citizenship) as they reside within the East Jerusalem areas that Israel has officially annexed. The annexation of the rest of Jerusalem immediately after the June 1967 defensive Six Day War where Israel responded to Egyptian casus belli of blockading the Israeli access to the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf on into the Indian Ocean created a situation where the Palestinians living within could have been granted full Israeli citizenship and this was exactly what Israel did making the East Jerusalem residents full citizens of Israel with all the benefits, rights, responsibilities and full and equal treatment in relation to all the rest of the Israeli civilian population. The two cousins, Uday and Rassan Abu Jamal (pictured below), who resided in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabel Mukhaber, entered the Har Nof’s ‘Kehilit Yaakov’ synagogue and as one opened fire the other began assaulting worshipers with a meat cleaver while they shouted “Allahu Akbar”, a chant often yelled by terrorists and Muslim protesters in Western nations. One of the terrorists was employed at a grocery store in the Jewish neighborhood which was located adjacent to the synagogue. The two terrorists were armed with axes, knives and handguns as well as a viscous hatred for Jews which has been carefully honed and supported by the never-ending incitement which permeates every facet of Palestinian life being injected into the media and every other aspect if Palestinian society such that it borders on brainwashing. These murdering cousins assaulted worshipers draped in their prayer shawls and wearing their phylacteries, as is Jewish custom for morning prayers, making their repulsive acts all the more detestable within any civilized society. Also pictured below is the meat cleaver used in the attack with the blood of victims still soaking its entirety.



Terrorist cousins Uday and Rassan AbuJamal who attacked Jerusalem Synagogue murdering five Jewish worshipers

Terrorist cousins Uday and Rassan AbuJamal who attacked Jerusalem Synagogue murdering five Jewish worshipers


Cleaver Used in Jerusalem Terror Synagogue Assault by Uday and Rassan Abu Jamal

Cleaver Used in Jerusalem Terror Synagogue Assault by Uday and Rassan Abu Jamal



The PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine), which are a faction of the Mahmoud Abbas headed PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization), military wing, the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, claimed credit for this attack referring it to a mission against the occupiers who are building and colonizing neighborhoods, usurping Muslim lands. Both Hamas and Islamic Jihad members and officials celebrated the terrorist murderous massacre which claimed five innocent worshipers’ lives, injured as many as a dozen other worshipers with a half dozen injured sufficiently they required treatment at Shaarei Tzedek and Hadassah Hospitals. Five of those hospitalized have sufficiently serious wounds that they were placed into intensive care and post-operative care wards. These victims’ survival is not guaranteed and prayers are requested for their health and recovery such that their lives will not show obvious signs of having been crippled by these horrific acts of terror having such limitations working as constant reminders of this fateful day. Mahmoud Abbas gave a tepid response condemning the terrorist acts while United States Secretary of State John Kerry also condemned the assault telling reporters, “This morning in Jerusalem Palestinians attacked Jews who were praying in a synagogue.” Secretary Kerry went on to label these acts as “act of pure terror and senseless brutality.” Kerry further called on the Palestinian leadership to denounce the attack, a request which fell mostly on deaf ears. The Abbas headed Fatah faction of the PLO on its Facebook page had entries from numerous officials, leaders and functionaries which praised the attack calling the terrorists martyrs fighting to free Palestine from its Jewish occupation.


There were the usual protestations as they struggled to understand the reasoning behind this assault on their closely knit religious community. One resident commenting on how he had narrowly avoided being at the scene after oversleeping. “This is a yeshiva community. Ninety percent don’t serve in the army. We’re not violent,” Moshe Eliezer queried as he tried to understand the carnage. Shaken by the level of violence in a house where many had prayed for peace, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat perhaps summed up the shock and inappropriateness of these acts of pure and violent hate stating, “To slaughter innocent people while they pray… it’s insane,” Many across the length and breadth of Israel are asking themselves the same question as they try to wrap their heads around the reasoning behind this inhuman carnage. That is the one fact which is beyond reasoning which perplexes many after each horrific assault on the Jewish communities and brought to the fore on Agassi Street yesterday morning. Some will never understand that acts such as these are the result of the communities of hate which are being raised and nurtured around the feelings that their everyday problems are the fault of the other, those who are outside their community making it impossible for those within their community to succeed. This feud has gone beyond any reason as it is stoked by a false sense of injustice and frustration. If there is anything which should be taken from this massacre it is that reason and logical explanation have no place on this field of battle. The motivations are the lessons learned during a childhood steeped in hatred where any unfulfilled desire is the fault of the Israelis and in particular the Jews. The fact that the Israelis appear to have so much and similar levels of wealth are unseen in their communities has nothing to do with their leaders but instead is the fault of the Jews and all of Israel. The Palestinians never get to see the villas and billions of dollars of funding which is placed in the numbered Swiss bank accounts of their leaders and their friends and families.


The Palestinians teaching their youths to hate in place of educating them with the tools to succeed is never the problem. The hatreds ingrained in them by repeated propaganda which permeates their lives through the lessons in the schools, the sermons in the Mosques, the stories depicted in their childhood cartoons and the glorifying of the martyrs who died before them. Setting such martyrdom as the only and highest goal worth seeking, many disaffected young Palestinians see no other achievement to fulfill their lives’ purpose and choose to end their suffering going out in what they perceive as a crowning glory of jihad. The Israelis are at a loss to figure out that the conflict is centered around religious teachings which place all important goals for life as to die for Allah and go to heaven where the martyr receives pleasures which were denied them in this earthly life. Until the Israeli leadership comes to grips with the incitement combined with an education devoid of building young adults with the skills for succeeding in their lives instead taught that their lack of skills to succeed are due to the Israelis stealing those items from the Palestinians and that all misery comes from the Israeli oppressions, then these fruitless acts of barbarity steeped in hatred will continue to be the dead-end for too many lives, both those guilty of the burning suicidal hatreds who die for Allah and their victims whose only crime was being an Israeli. That is the lesson that Israeli leadership must realize from this tragedy and in order to start working to prevent more of these calamities they will need to take control of the Palestinian educational system and replace all their teachers and provide them with the kind of lessons which will provide them with the skills necessary to succeed and not just the seeds of hate. Even should the Israelis come to their senses and realize that it is the poison of the nurturing within the Palestinian society for jihad and only jihad that it will take literally two or three generations before these acts will be able to be mitigated early enough to make the needed difference. The past twenty years, where the future leaders of Palestinian society provided their people an education based on hatred for those people over there in that opulent society and until that system is replaced with an education which provides a sense of worth and dignity, teaching how to realize positive goals rather than throwing their lives on the bonfires of hatred which will be utilized to lionize the next generation in hate and towards the empty lives of jihad, then lives will fall wasted and incomplete causing only regrets, horrors and emptiness for both societies, the victims and the murderers. In the meantime, the Israelis will clean away the blood-soaked stains and try to patch their lives back together and continue on seeking answers which will prevent the next murderous slaughter as the Palestinian society awaits their next glorious celebration of blood and death. That is the true cycle of violence and it will continue until the world wakes up to the monsters being raised and trained to respond to life’s difficulties in a constructive manner and not using those difficulties to fuel a raging hatred which can only be extinguished in the fires of jihad and one final act of suicidal vengeance as what alternative does the jihadist leave Israeli law enforcement but to extinguish their lives so their death will instruct their younger siblings to follow their path of hatreds and wasted lives. It all starts with the educational system.


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August 19, 2013

American Price for Palestinian Peace Participation

Most of the time we are told of the concessions, which would be better defined as bribes, the Israelis are forced to make to the Palestinians in order to entice them to come to peace negotiations despite the fact that both sides know they will simply walk away at some point demanding outrageous concessions to return and then blame Israel for not meeting those demands to allow the farce to continue. Well, this time let’s take a look at the price being paid by the United States to bribe the Palestinians to the peace talks. We are going to have to look beyond the guarantees that Secretary of State Kerry gave to Chairman Abbas that the Israelis would be steered and coerced into setting a border that was based along the pre-June 1967 Armistice Lines which divided the Israelis from the Jordanian held lands. Oh, just in case you may have forgotten due to the way it is described that the Israelis stole land from the Palestinians in 1967 which has been the aim of the PLO and other renditions of Palestinian organizations, there was no Palestinian State before 1967. Not ever has there been such an entity. The State that Mahmoud Abbas and his confederates, and Yasser Arafat before him, keep claiming has direct ownership from antiquity onto perpetuity has never existed ever. Even their preposterous claims reveals the depth of their deceit as they have claimed to be descended from the Philistines at one point, the Canaanites at another, or they are descendants of Abraham’s son Ishmael, and once Abbas claimed that the Palestinians had resided in the lands between the Jordan river and the Mediterranean Sea for the past nine-thousand years. Either they are confused about their origins or, as is said, if you believe in nothing you will believe in anything. So, on to the concessions beyond pretending that Abbas and the Palestinians have even a shred of honest claims to the lands that are any more valid than the Jewish claim and that they truly resided here in any numbers before the Jews began to return and build an economy, farm the land, drain the swamps, plow the fields, and tame the land making it capable of supporting any sizeable population. For a description of the state of the lands before the Jewish Zionist’s first returnees, one need simply pick up a copy of Mark Twain’s “The Innocents Abroad” and read his descriptions of the Holy Lands as his travels took place in the late 1860s which is about the start of the return of Jews to the lands joining the remnant population of Jews who had remained in the lands during the entirety of the Diaspora even making up the largest population within Jerusalem through much of that time.


Meanwhile, to the concessions made by the United States in order to entice the Palestinians to bother to actually negotiate instead of simply demanding the world give them. Despite the truth that the Palestinians had been informed before the negotiations began when they chose to demand terrorists be released from prison over imposing yet another building freeze that the Israelis were going to announce new construction since there was not to be any constraints against doing so, the Palestinians still cried havoc and refused to return to the negotiations unless the Israelis now imposed a building freeze while also still releasing the terrorists. I do not doubt that the initial attempt was made to force the building freeze upon the Israelis, though neither side is stating that such was tried, and that the Israelis refused to both release terrorist prisoners and freeze building just to continue peace negotiations which the Palestinians will walk away from before they come to fruition. This left the United States likely facing a breakdown in these much touted great achievement of bringing the two sides together and the promise that this time things would be different as President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry had a new and promising approach that was guaranteed to produce results, after all, they were not beholden to the Israelis like everybody else had been before them, yes, even President William Jefferson Clinton. So, facing this crisis we had the following hit the newswires today, “The United States’ consul general in Jerusalem, Michael Ratney, signed an agreement Sunday with PA caretaker prime minister Rami Hamdallah, according to which the U.S. will pay the PA $148 million.” With such a precedent one can only wonder what will be the final costs to the world to continue the peace process through to the end of the nine-months of talks promised by the Obama Administration’s press reports.


But that turns out not to be the only price paid by the United States. The State Department is more than a little bit put out by the Israelis as it turns out the Israelis refused to heed the request from the State Department not to release a particular terrorist out of the one-hundred-four prisoners demanded by the Palestinians. Of course had Israel refused to release even a single prisoner from the Palestinian list the peace talks would have been placed in jeopardy. So, as to the plans that were impressed upon the Israelis by Secretary of State John Kerry, they released the first group of twenty-six terrorists of which one was an individual the State Department has warned Israel against releasing. You see this particular terrorist when he killed an Israeli he chose poorly and murdered an Israeli who had dual citizenship or simply had been an American before making Aliyah and returning to Israel. Not only had he been an American before taking up residence in Israel, he was a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. The name of the murdered Israeli and former United States Marine was Frederick Rosenfeld and the terrorist who murdered him was Al-Haaj Othman Amar Mustafa. Mustafa and two other attackers ambushed Rosenfeld. After pretending to befriend him as they walked near his home in the town of Ariel, in Samaria in 1989, the three terrorists stabbed Rosenfeld, attacking him from behind, and left him to die.


A State Department spokesperson quoted by The Daily Beast “The State Department conveyed the administration’s concerns regarding the release of this prisoner to the government of Israel, while recognizing the victim was a dual national of Israel and the United States.” The spokesperson continued to point out that the Israeli side “acknowledged our views, but it was ultimately their decision to determine which prisoners to release. This is a very difficult situation for all involved, and further highlights the importance of making these negotiations successful.” How so deeply touching that the United States would actually take umbrage at the murder of an Israeli, though he had to also have been an American who served in the Marine Corps, but it was still touching. It does pose the problem of exactly how does the official American position feel about the hundreds upon hundreds of other Israelis who were murdered whose terrorist perpetrators of these viscous and horrid acts are also being released. Do not get us wrong, we abhor that any of these monsters are being let loose to murder and destroy more lives in the future but this was not Israel’s idea, it was agreed upon between the United States and the Palestinian leadership with the United States ably represented by the State Department. Perhaps had the State Department checked the list before presenting to the Israelis with the Palestinian demands they could have asked the Palestinians to allow this one terrorist to remain in prison. Somehow I do not think the Palestinians would have obliged and quite possibly gotten some strange sort of pleasure knowing they were also punishing the Americans with this one prisoner being released. But I fully expect it to be brought up repeatedly as a point of contention which displays how callous the Israelis are to American sensibilities and not laid at the feet of the Palestinians who originally aided this terrorist attack and now demanded the release of its mastermind. The United States has our sympathy equal with the feelings we have as we commiserate with those Israelis whose loved ones were slaughtered by these monsters now being released to continue their trade of horrors. The $148 million, not so much feeling there as treasure is worthless compared to the cost of a single life which may be the eventual price of allowing these terrorists to go free and murder again, and if it will be but one life and not dozens, it would still be one life too many.


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