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August 28, 2018

A Monetary Solution to Remove Settlers


Dr. Martin Sherman gave a defense of his formula for solving the Palestinian Arab versus Israel conflict in an article titled, “</a href= target=blank>Haaretz vs. IISS-The anatomy of ‘Fake News’,” which he depicted how he was misrepresented in an article in Haaretz, and we would advise reading his defense. In his defense, he covers his concept for a solution to the Palestinian Arab-Israeli conflict which involves several interwoven cloths of solutions which are far different and more complete and far less violent than the Haaretz article depicted. We are not surprised by this but were conflicted as to why Dr. Martin Sherman actually deigned to give any interview to Haaretz and why he expected they would treat him with any sense of propriety or responsibility. Why Dr. Sherman thought he was getting an opportunity with any equal treatment from this far left newspaper with a record of excoriating every right wing or nationalist position and having done so for decades was beyond our scope of understanding. Their slanting of the news in our opinion was so far left and anti-Zionist that we stopped reading them except when they came up in searches for exact information, which we will credit Haaretz in that they do often represent facts with a straight-forward and honest manner which is why we have often quoted their presentation of facts. Their problem is with those who hold opinions which differ from their political framework, which Dr. Sherman qualifies, along with his great ability to speak and write in a clear and easily understood manner. Apparently, he was not clear enough or the author of the article had some animus for the position presented by Dr. Sherman and thus heard something quite different than the actual words presented, whatever the reason, she really got under Dr. Sherman’s skin enough to have him write, as he pointed out, an entire article in defiance of the Haaretz lynching of his actual opinions and positions.


Dr. Martin Sherman

Dr. Martin Sherman


We actually agree with much of what Dr. Sherman includes in his formula with some basic differences. The very first item is to differentiate the indigenous people from the actual settlers. Factually, as you will realize, the Jews are the indigenous peoples while the Arabs are the settlers, so glad that has been sorted. The first item we would present the Palestinian Arabs with is that Israel will annex all the lands west of the Jordan River in a fixed period of one year or less, depending on the mood of the government and what they will accept. We would advise that the time period should be decided to be as short as considered feasible and not a second longer because the longer the time period, the more time there will be for problems and interference from the rest of the world. For some reason, the entire world believes that they have the right to tell Israel how they will be permitted to run their affairs. Simple things which if performed by any other nation would simply pass without even notice is immediately snatched by the busybodies of our world and immediately made into a life or death problem which must be negotiated by the European Union, the United Nations, the Arab League and so many other organizations and nations who all feel that before Israel is permitted to conduct any business, the item of that business must first be passed through the rest of the world and made to fit the particular perfidies of every critic. Sorry world, Israel is an independent and equal nation with the same rights, powers, political freedoms, passage of laws, declarations of national established origins, basic national flag along with anthem with language as well as being a national home for the Jewish People and court case decisions which do not require, need or desire your assistance in accomplishing these areas. So, when it comes to dealing with the remnants of Arabs left behind after Jordan lost the area it illegally occupied and illegally populated with numbers of their citizens, some which they forcefully transferred, Israel needs to tread softly yet definitively to correct the crimes committed by Jordan from 1948 through the Six Day War in 1967. In providing for solutions in many wars, including both World Wars, the people whose governing nations lost the regions which they resided within were relocated to their previous national lands often without any compensation and given a very limited time frame before threat of military force would be applied. This option was, of course, denied Israel as was retaining lands gained in a defensive war as has been the rule of international law except for Israel. So, how can Israel finally address this problem and possibly get this monkey off our backs and the whole world can finally rest at night, though we completely doubt that any of the detractors of Israel will lose ten seconds before exploding into indignation, but at some point Israel will have to weather such a storm and simply reply to the world that they can simply bug-off.


The solution which Israel may need to take, and do so in the near term, is to inform the Arabs residing in the Shomron (Jordanian named West Bank) that they will be required to sign a guarantee that as resident aliens of Jordanian lineage they swear to act in a manner which will have the characteristics and results of non-belligerence or face deportation without any reimbursement for property or other losses. They should also be granted that they have two other alternatives. The first and far preferable would include their being reimbursed for all properties for which they have deed proving ownership above market value plus a relocation bonus which should be of a level which would make them attractive to most nations as their wealth would be welcome. This bonus would be less than many Israelis or others might believe, likely less than one-hundred-thousand-dollars. This payment would be a one time offer and one time payment for which they would sign that they are satisfied with their settlement and also promise to never seek to reside within Israel in the future under pain of deportation. The other choice would be to refuse either option above and as such have decided to take up a belligerence against Israel and consider themselves to be in a state of open war with Israel. In response to those choosing this option will be complied with and will face the full power of the IDF as soon as they are located without any measure of remorse. These would be the three choice method in which the Arabs currently residing in the Shomron could be given which would resolve the difficulty and remove any doubt as to their desire to remain within Israel peaceably without any desire to disturb the peace while others will have chosen to not reside in Israel and take monetary compensation and seek to reside outside of Israel and surrender all rights to reside within Israel in the future. Then there will be those who will decide they wish to wage war against Israel. They will face the rules of war and such a war will be waged against those so choosing. We would believe that anybody choosing to war with Israel will be minimal and the vast majority of the Arab population would take the reimbursement and inducement and the remainder will likely choose non-belligerence and actually mean this.


The problem would result from those who either signed the documents and stay or take the payments and leave and then continue to commit acts of terror and target Israelis. This should also be stated that should any choose either option and continue to commit acts of terror, they will immediately be considered to actually be amongst those who chose to war with Israel and be treated as such. The likelihood that those deciding to be at war with Israel will continue to be a problem for more than a few months is highly unlikely as the Israeli Defense Force is a well trained military and as this will be actual acts or war, the IDF will be informed that they may feel free to engage those choosing to war with Israel with maximum vigor and that Israel is willing to take prisoners but that prisoners are not a high priority. Those taken as prisoners will be placed within a prisoner of war camps built specially to care for them until the entirety of the Arab and Muslim worlds make peace with Israel and establish friendly relations. We would prefer that they actually live long enough to see such become a reality but if they do not, we will not lose any sleep. Those who choose to remain within Israel as resident aliens will be given as many freedoms as feasible with the hope that they will fairly soon be able to be treated with equality to all other legal aliens who reside and work within Israel. All other problems should resolve themselves within two years and after these are settled, then Israel can hopefully live in peace and the world can finally take a breath and leave Israel to their own future.


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June 25, 2018

Middle East Reality Strikes President Trump


President Trump has yet to figure out the single most important truth about the Middle East. If you are unsure what this truth is, do not feel bad as none of the Presidents since President Truman have figured it out either and even President Truman and those before him back to President Jefferson did not figure it out either. Truth be told, President Jefferson was the sole President to figure out the Middle East equation, an equation which has not altered a single iota since then. The other problem is most people in this era have little memory or ever had knowledge of history, even the history of their own nation. This is true of Americans and apparently all too true of far too many modern Jews despite the center of our faith being remembering our past and celebrating that past where such is called for and mourn those happenings which can only be commemorated while not appropriate for celebration. The claim that Jews spend an inordinate amount of time and energy commemorating the past is true and will continue to be true as it is our past, which sets us apart and our very beginnings, which define our faith and our existence today. That is a truth about Judaism and why Israel, this little slice of land which is less than one-fourth of one percent of the lands in the Muslim world usually defined as the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa), is of such paramount importance to the Jewish People even in this modern era. But this is about President Trump and the problem his “Deal of the Century” faces as it has just run headfirst into the difficulty of the Middle East.


Presidents Jefferson, Truman and Trump

Presidents Jefferson, Truman and Trump


President Trump has based his “Deal of the Century” on replacing the implacable PLO or Palestinian Authority with Jordan, Egypt or possibly even Saudi Arabia. The easiest one of these nations to rule out is Saudi Arabia. President Bush who was a great friend of the Saudi Royal Family approached them for assistance in finding a solution during his administration. Instead of coming rushing to his aid, they simply took some time and met with other leaders of the Arab League and other Arab nations and eventually produced the Saudi Plan. The plan is also called the Arab Plan and is not very much different from the previous demands. Like every other proposed plan, this one also demands the pre-June 1967 lines, also known as the Green Line, completely erasing the losses from the Six Day War and resetting the area back to the borders which the Arab world found so inviting for destroying Israel that they simply had to attack. This is the initial demand, basically demanding a do-over for the Six Day War. Then it demands that there be a satisfactory solution be found for the Palestinian refugee problem. This is another standard where it is demanded that Israel accept anywhere from five to eight million Arab refugees and grant them their rightful citizenship in Israel transforming Israel into another Muslim majority nation which after the next election will soon star to destroy the Jewish population if any Jews wait that long before fleeing for their lives. Their claim is that since Israel is a democratic nation which provides for religious freedom, what complaint can the Israelis have in accepting these refugees? The problem is we have seen what happens to a nation once the Muslims become the majority by looking north to what had been predominantly Christian Lebanon which is now ruled by Hezballah which is armed and threatening to destroy Israel. The promise to Israel was should they accept this deal the Muslim Arab nations would consider recognizing and normalizing relations with Israel. Many people love to claim they promised to accept and have normal relations with Israel which is untrue, they only promised to think about doing such. Our bet is they would wait until Israel became yet another Arab Muslim nation before changing anything. The entirety of the Saudi Plan would be unacceptable but oddly enough, it was rejected by Yasser Arafat before it was presented as a plan to Israel.


That was the grand deal from Saudi Arabia and we are willing to bet that even the new leader, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, would not bring that big of a change, especially this early in his rule. His immediate plans are apparently domestic though he is not about to completely ignore the outside world. Prince Mohammed bin Salman will definitely watch the Saudi Arabian nemesis, Iran, and watch them closely. Israel is a problem which he does not require and as much as he probably would love to befriend President Trump, there are some requests which would be one too far. Prince Mohammed bin Salman might be willing to place the agreement of Saudi Arabia to any plan which proves acceptable to the Arab League and the rest of the Arab World as well as the Palestinian Arab leadership. That is where the knot of the problem sits.


Looking to Egypt and a year ago, that might have been a possibility but President Sisi is not sitting in as strong a position and much of his efforts will be to assure that he remains President of Egypt even if elections have to be massaged. His is an easy problem to define, and it is defined Muslim Brotherhood. Yes, he outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood, but being outlawed and being expunged from the Egyptian population are two very different things. Much of the rural and poor population in Egypt receives assistance from Muslim Brotherhood Imams and officials and with the food, you win their support. It is a political equation as old as politics and probably older. President Sisi has also been in a running struggle with the Imams at Al-Azhar University in his effort to modernize Islam and turn them from their absolutist beliefs and bring Islam back from the precipice which abrogation placed them. President Sisi is attempting to end the insistence of domination over all other religions and the inevitability for conquest of the world bringing all to worship only Allah and allow for Islam to become a modernist religion where it will find a path for accommodating a plurality of religion and for the existence of lands which are not ruled by Muslims. Sisi is fighting fourteen-hundred years of history coming from the initial Caliphate and continuing through the Ottoman Empire. Should he fail, then Islam will continue on its path of confrontation and attempts at conquest continuing from time to time until they finally either conquer the world and bring all to Islam or are eradicated by a world no longer willing to accept their consistent resorting to confrontations. So, Egypt is out.


This leaves Jordan. President Trump has first placed his hopes with Jordan. Just this past week Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu visited King Abdullah in Amman, Jordan. Probably the easiest and most informative means of taking measure of their meeting would be to quote their statements which they released after their talks. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s response was given in an official Press Release stating, “Prime Minister Netanyahu and King Abdullah of Jordan met today in Amman. The King and the Prime Minister discussed regional developments, advancing the peace process and bilateral relations. Prime Minister Netanyahu reiterated Israel’s commitment to maintaining the status quo at the holy sites in Jerusalem.” You have to love the conciseness of his emotionless, flat statement completely devoid of emotion.


King Abdullah was far more expressive in his communique. His statement came as follows (We initially tried to go to the link but found it nonfunctional. The article we relied upon for the King’s response can be read here),


“His Majesty King Abdullah, at a meeting on Monday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who departed Jordan after a short visit, stressed the need to make progress in efforts to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict on the basis of the two-state solution and in accordance with international law, relevant UN resolutions, and the Arab Peace Initiative.
“King Abdullah reaffirmed that the only way to achieve peace and stability in the region is by reaching a two-state solution and the establishment of a Palestinian state on the 4 June 1967 lines with East Jerusalem as its capital, living side by side with Israel in peace and security.”
“The King affirmed that Jordan will continue upholding its historical role in safeguarding Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem, in accordance with the Hashemite Custodianship.”


There are two items worth note, the first being the inclusion of safeguarding Christian holy sites with no reference to Jewish sites. The inclusion of Christian is taking additional right to having the right for control beyond the original agreed upon Islamic sites thus insisting on Jordan now having responsibility for all of the Temple Mount according to the King and further claiming that there is no holiness to Jews of the Temple Mount. This is a step towards preventing Jews from having access to the Temple Mount and a step backwards from recent events. The problem of the Temple Mount will likely now only start to escalate if Jordan decides to press the exclusion of Jews from the Temple Mount and, if the King follows the extremist views of the Palestinian Authority, denial of use of the plaza before the Western Wall, which Abbas has claimed is holy only to Islam. This path would lead to a direct confrontation testing relations between Israel and Jordan, a relationship which has grown colder on recent times.


The second issue is King Abdullah was simply restating the unresponsive position which Mahmoud Abbas and also Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Arab position since 1917 when the British declared their intent for a Jewish State with the Balfour Declaration and again throughout the following San Remo Conference, Treaty of Serves, the Mandate System, United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 and finally the Declaration of the independence of the State of Israel in May of 1948. What he stated was that Jordan would demand that there be a Palestinian Arab state formed along the pre-Six Day War Green Line including eastern Jerusalem and the provisions of the Arab Initiative as described above includes the imposing of five to eight million Arab refugees into Israel making it another Arab Muslim nation as soon as elections would be held.


So, what is it that President Trump has run into? He has struck what we would refer to as the Islamic Brick Wall. President Jefferson figured it out as the Barbary Pirates demanded more and more protection payments and whenever the United States resisted returned to taking sailors from American ships until the payments were made. He also had heard it from the Ambassador Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman in London representing the Dey of Algiers who controlled the Barbary Pirates. Ambassador Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja had answered that Islam, “It was founded on the Laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Quran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every Musselman (Muslim) who should be slain in Battle was sure to go to Paradise.”


Islam is a religion of conquest founded on beliefs which coalesced in the first hundred and fifty to two hundred years where abrogation placed the parts of the Quran written in Medina which contradicted the Mecca verses as abrogating the earlier verses. Egypt President Sisi is one of the most public persons who have called for abrogation to be reversed and the Mecca Quran, the original writings of Muhammad, as having primacy. Until Islam, if ever they should, follows the desires of President Sisi and his fellow patrons for amending the precedence of the later verses allowing the multicultural and more open Mecca verses guide modern Islam, there cannot be surrender of any lands by Islamic nations. This means that Israel, as well as Spain (Andalusia), must be erased and the lands returned to Islamic rule. Further, Muslims are to be pledged to forging a world where only Allah is worshiped and Islam is the sole religion. This is why Islamic nations strive to eradicate all other religions within their borders. This is also why Israel is the only nation in the Middle East where the Christian population is increasing. Saudi Arabia has places where no non-Muslim is permitted to tread, and by places, we mean entire cities such as both Mecca and Medina. Further, it is illegal and punishable by death to be a follower of Judaism, Christianity or religion other than Islam in Saudi Arabia. The supremacy of Islam is so defined that it even reaches to the point that one must practice the correct form of Islam thus the enmity between the Sunni and Shiite Muslims and Saudi Arabia and Iran, each the preeminent nation of each form of Islam. Iran has already made it clear that their intent is world conquest starting with Saudi Arabia and then on to Israel and the United States. The Saudi Arabians are more passive as Sunni Islam includes at least 85% of all Muslims with almost the entirety of the rest being Shiites. Either way, Islam, both Sunni and Shiite with Shiite being the more active currently, live by the concept of the sword, thus it matters little to the world which one is dominant, they will both eventually attempt to dominate. What is possibly a saving grace is that many in Islam pledge to make their founding school of Islam the dominant form which is part of why there are as many Islam-Islam wars. Below is a map of the numerous separate founders of the various forms of Islam. One can notice that Iran, Iraq, Qatar and Bahrain are the most populated Shiite Islamic centers while most of the rest of Islam belongs to some form of Sunni Islam.


The main Islamic madh'habs (schools of law) of Muslim countries or distributions

The main Islamic madh’habs (schools of law) of Muslim countries or distributions


Both forms of Islam hold Mecca and Medina as their most holy cities and none outside those speaking about Israel believe, and not even those speaking of Israel, that Jerusalem is the third most holy city in Islam. In Shiite Islam after Mecca and Medina they are Najaf, Karbala, Kathemiya, Samara, Mash’had and Qom are the next most holy cities. In Sunni Islam Mecca and Medina, they are Istanbul, Cairo, Kufa and Karbala. Oddly enough, Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Quran as Muhammad removed any reference to Jerusalem after the Jews refused him as their prophet. This happened even before he presented the Quran to be written down by a scribe, as Muhammad did not read or write. The reason that Jerusalem is noted today as the third most holy city is because it is the city which Islam desires to conquer, or reconqer, next. The honor of being the third most holy city has also been shared by Damascus, Constantinople, Rome, Paris, London and New York amongst others. It is all part of the promise from Allah that in the Quran states that Islam will rule the world and all will bend to Allah and his people.


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May 20, 2018

Israel Chooses to Retain Freedom and Liberty

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There has been a small-scale level of discontent on the Gaza border with Israel for the past month or so. This small-scale level of discontent on the Gaza side was covered by the mainstream media in much of the developed world as families coming together to have a picnic, men joining together for daily prayer, youth playing pick-up games of soccer and numerous other innocent activities. Sure, they admitted, there were some who were protesting just like you would expect with speeches, signs, some yelling and burning tires and that was about as strenuous as the activities on the border reached. Then they covered the Israeli side of the border where they brought up water-cannons, teargas launchers, rubber-bullets and live-fire of real bullets. The Israelis escalated their actions each day with them killing Gazans in some numbers and injuring thousands upon thousands. There was no real reason for the Israeli actions, well, if you read the stories in the New York Times and listened to CNN or the BBC as well as far too many others reporting on the activities, even some on Fox such as our not so favorite Geraldo Rivera, or as we like to call him, the mustache that never found the truth.


So, why are we upset and what is it we, living here in Israel, believe happened and is the history which is behind everything. Let’s look at the history and see if the Gazans have any accurate and real complaint against Israel. Way back in ancient history when George W. Bush was President of the United States and Condoleezza Rice was Secretary of State, they proposed a solution which was unique and untried to give the Arab Palestinians the opportunity to prove their untapped ability to build a prosperous and functional area completely under their own governance. They told Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon that if things turned out poorly and any Arab violence ensued, then Israel could simply retake Gaza and things could return to as they were before the Gaza giveaway. So, in August and early September of 2005 the IDF forced every Israeli residing in Gaza to leave their communities, reinterred every Jewish grave as even the buried Jews would have been dug up and their bodies burned and otherwise subjected to forms of desecration. The greenhouses were left intact for the Arabs to have a ready to operate business but the rest was destroyed so as to remove any chance for the Arabs to make a spectacle burning down the Jewish structures. Every military structure was disassembled and all the soldiers and equipment taken across the border into Israel. A total of eight-thousand Jewish settlers from all twenty-one settlements from Gaza were relocated. The disengagement proved to be an extremely emotional experience as one might expect from losing your entire community, your home, workplace, synagogue and everything you have known and watching it be destroyed (see image below). Still, Israel did as the United States insisted in order to give the Arabs a chance to make an example of what their society could produce with the presumed intention of a normative and functional economically healthy society given the slightest chance.


Emotion and Grief of Israelis being Dispossessed as part of Gaza Disengagement by Israel to Give the Arabs a Chance

Emotion and Grief of Israelis being Dispossessed as part of
Gaza Disengagement by Israel to Give the Arabs a Chance


So, what was the reason for the Gazan protests where burning tires were rolled at the border fence, Molotov cocktails were thrown across the border, incendiary devices were attached to kites and flown to drop on Israeli wheat fields burning a number of them completely, rocks were thrown using slings for added distance plus force, attempts were made to cut holes in the border fence, explosive devices were placed along the border fence, border monitoring equipment were destroyed, numbers of people attempted to rush the fence to break through and rifles were used to shoot at IDF positions all as part of that reportedly peaceful gatherings. Well, they were protesting the Israeli occupation of Gaza. What Israeli occupation of Gaza were they protesting? Israel left Gaza completely leaving their borders with Egypt initially monitored for almost six weeks by European Union monitors who fled and then Egypt was left to open or close as they desired with Gaza. There was initially no blockade of Gaza and their fishing fleets were permitted free range as long as they did not fish in Israeli shoreline. Israel placed the blockade into place in June 2007, in response to the takeover of Gaza by Hamas, a terrorist group sworn to destroy Israel and murder every Jew in the world. There is no Israel occupation of Gaza. That does not matter as they were protesting the Israeli occupation of Israel because their leaders claim that Israel belongs to them and the Jews all need to be slaughtered. The protests and rioting were intended and are continuing with the intent of breaching the Israel border fence and streaming thousands of armed Arabs into Israel with the intent on destroying property and murdering everybody they can find. These are the demonstrators which Israel has been accused of treating poorly and advised to greet them with pizza and flowers and then they will sit with Israel and be reasonable. These violent and threatening protests will continue for as long as the rest of the world insists on blaming Israel as that serves the requirements of Hamas. What the world should be decrying is the waste of the lives of Gazans in the name of the destruction of Israel.


Gaza Border with Peaceful Rioting

Gaza Border with Peaceful Rioting


The concept for Gaza was for the Arabs to show the world their idea of a perfect and functional society. What you are witnessing is the idea in Gaza of what makes a perfect and functional society. Their ideal society is hell-bent on the destruction of an actual normal and successful society known as Israel. They have already announced what their intent will be once the world gives them Israel, something which will never be permitted by Israel itself. Their next intent is to invade and destroy all of Europe and murdering all the Jews and the vast majority of others who are not Muslim unless they convert, and even if they convert, many will still be slaughtered. After Europe, including Europe, their intent is to jump the Atlantic and perform their usual actions in the United States and Canada. Their final hope is that Hamas will rule the world and they will have slaughtered everyone they feel is not sufficiently Islamic. This means that currently, on the Gaza border, Israel is defending the world from Hamas. Don’t take our word for it, take theirs. They claim to have theoretically produced a new and softer document of intent, not actually a replacement of their charter, but a document which is pure taqiyya intended to soften the world’s view of them as terrorists so they can become eligible for aid. We expect that Europe will jump at this fantastic opportunity as they are surrendering to the fact that Mahmoud Abbas will never destroy Israel and actually cooperates with Israel just enough such that Israel guards him and protects him from Hamas and other more radical groups who desire replacing Abbas. Hamas still has the energy which Europe believes would be required to destroy Israel, the desired result Europe has half-heartedly pursued since they actually agreed to allow the Jews to return to their ancestral home in 1922 at San Remo. The European leaders mostly did not believe the Jews would ever desire to leave European rule and go to live in the desert where they would most definitely die of starvation. Something was wrong with their plan, it included Europeans continuing to permit Jews to live and not round them up and ship them off to death camps.


Here is the reality, uncoated and straight. The Arab world would love to destroy Israel and kill the Jews. This is due to the Hadiths, in particular, Hadith Sahih Muslim (41:6985) Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews. This particular Hadith pleased the founders of Hamas to such an extent that they included it in their Hamas Charter. The presumed new “love” that the Arab world, Saudi Arabia in particular, are feeling for Israel is not due to their turning over a new leaf, it is due directly in response to a old threat with newly provided power called Iran. Iran and Saudi Arabia both believe that they should be the rulers and leaders of the Islamic World. The Saudi Arabian leaders believe that the Islamic World should be nice and uniformly Sunni Muslims. The Iranian leaders believe that the Islamic World should be nice and uniformly Shiite Muslims. Currently the Islamic World is eighty-eight percent Sunni Muslim, twelve percent Shiite Muslims with a small fraction well less than one percent other minor sects.


Such a near total majority of Islam being Sunni does not bother Iran in the slightest for they realize that within Islam the vast majority will be influenced by a simple concept that they would follow the stronger horse. Currently Saudi Arabia gets to declare themselves that horse due to their wealth and the fact that they rule over the Two Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina. Iran has these two cities plus the Saudi Arabian oil fields within their sights. This is where the idea and coming reality of a Shiite Crescent comes into play (see map below). The star in the crescent covers the location of Mecca and Medina. Iran has hope that in the near future they will have the military power necessary to take the northeastern area of Saudi Arabia where the majority of the Saudi Arabian Shiite population resides along with the majority of oil fields. Then, on the other front with forces possibly launching across Jordan and turning to rush the Red Sea coast of the Saudi Peninsula from the north, a second pincher could rush up the Red Sea coast of the Saudi Peninsula from out of Yemen heading north. Should Iran succeed, they would have a strong oil economy having usurped the Saudi Arabian fields and probably also those of Kuwait and also have become the keepers of the Two Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina. With such a coup of the Islamic World, Iran would appear as the strongest horse and this could lead to vast numbers of Sunni Muslims converting into Shiite Muslims. They would not even be required to change their Mosque other than changing any reference to Sunni Islam into a reference to Shiite Islam and their Imam would also be required to adopt Shiite Islam or face being replaced, and possibly in a less than gentle means. We cannot conclusively state this is the Iranian intent, but it stands sufficient that the Saudi Arabian leaders believe this which works temporarily to the favor of Israel. If Iran were to succeed at such a coup, then Israel would simply be facing a new leader of the same problem, nothing else.


Shiite Crescent including Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Iran

Shiite Crescent including Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Iran


Iran is a world problem as their intents extend into the far future and follow the belief that Islam is destined to rule the entire world, as Allah will favor them in such an effort. This belief is central to both Sunni and Shiite Islam so whichever is dominant makes little difference. The problem Israel faces as immediate is the rioting on the Gaza border. This is a serious problem and a difficulty one because the western media is covering the story dishonestly. This allows for their leaders to use the misinformation being disseminated to the public as their means to the end of opposing Israel. What is almost unbelievable is that these same governments actively use the inventions and discoveries which Israel produces while feeding the monsters on the Israeli border. The reality that even if there were no Israel, Syria would still be in the throws of a civil war, Libya would still not have real governance, Yemen would still be in a civil war, Iran would still be threatening the Middle East with further wars and Europe would still be facing a potential Islamic uprising to take over and end democratic rule replacing it with totalitarian Sharia. For those who will claim that Iran has an elected parliament, we would like to remind them that the Guardian Council chooses from all the potential candidates which are acceptable and permitted to actually run and be elected. This is a limit which removes the open election concept of democracies where the people alone determine who will represent them, there is no supervising group which determines their choices and then allows voting to choose from amongst those they approved. Europe is hurtling towards a confrontation in which they will either retain their current governance or they will join the rest of the Islamic World resulting in an end to their democratic way of life. When the people realize what is rapidly coming their way, their politicians will have much for which to answer. In the meantime, Israel has already chosen and refuses to lose their freedoms and liberties which come with their democratic governance. The Gaza rioting desires to contradict and end that choice and that is why Israel resists. Europeans may choose to surrender which will be perfectly in accordance with Islam, Israel chooses not to submit, thank you.


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