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June 21, 2018

President Trump Needs to Face Reality


President Trump has followed the same path taken by Presidents before him. Unfortunately, for all the victims of this policy, he has taken most of his thoughts from State Department policy wonks. This means that he is pursuing some form of the two-state solution. This tired, banal, old, worn-out policy which has been pushed by administration after administration to naught being once again proffered will face the same rejection it has time and again. The problem is simple; one side of the negotiations refuses to permit the other side to even have an existence demanding that they are the true owners of all of the area. The Palestinians Arabs represent the entirety of the Arab and Muslim world where the belief is that Allah has granted them domain over these lands. That Allah has granted them domain over these lands means they must not permit any others from ruling even a single square millimeter of the lands in the Middle East and North Africa. This is why every President has hit a brick wall in the negotiation, as the Arab side will insist on ultimatums which they know the Israelis cannot meet. Often this is the pre-Six Day War lines including the entirety of the Old City of Jerusalem including also the Temple Mount which will immediately become off-limits to all except Muslims just as was the case under Jordanian rule. Israel cannot accept allowing the Temple Mount to fall out of their access, which the Arabs know which is why they demand such. The job of the Palestinian Arabs is to make demands so extreme that Israel cannot accept, thus making it appear that the Israelis are refusing to make peace. The truth is that the Arabs have made clear that even if Israel accepts their maximalist demands, that will not bring an end to the resistance to the interlopers who, according to the Arabs, have no claim or right to be there. According to the Arab argument, in all of history there has never been a Jewish state in this area. This is true if, like the Arabs, you believe that history began in the year 630C.E. In the Arab World, the Jews never existed in this area and their view of ancient history is even more interesting. According to the Arab Muslim views, Abraham was a Muslim, Noah was a Muslim, Moses was a Muslim, King David was a Muslim, King Solomon was a Muslim plus Adam and Eve were Muslims, everybody of consequence to Jewish history were actually Muslims and thus there have never been any Jew in this area; so how can they make such claims now. This is the reality that many Muslims believe making any existence of Israel an abomination.


Hamas are the true face of the Arab views. They do not mince words; they simply call for the slaughter of the Jewish People in Israel and beyond. Hamas speaks the reality of the Arab view, that they should rule the world because Allah promised them the world. Everybody must surrender and bow to Allah in the world for the world to be made perfect. Not just surrender to Allah, but to do so in the correct form of Islam. Which form, well, that depends on who you are being conquered by. If it is the Muslim Brotherhood, then Sunni Islam and if it is Iran, then Shia Islam, and if Hamas is the group then you will be confused as they are mostly Sunni but are supported by Iran who are Shia. What version of Islam is inconsequential, as such would only be a problem should Israel be dissolved permitting the Arabs, the PLO, Hezballah, Hamas or Islamic Jihad, to take charge of all of the lands and allow the mass murder causing the death of over six-million Jews in the process. The Palestinian Authority Arabs do not mention the eradication of the Jews as Hamas does, but they desire the same bloodshed and mass executions, as does Hamas. President Trump has been fed the same misconceptions by the State Department, as had his predecessors. He was sold the same two state solution and perhaps he adjusted it such that Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia or some combination of Arab powers taking responsibility for the Arab regions within the region currently held by Israel. It is time for a new solution to be enacted which is guaranteed to relieve the economic troubles of Gaza and promise new opportunities for the Palestinian population.


So, what could such a solution entail? It begins with the removal of the terror chiefs who currently control the direction of negotiations. This includes leaders of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, PLO and the Palestinian Authority. Once these have been removed and placed in exile wherever they can be placed perhaps among their friends in the European Union. The next step is to remove the remainder of the supporting groups such as the officers of their security forces and other political allies and others who supported the propaganda and other forces in order to completely de-tooth these terrorist groups. The remaining populations must be required to sign an affidavit declaring their willingness to live under Israeli rule and Israeli law. This declaration must make clear that should any member of their family be found to be working with terrorists; the entire family could face deportation. Once they have accepted these conditions, then they would be permitted to remain residing as resident aliens. Providing they reside within areas which were controlled by Hamas, Islamic Jihad or the Palestinian Authority, then they would most likely be permitted to vote in local city-wide elections. They would not be permitted voting rights in national elections. Their denotation would be as resident aliens. They would be permitted to take any of a number of options. They could attempt to gain citizenship with one of the Arab nations where they have family or friends or they could sign to join a waiting list to become citizens of Israel. This path would be long, arduous and have high standards and expectations. Any deviation from expectations would revoke any application to become Israeli citizens at some point in the future. The path to Israeli citizenship could easily exceed ten years.


This is the only solution which will end the merry-go-round of Israeli concessions, Arab demands, negotiation collapse followed by the next administration starting again with Israeli concessions followed by Arab demands then negotiation collapse followed by the next administration… This is a train which inevitably leads to the complete and total destruction of Israel leading soon to the extinction of the Jewish People relegating them to small communities of a thousand or two of Jews as their remnant. The Arabs desire to do to the Jewish People that which they have done to every other civilization they have met, whittle their numbers down to a point where they no longer are of any consequence and can be ignored and threatened with complete extinction of the remnants within the Muslim world. Such has become the fate of the Yazidis and soon the Kurds, also the Zoroastrians, Berbers, Assyrians, Nubians and potentially the various Europeans should Islam continue to grow and reach the turning point where they launch their conquest of the many European nations. Hamas makes their plans open and simple. It is contrived of two main steps. The first is to eradicate Israel and the Jews within. The second is to eradicate the rest of the Jewish People throughout the world while conquering the world and then working to be rid of Christians and all other religions while forcing Islam on as many as are willing to convert. That is as simple as it gets and has been tried before by the Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Nazis, Communists and now it is the Islamist’s turn to go out to conquer the world.


The Palestinian Authority, which declared themselves to be the state of Palestine back on January 3, 2013, has a slightly different plan. They will be satisfied if the world forces them to accept the pre-Six Day War lines and from that point their next target will be the Negev and then the Galilee leaving the Israelis only the greater Tel Aviv metro area which they figure with a little assistance from the Arab world can be wiped off the face of the earth before the Israelis can even send up an alarm. They are probably correct and there are those in Europe who would gladly sacrifice all of Israel to the Arabs. The Palestinian Authority leadership also claims that once they have eradicated the Jews from the Middle East, then all will live in harmony and peace because we all know that the Arabs get along so well with one another just as they have in Iraq and Syria for examples. The Islamic empire, be it Arab or Persian, are well on their way to taking control of Western Europe and unless the leaders in Western Europe awaken to their mistaken ways, they will soon be facing Islamic unrest at levels not seen outside of the British Mandate regions in the 1920’s and 1930’s and the Arab riots against the Jews.


The four stages of Islamic conquest have been put forth in numerous places and have historic evidence to back their supposition. This is what lies ahead for the Europeans and possibly the American and Canadians should these civilizations not awaken to what is growing within their borders. The good news is that at least Israel is aware of the foul intentions of their neighbors and that any sign of friendship is only due to their needing something after which they will return to plotting the end of the Jewish State. There is no such thing as reaching peace with Islamic entities as their only acceptable terms are complete and total surrender followed by conversion or annihilation of the non-Islamic population. After the entirety of the population has been converted or beheaded, then the purification starts where those suspected converts who are not sufficiently diligent in their practice of Islam will be beheaded as if they were unbelievers all as a message to the others to be more diligent in their adherence to Islam. Then will come the purification of those who worship Islam in a foreign manner. This is where the Shia murder Sunni or the Sunni murder Shia and both murder any other form of Islam until theirs is the only for practiced. From here, there will be other rifts resulting on one side being victorious and the other side killed until eventually one family is what is left. Then intra-family rifts may appear. There are some who claim that Islam will, if permitted to become the sole religion of mankind, purify itself until only one remains because in the end there can be only one. That may be a bit of an exaggeration but we would just as soon not find out.


The Arabs are going to be in righteous anger no matter what is done as has been proven on the Gaza border. It has been proven in Iraq, in Syria, and is being proven with the Turkish forces annihilating the Kurds in Syria and probably from there into Iraq. Bashir al-Assad has freely murdered the Palestinian Arabs within his country without one peep of complaint from Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and with the assistance of Hezballah. Iran has murdered many of the Sunni Iraqis and is now assisting in the conquest and slow annihilation of the Kurdish north. There is a direct possibility that Turkey under President Erdogan will result in a war with both Syria and Iraq as he has declared a desire to conquer the lands to include Aleppo, Syria and Mosul, Iraq. Erdogan has also referenced his establishing the reborn Ottoman Caliphate. This is just a small sample of how well the Islamic nations get along and we have yet to mention Yemen, Libya, or Pakistan which all have varying levels of conflicts within their borders. Add to this the visions of empire held by the Ayatollah in Iran who believes that Iran will some day rule all the earth because Shia Islam was promised by Allah that they would be the rulers of the Earth. One has to ask at some point, how many different groups has Allah promised that they will rule the Earth? Is it supposed to be Iran, Turkey, Sunnis, Shias, Saudis, exactly who is it that has the honest and real promise of Allah that they will rule the world? We Jews remember many others who said they would rule the world. Thankfully, we only desire our small little area and will leave the remainder of the world to decide who and how it will be ruled, as long as we can keep our small plot between the Jordan and the Mediterranean. This is all we insist upon and are not even going to demand our old northern border of the Litani River, though that would be considerate (see map below). As becomes obvious, we are not demanding both sides of the Jordan River and the northern border of the Litani River though we do plan, insist even, on retaining the Golan Heights for defensive purposes and to allow our farmers in the Galilee the safety of not being shot by Syria snipers.


Modern Israel Borders and Twelve Tribes of Israel

Modern Israel and Twelve Tribes of Israel


The Jews in Israel only honestly desire peace. Unfortunately, we have concluded that none of our Arab neighbors will allow us to have peace as long as we insist on ruling ourselves. Since not ruling ourselves and allowing our Arab neighbors to rule us would result in our extinction, which is proven by the world of their leaders, we cannot settle for anything less than defensible borders and as much land as we can properly claim. That amount of land is pictured above. Those borders would permit for our defense, give Israel the military depth, and well defensible borders such that we would be able to prevent any offensive launched against us. These are also the borders we were promised by the British Mandate, the League of Nations and the United Nations, though you would be hard pressed to find any evidence of that from the rhetoric coming from most sources. There will never be any agreement reached with any Arab entity, be it Hamas, Fatah, Jordan, Saudi Arabia or any other Arab entity which would permit Israel to exist in peace without having a near continuous threat of annihilation at the slightest sign of weakness on our part. That could be anything from a weak government with a weak Prime Minister to being struck by a serious flu epidemic rendering a good number of our population of fighting age being sidelined with the disease. We would still always face the possible threat by attack with WMD such as the Iranian promise to launch nuclear weapons to destroy us or the promise by Palestinian leader Jibril Rajoub who vowed, “I swear that if we had a nuke, we’d have used it this very morning.” With such an attitude, is there anyone who doubts why we cannot reach an agreement with the likes as these? The only solution is to grant Israel all which is rightfully ours and leave things at that as anything less will simply leave the door open for further demands and conflict. To avoid constant conflict there must be a winner. Given a choice, we choose Israel being that winner if for no other reason; the world would never accept the six million plus Jews who would be left needing a new home to avoid being slaughtered. If this is not true, then please name the nation willing to accept six million plus Jews arriving all at once. Before you name any Western Nations, look to the references of their response to the Shoah, the Holocaust, and how nation after nation including the United States, Canada, Britain and Spain who all closed their borders to the best of their ability preventing the Jews from escaping the Nazis and then you will know that there is not a single nation who would open their borders to allow Jews refuge.


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January 11, 2018

It’s Nothing Personal, We Just Hate You


Really, we have nothing against you personally, well, unless you are one of those holy religious types, then yes we do. You see it is just simply by having your kind still around despite all we have attempted to do over the years, well, it’s just not natural. And if it is not natural, then it must be supernatural, and you know what that means. That’s right, it means that your claims about Hashem just might ring true and that is something which bothers us greatly. You see, if what you claim is true and there really is a Supreme Being, Hashem, as you call Him, then the Ten Commandments are valid and truly Divinely given and that scroll of yours, the Torah, is also true and Divinely given. That means that there really exists a standard by which we are supposed to live our lives and that just takes the fun out of life. Add to that the fact that our every step and misstep is watched and kept a record of by which we will be judged, where’s the fun left after that? You all simply demand too much of the rest of us and those of you in Israel just make it all that much worse. Let us explain.


You see when you were dispersed throughout our worlds; we could do with you and to you what we pleased because you lacked the will and the numbers to fight back. We could murder you and nothing struck us from out of the heavens, no lightning bolts, no burning hail, nothing. We could steal all your wealth, burn your homes and chase you out of our countries and everything continued without you. We could charge you an extra tax, the Jizyah, force you to walk in the gutter and not contaminate our sidewalks, make you hunch down keeping your heads lower than even our shortest person and deny you any legal rights such that murdering you was no longer a crime. We were free to do anything because our religions which required little of us had replaced yours as the Chosen People; we became the Chosen Ones and you became the cursed, the spawn of Satan. But now you have returned to your ancestral homelands just as prophesized and, according to scholars, you came back exactly as prophesized over two millennia ago. How can we interpret such miracles other than divinely set in stone and executed just as promised by Hashem.


As was set out in a recent post, “Ezekiel said the Jews were to be punished for 430 years because they had turned away from Hashem. This was to become the Babylonian exile. The Persians under Cyrus the Great defeated the Babylonians and freed their Jewish captives about 70 years after Judah lost independence to Babylon. This left 360 years which the Jews would require a second exile to fulfill as one must pay Hashem when one strays. In Leviticus 26:18, Leviticus 26:21, Leviticus 26:24 and Leviticus 26:28 the Torah spells things out quite clearly, should the Jews not fully repent their sins they would be punished increased by a factor of seven. Since most of the Jews freed from Babylon decided to live in the Persian society and adopted pagan ways, which is not exactly repenting, their remaining 360 years were multiplied by seven meaning their time in the Diaspora or under foreign occupation became 2,520 years on the original lunar Jewish calendar which translates to 2,484 years. Count from 536 BCE forward 2,484 years and you arrive at 1948.”


Further prophesies foretold of the events under which the Jewish State would return. One of the most miraculous was from Isaiah 66:7-8 where it states, “Before she goes into labor, she gives birth; before the pains come upon her, she delivers a son. Who has ever heard of such a thing? Who has ever seen such things? Can a country be born in a day or a nation be brought forth in a moment? Yet no sooner is Zion in labor than she gives birth to her children.” Israel did come into being in a single day declared a nation holding her Biblical borders from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, some parts of which were lost yet she survived every attempt to dislodge the Jewish People to this day. That too was the prophesy from Ezekiel 37:1-14 telling of the restoration of the Jewish People using the parable of the Valley of Dry Bones. The prophesy tells of the ingathering of the Jewish People being brought from the four corners and renewed. The prophesy also speaks of taking tribes of Israel (Joseph) and the tribe of Judah and make them one foretelling that the House of Israel will be a united house once more as it is. The verse goes on to say that being observant and true to the Mitzvahs, the Commandments, will be made easy for the people in Israel, something we can attest to as this has been our case as religion has come upon our souls and persons and following the Commandments of Torah have been placed within reach.


But these are the exact things which have so frightened so many and within their hearts, a great discomfort lay and for this, they blame the Jews. Blaming the Jews for any discomfort, disease, strife or difficulty had become so second nature that it became second nature, as natural to the non-Jew as breathing. The fact that the Jewish People now have their ancestral lands almost completely returned unto them and they posses a military which is effective so above its level of fighters and equipment that it is sobering and difficult to explain without invoking Hashem. This too has set the gentile, both Christian and Muslim on edge, for if the Jews remain the Chosen People, then what does this do to their claims of replacement of the Jewish People? This sets many on edge, as they must question what this will mean to their faith. But there is a group who are even more perturbed, the secularists and especially the leftist secularists. These individuals and as a group, have replaced the Divine with the mundane, with the government, as the entity which gives life and sustenance to the people. The fact that Hebrew prophesies are being visualized and what was foretold two-thousand to two-thousand-seven-hundred years back have come to pass and not only come to pass but have played out exactly as foretold. They try and explain these phenomena with the directives of the League of Nations and the United Nations but they know that these events come from a far different source. The fact of such frightens them and is shaking the very core of their beliefs. The saddest part is that many of these secularists claim they are practicing Jews but have replaced Torah with leftist propaganda and Marxist principles. These Jews will be lost and never will return without even greater miracles, and we would not rule such out.


Still, what is the purpose of the growing anti-Semitism, the growing hatred shown the Jews? This could be the mechanism by which the remnants of Jews will be forced from Europe just as anti-Semitism along with anti-Zionism and anti-Israelism caused the majority of Arab nations to purge their societies of the Jews forcing them into exile. Most of these near one-million Jews resettled in Israel with small percentages making their way to France, Britain, and the United States, most often only if they had relatives who would sponsor them. Lacking such relatives, the vast majorities are now living in Israel and unlike the Arab refugees, these Jews were welcomed and somehow were managed to be interwoven into Israel despite any inconvenience, cost or other difficulties. This could be what will play out with time in Europe as we can already see areas where no Jew dare tread for fear of life within many major European cities. Such areas are more wide spread than are the Muslim communities as things are reaching the point where many Jews if religious must either hide their religiousness when leaving Jewish neighborhoods and traveling into the general public if they wish to avoid conflict.


But there is far more resulting from the reestablishment of Israel. Many Europeans, Islamists and, to a lesser extent currently, Americans are raising the specter of anti-Semitism once again. Large sectors of this is well disguised and those coming to hate the Jews claim that it is not the Jews they are against, it is the occupation of the Palestinians. They are not anti-Semitic or even really anti-Israel or anti-Zionist, they are anti-settlers, anti-occupation and pro-Palestinian Arab. They will say that all they want is for the Palestinian Arabs to be given their fair share and the small amounts which they claim. If pressed they will claim that all they desire is for the Palestinian Arabs to be granted their state in 22% of the land. They will often, out of ignorance, add just the West Bank and Gaza. The 22% which Mahmoud Abbas demands is the remaining 22% of the British Mandate which is everything which is not Jordan. He states that the British Mandate must be seen as a whole and complete entity and that the Palestinians are due the 22% of the Mandate west of the Jordan River. This leaves no Israel. Many knowingly agree with this demand realizing it would destroy Israel, something they support. They know that if Israel is destroyed, then there exists no Divine Entity and thus their secular beliefs are validated. This would permit them to return to their lives, as they desire to live them, without any overreaching moral code.


The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments


They desire to live as people lived before the Ten Commandments were handed down at Mount Sinai. They desire to live as did the Greeks, Romans, Persians and those ancient idolatrous religions with their pleasure driven societies. The secularists are opposed to the Jews and also to the Christians who they see as simply a different form of Jewish morality. This is evident in the normalization of homosexual relations to the point beyond where even the Greeks and Romans went, considering same-sex marriages. The Greeks and Romans still married women even if just to procreate and had their young boys for lovers. This was what was stated in all too many schoolbooks even in the 1950’s and 1960’s. The legalization of abortion and the permitting such up until the point of birth with some pro-choice students thinking it’ is morally acceptable to kill a child after birth up to the age of five. Many blame these ideal on the reading of modern ethicist falling after their influences with the likes of Peter Singer as part of required reading in many college courses. How such thoughts are much different from the child sacrifices as were offered to Baal by the Babylonians, another of the wonderful societies from antiquity. Such beliefs run so contrary to the teachings in the Torah and throughout the Bible that they only cause more antipathy towards the Jews as the originators of religious morality. The society, in many aspects, just wish to return to some slightly more civilized form of barbarity where personal pleasure and the pursuit of self-gratification are the only real concerns and let the others take care of themselves. The secularist passes off all requirements to care for the indigent, the elderly, the disabled to the government such that they just pay taxes and otherwise need not care about the plights of their brothers and sisters.


Ancient Child Sacrificial Ceremony Giving of the First Born or Virgin Child to Ba'al so as to Appease the Wrathful Idol

Ancient Child Sacrificial Ceremony Giving of the First Born or Virgin Child to Ba’al so as to Appease the Wrathful Idol


Genesis told mankind that yes indeed, we are our brother’s keeper, and it did not wait that far into the book before making that very point. It was Genesis Chapter 4:9 where it states, “And the Lord said to Cain, “Where is Abel your brother?” And he said, “I do not know. Am I my brother’s keeper?”” Hashem goes on to impress that we are indeed responsible for our brethren, all of them, woman, man, child, any who are distressed are our responsibility. That is a great responsibility which takes great effort; it is far more fun to entertain ourselves with distractions. This too is another chapter for the hatred of the Jews and their return to their ancestral homelands making the existence of the Divine too obvious to ignore. Defeat Israel and the prophesies are broken and thus there is no Divine Entity over all creation. Physics, Chemistry, Cosmology, Mathematics and the rest of the hard sciences prove how everything came into being and they do not find anything miraculous about the universe, do they? Well, perhaps science has mathematically proven the existence of the Divine, of Hashem. For the record, Dr. Gödel put it through his equations:

Ax. 1 {P(φ)∧◻∀x[φ(x)→ψ(x)]} →P(ψ)
Ax. 2 P(¬φ)↔¬P(φ)Th. 1.P(φ)→◊∃x[φ(x)]Df. 1.G(x)⟺∀φ[P(φ)→φ(x)]
Ax. 3 P(G)Th. 2.◊∃xG(x)Df. 2.φ ess x⟺φ(x)∧∀ψ{ψ(x)→◻∀y[φ(y)→ψ(y)]}
Ax. 4 P(φ)→◻P(φ)Th. 3.G(x)→G ess xDf. 3.E(x)⟺∀φ[φ ess x→◻∃yφ(y)]
Ax. 5 P(E)Th. 4.◻∃xG(x)”

Clear-cut as it can be and so easily and obviously, honest, we have no clue what Dr. Gödel was even trying to postulate, let alone know what this means, but it just might make more sense to someone else. For us, the return of the Jewish People and the continued existence of Israel despite all the things throughout the world working to destroy her and the Torah are all we require to believe and worship the Divine, to pray and hope that Hashem will treat us with kindness and a forgiving nature. Meanwhile, even should the entirety of the rest of the world stand against Israel, as long as we have Hashem and the blessings which accompany the country of Israel as a result, we will have little cause to worry. It is only if we have transgressed and acted with willful sinfulness that our need for concern should be awakened. Fortunately, Hashem usually sends at least one strongly felt and impossible to ignore warning, somewhat like a divine shot across the bow like say a large meteor striking within Israel or the Earth opening up and swallowing an entire neighborhood, something minor like such. A kind of repent now message from on high. Otherwise, we may just be going to do fine and live here for what will be nearly an eternity, if not an actual eternity.


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December 18, 2017

Real Obstacle to World Peace

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Looking at a map one can see the level of freedom Freedom House rated the world (see map below). What is frightening about this year’s survey is that freedom the world over fell and currently those nations rated as not free equal the other two categories of free and partly free.


Freedom House World Freedom Map

Freedom House World Freedom Map


Wars have a major oppressive effect on populations and the world is currently brimming with conflicts. Were one to look around the world at the current conflicts, they would largely have one thing in common, one side, if not both, or all, are Islamic nations or forces. Syria has several groups who are involved in the fighting which include but are not limited to Russia (non-Muslim), Remains of the Syrian Army (Muslim), Kurdish Militias (Muslim), Islamic State (Muslim), IRGC* (Muslim), Syrian opposition affiliated rebel groups (Muslim), Turkish Military (Muslim), Unified Syrian Army (Muslim), United States Air Force and related troops (non-Muslim), Israeli Defense Force (non-Muslim), Kurdish Peshmerga from Iraq (Muslim), Hezballah from Lebanon (Muslim), Jordan (Muslim), Saudi Arabia (Muslim), Qatar (Muslim), support for Russian effort from Iran (Muslim), Iraq (Muslim), China (non-Muslim), North Korea (non-Muslim), and support for the American effort from United Kingdom, France, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Norway (which are all non-Muslim). Much of the above are also involved directly or indirectly in the civil violence in Iraq, that is another war zone. Moving around the area, there is the fighting in Yemen which includes but may not be limited to Hadi Government Military (Muslim), Qatar (Muslim), Saudi Arabia (Muslim), Supreme Political Council (Muslim), Houthis Militia (Muslim), Yemeni Air Force (Muslim), IRGC (Muslim), North Korea (Muslim), Russia (non-Muslim), Iran (Muslim), Hezballah (Muslim), Southern Transitional Council (Muslim), United Arab Emirates (Muslim), Islamic State (Muslim), al-Qaeda (Muslim), Bahrain (Muslim), Kuwait (Muslim), Jordan (Muslim), Morocco (Muslim), Senegal (Muslim), Sudan (Muslim), Blackwater mercenaries (non-Muslim), Turkey (Muslim), United Kingdom (non-Muslim), France (non-Muslim), United States (non-Muslim), China (non-Muslim), Salafist militias (Muslim) and formerly Egypt (Muslim). These above major war zones are largely made up of varied Muslim groups and nations with some non-Muslim as well as Muslim outside assistance. But what about outside the Middle East, what do we find there?


Across Northern Africa in the Transition Zone (see map below), there is a line of conflict where Islamic terror groups aided by supplies and money from various nations including the United States, along with numerous NATO member states across Europe, plus Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations or supported by Russia, China, North Korea and mostly Iran with some areas warranting Iran to inject IRGC both as fighters and trainers. One of the more notable terror groups operated in and around Nigeria is Boko Haram. Moving eastward there is the separatist fighting between the newly created South Sudan and the former nation, the Sudan, which refuses to recognize the separatist claims to have declared and been recognized as independent. Continuing to the Horn of Africa where we have Eretria and Djibouti which are both falling under Iranian influence and then there is Somalia where there is little governmental control and most of the power and weaponry is in the hands of separate and distinct warlords who rule over their particular areas. The African Transition Zone is an area filled with violence as Islamic forces attempt to push Christians and Animists to choose conversion to Islam, fleeing or death, many choose another alternative sarcastically called ‘none of the above’ and realistically called fighting to retain their lives, homes and towns.


African Transition Zone

African Transition Zone


Egypt has suffered numerous terror attacks largely due to an Islamic war on Coptic Christians as well as the Sinai Peninsula becoming an open war zone. There is also violence in Libya where a multi-faceted civil war is taking place. The violence across much of the northern and western coasts boils down to terror groups and tribal groups competing for dominance and territory. Al-Qaeda is still operating in these areas as are the Muslim Brotherhood, as they require forces to send to Hamas in Gaza, Islamic State has been moving into the Sinai Peninsula as of late as they have been chased from Iran and Syria due in large part to the efforts of the Kurdish fighters. There also exist criminal elements on top of tribal groups making the Sinai Peninsula a cauldron boiling over. President Sisi has promised the Egyptian people and the world that there will be order established by the Egyptian Military. One can only pray that he can deliver on his promise as having such groups operating just over the southern border has caused Israel some degree of consternation. These feelings have been justified as terrorists and drug smugglers have, on rare occasions, fired at Israelis from the Sinai Peninsula and even crossed the border using stolen armored vehicles. There have also been incidents where Hamas and Islamic Jihad have used the Sinai Peninsula to launch their rockets widening their area of threat from simply Gaza. Closing this area we can add that there exists violence in the southern and more central areas of Africa but the violence in most of these conflicts pale by comparison to most of these other conflicts, especially Syria and Iraq.


The last area of continuous though sporadic violence have been the terror attacks and crime waves in Europe, Canada, the United States and elsewhere in the world even to include Russia, China, Central Asia and the far east, specifically the Philippines. The Philippines are having what might be classified as a civil war or at least an uprising by Islamic forces called Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). The MILF have claimed affiliation with the Islamic State, despite predating them by decades, and are demanding their own independent Islamic nation on the Islands of Mindanao in the southernmost region of the Philippines. The fighting with the Moro natives who claim Islam as their religion go back to at the least the United States winning the Philippine Islands from the Spanish in the Spanish American War which ended with the Treaty of Paris in December 10, 1898, where the Philippines, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Guam were ceded to the United States, which “bought” the title for the Philippines from Spain for twenty-million dollars. With this, they also bought the insurrection fought by the Moro Islamic natives largely on the Island of Mindanao. The most famous of American commanders in this insurrection civil war was General ‘Black Jack’ Pershing. There are numerous tall tales about his handling of the Moro Islamic uprisings which we will leave to our readers to research. The remaining terror attacks largely upon Western Developed Democratic nations have been slighted as being one-off individuals unattached to any actual terrorist group. The validity of these claims has been questioned by some in media and we have our suspicions as well. Far too many of these individual ‘lone wolves’ as they are called, claim to have been inspired by al-Qaeda and now the Islamic State and some appear to have received information on the construction of their device, their explosives or the tactics used. Even if their tactic was as simple as ramming people riding in the bicycle lanes and you claim to be doing for the Islamic State, we would say we believe you thought you were a member of that terror organization as you have been influenced greatly by them. The government has appeared in all of the nations plagued by these attacks to minimize that these crimes are largely committed by immigrants from Islamic nations or that the morals, or lack thereof, and completely different lifestyles have caused any problems, especially for women, has been a monumental effort. There is an imbalance in the way the governments have historically treated any differences in culture or actions by Muslims compared to other groups. Where all groups previously were made to conform to the Western World and the ways of the citizens and culture but now the government is proposing we not only permit Islamic courts and cultural norms for their areas, but that the entirety of western culture must be subverted so as to allow for those of the Islamic faith to be comfortable. This is turning everything onto its head making for a topsy-turvy world all spinning out of control and losing its bearings.


Despite, or possibly because, of these unusual actions by the Western government one has to wonder if perhaps they have noticed that Islam will not surrender to the norms and will instead insist on their norms becoming the dominant culture and the Western World, at the governmental levels, have simply decided to surrender without a fight. The governments appear to be demanding that their own populations surrender their will to a foreign and imported set of concepts and morality laws and it is absurd. In Germany, the police filed hundreds if not thousands or more arrest complaints for sexual harassment and sexual assault because they were against Muslims and the women making the reports were improperly covered by Islamic standards. These complaints came within a week on either side of New Years and the government’s basic response was that the women asked to be molested and groped because they were not wearing body bags. Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen suggested that all women should wear a headscarf to battle prejudice against Muslims. Just one more European leader is suggesting submission to Islam. Perhaps we should clue him in that Islam actually means to submit and demands one submit to Allah by following every rule dictated to you by an Imam, but perhaps they already know this and have simply gone over to the other side and truly submitted themselves and their societies to Islam. They view this as Islam will refuse to give us peace; as long as we resist joining the world of Islam, they will fight using terrorism and all other methods to wear down the resistance until we give in, that is our leaders’ views. They would rather switch than fight, but there are those of us, even in governments, who would, like the old Tareyton cigarette commercials, would rather fight than switch.


Rather Fight than Switch

Rather Fight than Switch


The most disruptive force in the world currently is reminiscent of threats from a former era, two to be exact. The first was from around 622 through 750 as Islam spread across the MENA** regions only to be prevented from sweeping across Europe from the east by the Byzantine Empire, or its remnants as it was in its twilight but still held the great walled city of Constantinople and prevented from the west by the defeat of the Islamic armies by Charles ‘the Hammer’ Martel who defeated them at the battle of tours. The second was when the Ottoman Empire which replaced the Caliphate but retained Islam expanded into eastern end of Europe from 1360 through 1683 being stopped twice at the gates to Vienna where they were repulsed the final time by Polish King John III Sobieski at the Battle of Vienna against the Ottoman Empire in 1683. The Ottoman Empire was to be on the losing end of World War I which brought Arabist rule to an end amongst the MENA nations for the ensuing fifty years while the Europeans held political power allowing limited self-rule in those places where it was beneficial. This European colonialism is considered the worst horror to ever befall these lands completely ignoring the nine-hundred year oppressive rule first by the Islamic Arabs and followed by the Islamic rule by Ottoman Turkish Muslims. These areas were ruled with an iron fist much of the time as Islam was most efficient at placing tyrannical leaders at their helm as it valued strength above almost all else though from time to time there would be a benevolent ruler, Caliph, who would permit more freedoms.


Islamic Expansion

Islamic Expansion


Those are the times which the current Muslim uprisings are remembering and believing by returning to those violent ways they will once again raise to greatness. They are emulating most the initial bursting out from the Arabian Peninsula as the purest form of Islam and the one to be most emulated. These were very violent attacks where thousands were put to the sword for refusal to convert adopting Islam. Often there were places taken where the men were slaughtered and the women imprisoned to serve for breeding the next generation of warriors who would be particularly ruthless as they were required to prove their worth on the battlefield before being granted the right to become a Muslim, the one thing they had been raised being taught that was the highest of all possible honors and that only the most ruthless and gifted fighters would be so rewarded. This is what we are witnessing now, blind obedience and the willingness to die for Islam just to prove that they are the brave willing to go to the afterlife and receive great pleasures in Heaven where warriors who die fighting for Islam are instantly transported with all their sins and the sins of their families forgiven. There is also something about grass fields with flowers and waterfalls and pools of water as well as wine and something about perpetual virgins and other sexual pleasures which will be rewarded them. These forms of senseless violence we have witnessed being perpetrated against Western peoples will only get worse just as it had in Israel before we took measures to prevent and actively fight to prevent further violence. The only thing many Islamic leaders understand is strength as they do exactly as Osama bin Laden stated, they will follow, as do all people, the strong horse which still stands tall and capable after battle.


As also noted above, the vast majority of violence, being perpetrated around the globe circulates about Islam. There can only be propaganda conflicting with this observation and Islamic leaders are well versed in the practice of Taqiyyah which is lying in order to advance the cause of Islam. One can even deny Allah and all the tenets of Islam if doing so works to the advantage of Islam which includes remaining alive. In Islam, one is to quote the early and no longer practiced verses which tell of how Muhammad taught compassion and coexistence. They speak of peaceful existence and Islam being the religion of peace. In time, they slowly reveal to the faithful the true nature and the demands to conquer every living being for Allah and how all must worship Allah or be put to the sword, beheaded. Islam is peace in that the world of Islam is defined as the world of peace and serenity where all have surrendered their will to Allah. The parts of the world not conquered yet by Islam are called the house of war which is why all other religions are considered to be barbaric and violent, as they reside in the world of war outside Islam while Islam is the world of peace.


The idea in Islam is the opposite of war is surrender before Islamic masters who will dictate to you everything you will need in this life. This eventually leads to crushing all creativity and a slow but steady loss of knowledge which for the masses is exactly what Islam demands, blind and thoughtless obedience which is absolute. Muslim forces conquering many places would burn down all book repositories such as libraries as the books inside either were not the Quran and therefore heretical as the Quran has all the knowledge one could ever require in life. Just a quick note, the Quran contains no mathematical rules or physics formulas but it is all a Muslim need know to be a teacher, actually, a teacher must have proven to have memorized the entire Quran. The Quran is not arranged chronologically but rather from the shortest verse to the longest verse. This permits for even the youngest to begin learning and memorizing the Quran as the initial verses are the most simple and as one ages the verses get longer and your ability is to grow as you memorize more verses until you know everything you will ever need in life. This is what desires to conquer the rest of the Earth. If not prevented, they will succeed and that will be the end of history and also the human race with time. Sometimes the opposite of war is slavery; Islam is a form of slavery in the service of the Imams who know the Quran and potentially nothing else.


You will need to choose whether you wish to live under Islam, especially if you reside in western Europe, as those nations who were not part of the Soviet Union and have forgotten what totalitarian rule is like are rushing headlong into surrender to Islamic demands and adopting Sharia, the last law you will ever need as from then on you are on your face five times a day facing Mecca. There is more to it than that, but this should be sufficient for now. Islam is surrender which means that once you have accepted Islam you no longer need to think for yourself as you surrendered to Allah and his perfect person dictated a book about everything you could even need know and he was an illiterate and thus actually does not know if they wrote down what he told them, he had to take it on faith and they are demanding you do the same and surrender your life to whatever this man stated. This is Islam and your future if the world does not awaken and realize the truth and depth of the threat. This goes for those who still believe that there is a peaceful solution to the Arab Israeli conflict which does not include the glorious and undeniable victory by the Jews defeating all of Islam or the end of the Jewish State, the Jewish Faith, the Jewish Bible, the Jewish teachings and soon thereafter the end of Christianity. If Europe believes they can stand without Israel being the stopper of the Islamic bottle, they have some wild dreams, honestly. And if the United States believes they can survive without either Russia or China, possibly India, after Israel and Europe fall, they are also delusional. Russia and China are ignoring the problem as the Muslims are being nice for the moment, they will get around to imposing their religion on you with time, that is the one thing we can guarantee the world, nobody gets out or we all get out, no middle ground on this one. Islam will need to be defeated and reformed from the outside, as it will never happen internally because forcing all to become Islamic zombies completely surrendering to Allah and the Mullahs and Imams who will command you, and that does not leave much room for interpretation. It means conquer the entire world and convert everyone, where is the wiggle room in this and this is what they believe is required of them here where it all sort of began.


Beyond the Cusp


* IRGC = Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

**MENA = Middle East and North Africa


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