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April 15, 2013

The Window to Middle East Peace

The Oslo Accords were formed out of the concept that there is this great wall in the Middle East which divides the Arab world from the Israeli Jewish world. This mythical wall has a window which if the two sides can open it and reach out to those on the other side in friendship and brotherhood then the wall will come tumbling down and peace will break out throughout the entire area. It really is a beautiful concept and makes for a lovely fairy tale. The reality of the situation is nowhere near as simple and in there is the problem. Both sides know what needs to be accomplished but neither side seemingly can bridge the gap and connect with the other. It is in a desire to facilitate a meeting and mutuality that great efforts have been extended with little to nothing to show for such monumental efforts. There have been many both great and small who have expended great efforts to open this window of peace but thus far to no avail. Perhaps the efforts have failed and never could have succeeded no matter how well-crafted or how well-intentioned. Perhaps with some searching and seeing things as they truly are a real reason can be found and then the world can move forward in an honest effort an actually produce some tangible results.


The first thing that must be accomplished is a real, honest and truthful accounting of exactly the situation which is being faced. Everybody will most definitely agree that the wall separating the Arab and Jewish worlds in the Middle East is real, formidable and unbreachable and that the sole hope is to pass through the “window of peace” in order to bring the two worlds into some agreement and mutual allowance. So much effort and so many additions, facilitating aids, adjustable ramps and various other inventions have been added to the window all in the name of making it easier to open and thus establish a lasting, solid peace. There have been so many additions and adjustments that nobody has even seen the actual window in over a decade. Yet, in order to make the window more readily accessible the entire efforts of the world have been brought to bear yet the window appears to have gotten lost in the efforts. I seriously doubt anybody has seen the window in a very long time and it is very likely that the actual window has slipped from everybody’s memory. Maybe it would be best to go back to the beginning and recall the original window and reassess our efforts.


What everybody appears to forget is that though the wall is very real and we can see it clearly, that little window that is buried under all of the failed efforts has remained unseen and concealed for quite a while. The problem is the window was never real but rather was a painting placed on the wall. The window was simply a figment of hope that we painted onto the unbreachable wall in order to give us hope that peace was attainable. The problem is that even the picture of the window in the wall was only painted on one side of the wall. Which side is unimportant because once we remember that the window was an ephemeral idea and not real, both sides will claim that buried under all the accumulated debris of efforts to reach through the window, the painting of a window is on their side. We cannot allow an argument to begin about which side of the wall contains the original painted window that was an idea, a hope as that will result in adding more failed efforts, blames, excuses and other clutter and will accomplish nothing.


The best efforts going forward is to admit that there really never was a real window and the wall is just as solid and impenetrable today as it was just over two decades ago. We need to remember that the Oslo Accords were not designed to allow the two sides to reach to each other through an existing window; they were the first step towards building that window which would eventually allow the two sides to reach through to the other. The Oslo accords were a design to put together the blueprint and design of a simple window and gather the tools and people in order to build that window. We never even got started on the plans to design the window when it was decided to skip over that part and go directly to the reaching through each to the other and for a lasting peace. We have gotten exactly the results one would expect of attempting to reach out through a thick and sturdy wall where we believe there is a window but all that is really there is a few pencil sketchings which were to be the basic plans for that window. The result is a great number of bruised hands which were thrust at a nonexistent window and met the bricks of a very solid wall. Until the world wakes up to the fact that there is not yet a window in that wall separating the Arab and Jewish worlds of the Middle East and returns to the initial steps and actually take the time and effort to build a real window, the world will continue to bash their hands and even a few clenched fists into that so solid wall without any real results. We must first clear away the debris, draw up the designs and then build the window, and then we can try to reach through. All things in their proper time and proper order is the only way to get this accomplished. Step one is taking the necessary steps to install a window before we attempt to reach through to those on the other side.


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