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August 18, 2017

Charlottesville Car Ramming Suspect Identified as James Alex Fields Jr.


The Charlottesville, Virginia protests and crash car ramming suspect has been identified as James Alex Fields Jr. Below we have a picture of him shown with the white supremacists holding one of their identifiable shields with others before the attack thanks to a Tweet by Nicole Hensley. The New York Daily News photographed Fields with the Vanguard America white nationalist group in the hours before the crash. This removes any doubt as to the orientation of the ramming suspect. The inserted mug shot was thanks to a tweet by Henry Graff‏. The attack injured nineteen and murdered a 32-year-old woman crossing the street who has been identified buy a GoFundMe site as Heather Heyer. James Alex Fields has been confirmed as a member of ‘alt right’ group as was initially suspected.


Charlottesville Car Ramming Suspect James Alex Fields Jr Shown with White Supremacists Before Attack

Charlottesville Car Ramming Suspect
James Alex Fields Jr Shown with
White Supremacists Before Attack


From what we can gather, he was attending a pro-Nazi – White Supremacist – Alt Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia and became infuriated at the opposition group which had opposed his side’s rally and it had broken out into a melee between the opposing groups of protesters. In his anger and rage and possibly with hate crime type motives, James Alex Fields used his vehicle to ram the counter protesters with intent of bodily harm and probable intent to murder as many as possible. The idea likely was a result of similar attacks in the past which have resulted in mass casualties, thus he had to know that at the least he was going to severely injure numerous people. There is absolutely no way this was an accident or an unintentional action. James Alex Fields should face the maximum charges and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law possible. His crime should be charged as a series of hate crimes and his sentencing should be as heavy as the law allows. But these charges need not be the sole charges brought for actions that day of extreme hate and violence as the counter protesters arrived armed with rods, boards and other clubbing weapons and possibly knives and even firearms, though thus far the media has given scant accounts beyond the weapons which were obvious.


Further, had only one group had a permit to demonstrate, the other group was not a protest but a lynch gang and they should be prosecuted as such. It does not matter how much Americans may be revolted by white supremacists, Nazi sympathizers and neo-Nazis, not even with the alt right or how riled up they are over Hillary Clinton losing the election to President Trump. There is a First Amendment which provides that all people get to speak their minds as long as their words are not incitement to violence against others. The protections of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are intended most for that which people disagree most as that is the kind of speech which most requires protection. That is also why groups such as the one which originally gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia had every right to protest and make vile speeches which the majority of the people in Charlottesville, Virginia and probably the United States, even Donald Trump supporters, not only disagree with but find particularly disgusting and revolting. They have that right until they threaten any other people or groups of people. That is their right and it is the right of people to in return get a permit and demonstrate against these people even right across the street from their rally. What nobody has the right to do is attack people assembling legally and peaceably. That is when law enforcement need intervene to keep the two groups separate and if one group did not have a permit, then they should have been dispersed and not permitted to gather, especially into a formation and then attack people with a legal right and permit to hold a demonstration.


The fact that these altercations even occurred and that it was raised to the point where lives were under threat on both sides begs a question; where were the Charlottesville, Virginia police force? From reports, they were stationed on side streets to contain the rally. This means they witnessed the attacking group arrive carrying weapons and remained in those side streets to keep everything from spreading outside the area where the original protest was held and where the counter protesters arrived armed and ready for a fight. There was no attempt to keep these two groups apart which would have prevented one death and numerous serious injuries, some requiring hospitalization. That should have been the assigned duty of the police and somebody up the chain of command, either on the sight or in the police department who defined the instructions given the officers, is criminally responsible partly for what occurred. Even if it was the Mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia who instructed the Police Chief that the officers were to remain in a containment configuration and ignore anything which was to occur on the protest field, then he need face charges and be removed from office as he failed to serve the public good. There were reports that the National Guard was also deployed at some location distant from the protest and were not deployed when the violence broke out.


Why were they deployed in the first place, that is a question begging an answer. Somebody expected some serious violence and feared it might spread to the rest of the city, that is our guess. So, probably somebody most likely in elected position knew there was going to be a violent counter-protest and did nothing to prevent the violence and actually aided and abetted the violence by ordering city law enforcement and even a military contingent that they were merely a precaution to keep the violence located where the alt right people were most likely to be harmed as they were going to be the victims of a riotous assault by people without a permit gathering illegally with intent to injure people lawfully protesting. If the roles had been reversed and there had been a people’s rights rally and a legion of alt right anti-protesters gathered with weapons and then charged the lawful rally you can bet there would have been three quarters of the police force there with orders to use whatever force was required to prevent the alt right from disturbing the lawful protesters because that protest was one the general public agrees with to a larger part. That is not how the law is supposed to function in the United States of America. All people have a right to assemble and to do so without the fear of being assaulted, even if their message is vile and reprehensible.


There is a war brewing inside the United States and it is being initiated by the far left. Somewhere a decision has been reached that conservatives no longer have a place within American society and must be opposed at every turn. We wrote an article day before yesterday where we disagreed that the weapons of politics should be used to force the Silicon Valley corporations to offer politically free services and that it is their right to taint their service with any political filter they choose. We stated clearly that they should be competed against by companies which either offer the conservative equivalent or a fair and non-political service where the best ideas and best answers to queries are returned and all videos and all messages are posted or allow the people to choose. We stand by those principles and in this particular case desire to point out that it is the job of public servants such as the police, the Mayor, the City Council and other public officials to protect and serve all the people fairly and with equal zest and understanding whether they agree with them or not. It is understandable for elected officials to go that additional step to assist the people who support them when they need assistance like clearing up a problem with the water bill, but not when it comes to protecting their rights and lives. If an investigation shows that there was in place a plan to allow the violence to be brought against the legal rally by officials in the Charlottesville, Virginia government or the Virginia State government, then Federal charges should be brought against these officials and they also should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and if their actions qualify as hate crimes, then that too should be part of their charges. Just as the actions of James Alex Fields are reprehensible and deserve the harshest prosecution and sentencing should he be found guilty, the public officials who ordered law enforcement and National Guard to stand by while such violence was being brought against a legally assembled group, no matter their politics as that is what was in play, they too should be forced to answer for their crimes in a court of law, and their crimes were against the constitution making them Federal crimes. This is one investigation from which United States Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III should not recuse himself. Yes, we agree that there should be an investigation into the entire situation and everything which occurred from the planning and orders given the police, why the National Guard was called out, who ordered who and what they ordered, who decided that no intervention was required and who attacked who between the groups and all appropriate and necessary charges should be brought against every person who violated any statute, law, regulation, and especially any parts of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and all Federal Laws including Civil Rights laws. This should be a legal free-for-all.


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February 8, 2014

What if the Arabs Refuse to Take Steps for Peace?

We hear a whole lot of commentary from Secretary of State Kerry about the necessary steps that Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Israelis must take in order to facilitate success in the peace negotiations he is currently stewarding between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. What we have yet to hear made public is any requirements which Secretary Kerry is demanding from Chairman Abbas and the Palestinians. What we have heard is a continuous flood of commentary from numerous Palestinian spokespersons all ridiculing Secretary Kerry, rejecting all of the proposals presented to them, demands that more be forced from the Israelis, denunciations of Prime Minister Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders, a whole litany of conditions which must be fulfilled before they will consider negotiating earnestly, specific demands such as full “Right of Return” for Arab Palestinian refugees, countering any comment by Israelis of a limit to what Israel can be expected to surrender with demands that Israel go much, much further, their ubiquitous demand that the Palestinian state must be completely free of Jews with no Jew ever being allowed to step foot in their lands even to visit Jewish holy sites, claims that all the Jewish holy sites are actually Muslim holy sites, refuting that there is any proof that the Jews ever lived in the area of Israel at any point in history, claims to be the descendants of the Canaanites who were driven from their homes by the Hebrews (who had no history of ever being in the area), and the overriding claim to the right to continue their resistance until all of their beloved Palestine has been liberated from the colonialist occupiers (which means terrorism until Israel is destroyed plus ignoring the fact that Israel was born from the colonial British Mandate making Israelis also victims from colonialism). So, please excuse me if I have doubts over whether or not the Israelis have any partner in this peace process or simply uncivilized, demeaning, demanding purveyors of terror seeking Israel’s destruction and overly concerned with murdering the Jews and pursuing a rejectionist agenda.


The first truth which Secretary of State Kerry, President Obama, Foreign Minister of the European Union Lady Ashton, the several leaders of European nations, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, and all the rest of those who feel they have a right to demand concessions of Israel in the name of equality, peace on Earth, fairness, and general expressions of ill-will towards Israel must learn and fully understand is that there is no real Israel-Palestinian impasse but the real dispute needing arbitration is the Arab-Israel need to make peace. Until this truth is realized and made the crux of all efforts there will be no solution to the Middle East that will actually address the refusal to accept the presence of Israel as the state for the Jewish People. As long as the problem is addressed as only between Israel and the Palestinians, a construct invented with the successful aim of altering the view of the difficulties from little Israel against the Muslim Arab world of nations to the all-powerful Israel against the unarmed and powerless Palestinians, the underlying problem will continue unaddressed and will resurface to completely obliterate any remnant of any agreement forged between Israel and the Palestinians. By addressing the actual and full measure of the concerns over the existence of Israel as the Jewish state one needs to include the fact that there already are a full range of Muslim nations, some which do not permit the legal practice of Judaism and other religions other than Islam, and as such are accepted, then Israel being a Jewish State becomes an acceptable proposition instead of a unique case and first country reserved to be the refuge for a particular people. Any nonbiased review of human history will reveal that if any peoples needed a refuge, a nation of their own where they would always be welcomed, that is the Jewish People. There are two situations that will remain hanging over the negotiations dooming them to failure for all time until the world finally decides to address the real root of the problem, the Arab and Muslim rejectionism of Israel as anything but a Muslim state as they believe that since it was once Muslim ruled lands it must forever be under Muslim rule and the resettlement of the Arab refugees and all of their descendants which currently are demanded to be returned into Israel proper in order to change the demographics and terminate Israel’s Jewish majority. Only by engaging the entirety of the Arab world will any solution for resettlement of the Arab refugees and their prodigy throughout the Arab world end their exclusionary rejectionist camps, thus terminating the death sentence demands that Israel accept these millions of victims of the Arab rejectionism of Israel’s right to exist as the Jewish State. The Sword of Damocles that is the refugee problem must be removed from over Israel’s head if there is to ever be peace as Israel cannot accept their introduction and has sufficient military might to resist and back up such a refusal.


The real root of the problem was the entire assumptions accepted in the drawing up and implementation of the Oslo Accords. Establishing the Oslo Accords demanded that any solution was to ignore the facts that the surrounding nations, both near and far such as Syria, Egypt, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Libya and numerous other Arab and Muslim nations needed to make peace and accept Israel as it is. What good is served if some shaky peace is hammered out between Israel and the Palestinians without addressing Syria, Iran, Hezballah ruled Lebanon and potentially Iranian controlled Iraq making a peace with Israel? Syria and Iraq are still in a state of war with Israel, Syria from the wars from 1947, 1967 and 1973 and Iraq from 1948. Also still technically in a state of war with Israel are Yemen from 1948, Saudi Arabia from 1948, Libya as Moammar Kaddafi declared war on Israel in 1967 even if they did not quite get any troops into the fight, and Turkey as declared by Prime Minister Erdogan after the Mavi Marmara confrontation. The peace that is required for peace to be made strong enough to survive going forward, that peace needs to entertain the general acceptance of Israel by the entirety of the Arab and Muslim worlds. Any peace that falls short of a general acceptance is doomed to fail at the first opportunity where any confederation of Arab and Muslim nations felt they were militarily strong enough to defeat Israel. Those who claim that such a condition could never exist are living in a fool’s paradise which will collapse immediately after any of these nations can build a nuclear device and pass it to terrorists to smuggle into Israel or even to the border of Israel and a Palestinian state and detonate leaving Israel with no definitive proof of the device’s origin. Where Israel may not necessarily be the first nation on the list to receive an Iranian nuclear device, Israel is pretty much guaranteed to be in the top three or at most five nations on the Iranian list of targets. For those who require a list of nations which might supercede Israel on an Iranian target list, one might weigh and consider where the United States, Saudi Arabia or Egypt might stand as Iran desires to lead the next caliphate which may require eliminating any competition for that role, which might add Turkey if Erdogan wasn’t so transparently eager to stand with Iran under any conditions they might dictate.


There is another consideration which must be considered by Israel as the incidents of anti-Semitism across the globe are showing a marked and dramatic rise. Europe is rapidly becoming a place where Jews are not safe wearing Judaic identifiable dress or jewelry. A mayor of a major European city, Malmo, actually stated that he was unable to provide protection for the city’s Jewish population and advised them to take it into their own hands or leave; many are leaving. In Paris the day before Holocaust Remembrance Day had a march of neo-Nazis that drew over seventeen-thousand marchers in a downpour of rain. There have been recent defamations of Jewish cemeteries, Nazi graffiti on Synagogue and Jewish community center walls, and most troubling has been the assaults on Jews in the streets including the introduction in the United States of a game named “Kick a Jew Day”, “Knock Out The Jew”, “Hit a Jew” or whatever the local name of what is considered a game with simple rules, find somebody who by their dress, actions or location is suspected of being Jewish and as you walk past them, strike them as hard as possible in an attempt to knock them senseless and then leave them there on the ground. On some recent occasions this game has evolved further and had transformed into a complete beat-down often leaving the Jewish victim near death as in this instance in New Jersey. Should the rise in anti-Semitism continue and reach new heights, then making peace between Israel and the Arab and Muslim states will be of no consequence as such will cause much of the world to be against Israel and Israel will need to use all of its resources and capabilities just to remain alive and be a safe refuge for all the world’s Jews. If anything, the rising anti-Semitism is sufficient excuse for Israel to be left as unmolested and viable as such a refuge for the Jewish people as it may once again become necessary, sad to admit but unfortunately true.


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