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March 8, 2019

Benny Gantz’s Israel

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General Benny Gantz (ret.) would be scheduled to be the Israeli Prime Minister for the initial two-year period before handing the office to Yair Lapid for the next two years. We are willing to bet that unless the Knesset is willing to have Israel commit suicide, there will be no handover to Lapid, things would fall apart long before two years had elapsed. All one need is to take a good hard, or possibly a cursory, look at General Gantz Chief of Staff to witness the disaster he might become as Prime Minister. Gantz was the commander of the region when the Second Intifada broke out, General Gantz was commander of the Regional Command Headquarters. When Joseph’s Tomb (Kever Yosef) was under siege and IDF Sergeant Madhat Yusef was shot by Palestinian Arab terrorists and ended up bleeding out over a period of three and a half hours, while drones were overhead feeding back live data of the situation, when IDF soldiers were holed up in Kever Yosef under constant threat and the Samarian brigade headquarters had assembled a tank battalion with two columns of Merkava tanks in place waiting for the order to enter Nablus to conduct a rescue; General Gantz, possibly after checking with Prime Minister and acting Defense Minister Ehud Barak, was at his headquarters never issuing the crucially necessary orders (source). Many of us have likely wondered time and again exactly how long and how much destruction Israel has to face before our powers that be react and bring the violence to an abrupt halt. We fear that under Gantz the wait would be far longer and potentially indeterminately longer and potentially might never come. While Chief of Staff we watch the hurried, unplanned, sloppy and confused retreat from southern Lebanon leading to the problem we see today on the northern border. He was still chief of staff when the next Gaza War ensued and again we find the IDF woefully unprepared for the tunnels and bunkers throughout Gaza and reaching under the border and fairly deep into Israel. We understand that as a general in an army which must follow civilian commands and may not act purely on its own, that sometimes a general has their hands tied such that they are ordered not to escalate a situation. We have a feeling that if even half a dozen Merkava tanks had rolled into the area around Kever Yosef, the Arab Palestinians would have fled rather than wait for what would at that point be the obvious alternative. Not preparing the IDF ground forces to be prepared for fighting an enemy which has built an extensive network of tunnels with some invading the Israeli home itself, that is simply serious dereliction of duty. Even if the excuse was that he was unaware of the extent to which the tunnels had been developed, then one has to question what orders were given to preform even rudimentary research, inspections and surveillance as a commander is presumed to be responsible for collecting in depth determinations of the enemy’s strength, weaponry, numbers, capabilities, weaknesses, strengths and have numerous scenarios all ready and troops trained to execute the plans. Anything less is incompetence. General Gantz gives off the hue of a political general whose career was designed to enter politics. Such an officer never takes risks, never steps out and takes charge, never does anything without first acquiring cover by having somebody else issue the order to him or a directive from above him and simply goes through the motions collecting schools and other items which look pretty on their record and will simply move up through the ranks without ever actually commanding.


Now we are seeing the end result of the career of Benny Gantz, his move to become the Prime Minister of Israel. He will claim to have a sterling military career, having held all the correct posts, not ever having been responsible directly for any blunder or miscalculation and for being the good general who carried out his orders and respected those above him while caring for those below him. Meanwhile, according to somebody who served with General Gantz under his leadership, he claimed in his editorial that as a general, Gantz left a considerable amount to be desired. Meanwhile, one listening to Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid would believe that they are one of the most hawkish, Zionist, right-wing and sensible parties in the mix. Israelis should already know that Yair Lapid is a faux conservative and has supported a two-state solution as the road to Nirvana where peace and security are to be found. What may surprise some, but Benny Gantz is also a two-state solution person who stated that the IDF learned much from the Gaza withdrawal and the withdrawal from southern Lebanon and believes that versions of these disasters could be designed which would bring peace. The main difference, though one would never know by listening to their polished campaign or the ads run by their advisors, is that Yair Lapid is willing to return to the Green Line including dividing Jerusalem while Benny Gantz is willing to retreat to the Separation Barrier (anti-terror barrier) and divide Jerusalem, with both men qualifying it as if it would bring peace. Both men in the past have also claimed that their plan would end the struggle between the Jews and Arabs, a struggle which has ebbed and flowed but never ceased for over a thousand years. Both men claim that the reason that Israel does not have peace is because Prime Minister Netanyahu does not have the courage to step into the unchartered areas of allowing the Palestinian Arabs to have exactly that which they claim will bring peace. What could possibly go wrong if these two men are permitted to take their clown act to the Prime Minister’s house?


There have been times in the past when we have stated that the only thing which can save Israel from certain disaster has been Yasser Arafat and, after him, Mahmoud Abbas. When Prime Minister Ehud Barak folded before pressures brought by President Clinton in Paris and gave in to everything which Yasser Arafat had demanded, we swallowed hard and tried to find some way the Arafat could weasel his way out of the deal. We were melancholy and dejected as we saw no way that Israel could be saved from itself. We had been mistaken. Yasser came down the next morning knowing that the media was there, President Clinton was there, the build-up to something momentous had been implied, and all the formal papers and everything Arafat had demanded was sitting right there in the middle of the lobby awaiting Arafat. The drama was intense and one could feel the anticipation as Yasser Arafat was heard heading to the lobby where he made an abrupt right turn and walked straight out the front door, into his waiting limousine and sped to the airport to fly back to Jordan. That was a close one. Yasser Arafat had agreed to terms he knew no Israeli Prime Minister could accept, but he had misread how badly Ehud Barak desired a peace agreement, any peace agreement.


It was a few years later and a new American President named George W. Bush who with Condoleezza Rice as Secretary of State who had this brilliant idea, if only the Palestinian could be granted an opportunity to prove that they are ready to form a state and make peace, then peace would be more easily attained. But this time Israelis felt safe as the Bulldozer, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Likud were in the driver’s seat. With dreams of a Nobel Peace Prize, the guarantees offered by the United States, the insistence that if it does not work, then the IDF can simply move in and retake the strip and nothing lost and who can know what else was dancing in everybody’s heads. As it turned out, many of the Likud Party balked at this idea including eventually Bibi Netanyahu, but the Bulldozer did not get that moniker by giving up easily. Sharon dissolved his ruling coalition and, without a new election, put together a new coalition with many people from the left filling the vacated spots from those in Likud who refused to go along. Sharon also kept many of the centrist parties in his old coalition and took his patchwork coalition and by early September 2005, the Israelis had pulled even their dead from within Gaza and interred them safely in Israel. We all know how that Gaza Disengagement has worked, four wars later with another one all but guaranteed in the not too distant future. But George W. Bush and company were not finished, though Prime Minister Sharon was.


Next to step up to how big a mistake can you make was Ehud Olmert. This was 2008 and the opportunity for George W. Bush and company to collect their Nobel Peace Prizes was winding down. This time they met at Camp David and before it was over were meeting at Taba, Egypt which is just across the border from Eilat, Israel. The entirety of the final months of the Presidency of George W. Bush were spent chasing down Mahmoud Abbas offering a little more and a little more and each time coming up short. Mahmoud Abbas has made no secret of the deal he will accept, Israel completely turned over to the Arabs, the Jews gathered for a ritualistic slaughter and the United States paying a dear price in keeping such an agreement. Needless to point out, Abbas did not get the magic solution he demands. Of course Abbas is crafty and never quite states his demands and simply hints that he demands this, that and well, then we will see. When those steps are complete, then this has to give just a smidge, that is not quite acceptable, and what about this over here. This continued until Abbas ran out the clock but also not before he had gathered a plethora of new concessions. Again, another ability to miss an opportunity by the Palestinian leadership executed with absolutely no finesse. The problem is that the Arabs do not want any form of compromise, they want it all and the Jews with their necks bared ready for the Arab knives and nothing less.


Bibi Netanyahu, Yair Lapid and Benny Gantz

Bibi Netanyahu, Yair Lapid and Benny Gantz


That begs the question as to what harm could a Prime Minister Gantz do if the Palestinians continue to refuse any and every solution and are adamant that Israel must be destroyed? The devil is in the details and the details are the concessions. Gaza is the prime example of what can possibly go wrong if Israel elects the wrong party to run the country and form a coalition. Now we will take a moment to calm any of our American friends who have been watching the polls and are worried that Gantz may well be the next Prime Minister. Allow us to point out that Simon Peres never lost a single poll when he ran for Prime Minister and further he never won an election as Prime Minister. That is the nature of Israeli polling companies and how they arrange their sampling. To put it as plainly as we can, it is slanted leftward significantly. The main problem the next Prime Minister(s) is that they will very likely be faced with President Trump and his “Deal of the Century.” Since the word from day one has been that, neither side would be completely pleased with anything, and definitely not with everything, the fortunate central thing is that Mahmoud Abbas will never accept any deal which leaves Israel in tact. The big question comes next, how far would President Trump go in order to coax Mahmoud Abbas into coming to the negotiating table, something he has adamantly refused to do as he refuses to deal with President Trump. Israel has watched far too many people come and go all ready to sacrifice Israeli security in order to reach that ever-elusive deal. What is even more frightening is that Jarred Kushner is President Trump’s main advisor on the Israel/Arab confrontation. Jared has no real claim to fame other than having married a Trump, not exactly a stupid move, but also not exactly prime credentials for negotiating in the tempestuous Middle East where knives stuck in one’s back are commonplace. Further, with Jarred being Jewish and the American Ambassador to Israel being Jewish and at least one or two more on the team being Jewish, does anybody honestly believe Mahmoud Abbas will agree to anything which does not leave everything primed for the end of Israel? This is the problem we see in making any deal.


Now throw in Gantz, a man who reached the rank of general, so he is not a complete idiot and has enough sense to keep his nose clean, but also a man who takes no risks but is very good at doing what advisors say, his entire campaign has been him reading exactly what advisors have given him to read. His history would leave him vulnerable to complying with the demands of one he might see as somebody he should trust and do so implicitly. He did this while serving under Prime Minister Ehud Barak and has spoken admirably of his former boss. Somebody trusting the judgement of Ehud Barak who was prevented from making a disaster as Yasser Arafat feared being assassinated if he reached an actual agreement. One can only guess exactly how far Gantz or Lapid might go to allow for an agreement. One can only panic thinking what a party run by Gantz and Lapid might turn around and do on their path to glory and great recognition.


Perhaps this would be a good time to point out, which many of our readers can attest, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has not fared all that well on our pages. We feel he leaves much to be desired and that since President Trump had been in the White House, we find Bib Netanyahu to have been suffering from an inability of pulling the trigger and doing what needed doing. We believe that President Trump had all but instructed Netanyahu in so many terms to take the bull by the horns and solve your own messes. When President Trump made a sweep through the region speaking to each leader as part of his announcement that the United States was pulling out of Syria, his reputed commentary to Israeli leaders was that the United States is done with the wars and other messes in the Middle East and that as Israel has received billions of dollars, it was time for Israel to step it up and take care of business. That sounds like a free pass to finish the problem and finally enforce the terms of the San Remo Conference and the British Mandate, both of which are supposed to be enforced by the United Nations, do not count on that, and the world courts, there one might have a fair shot from what we have seen and read. Still, Israel has to take care of Israel and simply buying the emigration of the majority of the Palestinian Arabs after removing the main impediment to such a program, their leadership. The majority of the Arab Palestinians residing in Gaza and the Shomron (Judea and Samaria) would take a generous buyout and an enticement to seek a better life elsewhere, sufficient cash that many places around the world would see these Arabs as worthy of taking in as they would be an instant boost to the economy. There are some who claim that Israel cannot afford such a plan, but we ask how much longer Israel can continue to live in a constant state of war preparedness. President Trump has eliminated every obstacle to resolving the Arab problems which Israel faces with one exception, Israeli leadership. The time has come for a definitive new Prime Minister who will end this fiasco and do so with an urgency beyond anything any previous Israeli has attempted. We wish we could tell the Israelis who is such a person, but we can tell you that Gantz and Lapid are not even close to being in the running. Perhaps one will appear magically as the elections near, but with Netanyahu not generating any excitement and Lapid and Gantz simply generating panic, we are in a quandary.


Beyond the Cusp


February 25, 2019

Israeli Elections Update Three, Future Coalitions


The main result of elections is the eventual composition of the governing coalition. There have been rumors claiming, as we did immediately after elections were called, that Bibi Netanyahu will form a coalition with his Likud Party and the left centrist merged Lapid-Gantz Blue White Party. The purpose behind this is to repeat the same mistakes of both Gaza and South Lebanon, except this time it will be the Shomron. Most of the border will fall along the anti-terror barrier dividing Jerusalem once more. We believe that instead of a total partitioning of all of East Jerusalem, the region to be gifted to Mahmoud Abbas will merely include the predominantly Arab neighborhoods with the Jewish Quarter and the entirety of the Temple Mount remaining under Israeli rule and control. There are those who have claimed, as has Naftali Bennett, that this plan was worked out between Bibi Netanyahu and President Trump when they discussed the future of the region after President Trump announced the pulling of American forces from Syria. We cannot validate nor refute these claims but believe they are simply used to add fuel to the fire, so to speak, of Mr. Bennett’s claims. As far as Bibi Netanyahu is concerned, this is the path to a legacy and a Nobel Peace Prize. Unfortunately, should this come to pass, it will almost certainly have even worse results than did the retreat from South Lebanon giving Israel Hezballah and over one-hundred-thousand rockets and missiles pointed at every inch of the nation and the Gaza Disengagement which resulted on Hamas and Islamic Jihad launching rockets over half the nation at will. Both of these borders are now basically controlled by Iran who can yank Israel’s strings at will and from either border, or eventually both borders at once.


Bibi Netanyahu, Yair Lapid and Benny Gantz

Bibi Netanyahu, Yair Lapid and Benny Gantz


There could be a completely different result from the election with the Blue White Party receiving the plurality of mandates and forming a coalition with Labor, Meretz and other left wing parties and anyone else as required to reach the magic number of sixty-one. The wildcard for this proposition are the Arab parties who also have a coalition which will likely get between eight and twelve, possibly as many as fifteen or so, mandates which could make or break any attempt by the Blue White Party to form a ruling coalition. We spoke about the change with Jewish Home and National Union bringing Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) into their electoral list at the urging, more like brow beating, of Bibi Netanyahu in yesterday’s article. We had predicted the result of such a merger and these results are coming true in spades. Rabbi Benny Lau made references against the merger, which is fine as he is an avowed liberal who loathes teachings of Rabbi Meir Kahane (ז״ל), but he made references against fellow Jews which should never be used. Referring to Jews using the terms he utilized is an insult and a disgrace to the memory of millions of Jews and their surviving families. But what about the coming elections, who will win and who will lose, that is the big question.


Rabbi Benny Lau

Rabbi Benny Lau


The elections end results are going to depend heavily on how three parties do and whether or not Bibi Netanyahu desires to go with a right wing government or follow a similar path as his Likud predecessor, Ariel Sharon (ז״ל), who took a large block from Likud and merged with groups from across the political spectrum forming the ill fated Kadima Party and executed the Gaza Disengagement under pressure from President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. This was an epic disaster, and that is an understatement. Before Prime Minister Sharon, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak made a desperate and ill-planned withdrawal from Southern Lebanon leading to Hezballah filling the void left behind and now perched on the northern border as a Sword of Damocles over the entirety of Israel. An interesting aside is that both Ehud Barak and Ariel Sharon were generals in the IDF, which kind of puts a large dent in the argument by Gantz that with him you get the wisdom of four IDF Generals of which many were Chiefs of Staff. With the results of the previous generals, including Chiefs of Staff, we are not sure that advertising having a plethora of generals is all that wise though there are those who believe that nothing could ever go wrong with such people running the nation. We only hope that such is so.


Former General Benny Gantz has designs on being Prime Minister which begs the question, where does he stand on such things as the Oslo Accords, a Palestinian State and the Gaza and Lebanon disengagement/withdrawals. Well, wait no longer, as he gave a recent interview since his declaration to form the Resilience Party where he answered these questions on the record telling Yediot Ahronot the following, as reported here.

“The central question is a security question. We need to ensure the State of Israel’s security. Now, we have here a question of interests – and even Bibi [Netanyahu] said this at his Bar-Ilan address [in 2009] – that we don’t want to rule over anyone else. We need to find a way for us not to be governing other people.
“The [Gaza] Disengagement was carried out based on the State of Israel’s policy concerns. All the sides involved got high scores for the ability to not tear the country apart when [the Disengagement] was carried out.
“It was a legal undertaking, which was adopted by the Israeli government and carried out by the IDF and the settlers in a way that was painful, but also good. We need to take the lessons [we learned there] and apply them elsewhere.”


His running mate is Yair Lapid, a longtime supporter of forming a Palestinian Arab State within the Shomron, even at the price of having to relocate the Jews residing there. Both he and the general, as well as at least two of the other generals the list presents, have made references to hard choices and difficult but necessary concession and even that if we would just find the right balance and sacrifice lands, then there would be peace. Why we would have peace after retreating to the same borders which had produced terrorism before the Six Day War and the borders which resulted in the Six Day War and expect that they would bring peace and tranquility this time is simply folly. The plans which have been bandied about have an even darker and more adverse side than simply retreating. The repeatedly proffered idea would be to retreat to the anti-terror barrier plus east Jerusalem but allow the IDF to remain in order to prevent terror attacks and to gather intelligence to protect the people of Israel. Now, there will be those who ask what is wrong with such an idea. Well, the main problem is that was tried before in a place called southern Lebanon and it led to serious repercussions. Once Israel retreats behind whatever line which is chosen, that results in Israel surrendering those lands to the Palestinian Arabs and whatever government they choose or end up having over them. We tried the first thing, the disengagement in Gaza, which resulted in three terror wars thus far and who knows what will come in the future. There have been rockets, suicide bombers sent while presumably going for medical treatments, infiltration tunnels, incendiary kites and balloons, colorful balloons with poisoned candy attached, colorful balloons with explosives in the shape or inside toys with contact detonators and who can even guess what will be the next exiting plan by Hamas, Islamic Jihad and their masters in Tehran to try and murder Israeli civilians. So by pulling back and granting them lands to make a go of a state, we have repeated Gaza only with lands which overlook Tel Aviv. This means that these lands would no longer be Israeli in any means as compared to now where all the land is by right still belonging to Israel, and giving them a state rules out Israeli ownership. Leaving the IDF or any forces within what is, for all intents and purposes, Palestinian Arab land outside of Israel, the IDF would be an occupying force and this would play well for all those whose lives are thrilled by scourging Israel. The IDF would be facing almost daily attacks either from what would have been terrorists but now could rightfully claim to be freedom fighters attempting to oust a foreign military from their country. The young Israeli soldiers who would die as a result would mount and there would be another set of mothers of the IDF demanding to bring their sons home. Eventually, between domestic demands and foreign pressures, the IDF would be pulled and then there would be an Arab terror state siting overlooking Ben Gurion International Airport with shoulder fired anti-aircraft weapons along with lines of rocket launchers with line-of-sight for targeting downtown central Tel Aviv. The borders would be returned pretty much along the former 1949 armistice lines known as the Green Line. We discussed the differences between the Green Line and the anti-terror barrier here. The map shown at the link depicts the entirety of the security zone and much of the areas colored in blue will be surrendered and the furthest west (left) area is where the border will result being drawn. Such a plan would leave close to three-quarters of a million Jews homeless with over half also losing their place of employment. Further, after the Arabs destroy everything built by Israel, there will be tens of thousands or more Palestinian Arabs without a place of employment. Any plans for allowing the Israeli companies to remain operational and run by the Palestinian Arabs will fail just as the greenhouses in Gaza were destroyed and the pipes and other materials used to build rockets and launchers.


Tel Aviv Now Before Green Line Peace and Tel Aviv the Day After Green Line Peace

Tel Aviv Now Before Green Line Peace
Tel Aviv the Day After Green Line Peace


The above image is equally as likely to be the result even should the anti-terror barrier become the border as they are almost indistinguishable, especially since any protest by Arab interests, including Palestinians, which petitioned the Israeli Supreme Court and resulted in a decision for the route to be redrawn to comply with whatever demands were demanded. So, simply replace Green Line with Security Barrier and the rest remains the same as the Arabs will, in either case, hold much of the Judean hills overlooking central Israel and over three-quarters of Israeli infrastructure and about the same percent of the population. The one thing which will become true is that should such a plan be instituted and the Arab Palestinians be given their third nation, with Jordan and Gaza being their first two, soon after the above picture becomes reality and rockets are sent raining down on central Tel Aviv and a couple of the skyscrapers are brought down; the hue and cry from even the most pro-Arab Palestinian leftists will demand that the entirety of the Shomron not only be retaken, but for the Arabs to be pushed from the land and it be cleansed of any Palestinian Arab presence. This is what it will take as when the Gaza Disengagement was taken as a means of giving the Arab Palestinians a chance to prove they could have a viable civilized nation, the Bush administration promised that Israel could just retake Gaza and end the problem. Anybody looking at Gaza today can see how well that idea was implemented, as Gaza remains a terrorist stronghold for Hamas, Islamic Jihad and their Iranian sponsors. The probability is that within the first year after such another horrific disengagement is carried out, then Hamas will either overthrow Abbas or win in a landslide if elections were to be held, which is why Abbas never allows elections as such would throw him from power and his life would be endangered. But somehow, governments seem to never learn from their past mistakes and insist that this time they will do it the right way. When people insist that such is delusion and not logical, they disregard those warnings and will always claim that those claiming it will not work are just too negative and have no faith. When the predictions prove correct, then they claim that you are a racist or fascist and with the echoing media repeating these claims, in time, they become accepted fact and then you can be ignored when they go to try the same failed policies elsewhere. The problem this time is they are taking the two largest errors of the past and rolling them together to make the way they will get it right this time. Sometimes all you can do is shout from the hills and shake your head sadly as those who never seem to know better make the same tired mistakes of the past, and this is true of for too many ideas and concepts which history should have wadded-up and tossed into the trashcan of history. Somehow, bad ideas seem to be repackaged and sold as new every so many years and the youth and the fools gravitate to them as if they will bring in all the promises made the last time are repeated and swallowed whole by the public. Somethings are simply too sad to even rant against, but what else can one do?


Beyond the Cusp


February 24, 2019

As Mother Used to Say, Be Nice


Apparently, either your mother did not stress this as did ours or you just simply do not care when it comes to your sensibilities being bruised. Our parties were pressured and compelled and coerced by Bibi Netanyahu to the point of him coming to the final negotiations which he arranged and demanded that our leadership accept the compromise he proposed and placed before us with an attitude that we had best do as we were told. We acquiesced and took the road of compromise accepting his ultimatum despite severe misgivings. Now the American Jewish Committee (AJC) and American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) have decided to protest that additional Jews will be represented very possibly in the Knesset because these are nationalist, religious, Zionist Jews with a fair number of them believing the teachings of the late Rabbi Kahane (ז״ל), which apparently is not just an anathema to you but apparently as in against the whole of humanity. But rather have us comment about your ravings, why not just include the entirety of the two groups protestations here for all to read. (For those who would demand to see the original, here is a link to the Tweet.) Our ranting continues below, we will try to explain a few misgivings and outright false narrative of the teachings of Rabbi Kahane. Rabbi Kahane was not and never would have been the evil monster the left paints him as having been, so, if you do not have anything nice to say about the Rabbi, then say nothing concerning the Rabbi and his legacy which many of us respect and are old enough to remember what he taught and stood for.


AJC and AIPAC Tweet Attacking Jewish Home Party for Being Inclusive

AJC and AIPAC Tweet Attacking Jewish Home Party for Being Inclusive


Often, these days, when people throw Rabbi Kahane into a conversation as something horrific and derogatory, it will indicate more often than not two things; first they never read or studied the teachings of the Rabbi and second is that they are arguing against conservatism or Zionism if not both. We will be including a link to our source for the small amount of his teachings and the main driving force which propelled him forward as well as some commentary on the history of how he was treated with venom by his political rivals and adversaries, something which has not lessened over the years. The main implication when liberal and leftist individuals and groups throw Rabbi Kahane into the discussion, they are implying that those they are hanging this actual honor upon desire murdering the Arabs in order to end the Arab Israeli conflict. That is wrong as the Rabbi never taught or even intimated being those who initiated violence and spoke of passivity in the face of law enforcement and even those who would provoke his followers often with violence of their own. The good Rabbi never desired harm to come to anyone; he fought for equal justice and a rational solution to the problems still plaguing Israel today. Had people listened to what he was stating and followed his advice instead of appointing Election Commission members from the far left and then requesting they bar Rabbi Kahane’s Kach and (Kahane Chai) Party on the grounds of their being racist, unfounded and groundless accusations as Rabbi Kahane was not against anyone, Arab, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu or whatever, he was strongly Zionist and demanded that Israel be given the same respect and treatment as would have been granted any other nation, no more and no less. Much of what we have stated on our posts are along similar if not virtually identical lines as to what the good Rabbi taught and to be honest, I was a member of his Jewish Defense League and in all my time with them, not once did I witness anyone initiating violence. The closest we came to violence was holding our ground and not being pushed off the Washington Mall and in the general direction of the Tidal Basin. Mind you, it was a beautiful day and a swim might have been enjoyable, just not when fully dressed and not of our intentions.


So, what did Rabbi Kahane teach and what did we stand for and teach. First thing is he taught Torah and Jewish Laws. He taught Talmud and Jewish History. He would apply these to the situation in Israel as well as to how they applied to our lives and interactions with others. He taught us to respect others even when their actions did not warrant being granted such respect. He stressed passivity in the face of violence until the moment that one’s safety was endangered and then only if no other avenue was available. Even the Rabbi did not condone sitting there when you were backed into a corner and you were about to be struck repeatedly by four or five people who simply desired to hurt you because they disagreed with your politics. His main point when it came to the Arabs was a simple one of exchange of populations to avoid traumas and settle differences. This was and is not a new concept nor is it radical in any way. This was the means by which much of the problems between India and Pakistan were solved except the fact that about one-third of the Muslims remained in India (this will come in again subsequently). This was the resulting reality which took place between Poland and Germany when their borders were redrawn after World War II. This has been a reality with the Russians and their borders with a number of instances. Population transfers have been a method for solving border troubles since ethnic cleansing went out of fashion, which it really has not and we may be about to witness ethnic cleansing in its finest and most complete form, just not in Israel. This idea, this very valid idea was at the heart of what Rabbi Kahane spoke when he was involved with politics. In more private settings, he also taught that one need treat every human with respect which did not mean one had to like them or even desire them but they still were to be given the respect we as Jews are to show to all people, Jew, Gentile, stranger in our lands or any other classification as that is what Torah instructs.


So why was he considered to be a racist? Well, because he advocated for completing the population transfer which was initiated by the Arab world across the entirety of the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) nations when they expelled eight-hundred-twenty-one-thousand Jews with often only the shirt on their back if even that. Where did the Arabs send these unwanted Jews whose families often dated back to before the arrival of the Arabs and their Islamic religion. They sent them away and did not care if they lived or died. If nobody would have taken them, they would have simply been slaughtered or driven into the sea. Granted, some had citizenship with United States, Canada, France or Britain and took refuge there as they had passports. That was a tiny fraction and the remainder looked to a world which acted exactly the same as they had acted towards the Jews fleeing Germany in the MS St, Louis, closed ports and no sympathy or even recognition that there were people in trouble, well, more accurately Jews in trouble and facing being slaughtered. These Jews were fortunate as they had an option that the unfortunate Jews on the fated MS St. Louis did not have, Israel. So, during the 1950’s, largely the first half, the vast majority of the Jews, over eight-hundred-thousand, who were thrown from their birth country and the nation in which they had survived, sometimes barely, for over a thousand and even two thousand years.


Now we are going to take a little side trip and talk about some facts which have been largely ignored, intentionally discarded and too often refuted as being lies despite the known facts which have been presented over the years. The difficulty with the truth was that it would make things inconvenient for the Europeans when dealing with the Arab world, something which was problematic enough. We are going to deal with this through three approximately nine minute each testimonial videos. Please do take the time to watch them and pay particular attention to those parts where the video quality might lack refinement, this happens when your records are quite old, but these witnesses and testimonials are worth all your efforts and please pass them on to others who are ignorant of the truth, the reality of being a Dhimmi Jew.








The reality about the Jews lives in the Muslim Arab world is it was anything but paradise in the desert. Everything that was perpetrated against the Jews in Europe, pogroms, ethnic cleansing, being driven from their homes and communities, forced conversions and every other indecency which the Jews suffered in Europe, the Jews in the Arab world under the Caliphate and the Ottomans suffered in equal measures. The dispossessions and slaughter of Jewish communities began under Islam in Medina when the Banu Qurayza continuing through their expulsions from the Arab and Muslim worlds. This attitude towards the Jews as accused and defiling the natural faith of Islam has continued into the present day with Israel taking the place of the Jews. The war against the Jews in the Holy Lands began almost a century before the founding of the Jewish State and has not let up since. The Arabs have made clear that the only solution to the Arab Palestinian problem is the elimination of Israel with it replaced with an Arab state and the Jews sent homeless into the world and should no nation accept the, as they claim, refuge of humanity, then they have a final solution which they will implement. The idea for the Jews to wear a yellow piece of cloth on the arm of their clothing did not start with the Nazis but was initially used to identify the Jew under an Arab leader. That is a reality they do not teach in the West as the West simply took the Arab version of their history as fact and never bothered with investigating the reality as doing such would have been too difficult and time consuming. The truth is both the Eastern Islamic World and the Western Christian World both had no use or love lost when it came to the Jews. Both civilizations used the Jew as their scapegoat upon which to place all their sorrows, woes, catastrophes and any other problem for which they refused to take ownership. In both societies, it was always the Jew which was responsible and bore the brunt of blame for any calamity.


Slaughter and Beheading of the Men of the Banu Qurayza

Slaughter and Beheading of the Men of the Banu Qurayza


Back to Rabbi Kahane and what he provided as the solution to the Arab difficulties within Israel. The Rabbi simply looked at the fact that the Arab world had expelled their Jews which Israel absorbed. Within the same timeframe, the Arab world had caused several hundred thousand Arabs to flee from within the Jewish areas of Israel in order to facilitate the Arab slaughter of the Jews. The reasoning was that once the Arabs (read Muslims) had left the region, then the invading armies could simply slaughter any person they encountered and be assured that they would be Jews. This was stated well by Azzam Pasha, Secretary-General of the Arab League at that time who stated, “It will be a war of annihilation. It will be a momentous massacre in history that will be talked about like the massacres of the Mongols or the Crusades.” His intentions are nothing new in the Islamic World from throughout their history and their view of the “other” will remain similar to that of their treatment of the Jew. For an example of the Islamic view of Christianity, one need look no further than the fate of the Coptic Christians in Egypt or the Yazidi received from the Islamic State. With the Jews expelled, the Christians suffer as the next targets. The Rabbi knew and stated predictions of what would become the reality should the solution not be implemented. The Rabbi simply stated that the Jews came to Israel and the solution were for the Arabs to be enticed and pressed to relocate to the Arab countries, often returning to their land of their birth. This was his response to the coming problems well before these difficulties became reality. His first insistence was for the six to seven-hundred-thousand Arab which they imprisoned in camps behind barbed wire and with armed guards initially demanding that they be returned in Israel so as to reduce the Jews to a minority and destroy Israel. He also thought that the Arabs within Israel be given an option to relocate outside Israel and provided with a monetary enticements. He would point out that this would be far more than the Jews were admitted when they were expelled from the Arab countries. Below is a video of Rabbi Kahane which is in Hebrew. For an English transcript follow this link which also includes further arguments on why this merger is not the end of the world as it has been painted.



First, once the election is over, the Otzma Yehudit Party representatives will separate and not be bound to the other parties. Their inclusion was mostly forced onto Jewish Home and National Union Parties. Many of us were more favorable for the Likud Party to allow the Otzma Yehudit Party onto their list if they were so intent on never permitting any votes to go to waste. Here is the real reason that Bibi Netanyahu was so insistent that there be this merger, he knew it would cause the exact difficulties and bad publicity which the AJC and AIPAC have already initiated. He made a promise that Likud and the Jewish Home alliance would not attack one another during the campaign. He knew that the media and the leftist parties along with Bennett’s New Right Party would use this merger to demean our alliance for the Likud and he was not hoping to not waste votes but to assure that Jewish Home and related parties do not reach minimum in order to be admitted to the Knesset or reach so few mandates that Bibi could simply ignore them when making a coalition. Further, if the right wing parties were crippled and unable to provide sufficient mandates to make a coalition, then Bibi will be free to make a left-centrist coalition and possibly simply enact what Gantz and Lapid have proposed, simply do for the Shomron another disengagement such as was done in Gaza. General Gants (ret) has stated that the IDF learned of a better means of removing the Jews from an area and simply gifting the territory to the Palestinian Authority and wiping their hands claiming that they got the land they demanded and that is the end of the problem. Of course, this will not end the problem, it will exacerbate the problem and Israel will start to suffer terror attacks similar to what was already occurring before the Six Day War when there was no disputed territory. The difference is that it will more approach if not exceed the levels of terrorism suffered during the Second Intifada where over a thousand Israelis were murdered and tens of thousands were injured with many having debilitating injuries which will afflict them for the rest of their lives. Rabbi Kahane purported the only sane solution but the Arabs and the world are not seeking a sane solution, they are more likely seeking a final solution.


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