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November 4, 2014

Are These Two Demands From Israel in Peace Negotiations That Extreme?

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Everybody claims that the Palestinians are the side which is ready and desirous of making peace. Their demands are well known or at least everybody claims to understand and believe that their demands are justified. The problem claimed by so many around the world, especially throughout the Western nations. They believe that the Israeli demands are the problem and that Israel is being too demanding and are occupiers of lands which actually belong to Arab Palestinians. I am aware that almost nobody who believes these assumed truths would accept any evidence I could provide proving their beliefs are incorrect and based on propaganda issued by the Palestinian leadership and repeated by the sycophantic leftist media which has condemned Israel as being colonialist occupiers who unfairly conquered the land of Israel and forced out indigenous Arab Palestinians. Another canard is that Israeli Jews are European refugees who arrived solely after World War II and Israel was only founded and that idea arose from guilt over the Holocaust. Never mind trying to persuade you by presenting truths such as the Balfour Declaration of 1917 or the San Remo Conference of 1920 were the most important documents, votes and treaties made through negotiations which included the victorious allied powers which defeated the Ottoman Empire or that these debates included King Faisal, the leader of the Arab and Islamic world, who attended many of the negotiations and conferences after World War I and who accepted the return of the Jewish people to their natural homelands even quoting the references in the Quran that stated that the Jews had been granted the lands between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea by Allah as nobody will accept such. So, why do we not discuss the two most important of Israeli claims which are as basic and simple of demands one could ask that the Palestinians refuse to accept.

One demand Israel makes of the Palestinians is equivalent to the Palestinian demand that the Israelis recognize the Palestinian Arabs existence as a people deserving of their own state, the Israelis demand the Palestinians recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people. Mahmoud Abbas and every other Palestinian leader responds exactly the same, there will never come the day when they will ever recognize Israel as anything other than occupied Palestine and that the Jewish people should return from where they came, Germany, America or wherever in Europe they came from. The big lie behind this rebuttal is well known and recognized by the Arabs as it was their leaders who caused half of the Jewish population in Israel by the middle of the 1950s as they chased, persecuted or otherwise forced the vast majority of their Jewish populations to flee often with one suitcase each forfeiting the remainder of their property and their homes and businesses. There were approximately eight-hundred-thousand Jews who sought refuge in Israel between 1948 and 1958 from Arab nations across the Middle East and North Africa which resulted in equal representation of Sephardic Jews from Arab nations and Ashkenazi Jews from Europe by 1960 and the two populations still share a near even percentage of Israeli Jews in the modern era. Should the Jews be forced to return to the nations from whence they came into Israel, the question is will those Arab nations not only allow the Jews to return but also provide them with their previous homes and also return their businesses and other forfeited property? Such is not only unlikely but an absurdity to even consider as they would be more likely to simply murder the Jews rather than accept them back as citizens. What is odd is there are those Jews who actually long to return to their former Arab homes and regret the fact they can never return.

The second demand made by the Israelis is that any agreement reached with the Palestinians result in an end to hostilities and an end to claims issuing in a permanent peace. This may seem to be an obvious result of any agreement except part of the continuous endeavors to incite violence against Israelis in general and the Jews in particular is the theme that the Palestinian leadership will never ever agree to an end to the violence and terror war against the Israelis until all of Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea has been liberated and cleansed of its Jewish population. This insistence that any peace treaty not represent an end to their terrorist war against Israel is part of what Yasser Arafat defined as the liberation of Palestine in stages. Arafat defined the first stage as a long term series of negotiations where he would demand from Israel concessions whenever the Europeans and/or the United States react to enticements and Palestinian demands to restart the peace talks. Once Arafat and the Palestinians gained these concessions they never returned them nor permitted Israel to take them back even as it was Arafat who always forced the negotiations to break down. During the negotiation the Palestinians would make offers to entice Israel to make return offers and once the Palestinians broke off the negotiations they would insist that the next round begin with everything Israel had offered in the last round be the starting point for the next round plus demand that the Western powers force even more concessions from Israel. This lesson was learned well by Mahmoud Abbas, Arafat’s protégé and second in command since the founding of the PLO in 1964 where there cause was the elimination of Israel replacing it with Palestine as there were no occupied Palestinian areas since the Six Day War had yet to occur, where Israel gained possession of the Golan Heights, Sinai Peninsula as well as the West Bank, historically referred to as Judea and Samaria, integral parts of ancient Israel lands. Mahmoud Abbas has continued this tactic and it has been used to the point where Israel has been pressed into concession after concession by supposed allies, even those United States Presidents who were awarded the title of Israel’s best friend ever in the White House falling in line with the round after round of forcing Israel into ever deeper compromises and surrendering bargaining chip after bargaining chip. The result is Israel has been left with no bargaining chips other than her survival and still the Palestinians demand concessions or no peace talks. The Palestinians have never been held to a single promise or concession as they simply insist they never made any such offer and threaten to walk out of any talks which back the Western sponsors away from holding them responsible for any act or promise they have ever committed and then backed away from fulfilling. Much of this has been further facilitated by the leftist media which blames Israel for every breakdown in the negotiations and carries the Palestinian’s water for them in every situation as they are threatened with no longer being granted access to Palestinian areas to gather news and pictures and are always mindful that they are dealing with terrorists who might turn against their reporters. Whatever the reason, the Israelis have reached a point where even the moderate leftists have realized that the game has been fixed and they are tiring of the constant hounding and hatred from European backers of the Palestinians and are noticing the United States starting to rival the Europeans in their political lack of will to side with Israel and even the loss of any fairness on university campuses where often Jewish students are attacked simply for their wearing anything which displays their Judaism and thus they are accused of supporting Israel making them legitimate for assaults. This is all part of why the Palestinians can never make a lasting peace, their promises to their people that the revolution against the Jews will never end until all of the lands are freed and the Jews destroyed and the spoils being split amongst the Palestinian people. Is there any wonder why Israel has reached the point that they are not all that anxious to return to the peace talks and refuse to make any new concession as what can they give now, Tel Aviv, the Negev, Haifa or what?

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