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September 20, 2017

The Trump, Pelosi, Schumer Fallout


Did former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi really believe that there would be no fallout from working with President Trump? Did Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer really think that there would be no fallout from working with President Trump? Then again, did President Trump really believe their would be no difficulties once he deserted his base of support and courted with those considered the heart of the enemy camp? And then there are the initial signals from the new direction, the change from confrontation to cooperation. The biggest sign that there is trouble in Potomac River City was the comment by President Trump that, “the wall will come later, we’re right now renovating large sections of wall, massive sections, making it brand new.” Many of us will claim very simply that we have heard this song and seen this dance number before from President Ronald Reagan through President George W. Bush. The Democrat promise that if you give them amnesty now they will gladly build your wall on the border later has worked every time they have pushed it before, it will probably work now as well. The problem with President Trump is that he knows little to nothing about political history and is like a neophyte seeing all of this for the first time. The fact is that most of his Cabinet are also new to politics as many are from the military or business world and not exactly long standing political experts. But there has been more in commentary from both sides.


From the left we have Murshed Zaheed of CREDO Action claiming that the California and New York representatives, indicating Pelosi and Schumer, were “out of touch with the zeitgeist of the progressive movement.” But wait, there’s more! Democratic Representative from Virginia, Gerry Connolly, warned that dealings with the President was unwise stating, “Let’s not fool ourselves, he is this person we know, and I just think there must be both political and moral limitations with how far we’re willing to cooperate with that.” From a different Democrat viewpoint veteran Democratic strategist Rodell Mollineau stated, “We might have to deal with this guy for four years. What can we do during that time to save America?” Imagine that, there is somebody with a touch of reason from amongst the fury and anger we have seen on the college campuses and social media. Still, it is kind of reassuring that the Democrats appear to be as good with their communications as are the Republicans. Talking of the Republicans, Representative Steven King, a pro-Trump Congressman from Iowa, put it like this commenting on what will come should the wall not be delivered as promised, “The base will leave him. They can’t support him anymore.” Apparently, Representative King has doubts that the Trump assurances that there are sections being renovated, upgraded and being made brand new will ring all that well out in the midlands and he is very probably correct. The actual test will come down the road, just like it always has and it will be a concrete, easy to measure means, simply whether or not the Border Wall, an impenetrable (or at least excessively difficult) border system guarding from above and below ground, in the waters and the highest mountain tops, the open plains and the deep woods gets constructed and proves its mettle against the illegal immigrants.


The Betrayers Trump, McConnell, Pelosi, Schumer

The Betrayers Trump, McConnell, Pelosi, Schumer


President Trump sent the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) to the Congress for them to consider and decide whether to codify President Obama’s Executive Order into legislation and return it then to President Trump for his final ruling by one of three ways, a straight veto, signed into law or using a pocket veto which by ignoring to take any position for ten days allowing it to be vetoed through inaction and presumably avoiding making an actual decision and avoiding the scowls and reprobations of the media. Needless to say, whatever choice President Trump might take, the media will make him seem like the scourge of humanity. The only way out is if the Congress does not manage to pass a DACA Bill. Since we can count on the Democrats to vote almost unanimously to codify President Obama’s order and the Never Trumpers to assist them plus the Republicans who supported amnesty from the start will be sufficient to pass some form of amnesty with little to no difficulty. The Democrats were chomping at the bit to get this handed to them and all but immediately pass it back to Trump all formalized with the assist of not too few Republicans. One must wonder what President Trump wanted from this entire scenario of including Democrats except if he wanted to appear to be working with the Democrats for some reason, possibly to aggravate the Republicans as punishment for their inability to cooperate with the President on repeal and replace Obamacare and leaving town without even giving the President even a single tip of their hat concerning his tax simplification and reduction plans before taking the first flight out of town in mid-August. Maybe President Trump has learned a thing or two and perhaps he is being played by the Democrats, only time will tell.


Something tells us it is going to be an interesting four years and the next Presidential election will be even more interesting. Watching Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren battle for the senior circuit position in the Democrat Party while there will be the new young guns shooting for the stars hoping that at least one will have what it takes to challenge the senior circuit. There are some placing the early wagers on Senator Elect from California Kamala Harris as the young and energetic new face being groomed for Presidential run in 2020. Then there will be plenty more infighting within the Republican Party as Senator John McCain attempts to prove that he deserves to be the Republican candidate in 2020. He truly believes that he deserves a second shot at the brass ring. There is nothing sadder than an old guard captain who refuses to understand when he would be best served simply hanging on to the position he holds, if he can. His pouty child act might just cost him his Senate gig in 2022, especially if he were to replace Trump in 2020 and then lose a second run for the office of President. What would happen if both major parties tear themselves to pieces and in the interim numerous new faces from people who have never been in politics come from nowhere and make the noise necessary that the majority in the Congress shifts in an entirely new direction. Imagine a Congress is 2020 made up of a majority of new faces belonging to neither party and then it would matter not who wins the Presidency. That would present a whole new dawn for America if only the people have the bravery and fortitude to take back their nation.


Beyond the Cusp


September 15, 2017

How to Kill Two with One Stone


If your aim is to cripple the United States and destroy its healthcare system with one idea, the left-wing of the Democrat Party is your place to be. If a Single-Payer Government Healthcare System is your desire, then the government will become almost exclusively a health care organization and abrogate all its other responsibilities. We are going to hear one lie repeated over and over during this debate quite often with a different nation place at the closure of the statement. Backers of the plan will claim, “Government run healthcare is used in every major Western nations and it works so well; just look at how well it works in (place your European nation of choice here). The problem is it has not worked in any nation without consequences, and the world cannot afford for the United States to fall for this trap and become just another collapsing European country. Inspecting each nation which has adopted Government Healthcare and some specifics become apparent to those wishing to see the truth.


The first and probably most important item of note is none of these nations has a decent military which could respond to any external threat. This has worked for Europe simply because they have NATO and NATO means the United States. Should the United States become just like Europe, then the entirety of the Western World becomes defenseless. That would leave Europe completely open to invasion by any of a number of enemies who do not care about their citizens but do care about their military forces. This brings to mind Russia, China and Iran right off the top of our heads. And as Iran has stated their desire to bring Europe to its knees bowing before Shia Islam, why not just invite them in and start the mass conversions and beheadings now. Why wait for the inevitable should there be no United States Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines? Allow the United States to fall for the Succubus of National Healthcare and she will become as weak as (place your European nation of choice here).


The main reason within the United States is the amount that taxes will need to be raised in order to have what will amount to Medicare for all. The first hurdle will be to get all the individual hospitals, physicians, clinics, HMO’s, PPO’s, EPO’s, POS’s and other various health plans to take Medicare style lowest cost for procedure payments. There will need at some point to pass a law which will make providing, receiving or paying for any form of healthcare outside the system to be heavily taxed. This will prevent the Middle Class from opting out of making the necessary payment into Medicare to belong and in its stead buying private healthcare at a private, government independent health providing system. This will never be made completely illegal, as the wealthiest five percent will still require their own competent best possible healthcare without traveling to Israel, India, Brazil or Mexico to receive their healthcare.


Meanwhile, the fee for receiving Medicare will start creeping upward leaving many elderly it was supposed to care for out in the cold without even basic care outside of Emergency Rooms. Taxes will also increase lowering the standard of living with every increase. The final stages will require the government to cut other programs in order to pay for healthcare costs which will continue to rise. The first cuts will endanger the military of the United States until the Navy becomes a shore patrol venture, the Air Force will fly only coverage of the United States skies, the Army and Marines an internal security force, the National Guard and Coast Guard will be absorbed into the Marines and Navy respectively and the Border Patrol absorbed into the Army. With time, even these will be drawn down to the point that the United States will barely be capable of guarding her borders.



After eviscerating the military and public Federal Protective Services, the government will begin to look elsewhere for funds. The Park Service, other social programs, anywhere and everywhere will become vulnerable and all the while, the quality of healthcare will fall. The physician pay will slowly be eaten away until nobody desires to become a physician, especially a surgeon or other specialist while nursing schools will become empty of students and healthcare will bleed and the number of places providing care will be eroded. Hospitals will be the first to close their emergency services and then their doors entirely. That will be the slow death of even the lowest denominator of decent care and the price will continue to skyrocket. Eventually the government will be forced to restrict service allowing only the most life threatening surgeries and other special services. Diagnostics will revert to the least expensive procedures and many actual diseases such as cancers will go undetected until far too late. Mortality figures will steadily climb and life expectancy steadily decline.


All of this will come at an ever-increasing cost with rising deductibles used as a way to discourage the use of the services which remain. When something is presumably provided for free, then it will be used to the point of abuse and beyond. This has been proven beyond debate using many government programs as the proof. Once the Federal Government ruled that all hospitals that receive government funds, that included Medicare and Medicaid and Veterans programs, were required to provide health services, particularly emergency room services, regardless of ability to pay for services, emergency rooms were swamped and hospitals who provided clinical services to the public found these clinics were used to replace normal physician visits costing hospitals from tens of thousands to tens of millions annually. Much of these care billings were passed by the Federal Government to the individual states who often were well behind or simply defaulted. What became basically free health care is what drove the hospital crisis threatening many hospital closings. This is one example of government health care and the inability to cover such costs. Another pair of prime examples are Veterans Hospitals and health care as well as Native American health care systems. Does anybody honestly believe that within a decade the same problems will not permeate any single payer government health care system?


Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren

Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren


Former Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (Democrat from Montana) told NBC News “I just think the time has come. Back in ’09, we were not ready to address it. It would never have passed. Here we are nine years later; I think it’s time to hopefully have a very serious good faith look at it.” He subsequently added, “I started out by saying everything is on the table. But I did make an exception and that was single-payer. I said, nope, we’re not going to put single-payer on the table. Why? In my judgement, America was just not there … It’s branded as socialistic by too many people.” Baucus was the main centrist Democrat around which the Democrat opposition to Single Payer Government Health Care had been anchored. With his new position, these few remaining centrist Democrats no longer have anyone to take their position and hold the line. This would likely mean that the entirety of the Democrats in both houses of Congress will support the plan which Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren plan on submitting in the Senate this fall as the way of saving the nation from Obamacare. This is just one more prime example of the Congress creating a problem just to take more power and completely ruin what they first damaged beyond repair. How turning all of health care over to the same people who destroyed the best system for coming up with new drugs, treatments and cures the world has known for the past two centuries will improve it rather than bring its destruction is beyond us. The Democrats by voting as if they were a single block represented by their most-extreme leadership probably in history will only need approximately twenty-five Republicans in the House of Representatives and three in the Senate. With John McCain and his cohorts of “Never Trump” Senators consisting of about a half dozen, the Senate passing such a measure is assured, the House might be a little closer but as it appears that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan seeming to be colluding with the Democrats, the House would also likely pass such and that is the story if the people of America do not wake up fast and scream until the mountains crash. Without a popular uprising, single payer government health care, just like in Europe, will destroy the United States and leave the Western World all but defenseless.


Beyond the Cusp


September 9, 2017

So They Killed the Trump Agenda, So Now What?


The Trump agenda ran into a little bump in the road called the rank and file Grand Old Party Republican mainstream. There were a few special mentions without whom this all would likely never have been the problem. First and foremost, in the hit parade and getting special mention has to be an old Republican bad boy, Senator John McCain. Impressively, Senator McCain was able to set such a seemingly great example that junior Senator Jeff Flake marched right into the target zone right beside his mentor. And then there was the assistance in the House of Representatives which came from high places with many claiming that Speaker Paul Ryan has also joined the “Never Trump” Republican mainstream. We will make this one gratuitous mention of the conspiracy theory that these Republicans have been persuaded, bribed, enlisted or bought by the Clinton Foundation to serve some plan which results with Hillary Clinton in the White House and at least prevents any hope for any chance of a Trump reelection in 2020, presumably with Hillary Clinton winning against Trump in 2020 as third time’s the charm. Whatever the actual reason, a number of Republicans have chosen to work against the Trump agenda, particularly building a wall at the southern border using actual walls, fences and other higher technology detection devices in order to prevent illegals including drug runners and other criminal activities from crossing the border. They have also assisted the failure to repeal Obamacare and are currently working on the failure of tax reform and some have even indicated they will assist in a government shutdown over raising the debt ceiling as well as the Border Wall. The question for the Trump supporters is what can be done to set a fire under the recalcitrant Republicans and get the Trump agenda moving?


Senator McCain, Hillary Clinton, Senator Flake and Speaker Ryan

Senator McCain, Hillary Clinton,
Senator Flake and Speaker Ryan


The first thing that President Trump must do is not give any of the problem Republicans any additional media coverage as this is part of the reason for their actions. The advantage for President Trump is that as long as he prevents these Republicans from being able to ride their differences to any greater media acclaim, then whatever the President does can only work in his favor. One method which the President might consider would be to call all Congressionals into meetings in the White House in groups of perhaps a dozen, usually nine Representatives and three Senators for a private meeting to settle the schedule and priorities for the Fall agenda. Then as part of the meeting, the President can mention the importance of unity and the Republicans presenting a solid and full facing front in getting the agenda passed into laws and policies. Then President Donald Trump can get serious and inform them all that any amongst them who find they are unable to follow the party line and decide to work against the President that Donald Trump will take it personally. Then Donald Trump can quietly and in a serious tone inform them that this might lead him to back vocally an opposition candidate against them in the primary election and that failing running another against them in the election itself because even having a Democrat oppose your agenda is preferable to having one of your own, another Republican, oppose your and the party’s agenda. After having met with all the Republicans in Congress, then President Trump should immediately return to the straight repeal of Obamacare and the building of the Border Wall using these as test cases. The White House should insist that should either house not pass these two pieces of the President’s agenda, then the White House should have a trusted member demand that all following votes are rollcall votes so that each person’s vote will be recorded such that the White House will know who the offending Republicans preventing the passage are by name. Once the names are known, then the White House can decide what they are going to initiate as a response to these votes.


Plans of action at the White House should be measured and responsible and there should be no Tweets by the President or anybody in the Administration until the plans of action have been put in place and plans which will be required are already well in motion or completed. The White House should initially zero in on those Republicans who have already been causing problems and doing so vocally and should they foolishly continue challenging the President, then they should have campaigns to unseat them in the primary elections announced and the initial burst of campaign media coverage made with great fanfare and President Trump showing his full backing for the opposition candidate. The choosing of this candidate should be performed with care and an in depth background check making doubly sure that they are squeaky clean and straight as an arrow. After the initial breakout, the candidate should be periodically brought to the fore with him speaking in opposition to his coming opponent every time he makes a vote against the President and his agenda. This will serve numerous purposes. It will keep the candidate and his name in the news; it will permit the broadcast of the President and his agenda in the local and potentially national media, and it will apply additional heat to the Congress member working against the President. At this point even allowing the President to make Tweets about the recalcitrant Republicans the White House is working to unseat would not be such a bad idea and could actually be used favorably. Still, the challenge would be controlling the actions of the President, specifically having subject limitations about the Never Trump Republicans restricted from his Tweets.


In a perfect world, the Republicans would have the same discipline as do the Democrats. Had the Republican Party found some means of enforcing unity in votes on the most vital legislation there would not be this problem in the first case. If the Democrats had the same lack of control thus allowing a percentage of their members of Congress to support some Trump initiatives, there would not be these problems. But the situation is that the Democrat Party has complete and total discipline and nobody dares to oppose the dictates of the leadership while the Republicans have an inner core whose main desire is to frustrate President Trump, upset his agenda and support the status quo until new leadership is in the White House and the coordinated destruction of the United States can continue. These core Never Trump Republicans are mostly what have often be referred to as RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) though some have only been uncovered recently as they had played their hands well voting straight party line for the entirety of the Obama White House knowing that the President would use his veto to make their votes the perfect foil and not damaging the leftward march of the country. Now there is a new President who would like to at least make some attempt at ending that drift or at least slowing it severely. This is unacceptable to these Republicans because they are just as big a group of leftists as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Now is the time for the Republican Party to begin to work to remove these members of their party in Congress who refuse to hold the party line on the most vital and important votes which are before the Congress. If the Republican Party cannot clean up their act and straighten out the disturbances in their house, then the Republican Party will soon find itself irrelevant, as some other party will fill the void they apparently are unable to fill. It is time for the adults to take charge of their party and throw the petulant children and temper tantrums out to play on a pasture somewhere on the back forty where all retired Congresscritters go. That is the challenge they face in 2018 if they wish to remain a viable alternative supported by true conservatives. If the republicans are incapable of repairing their problems, then conservatives should find an alternative which can address their beliefs as the Republicans will have proven no longer up to the challenge. Of course, working with selected Democrats is always an alternative as long as not too much is demanded to be sacrificed.


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