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August 7, 2017

The Death of Venezuela


Seemingly, things could not get any worse in Venezuela until they do. Maduro has taken the final steps and initiated himself as their dear leader. The Venezuela legislature, the National Assembly, being held by the pro-democracy opponents to Maduro, as the citizens, in a recent polling, were eighty-percent anti-Maduro are being sidelined as Maduro has taken steps using the Supreme Court which he appointed to bypass the will of the people and their elected legislature. Maduro simply gathered five-hundred-forty-five supporters to be the members of the Constituent Assembly with which he will present a new constitution for Venezuela making him its sole holder of power. So, things are not going to improve in Venezuela until they get worse and until Maduro will no longer be capable of bribing the military. Of course, that situation may not be as far off as Maduro hopes as the military recently was proudly handing out toothpaste, soap and toilet paper as rewards to grateful soldiers as such items are actually prized in today’s Venezuela. Imagine a military handing out toothpaste, soap and toilet paper and being proud enough that they distributed pictures of these “awards” (see below). Despite claims that the voters demanded he write this new Constitution, all observers counted a vote total cast at best at half of the votes Maduro claims his side received. That absolutely reeks of fraud, yet as he has the military, and thus all the guns, he will get away with this. Venezuela is the proof positive that in the United States it is the Second Amendment which keeps everything closer to legal, absolutely legal.


Official Venezuelan Military Awards Photograph

Official Venezuelan Military Awards Photograph


Official Venezuelan Military Awards Photograph

Official Venezuelan Military Awards Photograph


In the past, the military was accepting, or demanding, bribes from citizens to hand out paltry amounts of food, and the people accepted this as it was the only source for food. For now, Maduro has the support of his officers but should he falter in providing them with the comforts they are accustomed to, they are just as likely to turn on him and serve the people the current Constitution requires of them. One only has to wonder how far this can go with the soldiers being satisfied with the little tokens which they are being “lavished” with by their superiors. The military were very efficient the night of the big announcement about Maduro and his five-hundred-forty-five supporting members of the Constituent Assembly when they arrested the leadership of his opposing parties. Leopoldo Lopez, the outspoken leader of the Popular Will Party as well as the former mayor of Caracas, and Antonio Ledezma, supporter of the failed 2015 coup, were both dragged from their homes in the middle of the night claiming they had “violated the terms of their house arrest” by having contacts outside their homes criticizing the steps being taken by Maduro and his custom built slavish government. As Antonio Ledezma was being taken there are reports of a woman risking everything yelling out, “They’re taking Ledezma! Please neighbors! It’s a dictatorship!” Fox News reported last May about the arrest of at approximately sixty-five lower-ranking military officers by the regime charging some of them with “instigating rebellion.”


It will not be long before there will be a new Constitution which will probably dissolve the National Assembly and replace the elected legislature with the Maduro appointed Constituent Assembly. The new Constitution is likely to allow, or at least not forbid if not instruct, their to be a special military group which will operate as the regime’s secret police arresting opposition leaders in the middle of the night never to be seen again. Eventually they get to arresting even lower level pro-democracy people eventually overstepping their permitted authority, after all, we are talking about a nation in South America where once upon a time, not that long ago if memory serves, the people watched governments change with the calendar year. Eventually the people reach a point where, when all too many people know of a person who disappeared in the deep morning under the dark before the dawn. Eventually, there will be a new dawn which will come to Venezuela, as Maduro has another problem, he will never overcome, he is no Hugo Chavez.


Hugo Chavez could give speeches which left the people mesmerized and upon which they could feel that everything was going to be perfect if they just allowed him the time. Maduro is more of the bull than the matador. Where Hugo Chavez could dodge the rushing bull, Maduro is the charging bull. Every bull will eventually meet a matador which has his number and he ends up as just another trophy, a picture of the awful past. How long before Maduro meets his matador is impossible to know as the matador will be the man who can rally the people while remaining silently in the background thus beyond the reach of the secret police. This might not take as long as some will predict, as over three-quarters of the Venezuelan public are pro-democracy and desire to resist Maduro. They very likely are more than simply concerned about the direction of their governance and should, as suspected, the new Constitution dissolve the elected legislature the people might rise up and save Venezuela from Maduro and escape the socialist trap which holds their economy in meltdown. We will hope that the people of Venezuela will be saved and soon as they have been through far too long a period of being deprived of a decent life and any economic opportunity as the government has taken over more and more of the private sector and running these industries one-by-one into the ground forcing the next take-over. For now, Maduro will continue his running roughshod over the people of his nation.


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July 4, 2017

Boldness of Lies Wafting on Evil Breezes


One can check for the following quote with a search using the entire quote and will find the original article in multiple places. Well, we just had to have our say which will hopefully be a little different and perhaps cast more light onto the subject and the many arenas where such events are being carried out by different players but all with the same means. They use lies, accusations, and demands in the hopes of being believed and thus discrediting all opposition, all in the truest form of the real fascists. This is a game which has been played before and these are the same exact steps, the same exact lies, the same exact accusations and soon we will see similar violence which those who silently instigate much of the violence promise to save us from the violence and this has all been used by the previous usurpers. We have spoken of this and now it creeps into another political game which means that this time the usurpers desire more than one nation or one continent but this time they aim for the world. Now here is the latest war cry of the usurper claiming that all evil is born everywhere but in their camp, the first lie, the introduction to what will come.

We are undergoing a process of fascistization of Israeli politics. These are hard words but they are true. Artists, actors and playwrights are under threat, Supreme Court justices and judges generally are threatened, journalists are fired and are threatened, journalists and newspapers are under threat of being closed by the authorities, and now also academics are under threat and can say nothing.” Head of Opposition, Isaac Herzog, Holon, June, 24, 2017


Head of Opposition Isaac Herzog

Head of Opposition Isaac Herzog


This is the same tired accusation made repeatedly by Mr. Herzog and his ilk every time there is anything introduced which might permit equal opportunity into the hallmark institutions which currently are leftist strongholds. Here is a simple but not complete list of such institutions around the world which the leftists control with near complete impunity and lack of opposition; mainstream media, NGOs (nongovernmental organizations), courts (with the exception of the United States where the judges in the courts are appointed by elected officials, and even in the United States the left are strong within the court system as has been evidenced by their use against President Trump), and Academia where tenure is denied professors unless they are proven and tested to be pure leftists. The media is meeting a problem which the leftists would dearly love to strangle, the Internet and the free exchange of information. The Internet also provides an alternative to the information put forth by the NGOs. What has not been prevented by the Internet is the marriage between the media and the NGOs where the NGO makes statements or accusations demeaning those not aligned exclusively with their causes and the media amplifies their words repeating them in print which is in turn used by the NGOs as validation of their views which is again repeated in the media with this circle continuing all too often ad nauseum.


The fastest way to get the leftist political class screaming is to introduce any measure of fairness or free debate into the systems which they control. Examples include altering the appointment of new judges taking it from the existing legal system and giving it to elected officials who are answerable to the electorate, to the people. When such was suggested in Israel, the entirety of the media, academia, the legal associations and the leftist politicians who are not in power and are unlikely to regain power unless through subterfuge, exploded in the media in op eds as well as went running to the Supreme Court screaming, “foul.” Our friend, Isaac Herzog, gave a prime example of the courts siding with the left politically and further during the furor where demands were being posed to force the Prime Minister to relinquish the communications portfolio regarding which Herzog’s self-praise, even before the justices’ decision, judging by his Facebook post, it was important to him that he make clear that he himself filed the petition and that the “High Court in an unusual step issued a conditional order that directs the Prime Minister and the Attorney General to explain why they won’t respond to the petition.” Going a step further, Herzog and his people maneuvered to spread word of the court’s decision to the television news channels for prime time. If only some professor would offer a course selectively examining the political brilliance displayed by Opposition Leader Isaac Herzog in the fight against the imperialist Prime Minister Netanyahu trying to run the government all by himself (now that we have posed the idea, any bets on how long before some professor actually uses this in his coursework?), we would have hit the trifecta, courts, media and academia.


When there was an attempt to have NGOs which receive over half their funding from outside of Israel report themselves as being foreign NGOs, and not pass themselves off as Israeli NGOs, the left in the media went into an uproar and the political left declared that totalitarianism was coming to Israel. The Guardian reported that Isaac Herzog stated that, “The NGO law … is indicative, more than anything, of the budding fascism creeping into Israeli society.” Just in case you were wondering, the political “F” word pops right out of Isaak’s mouth whenever things move even the slightest towards the center. Isaak fears that should things ever be moved from pegged so far to the left that the only thing keeping the needle from sliding out of view is the little peg holding it where it can be located, but the needle is bending. The people are getting tired of the universality of leftist control in every arena throughout Israel except elections, but they refuse to permit equal footing in their little fiefdoms, media, courts, and academia.


But Israel is not the only place where the left is screaming of injustices, cheating and of having been robbed. Yes, we’re speaking of the elections, surprise elections according to many, of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. If you have been reading much of the mainstream media, especially the New York Times, then you are pretty much convinced that the Russians were running President Trump’s campaign and without Putin, Trump would have lost. You would also have believed that had Hillary been elected, her first move would have been to fire then Director of the FBI James Comey. Then, suddenly when President Trump “mishandled” the firing of former FBI Director Comey, suddenly he was the hero of the hour who would hand the Senate Committee investigating Trump and, you know, we forget what. The important thing is that as soon as Mr. Comey’s testimony did not lead to Trump being impeached, he became a worthless miscreant who never should have been Director of the FBI once again. Then there are the courts in the United States which took turns preventing President Trump from making a legal alteration to immigration policy claiming that it broke his campaign pledges. That actually was one judge’s reason which made breaking a campaign pledges into a legal reason for a decision. Meanwhile, the liberal and leftist outrage had barely lost even an ounce of steam since the results came out and Hillary conceded. There are still wall-to-wall postings which seem to go in circles from one person to the next until they complete the circuit and start all over again as if they were brand new. This, too, is one of the steps in the real attempted fascist takeover, but the people making the noise are unaware of their part. They are the true believers and the first to get hurt when freedoms are lost. They are also the most surprised when their heroes become the villains and the ones they labeled as villains turn out not to be the guilty as charged.


Just to be fair to our regular readers who have read the step-by-step guide to how leftists use their tools to instigate and install their dictatorial, and by the way, fascist governance and bring elections to an end, we will just give the broad-brushed sketch. The first requirement is an enemy let us say Trump. Then there need be belief that the left lost unfairly. Then protests followed by slowly increasing levels of violence. Then there are the demands for an end to the violence. The violence is blamed on the initial enemy or the next one who wins against the left unfairly, usually soon after the initial enemy and also seemingly against the predictions of the media, surprise, surprise. The more the person perceived to be a right wing extremist, as painted by the media, tries to end the violence, the more it increases and they are blamed for not doing the job because they support many of the ones causing the violence, and any leftists who get caught are simply responding to the right-wing violence. Eventually, the leftists promise to end the violence if only the Constitution is altered to give them the power, as is currently happening in Venezuela. Once they get their unopposable power, then they take care of the violence with greater violence and freedom dies quietly in the background.


Venezuela’s upcoming referendum on drafting a new Constitution will be something to watch and expect that it will not be a fair election. Once Maduro wins, Venezuela will no longer be amongst the free nations. All initial indications would indicate that the people are not in favor of a new Constitution, but that may not be the determination of the election, and that will be the great sorrow of it all. The real sorrow is the people never really learn because the way history is taught, memorize dates, memorize insignificant preambles and other trivial items but never, ever tell an interesting story, because that is what real history is, stories. But the stories would stick in the minds and make the young interested in history and then they would learn and with that knowledge they would be able to see things unfolding, and the elites do not want an educated public because that would make them too difficult to govern and fool time and time again. Now that is what government is about in far too many places in our world today, and that is truly sad.


Beyond the Cusp


July 3, 2017

Will Venezuela be the Next Civil War?


One could say that Venezuela has been in a state of a civil conflict for quite some time. Nicolás Maduro assumed the Presidency upon the death of former Venezuela strongman and President Hugo Chávez. The following election was won by Maduro by a slim margin and he has ruled ever since despite growing opposition. To say that Venezuela is facing economic difficulties is a gross understatement. The news from Venezuela tells a grim story where food is scarce, medicines are usually only available on the black market and one news story even told of a severe shortage of toilet paper, a commodity which has few suitable substitutes. The wealthy fear leaving their homes worried over being beaten and robbed of credit cards and any cash. Gangs rule the streets in many parts of the nations and things are basically in a dreadful state. The wrecked economy is a result of years of central planning and socialist rule taking wealth from the top and distributing it amongst the poor after a percentage is kept by the kleptocrats in the government. Such always leads to economic collapse as it has now in Venezuela and has in North Korea and what brought down the Soviet Union. China has made an attempt at incorporating a measure of capitalism to prop up their socialist centralized governance. Yet President Maduro is doing what every true believer in the great and bright future socialism must produce, insisting that he has the solution and if only the remaining companies are federalized, then the glorious dream will come to fruition.


Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro on right on Stage at Demonstration

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro on right on Stage at Demonstration


Chávez began this socialist nightmare by federalizing the oil and mineral industries claiming that they were making the very few excessively wealthy as they kept the vast quantity of the profits while leaving little for the workers whose toil made the profits possible. Chávez spread the wealth to the workers and they promptly spent it and were soon the working poor once again and the two main industries in Venezuela eventually were driven into the ground as their equipment fell into disrepair and mismanagement gave ever-dwindling returns. This is what Maduro now claims will bring that bright future which was experienced briefly at the start of the rule of Hugo Chávez, something which every socialist nation experiences before things take a turn for the worse and after that, it never improves. The Venezuelan Parliamentary elections of 2015 were not exactly a vote of confidence for Maduro as his United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela) taking fifty-five of the one-hundred-sixty-seven seats. The remaining one-hundred-nine seats were taken by the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD Mesa de la Unidad Democrática) which favors a return to capitalist republican rule with less governmental control of industry and all aspects of personal life (see map below). There were marginal votes for other candidates, none of which were elected to the Parliament. Since then Maduro and the Venezuela High Court have ruled relegating the Parliament into benign inconsequence politically, they are running the nations with an iron fist policy.


Venezuela Election Map Blue for Democratic Unity Roundtable and Red for United Socialist Party of Venezuela

Venezuela Election Map
Blue for Democratic Unity Roundtable and
Red for United Socialist Party of Venezuela


The violence in Venezuela is only going to escalate and this past week’s activity is just the beginning of another civil war. This one will be different in that the media will do all possible in their power to ignore everything, as Venezuela had been their shining example of the wonders that socialism as a form of governance brings and these bad times must now be as ignored as the brief period of good times was lauded loudly. Just in case the news missed the recent little event in Caracas, a government helicopter from the Venezuelan Scientific, Penal, and Criminal Investigations Unit (CICPC) buzzed the Venezuelan High Court building and there were even reports that there were shots fired and even a grenade thrown from the helicopter towards the High Court building. Hanging from the side door of the helicopter was a sign showing the “350 Freedom” banner which refers to Article 350 of the Venezuelan Constitution which states, “The people of Venezuela, faithful to their republican tradition, in their struggle for independence, peace and freedom, will ignore any regime, legislation or authority that violates democratic values, principles and guarantees or impairs human rights.” The pilot, who could be easily seen in the pictures, was identified as Oscar Pérez, a police officer with the unit to which the helicopter belongs and former personal pilot of the former Venezuelan Justice Minister Rodríguez Torres who has left the government and joined those in opposition. As this was made public, likely be President Maduro and supporters, there were additional reports, also from government leaks, that Rodríguez Torres is tied to the CIA and is associated with conspiracies linking him with Western pro-democracy interests. Note, pro-democracy interests, which puts to rest whether President Maduro had decided that he is now President for Life. Further charges from President Maduro and supporters have placed blame beyond just CIA intervention and placed additional blame on former Vice President Joe Biden, yes, Joseph Biden is attempting to orchestrate a coup in Venezuela according to the Venezuelan President.


Scientific, Penal, and Criminal Investigations Unit (CICPC) flying over the Supreme Court, waving a flag reading “350 Freedom.”

Scientific, Penal, and Criminal Investigations Unit (CICPC)
flying over the Supreme Court,
waving a flag reading “350 Freedom.”


In an official statement Tuesday night, Maduro made clear that he believed the helicopter incident was a “terrorist” attack conducted by an unnamed coalition of anti-socialist forces seeking to take down his government. “Behind all of this is the plan, the activation of a generalized violence to make life impossible for Venezuelans.” Maduro also used the incident to press the importance that the public support a vote for his plan to draft a new constitution granting him further executive power, “to gather up these terrorist groups.” Talking of terrorist groups, the helicopter “assault,” where it is not certain whether any shots were fired or a grenade thrown, it was far from the only action taken this past week. There was another assault, this one on the National Assembly Building. Demonstrators reached to the outskirts of the Federal Legislative Palace where they engaged in intimidating opposition Ministers of Parliament who are in the National Assembly. A number of explosive devices were hurled at the building with reports agreeing that there were at least five such devices. These were gangs, which are followers of President Nicolas Maduro, have been perpetrating violence against regions and people who are thought to be opposed to Maduro as well as his proposed new Constitution which would basically declare him President for life with unmitigated powers. Violence has even broken out during sessions of the National Assembly (see video below and note man in the red, yellow and blue jacket as those are the Maduro PSUV Party and often worn by gang leaders who orchestrate violence). The fight divides the population as the violent leftist socialists who benefit from the government support leading efforts to draft a new Constitution placing Maduro in power indefinitely and aligned with the High Court while the newly elected Parliament, as noted above, supports the present Constitution and demand a return to elected governance and for Maduro to face fair and monitored elections or simply stand down allowing for new elections.



Of course, there is one exception to this being ignored by the media, the Donald Trump effect. You see, there is a reason, a legal one at that, by which the United States can get involved in Venezuela, The Monroe Doctrine. The document was initially intended as a signal to Europeans and Russia, as well as the remainder of the world, or universe if we here on Earth are not alone, that the Americas have a protector who will no longer stand off should there be any difficulty with the freedom of all nations in our hemisphere. The nice thing, or not so nice, depending on where you stand on American interventionism, is that the Monroe Doctrine has also been used by the United States in order to interfere with the internal activities of nations in the hemisphere. If things do get beyond the current horrific and open warfare were to break out in the streets of Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela, then there will start to be soft calls for President Trump to do something because innocent people are being killed. Further, there may be reason for President Trump to act as what has he got to lose as if the violence increases, you just know there will be those blaming President Trump. They will point to Maduro who also accuses President Donald Trump of being personally responsible for the violence in Venezuela against his rule stating, “You have the responsibility; stop the madness of the violent Venezuelan right wing.” Yep, Venezuela is blaming their alt-Right and President Trump for the violence. Now, it is true that President Trump has repeatedly condemned the Maduro regime and called for a restoration of the democratic order in the South American country supporting the National Assembly, though he has never stated such directly. There will be media coverage to come eventually, especially should the violence escalate. The media will initially call for President Trump to do something to relieve the dangers to the innocent people of Venezuela, especially if there should be an attack on the Parliament resulting in large loss of life including numerous Ministers of Parliament. Then, should President Trump act and send troops or intervene in some manner the media will waffle between two headlines, “President Trump Over the Top Action Unnecessary” and “President Trump to Fail from Fear of Acting.”


What is actually interesting is that much of the violence occurring in Venezuela has been committed by presumed independent gangs supporting Maduro to gain all the power he desires. These are the protesters who are attacking the Parliament to the point the building is now closed to the public and guarded. These gangs have also been loosed upon anti-Maduro protesters with great regularity making any coincidence as an explanation ridiculous. Military police have been used to quell demonstrations as well, often with water cannons. What is frightening is that Maduro has stated his intention to go to war to end the violent demonstrations. When one understands that, the majority of the violence is organized by his supporters and people in the administration. If one had to make a historical reference, these are the Brownshirts, Hitler’s SA, should Maduro need to use violence in order to assure his new Constitution becomes enacted. Once he receives the additional powers from a new Constitution, he will no longer need to subdue the National Assembly to continue in a dictatorial manner, then he will have little to no use for troublemakers. This will lead to his recalling the leadership of the gangs which have been acting to enforce his desired goals, as they will be useful in the new security department, and then use that very same department to remove the Gangs as they would only be problematic and their instigating would no longer be required. It would resemble the efforts when Hitler and the Nazis established their complete control and simply had the SA members, the Brownshirts, murdered. After this Maduro will have his President for life and new dictatorial governance will have been born. The people in general are opposed to this idea so we can expect a long and drawn out battle resulting hopefully in the eventual, preferably in the near future, removal of Maduro preferably through fair and monitored election, but by his taking any ill gotten wealth and retiring to somewhere in Europe or wherever he feels comfortable, just as long as it is not in our neighborhood. But, in the meantime, Venezuela is teetering on the brink of revolution or violent oppression and they will need to fall beyond the cusp to find the answer. We can simply hope the military will side with the people when the time to choose comes.


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