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August 3, 2013

Anatomy of the Peace Process

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The current rendition of the Palestinian-Israeli peace negotiations are in reality between the Arab world and Israel. The Palestinians are simply a manufactured peoples used to represent the Arab world against Israel with the added trait that by using their sock puppet the Arab world can pretend to be the powerless victim which was impossible when the negotiations were between the twenty-plus Arab nations against Israel. The proof that this ploy has worked and gained the approval of the Western world can be viewed when reading almost any coverage of the current Arab-Israeli conflict. No longer are there discussions of the wars where anywhere from three to seven Arab armies with as much as one-thousand-to-one advantages in manpower and equipment combine to attack Israel driving the Israelis into the sea and enter the alternate discussion in which the massive Arab consolidated forces are replaced with discussions of the downtrodden Palestinian youths throwing rocks at machinegun toting Israeli Defense Forces. It is these staged confrontations which have become famous news stories and are a major theme for the Pallywood fictional film producers. No longer is the Arab-Israeli conflict the giant Goliath Arab militaries against the Israeli IDF as David but now the IDF are portrayed as Goliath against the Palestinian cast as David. The peace negotiations are no different than the actual staged conflict. The Palestinians still represent the entirety of the Arab world and for that among other reasons cannot accept any final settlement which does not result in the eradication of Israel as a Jewish state. The sole reason that the Palestinians enter into negotiations with Israel is to force concessions from the Israelis and to grab headlines and have a ready stage on which to perform their grand opera depicting them as the victims of Israeli fascist persecution and oppression. Once they have drawn as many concessions as possible the negotiations come to an abrupt halt and all possible concessions that were implied to be given by the Palestinians lie unfulfilled and shattered on the ground while the world insists that Israel completely fulfill their concessions as they are obliged because their honor and the faith of the world depend on Israeli promises being fulfilled while nobody expects the Palestinians to commit to fulfilling their promises and compromises as they never have and never will, that is accepted as the norm.

So, exactly how will the coming final issue status negotiations play out? The first thing that has to be addressed is the difference in expectations from and placed on each side in order to make the negotiations even possible. As everyone following the news already knows, the entrance price for the Israelis is their obligation to meet the demand to release one-hundred-four worst of the worst terrorist prisoners from their prisons. Every last one of these prisoners are serving life sentences, many multiple-life sentences, and have been imprisoned since before September of 1993, the date that the Oslo Accords were signed. In return for the release of these prisoners which will be made over the space of time while the negotiations are progressing and are presumably to reflect actual progress in the talks, the Palestinians have agreed to allow the negotiations and to talk for at least nine months. There have also been intents from each side for the negotiations. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke expressing his hopes that this time the negotiations will be in earnest and a real and lasting peace with two states living side by side in peace and security will result. Abbas put it a little differently saying, “In a final resolution, we would not see the presence of a single Israeli, civilians or soldiers, on our lands.” To fully appreciate and understand Mahmoud Abbas one needs to understand what he means by “our lands” when he calls to have our lands free of any Israeli and we must understand what he means by Israeli. Israeli usually means Jews and occasionally means any non-Muslim while our lands is meant to be interpreted by Israelis, the United States, Europeans, and any other non-Arab observers while it is understood in the Arab world to mean all of Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea totally replacing Israel with the state of Palestine. The one challenge these negotiations pose for the Palestinian negotiators is that they must appear to be making progress and accepting the need for them to make real sacrifices and compromises. This merely adds another level to their normal means of negotiations. Now they need to actually appear to agree and make actual offers in order to keep the negotiations appearing to move forward until all of the one-hundred-four mass murdering terrorists have been allowed to return to ploy their trade.

So, how will this affect the negotiations and what will be different this time? The routine that we expect the Palestinian negotiators to use will precede something like the following. United States mediator Martin Indyk will begin the negotiations by presenting one of the final status issues for discussion. Then the two sides will discuss their positions and start to work towards resolving their differences. The Palestinian negotiator will take the initiative and demand one small Israeli concession and will work until that concession has been granted and then immediately make another demand. Eventually the Israelis will demand the Palestinians grant them something in exchange and there will be discussion as to what the Israelis would accept. After negotiations over this concession have proceeded to a point where even Tzipi Livni begins to show a measure of aggravation, the Palestinian negotiators will call for them to meet privately either briefly or until the next meeting. When the negotiations recommence, the Palestinian representatives will bring up the next subject neither confirming nor denying whether or not they agree to make the concession being discussed at the end of the last meeting. If they are challenged on this noncommittal, they will shrug or make some gestures that can be interpreted as acquiescence while refusing to actual verbalizing their agreement. They will continue going through issues pulling every last possible concession the Israelis are willing to provide while never actually committing by verbalized agreement to give anything in return always leaving the notion that they have conceded but without stating or signing anything that would cement that position. Once they have negotiated and made sufficient appearances of compromise and all of the terrorists have been released and there is nothing left that the Palestinians feel they can gain, then they will erupt over some point and leave the negotiations never to return.

In the aftermath of the negotiation Mahmoud Abbas will make an appearance demanding that the United States, Europeans, United Nations and the rest of the world hold Israel to making every single concession they had promised during the negotiations. This will become Abbas’s new rallying cry and a new argument he can present to the United Nations and individual nations who can be found to be favorable to the Palestinian cause in his continuing campaign to gain recognition of Palestine as a new nation even though it will have no independent monetary system and no fixed and defined borders. Eventually Abbas will demand the pre-June 1967 Armistice Lines as the border including half of Jerusalem including the Old City and Temple Mount and will demand that the Israeli towns and cities be destroyed and the Israelis forced from their communities. When the demands arise for the Palestinians to meet their required compromises Abbas will adamantly insist that they never agreed, signed or indicated in any way that they agreed to make even one single concession. Then by simply refusing to admit to any agreement and completely ignoring any compromise all the while still demanding for Israel to meet every one of their compromising concessions. The end result will be most of the concessions offered by the Israelis will be squeezed out of Israel in the name of retaining their honor and good name, not that all that many nations will treat Israel any better for having met their obligations and the Palestinians will remain obstructionist and refusing to meet even the most trivial of demands or concessions. Within a few months of the Palestinian stalking out indignantly from the negotiations the Palestinians will be celebrated as the side seeking peace at any cost and the Israelis will be cast by the media and much of the world as being the obstructionists preventing a final settlement between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Sometimes, no matter what transpires, nothing will ever change.

Oh, and we must not forget to inform our readers that United States Secretary of State John Kerry has a position that he has expressed. Secretary Kerry holds that Israel will have to withdraw from fifteen percent of the settlement blocks. These are not the outlying settlements that Secretary Kerry is referring to. He is referring to those towns and cities build right on top of the green line or in the suburbs of Jerusalem. What Secretary Kerry does not reveal is the reason for this position. Secretary Kerry knows that Israel will need to relinquish these areas because Secretary also holds that the Palestinians must be allowed to have their Capital City of al-Quds, also known as Jerusalem. Secretary Kerry will also push for Israel to relent ownership of all of the Old city of Jerusalem and all of the Temple Mount and the Kotel (Western Wall) which would result in all Israelis and Jews being denied the ability to visit these Jewish holiest of sites. This is what now stands as fair and unbiased mediating of the peace process. This is also evident when Martin Indyk was chosen to directly mediate the negotiations despite the small fact that his previous position was sitting on the board of the anti-Israel NGO, the New Israel Fund which receives a goodly portion of their funding from European governments, the European Union and George Soros and funds numerous pro-Palestinian NGOs and other organizations from behind a carefully chosen name to disguise their intents.

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