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September 14, 2012

Looking Ahead and Israel has a Bright Future Coming

Despite all that has appeared to go badly between the Iranian drive for nuclear weapons, ambivalent relations with the United States due to a misguided administration, a return to the old hatreds in Europe, and anti-settler decisions by an out of control Supreme Court and a Defense Minister acting as if he has gone rogue; the future for the country of Israel is looking brighter every day. The decision to rightfully return ownership and control of the Peace House in Hevron to its rightful Jewish owners is a first step that will be made complete should Defense Minister Ehud Barak finish the job by approving the return of the residents to their rightful place in Hevron within the walls of the Peace House. Should Barak refuse to do the honorable act and return these people to their homes, then there should be protesters silently and respectfully sitting outside the Prime Minister’s house and office and outside the Knesset twenty-four hours a day until either Barak is made to do the Kosher thing or he is finally made to pay for his defiance of some of the finest Israel has to offer who are completing Mitzvah by settling Eretz Yisroel. And lastly, on a real positive note, the uniting of the National Union and Jewish Home parties is a first step towards a unification of all who honor the commitment to settle all of our lands against any resistance or odds just as our forefathers did under Joshua until King David unified all of Eretz Yisroel.

Sure things may appear troubling and there are clouds gathering on the horizon, but when in the entire history of our people was this not the case? As long as we continue to move back towards living as we are intended to live with Torah as our guiding light, perhaps those dark clouds are simply the rain the L0rd promised would fall in their season awaiting just one more soul to return to Torah. Did not the Red Sea part once one member of our people having the faith to jump into the waters assured that they would part before him? (I always loved that story.) Today the settlers and those who support them are the ones jumping in with faith that the L0rd our G0d will protect them and bring them forth with a strong arm and a blinding light which will withdraw all obstacles from their path. Sure much of the world reports news about the problems with Israel, but there are the joys of Israel which are to be celebrated even in their obscurity to the rest of the world, what do they know of our joys. We have Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel getting the message out to the world, and maybe soon their voices will be heard in the Knesset, though I believe they serve Israel better as her emissaries of all that is beautiful and wondrous about the land and its people. The world just witnessed the largest ever in history completion of the studies of the Tractates of the Talmud. With such miracles, how can we not see the glorified future awaiting the next completion of Talmud study, may it be ever larger.

Even looking back in the more mundane there is hope. The next generation of leadership in the land of Israel will do wonders as they are full of light, life, and hope. They have vision of a future which cannot be contained and it is simply a matter of time until the reins of power are passed on to the next generation. Jews continue to make Aliyah and with the world heading further into the abyss and things being as they are, these numbers will only increase. One could say that there are forces which are driving all the Jews home to Israel. What a concept that would be, I swear I heard about such things from a very wise man in my youth. Finally, our fervent dream proclaimed at the end of so many of our prayers, Next year in Yerushalayim, is coming true. There are so many things I can envision and some which have been in my dreams that I dare not reveal too broadly, but I can tell you that those who wish us harm will be foiled and become troubled by their own efforts. The time is nearing when great things will begin to unfold and His will be finally realized and all promises delivered upon. Things are getting better and closer every single day.

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