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January 15, 2019

America and the World at Pivotal and Vital Crossroads


The direction and future of the United States of America will be decided in the next two decades with each election telling the direction the nation will choose. We have all heard that there are two Americas, one cosmopolitan in the major cities and the other a rural-religious sector. These two sectors are at odds with one another. The cosmopolitans of the cities favor a more nihilist view that everything is relative and no one culture is superior to any other. Through this view, they favor universalism and the eventual submission of the Constitution to world bodies and singular world governance. The rural religious have exactly the opposite view seeing the United States Constitution as the bedrock upon which the nation rests. They believe, as did the founding fathers, that the Judeo-Christian roots upon which the United States was built and became the powerful nation that she is are a necessary component through which the Constitution is supported. The divide between these two viewpoints was in full evidence in the last Presidential election in which one group swallowed their moral conviction as they found themselves looking at choosing the lesser of two evils. One candidate had a moral history, which was deplorable at best, and the other candidate had honesty issues and then, the main reason they rejected that candidate, there was the full support of the leftist, nihilist, anti-Judeo-Christian ethic and universalist views. One candidate was further rejected because of what many in their party supported while the other candidate had been rejected by much of their party, the elites, which the rural voters probably saw as advantageous.


This divide is only going to grow with the rural-religious losing eventually simply due to the population of the cities growing and rural regions slowly losing their small farmers who are being replaced by large industrial farming which can produce more food per acre and thus are better suited for survival while many farming families children are seeking higher education in order to take jobs in the cities. Within a century there will be virtually no rural-religious left except for what many will look down on referring to them as political Luddites. The eventual effect of this can be directly traced to the education system and the effect making it a national system under the control of the Deep State in Washington D.C. instructing every school what they must include in their educational curriculum. These requirements were items such as sex education, elimination of any references to religion (especially Judeo-Christian while exempting Islamic Quranic teachings), gender sensitivity, racial sensitivity, gender variations, acceptance of all forms of what had previously been considered sexual deviance, and including reading material such as “Heather Has Two Mommies” and similar material. But the curriculum of the public school system is benign when compared to the indoctrination offered as supposed higher education in the major colleges and universities. Here is where the future leaders are trained and here is where the New Age curriculum is taught with any student showing any signs of deviation from the approved teachings reprimanded and driven into compliance, silence or failed out of college or university.


Deep State

Deep State


The major institutions no longer teach critical thinking or platonic rationality but instead teach compliance with the far leftist doctrine, universality, equality of all cultures, rejection of religious belief, nihilism and condemnation of the history of the United States as being too powerful and bullying the world. They are taught that the United States was not a force for good because good is relative and thus there can never be a force for good because good means different things to different people. This has an added instructional belief that what is considered to be moral and good by Judeo-Christian ethics is false because it has oppressed people in the past and the reality is that all the other belief systems in the world which were presumably oppressed by the United States really should be given equal treatment and placed before Judeo-Christianity as that has been the main force which has destroyed much of the world. They are taught that the advanced industrial nations are only wealthy because they stole the wealth of the poor nations. Thus, it is taught that the conclusion is that the industrial world owes the third world an equal share in the wealth produced. Further, the most primitive cultures are denoted as superior as they do less harm to Gaia, the goddess of the Earth, and that the developed world has caused most of the pollution and are still responsible for the destruction of the earth. Global warming and climate change being anthropomorphic is presented as established fact and some places use Al Gores’ book, Earth in the Balance, as a text and allowed to be set as validated truth despite almost every prediction in the book having been proven false.


The youth have no record in their short lives and are unaware of how far the United States and the developed world have come in cleaning the air, water and general environment. Fortunately, we are old enough to remember smog and air quality hazard warnings and some select rivers catching fire and lakes so choked with plant life that fish could not survive. All of these have become history because the people of America demanded this of industry and they complied. Much of what the youth are taught about pollution is complete fabrication. They are taught that it was because the government forced industry to comply with air quality and water quality standards that they cleaned up their act. The reality is these regulations came after much of the cleaning up had been done and were put in place more as campaign material than as effective restrictions on industry. Yes, there were the minority who had not caught up, but major industry such as most production and power companies had met or surpassed the required standards before the legislation had even been written and many believe that the standards were written such that the vast majority of industries were already meeting them. This was actually a means of forcing smaller competitors into financial difficulty making them more easily bought out by the larger conglomerates. But many of our higher educational institutions are beholden to those same conglomerates for a large share of their funding and thus remain relatively untouchable. This is why in an economics course the company one is supposed to make ‘widgets’ and not cars or furniture.


The future of the United States is going to be a slow but inexorable slide towards universalism and in favor of single world governance. This is what is being fed to the future leaders and the election of President Trump will likely be regarded in history as an unexplainable exception where the United States rebelled against the eventual unification of the world under one governance with one religion. What religion, you ask? Well, if you must know that has yet to be decided, but it will not be Judaism or any of the various Christian faiths, they will have been discarded for something more nuanced and accepting of the masses being governed by their intellectual elite, as they are better suited for knowing what is best. The future government will be an oligarchical plutocratic meritocracy where the world is governed by an extensive group of bureaucratic departments which are controlled loosely by the usual power brokers, the wealthy, the major corporations and a selection of self-appointed oligarchs. Elections will be meaningless as no matter who the people elect in their local elections, those elected leaders will be compelled to perform under strict guidance from those in the overriding international bureaucracy who have been determined to know what everyone needs and they will control production, distribution and all of the levers of power. Any local elected group who attempts to exercise independent rule will simply be starved into compliance by strictly regulating food, energy or any other vital necessity. This exercise of totalitarian control will not be intended to force these recalcitrant elected leaders to comply but to persuade the electorate that these people are unsuitable to hold elected office.


There will be a few select regions or even some nations, which will refuse to participate in this overarching governance and will demand their independence and self-reliance. They will have to give some power to the world governance in order to trade with them and thus receive those materials, be they raw material for production, produced material, foods that are not native to their region and other specifics. There may even be states which decide that they would be better off ruling themselves and since the United States Constitution will have become nothing more than a museum piece on display at the National Archives alongside Ross Perot’s copy of the Magna Carta which he will possibly leave them in his will, so there will be nothing preventing their secession. Truthfully, even under the Constitution a state is permitted to choose to secede from the United States as the states joined the nation voluntarily and are permitted to exit should they choose. The Civil War always comes up when this is taught. President Abraham Lincoln was very likely the most unconstitutional President the nation ever had as he all but threw the Constitution aside for the duration of the Civil War otherwise he would have had to allow the South to secede and be the Confederated States of America. If you were to ask us which state might choose to go their own way, we can name two, Alaska and Wyoming as both of these states have populations which are ferociously independent simply because of the conditions in these two states demands total-self-reliance. As for countries which will probably remain outside any world government, that is a far more difficult question. Possibly Israel might decide it would be better to go it alone for two basic reasons, first it would be impossible to remain the Jewish State and also be included in the world governance. The Vatican would also remain independent though they would probably demand a seat at the table. India and China have the populations and the ability to feed their own people such that they might demand some level of independence. Other than these, your guess would likely be better than ours.


The world religion would be required to allow for two things, a totalitarian style rule by the chosen elite and without any deistic or divine entity, as the all-powerful being will be the super-world-state governance which will be a bureaucratic nightmare yet will mange to function despite itself. If the framers of the system which will eventually be installed are intuitive and intelligent, they will make sure to allow for some amount of freedom at the more local levels. The problem is even if such is in the initial design, over time the bureaucracy at the top will usurp that power and steal any independence they originally maintained. Eventually this governance will fail and the world will break again into regional nations with the added change that there will be a trend towards greater cooperation as after the years under a single governance there will be less differences between the separate regions. Then again, the future could also hold a coming of World War III and we will all be thrown back to the Stone Age with small pockets of people surviving the conflagrations which will result. Either way, the freedoms which many currently enjoy is going to be taken from their children and their children one way or the other.


Beyond the Cusp


February 23, 2018

The Hole in the Whole Society


Friedrich Nietzsche gave us the terms, causes, cures and repairs required when dealing with Nihilism. Nietzsche’s thoughts on nihilism, the belief that life has no intrinsic meaning, were important in the effect that they had on Martin Heidegger, philosopher and Nazi-backer extraordinaire. Heidegger took the idea of nothing, of emptiness, of the null set and produced the framework upon which postmodernism was built. Postmodernism took the nothing from Nietzsche and applied it to every concept and made everything irrelevant, worthless and simply nothing. The followers of postmodernism believe that G0d is dead or never had existed. This takes the postulation that the universe came out of nothing and thus everything within the universe is nothing. The premise behind postmodernist is that there exist no definite terms, boundaries, or absolute truths. Simply put, everything is relative and open to each individual’s personal definition and no definition is wrong because to claim there is a wrong definition would be to define what something was not. There is no reality other than what you personally believe reality to be but your reality exists no further than your existence. If you do not like your definition which describes your reality, you are free to redefine your reality and there are no limits to how many times you may redefine your reality as it is your reality and does not have any effect on everyone else’s definition of reality. Postmodernism, by its own definitions, removes any basis for religions because religions are all based on certain absolutes, defined morals, specific laws and other items which are defined specifically and as nothing can be absolute and definitions are all relative and must remain undefined, religion has lost its basis. Politics likewise has no real existence nor does nationalism or any other form of organization because any organization would have, by definition, rules which postmodernism portends that there can be no absolutes, no definitions and no rules. Postmodernism has one very dangerous and destructive conclusion, namely, life has no intrinsic value and is thus worthless making whatever one does of no real value, as there can be no real value.


This lack of meaning and lack of any intrinsic value of life and the emptiness of society with no rules and nothing such as right and wrong as we define such terms for ourselves has become the basis for what teachers teach in the public schools and throughout most colleges. They tell children that everything is of no worth and value is a figment of each individual’s mind and these values extend no further than their own thoughts. Then they take all of this a step further and teach that laws have no actual meaning and each of us can make up our own laws by which to live under. The laws of our societies are simple contrivances invented to control us and other than control, they are valueless. There is no morality about the societal laws because we each define our own morality and it does not require that it be restrained by the laws. What they leave out of these lessons is that breaking the societal laws has consequences, breaking the moral codes has consequences, breaking the traditions has consequences. The main consequence is that if your definitions, which they are taught are just as righteous and valid as anyone else’s and they need not care about what the rest of the world thinks, vary too broadly from what the majority accept, you will become an outcast with few if any friends and will very soon find your life empty and without other human sharing or contact. When a person with slightly deviant tendencies develops their own set of rules defining their social beliefs and structures and it is also deviant such that the person becomes ostracized, this is a recipe for a destructive personality to develop. These individuals are amongst the most likely to become a mass shooter, including a school shooter. These individuals who end up outside of the norms of the societal norms and has been counseled that there is nothing wrong with their deciding to be outside of the norms in no way makes them wrong and they should not face any real consequence for their beliefs.


Friedrich Nietzsche and Martin Heidegger

Friedrich Nietzsche and Martin Heidegger


The problem is there are consequences for having such deviations from norms and telling such a person that they do not need to adjust to attempt to return within societal norms, sets them up for some very rough and hurtful rejection by their peers. Even in postmodernist thought, we know that rejection has effects and they are real. We know that rejection, if left untreated has some very nasty results. Consistently telling a person that the rejection is not their fault nor really the result of their different value system and wayward actions, but it is actually the problem of the rest of their peer group because they are being judgmental, something which is inherently wrong, about the only thing which is defined as wrong. So, the person being rejected will begin to blame their peers for their rejection because their wayward actions and differing beliefs have been validated by the counselors and teachers because of their belief in the absoluteness of their postmodern beliefs. Then, when the rejected person acts on their blaming their peers for acting scornfully against them and decides to punish them for their rejection and wrong and hurtful actions, when the counselors and teachers are asked about the shooter who also usually commits suicide, they claim they saw no reason as he was a quiet and well behaved, there is no such thing as wrongful behavior to these counselors and teachers, and they saw no real problem or any signals that such violence was imminent. They might note that the individual spent a greater amount of time alone off to the side but there was nothing wrong with this situation, despite this was not being a voluntary isolation but caused by peer rejection as this youth did not fit in nor did they act in a way which was acceptable as normal by their peers.


What does this tell us about these mass shooters? Well, it tells us that they are a direct product of our postmodern standard which is being foisted on the society by in large by the education systems throughout our society. Postmodernism has even crept into some of our religious institutions who have taken up the popular beliefs of our no rules societies and rejected their own teachings in their texts such as the New Testament, Old Testament, Torah, teaching of Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Taoism, Shinto and virtually every religion. This has led to the more Orthodox and traditional institutions central to these religions finding themselves in a war with the more liberated branches of their religions who through postmodernism have decided that the rules need be changed, loosened, liberated and even simply lost. Postmodernism has brought on problems which were probably never anticipated by those who originally took the teachings of Friedrich Nietzsche and applied the expanding of his concepts by Martin Heidegger and the other postmodernist philosophers. Teaching the youth that there are no absolutes have proven dangerous despite many refusing to blame the consequences found on their philosophy. Postmodernism, the way it has been used in many classrooms and universities has led to replacement of religion and traditional societal standards which had served Judeo-Christian and Far Eastern societies for centuries if not millennia with free wheeling variable rules subject to whatever feels good or seems appropriate at the time. These concepts have had consequences which are, more often than not, covered over and explained away often simply because those best qualified to see these results are also those most sold on the validity of postmodernism. They believe that postmodernism is a proven system under which a society will operate with maximum freedoms for every individual as long as each individual takes personal responsibility. This is where the system has not functioned, as the students do not have stressed that they take personal responsibility for their actions, instead they are stressed that each person can develop their own rules and structures in life but not that they need to structure them with some regard for the norms of the societal norms of their group. This is something that most adults understand, as they must cooperate in order to keep their employment, live in their neighborhoods, live with their groups, clubs and other organizations and groupings. Youths have not developed these structures nor do they understand the complications of social interaction and when they hit puberty, they face the strains that their changing physiology places on them and without definite rules and social structures, they can easily develop psychological problems with unfortunate deadly results. What is the repair for this is likely beyond our pay grade. Our only advice is that vulnerable youth require rules, standards of behavior, consistent expectations and structure in their lives upon which they can build purposeful and meaningful lives. Teachers, parents and counselors need to work together as a team to provide these and these requirements leave little room for such an advanced and adult philosophy as postmodernism. But what do we know?


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