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December 20, 2018

The Mistaken View the World Wishes to Impose


Eight European Union member states, France, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany and Italy, on Tuesday warned that US President Donald Trump’s so-called “Deal of the Century” would fail unless it is based on the internationally agreed parameters, whatever that means. We will be including the statement made by United States Ambassador to the United Nations to the Security Council on the obsession of the United Nations, and she may as well have added the European Union and the majority of the world. US Special Envoy to the Middle East Jason Greenblatt tweeted in response to Haley’s speech: “Thank you Nikki Halley for your friendship, leadership, support and vision. Wishing you all the best in your promising future!” The below may have been her parting shot though we would not even begin to rule out at least one or two more broadsides against that body which she has witnessed in close contact for the last number of years. The eight European Union members released statement read, “We, the European Union members of the Council, would like to reiterate once more and emphasize the EU’s strong continued commitment to the internationally agreed parameters for a just and lasting peace in the Middle East, based on international law, relevant UN resolutions and previous agreements.” This is the usual copout which provides cover for the Arab world, and the Palestinian Authority leadership, to reject any peace agreement which permits the existence of the Jews ruling their own nation. This is Euroweenie speak for we support the obliteration of the Jewish state but are too mealy-mouthed to actually say what we mean.


United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley

United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley


But they had more to say as they added just for further emphasis, “The EU is truly convinced that the achievement of a two-state solution based on the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as the capital of both States, that meets Israeli and Palestinian security needs and Palestinian aspirations for statehood and sovereignty, ends the occupation and resolves all final status issues, in accordance with Security Council Resolution 2334 and previous agreements, is the only viable and realistic way to end the conflict and to achieve just and lasting peace.” First, International Law does not demand any return to the pre-Six Day War border, the armistice line from the failed 1948 Arab attempt to wipe out the Jews immediately after their independence and then the Arab nations of Jordan in the Shomron and Egypt in Gaza occupying land legally belonging to the Jewish State. Their cowardly reference to President Obama’s parting shot in an attempt to circumvent International Law with UNSC Res. 2334 as they are as aware as anyone knowledgeable on the actual history that that resolution was contrary to UN Charter Article 80 under which the United Nations is to support and enforce the Mandates which gave the eastern border of Israel as the Jordan River. The attempts to destroy Israel started with the chopping off of 78% of the British Mandate in order to form an Arab state presumably for establishing the two state solution as well as fulfilling the British promise to the Hashemites. Any making of yet another two state solution is, in reality, the making of a three state solution, Jordan and whatever the second Arab state will be called with Israel being chopped up further. Then there will be a call for a third Arab state in Gaza and whatever part of the Negev which the world feels is appropriate to allow Hamas and Islamic Jihad their state. Then the question will be what the next concept that the world led by the Europeans can invent to chop up Israel even further with such continuing until the Jews all live in one tower in central Tel Aviv, and then they will start demanding that the Jews surrender floors of that building.


There have been some conservative radio talk show hosts, rumored to include Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh, who have predicted what may eventually become reality predicting that the Arab-Israeli conflict will only end after one side wins such a decisive victory over the other with ramifications which leave the other side feeling decimated. They stated that either the world will witness a second Holocaust with the Jews of Israel being slaughtered down to the last man, women and child or the Arabs forces being so totally defeated that the Arab world would be incapable of mounting sufficient force to counter even the slightest uprising of their own people. One can hope that this is not what will become reality. Israel has proven repeatedly their desire for peace with the only proviso that their borders be defensible and that the Jordan River valley remain under IDF control to make the eastern border defensible and that the Judean hills overlooking Tel Aviv and the central region of Israel, making them vulnerable, remain under Israeli control. The Oslo Accords were designed such that Israel was to retain control of Area C while Area B was to be negotiated to establish the border and Area A was to remain as part of the Palestinian state and Israel has stated they would surrender some areas such that the Palestinian regions would have a smoothed border and all would be connected directly. Both sides were to make agreements on mutual use of certain main roads to allow for easy movement for both peoples. The reason for the Jordan River valley and the overlooking highlands becomes obvious when one looks at a cutaway of the region as it defends an insurmountable barrier to any attack from the east (shown below). This minimal set of demands is what is required for Israeli borders to be defensible, presumably another promise which is turning out to be just as meaningless as every other promise the world has given the Jews.


Cutaway View of Tactical Advantage and Necessity of the Jordan Valley and Judean Hills for Defending Coastal Plains and Israel Alongside the Mediterranean Sea

Cutaway View of Tactical Advantage and Necessity
of the Jordan Valley and Judean Hills for Defending
Coastal Plains and Israel Alongside the Mediterranean Sea


The reality is that should the world actually honor their promises made during the San Remo Conference, the Mandate System, Article 80 of the UN Charter, the Treaty of Sèvres, The Anglo American Treaty and numerous other agreements, then the Jordan River would be the eastern border for Israel and the Arabs of the Palestinian Authority would be granted legal alien resident status by which they would rule themselves while the lands would still be under Israel national control. This would in no way take away their land as they would continue to own their lands and elect their own government or have whatever governance they chose, but the region would legally be part of Israel. The best solution of this would be to return Jordanian citizenship to the Palestinian Arabs which they had when Jordan occupied this part of Israel and forcefully transferred many of these Arab into the region. We are not holding out breath waiting for the world to honor promises which the world had given to the Jewish People represented by the Zionist Congress. That includes the British promise that they would defend the border for Israel being the Jordan River which was part of the agreement when Jordan was gifted 78% of the British Mandate. Living up to promises given the Jewish People has been a problem for the world with one exception, Cyrus the Great when he allowed the Jews to return and rebuild their Temple in Jerusalem back in or about 600 BCE.


Beyond the Cusp


Outgoing US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley addressed the UN Security Council recently stating as follows in a transcript as reported here.


“The problems of the Middle East are numerous, and yet we spend a vastly disproportionate amount of time on just one of them. The UN has shown itself to be hopelessly biased, as we witnessed again just two weeks ago when the General Assembly failed to even condemn Hamas’s terrorism against Israel.

“Most of the region’s problems have nothing to do with the Israel-Palestinian conflict…. The UN [should] move away from its obsession with Israel. This UN obsession has been entirely unproductive. It’s actually worse than that. The UN’s obsession with this issue has been counterproductive. It has sent a loud and false message to the Palestinians that they might be able to achieve their goals by relying on the UN, rather than through direct negotiations. And it has sent a loud and accurate message to the Israelis that they can never trust the UN.

“Israel is a thriving, strong, prosperous country. It has always wanted peace with its neighbors. It has clearly demonstrated its willingness to make big sacrifices for peace, including giving up large areas of land. No UN resolutions, anti-Semitic boycotts, or terrorist threats will change that. Throughout its existence, and even today, Israel has been surrounded by threats to its security. It would be foolish for it to make a deal that weakened its security. And yet, even in the face of constant threats, Israel has become one of the leading nations of the world. It wants a peace agreement, but it does not need one.

“And then there are the Palestinian people. Like the Israelis, they are a deservedly proud people. They too do not need to accept a peace agreement at any price. Terrorists rule much of the territory, undermining the safety of all civilians. The Palestinian people are suffering terribly, while their leadership clings to fifty-year old demands that have only become less and less realistic. What awaits the Palestinian people with a peace agreement are the prospects of a massive improvement in the quality of their lives and far greater control over their political future.
“It is time we faced a hard truth: both sides would benefit greatly from a peace agreement, but the Palestinians would benefit more, and the Israelis would risk more. Unlike previous attempts at addressing this conflict, this plan is not just a few pages, containing unspecific and unimaginative guidelines. It is much longer. It contains much more thoughtful detail. It recognizes that realities on the ground in the Middle East have changed in powerful and important ways. This plan will be different from all previous ones. The critical question is whether the response to it will be any different. There are things in the plan that every party will like, and there are things that every party will not like. That is certainly true for the Israelis and the Palestinians; but it is also true for every country in the world that has taken an interest in this subject.

“Every country or party will therefore have an important choice to make. They can focus on the parts of the plan they dislike. For irresponsible parties, that would be the easiest thing to do. Just reject the plan because it does not satisfy all of your demands. Then we would return to the failed status quo of the last fifty years with no prospects for change. The other choice is to focus on the parts of the plan that you do like and to encourage negotiations to move forward. And I assure you there is a lot for both sides to like. Ultimately, as always, the final decisions can only be made by the parties themselves. Israelis and Palestinians will decide their own futures. They will decide what sacrifices they are willing to make. And they will need leaders with real vision to do it.

“But my friends at the United Nations — in particular my Arab and European friends – will also play an important part. You will face the same choice. The choice between a hopeful future that sheds the tired, old, and unrealistic demands of the past, or a darker future that sticks with the proven failed talking points of the past.
“The world will be watching.

“More importantly, the Palestinians and Israelis will be watching. Their response can be affected by your response. I have heard privately from many Arab Ambassadors that they know a solution is urgently needed. But your governments have not been willing to talk to your constituencies about what is realistic, or to the Palestinian leadership about the harm they are doing to their own people. By taking the easy way, you are really saying the Palestinian people are not a priority for you. Because if they were, you would all be in a room helping bring both sides to the table.

“As for the American people, we have demonstrated time and again our commitment to peace in the Middle East. We will continue to offer our hand in friendship to the Palestinian people, whom we have financially supported by far more than any other country has done. The Palestinians have everything to gain by engaging in peace negotiations. But whatever it is that others decide, the world must know that America will remain steadfast in our support for Israel, its people, and its security. That is an unshakable bond between our two peoples. And it is that bond – more than anything else — that makes peace possible.”


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October 11, 2018

Nikki Haley to Leave the United Nations


Nikki Haley will be missed both in the United States as well as in Israel. May her future efforts be as fruitful as the fantastic, impressive and massive load of successful efforts she made at the United Nations. The United States and the world will be at a loss in her absence.


Nikki Haley was a powerful representative for the United States and was one of the great supporters of Israel. Just as President Trump revealed the can of worms that is the Deep State Bureaucracy in Washington D.C. as well as the totally bias to the point of selling lies media, Nikki Haley tore through the totalitarian controlled General Assembly and revealed them for the hypocrites they really are. She also took on the media when necessary, something which became less necessary with each encounter as they went off afterwards to lick their wounds. Nikki Haley tore the mask off the anti-Semitic tilt of the United Nations, opened up the roof, peered into the individual agencies, and revealed their inner workings and how the Arab world allied with the worst dictators of the world to most often attack Israel. They would attempt to bruise and tarnish the image of the United States, something they had enjoyed doing for the past eight years and probably longer, but not with Nikki Haley in the house. She brought the cleansing light of truth into their machinations and once more the United States acted with honor and not only withdrew from these rooted to the core agencies, but went the additional step of cutting off the gravy train making them seek somebody other than the United States to fund their hatreds. She battled with wit and class and when the United Nations decided they were going to force President Trump to return the American embassy to Tel Aviv and not allow it to be placed in Jerusalem, Nikki Haley was right there fulfilling her promise to take down the names of the nations who thought they could dictate to the United States. This led to additional savings as the aid to the nations was reduced or eliminated altogether.


United States Ambassador Nikki Haley

United States Ambassador Nikki Haley


The United Nations has not seen as vibrant and intelligent defender of the United States and freedom around the world. Her cogent and intellectual quick wit was refreshing as it was also disarming. Nikki Haley will be sorely missed, but the work she has started has been immeasurable and will take a person with great fortitude and deliberation to continue and add to her many and varied accomplishments. When President Trump pulled from the Iran nuclear deal, Nikki Haley fielded the flack from the United Nations giving as good if not better than she got. There was no defeating her as she was tireless and often appeared superhuman in her herculean efforts. She returned the presence of the United States as once again a power with which all were forced to deal. She set the stage and often it was her guidance and rising to the occasion which prevented the United Nations from simply steamrolling Israel and the United States as had been their practice. She was strong while remaining photogenic even when her look was one of consternation or a warm smile of approval. We like to call them ‘The Many Faces of Nikki Haley.’


The Many Faces of Nikki Haley

The Many Faces of Nikki Haley


The future for Nikki Haley is wide open. President Trump has stated that he plans on coordinating and talking with her regularly and that she would be a welcome member of his administration if he should be reelected. Many have claimed, as we had the other day, that she would make a great Republican candidate in 2024 should President Trump be reelected. Others have floated the idea that Lindsey Graham might leave the Senate to become President Trump’s replacement for Attorney General Sessions and that Nikki Haley could run to replace him in the Senate. This is a distant possibility as Attorney General Sessions is currently President Trump’s insurance policy against impeachment on obstruction of justice charges, which would surely ensue should he replace Sessions before 2020 elections are over. We think that Ms. Haley is aiming as high as one can get and holds hopes of becoming the first woman President. She has already made the name and the accreditations required through her masterful handling of the United Nations and has further credentials as having been the fist female Governor of South Carolina. Now all that remains is the right position in the next administration should President Trump be reelected. Further, as her future is somewhat aligned with President Trump being reelected, why not find a position which would all but assure his reelection. We envision Nikki Haley running with President Trump replacing Pence as Vice President on the 2020 ticket as whoever fills the Vice President slot will be a natural for running for President, and Nikki has all the bonafides to back her for the top office and Vice President makes it a natural and as Vice President the media tends not to even notice you unless you need to break a tie vote in the Senate, then you become the most evil person in the world if you are a Republican, but only for a couple of weeks or until the next Tweet by President Trump. Remember when President Trump Tweeted in the middle of the night, “Covfefe” and the media went crazy using that as their own Rorschach word test to prove that President Trump was mentally unfit for office. In our little office, we started using the word Covfefe to mean coffee, something we go through gallons of each week. So, we can expect a Trump-Nikki ticket in 2020 leading to Nikki Haley for President in 2024 and very likely her becoming the first female President of the United States. That would be an interesting turn of events and we will just have to wait and see. We might even see Pence resign for personal reasons in August of 2020 allowing for Nikki Haley to be chosen as his replacement and assuring that she would be in the ticket. Such would also insure the greatest circus including Barnum and Bailey when the Senate reviewed her appointment as she went before the Senate to be confirmed to the position of Vice President. It would make the Kavanaugh hearings appear to have been straight forward and without incident because the Democrats would know that if she were not destroyed and appeared as Vice President to President Trump that they would have little if any hope of defeating them and even less hope of defeating Nikki Haley four years later when she would be running for President. Things could get ‘Curiouser and curiouser!’ Just one step through the looking glass and then slip down the rabbit hole and then just try to remain sane as things around you get surreal. Things are going to get interesting over the coming few years.


Nikki Hal(l)ey’s Comet

Nikki Hal(l)ey’s Comet


So, the next time Hal(l)ey’s Comet streaks across our heavens, picture the woman from the Carolinas putting the little men of the United Nations, some who place their women in wrapped heavy cloth enclosures so as to neuter them, in their place and placing the fear of righteousness in their hearts. For a collection of Nikki Haley’s greatest hits, watch these. All we can say is we will miss you at your post at the United Nations Ms. Haley but may you have success in your future endeavors and we hope you soon return to politics, as people such as you are necessary for the United States to remain strong and on a good track. Please come back soon and help right wrongs, straighten the bent, and repair the broken, tasks you appear to be uniquely suited for performing. Nikki Haley, we thank you for all you did, for Israel, for the United States, for people who looked for help and for all that is true and right with the world, thank you and our best wishes.


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December 26, 2017

United Nations Chasing its Tail Once Again


There is an easy view of the world where there is relative peace throughout the globe except for the distinct possibility that there could start some additional violence if the United States vile and despised President, Donald Trump, and his overly zealous Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, are permitted to continue to provoke the world in such manner as to recognize Jerusalem as the Capital City for the State of Israel. Everybody knows that Jerusalem is the Holy City of the Muslims replacing Constantinople for that role, which is interesting as it is claimed that Constantinople was an errant name for Istanbul, what that city has been named since it was incorporated into the recognized world. As a matter of fact, it is that same world map which denoted Jerusalem as a purely Muslim city with no real place in history before being conquered by the Arabian raiders somewhere around 636-7 when Jerusalem fell to the Arab siege. The world was being discovered back in those days as it was revealed to the enlightenment of Islam. Before Islam, there was nothing but chaos and confusion which changed as Islam tamed the world. This is real history according to UNESCO* and their New World History, a work in progress. This is the world according to the Quran and thus must become the sole reality of the world and UNESCO and the rest of the United Nations establishments are all in accordance with these efforts. Just so everybody understands, the position of third holiest city in all of Islam changes, as needs produce whatever city is to be targeted next. For the longest time, Constantinople was the third holiest city in all Islam until it was conquered. Before Constantinople, Alexandria, and before that Cairo were also third holiest cities in Islam. The first two are set in stone, in a large black box, in the southeastern corner is that stone, the stone in the Kaaba, that sets Mecca as the preeminent city in Islam followed my Medina where the Islamic armies were born. So, how does a city become the third holiest city in Islam? That is easy, simply be the city in question when discussing Islamic intentions for adding said city as Islamic and erasing all former mentions of the city which cannot be woven into the ever changing, set in stone story of the life and times of Muhammad. If one is talking about France in general, then Paris becomes the third holies city but if you are talking on invading France, then Marseilles becomes the third holiest city, as one requires its ports to land any force and keep them supplied.

The cornerstone of Islam, literally, as it sits embedded in the Kaaba in Mecca. It is initially described in Wikipedia as:

“The Black Stone (Arabic: ٱلْحَجَرُ ٱلْأَسْوَد‎, al-Ḥajaru al-Aswad, “Black Stone”) is a rock set into the eastern corner of the Kaaba, the ancient building located in the center of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is revered by Muslims as an Islamic relic which, according to Muslim tradition, dates back to the time of Adam and Eve.”

And here is a montage of the Black Stone, its placement, the Black Box or Kaaba, and the courtyard filled with Hajj worshipers.


The Mosque Holds the Black Box Holding the Black Stone Worshipped in Islam and by Previous Idolaters Worshipping their Moon Goddess

The Mosque Holds the Black Box
Holding the Black Stone
Worshiped in Islam
and by Previous Idolaters
Worshiping their Moon Goddess


Both the Islamic worshipers today and throughout history, ever since Muhammad reportedly placed the sacred stone in its resting place, and the previous worshipers who owned the Black Box with its stone intact were worshiping their idolatry. The Kaaba existed as a shrine before being co-opted by the Muslims and repurposed as their holy site, a practice they continue to this day. Proof of this practice becomes obvious when one observes the holy men throughout history whom it is claimed were Muslims. These include but are not limited to Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Noah, King David, King Solomon, Adam (and Eve), and numerous other people from Jewish and Christian history. Any individual from the Bible who can be co-opted into the story of Islam is thus stolen and there is no list of people co-opted in this manner than to reveal their presumed roles in Islam. Presumably, in the Islamic end-times, there will be chaos and the Muslims will have just finished removing every Jew from planet Earth when Gabriel arrives and announces that the time for the messiah has almost arrived. The war Islam is fighting will be the final battle where all the remainder of the world will fall to them and evils such as Jews have been eradicated. Once Gabriel has blown his horn, this will bring the purifier to Earth, and that will be Jesus who will assist Mohammad once he has brought him whole from Heaven. Mohammad holds a host of positions in Islam. He is its founder and the person who dictated the entirety of the Quranic verses, was the first Caliph leading them to their initial victories, and will return as the predicted savior of mankind in the end-times. Islam is close to being a solo act once all the stories are told. Islam treats city ranking as a relative rank depending on where on the target list it lies. If any city is a high priority city and one mentions their area, then it becomes required to name that main objective as the third holiest city in Islam. With the mention Israel, it becomes Jerusalem, but when speaking of Italy, it is Rome while France, it becomes Paris and England, it becomes London. This practice has been very successful, as all too often people will sacrifice the named third holiest city in Islam making the error of believing that the city was all Islam desired. They will then reveal their end game where they pressure existing religions to surrender their people for Islam. Total conversion becomes the true and real end as the survivors are captured in the end. There are stages non-Muslims will be forced to endure once they are captured by Islam. Eventually the captive is approached and they are requested to choose to become a follower of Islam and surrendered to Allah. Should they not get the hint they will soon be given a second opportunity to get the answer correct as they are then given the choice, convert or die.


Currently there are twenty-some wars or conflicts which are hot and taking lives of soldiers and civilians alike. Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya and the civil war between the Sudan and South Sudan and yet the last major considerations, first in the Security Council where fourteen Countries voted in favor and only the United States opposed and utilized her Veto powers to end the consideration except this was now taken to the next problem point, the General Assembly where there is no veto power for any state and the passage only gives the measure suggestive powers and no teeth for enforcement. The vote was a close one, almost a cliffhanger having us on the edge of our seats to see if it would pass, and the vote came back with 128-9 in favor and with 35 abstentions. This is far from a surprising result as it almost mirrors the General Assembly vote on Palestinian statehood made in the General Assembly each time that vote has been held. Some things are simply predictable. These last two votes, the Security Council and the General Assembly, were a triple whammy which explains the perfect score of 14 to 1, the one having absolute veto power, in the Security Council and the 128 to 9 with 35 abstentions in the General Assembly, as how often does one get to defame Israel, contradict the United States and denounce a conservative leader of a democratically governed nation. Each one by itself is enough to make the average dictator’s dream of feeling a little taller having done the dastardly deal for the day, but putting Israel in its place, telling off an American President and doing a dump on Trump is the cherry atop the ice cream Sunday with whipped cream and nuts.


The almost amusing part of this whole fiasco is that it was so much action accomplishing so little and President Trump used minimal action with tremendous ramifications. Think about it, which is going to have a greater influence on the future, the United Nations doubling down on forbidding President Trump and the United States from moving their embassy to Jerusalem or the United States actually moving the embassy to Jerusalem. That is, of course, providing President Trump can even get the State Department to ever get around to actually moving the embassy. Secretary of State Tillerson stated in Paris (see below) and quoted by CNN that the embassy will not be moved this year or probably even next year, probably meaning not in 2018 or 9 and possibly not in 2020 either. If we know the State Department, they will try to find some planning delays such that President Trump will be really fortunate to get the embassy moved by the end of his first term, even by the end of his second term, should he be reelected. We trust the State Department and its anti-Zionist, anti-Israel, and some might include anti-Semitic, attitude and specific hatred and distress concerning Israel that they will find some way of outlasting President Trump so that the next President can put the Jerusalem embassy back on permanent six-month waiver of the Congressional order for relocation. The State Department, like much of the Washington self-proclaimed elites, also known as the swamp, see President Trump as a temporary, as well as threateningly dangerous, interruption to their business as usual which will soon be gone and all they have to do to minimize his interruption of their smooth running of the world, or at least the Washington bureaucracy. That is, providing President Trump does not manage to drain the swamp, the one promise the President made which will probably be bigger than his ego.



What the United Nations hoped to accomplish was to force a confrontation and somehow get around any United States veto thus making President Trump impotent when it comes to foreign policy, well, at least concerning Israel and moving the embassy to Jerusalem. The United Nations has been making a concerted effort to separate Israel from Jerusalem as well as the entirety of her Biblical history. The United Nations believes that they can reverse the reality contained in their own charter under Article 80 which validates the Mandate System in its entirety. They actually believe they can vote Israel out of existence without any need for tanks, aircraft, and men in arms simply by voting it away. That, in and of itself, is sufficient and honest enough provocation that Israel would be justified in cancelling her membership with that organization. The vast majority of nations are not going to suddenly take the side of Israel no matter how much Israel does or how many acts of generosity, kindness and saving graces rescuing people, granting people a new life with discoveries in medicine, emergency services after natural disasters and other generally beneficent acts which Israel can perform that would ever result in a favorable General Assembly vote or favorable responses from UNESCO or other United Nations organizations. The world desires turning Israel into the twenty-second Arab state and undoing their decision to establish Israel in the first place. Truthfully, once the British announced a date on which they would be leaving the remaining 22% of the British Mandate which remained after the formation of TransJordan (now Jordan) as the home for the Palestinian Arabs, the Zionist Congress was going to declare Israel on the next day. The British announced May 14, 1948 and Israel was declared on May 15, 1948 and immediately invaded by several Arab armies with the intention of destroying the nascent state of Israel and the genocidal eradication of her Jewish population.


Well, the United Nations and their delusions of grandeur thinking that they can supercede the decision of the President of the United States is simply absurd. There would be no United Nations without United States funding. One can only wonder what would happen if the United States decided that having an international institute as corrupted as the United Nations operating against the interests of the American people and attempting to counter their elected government and its dealings with an allied government from within its borders operating on American taxpayer dollars was no longer tolerable. One can only imagine how much swamp clearing would be accomplished freeing up the prime real estate along the East River in Manhattan in New York City and sending the United Nations packing to say Paris or Geneva or Brussels or Abu Dhabi or whatever nation and city would accept the United Nations within their borders. After the way it has treated its current host, the United States, why would any government permit them to operate within their border, but then there are those for whom the United Nations is an ally and close confidant if not a disreputable ally ready to do whatever dastardly deed is required. The United States should spread the wealth and honor of having the United Nations newest and greatest headquarters in their nation for a change. Whatever comes next, if President Trump really desires draining swamps, the United Nations is one on an international scale which could really use draining. As for the State Department, to drain that swamp one would need to fire everybody and place every name on a list as ineligible to work at the State Department ever again and start from scratch using a different placement company, the present one either works for the enemy or are completely incompetent.


Beyond the Cusp


* UNESCO = United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization


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