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June 4, 2018

Hamas and Their Who Did Israel Kill Today Ploy

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The first claim came when Hamas informed the media of a story they were bound to jump on immediately, after all, it was one of their own, a “photo journalist” who had been struck down by those presumably kill-crazed IDF soldiers. Their snipers intentionally murdered a reporter wearing a “Press” flack jacket clearly marking him, even through all the smoke from the ten-thousand burning tires, as a noncombatant. Then, after the world had heard the breaking news stories throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, and likely the remainder of the world, those listed among their main targets for the propaganda, the real story emerged. The so-called reporter only did reporting the Hamas way and now he became the Hamas story. He had been shot for a reason and it was further reported that this “photo journalist” was a Hamas member and Murtaja held the rank of Neqqib, or Captain, in Hamas. But it is very likely that to this day there are millions who can tell you that the Israelis mistakenly or on purpose shot a representative of the media and far fewer who can report the rest of the story, that this presumed reporter was in actuality a high-ranking member of Hamas. Sure, he also worked as a “photo journalist” plying the media with slanted stories and pictures to match as the reporters from the mainstream international media schmooze with one another at high-priced bistros along the Tel Aviv beachfront taking in the sights and relying on “photo journalists” like Murtaja to write their stories and provide the pictures to match. In reality, Murtaja was no more than a ranking member of the Hamas propaganda arm and not an innocent on the front lines doing a tough job for informing the world with honest reporting.


A while after that story played out came the next one. Hamas are more than simple terrorists; they are masters at playing the media and making it sing their tunes day and night. This time it was the baby named Layla al Ghandour. Italy’s largest newspaper, Il Corriere della Sera, which printed her photo on the front page and Al-Jazeera reported that, “Layla al Ghandour is the face of the massacre in Gaza.” What a story, an innocent, small, vibrant, healthy eight-month-old Palestinian baby girl with her whole life ahead of her was snuffed out by that evil Israel lethal tear gas. When we first heard this story, one we had almost been expecting as it is a canard of the Hamas and PA use of media against Israel, we immediately asked, who in their right mind takes any eight-month-old to the front lines of a confrontation knowing there will be tear gas, burning tire smoke and a thousand other things which are unhealthy for an adult and worse for an infant. But then we remembered that the Gazans are paid $200 for attending the rioting and $500 if the family member is injured, possibly even $3,000 if they lost one of their members, and one can predict that this family received a bonus for the death being an infant. In all fairness, we need also point out that in response to a CBS Evening News interviewing Prime Minister Netanyahu stating that Hamas was paying people plus pushing women and children with the hope of getting casualties to push on the media; NBC Nightly News reporter Daniel Medina tweeted “Netanyahu continues to throw out conspiracy theories to US media. Reporters must push back against these types of baseless claims with zero evidence to support them.” Well, when the entirety of the story about poor little Layla al Ghandour finally emerged, it sure looks as if Hamas was doing exactly as claimed. The real story came the next day when a physician from Gaza told the Associated Press the day after she died that the child had a pre-existing illness and he did not believe her death was caused by Israeli (tear) gases. As Giulio Meotti reports later in the article, “The next World Press Photo award is ready for Haitham Imad, the photographer who has immortalized Layla in her mother’s arms.”


The latest story of the Israeli murderers on the Gaza border revolves around Razan Al-Najar, a nurse presumably shot as she tended the wounded. Now we hear of a twenty-one-year-old volunteer medic, according to a witness we are told, was shot as she ran toward the fortified border fence, east of the south Gaza city of Khan Younis, in a bid to reach a casualty. We used a Reuters article but there are plenty more from all around the globe. We are willing to bet that very few bother to point out that this death, like virtually, if not, all deaths reportedly caused by IDF fire, are investigated be the IDF in a very transparent way. Every piece of information garnered is provided anyone who requests such, but almost nobody cares to ask. If Nurse Razan Al-Najar was killed as an illegal act, then we will also hear, provided we seek out the information, that the IDF soldier who took that shot and any officer which ordered them to shoot will all be facing disciplinary actions which can scale from an article of reprimand to a public trial for capital murder. For those who doubt this truth, please read this and realize that the IDF does not tolerate any questionable shootings. When the results of the IDF probe into her death are complete, does anybody believe that their results will be broadcast to the world in anywhere near the level of the current screaming from every hilltop coverage of this shooting as reported by Hamas? Of course not, as their results will be buried deep inside the papers and never reach the airwaves unless it is found to be an illegal shooting and an IDF soldier and commander are facing charges. There were some who also reported that there had just been rifle fire and a grenade fired into the IDF positions on the border but this was usually mentioned well after the coverage of Razan Al-Najar, a nurse, being shot despite wearing her bright, white uniform.


Nurse Razan Al-Najar reacts to tear gas as she works at the scene of clashes at Israel-Gaza border (photo credit: IBRAHEEM ABU MUSTAFA / REUTERS)

Nurse Razan Al-Najar reacts to tear gas as she works at the scene of clashes at Israel-Gaza border


Perhaps the time is long overdue to discuss the realities of the Hamas rioting and attempts to utilize human waves lead by their Hamas terrorist members to breach the border in the hope of reaching Israeli civilian towns and kibbutzim and to, as the Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar stated, “eat the livers of those besieging” as well as “tear out their hearts from their bodies.” As we have reported, the rioters and especially their Hamas leaders were given maps showing the closest Israeli civilian population point for each of the areas with directions on how to best reach these places in the least amount of time. That is what the IDF soldiers are attempting to prevent. They are defending their homeland from an invasion force intent on murdering mostly civilians, not defeating the opposing military. Hamas and virtually every Gazan know the rules about the border. There is a three-hundred meter military no-go zone on the Gazan side of the border fence and anybody entering that zone becomes a legal target. This is one of the rules which Hamas always quotes to the media as proof that they reside in a prison situation and that Israel are the prison guards, and they make very mean and angry guards. There is seldom, if ever, any mention that there exists a five-hundred meter no-go zone on the Egyptian border and that the Egyptians mowed clear a space this wide along their border in the middle of Rafah destroying hundred upon hundreds of homes, businesses and other structures (see image below). But it is not the five-hundred meter Egyptian zone where buildings were razed but the three-hundred meter Israeli zone which covers field areas without structures that the world complains over. It is not the closed Egyptian Rafah crossing but the Israeli crossings where tons of aid are delivered daily that the world claim makes Gaza a prison. There is a reason why the aid does not always help the people, and that is Hamas itself. Even when there is no conflict actively engaged, Hamas takes most of the aid and divides it between themselves and those who are their greatest enablers. The biggest story is why so few apartments have been rebuilt despite building supplies being provided at least twice by European Union and an equal number of times through the United Nations and once by another aid group but the tunnels keep being built, destroyed, rebuilt and new paths built unceasingly.


Egyptian Forces Destroy Rafah Homes on Border with Gaza October 2014 (photo credit: REUTERS)

Egyptian Forces Destroy Rafah Homes on Border with Gaza October 2014
(photo credit: REUTERS)


The Gazans know that entering the three-hundred meter zone makes them automatically a target as the rules of the border are concerned. Israel left Gaza in August of 2005 and it was a freely open area until the summer of 2007 when Hamas took over in a coup killing large numbers of PA security fighters and Fatah and PA officers who fell off of high buildings repeatedly over the following few months after Hamas took over. Hamas had claim to having won the election, but Mahmoud Abbas refused to allow their victory to replace him. Hamas took Gaza as their consolation prize. This was when Israel imposed their blockade which still permits all of the aid and non-military use materials into Gaza, often the same day the rest on the day after delivery. This is for security reasons which any sane nation would impose if their neighboring state was run by terrorists and they had the resources to do such. The no-go zone is for the protection of Israelis primarily. The wide knowledge of this zone to the Gazans is for their safety such that they know they take their lives into their own hands entering that zone. This rule is known and begrudgingly recognized by the United Nations and the International Courts. Truth be told, Israel would be within her rights to simply shoot everybody who comes within three-hundred meters of the border fence. Would Israel have enforced the no-go zone from the onset of the violent rioting, then there would have been no real attempts to breach the border, the border fence would not be damaged at numerous points where the rioting has taken place, and there would have been one fairly large number of people shot, most likely with rubber bullets, and the rioting would likely have ended with some really ugly reporting about Israel enforcing their no-go zones condemning Israel for having such a thing. Of course, nobody would be reporting their understanding of the reason for the no-go region or that it is a safety barrier for both sides as it prevents misunderstandings. Further, there is a reason that these border breaches are being attempted at this time. Israel is in the process of building a new fence and this fence will be a true border barrier. This will be an above ground stronger barrier and a new below-ground tunnel barrier. Once this new border divider is completed, then Hamas will no longer be able to attempt to easily breach the border with human waves of even bolt-cutters as have been wielded during these riots. Still, had Israel from the onset of the first people arriving at the border area enforced the three-hundred meter security area, the rioting would have been called off early on. It was the fact that Hamas has found a means of getting their terror operatives to the border fence with breaching tools that has these riots continuing.


What has been amazing is that Israel has been capable of recognizing which people approaching the border are armed with breaching agents, explosives, firearms and other items which could be used to destroy equipment, the fence or used to kill soldiers and these have been the people shot. Hamas and Islamic Jihad have recognized and admitted that it has been their terrorist members who have made up well over eighty-percent of those killed. That is over four out of five killed have been terrorists. However Israel is capable of making these determinations is probably some technology that the rest of the world would likely love to get their hands on for their own enforcement efforts. There are reports that an Israeli company using face recognition software can spot criminals and terrorists out of an airport crowd. The system, as far as we know, is still being tested and improved. All such systems would need actual use time and have adjustments made, but to have such algorithms is a definite bonus. Having one that works under rioting conditions, as it appears the Israelis have managed to do due to their high percentage of terrorists from Hamas and Islamic Jihad in their targeted killing has been simply amazing. Have their been any innocents injured or killed, of course as in any war or conflict situation. But over an eighty-percent terrorist kill rate and probably an even higher kill percentage have been guilty of attempting to damage or destroy the fence, equipment or have shot at the IDF with firearms, thrown grenades or Molotov cocktails or flews incendiary kites over Israeli positions. Show any other military with such a high percentage of terrorists over innocents ratio. There is a reason the same nations whose media decry Israel defending her border send their military officers and trainers to Israel to learn the best and most efficient and proficient ways of engaging and preventing terrorism.


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