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August 18, 2015

Parliament and Assembly of Experts


Nobody is asking President Obama or Secretary of State Kerry what the United States is going to do once Russia, China, European Union, United Nation and the rest of the world have all already dropped their sanctions and are ready to deal and Iran rejects the deal, what is next? Surely the Iranians know that it is business as usual as soon as a signing date has been suggested for officially lifting all sanctions making Iran officially open for business. There will not be any manner or way the P5+1, United Nations or other entity will be capable of putting the cork back in the bottle and keeping the Djinni trapped inside; it will have been free and its bargain time opening Iran for business. All Iran need do is coast with all signs being that their Parliament and Assembly of Experts all approving the deal with each level having a smaller and smaller majority where at the second highest level of governance, the Assembly of Experts, a group of Imams and Mullahs who are tasked with the most important of tasks, appointing Supreme Leaders when necessitated and advising the current Supreme Leader. With the public image of Iran all reportedly approving the Nuclear Deal and even the United States straggling in after the political theater has run its course, the only individual who will have held decisive commentary will be the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.


Whereas the Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei had commented being not that thrilled with the deal and potentially disapproving the deal, he still will have not given his final word. The morning of the signing is at hand and it is scheduled to be the pinnacle event at the opening of the General Assembly opening ceremonies. This event is so big that it has totally eclipsed the Palestinian annual demand for statehood, even the nuclear deal has its bonuses, and the Presidents and Prime Minister from all six nations which made up the P5+1 negotiations. This includes Prime Minister of Britain David Cameron, Premier of China Li Keqiang, President of France François Hollande, President of Russia Vladimir Putin, Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, President of the United States Barack Obama, President of Iran Hassan Rouhani are all gathered for the events in New York City at the United Nations building at Turtle Bay and it is just minutes away from the final signing of the deal. The speeches have been given and the leaders all are ready to sign the official treaty. One by one they sign the document each attempting to look and appear regal while signing the treaty placed approximately at hip level while standing before the wide podium holding the treaty. Only two signatures remain, President Barack Obama’s and President Hassan Rouhani’s. President Obama steps up and signs the treaty then makes his way to the speaker’s podium and gives a brief few words about the momentous occasion and the promising future this document promises, unusual for the President, and finishes his speech signaling to his Iranian counterpart and states, ‘With the signature of this treaty Iran will reenter the community of nations with the promise of cooperation, moderation and an outlook which will fill the world with hope, President Rouhani.’


President Obama entices the Iranian leader to approach and sign the treaty with a grand sweeping motion extending his arm with an open hand. Iranian President Rouhani steps up next to the President who steps back one step allowing the Iranian leader the microphone. President Rouhani’s speech is even more to the point and brief, ‘I am here today representing the people of Iran and the determined desires of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei,’ President Rouhani then steps two steps to his left and deliberately bends and snatches the parchment from the signing podium and tears it in halves, then halves again and again and one last time in halves throwing the sixteen squared tears out onto the floor before a room filled with horrified leaders all at a loss for what just occurred. The tension is felt throughout the room, the fears felt around the world as they watch live on televisions and jaws drop as the Iranian President stalks from the room leaving a silence so deafening it would swallow any sound made anyway. Slowly the room of world leaders, diplomats and select media gather their wits. Cameramen turn their lenses to the anchor reporter assigned to cover this historic event and the anchors are still gathering their wits. Only Jon Stewart reacts spontaneously and immediately covering the event for the Comedy Channel who immediately blurts out, ‘Well, there goes Obama’s legacy, imagine that, his entire legacy lying on the floor in sixteen torn shreds of parchment that he fought Congress over as if it would matter, never mind!’


The reality is this is this situation is quite likely if one feels the pulse coming from Iran. There are demonstrations against the deal and many in the Parliament and other positions which merit coverage claiming that the deal is insulting and damages the Iranian image and that going through with the deal will simply humiliate Iran, something almost every Iranian would agree is not something at all desirable, though there might be as many reasons that could be seen as bad as there exist political outlooks, still all want their country seen as strong and reliable. The troubling signs in Iran is the higher one looks for clues across the numerous power structures. The vision as one climbs higher gets increasingly negative towards the Nuclear deal. Many in Iran view any limitations on their nuclear program as an insult and the demands for snap, invasive and unannounced inspections as mistrust and equates their leaders as being untrustworthy and calling everybody in Iran to be deceivers. There exists rejection for the nuclear deal in Iran coming largely from the most hardline politically and many of the university students who are of similar political ire being the leaders in the drive to reject the nuclear treaty. These divisions in Iranian society and the fact that the hardline politician and the most radicalized students are the ones being permitted to give voice to their feelings should be found to be quite revealing and perhaps as a portend of coming events.


There is another signal that all may not be going well with the political environment in Iran. Leading in these suspicions that we have been feeling here, goes beyond the rising angst as one climbs the power structures in Iran, is the recent announcement that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is claiming he will run again for the Presidency of Iran, or we wish we could call his political career, Achmed the Dead Terrorist for President. Simply make the required thought changes to the video below replacing Achmed or Achmed the Dead Terrorist with Ahmadinejad or Ahmadinejad for President, you get the idea. Perhaps Ahmadinejad could use some variant of Achmed the Dead Terrorist in a televised campaign ad, but then he might run afoul of the strictness police who would object to such humor.





Meanwhile, news reports are all focused like a laser on Washington D.C. and the debate as to whether the House or Representatives, a given by all accounts, and the Senate will pass a piece of legislation in an attempt to void the Iran Nuclear Agreement. Many are curious why this ‘agreement’ requires legislation to kill it and not a supermajority support in only the Senate to ratify it as the treaty it actually represents. Apparently the Constitution has been tossed aside for the remainder of President Obama’s time in office and may have been considered void by the Administration for some time now. Nobody is focused much on Iran despite the fact that they too are in the middle of an affirmation which actually depends on a single person and his general health both physical and mental on the morning set for the signing, which we have predicted for the opening ceremonies for the General Assembly and its 70th session which starts on Tuesday, September 15, 2015 and lasts until closing on Tuesday, October 6 2015. Since the United States Senate has until September 17, 2015 to decide on the legislation, assuming they pass the legislation negating the agreement, as expected, and the President in turn vetoes and sends it back, then we can bet that the United States very well may not have ended the discussions and votes before the signing ceremony, thus making two nations unannounced about their signing the Nuclear Agreement. Never mind what the United States Congress decides, President Obama will claim he is simply signing the agreement passed by the United Nations Security Council, which is the exact same agreement, and will be seen to be signing for the United States quite possibly despite the subsequent override of his veto if for no other reason than his presumptuous signing despite Congress still having to vote on their override. Such disrespect by the White House might be exactly what the opposition to the Iran Deal might need to use such insult and disregard to garner the likely five votes they will be short of override when passing the legislation in the Senate. It appears to be assumed that the House of Representatives will have sufficient votes to override any veto leaving only the Senate in question.


What will the United States Senate and the Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei both do, approve or veto the Iran Nuclear Weapons Agreement? This may be all the proof that President Obama might need to equate those Senators and Representatives who vote to override his veto with the most hardline individual in Iran, the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as both decided to reject the treaty for polar opposite reasons, but why would common sense and the motivation get in the way of a good lynching of President Obama’s opponents in the leftist and mainstream, but I repeat myself, media. One would have to wonder at this point, does the Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei actually agree with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu on the agreement being a poor deal or is it possible for polar opposites to both refuse the same offering but for grandly different reasons?



Netanyahu and Khamenei face off while both mat end up being the two who opposed the Iran Nuclear Deal so precious and treasured by United States President Obama whose legacy depends on the success. What will follow should Iran refuse to ratify the deal and just walk away and likely soon thereafter quit the NPT, the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty

Netanyahu and Khamenei face off while both mat end up being the two who opposed the Iran Nuclear Deal so precious and treasured by United States President Obama whose legacy depends on the success. What will follow should Iran refuse to ratify the deal and just walk away and likely soon thereafter quit the NPT, the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty?



What will follow should Iran refuse to ratify the deal and just walk away and likely soon thereafter quit the NPT, the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty? Who could have ever believed that the two standout opponents of the Iran deal could be the two men pictured above? The world keeps getting curiouser and curiouser.


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August 14, 2015

Anti-Semitism is Singling Israel Alone for Criticism


The old argument of, ‘I am not against Jews, it is the policies of the Israeli Government that I am protesting,’ have a strong stench of anti-Semitism if your group accuses only Israel to protest against. The claims of occupation solely against Israel for having ‘occupied’ Arab lands, and the ‘Palestinians’ are simply Arabs, and are no more deserving of an individual state than are any minority community throughout the globe all entitled to their own nation. The idea of a Palestinian people has solely been concocted for the singular purpose of destroying Israel of its Jewish majority. The proof is beyond their demand for their own state as they also insist that over five-million Arabs be permitted citizenship within Israel in order to vote the Jews from the Government and then take whatever measures they are able to subjugate and then force the Jews to adopt Islam or die just as ISIS has been doing to Christians within their newly declared state, and the Palestinians taking control in Israel would have the identical result within the pre-1967 lines, the 1949 Armistice Lines. Further, if your organization claims they are simply sympathetic to the Palestinian desire for their own homeland being carved from Israel but you have nothing to claim for an independent Basque state, an independent Kurdish state, an independent Islamic state in the north-western province of China or especially the returning of Tibet to their ancestral governance as the Chinese have occupied Tibet since 1951, then they need to widen their demands if they are to be believed as authentically representing oppressed minorities. Is it that you only find problematic any occupation established after June 7, 1967 and before June 14, 1967 as that was a particularly difficult week in human history? The singling out Israel for your Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, the BDS movement, is a ringing clarion call bringing attention to your selective outrage against the Jewish state above and beyond all other disputed territories as having an element of exclusivity that clearly shows the bias as only against Jews and no other groups worldwide. Denying that the Jews have the same rights in their state that is accommodated every other state is anti-Semitism, plain and simple.


The first thing one need to consider is the true intentions of those who form the movement against Israel and only Israel. It is interesting that there is no similar outcry from these righteous and so indignant leaders that have no place in their hearts for the Christian’s being slaughtered by ISIS, Boko Haram, and in the remnants of Syria where virtually every force fighting for control of areas of Syria, with the exception of the Kurds, are all denying the Christians of their human rights within their territorial area of control. There is no outcry from your saintly leaders of the BDS movement for the liberation and return of the lands formerly known before the Ottoman conquest as Kurdistan nor do they strike out for the Tibetans whose lands have been repopulated by Chinese forced into the ‘Province of Tibet’ while tens upon tens of thousands of Tibetan Buddhists have been forcibly relocated to other provinces thousands of miles from Tibet in a calculated and meandered onslaught to eradicate their culture and peoplehood. As a Jew who is Jewish only because of Torah which, as the piece of Judaism which was central in the preservation of our civilizations and peoplehood until we were finally allowed to return to most of our ancestral lands, kept our culture, heritage and collective hopes alive for the near twenty centuries of living in exile. In all honesty, if we were to be permitted only the ancestral lands which made up the lands which were the borders of ancient Jewish lands, this would be sufficient and the lands which Israel has been recognized but are not included in those lands could be given to whichever nation may declare their desires of the lands but this solution would also be refused out of hand because the fight against the Israeli occupation defines the occupation as all of the land, every square millimeter, every grain of sand and blade of grass, this is what is defined as occupied because the actual goal is to force the Jews back into being a landless peoples with no nation of our own left to the whims and indifferences of living within borders always ruled by the other and leaving the Jews to the mercies of those others.


For an idea on what Jews who follow Torah believe is the Promised Land and what most Jews would be within their rights to expect as compared to the maximalist demands of the lands under King David’s conquest and ruled over by King Solomon one gets somewhat of an idea of the differing ideas which can be mixed into the debate, please see the depictions below as we discuss actual current expectations and desires. The reality is that the Zionists believe the Red area on the right side map minus Gaza as we have disengaged unilaterally and gave these lands to the Palestinian Authority which lost them in a coup to the terrorist entity Hamas which, unsurprisingly, then won an election and have not deemed it necessary to hold another being satisfied with their one man one vote one time democratic rule. This definition of Israel as the Promised Lands currently is a compromise where most Zionists today recognize that the Zionist Congress surrendered lands so the British could form an Arab state for the Arabs who had come into the areas from distances as far as Yemen and southern Egypt and Tunisia seeking employment and to benefit from the Jewish rebuilding of the lands starting around 1880 and increasing since until May 14, 1948 when Israel declared independence, the British boarded their boats and planes and departed and at least six Arab national armies attempted to destroy Israel before she could take control of the lands promised her. Israel lost the Gaza Strip to Egypt and the majority of Judea, Samaria and Benyamin to Jordanian occupations. Jordan attempted to annex the lands they had occupied renaming them the ‘West Bank’ as their historical names were a bit too Jewish for their tastes. The only nations recognizing the Jordanian annexation were Britain, who had hoped to depart leaving Israel as vulnerable as possible such that she would be erased by the Arab armies which stood perched at her borders like vultures readying to devour a carcass as soon as it dies. When the British left and the Jews announced their state it was as if somebody had fired the starting gun for a land grab not unsimilar to the opening of the Oklahoma territory in United States history. Similarly, there were those already within the lands who fought with the invaders as a fifth element which led to some unfortunate necessities in order to preserve the state of Israel. Despite these necessities, the vast majority of the Arabs who desired to remain and live peaceably with the Jews retained their lands and became Israelis. The vast majority of those who lost their lands made an unwise bet by leaving their lands and siding, and often fighting alongside, the Arab forces betting they would annihilate the Jews and they would share in the spoils of Jewish property and also the property of those Arabs who had remained seeing them as traitors to Islam and Arab superiority.


Left side map depicts the division of the Promised Land amongst the tribes and right side map compares the modern promised land from the Jordan west to the Mediterranean Sea compared to the maximum of area during King David’s and King Solomon’s reigns.


The problem is there are many forces at work over the centuries who desired to keep the Jews as a landless peoples which some even took to the extreme of forbidding Jews residing under their rule from owning land even including under their house or business. Jews were required to have a Christian landowner or a Muslim land owner who leased the lands to the Jews who in turn paid a rental fee and had no argument when the edict came down to expel the Jews from the areas under some Sultans’, Barons’ or Kings’ lands often making such an eviction order so immediate that the Jews had little choice but to pack all they could manage to take with them and set off to seek another lands where they could be similarly subject to the whims of the rulers. Often the Jews brought with them skills which enriched the area economies but a generation later and the new ruler knew nothing of the lands before the Jews came and saw no advantage to retaining the Jews and much to gain as the ruler would steal away much that the Jews were unable to carry with them. There were times the Jews were not permitted cart or mule such that they had to leave all but the pittance they could strap to their backs. But now we have Israel, a safe place that we can escape to when the local ruler gives the order for the Jew amongst them to be spat out. But now those who would disallow Jews to be their neighbors if only that did not appear honorable, not that such will prevent an eviction forever, they not only wish us no place near their lands, they also want to deny us land anywhere. To so many the Jew as the victim is appealing and the Jew as an equal amongst the nations and with an army no less, such to them is an abomination. This is a part of the hatred driving the BDS movement, the take Israeli leaders and IDF commanders before the world courts for crimes against all that is holy, redefined as crimes against humanity and war crimes because the Jews invested millions to protect the people including the Arab Israelis and Christian and Muslims and all other faiths within Israel we spent wealth for systems to counter the rockets and shelters everywhere for their protection and reinforced schools to protect their children. Israel launches seventy-five-thousand dollar anti-missile missiles to intercept a couple of hundred dollar rockets as it saves lives thus the price is bared gladly.


Meanwhile Hamas, Islamic Jihad and their friends spend their monies on rockets and fire these rockets while surrounded by children and other innocents. They force people to remain in buildings which Israel has dropped leaflets telling the people to vacate the building as it is to be targeted in one hour. Israel sends SMS messages to cell phones in Gaza warning of these impending attacks. Israel takes these steps because innocent lives matter and matter even more than killing the terrorists who are attempting to murder us. This sounds insane and it is an insane way to fight a war. When Israel has a fighter jet in position to make their bombing run there is also a drone high above usually unseen but it can see and at the other end there is an IDF lawyer watching the video feed from the drone and until he gives the all clear the pilot cannot drop his ordinance. When these lawyers call off the attack due to the threat to innocent Arabs the jet has to take a necessary difficult landing still carrying fully loaded racks with bombs and ordinance in place. Even the observers often are completely flabbergasted and blown away by how Israel hampers themselves in order to not harm innocents, even those on the other side of which a good number would not extend the same to the Israel as they have been raised with a venomous hatred towards all Jews. But why should you take my word, so, just in case you have never heard the testimonies from Former British Army Colonel Richard Kemp describing the efforts the IDF takes in their actions against the terrorists during the war fighting let us present his testimony linked and embedded below.




While we’re viewing videos I found this little gem where CNN anchor Elliot Spitzer using the ‘Arab spring’ and the hopes running across the Middle East for freedom and democracy and a western way of life with everything as pure as the spring rains washing across the lands bring justice and transformation as his justification that Brigitte Gabriel is clueless and had vilely abused and insulted the core of Islamic belief and her warnings of an Islamic threat to the United States and Western civilization is wrong, overblown and completely defunct and devoid of any reality in her message, but we will give Mr. Spitzer a break which is far more than he gave Brigitte or would ever grant me if I were in his sights as for him I am the world human being on the planet, an American who made Aliyah fulfilling my life’s dream living now in Israel and never happier. My biggest crime in the eyes of Elliot Spitzer would be leaving the real promised lands, that was twice, when I made Aliyah and earlier when I moved from a Democrat stronghold to a warmer and more polite climate where Democrats are found largely at the 2K fun run/walks held in midtown Tulsa. So, here is the exchange below from March 9, 2011.




Elliot Spitzer is, as you might have surmised, an ultra-liberal Jew and Democrat apostle who loves to use the ‘name one’ attack which is the retreat of the scoundrel as they know that very often when there are movements one cannot give a name as most of those doing the lion’s share of the damage have remained unnamed such that they can be surveilled by law enforcement in order to uncover their entire network. The best example I can remember was an interviewer talking to a police commissioner about the apparent rise in crime due to expected heated rivalries between two drug rings. The police commissioner claimed that they had suspects and were carrying forward with their investigations and hoped that arrest could be made in the coming weeks or possibly a couple of months. The interviewer asked for the police commissioner to provide some names so as to prove they were investigating and potentially making progress and the police commissioner attempted to decline to reveal names for what he stated were ‘obvious reasons.’ The interviewer was not going to let go and kept demanding names until the police commissioner departed quite flustered and the reporter then turned to the camera and stated something like, ‘And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why our city is in so much trouble and crime is rampant, the police do not even know a single name of who is suspected of being behind any of these shootings.’ Every time I hear an interviewer stressing the ‘give me a name’ I reminded of, we are a polite site so I will limit my commentary, a thick skulled Precambrian life-form.


Back to the bad media Israel receives and how that simply feeds the hate Israel blame the Jews firsters. We are seeing one of the fiercest anti-Semitic storms emanating from the White House over the Iran Nuclear agreement. The ferocity with which the President and leftist media have gone after New York Senator Schumer has been vicious. This despite his silence after releasing the news of his choice to vote against the deal, something highly suspicious as Senator Schumer normally has been very active in lobbying people to vote as he prefers, but those efforts have been almost universally in support of White House proposals. All this effort is even stranger as news reports quoting White House sources have assured us that the President has gathered sufficient support to prevent an overriding of his veto once the legislation passes against the Iran Nuclear agreement. Additionally, there have been the linking Republican opposition to be ideological and an extension of their hatred of President Obama and is very similar to the hardliners in Iran who also oppose the deal. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be any hardliners opposing the deal in Iran where it had mostly been celebrated and the P5+1 Western nations ridiculed as inept and weak, completely folding before Iranian pressures. There have also been accusations that any voting down of the deal will be due simply to the unending and vicious assault from Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and other right wing and Zionist extremists in Israel which is going to lead to even further isolation for Israel after the Iran deal is finalized in the coming weeks. There have been rumors that some of the pressure on Democrat lawmakers in the House and particularly in the Senate have been pressured by claiming that they do not want to appear unpatriotic and opposing the President. The onslaught on Israel, Senator Schumer and rising tides of anti-Semitism entering into politics and political discourse has raised some troubling questions. This has also led to more threats to bring charges against Israel in international courts and bring Israeli military and political leaders to trial for crimes against humanity, in particular against Arabs in Gaza or Judea and Samaria. There has been a petition circulating in Britain for the arrest and trial for crimes of various international crimes of Prime Minister Netanyahu when he makes a state visit in the coming days. One can only wonder how much longer before even Israeli citizens will be wary of traveling outside her borders for fear of charges being leveled against them simply because they are Israelis. As these political and social pressures which have been growing exponentially over time, how much longer before simply being Jewish, not even necessarily an Israeli or even a supporter of Israel, becomes a liability and eventually a threat to these individuals? There have been increasing assaults on Jews both inside and even more so outside of Israel. Where will this increased hatred lead and how much of a threat should it be considered. If history is any measure, then Israel is essential to the survival of the Jewish People as a safe zone unto which they will be able to escape. That too is another reason that the San Remo and ensuing promises must be honored and this must be demanded leading to the realization of Israeli borders meeting the promised borders from the British and the League of Nations as depicted below.


Map of the lands promised to the Zionist Congress and inviolable and sacrosanct for all time by Great Britain and the League of Nations as an addendum to the Mandate System which makes this promise also enforceable by the United Nations and considered equal to a treaty through Article 80 of the United Nations Charter. This was also considered as an element incorporated to the San Remo Conference which is also applicable in modern times.

Map of the lands promised to the Zionist Congress and inviolable and sacrosanct for all time by Great Britain and the League of Nations as an addendum to the Mandate System which makes this promise also enforceable by the United Nations and considered equal to a treaty through Article 80 of the United Nations Charter. This was also considered as an element incorporated to the San Remo Conference which is also applicable in modern times.



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July 29, 2015

Will the Initial Vote in the Houses of Congress Be Meaningless?

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We have the deal of a lifetime, presumably the perfect and deeply complex agreement which if the Administration spokespeople are to be believed, and who would know better than those who fashioned the deal, such that the complex minutia weaves a web of inspections and requirements which Iran will be incapable of extricating themselves without being betrayed by the particulars combined with snap unannounced immediate access inspections at which time any failure to be within the web that has been tediously structured would result in total snapback of the most severe sanctions bringing Iran to its knees; thus Iran will not progress as a nuclear power for at least a decade. But if one has also paid any attention to the celebrations and excessive elation raging out of control through the halls of power in Iran, one might suspect that either the Iranians have not figured out the brilliance by President Obama and the State Department mediators who once again have made an airtight box just as they had with North Korea, as the very same members of the North Korean negotiations committee were once again put into service to similarly fashion an ironclad nuclear deal with Iran. Imagine the shock and awe that will eventually end one side or the other’s elation when the truth shows its hand and either Iran never becomes a nuclear armed power for at the least a decade and a half or does so far more rapidly. Still, despite the unanimous approval of the P5+1 and Iranian Agreement with a chapter seven enforceable ratification which some are claiming makes any vote by the United States Congress potentially meaningless, but is this true?


The ratification by the United Nations Security Council will only become an issue if there can be a vote taken which manages to recognize and demand enforcement of United Nations sanctions being reimposed. It would still require the five permanent members, France, Britain, United States, Mainland China and the Russian Federation not to use their veto power to block enforcement, those very same nations who have millions or billions or conceivably trillions of Euros or Dollars in trade deals to vote to end such deals, even should Iran test a nuclear device in the middle of the waters to their south. That is far beyond reasonable and should not be expected unless the Iranian test was over Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; and even then it would be doubtful. The other P5+1 (France, Britain, China, Russian Federation and Germany) have already announced their willing compliance with the deal and are ready for full ratification which is waiting on the United States which has a far more complicated approval system than any Parliamentary system which is found throughout most of the world, so, every eye is on Washington D.C. and while the world waits the media are thrashing every conceivable turn of the cards of fate possible to come out of Washington in the next sixty days Congress has set as the limit before they must present their final verdict. So, what comes next?



Photo of the Lead Negotiators Taken After Agreement Reached with the Smiles on the far left two Iranian Lead Negotiators and neutral bored look by the man in the middle representing the European Union with the two on the right no more aware that they are posing for the picture which will mark them in history than they were during the negotiations themselves while they either are looking at the real winners or posing as if this was an after frat party picture with the thumbs up, who are they kidding?

Photo of the Lead Negotiators Taken After Agreement Reached with the Smiles on the far left two Iranian Lead Negotiators and neutral bored look by the man in the middle representing the European Union with the two on the right no more aware that they are posing for the picture which will mark them in history than they were during the negotiations themselves while they either are looking at the real winners or posing as if this was an after frat party picture with the thumbs up, who are they kidding?



The United States House of Representatives often limits the debate speaking time to each of the State’s Representatives ten minutes each to express their opinions and attempt to persuade their cohorts before the vote is taken. With four-hundred-thirty-five Representatives that results in four-thousand-three-hundred-fifty minutes of debate or seventy-two-hours and thirty-minutes. That means that if we allow for procedural delays and Representatives speaking beyond their allotted time or outbursts which leaving a mere four hours of time per day this results in a minimum of fourteen and a half days or approximately four weeks before every Representative had made their feelings known. Perhaps this mathematics is why the time allotted for Congressional approval or disapproval to be decided and a final vote taken on the proposed Iran nuclear agreement and the results be made known to the White House and an eager media who will waste no time chewing on every piece of gristle fed to them and pretend that they found the finest filet mignon and then pretend their perception is the finest cut of the votes taken in both houses, the House of Representatives and the Senate.


There are some very unusual conditions stipulated in the Congressional approval of this Agreement which is not a treaty and not exactly just a Presidential decree as the Congress insisted and received oversight, but not merely the usual Senate only ratification required by a normal treaty but because President Obama’s successful labeling unusual and break from norm claiming that arms agreements are not normally treated as a treaty but instead simply demand the straight up majority in both houses rather than the two-thirds approval (sixty-seven of the one-hundred) Senators. President Obama suspected, it would be impossible to receive such ratification from a Senate controlled by a majority Republicans even were it to garner one-hundred-percent support from the Democrats, both Independents who caucus with the Democrats and possibly a half dozen Republicans who honestly believe that the President is to be granted leeway on items pertaining to foreign affairs matters. It was likely beyond any conceivable probability that the President could find a full dozen minimum Republican Senators to vote for the deal, thus it was this frightening reality facing President Obama who decided his sole chance was to invent a new class of agreement where because there were six other nations involved and this presumably made the United States an co-equal partner to an agreement, an executive agreement by a President who was but one amongst many in reaching this agreement making it an agreement amongst executives and thus it was a Presidential Agreement requiring only passage by both houses of Congress. This will presumably provide to grant the President a veto over any vote taken which refused the Congressional approval of the Agreement thus then requiring the Congress to then override the Presidential veto now requiring a two-thirds vote in both houses in order to prevent the Agreement taking effect, a complete reversal of fates. Now, it would appear, there will be required that both houses of Congress, the House of Representatives and the Senate, would be required to attain a two-thirds vote each to override the veto and end the ratification by the United States.


Oddly enough there are a number of presumptions which make much of these arguments completely erroneous. Let us look at the realities. The first item that requires investigation is exactly how the wording of the presentation of the Iranian agreement before Congress is read. Any initial investigation one would expect that a ‘Yea’ vote would be in favor of the Agreement and any ‘Nay’ vote would be against the Agreement. So, if the Senate voted fifty-one in favor and forty-nine against while the House of Representatives voted two-hundred-eighteen in favor and one-hundred-seventeen against, then both houses would have approved the Agreement with minimal votes required and the passage would permit President Obama to sign the Agreement placing the United States to be in compliance of the terns, limitations and obligations within the Agreement just as President Obama desires. So, the House and Senate both approve the Agreement even by the narrowest of margins, then there would be no need for any veto and everybody limps away satisfied they had performed their duty as they saw best to be committed.


But we all know that what we have been told is that the problems arise should the Congress oppose the will of President Obama and not approve the Agreement. It would make absolutely no difference should the Senate, the House of Representatives or both deny passage to the agreement sent before them by whatever margin, then what comes next. We have been led to believe that President Obama could veto their vote to turn down their initial vote and now place the two Houses of Congress into having to reach a two-thirds vote to override President Obama’s veto by voting by a two thirds vote in both Houses of Congress in order to have the Congressional advice be heard and President Obama be instructed not to sign the Agreement thus removing the United States from any of the particulars of the Agreement and should this occur, then and only then would the Agreement be kept from becoming binding on the United States. There is one grievous mistake in the reasoning here as long as a ‘Yea’ vote means ratification of the Agreement and a ‘Nay’ vote indicates one is opposed to the Agreement. Once either House of Congress votes against the Agreement and thereby not approving it that is the end of the Iran Nuclear Agreement as far as the United States is officially concerned because the President is not empowered to veto a negative vote. He can only veto those items brought before him as passed legislation by both houses of Congress. In order to have his Iran Deal passed, he must present the deal to both houses for an up or down vote and not propose some finagled legislation asking if they oppose the Iran deal, thus turning approval on its head and making support a ‘Nay’ vote and opposition a ‘Yea’ vote thus making turning down the deal available for him to veto as, despite what he believes, that is not presenting the agreement for a vote by Congress, that is perverting everything that is holy and true about the American confirmation process and turning a negative into a positive and vice-a-versa twisting the affirmation process. By this method it would become near impossible to oppose any appointment or treaty made by a president and makes them a virtual dictator for their time in office and as far as that goes, also impossible to make them relinquish their office claiming their declaration that their removal from the Presidency was itself a threat to national security. The vote over the Iran Nuclear Agreement has to proceed as a ‘Yea’ vote as in favor of the agreement and a ‘Nay’ vote a vote against ratification and thus either house refusing to approve the Agreement would spell the end of the Agreement in so far as the United States would be concerned. The President could ignore that and sign the Agreement but his signature would be meaningless as the courts would override any demand then made under that signature void; thus, all of the Iranian sanctions made by the United States would stand and any monies held by United States banks would remain frozen, period, game-set-match.


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