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December 18, 2014

The World Has Gone Crazy! And Here Are Some Reasons Why

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Yesterday there might have been even the slightest possibility that the world might recover its senses, but alas such has slid even further towards the cliff and might actually have slid beyond the cusp and all that’s left is the drop into the unchartered waters which lead inexorably to societal collapse and chaos. We might have made our way back from beyond the cusp of reason after President Obama stated that ISIS, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, was not Islamic ignoring their adherence to the later Quran, the Quran written in Medina where Muhammad reached a position equivalent to a War Lord commanding the largest caravan raiding group which also made him the ruler of Medina and its surrounding areas. If we could by some miracle have Muslims adopt the earlier writings in the Quran written in Mecca before Muhammad reached any level of power and was mostly spurned despite his words of peace and coexistence, Islam’s followers would be welcome additions throughout all societies and the more observant the better their acceptance. He was eventually chased and exiled from Mecca by the prevailing powers as they likely saw him as either a potential threat or an annoyance. Muhammad being chased from Mecca likely was instrumental in his eventual return with his forces to retake the city which had rejected him and force them to enlist in Islam as it had evolved into a religion which was to be spread by persuasion where possible and force where persuasion had failed. Perhaps President Obama was raised in Indonesia where he attended a Madrassa in the tenets of the early Mecca Quran and by those delineations and definitions ISIS would not be observing Islamic law. Still, it is a stretch to believe that President Obama is not familiar with the entirety of the Quran or that none of his advisors are familiar with the Quran. If that is true, then the President needs to find at least one expert on Islam to advise him, and I am not available for the job at any government pay scale.


Then there were the numerous tumultuous events throughout the world so far this week a few of which were covered yesterday. The last couple of days have extended and stretched credulity to the point where it has to have snapped and been torn asunder, placing the world into the ‘Twilight Zone’. First we had the European Union meeting to consider removing Hamas from the listings of terror organizations. Then they sent messages to Israeli media and government officials stating they still considered Hamas to be a terrorist group and then European Court of Justice within minutes ruled that Hamas was no longer considered a terrorist group and the European Union accepted their judgment. From there we went to the logical follow-up of officially recognizing a Palestinian State. Needless to say, the European Union gave warm words intended to soothe Israeli fears and assure them that they in no way intended to recognize a Palestinian State and were still one-hundred-percent behind a Palestinians State coming from negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Arab leadership. Then just hours after removing Hamas from the list of terrorist entities, the European Union Parliament voted to recognize Palestinian State by four-hundred-ninety-eight votes in favor to eighty-eight votes against and with one-hundred-eleven delegates abstaining. This now will be used by all the European nations who desire to recognize a Palestinian State using this move by the European Union statute.


Believe it or not, there are still a small core of nations whose leaderships are showing definitive signs of logic, reason and morality. As we covered not that long ago, Switzerland is holding a confab titled, “Conference on Humanitarian Law in Palestinian Authority’s Assigned Territories” which they claim they have been working towards gaining the largest possible number of nations attending for a number of weeks since the United Nations General Assembly passed by a large majority a motion calling for a conference dealing with the charges against Israel under the Fourth Geneva Convention which was submitted before the body by the Palestinian Observer to the United Nations. The United States, Israel and Australia have notified the Swiss that they will not be in attendance. But going the extra step worthy of noting and quoting is the leadership of Canada, a friend like which Israel has rarely enjoyed. Quoting Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird stating, while informing the media, the Swiss, the world and all those who rush to demonize Israel, that will not attend Wednesday’s anti-Israel conference in Switzerland dealing with, “respect for international humanitarian law in the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) assigned territories.” But that was not all, he continued, “Canada is deeply disappointed by the convening of this one-sided and politicized conference, which serves only to single out one country, Israel, for criticism.” And this wonderful and capably strong stated spokesman went further declaring, “Canada has complete faith in the strength of the rule of law in Israel, and we believe the Israelis are capable of investigating matters surrounding the events that took place in Gaza in the summer of 2014.” Next he entered an accusatory stage stating, “This conference risks undermining the integrity and credibility of the Geneva Conventions and the neutrality of their application.” And finally he reached his conclusion summing everything up with, “Such a misguided approach will neither serve the cause of peace nor bring the parties closer to a negotiated settlement.” Quoting Canada’s Foreign Minister John Baird is simply uplifting, refreshing and such a breath of fresh air clearing away the normal mundane inanities we have to put up with most of the time. Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper is another such hero who takes a strong stand in supporting Israel and speaking truth against the hail of slanders when dealing with issues concerning Israel. Ruining this glorious series of quotes, we return to Swiss President Didier Burkhalter, who retorted to the Canadian announcement, we expect to have a “very large participation” in the conference. He concluded, “Our objective is to advance the cause of international humanitarian law. Even if Israel and the United States boycott the meeting, the international community must speak on the issue. There is no denigration of Israel planned.” Needless to deduce, should denigration of Israel result, there will be numerous representatives attending, the Swiss included, just leaping to their feet and objecting to such commentary and nobody would ever jump on board and echo such denigrations and adding their own additional twists and accusations. Add this conference to the world gone mad, and especially the European leadership from Portugal to the Ukraine.


Speaking of the Ukraine, there has been a steady streaming of Russian provided weaponry, both small arms and heavy weapons including tanks and armored personnel carriers into the war torn eastern Ukraine resupplying the Russian aligned rebels. The Ukraine will be in turmoil and largely standing alone in the world with every respectable nation shaking at the prospect of facing off against Russia’s Putin who it is now claimed is feeling pressured horribly by the falling oil prices depressing an already weak economy. Putin has been using military adventurism as a distraction from the economic woes and with this current downward pressure Putin is likely to become even further driven in his adventurism. There have been rumors that there has been Russian pressure being placed on regions of Lithuania which has raised fears that Putin might actually challenge NATO by moving against some of NATO’s eastern European members. It has been long known that the Russians were displeased with the admissions of their former satellite countries, especially those closest geographically to Russia such as Lithuania.


Add to everything else that Iran, who arms and finances Hamas and Hezballah, will probably declare themselves to have entered the nuclear club as a result of the lack of will from the rest of the world to prevent their thus arming themselves. With a nuclear armed Iran, one has to wonder whether a tactical nuclear weapon might be deployed by Syrian dictator Bashir al-Assad against the rebel, al-Qaeda aligned forces or ISIS positions escalating the civil war to a whole new and frightening level. There would also be a potential for Hamas or Hezballah to be so armed which would completely change the complexity of the threats against Israel raising the threat of a nuclear exchange in the Middle East. Such a situation would also be a great challenge to the United States fleets in the Persian Gulf, especially considering that the Iranians are rumored to have received advanced Sunburn anti-ship missiles which carry a seven-hundred-fifty pound conventional warhead or a miniaturized nuclear device. Additionally, with the recent revelations of the advanced state of Russian and Chinese nuclear programs and missile technology resulting from their sizeable investments, as reported here, over the past decade or more and their sharing many of their advances with North Korea and Iran furthers the possibility for a conflict in the Middle East backed by the threat from Iran to resort to the use of nuclear weapons should any nation oppose their moves which may come against Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Arabian Gulf nations possibly with the exception of their ally Qatar to take control of their Shiite areas claiming to restore these former Persian areas to their rightful control. With so much of the world on edge, embroiled in conflict and fearing other threats and dangers wherever one looks that it seems that we are simply waiting for the fuse to finish burning through the very short remainder of the fuse and the explosions to spread as a wildfire throughout the globe.


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