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November 22, 2016

The Know-it-Alls Who Know Nothing-at-All


There is a group being brought to bear consisting of prominent American Jews, a group of retired, left-wing Israeli military and security officials and an American security think tank seeking to force policies on Israel of their own divinations using the next President of the United States and the auspices of his office to amplify their murmurings into a cacophony of important cackling. These leftist know-it-alls do actually understand one thing very clearly, namely that their ideas would not fly in Israel even if the most leftist of coalitions were to win the next elections. They are completely aware that the political winds in Israel have changed and their kind of leftist has all but ceased to exist. Still, these know-it-alls know that their ideas are the only policies which contain even the slightest slivers of sanity and peace can only be attained if they are placed in charge. They are aware that only through threat, blackmail, and placing Israel in a dangerous position will their ideas be brought successfully to the floor and then granted the obvious merit that they contain. Their plans are the same old plan of Israel make concessions in exchange for chimera of peace accepted if only Israel would take a few last steps demanding these final concessions be offered in writing and which are taken in pocket as the end of the usefulness of another round where any concession made by Abbas resulted in another lesson in Taqiyya, the Islamic religiously inspired art of lying to the non-Muslim in order to advance Islam through lies and deceptions. Israelis on both sides of the Isle are now aware of the deceptions and false promises from Abbas and wish to have no part in any dealings under the pale shadow which is Taqiyya as even the most foolish only play a fool’s gambit repeatedly so many times being burned each time before refusing to return to the poisoned well. But such wisdom is tossed carelessly aside as these know-it-alls who just know that this time their offer will charm the snake charmer and force him to play their tune in directing the venomous serpent.


Ron Kampeas of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) wrote a position paper they published titled Pro-Israel heavyweights press hard for 2 states which contains much truth about the composition of the group and their designs to make for themselves a name even if it destroys Israel and results in more murdered Jews. The article explains their plan as it currently sits as, “Two complementary U.S. and Israeli working papers to be launched next week propose immediate actions Israel can take to prepare the ground for two states and a longer-term security structure that aims to satisfy Palestinian ambitions for sovereignty and Israeli security needs.” They point out that these papers are, quote, “are radical departures from the policies of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s current government.” And then even here the author jumps neck deep into the mired swamp of discontentment repeating the leftist canard that the Netanyahu coalition is, “perhaps the most right wing in Israeli history.” The qualifier is to convey that perhaps even as misguided as these leftist groups and individuals may be; the Netanyahu government is equally strident and thus deserving of being undermined if required for peace. The article quotes the Israel Policy Forum board member Alan Solow as having stated, “One doesn’t know what Israel’s government is going to look like in a week,” implying a threat to the coalition that they hold the power to sweep in on new elections which would necessarily bring a more receptive governance. He also criticized Israel more freely as they see the prospects of two states diminishing as more in the Israeli public see it as the moribund error of the past which need remain in their past. Solow insists, “Taking on the perspective from those in the pro-Israel community, the only reasonable Zionist solution is to have two states for two people. Every time a new administration comes into office, these issues get a fresh look, that’s a historical fact.” All of these comments are attempting to make their position appear as the inevitable and only working solution to what has proven to be an intractable problem. Finally they drag out the bogey-man monsters of casino magnate Sheldon Adelson and hedge funder Paul Singer, who have sharply hawkish outlooks. They add that Sheldon Adelson endorsed Trump making him out to be as unhinged as the candidate appears to be as part of his antics to defray his liabilities such as lack of in-depth knowledge of foreign affairs and the plights of the Middle Class. They have set the stage and all is ready for their grand entrance.


The Two States for Two Peoples Living in Peace and Security canard has been dragged around and reinflated after each time Mahmoud Abbas, or Yasser Arafat before him, launched an Intifada blowing gaping holes in their balloon using bombs, rocks, Molotov cocktails, knifings, car rammings, suicide bombing, ambush, rockets and outright open warfare. The Arab World has been insisting they will rip out the heart of Israel and strangle it just as soon as the latest Israeli surrender has been duly passed and reentered only to patch it up for another destruction once it has been repaired and a new monetary supplication been added with all insisting that the Palestinian Authority (PA) will accept their proposal outright simply because they know it must. Such faith in the face of adversity is touching and need be honored; but honored does not necessarily mean heeded and obeyed unquestioningly. The repackaging of the identical two state solution then trotting it out with it having been repainted a different color which presumably makes it once again new and worthy solution is so full of holes it is not worth reiterating its fallacies. Suffice it to say that we have all been there, tried that, and found it wanting. The difference between us and those Americans and leftist old school Israelis is that we have watched one botched peace attempt after another all having the same items in common, the idea that only through two states for two people can peace be attained. Perhaps it is time to try a new approach with fresh and new ideas.


Allow us to try and propose an idea whose time has come. The Gaza retreat with the rise of Hamas to rule the area had rained down rockets with ever deeper strikes into Israel as the result of function of Iran and/or the Muslim Brotherhood both having some successes in providing rocket motors and even guidance systems used in making mere rockets into guided missiles capable of greater accuracy and thus a greater threat as the increased ranging has placed western Jerusalem within their strike distances out of Gaza; just imagine their range if fired out of Judea and Samaria. Any lasting peace must initially recognize some brutal truths. First and foremost is that there is no difference between the methods of the Islamic State and Hamas and there is no difference in the end goals of Hamas and Fatah, the PLO which spawned the PA, a sanitized venomous snake who despite having the outside washed still had poison readied from the insides. Thus any lands handed over completely to the PA is all but certain to become lands controlled by Hamas and thus the Islamic State taking the fight and presumable glory as the ones who defeated the Israeli contagion from in their midst. Knowing this makes allowing complete control over Judea, Samaria and a redivided Jerusalem is tantamount to a suicide pact with the devil, and not necessarily the devil you know as was proven so effectively in Gaza. Thus it has become evident that the original idea of two states for two people needs to be reevaluated. There is no existing two state solution which would ever provide security and peace for the Israelis and would be a constant threat at ten times the efficiency and abilities than was ever brought to bear upon the lands of Israel. A return to the Green Line would permit those in the area of the Judean Hills to overlook the industrial and residential heartlands of Israel and this would be tantamount to a death warrant. Thus a new and radical concept need be advised, what would have been a radical idea before the Stabbing Intifada which is now a necessity and further has a built in guarantee in that the plan does not require Mahmoud Abbas to accept or sign a single piece of paper, it just demands that he fly a course as it will be placed before him. Even if he throws a temper tantrum and refuses to breathe until he gets his way we should get used to seeing him with puffy cheeks and tears streaming down his chest. It will all make for good drama but further it will make for a solid end to the impasse.


Our plan is to simply offer Mahmoud Abbas what we stress will be the final and only offer available and he can take it within seventy-two hours (three days) in which to prepare for the solution being dictated by the liberating power which freed these lands from foreign occupation now exercising their rights under international law and as such this is the final offer and the clock is ticking. The offer for Abbas is he can preside over a semi-autonomous region containing all of Area A and selected parts of Area B as depicted in a map provided him. The semiautonomous region will be permitted a police and security force which will be limited to light weapons. Heavy weapons such as crew served large machine guns over thirty calibers and over will be limited or banned. Armored vehicles will not be permitted as will artillery, rockets, rocket propelled grenades and MANPADS (form of anti-aircraft intercept missile) be banned from their semi-autonomous region. Self-rule within reason will be permitted as will IDF patrols in keeping the peace as required. Schools will be run by the Israeli Ministry of Education and any Madrassa or other schools located in the region will need be licensed and its curriculum be monitored by the Ministry of Education and the Knesset making sure they represent the correct history and are not instigating any terrorist principles or other mix of violent opposition of the governance. Israeli law will be applied throughout all Israel making all places equal before the law. There will be no mandatory IDF service required from the semi-autonomous citizens though they would be eligible and permitted to serve. All the residents of the region will be listed as resident aliens but may petition the Israeli government for citizenship and should they pass a background check and after they have relocated inside an Israeli village or town. They will be required to take a course and prove proficiency of Jewish history as well as Israeli and Zionist histories. The people who reside in the semi-autonomous zone would also receive lessons about Judaic and Israeli histories. Any person committing a terrorist act will have their family exiled along with themselves after they serve any prison time they may receive at their trial. The citizens of the semi-autonomous zone would be subject to Israeli law in addition to their own laws. The semi-autonomous zone would require any laws it imposed would not be contrary to the laws of the State of Israel.


The Real Truth About Israel in Stark Relief Graphically Displayed Compared Indefensible Mid-Section vs. Annexed Judea Samaria and Gaza

The Real Truth About Israel in
Stark Relief Graphically Displayed
Compared Indefensible Mid-Section
vs. Annexed Judea Samaria and Gaza


The unfortunate affairs Jews have had with any form of Palestinian political entities would require that the zone be merely semi-autonomous Zone instead of a full-fledged nation is strictly due to providing security and protection for Israel as placing a well-armed separate nation on the heights overlooking Israel where exactly what occurred in Gaza taking place in Judea and Samaria would result in Israel being required to reassert complete control over the Palestinian entity but once granted freedom they would receive recognition in rapid succession by the numerous European nations and the United States. This would result as just mentioned with a belligerent force perched over the beating heart of Israel holding the stake to drive through that selfsame heart. That has been and will remain the reason that Israel must never return to the Green Line, the 1949 armistice lines and is also why any peace between Israel and the Arab world will require their recognizing Israel in her original borders from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. That is the reality which will remain in place for as long as the Arabs, especially the Arab ‘Palestinians,’ desire the destruction of Israel. Lunacy is any plan which forces Israel to return to the pre-Six Day War borders knowing what is known and applying even the slightest bit of logic to the situation. Israel must realize that much of the world including leftist Jews who would not be caught dead returning home are cavalier about Israel and place their leftist utopian propaganda above the concrete facts facing Israel. That explains the Martin Indyks, Dennis Rosses, Aaron David Millers, Jeffrey Goldbergs making statements which would sound more normal coming from the mouth of Khaled Mashal, leader of Hamas. One can wonder but never explain Jews who would sacrifice other Jews or the Jewish State at the altar of political correctness, the modern day version of Baal.


This article was written earlier for other reasons, but bears repeating. France had held its first conference with leaders from around the world to solve the Arab/Israeli conflict. They planned to hold a second conference before the end of the year under the idea that they would have a better resolution. Their initial conference, despite not including Israel, was unable to agree on a final position. Part of their confidence is their realization that perhaps all that President Barack Obama needs is a forum to present his solution. They may even be hoping that any resolution would be followed up with Security Council binding resolutions. The French are actually doing this in hopes that it will enhance their international standing. They never have recovered from Waterloo. As with all solutions that do not include Israel, this one too will be unenforceable. The idea that any nation would attempt to invade the lands of the fourth most powerful nuclear armed nation in the world is as ludicrous as it sounds insane.


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September 5, 2015

Americans Are the Only Force That Can Stop the Iran Deal


When we hear claims that America can stop the Iran deal if Congress would just stand up to President Obama and override his veto as a way of taking back their power we all should realize that such is not about to happen. I am unsure what it is that President Obama holds over the heads of the members of Congress, well, at least the Democrat members of Congress, but whatever it is, he does hold their undivided attention and they snap right into line as he demands. The fear shown is palpable unlike anything I have ever witnessed or anybody else we have spoken with. But it does not matter what President Obama has that holds the members of his party into obedience at his slightest whim because there is a force far more powerful than anything in Washington. This force made Coca-Cola make a complete U-turn and find a way within weeks of reproducing something called Classic Coke because a few people got upset and demanded their old Coca-Cola back. All right, it was more than a few people, it was tens or hundreds of thousands of people, and Coke does not even hold elections other than at the cash register. They could have said we changed and we are headed in a new direction and tried to leave the people no choice confident they would just get used to the new Coke.



Lausanne in Switzerland which sits on Lake Geneva where much of the ill fated Iran nuclear disastrous negotiations were held and Secretary of State Kerry sold out his country again

Lausanne in Switzerland which sits on Lake Geneva where much of the ill fated Iran nuclear disastrous negotiations were held and Secretary of State Kerry sold out his country again



So, there are a number of Americans who are about as thrilled with the Iran mistake from on a Swiss Lake (the talks were held in Lausanne in Switzerland which sits on Lake Geneva), better known as the worst deal in treaty history and it is a treaty which is another whole issue in itself. We know that any Republican President attempting to pull off such a bag of lies would never get away with claiming that it was an Executive Agreement as if the United States government was a business and the President of Company America did not necessarily need to put every agreement to a vote of the Board of Directors, Congress in this case. And if a Republican President attempted to take a treaty to the Security Council before Congress, the Senate in particular, there would be impeachment proceedings and the Ambassador to the United Nations would be demanded to veto the item before fifteen minutes had passed. Congress can function when its fat is on the fire and some things done by the wrong party get the media, and thus the people, all steamed up over the most minor of ‘infractions’ and that ain’t all Jack. We know that the media has split on this Iran deal into three camps. The first camp has about a hair less than twenty percent who are writing daily about how horrific this Iran nuclear deal is and how it will allow Iran to produce nuclear weapons by the dozen within a year or two and the inspections to prevent such are ineffective and ridiculous, and that’s the good side of the deal.


There is also the billions and billions (as Carl Sagan was famous for saying) and billions of dollars which will be used to amplify terrorists world-wide throughout the Iranian proxy infiltrating military wing foreign legions division of the IRGC. This includes such terror groups as Hezballah who are in control of Lebanon for the most part, assisting in the war for keeping Bashir al-Assad in power in Syria as well as aiding the Shia in Iraq to murder the Sunni in Iraq and even put some teams in Yemen assisting the Houthis in their assault to take over the entire country and control the Red Sea Straits of Bab-al-Mandeb. There are also a number of Hezballah and IRGC units which run terrorist training facilities at the tri-border area where Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil borders meet and each claims the other two are responsible, keeping all happy including the terrorists and other criminal elements which all also run their Americas operations which includes, you guessed it, the United States which they infiltrate through the Mexican border, but you already know about that as it has been the one thing from the Republican Primaries for the Presidency the media had deigned to cover as they cover all Trump all the time. Every republican Presidential Primary update begins, end and all but solely spotlights Trump. But that is for some other rant; we want to rant on the Iran deal and the apparent response from the Congress to take it lying down. Well, at least thirty-six, and probably closer to thirty-nine Senators folding like a cheap suit before the President’s pressure.


The next set of the media, somewhere around fifty-five percent or so are all gung ho about covering every single one of the shootings and demanding more gun control. And they are also praising President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry for their unbelievable deftness and ability to make the most incredible and wondrous deal which will prevent Iran from enriching Uranium past anything beyond five percent. They will not be able to enrich it anywhere near the levels necessary for making nuclear weapons and everything. Plus their efforts that will bring Iran back into the community of nations gaining them the mantle of civilized behavior which they will now have to live up to due to all the expectations of the rest of the nations of the world. That was breathtakingly brilliant which will further so much more because this deal will have a taming effect bringing Iran to become peace loving and accepting of the same limitations as other nations. They will no longer desire to spread Shia Islam to the entirety of the world by whatever means necessary or to destroy Israel or the United States. They will still chant “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” but they’re only joking and don’t really mean anything by that.


The remainder of the media are saying very little if anything about the Iran deal as why get people all riled up over such trivial items when there are so many more interesting things to get all worked up over. There is the who is being seen with whom and what this must be doing to their flame from last week not to mention the outfit she wore, oh my heart be still, it was like hideous. And that new hairstyle, what was she thinking. And then the divorce has him so overly wrought he even has been so impossible on the set and just not taking it well. The gossip and tabloid media have even covered the Iran deal as it means that the price of pistachios will become more reasonable once the Iranian crop hits the market shelves, and talking about Pistachios….


The media has failed the American people, who have the great sense to, by a respectable majority, come out against the Iran nuclear deal. Their elected President has shown repeatedly since his initial election that he cares very little for what they believe, hold sacred or almost anything else. He had shown complete disdain and insensitivity and spent more time tearing the nation apart through any difference possible, race, gender, charges of police use of overt and unnecessary force, criminal charges before actually knowing all the facts and whatever else could be used to turn people against each other. There were the complete incompetence and ignoring of the law throughout the Administration with such gems as Fast and Furious running guns across the border and then losing thousands of automatic weapons delivered to the cartels as just one prime example. Then there appeared to be a real propensity with e-mail difficulties. A problem servicing veterans in the VA Hospitals was kept hidden by using two sets of records, one for performance review and another for actual appointments. The IRS somehow had the idea that any organization with such words as patriot, liberty, tea party or other pro-gun, libertarian, or conservative labels in their names had their reviews for tax exempt placed on the impossible train where all sorts of additional questions and forms before they were approved or disapproved or placed to be reviewed for their tax filings and all of these additional burdensome and timely disturbances such that as many as possible were facing these difficulties which crippled their operation during the six months leading to the 2012 elections cycle. There were also other suspicious troubles and additionally Benghazi. All of this and there still has not been a single special prosecutor appointed to look into anything, go figure.


Future of the Middle East from Legacy at Any Cost to the JCPOA to Nuclear Iran Followed by Nuclear Everyone Eventually Leading to Nobody Left at All

Future of the Middle East from Legacy at Any Cost to the JCPOA to Nuclear Iran Followed by Nuclear Everyone Eventually Leading to Nobody Left at All



But now we all have reached what we hope will end up being the pièce de résistance with the Iranian Nuclear Treaty that’s not really a treaty but an agreement sort of executive agreement type not quite a treaty so we can blast through Congress requiring merely one third plus one instead of two thirds plus one as a treaty requires. That is why the magic number has been thirty-four instead of the sixty-seven a treaty would have required. So it was Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland, who has her reasoning listed on her web site which can be read here, who was the thirty-fourth senator to support Obama and put him over the top. Enjoy, I didn’t. So, the challenge facing those in the world, and I am assuring you that includes people in more nations than Israel alone, as President Obama is fond of telling people, as Saudi Arabia and Egypt for two who have the same reservations as does Israel, talking about strange bedfellows. Unfortunately for those of us outside the United States there is not a whole lot we can do to change the situation and we are all going to have to count on the people in the United States who, like us, are worried about the whole Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or the JCPOA as it has become known in the media. To put this in perspective, the JCPOA will probably prove a larger disaster than Benghazi as Benghazi, and the entire Arab Spring, murdered countable numbers where a nuclear armed Middle East and nuclear weapons spreading even further will eventually leave countless numbers of dead. The only power which can prevent the United States from gifting Iran with the over one hundred billion dollars of unfrozen assets is the average American, and we will all look to those Americans who might actually stand against this deal as honest brave heroes to whom we will owe our admirations. What the Americans need to do is set a date before the vote tentatively scheduled for September 17th which is a Thursday, so perhaps for convenience Sunday September 13th or perhaps Sunday September 6th to allow more time and hold the biggest across the country demonstration in every major city all at the same time such that every demonstration are simultaneous. The one thing which has to be assured is that these demonstrations are massive with the totals in the tens of millions if not even higher because otherwise President Obama will use any city having a paltry or anemic showing to prove that he was representing the true desires of the American public. This could be a difficulty as many major cities probably generally support the President without any concern for the actual issue while those opposed might need to travel to any demonstration; but that might be the cost of preventing a bad treaty resulting in a nuclear armed Iran leading to a generally nuclear armed Middle East which can only end badly.


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